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Ringera finally quits from plum job

By Roseleen Nzioka, Sept 30 2009
Embattled director of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission Justice Aaron Ringera finally bowed to public pressure and resigned. Mr Ringera announced his decision to his staff before addressing a Press conference that was transmitted live on national television. He announced that he and his deputy Mrs Fatuma Sichale had tendered their resignation letters to President Mwai Kibaki. The other deputy Dr Smokin Wanjala, quit two weeks ago. Assistant director in charge of Investigations and Asset Recovery Dr John Mutonyi shall head Kacc in an acting capacity. Ringera said he and his team had managed to forward for prosecution over 500 corruption cases which they had so far investigated, including ministers, MPs and Permanent Secretaries. More...

Justice Aaron Ringera
OUT: Time for everything; time to go: Justice Aaron Ringera
Key pyramid scheme suspect arrested

By Ramadhan Rajab, Sept 30 2009
A key suspect in the controversial multi-billion shillings pyramid scheme has been arrested. Many Kenyans were swindled their hard-earned money in the get-rich-quick schemes. And yesterday, a key architect Gideon Mwiti was arrested in Nairobi and locked up at Central Police Station. Unsuspecting Kenyans lost an estimated Sh34 billion in fraudulent deals, which Mwiti and others are the key suspected masterminds. In June, Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale claimed some 20 people committed suicide after losing money to the schemes. In July, Co-operative Development Minister Joseph Nyagah tabled a taskforce’s findings on the schemes in Parliament in which 169 companies were identified as engaged in fraudulent pyramid schemes. More..

Busia veterans left out in the cold

By Daniel Edyegu, Sept 29 2009
VETERANS in Busia district have accused the Government of leaving them out of the prosperity-for-all campaign, popularly known as Bona Bagaggawale. This was during a consultative meeting with the district officials at Busia Border Primary School, on Saturday. Ismail Bwiire, the veteran’s chairman, said they had tried to get Government funding through programmes like the National Agricultural Advisory Services but in vain. More...

18,000 headteachers want Sh600m reward

By our correspondents, Sept 30 2009
Primary school heads want a Sh600 million pay reward for successful implementation of free primary education. Kenya Primary School Headteachers Association (Kepsha) Chairman Joseph Karuga said the 18,000 school managers have been pursuing the prize money since 2006 when President Kibaki gave a directive that we get Sh600 million for successfully implementing the scheme but it has been elusive," he said during the ongoing Kepsha national delegates conference in Mombasa opened by Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi yesterday. More...

Francis Nyenze
Former cabinet minister Francis Nyenze chaired a task force that identified 169 companies owned by politicians which swindled Kenyans of Sh34bn in pyramid scams. Up to 20 Kenyans committed suicide after losing their lifetime savings.
How big names fleeced Kenyans of Sh34bn in pyramid scams

By Ramadhani Rajab, Sept 30 2009
A taskforce appointed by Cooperative minister, Joe Nyagah has identified 169 companies engaged in the fraudulent schemes fleecing Kenyans, while 16 others quickly converted into savings and credit societies, after the Central Bank raised the red flag. The taskforce chaired by former Cabinet Minister Francis Nyenze heard how individual investors were left penniless or in huge debt after the Central Bank cracked the whip on the fraudsters. Nyenze’s team, formed last February, has collected views and registered the victims countrywide. Mr Nyaga also said the taskforce had interviewed directors and managers of the collapsed schemes to ascertain the truth in claims made against many of them. Dr Khalwale had named Mwiti and a group of other prominent politicians as key suspects in the scheme, in Parliament. The directors named include George Oginga Donde, the director of Deci and Tujibebe Sacco. Other proprietors of this co-operative society are Godfrey Kamanda Gakure, a bishop, Ann Zawadi, an advocate and ambassador Mary Odinga. More...

Marende goes for presidency

By our correspondents, Sept 30 2009
The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meets today in Arusha, Tanzania. The meeting would, among other issues, discuss the threat posed by the emerging trend of coalition governments to parliamentary democracy. Speaker Kenneth Marende, who is expected to be elected president of the association, leads a team of MPs to the conference. Mr Marende, who has gained prominence on the continent following recent rulings in a highly charged and assertive Parliament, is the association vice-president. The meeting, which brings together more than 100 parliaments, is expected to focus on Kenya and Zimbabwe’s grand coalition governments. More...

House Speaker, Kenneth Otiato Marende
House Speaker, Kenneth Marende expected to be elected president of the commonwealth parliamentary association in Arusha today.
UK minister asks California governor to shut prostitution comparison site

By Chris Smyth, Sept 30 2009
Harriet Harman squared up to the Terminator today, challenging Arnold Schwarzenegger to close down a website she called “TripAdvisor for pimps”. The Equalities Minister condemned PunterNet, a site which allows men to compare and rate prostitutes, as “the ultimate commodification of women”. The business is based in California but lists women "for sale" in the UK and Ms Harman challenged the State’s Governor to shut it down. More...

US relaxes grip on internet: The US government has relaxed its control over how the internet is run. It has signed a four-page "affirmation of commitments" with the net regulator Icann, giving the body autonomy for the first time. More
Rare case of a pregnant woman conceiving again two weeks later

By Gatonye Gatura, Sept 30 2009
A woman who has managed the rare feat of getting pregnant again after she was already pregnant has caught the attention of medical doctors across the world. Julia Grovenburg, 31, of Arkansas in the US is now carrying a double pregnancy in her tummy but conceived on different dates and, if all goes well, will be delivered about two weeks apart. If the children are born on due date, the first a girl, will be born by the end of this year with the younger brother stepping into the world early next year. The male foetus, she was told, had been conceived two and half weeks after she conceived the first one. More...

23 million East Africans destitute: MORE than 23 million people face severe hunger and destitution across East Africa in the worst crisis for a decade, aid agency Oxfam warned yesterday as it launched a new $15m appeal. More...
Rare pregnancy, Julia Grovenburg
Rare pregnancy: Ms Julia Grovenburg, 31, of Arkansas, US is pregnant with babies conceived two weeks apart. Although an extremely rare occurrence, the phenomenon called superfoetation, when a woman conceives for a second time while already pregnant, is not entirely unknown. In May, an English couple were told their babies had been conceived a week apart. Alison and Stephen Jennings were told by medics the five-month-old girls could be the result of an incredibly rare phenomenon. More...

US rubbishes Kibaki's protest

By our correspondents, Sept 30 2009
The US state department has defended itself against President Kibaki’s accusation that it violated protocol by writing threat letters to Kenyan officials. The letters, written by US assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson, were sent to 15 prominent Kenyans. “We beg to differ with the President (Kibaki) as to whether the (Carson) letter violates international protocols. We are very diligent in respecting those and we believe our conduct is in keeping with international protocols,” he said. More...

Ex detainee sues Moi

Former President Daniel Moi has absolved himself of blame in the arrest and detention of a former Alego Usonga MP Otieno Mak'Onyango after the 1982 failed coup. More...

13,000 people to be evacuated in Budalang'i

By Stephen Makabila, Sept 29 2009
The Government has stepped-up its preparedness for floods expected in Budalang’i due to El-Nino rains. The floods are projected to displace more than 12,500 people. "Four evacuation centres are under construction at Sigiri, Emunde, Budalang’i and Mudembi to shelter those displaced in case of floods resulting from rains predicted next month," said Bunyala DC Mabeya Mogaka. More...

Budalang'i floods
Budalang'i boat people. Each year rains cause havoc to the residents of Budalang'i in Bunyala. Last year, the annual River Nzoia floods in the district displaced about 7,000 people. About 700 of the displaced families remained in camps until May this year before returning to their farms.
Ringera to meet President to discuss a payoff of Sh150m

By our correspondent, Sept 29 2009
Justice Aaron Ringera could throw in the towel as early as on Wednesday. The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Director is believed to have a date on Tuesday with President Kibaki, who reappointed him to a second five-year term, to discuss his options. His departure would, however, cost taxpayers a cool Sh150 million - the amount he would have earned were he to serve the full term because of a clause in his contract. More...

Wetangula summons US envoy over visa ban letters

By our correspondents, Sept 29 2009
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula has summoned US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger over the travel ban. Mr Ranneberger is expected to meet Mr Wetang’ula today to "further discuss" the matter that threatens to erupt into a diplomatic row. Wetang’ula, who jetted on Monday morning from a week’s tour of the US to attend the UN General Assembly, supported President Kibaki’s protest letter to Washington. More...

Govt endorses bullfighting in Western as a tourist attraction

By Allan Kisia, Sept 29 2009
It was like a brawl to the death. Two large bulls puffed and huffed as they gored each other furiously, raising a cloud of dust. There is no ringside boundary at Malinya ground where the contest was as surging crowds and cheering, frenzied spectators followed the bulls at their heels. The contest of the two bulls was the climax of this year’s World Tourism Day, marked in a rather peculiar manner. The bullfighting contest in Kakamega South District was the grand finale. Hundreds of villagers had trooped from neighbouring districts to Malinya grounds in Ikolomani for the afternoon spectacle.

Big guns among spectators: The event was unique as the usual crowd of village spectators had been joined by dignitaries, led by Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi and Tourism Minister Najib Balala. Also in the entourage were Housing Minister Soita Shitanda, Assistant minister Manyala Keya and Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale, the latter nick-named ‘bull fighter’, as he is a seasoned promoter of the bovine circus. Meanwhile Isikuti dancers danced round the field in a frenzied jig. More...

Bullfighting in IkolomaniBullfighting is a traditional Luhya sport championed by Ikolomani MP, Dr Bonny Khalwale (below right) and endorsed by Tourism Minister, Najib Balala (below left) during the annual fete at Malinya, Ikolomani on Saturday Sept 26 2009.
Najib BalalaBonny Khalwale
Sh25m bullfighting stadium underway in Ikolomani

By Allan Kisia, Sept 29 2009
A Sh25 million stadium, to host bullfighting events, is under construction at Malinya, where the annual event attracts thousands of fans from across Western Province. The event, an ancient tradition practiced among the Luhya community, is held throughout the year in almost all parts of the province. In his speech, Minister for Tourism, Najib Balala said the Government will endorse bullfighting as a top tourist attraction of the region. "From the attendance at this event, the Government cannot afford to ignore bullfighting as a major tourist attraction," said the ministerBalala said the sport has become a trademark for countries like Spain where men (matadors) fight bulls. "The world goes to Spain to watch such events. Why can’t we transform bullfighting from a village affair to a booming business?" posed the minister. Bullfighting in Western is usually the climax of celebrations to mark national and local celebrations. More...

Contestants: The duel was between a bull named Luviru who was pitted against Shichonchonjio. Khalwale put his smart money on Luviru who emerged the winner.
New law says: Polygamy Yes, wife inheritance No

By Peter Leftie, Sept 29 2009
A new law that seeks to revolutionise marriage by outlawing forced marriage and wife inheritance while embracing come-we-stay unions has been drafted. The Marriage Bill also provides that one does not have to pay dowry to get married, but recognises dowry payment by those who are capable of doing so. It also states clearly that dowry will not be recovered in the event that the marriage collapses. However, the Bill’s fate hangs in the balance after the Cabinet stopped its debate on grounds that further consultations are needed. More...

Spy chief secrets revealed:The family of former spy chief James Kanyotu have drawn daggers over money. In the process opened secrets of the multi-bilion empire he left behind. More...

Mrs Kenya, Beatrice Kanyeki
Mrs (not Miss) Kenya beauty pageant was won was mother of two, Beatrice Kanyeki. She will represent Kenya at the Mrs World Beauty Pageant in Vietnam. Photo: John Muchucha.
Forget Miss Kenya, make way for Mrs Kenya

By our correspondent, Sept 29 2009
Make way, you young and single girls. It's now the turn for married women to strut their stuff. The Mrs Kenya beauty pageant was held at the weekend at the Laico Regency Hotel where Beatrice Kanyeki, 27, and a mother of two was crowned the lucky winner. She will represent Kenya at the Mrs World pageant to be held in Vietnam in November. Now, does this mean Mr Kanyeki (right) is the new Mr Kenya?

By 2040 you could live forever - scientist

By Mike Hodgkinson, Sept 29 2009
By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain... or at least that's what Ray Kurzweil thinks. He has spent his life inventing machines that help people, from the blind to dyslexics. Now, he believes we're on the brink of a new age - the 'singularity' - when mind-boggling technology will allow us to email each other toast, run as fast as Usain Bolt (for 15 minutes) – and even live forever. Is there sense to his science - or is the man who reasons that one day he'll bring his dad back from the grave just a mad professor peddling a nightmare vision of the future? Should, by some terrible misfortune, Ray Kurzweil shuffle off his mortal coil tomorrow, the obituaries would record an inventor of rare and visionary talent.1976, he created the first machine capable of reading books to the blind. More...

Pressure mounts on visa ban ministers to resign

By Linah Benyawa, Sept 28 2009
The 15 personalities named in the US travel ban list should step aside. Assistant minister for Lands Gonzi Rai, asked those mentioned to stop personalising the issue and resign from their positions. "The Americans are our development partners and if we start personalising issues, we will not benefit in any way," he said. Rai, who is also the Kinango MP, said Kenyans should not be left to suffer just because some people were opposed to reforms. Meanwhile former constitutional affairs minister, Martha Karua, has supported the visa ban letters. More...

Luhya goat
Perfect goat balance: Don't try this at home...

Govt sneaks in tough media rules

By Jaindi Kisero, Sept 28 2009
A major battle looms between the Kenya Government and broadcasters over new regulations seeking to take back licenses and vet programmes. The most significant and potentially controversial change by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) appears to be a proposal to introduce the so-called one frequency per spot rule. More...

DC's burial stopped: Burial plans for Rachuonyo North District Commissioner Veronica Wambi are in disarray after the High Court in Kisumu stopped the planned ceremony that was due yesterday. Wambi’s two brothers moved to the High Court to contest the ruling that she be buried at Kamagamba, Rongo. Charles Onyango and Moses Juma Oyola obtained orders on Friday restraining Wambi’s in-laws from burying her. More...
Fresh looting unearthed at Kenya Pipeline

By our correspondent, Sept 28 2009
Several issues raise the eyebrows at Kenya Pipeline Corporation and staff are worried they would continue to cast their company in bad light. The hot issues being raised include: Massive Recycling of Spare parts being supplied to KPC but paid for as new. There is hue and cry about recycled spare parts in Kenya Pipeline, which has pitted the Chief Mechanical engineer against other engineers who use the spares. The pipeline company has been dogged by corruption scandals for a long time. More...

Maria Namiiro wins Miss Uganda 2009

By Gilbert Mwijuke, Sept 28 2009
IT was a double victory for Maria Namiiro. The 21-year-old UK-based beauty who won Miss Uganda UK at London’s Club Troxy in June this year, was announced the new beauty queen at the Miss Uganda 2009 beauty pageant, Saturday night, at the Imperial Royale Hotel. Namiiro, who takes over from Dora Mwima, will represent Uganda at this year’s MissWorld contest in South Africa. She also wins an all-expensespaid trip to the UK and a 12-month membership at Body Joy Health Club. The charming and eloquent air hostess was selected from five finalists chosen from 10 contestants by a team of judges mainly from the UK. More...

Maria Namiiro, Miss Uganda 2009
Miss Uganda 2009 Maria Namiiro (centre) with 1st runner-up Joan Atieno (left) and second runner-up Caroline Nantumbwe on Saturday.
Wetangula loses bid to block hearing

By John Osoro, Sept 28 2009
Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula has lost bid to block hearing of an election petition filed against him by ODM Parliamentary candidate John Waluke.The Sirisia MP’s application challenging the validity of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) to hear the suit was dismissed by Justice Florence Muchemi on Friday last week.The court held IIEC has capacity to take all pending election petitions filed before the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya. Justice Muchemi said in the ruling the application by Wetang’ula did not have merit to hold hearing or determination of the petition. More...

Donors suspend education funds over looting

By our correspondents, Sept 28 2009
Sh1.3 billion meant for textbooks under the Free Primary Education (FPE) programme has been wasted, donors say. Books bought with the money were stolen, lost or thrown away. Following the huge loss, key donors have withheld financial support, thereby threatening free learning. FPE was introduced in 2003 and praised worldwide. A report commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) indicts primary school heads under whose watch 5.8 million books went missing or were tossed away. More...

Amos WakoEvans Gicheru, Chief Justice
US targets: Attorney General Amos Wako (left) and Chief Justice Evans Gicheru.
US aims missiles at Wako and Chief Justice

By David Ohito, Sept 28 2009
Spotlight now turns to Chief Justice and Attorney-General’s offices where the US wants accelerated reforms and change of guard. After the exit of Police Commissioner Hussein Ali, Americans now say AG Amos Wako, CJ Evan Gicheru and embattled Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission boss Aaron Ringera must be held accountable in the war against corruption. Besides issuing travel ban warnings to 15 Government officials, the US is reinforcing the message that there must be reforms in the two offices. In a blunt talk, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson told Prime Minister Raila Odinga of four major impediments to reforms. More...

Kibaki protests US visa ban letters, Raila supports them

By Antony Kariuki, Sept 26 2009
President Kibaki has written to US leader Barrack Obama to express "displeasure" with his administration over letters sent to 15 top Kenyan officials. The President’s move comes just a day after Prime Minister Raila Odinga said that the US had the right to take action on individuals it deems to be blocking reforms. More...

Chaos as police block funeral in Kisii: Nyamira Town was a no-go zone for the better part of Wednesday as police battled university students and villagers involved in a burial dispute. Sources said Mr Duclain Mogaka was to be buried at Lang’ata cemetery in Nairobi last week but some Kenyatta University students and villagers blocked the function, insisting that he be buried next to his mother but his foster father Zedekia Agata said he did not want the man buried in his home. More..
29 parents arrested in Bungoma over truancy

By our correspondent, Sept 26 2009
Twenty nine parents have been arrested for failing to take their children to school. This follows a directive from Bungoma East district commissioner John Litunda that parents and guardians ensure that their charges attend class or face the law. “Primary education is free and compulsory. We will force all parents to take children to school,” he said. The crackdown by police, chiefs, assistant chiefs and village elders sent a wave of panic among residents, some of whom took to their heels to avoid arrest. The areas most affected were Misikhu, Malaha, Misemwa and Makuselwa. “It’s the headteachers who complained that most children had dropped out of school. We followed the registers and identified the affected parents,” said Mr Litunda who blamed crime for the truancy. More... .

Women underwear model
Off the menu: In Iran men can't sell women's undies under strict Islamic laws.
Iran bans men from selling women's underwear

By our correspondent, Sept 26 2009
Iranian police have stepped up a crackdown on women and men, boutiques and small companies which fail to enforce strict religious dress codes since 2005. The measures are the latest in a countrywide campaign against Western cultural influences in the Islamic Republic. "Both showing necktie and bow tie behind the windows ... and (the) selling (of) women’s underwear by men are prohibited," said the police statement. More...

Heaviest baby: An Indonesian woman has given birth to a 19-pound baby, the heaviest recorded in the country.Canadian Anna Bates gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 23 pounds in 1879, however, and died just 11 hours later. More...

Raila throws a spanner in TJRC trials

By Kipchumba Some, Sept 26 2009
A storm is brewing in Government over where suspects of post-election violence should be prosecuted. At the centre of it is Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s new proposal that local courts be mandated to handle the matter. In his address to Kenyans in the US, Raila stated that at no sitting had the Cabinet agreed the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) handle the emotive and divisive issue of trying the suspects. The PM instead rooted for extensive judicial reforms to empower local courts to prosecute suspects. This proposal has been vehemently rejected by MPs across the political divide. More...

Spare a thought for the deaf: You haven’t seen anything as yet till you interrogate and interact with the world of the deaf to appreciate the real meaning and import of the word exclusion and marginalization. More...
Joseph Ouma Ogenda
Fake cop: Joseph Ouma Ogenda
Moi University closed indefinitely

By Anderson Ojwang', Sept 25 2009
Moi University main campus has been closed indefinitely following students’ unrest. The protests at hiking of fares by matatu operators on Tuesday led to the death of a student. He was among a group of students who had commandeered a vehicle, which later rolled, killing him and injuring 14 others. In a circular signed by acting Vice-Chancellor BEL Wishitemi, more than 2,000 students were ordered to leave the institution. More...

Fake cop arrested while arresting people

By our correspondent, Sept 26 2009
Just a day after thugs walked away with Sh25 million in the guise of security firm’s officers, Joseph Ouma Ogenda was caught in police uniform on Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, on Thursday night, ‘arresting’ people and demanding bribes. A victim suspected him and alerted officers on patrol, who arrested him. He pleaded guilty before a Nairobi court, yesterday. Question being asked everywhere is just how many fake cops are prowling our streets? More...

Franklin Bett
Leaders facing US visa ban from left: William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta and Franklin Bett and below: ODM chief whip, Jakoyo Midiwo (left) and John Michuki (right)
Jakoyo MidiwoJohn Michuki
Panic as US visa hit list revealed

By our correspondents, Sept 25 2009
Top politicians in Kenya have received letters from the US government applying pressure on them to back reforms and renounce violence or face visa ban. Civil service boss Francis Muthaura, Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta and Cabinet Ministers William Ruto, Franklin Bett and Mutula Kilonzo have been given letters from President Barack Obama’s Africa advisor, Mr Johnnie Carson. Although the US government did not disclose the names of those facing sanctions, the Nation learnt that they also included joint chief whips George Thuo and Jakoyo Midiwo, Environment Minister John Michuki and Internal Security Minister George Saitoti. More...

Bugisu runs out of Aids drugs

By Daniel Edyengu, Sept 25 2009
THE shortage of anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) is straining the operations of The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) in the Bugisu, the Mbale acting centre manager, Kimera Mutebi Boogere, has said. Speaking during the TASO annual general meeting on Saturday, Boogere said the centre now has over 8,000 active clients, out of whom 2,759 are on ARVs which are irregularly supplied. More.

George Saitoti
US visa ban: Internal security minister George Saitoti and below, Justice Minister, Mutula Kilonzo
Mutula Kilonzo
Khalwale ordered to pay Ringera

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Sept 25 2009
The embattled Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (Kacc) Director Justice Aaron Ringera wants an MP to pay for suing him. Ringera told the High Court in Nairobi on Friday that he should be paid for the costs he incurred in preparing a defence in the case withdrawn by Ikolomani MP, Dr Bonny Khalwale. He told Lady Justice Kalpan Rawal that Khalwale erred in suing him because the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act does not allow that to happen. She ordered the MP to pay Ringera costs at the lowest scale. This was after Khalwale told the court that he should not pay Ringera nor Fatuma Sichale and Dr Smokin Wanjala because the case had already been overtaken by events. More...

Dr Bonny Khalwale
Bonny Khalwale: Ordered to pay Ringera's court costs
Uganda blames Wetangula for Migingo impasse

By our correspondents, Sept 25 2009
Kenya and Uganda continue to trade accusations over who is to blame for the stalled joint survey of Migingo Island. Kenyan surveyors say Uganda was to blame for recalling its personnel. But a Ugandan minister is accusing Kenya of failing to attend a crucial meeting that could have resolved the deadlock. Ugandan State-owned newspaper - New Vision - quoted the country’s spokesman Fred Opolot as blaming the delay on failure by Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula to attend a crucial meeting with his Ugandan counterpart Sam Kutesa. More...

Paper apologises to varsity: The Saturday Standard carried a story of an artisan, Mr Ismael Shebah, who assembles posho mills for sale in Kakamega and Mumias towns and alleged he trains engineering students from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Not true. Apologies. More...
Raila meets Obama

By our correspondent, Sept 26 2009
Contrary to reports in some Kenya media that had indicated that the PM would not meet Obama, Mr Raila met Mr Obama twice on Wednesday, first at a luncheon for heads of State and later at a dinner. US President Barack Obama met Prime Minister Raila Odinga in New York and discussed the need for urgent reforms in Kenya. Their talks came only hours before the US ambassador in Kenya warned that it would bar at least 15 top government officials including ministers and MPs from setting foot in US. More...

200,000 title deeds illegal

By Karanja Njoroge, Sept 25 2009
The Government has no intention of implementing the entire Ndungu Report on irregular land allocations as recommended by the Commission, lawyer Paul Ndung’u has said. Ndung’u, who chaired the commission, said his team discovered that there were more than 200,000 illegal or irregular title deeds created and registered between 1963 and 2002. More...

Raila, Ida, Michelle and Obama
From left: Ida Odinga, Michelle Obama, Raila Odinga and Barack Obama pose for a historic photo op outside the New York Museum on Monday after attending the UN General Assembly. Raila represented President Mwai Kibaki.
Ministers panic over US visa ban

By David Ohito, Sept 25 2009
The travel ban imposed on 15 top Kenyans by US has caused panic in the political class as it also turned out the UK and Canada, both popular destinations for Kenya’s rich class, would follow suit - making their world smaller. The list of the key players will be made public in two weeks the US Ambassador revealed, as he read out the communication from Washington DC. The men and women President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga appointed to the Cabinet were left wondering who, among them, was on the list of soon-to-be prohibited immigrants or even unwanted daylong visitors to US. On the Obama Administration radar are 15 prominent personalities among them ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Members of Parliament. More...

Kenyan refugees in Uganda return

By Robert Wanyonyi, Sept 25 2009
Nearly two years after post-election violence, 60 Kenyans who had crossed over to Uganda, have returned home. The group, escorted by United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) officials arrived at Malaba border point, Thursday evening. Western PC Samuel Kilele and other officials welcomed the refugees. More...

Moi, Kulei to appear in court over ownership of Sacho High

By Maureen Onyango, Sept 25 2009
Former President Moi and his son will now face the court in relation to a school ownership row. This is after the High Court ruled on Friday that the two should be enjoined in a case over the ownership of Sacho High school in Baringo. Mr Moi and his son Jonathan Moi now join the list of those listed as respondents in the case. Those sued earlier are the institution’s board of governors, Ministry of Education and the Attorney General. Also to be enjoined in the suit is Mr Moi’s former personal aide Joshua Kulei who is among leaders banned from travelling to the US. More...

Moi and Zipporah Kittony
Former President Daniel Arap Moi with officials of Kenya Society of Mentally Handicapped led by Zipporah Kittony (second right) at Kabarak Gardens, Nairobi, yesterday. Photo: Moses Omusula
Gaddafi talks too much interpreter collapses

By James Bone, Sept 25 2009
Muammar Gaddafi's personal translator broke down towards the end of the Libyan leader's meandering 94-minute UN speech and had to be rescued by a UN Arabic speaker. The Libyan translator matched the "Brother Leader of the Revolution" word-for-word for 90 minutes before collapsing from exhaustion, just after Mr Gaddafi denounced the popular Ottawa Treaty outlawing landmines.
Muammar Gaddafi
Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi delivering his 84 min speech at the UN in New York

Treasury suspends looted World Bank project in Western

By Morris Aron, Sept 23 2009
Treasury has frozen two World Bank-DfID sponsored education and special programme projects after internal audit reports indicated Sh131 million has been lost to fraud. Following the development, Treasury has sacked 50 staff members of the two programmes, the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme (KESSP) and Western Kenya Community Driven Development (WKCDD), said to be linked to the scam. KESSP, which falls under the Ministry of Education, has lost Sh83 million while WKCDD, under the Ministry of Special Projects, has lost Sh48 million. More...

HIV virus particles
HIV virus particles. A vaccine for Aids could be here. Photo: GETTY IMAGES
HIV vaccine hailed a 'historic milestone' in fight against Aids

By Rebbeca Smith & Alaistair Jamieson, Sept 24 2009
A vaccine has reduced the chance of HIV infection in humans for the first time, in what the scientific community has hailed a breakthrough in the fight against Aids. The combination of two vaccines that has previously failed to produce a response on their own has cut the risk of becoming infected with HIV by more than 31 per cent. It is the first time in human trials that a vaccine has protected against the virus which leads to Aids. The trial was conducted in 16,000 volunteers in Thailand, with half receiving the combination of the two vaccines and the other half receiving dummy jabs. More...

New "tree man" has coral shells cut from his body

By our correspondent, Sept 23 2009
A man dubbed the human coral reef has been successfully treated for a rare condition that covered his whole body in shell-like growths. Lin Tianzhuan, 38, of Shuimen, southern China, first noticed the growths on his hands and feet when he was just 13. "It started with a few hard bumps so I tried to apply antibiotics and creams but it didn't get better," he explained. "Instead it just got worse. They grew and grew and soon they were all over my arms and legs, my back and even my head. Ii was as if I was turning to stone and it was terrifying," he added. Horrified Lin became a hermit, hiding at the family home and shunned by friends and neighbours who dubbed him Coral Boy. More...

Coral reef man, Lin Tianzhuan
Lin Tianzhuan, 38, of Shuimen, southern China, dubed 'human coral reef' first noticed the growths on his hands and feet when he was just 13.
Tree Man, Dede Kotswana
'Tree man' of Java, Indonesia: Dede Kostwana, who had more than a stone of warts cut from his hands and feet in 2008, has suffered a setback after the bark-like growths that doctors removed began to grow back. A 38 year old Chinese Man, Lin Tianzhuan, is suffering from similar condition. CLICK HERE to hear his story.
The lure of Sh3 trillion corruption cake

By John Oyuke, Sept 23 2009
Private companies spend an astonishing Sh3 trillion (US$40 billion) annually to corrupt politicians and Government officials in developing nations. A new Global Corruption Report (GCR), 2009 also reveals half of the international business executives believe corruption raises company costs by at least 10 per cent. More...

US visa ban for 15 ministers, MPs

The United States has threatened to impose travel bans on 15 prominent Kenyan officials if they fail to support the reform agenda. US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger said on Thursday that letters have been sent to the individuals warning them against blocking reforms. Ministers, Members of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries and other prominent officials are among those receiving letters, said the fiery US envoy. Click here to see sample of the letter. More...

Dr Bonny Khalwale withdraws Ringera case so that it is not used as an excuse to delay action on the embattled KACC Director, Justice Aaron Ringera who was declared illegally in office by Parliament.
Tempers flare as Ringera sticks two fingers at graft board

By our correspondent, Sept 23 2009
The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Director Justice Aaron Ringera is fighting back, saying he would not approve any money to advertise his job. According to details from a stormy meeting of the KACC Advisory Board that ran into the night on Tuesday, Ringera reportedly told the board it would neither stop his Sh2.5 million monthly salary nor get money to advertise for "positions that are not vacant". He told the board it could as well organise a harambee at Uhuru Park to collect money for the adverts. More...

Odinga should fund job advert: Dr Bonny Khalwale said on Thursday that Mr Raila Odinga should fund the advisory board to advertise Ringera post. More...
Bob Awuor
Mr Bob Awuor: Director of African Community Development Foundation (ACDF) who organised the Kisumu Diaspora Volunteer project.
Diaspora volunteers meet UK minister over Kisumu project

By our correspondent, Sept 23 2009
A community project that helps volunteers in Streatham to improve the lives of people in Africa and share their experiences on their return was today praised by Gareth Thomas. The International Development Minister visited the African Community Development Foundation (ACDF) in Streatham, Lambeth, where he spoke to volunteers who had recently returned from a project promoting secure livelihoods in Kisumu, Kenya. He also learnt how the foundation is striving to resolve community conflict and tackle drug use in the Somali community in South London. Gareth Thomas visited the successful African organisation to discuss how the DFID Diaspora Volunteering Programme (DVP) is enhancing lives both in Africa and the UK. DVP was set up to allow skilled professionals from diaspora communities to get actively involved in international development by volunteering in their country of heritage. DFID is providing funding over three years to assist diaspora organisations to either set up or improve their own volunteering programmes. The programme aims to help 600 volunteers complete placements in their continents of heritage. To date 228 volunteers have completed placements, mainly in Asia and Africa. More...

Gareth Thomas
Mr Gareth Thomas, UK Minister for International Development visited ACDF offices in Streatham to meet Diaspora volunteers who had just returned from a DFID-funded project in Kisumu. The programme aims to help 600 volunteers complete placements in their continents of heritage.
Student dies after varsity protest in Eldoret

By Denis Odunga, Sept 23 2009
A student died and six others were injured in a protest march at Moi University. The student is said to have died while undergoing treatment at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. The students were injured when a vehicle they were travelling in overturned as they returned to the college after the demonstration. They had walked for about 20 kilometres to protest at high fares between the university and Eldoret town when they were overpowered by anti-riot police. More...

Moi university student protest
Students of Moi University flee from riot police in Eldoret as one of their colleagues is cornered while a female student pleads for mercy. The students were protesting the high fares by matatus plying the route between Eldoret town and Moi University camous which is 20 km away. Photo: Jared Nyatata
Saiya named new GSU boss as Ali is retired

By Cyrus Ombati, Sept 23 2009
Commissioner of Police Mathew Iteere on Tuesday appointed the Commandant of Anti-Stock Theft Unit (Astu) William Atswenje Saiya to head GSU. Sayia was born on 18th July 1962 in Kakamega District. He was awarded the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (OGW). A major shake-up of the security forces has been carried out with retirements in the military and a reshuffle of top police officers. Several senior military officers were recommended for retirement, including former police commissioner, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, in the latest deliberations of the National Defence Council last Wednesday. General Service Unit Commandant has been appointed in the first shuffle that affects eight senior officers. National Defence College director Maj-Gen J.P. Opiyo is among many senior military officers who are expected to retire. More...

PNU behind Raila's Obama snub

By Susan Anyangu & Shad Bulimo, Sept 23 2009
The alleged snub of Prime Minister Raila Odinga by US President Barack Obama is allegedly as a result of the evil hand of PNU operatives. Raila had been invited to lunch with Obama on Monday but this invitation was rescinded amid a flurry of diplomatic and political confusion. It has emeregd that Raila who was in the US for a crucial United Nations meeting fell victim to some powerful voices in President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity who were said to have orchestrated a letter to the US Government that Raila was not a Head of State and should not represent Kenya at the dinner table. Meanwhile, President Obama has warned Kenya again that it caanot hope to get away by rhetoric, commissions and task forces on crucial issues like the new constitution and corruption. Ranneberger attributed his sentiments to Obama himself, yet another sign the son of a Kenyan father elected US’ first black leader last November, was not about to take his eyes off Kenya. Meanwhile, former US president, Bill Clinton has promised to raise funds to restore Mau Forest. More...

Animal wedding
Monkey business gone too far? Who are we to judge. After all what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Let the beasts pronounce their love in public. Psss.. don't tell the vicar.
Ringera stays put, awaits court ruling

By our correspondents, Sept 23 2009
Embattled Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) Director Justice Aaron Ringera and his deputy Fatuma Sichale hang in the balance as the Advisory Board met late into the night to decide their fate. Even as the meeting continued ODM and Deputy Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo said MPs could move a Motion to disband KACC if Ringera does not resign. More...

Wako hits back at critics

By Paul Juma, Sept 23 2009
The Attorney General office has defended itself against charges of failing to prosecute cases, leading to their dismissal from the courts. The Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Keriako Tobiko Wednesday said that his role was to prosecute only murder cases. He said the police prosecute majority of the cases. Mr Tobiko blamed the judiciary, police and investigators of engaging in a blame game. He was addressing journalists on the sidelines of a workshop to sensitise various government agencies on the Witness Protection Act in Nairobi. More...

Kenyan couple found dead in Dallas

By our correspondent, Sept 23 2009
A Kenyan who has been named as  Justice Mbaka and his wife were found dead in their northeast Dallas apartment in what the police say is a likely murder- suicide. The late is the Son of Andrew  Mbaka Omwega of office of the president. Dallas police say it appears the husband, 23, shot his wife, 20, before dousing their apartment with gasoline and turning the gun on himself. Their names are being withheld pending notification of their next of kin. More...

Romanian cows
Romanian cows are pampered: They ride in cars.
Ex Emuhaya aspirant passes on

By our reporter, Sept 23 2009
A former aspirant for Emuhaya parliamentary seat, Mzee Shadrack Sikobe has died, his family has announced. The late Sikobe died yesterday after a period of illness in hospital. Mzee Sikobe comes from Ebusikhale, Epang'a in West Bunyore. He unsuccessfully contested the Emuhaya Parliamentary Seat in the 1980's. Funeral arrangements are underway with the burial date to be announced shortly. Among Mzee Sikobe's sons are a London-based musician, Zak Sikobe and Nicholas Sikobe.

Lynda Bulimo
Lynda Bulimo making a grand entrance on the catwalk at the Edmonton Fashion Week show last Saturday.
Lynda Bulimo at Edmonton Fashion Show
Winner of last year's new designer award Alexandra Ciepielak (3rd right) with some of her aspiring models at the Edmonton Fashion Week: Lynda Bulimo (2nd left), Courtney Sabey (3rd left), and Xenia Filippova (2nd right)
Michael Kaye collection at edmonton fashion week
New York designer Michael Kaye used models from Edmonton in this hot couture line up
Canada's Next Top Model, Lizzie
Canada's Next Top Model runner-up Lindsay Willier (8th right) joined the catwalk queens.
Obama's Kogelo village gazetted as a national monument

By our correspondent, Sept 22 2009
The village where United States President Barack Obama traces his roots has been gazetted as a protected area under the National Museums and Heritage Act. Kogelo, which is in Siaya District, is among six other areas which were earmarked for preservation in a Kenya Gazette notice by Heritage minister William ole Ntimama. The typical Kenyan rural village where Mr Obama senior, the president’s father, was born will now enjoy the government’s keen watch and publicity. The move is considered a step closer towards the building of the proposed Obama-themed Dero Kogelo Library and Cultural Centre at the village, which is to be funded by the government. More...

Luo Land
Map of Luo Land showing Kogelo village in Siaya where Obama Snr was born
Uganda may ban bride price

By our correspondent, Sept 22 2009
Uganda's highest court will next month rule whether the giving of bride price is unconstitutional. Is it time to ban dowries? Known as 'lobola' in the south, 'mahari' in the east and 'wine-carrying' in the west, a prospective husband is expected to give a certain amount of money and goods such as cattle, goats, or blankets before a marriage is agreed. But women's rights activists in Uganda have asked the Constitutional Court to ban it, arguing that the age-old traditional practice reduces wives to being the property of their husband. More...

Google wins against Louis Vuitton

By Michael Herman, Sept 22 2009
Google has won the latest round in a legal row against Louis Vuitton and other brand owners that are trying to stop the search engine from using their trademarks as paid for search terms. Europe’s highest court said search results in the “sponsored links” section was acceptable under European Union laws. More...

Four drown in el nino rains in Kisumu

By Winsley Masese, Sept 22 2009
Four people are feared drowned and property worth millions of shillings destroyed following a heavy storm in Kisumu. Nakumatt Supermarkets had to evacuate its staff and customers to higher grounds after floods gushed into its Mega City branch on Sunday night submerging goods worth millions of shillings. Several shops in the mall were also flooded and owners were yesterday morning counting their losses. More than 150 families had their homes flooded as property of unknown value was also damaged. More...

Nurse dies at the hands of a herbalist

By our correspondent, Sept 22 2009
A nurse has died after being treated by a herbalist at Bendera Village in West Pokot district. Villagers said the 40-year-old Kapenguria District Hospital nurse fell sick on Friday and sent his children to call the herbalist in Kapenguria township. They said the dead man’s wife, who was a nutritionist at Kapenguria Hospital, also died after being treated by the herbalist last year. The nurse suffered diarrhoea and vomiting until he fainted after taking a concoction given by the herbalist. More...

Khalwale may drop suit against Ringera

By Maureen Onyango, Sept 22 2009
A case filed to stop the Kenya Anti corruption Commission director from assuming office may be withdrawn.This is after a lawyer, representing MP Boni Khalwale, hinted that recent developments that saw Parliament reject the reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera may lead her client to withdraw the case. The lawyer, Julie Soweto, said that since her client was a member of parliament, the decisions made in the House may convince him to take the decision. Speaking for the first time yesterday, Ringera said he was enjoying the circus. More...

Odinga denies he was snubbed by Obama

By John Ngirachu, Sept 21 2009
Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s office on Sunday downplayed the effect of cancellation of an invitation for a luncheon with US President Barack Obama. Mr Odinga had been invited by the White House, together with selected heads of state from Africa, but his invitation was later cancelled. PM’s director of communications, Mr Dennis Onyango, said the luncheon scheduled for Tuesday was not in Mr Odinga’s diary. His views contradicted official communication from the White House that his earlier invitation was cancelled. More...

Ringera's job advertised

By our correspondents, Sept 21 2009
The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Advisory Board will on Wednesday advertise the embattled Justice Aaron Ringera job, further complicating the controversy that has put President Kibaki in a spot. The advertisement will be up on Wednesday. The new director's salary will be cut from Sh2.5 to Sh1.6m a month. More

Allys Emokori
Alloys Emokori: competed with one of his wives in sleeping around which resulted in both of them catching HIV. Ken Odwuor
Busia man loses 5 wives to Aids

By PlusNews, Sept 21 2009
Alloys Emokori, 55, is a recovering alcoholic in the western Kenyan town of Busia, near the Kenya-Uganda border. Diagnosed with HIV in 2004, Emokori has lost five wives. He told IRIN/PlusNews about his battle to overcome alcoholism. "My life revolved around alcohol and women. Due to alcohol, I lost four women who left because they could not tolerate my drinking; another of my wives died of HIV. Some of my wives also drank, and we would fight all day. For one of my wives, we were even competing in drinking and sleeping around. She had her lovers and I had my own. "Today I am alone, taking care of the children my wives left behind. It was only when I became too sick to even walk that my children decided to take me to the hospital by force. I was told that I had HIV, but still I lived in denial. Mr Emokori has since turned into an Alcoholics Anonymous and Aids activist. More...

Ringera dismisses furore about his appointment as a big circus

By our correspondents, Sept 21 2009
Besieged Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission director Aaron Ringera on Monday put on a brave face, telling the Nation he had nothing to say in the face of pressure for him to quit. Mr Ringera spoke as Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura steered clear of the KACC debate, saying the commission’s boss should speak for himself. Mr Ringera appeared jovial and often broke into laughter. He said the debate over his reappointment and that of his two deputies had become a “big” circus. Mr Muthaura was speaking after the opening of African Association of Public Administration and Management meeting by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Musalia Mudavadi. More...

Esther ArungaCatherine Kasavuli
Hottest Luhya women on TV. Esther Arunga who recently graduated from Law School is a news anchor on TV. She has been named in the top ten hottest female entertainers in Kenya. She is of course following the footsteps of ageless, all time chart topper, Catherine Kasavuli (right) now anchoring news at Citizen TV. The two of them are of course Luhya beauties. More...
Kenyan athlete forced to drink blood in US

By our correspondent, Sept 21 2009
A Kenyan has sued his former college and its athletics coach for allegedly forcing him to drink blood four years ago. Mr Charles Ngetich filed a suit against Central Connecticut State University and retired track coach Mr George Kawecki last Thursday alleging he was subjected to three years of racism. Mr Ngetich was allegedly forced to drink blood before being kicked out of the athletics team. He lost his scholarship and was dismissed on September 4, 2009. The former athlete is now seeking damages of at least Sh1.2 m. More...

State shuts 19 warring churches

By Clement Kamau, Sept 19 2009
The government has closed 19 African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) branches in Lari and Githunguri following protracted leadership wrangles pitting them against the Arch-bishop Samson Mwangi Gaitho. According to Bishop Joseph Lenareyo who is the acting AIPCA Kiambu branch head, the closure contravenes the Constitution which allows freedom of worship and assembly. Speaking after attending a case in Limuru where scores of faithful are charged with creating disturbance, Lenareyo called upon the government to desist from interfering with church activities. More...

Abu Dhabi
Arabic English spotted in Abu Dhabi by Chris Prior
Lessons for Mumias Sugar from Uganda

By our correspondent, Sept 19 2009
Amid the heat and noise, splintered remnants of tall sugarcane are crushed and drained. Sugary juices are separated off - but rather than being thrown away - the remains of the cane are fed into enormous furnaces. The Kinyara factory, in the lush Masindi region of north western Uganda, has been producing sugar since the 1970s. So Kinyara is getting into the energy game by turning the desiccated remains of the sugarcane into power, then selling it to the national grid. The immense energy released from the vast furnaces drives the company's turbines, which produce the electricity. And the process means that for the first time, thousands of households and businesses now have a reliable energy supply. "There is constant power, there's no breaking off., " says Onzunda Mohammed, a welder in nearby town of Kabango. More...

Wanjala's resignation strategic

By Beauttah Omanga & Our reporter, Sept 19 09
The first pillar of the rejected anti-corruption triumvirate crumbled on Friday with the dramatic resignation of an assistant director. Out went Dr Smokin Wanjala, and in came the question: What are Justice Aaron Ringera and Ms Fatuma Sichale waiting for? Dr Wanjala said he was resigning because the debate had taken ethnic and political overtones and blamed weak laws for the confusion swirling over whether or not KACC is delivering. He said the graft body has always asked to be given prosecution powers but this was shot down by Parliament in 2007. He voiced his frustration at the number of cases annulled by the Attorney General, Amos Wako. Some observers believe Wanjala resigned to position himself to take over a reconstituted KACC. More...

Dr Smokin Wanjala resigns as assistant director of KACC.
Second most powerful KACC boss

By Kenfrey Kiberenge, Sept 19 2009
Unknown to most Kenyans, Ms Fatuma Sichale is the second most powerful person in the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission hierarchy, after Aaron Ringera. She doubles up as the deputy director and assistant director in-charge of legal services directorate. She made her way to the anti-corruption agency in 2002 when she was appointed to the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority, as one of the seven board members. She joined KACC through the board in 2003 when she was appointed the vice-chairman, but was later appointed its assistant director (legal services) in August 2004. Prior to this appointment, Sichale served as a council member of the Law Society of Kenya and of International Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida). Sichale attended Kapsabet Girls School before joining Alliance Girls for her A’ levels between 1976 and 1977. She then proceeded to University of Nairobi in 1981 for her Bachelor of Laws degree. More...

Smokin Wanjala goes; is Ringera next?

By our correspondent, Sept 18 2009
Dr Smokin Wanjala, the assistant director of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission, has resigned. The KACC assistant boss left his post just two days after Parliament declared the reappointment of the body’s director Aaron Ringera and his two deputies illegal. Two committees, that on Delegated Legislation and the committee on Administration of Justice and Legal Affairs, asked MPs in a joint report to declare the appointments illegal. Chaired by Nominated MP Amina Abdalla and Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Mohammed respectively, the teams also wanted the positions filled in accordance with the law. President Kibaki reappointed Justice Ringera and his two deputies Dr Smokin Wanjala and Fatuma Sichale in a gazette notice dated August 31 without reference to the KACC advisory board and Parliament. The move sparked widespread outrage with the civil society and lawyers terming the reappointment illegal. More...

Dr Smokin Wanjala
Dr Smokin Wanjala resigned two days ago as deputy director of the beleagured Kenya Anti Corruption Commission. Photo: Nation
MPs target five more 'illegal' appointments

By Peter Leftie, Sept 18 2009
Parliament intends to nullify more public appointments, a day after it declared term extension for anti-corruption officials illegal. At least five parastatal bosses, appointed by Cabinet ministers, are among those being investigated and could face the sack if the parliamentary watchdog finds that the law was not followed. The appointments being investigated were made by Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o (Medical Services), Najib Balala (Tourism), Charity Ngilu (Water and Irrigation), Henry Kosgey (Industrialisation), Fred Gumo (Regional Development Authorities) and William Ntimama (National Heritage). The jobs under the spotlight include: Kenya Medical Training College director, Dr Timothy King’ondu, NGOs Coordination Board CEO, Mr David Isoe, Dr Kenneth Ombongi to head Utalii College. Last week, the Public Investments Committee refused to hear the managing director of the Tana and Athi River Development Authority, Dr Francis Musumba Agoya, on grounds that his appointment by Mr Gumo was irregular.

Ruto, Kenyatta marriage crumbles

By Martin Mutua, Sept 18 2009
A marriage of convenience between Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Agriculture Minister William Ruto backfired when MPs rejected Justice Aaron Ringera’s reappointment as KACC director. Mr Ruto and Mr Uhuru had, on the previous day, plotted to rescue Ringera through "barter" trade. Uhuru was to galvanise support of MPs from central Kenya and have the report on Mau tabled by Prime Minister Raila Odinga either defeated or amended to the satisfaction of the Rift Valley MPs loyal to Ruto. More...

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta: Got nothing from Ruto 'barter' deal
Fake journalists arrested in Bungoma, Vihiga

By our correspondent, Sept 18 2009
Police in Bungoma arrested a man masquerading as a journalist. Laban Ong’ong’a allegedly pretended he is a reporter from several media houses including the Standard Group, West FM and Radio Mambo. Police said they recovered business cards indicating he worked for the media houses as a reporter. They pounced on him after he had reportedly collected Sh13,000 from a training institute in Bungoma. The payment was made for an advert on Radio Mambo. Bungoma OCPD Mary Omari said officers would work with media houses to bring frauds to book. On Wednesday, police in Vihiga arrested a man masquerading as a KTN photojournalist. More...

Eldoret mayor accused of impregnating a minor

By our correspondents, Sept 18 2009
Eldoret Mayor William Rono is embroiled in a bitter dispute with a family over claims he impregnated a Form One student. The mayor claims the family in his Maili Nne ward is spreading a falsehood to malign his name. Mr Rono recorded a statement with police in Eldoret in connection with the claims. The girl’s parents and neighbours were also summoned and recorded statements. More...

Kayian Lengete, high school student at 41
Kayian Lengete, his wife Gladys Kayian and two year old daughter Eliza. Photo: Chris Ojow
Marende admits Ringera was hot

By Alphonce Shiundu, Sept 18 2009
House Speaker Kenneth Marende on Thursday disclosed that the past fortnight had been the hardest since he took up office two years ago. More...

Father of six in high school

By Kibiwott Koross, Sept 17 2009
At 41, one would expect Mr Kayian Lengete to be busy looking after his cows in Kajiado plains, the way fellow Maasai villagers do. But he is a student. With six children. Mr Lengete is a Form Two student at Thomas Fish Secondary School in his Mashuru village in Sultan Hamud, Kajiado. More...

Shock as 13,000 'lost' land files found

By Dave Opiyo, Sept 18 2009
The mystery surrounding missing files at the ministry of Lands offices has partially been resolved. On Thursday, top officials revealed that some 13,000 files, including title deeds that had been declared missing, were recovered stashed in various parts of the registry, including under cabinets. Others were carelessly placed in boxes that were then dumped in very lonely and dingy corners. The registry was at the time poorly organised and congested with files strewn everywhere. This perhaps explains why many could not trace their files at the Lands office. Many were told to give bribes for the files to be traced by ‘wheeler-dealers’ who ruled the corridors of the ministry. On Thursday, Lands permanent secretary Dorothy Angote said that at one time, missing files were used as avenues of corruption. But she was quick to point out that this was now a thing of the past. With the ministry in the process of computerising its operations, including the registry, the PS said, it will now be easier for Kenyans to have access to their files. More...

Dorothy Angote, Ministry of Lands
Lands permanent Secretary Dorothy Angote looks at some of the tattered title deeds earlier reported missing but later recovered while taking members of Kenya Law Society led by their chairman Okong’o O’Mogeni (2nd left) on tour of Ardhi Houses. She disclosed all land records in the country will be computerized under the on going digitization program. Photo: Hezron Njoroge
Pastor charged with fraud

By Maureen Onyango, Sept 18 2009
A man of God has been charged with cheating and misleading his followers. Bishop Joel Kimani, of Huduma Church ministries in Nairobi, is said to have misled his congregation into thinking he could organise for their children to attend a church seminar in London. According to the charges, the bishop is accused of obtaining over Sh500, 000 from six complainants for travel documents for their children to go abroad. More...

Swine flu at Kenya High: Students at Kenya High School in Nairobi were on Thursday quarantined after health officials confirmed that 25 of them had contracted swine flu, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the country to 159
President humiliated by Parliament

By our correspondent, Sept 17 2009
President Kibaki’s unilateral decision to reappoint Justice Aaron Ringera as Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) boss hit the brickwall in Parliament Wednesday, when MPs voted overwhelmingly to demand he annuls his action. So powerful was the message to the President on bypassing Parliament in the appointment that Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta immediately withdrew the next business of the House, which would have afforded MPs to either cut off Ringera’s emoluments and those of his two deputies, or severe KACC’s lifeline. "If we make the laws it is important to adhere to those laws," said Musalia Mudavadi. "Parliament is no longer a rubberstamp and conscience does not allow one to obey a bad law,’’ said Anyang Nyong’o. More...

David MusilaAnyang Nyong'o
Assistant Minister for Information, David Musila from ODM-K, a PNU affiliate and Prof Anyang Nyong'o, minister for medical supplies and ODM secretary general voted with their conscience in support of Ringera motion..
Lucy Kibaki vs Muite files stolen from lawyer's offices

By Cyrus Ombati, Sept 17 2009
Burglars broke into the private offices of Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara in Nairobi. Imanyara’s personal assistant Johnson Ngare said the burglars seemed to know what they wanted. They stole vital documents and computers. "Among the files include the one which our client Paul Muite has been sued by the First Family and in particular First Lady," he said. Imanyara is Muite’s lawyer in the case in which the First Lady has sued the former Kikuyu MP over remarks he made on the First Family to the effect that the gocernment raid of a media house was to kill a story that to kill a story involving the First Family. More...

Ogiek petition govt over ancestral land

By our correspondents, Sept 17 2009
The Ogiek community has called an urgent meeting with the government to discuss their stake in the Mau Forest. In a letter to the ministers for Forestry and Wildlife and Environment and Natural Resources, the Ogiek People’s Development Programme said now that Parliament had adopted the Mau task force report, it was important that the State understood the plight of the Ogiek and Sengwer communities concerning their ancestral rights in the forest. More...

Woman loses toe case: A woman who accused two relatives of stepping on her foot and wounding her toe has lost her case. Uniter Kidullah ruled the case a nuisance. More...
Margaret Wanjiru and Raila Odinga
Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and assistant minister for housing, Margaret Wanjiru help pack belongings of Kibera slum residents who have been rehoused in modern apartments. Photo: Jonah Onyango
History as Africa's largest slum goes modern

By our correspondents, Sept 17 2009
When a seemingly intoxicated young man jumped precariously over a ditch and marshalled his colleagues to demolish a rickety shanty in Kibera’s Soweto East village, he unwittingly made history. The move marked the beginning of the end for one of Africa’s largest slums as a new decent era finally dawned on residents, yesterday. This was the moment when the first batch of the more than a million Kibera residents left shanties they have called homes for decades and breathed new life as they strolled into modern stone houses. "Kwaheri Soweto, nitakumiss. (Bye bye Soweto, I will miss you)," chanted an ecstatic Bernice Amollo, as she lifted a dusty cupboard onto a lorry. She has lived in Kibera for 15 years. Housing Minister Soita Shitanda and his assistant Margaret Wanjiru did not want to be left out. They drove in at 10.30am and joined in the operation. More...

Bloated cabinet No more as MPs pass crucial bill

By our correspondent, Sept 17 2009
The Kenya Parliament has overwhelmingly passed a Bill that will limit the number of ministries to a maximum of 24. If enacted, the Offices of Ministers Bill moved by Turkana Central MP Ekwee Ethuro also requires ministers to at least possess a basic university degree and be vetted before they are appointed. President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga must now act and trim the 42-member Cabinet. More...

Aussie paedo fathered four with his daughter

An Australian man has been arrested for allegedly fathering four children with a daughter he repeatedly raped for more than 30 years. More...

DJ Dubwise aka Frank Ambei
Frank Ambei aka DJ Dubwise has been nominated for Annual Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts Awards (BEFFTA) which takes place at Hilton Metropole Hotel, London on Oct 17, 2009.
DJ Dubwise nominated for top award

By our reporter, Sept 17 2009
DJ Dubwise aka Frank Ambei been nominated for a BEFFTA Award, in the Best Male DJ Category. To make sure that he wins, vote for him using this link: http://www.beffta.com/voting.htm. The 1st Annual Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts Awards (BEFFTA) Awards will be held at the luxurius London Hilton Metropole on Saturday 17 October 2009. The BEFFTA Awards is an international prestigious ceremony committed to recognising the all around accomplishments of black stars. This prestigious event is a distinctly special awards ceremony honouring the best entertainment and showbiz personalities in the black community in UK and globally. It will be hosted by UK’s top comedian and Choice FM radio presenter/TV personality Richard Blackwood and Miss London.

Village elder attacked for sniffing around inherited widow in Western Kenya

By our correspondent, Sept 17 2009
A village elder is nursing severe wounds after he was attacked by a man who had inherited a widow. The 52-year-old elder is reported to have been in the woman’s house at Atili village in Western Kenya when the alleged inheritor, aged 47 years, arrived. The enraged man broke down the door and pounced on the elder, cutting him on the face and stabbing him several times. He was later arrested at a chang’aa den. More...

7 Ugandan cricketers disappear: The disappearance of seven Ugandan cricketers in Canada may make it more difficult for athletes to get visas, a Ugandan cricket official says. The players disappeared from their hotel last week, two days before they were due to return home.
Halala USA takes innovative healthcare plan to Western Kenya

By Pius Mwemba, Sept 16 2009
Halala members in US met in Towson, Maryland the last weekend of August to collectively endorse the implementation of a mobile clinic in Western Kenya.
They all came from as far as Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kansas City. Their hosts Maryland Chapter through their chairlady Pracksidies Ilamaha who proudly embraced the mobile clinic by saying that it is a blessing and many lives will be saved warmly welcomed the group. In his opening remarks the president of Halala Mr. Pius Mwemba Thanked the hosts for providing a forum to discuss issues that affect the luhya community.

The President also called upon all luhya in the USA and around the world to affiliate themselves with Halala and support the mobile clinic project for the region. "People are dying in our villages from diseases that are preventable and curable. We need to have better health care services for healthier and more productive lives. Lets stand up and support our mobile clinic," he said

Halala plans to run four free medical clinics in Busia, Bungoma, Vihiga and Kakamega in the month of December to assist in the project development. The assessment will be test to see and hear from the beneficiaries. Alongside the clinics, students who have excelled in mathematics and science subjects in the region from poor families are encouraged to submit their requests to Halala officials who will be onsite then. Nurses and Doctors within those centers are requested to volunteer their services during this trial. The Kakamega conference is scheduled for the 20th of December while the clinics may run on 18th and 19th respectively at different locations.

Halala USA
Halala USA members after their annual convention in Maryland, USA.
Busia, Bungoma, Vihiga, Kakamega to get free clinics

Halala plans to run four free medical clinics in Busia, Bungoma, Vihiga and Kakamega in the month of December to assist in the project development. The assessment will be test to see and hear from the beneficiaries. Alongside the clinics, students who have excelled in mathematics and science subjects in the region from poor families are encouraged to submit their requests to Halala officials who will be onsite then. Nurses and Doctors within those centers are requested to volunteer their services during this trial. The Kakamega conference is scheduled for the 20th of December while the clinics may run on 18th and 19th respectively at different locations. The President applauded the move taken by Dr. Isaac Thikhutsu who traveled all the way from Kenya and Charles Wambulwa (M.D) from Pennsylvania for their move to assist the Halala Clinic that is going to benefit the Luhya Community in Western Kenya. Kenyans have welcomed the idea of togetherness and are already forming Halala chapters in Nairobi and Kakamega the president said.

Kansas Chapter:
Prof. Fanson Kidwaro a member of a newly founded Halala Chapter in Kansas State was one of our motivational speakers for the day. Prof. Kidwaro brought the message of unity and emphasized on the need to remain Halala in order to help rebuild our region.
The occasion also remembered the late Barnabas Ochunyi who was until his death was the secretary of Halala Virginia Chapter. In her remarks to the conference the chairlady of Halala Virginia chapter Selina Amakabane described him as a young man who died in the line of duty trying to unit his people at the age of 21. She invited all to attend his memorial service scheduled for October 24th in Virginia. Mr. Henry Nabutete the Patron of Halala USA and also the chairman of Halala New Jersey Chapter was proud of the progress Halala has made since its establishment. Its time to start implementing our objectives with the once we have on board the rest will join us later. Chini Ya Mti DJs played music for the occasion while Mrs Jakie Odanga from Massachusetts presented the luhya cultural music. 

Utah: University of Utah Choir sing the classic Luhya Easter song entitled "Vamuvamba"
Luhya song 'Vamuvamba' takes America by storm

By our reporter, Sept 16 2009
An old Luhya Christian tune known as "Vamuvamba" has become an international sensation. First brought to prominence by the Muungano Choir under Boniface Mganga, the little known lyric has hit the airwaves in the Unites States. Since last year, at least four choirs have sung this tune at Easter Time. They include the University of Utah Choir, Cedar Park High School Band in Texas, Lowell High School Chamber Choir in Massachussetts and Augustana Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado. Here we have compiled three videos from Youtube for you to judge which rendition comes closer to the real thing as you know or remember it.

Massachussetts: Lowell High School Chamber Choir 2008, directed by Othello Jefferson, sings Kenyan Easter song Vamuvamba
Kenyan churches condemned as tribal by post election report

By Susan Anyangu, Sept 16 2009
A new report on the causes of post-election upheavals has heavily indicted the Church for being partisan during the conflict. Speaking yesterday during the launch of the report, Dr Paul Mbatia, the director of research, Kenya Thabiti Taskforce said part of the reason churches were targeted for attack during the chaos was due to the position taken by church leadership."The Church leadership lost some credibility. Places of worship in Kenya have increasingly taken an ethnic membership and this could be a basis of conflict and violence," said Mbatia. The Church under the auspices of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) did admit it failed Kenyans during the chaos. NCCK secretary general, Canon Peter Karanja said the church must change. More.

Texas: Vamuvamba by Cedar Park High School Band, Texas sang as a farewell for the 2008 graduates.
Five Rift Valley MPs deny Ringera Mau Forest trade-off

By our correspondent, Sept 16 2009
Five MPs from the Rift Valley have discounted reports of a deal allegedly struck between them and a section of their PNU counterparts aimed at "making safe" crucial reports of Parliament. The MPs convened a media conference at Parliament buildings on Wednesday to deny claims that they had been compromised to serve specific interests. Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto led the Rift leaders in dismissing the reports. More...

Kenyan born al Qaeda man killed: Mombasa-born Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, believed to be one of Al Qaeda’s top operatives in East Africa, was killed by US commandos on Tuesday in an attack authorised by President Barrack Obama. He is believed to have been killed when a car was attacked by US helicopters in southern Somalia. More...
Ruto trades Mau Forest for Ringera

By our correspondents, Sept 16 2009
Time ran out for Parliament before it debated President Kibaki’s unilateral reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera, but there were signs he and his anti-graft agency may survive the wrath of MPs. News filtered to newsrooms ahead of the longawaited debate that never was, was that Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Agriculture Minister William Ruto were lobbying for Ringera’s retention. When asked, Ruto responded "It is mere propaganda against me. How can I support Ringera yet he has fabricated two cases against me?" However, Environment Minister John Michuki let the cat out of the bag in Parliament when he confessed members of the House had "traded Mau Forest for Ringera!" Meanwhile a second judge has withdrawn from listening to Ringera case. More...

Enoch Israel Owiti
Mr Enock Israel Owiti displays documents to prove ownership of the disputed plot in Kisumu which has been fraudulently sold twice.
US based Kenyan defrauded of land

By CCI, Sept 16 2009
Last month, US based Kenyan, Enock Israel Owiti read in the Standard on Sunday on-line edition about the biting shortage of credible hostels across the country and decided to use his savings and a $65,000 loan to build a state-of-the art hostel to serve Kisumu. But last week, Owiti was in tears after his investment plans began to crumble. A prime plot he had bought in the Milimani area in 2001 at a cost of Sh1m and where he planned to build the hostel had mysteriously changed hands while he was away working in the United States. He was surprised to learn that the plot has changed ownership twice since July this year. More...

Tension as Nubians claim Kibera their ancestral land

By our correspondent, Sept 15 2009
Tension remained high in Kibera’s Makini slums as members of the Nubian community threatened to evict all residents from the area claiming that it was their ancestral land.On Sunday, rowdy Nubian youths set fire on an office used by Nubian elders who are assisting the government in spearheading the slum upgrading programme, accusing them of being insincere and vowed to evict anyone from the area in the presence of police. More...

Flying eye hospital: The world's only airborne operating theatre for eye treatment in the world flies to Third World. More..
Mungiki murder
Susan Adit, (circled) the mother of the killed boy in grief after learning of the death of her son (in picture frame). Photo: Mbugua Kibera
Boy kidnapped and butchered like a cow

By Cyrus Ombati, Sept 15 2009
They dragged him away, his frail hands dangling in the air, and not long thereafter, ended his six years on earth, leaving behind weeping parents and shattered dreams. The stunned face of the six-year-old, awash with childish innocence and tenderness, did not move the new brood of Kenya’s killers, who kidnap for money and kill if it does not come. Even in death, they would still cruelly skin him, cut off his jaw and wrap it on one of the public appeals his father pinned on shops, then dumped the body near the home where a warm embrace from his mum and dad always awaited him. Born of Sudanese parents, six-year-old Agwar Adar was given the baptismal name Emmanuel, which in the Bible means ‘God with us’. More...

Holywood star is dead: Dirty Dancing film star Patrick Swayze has died aged 57, his publicist says. Annett Wolf said that the US actor, who had been battling pancreatic cancer for nearly two years, died with family at his side on Monday. Swayze was diagnosed with advanced stage four pancreatic cancer in January last year. More...
Wetangula says Kombo is a dodo

By our correspondent, Sept 15 2009
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula has taken campaign for Ford-Kenya leadership to Kisii. The minister told Ford-Kenya chairman Musikari Kombo to step down to avoid humiliation by delegates during party elections. Wetangula regretted that while other party leaders had embarked on efforts to strengthen their parties immediately after the last General Election, Ford-Kenya was in slumber due to what he termed poor leadership at the top. "The party is very strong across the country but is lacking leadership to bounce back to the limelight ahead of 2012," he told delegates from Kisii and Kuria at a Kisii hotel. He said political parties are formed to seek power and Mr Kombo had no business leading Ford-Kenya because he was unable to achieve the goal since joining PNU. More...

Musikari KomboMoses Masika Wetangula
Ford Kenya Chairman and nominated MP, Musikari Kombo (left) in a pensive mood as political vultures led by Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetangula (right) circle to devour what little is left of him. Wetangula is campaigning to take over the party.
Ford K to allow any member to vie for presidency

By Lucas Baraza, Sept 15 2009
Ford-Kenya agreed on Tuesday to amend its constitution to allow any member to vie for the presidency. Currently, the chairman of the party is its automatic candidate for the top seat. In a meeting presided over by chairman Musikari Kombo, the management committee resolved to forward their recommendations to the party's hierarchy for adoption. The National Executive Committee is to meet on October 13. More...

PNU lobbies to defeat Ringera motion

By our correspondents, Sept 15 2009
Parliament is this afternoon expected to witness a showdown as the debate on re-appointment of Justice Aaron Ringera as the Kenya Anti Corruption Director resumes. Intense lobbying by MPs sympathetic to President Kibaki and Ringera is in top gear. Sources told The Standard Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has called a meeting of selected MPs to plot on how to defeat the Motion. More...

Kibaki beats retreat on new districts after judgment

By our correspondent, Sept 15 2009
There will be no more creation of districts due to financial implication, President Kibaki has declared. Just a day after he defended the creation of the new administrative units, the President on Monday said it would have been prudent to create more to bring development closer to the people. He, however, regretted this would now not be possible because of the heavy financial burden involved in running the districts. More...

Ken Nyasiwo
Mr Ken Nyasiwo (in cap), a teacher at Ndhole Primary School in Rachuonyo District, is roughed up by parents yesterday. James Keyi
School where teachers are alcoholic and absent

By Winsley Masese, Sept 15 2009
Parents in Rachuonyo North District stormed a primary school to protest at alleged teachers’ absenteeism and alcoholism. And a news team from the Standard Group investigating the claims came face to face with the reality when a drunken teacher attacked journalists. The Ndhole Primary School teacher attacked KTN cameraman Baraka Karama, damaging a microphone. He also assaulted photographer James Keyi. District Education officials have have launched investigations. More...

President's men baptise Marende with fire

By our correspondents, Sept 14 2009
House Speaker Kenneth Marende will be a man on the spot when MPs meet on Tuesday to try and overturn President Kibaki’s reappointment of anti-graft chief Aaron Ringera. It will be a battle for power played out before the House on an unprecedented scale. One group of MPs views Parliament’s assertiveness as victory for democracy and another sees it as an affront on the Executive and national stability. In a determined move to have their way, MPs opposed to Justice Ringera’s reappointment plan to stop funding to KACC in a bid to kick him out. The Sunday Nation has learnt that another section of MPs who side with the President’s decision were discussing ways to “tame” the Speaker whom they accuse of misinterpreting the law and thereby “allowing MPs to embarrass the President”. More...

Kenneth MarendeHouse Speaker, Kenneth Marende
Baptism with fire: House Speaker Kenneth Marende being baptised at Valley Road Pentecostal Church in Nairobi yesterday. The Speaker who made another landmark ruling last week allowing Parliament to debate a mtion on the embattled Kenya Anti Corruption Commission Chairman, Justice Aaron Ringera has drawn the ire of the president's men who feel he has overstepped his bounds and is undermining executive authority. Early this year, Marende made nonsense of President Kibaki's appointment of Kalonzo Musyoka, his vice president as Leader of Government Business in the House in the first landmark ruling. Photo: Nation
Cane farming in western is a slave affair - Parliamentary watchdog

By our correspondents, Sept 14 2009
Cane farming in Western Kenya is a slave affair, a parliamentary watchdog has concluded after an extensive tour of the sugar belt in Western and Nyanza. Agriculture Committee chairman John Mututho while addressing farmers at his last stop in Malava Primary School in Kakamega North District, Mr Mututho regretted that farmers have been suffering in silence for many years exploited by sugar millers. The situation in Miwani is close to slavery. Mr Shitanda, who is also Housing Minister wondered a farmer is charged Sh6,000 as transport cost yet the tractor only consumes diesel worth Sh100 from the farm to the factory. Committee members Ben Washiali (Mumias), Evans Akula (Khwisero), Fred Outa (Nyando) John Pesa (Migori) and Peris Simam (Eldoret South) accompanied Mututho during the tour. More...

Ben Washiali
Form right: Mumias MP Benjamin Washiali, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture John Mututho and Khwisero MP Evans Akula compare notes at Mumias market on Saturday. Photo: Benjamin Sakwa
Graft body eyes death

By Martin Mutua, Sept 14 2009
Kenyans could begin writing the epitaph for Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and the career of its newly reappointed director if Parliament starves it of cash on Tuesday. This follows last week’s ruling by House Speaker Kenneth Marende allowing Parliament to debate the joint report prepared by Delegated Legislation Committee of the House and that of Administration of Justice and Legal Affairs. In political circles KACC is already being seen as an institution on its deathbed — and ministers have even started lamenting it will go down with the evidence it had collected on Kanu’s mega-scandal, Goldenberg, and President Kibaki’s administration’s Anglo Leasing twin scams. More...

First web conference on malaria: Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, US, are set to hold the first ever web-based global conference on malaria in November. More...
Busia gets Sh169m from Netherlands for boreholes

By Joel Okwayo, Sept 14 2009
The Government of Netherlands has released Sh169 million for construction of boreholes in the larger Busia District as a step towards reducing waterborne diseases. Lake Victoria North Water Services Board is set to identify more than 30 groups to implement the projects in the next six years. "Already, 18 groups are listed for funding from the kitty being managed by Unicef," said board chairman Joseph Murunga. The chairman was speaking at Mubwayo village in Indangole sub-location of Butula Constituency during the launch of Sh300,000 water project funded by Unicef. The project is set to serve more than 300 residents. More...

Borehole drilling in Busia
Drilling boreholes provides clean water to residents. Photo: Lifeline
Kegoye students sent home following teacher transfer protest

By our correspondent, Sept 14 2009
A Vihiga District secondary school has been closed indefinitely after students went on the rampage over the transfer of a headteacher. The Kegoye Secondary School students smashed windows of one of the dormitories and damaged the new headteacher’s vehicle. Trouble started when the district education officer, Mr Richard Midemba, visited the school to introduce the new principal, Mr Joab Kilinga. The students broke into commotion and disrupted the speech by Mr Midemba who called police officers to restore calm. More...

Police prosecutors to go home - Wako

By Maureen Mudi, Sept 14 2009
Kenya will phase out police prosecutors from courts of law by 2011. Attorney General Amos Wako says following reforms in the prosecution department, police officers would no longer be required to prosecute cases. Speaking to State prosecutors countrywide, who are attending a first-ever convention in Mombasa, Wako, however, clarified that only qualified officers will be gazetted as lay-prosecutors and moved to his office. There are currently over 300 police prosecutors countrywide who handle over 90 per cent of criminal cases in the magistrates’ courts and 73 State counsel prosecutors who handle criminal matters as well as prosecute major and complex cases including corruption, fraud, drugs, terrorism, piracy and gender-based violence. More...

Keriako Tobiko and Amos Wako
Attorney General Amos Wako (left) talks to Director of Public Prosecutions, Keriako Tobiko during the prosecutor's inaugural conference in Mombasa. Photo: Maarufu Mohamed
AFC Leopards eye relegation

By James Waindi, Sept 14 2009
Gor Mahia halted Sofapaka’s charge to a maiden title with a clinical finish from teenager George Odhiambo on a day AFC Leopards were skinned at Nyayo Stadium. An 80th minute opportunistic strike by Sher Karuturi’s Allan Otieno saw the flowermen beat AFC Leopards 1-0 in an early Kenyan Premier League kick off. The result confined Leopards who are fighting to avoid the axe, to the relegation zone as they are only one spot above bottom placed Bandari. A win for Leopards could have seen them move clear of the relegation zone, but coach Nick Yakhama would now wait for next weekend. More...

Kolanya school in Busia produces high achievers

By INGONEWS Reporter, Sept 12 2009
Kolanya Boys High School in Busia is never in the headlines for anything. But watch closely and the little known school in the backwaters of Busia District, Western Province emerges as big hearted. Among its alumni is the immediate ex police commissioner, Major-General Hussein Ali. Born in Eldoret in 1956, Ali went to Kolanya Boys for his 'O' Levels where he scored a Division One with 19 points. Another high achiever from Kolanya is a Nairobi lawyer, Matthew Kyalo Mbombu who did his 'A' Levels at Kolanya in 1981 before proceeding to study law at the University of Nairobi..

Hussein Ali
Major-General Hussein Ali: Attended Kolanya Boys High School in Busia.
Ex Java Coffee paedophile banged up

By Wahome Thuku, Sept 12 2009
Former Java Coffee House Managing Director John Cardon Wagner has been sentenced to 15 years in jail. The American who came to Kenya 18 years ago was found guilty of defiling three girls aged between 13 and 14 years at his Lavington home, last year. His two co-accused, Judy Nyaguthii and Faith Nyawira, were sentenced to 10 years each for exposing the girls to prostitution. The minord dropped out of school came to Nairobi and were taken to Wagner, who drugged and defiled them. More...

John Wagner of Java Coffee House
Paedophile: Ex Java Coffee House boss, John Wagner is staring at 16 years in Kenya's notoriously harsh jails.
Sackings: Kamba leaders say their tribe is being finished

By Daniel Nzia, Sept 12 2009
Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka led other leaders from Ukambani in a protest over the sacking of Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Kioko Mang’eli. Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo said the removal of Mang’eli from Kebs should be explained by the Executive, claiming he was innocent. He cited the sacking of Kenyatta National Hospital director Dr Florence Musau, former Tourism PS Rebecca Mwikali Nabutola and a former Deputy Director at the National Security Intelligence Service Mr Fidelis Mumina. More...

New Kenyan Passport
New look Kenyan passport (left) has high-tech security features compared to the old one (right). By April 2010 all countries must have new biometric ones. Photo: Nation
Kenya issues new high-tech passports

By amsom Kumba, Sept 12 2009
Have you ever wondered why the Ministry of Immigration takes your photograph besides those you attach to your passport application form? Some applicants think this is meant to make their life difficult, but the Saturday Nation has learnt that the photo is meant to be printed electronically on the bio-data page of your travel documents. The move is part of a wider strategy to enhance the security features of passports. In the past, the picture was only attached to the passport manually, making it easy for criminals to replace and thus steal other people’s identities. More...

Mudavadi, Shitanda, Jirongo cry foul over Ringera hit list

By our correspondents, Sept 11 2009
The ‘big fish’ named in Parliament as under investigation by Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission have dismissed the move as diversionary and a witch-hunt. Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, Ministers Charity Ngilu (Water), Samuel Porghisio (Information), Soita Shitanda (Housing), yesterday told off Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo on the issue. Others who dismissed the list tabled in Parliament on Wednesday, are Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo, KenGen Managing Director Eddy Njoroge and former minister Chris Murungaru. Mr Mudavadi said it was immoral for Mutula to accept to be "misused" to divert public attention on a critical matter that is legal in nature, by politicising it.Mr Shitanda said the matter he was being cited for was resolved in 2004, and said he was shocked Ringera did not seem to know what the Attorney General does. "If this is what Ringera’s work is all about, then he is not fit to hold that office and those calling for his removal are justified," he said. Jirongo said: "These are diversionary tactics by Ringera to avoid what is before hand because I should have been surcharged since 1989 if there was any issue. Why now?" More...

Jomo Kenyatta Mausoleum
Jomo Kenyatta's Mausoleum at Parliament Buildings, Nairobi

Kenyatta's remains to be disturbed

By David Ochami, Sept 11 2009
The fate of President Jomo Kenyatta’s remains at Parliament Buildings will be determined. The Cabinet is set to approve a policy paper prepared by the Culture and National Heritage Ministry. Kenyatta’s remains have been buried in a crypt inside Parliament since his death on August 22, 1978. The nature and cost of his interment and the corpse itself, is one of Kenya’s best kept secrets. The crypt is heavily guarded by military officers. More...

Marende ruling corners Kibaki

By Martin Mutua, Sept 11 2009
Parliament stood its ground that attempts to frustrate debate on President Kibaki’s contentious reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera amounted to usurping its powers. Setting the stage for confrontation with the Executive, Parliament defended its turf, and appeared to lay the ground for adopting a report by House committees, rejecting the reappointment of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission directors and assistant directors. Backbenchers applauded Marende when he delivered a nine-page ruling that the sub judice rule could not stop Parliament from deliberating on Ringera’s reappointment, as the matter had attracted great public interest. More...

Bogus school found in Murang'a

By Boniface Gikandi, Sept 11 2009
Students at a private school in Murang’a were shocked to learn they had not been registered for this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations. Tension was high at Appex Secondary School in Kabati market after candidates also discovered the school was not registered with the Ministry of Education. More...

Kibaki keeps envoys waiting: China’s new ambassador to Kenya, Mr Deng Hongbo, arrived in Kenya on May 11 but it was not until July 7 that he got the chance to present his credentials to President Kibaki. But, going by Kenya’s current drift in handling its diplomatic visitors, Mr Deng was a lucky man, for the list of foreign envoys waiting to get Kibaki’s audience is longer than expected. More...
5,000 Mau settlers won't get a cent

By Peter Leftie, Sept 11 2009
More than 5,000 families will leave the Mau Forest without compensation, according to a new government document. A paper prepared by the interim secretariat coordinating the rehabilitation of the water tower says that only 1,962 people on forest land are sure to get compensation from the government. About 2,500 households that have encroached on protected forest areas of the complex stand no chance of being either resettled or compensated. More...

Jackson Vienna tribute off

By Veronica Schmidt, Sept 11 2009
A lavish Michael Jackson tribute concert organised by the late King of Pop’s brother has been cancelled just two weeks before it was due to take place at a Vienna palace. More...

Political turncoats over Ringera: Now you support him, now you don't
Ex postmaster sues over sacking

By our correspondents, Sept 11 2009
As the controversy over the appointment of former police commissioner Hussein Ali as the postmaster-general rages, his predecessor Fred Odhiambo is headed to the courts to demand compensation for wrongful dismissal. More...

8 Ugandans killed in 'king' riots

By agencies, Sept 11 2009
At least 8 people have been killed in riots in Kampala on Thursday, as Buganda monarchists protested what they say is government mistreatment of their King, Ronald Mutebi. Among the dead is a policeman who was shot in the suburb of Nsambya by rioting youth after they disarmed him. More...

Semenya a hermaphrodite - IAAF

By Fred Brigdland, Sept 11 2009
A furious South African Sports Minister today threatened athletics’ governing body with “world war” should it ban Caster Semenya from international competition in the wake of reports that the 800m world champion is a hermaphrodite. Makhenkesi Stofile accused the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) of leaking gender test results on Semenya to the media. More...

Memorial: 9/11 attack on US

By our correspondents, Sept 11 2009
President Obama spoke at the Pentagon on Friday to those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001, telling them no words would heal their pain yet calling for a renewed resolve against the ones who attacked the country eight years ago. More..

Where is Osama bin Laden?: Eight years after September 11, the "war on terror" has gone the way of the dodo. And President Obama talks instead about a war against al Qaeda and its allies. What, then, of al Qaeda's enigmatic leader, Osama bin Laden, who has vanished like a wisp of smoke? And does he even matter now? More...
Caster SemenyaCaster Semenya
Hermaphrodite?: Caster Semenya turns into a glamour girl (left) and running for gold in 800m in Berlin in August 2009. SA minister threatens war over reports she is a hermaphrodite.
Three radio stations shut for 'fanning' monarchist riots in Kampala

Kampala, Sept 11 2009
Three more radio stations have been taken off air by the broadcasting council citing allegations of inciting people to riot. Suubi FM, Radio Sapientia and Kaboozi ku bbiri now join CBS among the stations closed down by the Broadcasting Council. More...

Tanzanian president starts live Q&A sessions

President Jakaya Kikwete’s debut live media ‘meet-the-people’ has won warm hearts across the united republic, many hailing his willingness to field questions and accept criticism as a landmark departure in Tanzanian public life. More...

Leaking condoms punch holes in fight against HIV

By IRIN, Sept 10 2009
Kenyan AIDS authorities are struggling to restore public confidence in condoms after an alarming news report recently showed locally stocked brands to be defective. KTN, a local TV station, showed the condoms, purchased from vendors in the capital, Nairobi, being tested by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Subjected to an electronic “freedom from holes” test, which involves filling them with water, the condoms sprung leaks. The news is a devastating blow to the fight against Aids and HIV. More...

Kenya leaking condoms
An electronic test by Kenya Bureau of Standards found holes in the condoms.
Female condom fails to pull women

By IRIN, Sept 10 2009
If you haven't seen a female condom lately, you're not alone. More than 15 years after the only female-controlled method to prevent HIV was introduced, it is still largely marginalized and inaccessible. IRIN/PlusNews has compiled a list illustrating female condom distribution in Southern African countries. The government distributed over 370,000 female condoms free of charge in 2008. More...

Female condom
First introduced in 1997 and initially marketed as the "Care Contraceptive Sheath", sales of female condoms rose by almost 60 percent in 2007, according to UNFPA. If there is a female condom success story, it is Zimbabwe, which boasts the highest rate of female condom distribution per capita worldwide.
Fightback: Mudavadi, Shitanda, Jirongo named in Ringera fraud list

By our correspondents, Sept 10 2009
Six Cabinet ministers, an Assistant minister and seven MPs are among those named in a list tabled in the House as the controversy surrounding the reappointment of Aaron Ringera as director of Kenya anti-graft watchdog took a new twist. Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo tabled a sheaf of papers containing names of all prominent people either being investigated by the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission or with corruption related cases pending in court. The documents bearing Wednesday’s date and signed by Justice Ringera could be viewed as an attempt by the embattled judge to clear his name of accusations that he has failed to prosecute the "big fish." Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi heads the list of public figures with pending civil suits, while Water minister Charity Ngilu tops the list of those under investigation. Others who are mentioned in the dossier tabled in parliament are: Ministers Soita Shitanda (Housing), Chris Obure (Public Works), Samuel Poghisio (Information) and William Ruto (Agriculture). More...

Musalia MudavadiSoita ShitandaCyrus Jirongo
Time for revenge: Luhya leaders mentioned in fraud-related cases under investigation by Kenya Anti Corruption Commission include from left: Musalia Mudavadi, MP for Sabatia, deputy PM and minister for Local Government, Soita Shitanda, MP for Malava and minister for housing (false mileage claims) and Cyrus Jirongo, MP for Lugari and leader of Kaddu. Former permanent secretaries under the spotlight include: Rachel Arunga (special programs), Samson Akute (public works) and Rebecca Nabutola (tourism) - already charged.

''...this is just stupid... does this mean that if Ringera was not in all this trouble he could have not removed the list?'' - nomischris

Judge throws out Khalwale's bid to stop Ringera

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Sept 10 2009
The High Court has declined to issue temporary orders stopping Justice Aaron Ringera from assuming office as the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission’s (KACC) director. Justice Muga Apondi said the orders sought by Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale have far-reaching implications that require all parties in the case to ventilate on before any decision is made. Certifying the case as urgent, he said the court would consider the orders sought after the inter partes hearing set for September 15 this year. More...

Western is safe: Western Province has been listed as the third safest as far as crime rate is concerned. Eastern scored first followed by Coast. More...
Muga ApondiBonny Khalwale
Justice Muga Apondi (left) and Dr Bonny Khalwale, Ikolomani MP.
Bewitched thief found sleeping on shop rooftop in Maragoli

By Allan Kisia, Sept 6 2009
Villagers in Vihiga District woke up to a morning shocker when they found a man asleep on a roof of a shop he had allegedly tried to break into. Residents of Chandumba near Chavakali found the man armed with a rope, clippers and a sack. He was deep asleep on the roof, where he is believed to have tried to enter the shop. The shop owner, Mrs Caroline Kavai, told villagers she had sought the services of a witchdoctor to protect her business. The witchdoctor, Mr Simon Nyandila from Kajulu in Kisumu, said he had given the burglars a 21-day ultimatum to return the goods and apologise. "After the period elapsed, I did my work and told my client to wait for the results," added Nyandila. More...

Now Catholics want prayer before sex

By our correspondent, Sept 10 2009
A prominent Catholic group in the UK is encouraging couples to pray together before they have sex. The specially-composed Prayer Before Making Love appears in the Prayer Book for Spouses, published by the Catholic Truth Society, UK newspapers reported this week. The prayer is aimed at reminding couples that sexual intercourse is a selfless act, not driven by hedonism. More...

Uganda to licence fishermen

THE Government is to screen fishermen before licensing them in an attempt to better manage fishing in Ugandan waters. The exercise begins this month, according to the fisheries state minister, Fred Mukisa. It is intended to help identify processing plants and persons engaged in fishing to protect the resource from depletion, he said. More...

Mumias-based cleric defends ex-police boss

By Dennis Lumiti, Sept 10 2009
AN Anglican bishop has defended immediate former Police Commissioner Major General Hussein Ali’s record. Beneah Salalah of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Mumias Diocese asked Kenyans to expect lesser performance from new Commissioner Mathew Iteere.Salalah said Ali had performed well but was held back by “archaic and autocratic systems.” He said President Kibaki had erred by replacing Ali since “not even an angel will change the police force unless we go for institutional reforms”. More...

Civil groups to form shadow people's cabinet

By Dave Opiyo, Sept 9 2009
Civil society groups are in the process of setting up a ‘shadow people’s government’ to act as Kenya’s official opposition. The move, they say, arises from the fact that many Kenyans are frustrated by the way the coalition government is being run. The Kenyans, they add, were therefore seeking an alternative ‘platform from which they could articulate issues affecting them’ with the absence of an official opposition in Parliament. Led by officials from the Kenya for Justice and Development, the groups on Wednesday said citizens had hoped that transparency and accountability would thrive in government, but this was not the case. The man in the frame is Okiya Omtatah Okoita (pictured left). More...

Okiya Omtatah
Okiya Omtatah Okoiti
Shock of 300,000 illegal abortions per year

By Josephat Siror, Sept 9 2009
When a woman is faced with an unwanted pregnancy, she has few options in many parts of the world. In Kenya, terminating the pregnancy may land her in jail or she might die at the hands of backstreet doctors. Statistics show that unsafe abortion is on the rise despite Kenya’s restrictive laws. An estimated 46 million women worldwide take that risk each year by having illegal abortions, and nearly 20 million of these are unsafe. And as many as 300,000 of these take place in Kenya. More...

101 most useful websites: There are tens of millions of sites to visit. Here are the only ones you actually need. More...
Jitters as 200 senior police officers are to be fired

By Cyrus Ombati, Sept 9 2009
An overhaul of the police is inevitable if reforms are to be achieved, a taskforce recommended. Among reforms it proposes is the "comprehensive staff suitability review process for all officers of the rank of ACP/ACAP and above". This means the more than 200 senior officers in AP and regular police may be retired early as part of the reforms aimed at making the force a world-class outfit. Meanwhile it has emerged that the new police commissioner, Mr Mathew Iteere was the head of the presidential escort squad when Lucy Kibaki stormed into a media house at night. He was replaced shortly afterwards. More...

Mathew Iteere
New police commissioner, Mathew Iteere is from Meru. He succeeds Hussein Ali.
Kenya, Sudan solve border dispute

By Lucas Ng'asike, Sept 9 2009
Southern Sudan has agreed to plans by Kenya to build Immigration offices at the Nadapal border point. The agreement was reached after a high-level diplomatic meeting in Lokichoggio on Monday. The talks also helped diffuse tension following recent attacks by suspected Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers and raiders in Kenyan territory. Early this year, Immigration minister, Otieno Kajwang' was denied entry into Kenyan territory by SPLA forces camped into the disputed territory, adds our reporter. More...

Uganda not keen to solve Migingo border dispute

By Kepher Otieno, Sept 9 2009
The much-hyped joint survey on the disputed Migingo Island could be an exercise in futility, after all. It has since emerged the Ugandan team is not keen on returning to complete the exercise. Experts following the exercise yesterday said if the Ugandans fail to return, results already compiled by Kenyans and which show the island is in Kenya might not hold much water. Already, Uganda has rejected a preliminary report, saying it is not conclusive. There is a dispute over which of the two is Pyramid Island. More...

Kakamega villagers kill python, remove dead calf

By our correspondent, Sept 9 2009
A 10-foot long python was Wednesday killed by villagers after it swallowed a calf grazing in a forest in Kakamega Central District. During the incident, the Mahiakalo village residents opened up the snake’s guts and removed the dead calf. Kenya Wildlife Service deputy warden Zipporah Mideva said pythons were common in that area and warned villagers against grazing their animals in the forest. Pythons kill by constricting its victims and then swallowing it slowly. Experts say they can swallow an animal four times their size. Kakamega Forest, a major tourist attraction, is home to rare species of snakes and birds. More...

kakamega python
Python kills by constricting its victim then swallows it whole.
Luo journalist circumcised after writing about the subject

By our correspondent, Sept 9 2009
After writing an article on how male circumcision could reduce the spread of HIV, journalist Erick Otieno was so inspired he decided to go for it himself. Otieno, 29, is one of the photojournalists featured in The Kindest Cut, a book and photo exhibition sponsored by Internews Kenya. The project involved six print journalists who were given cameras and sent to Nyanza Province to report on voluntary male circumcision. More...

50 things being killed by internet: Below we have compiled - in no particular order - 50 things that are in the process of being killed off by the web, from products and business models to life experiences and habits. More...
Khalwale, Omtatah move to court to block Ringera

By Sam Kiplagat, Sept 8 2009
Ikolomani MP Boni Khalwale has filed a suit under the certificate of urgency seeking to have Justice Aaron Ringera's re-appointment as head of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission revoked. Dr Khalwale has enjoined the Advisory Board in the suit. According to Dr Khalwale, the reappointment of Justice Ringera and two deputies Fatuma Sichale and Smokin Wanjala was done without Parliaments' approval. Similarly, civil rights activists led by Okiya Omtatah Okoiti have filed another suit to bar Ringera from KACC. Through lawyer Kibe Mungai, the Nairobi Law Society and 16 activists led by Mr Okiya Omtatah want the court to temporarily stop Justice Ringera from assuming office until the case has been heard and determined. More...

Justus Mugali Kizito
Newly elected MP for Shinyalu, Mr Justus Kizito Mugali with World Vision’s Muthoni Ngugi when he visited their offices on Monday. Mr Kizito is a beneficiary of the institution’s education programme. Photos: PETERSON GITHAIGA
Train journey from Mombasa to Malaba in 3 hours - coming soon!

By Justus Ondari, Sept 8 2009
The prospect of this dream becoming a reality in Kenya grew on Monday when Kenya Railways Corporation advertised a tender for a standard gauge line to run from Mombasa to Malaba. Such a line would shorten the train journey from Nairobi to Mombasa from 10 to only three hours. Prospective transaction advisers and design consultants have until January 15, 2010 to forward their bids. More...

Profile: Justus Kizito: Shinyalu MP

Age: 39: Education: Chilobani Primary School, Ileho Division in Shinyalu; Mukumu Boys, St Peter's Mumias, Egerton & Kenyatta University: Taught at Olkejuado & Matasia sec. schools and Eregi TTC & Baraton University. More...

New police boss named

By our correspondent, Sept 8 2009
President Mwai Kibaki has appointed Mr Mathew Iteere as the new Police Commissioner. Before this appointment, Mr. Iteere was serving as the Commandant of the General Service Unit in the Police Force. Major General Hussein Ali has been moved to the Postal Corporation of Kenya as its Chief Executive Officer/ Post Master General. Ali's former deputy Mr Lawrence Mwandime is the new Senior Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock Development. UN Rapporteur, Philip Alston called for Ali's sacking as a result of extra-judicial killings by police. More...

Major General Hussein AliMathew Iteere
Major General Hussein Ali has been replaced as Commissioner of Police by Mathew Iteere of GSU. His new job is Post Master General.
Ringera fights back, takes a direct hit at Amos Wako

By Maina Muiruri, Sept 8 2009
Embattled Justice Aaron Ringera has broken his silence and declared he is a clean man. Yesterday, Justice Ringera, who had maintained his cool as he was roundly bashed in and outside Parliament, gave an outline of his record. In a claim that could set him on a collision course with Attorney-General Amos Wako, Ringera released details to show KACC was up to date in handing over cases for investigation, but not all ended up in court including four ministers. More...

Presumed dead, woman returns after 50 years

By Victor Mukele, Sept 8 2009
Relatives of a Baringo Central woman, who disappeared 50 years ago, were shocked and excited to learn she was alive and well. For half a century, when her relatives presumed her dead, Teriki Tamurei lived about 200km from her ancestral home, where most of her relatives live. After giving up on her, following information she was dead, her family performed traditional rites for such lost people and forgot about her. They were besides themselves with excitement at the weekend as she returned to a reception organised by her whole clan. She had disappeared as a 14-year-old girl to return a 64-year-old with grown up children. More...

Tamurei Teriki
Return of the Native: Sarah Chebon (left) performs a ritual to welcome her cousin Tamurei Teriki who disappeared 50 years ago from a Baringo central village. Presumed dead, the 64 year old returned to a shocked village like a phantom. Photo: Boniface Thuku
Sudanese woman spared 40 lashes, fined, jailed then released

By Reuters, Sept 8 2009
A Sudanese woman jailed for wearing trousers deemed indecent in a landmark court case was freed on Tuesday after the country's journalist union paid a $209 fine on her behalf, the head of the media body said. Lubna Hussein was convicted on indecency charges on Monday in a case that has attracted a worldwide outcry, and was ordered to pay a fine or face a month in jail, but was spared a penalty of 40 lashes. More...

New bill seeks to scrap Ringera's body

By David Ohito, Sept 8 2009
Parliament will today not only seek to revoke the re-appointment of Justice Aaron Ringera, it could also see the introduction of a draft Bill that seeks to abolish the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC). More...

Lubna al Hussein
Lubna al Hussein: A symbol of resistance against strict Muslim laws in Sudan
Muite, Lucy Kibaki draw daggers

By Casper Waithaka and our reporter, Sept 7 2009
A group of more than fifty people stormed former Kabete MP Paul Muite's home in Karen on Monday morning and tried to evict him for the second time. He claimed the order was sanctioned by State House, coming a day after he lashed out at the president over the irregular creation of new districts and re-appointment of Aaron Ringera as director of the Kenya Anti-corruption commission. The First Lady, Lucy Kibaki in a statement sent to media houses vehemently denied she was involved in the eviction. In March this year, the First Family gave Muite one week to withdraw remarks to the effect that the raid on the Standard Media in 2006 was to forestall a damaging story on Lucy Kibaki. Furious Muite dared the family to sue but nothing has been heard again until now. More...

Lucy KibakiPaul Muite
Daggers are out again between perpetual combatants Lucy Kibaki (representing the First Family) and maverick lawyer and former Kabete legislator, Paul Muite. Muite claims State House sent thugs to evict him.
Six criminal suspects arrested in Kitale

By our correspondent, Sept 6 2009
Detectives in Kitale have arrested six suspected criminals – four Kenyans and two Ugandans – in connection with a spate of robberies that have rocked the town in the past week. The suspects were found in possession of electronics, a toy pistol, Administration Police uniforms and a military beret. The detectives raided the suspects’ hideout at a hotel in the outskirts of the town. More...

Rachel Shebesh
Bereaved: Nominated ODM MP Rachel Shebesh from Khwisero

Tea workers turn school into a sex factory

By our correspondents, Sept 6 2009
In one school in Kericho, it is a miracle for a female student to sit for KCPE exams. Tea workers from a nearby estate have turned Marinyn Secondary school into a sex factory. More...

Rachel Shebesh is bereaved

By our reporter, Sept 5 2009
Nominated MP, Rachel Shebesh is bereaved. Ms Shebesh lost her father, James Ambundo last week. Among the mourners in Khwisero was Prime Minister, Raila Odinga and a galaxy of ODM dignitaries.

NSSF asks pensioners to collect Sh200bn

By Macharia Kamau, Sept 6 2009
To reduce the backlog of unclaimed assets it is holding, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has called on pensioners yet to collect their retirement benefits to do so. The Fund becomes one of the few institutions holding enormous amounts in unclaimed assets to make such a move. Though NSSF did not declare the monitory value of the unclaimed assets it is holding, the Fund asked its members listed in a three-page paid advertisement to collect their retirement benefit cheques. More...

Sh60m Migingo survey cash unspent

By Kepher Otieno, Sept 6 2009
The Government has so far spent only Sh10 million to re-draw the boundaries of the disputed one-acre Migingo Island, The Standard has learnt. The joint boundary review exercise was earmarked to cost Sh140 million. Kenya and Uganda authorities were to contribute Sh70 million each to undertake the exercise. More...

Banned killer Ugandan waragi still on sale in Western Kenya
Ugandan waragi
Ugandan Waragi: Banned in Uganda but still on sale in Busia, Kitale, Webuye, Kakamega etc.

By Osinde Obare, Sept 6 2009
A Ugandan drink that has reportedly killed 20 people in a week is a favourite among many in Western and North Rift. The gin, known locally as waragi, is still being sold in Teso, Busia, Bungoma, Kitale, Webuye and Kakamega towns, despite being banned by Uganda National Bureau of Standards. Bottled waragi by licensed distillers is still legal in Uganda. Last week, Uganda’s Ministry of Health confirmed 19 deaths due to complications after consuming waragi packed in sachets. More...

George Khaniri
Bereaved: George Khaniri

Khaniri bereaved

Hamisi MP, George Munyasa Khaniri is bereaved. Mr Khaniri lost his grandmother, Mama Salome Adira last week. She was laid to rest yesterday in Hamisi, Tiriki.

Pirates land in Nairobi

By agencies, Sept 6 2009
An aircraft carrying 37 pirates was on Sunday still being held at a Nairobi airport under heavy guard as high-level negotiations continued. More...

Shock as 210 districts are declared illegal

By Robert Nyasato, Sept 5 2009
The frenzy of creating new districts by the Executive suffered a deadly blow yesterday, when the High Court ruled that they were done in complete disregard of the law. A whopping 210 of the total 256 districts in the country were declared illegal, revealing the extent to which the all-powerful presidency has flouted the law. Yesterday, Justice Daniel Musinga said the districts created in the last 17 years were in flagrant disregard of the law, leaving only 46 districts as legally constituted. More...

Mau salvation begins

By Peter Opiyo, Sept 5 2009
The journey to save the Mau complex, Kenya’s largest water tower, has started. Prime Minister Raila Odinga has launched an interim secretariat that would co-ordinate the implementation of a multi-stakeholder task force’s recommendations. The secretariat is headed by former Rift Valley PC Hassan Noor Hassan. More...

G20 in London: G20 proposes tough action on bankers. More...
Kenya Districts List
If your district is not listed, it is probably because it is illegal. Moi created 20 districts in 24 years but Kibaki went on the rampage creating a whooping 190 districts in 6 years. Blimey!
Wetangula tells off ministers over envoy bashing

By our correspondent, Sept 5 2009
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula now wants fellow Cabinet colleagues to go slow on their criticism of envoys in the country. He said he should be the only minister to respond to matters raised by envoys that may border on conflict of interest. More...

Major breakthrough in HIV vaccine

By Mark Henderson, Sept 5 2009
The search for an HIV vaccine has taken a major step forward with the discovery of a potential Achilles heel of the virus that causes Aids. Two powerful antibodies that attack a vulnerable spot common to many strains of HIV have been identified, improving the prospects for a vaccine against a virus that affects an estimated 33 million people and kills over 2 million each year. More...

Okongo Omogeni
KACC Advisory Board chairman, Okong'o O'Mogeni (left) hosted Justice Aaron Ringera to lunch at his rural home in Kisii last month.

O'Mogeni under spotlight

By our correspondents, Sept 5 2009
New concerns have emerged over the relationship between the anti-graft czar and the Advisory Board, further fuelling the controversy on Justice Aaron Ringera’s re-appointment. More...

Why Kibaki rushed to appoint Ringera: Meanwhile, Impeccable sources at both State House and Integrity Centre, where retired Justice Ringera sits as the head of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC), revealed that the Head of State moved with haste after it became evident that the advisory board was bent on having a fresh face at the helm of the war against corruption. More...
Otunga's journey to sainthood begins

By our correspondents, Sept 5 2009
This year marks the sixth anniversary of the passing on of Cardinal Maurice Otunga, Kenya’s premier prince of the Church and Emeritus Archbishop of Nairobi. Two years after his death, his remains were re-buried at the Resurrection Garden in Karen, something that caused quite a controversy. Some faithful in the See of Nairobi and sections of Kenyan society questioned the appropriateness of the prelate’s second burial, arguing that it was disrespectful and counter to African burial traditions. To date nearly 80,000 visitors to Otunga’s tomb at the Resurrection Garden have signed their names in the memorial books. He was born January 31 1923 at Chebukwa, Bungoma and died on September 6 2003. Today marks is a key milestone because Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi, will officially announce the name of the postulator for Cardinal Otunga’s cause for sainthood. More...

Cardinal Maurice Otunga
The Cardinal Maurice Otunga. His Cause for Canonization will begin today six years after his death.
Remember him?: Pastor Dennis White returns to Valley Road

By Erick Wamanji, Sept 5 2009
There are two things mankind abhors - palling around with the devil and corruption. Yet, devil worshipping and being branded among the 10 most corrupt people in Kenya were the accusations levelled against Denis White, the former prelate at Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC), Valley Road. This was in the 1990s, when White was at the apex of his ministry. Then, anything glitzy easily attracted a stabbing finger of association with devil. NPC attracted the cream of the middle-class and ruling elite including former president, Daniel arap Moi. Pastor white who now ministers at Toronto Islington Evangelical Centre was back for the Gold Jubilee of the Nairobi Pentecostal Church anniversary.

Pastor Dennis White
Nostalgic: Pastor Dennis White with the faithful at Nairobi Pentecostal Church Valley Road
Jua Cali in kakamega
Don't miss a rare chance to see Jua Cali in Kakamega on Saturday, Sept 18 2009 at Westlife Club. All for charity.
Jua Cali to rock Kakamega

By our reporter, Sept 4 2009
The King of Genge, Jua Cali is coming ingo. After a scuccessfu show at Carnivore on August 22, the Kakamega show will be held on Saturday, September 18 at Westlife Club from 8pm. Entrance fee is a bargain at Sh200. The two events are the brainchild of Germany based Phillis Gruesges and are in aid of Jiikaze Women's Trust.

Jiikaze Women's Trust was formed in 2007 in Vihiga District as a community based organization which engages in socio-economic activities to improve the living standards of its members. It is based in Shaviringa village in Tiriki East, Hamisi District. Membership is mainly drawn from women and youth within Vihiga District and also experts and volunteers in Nairobi, and Germany. For more information, contact JIIKAZE WOMEN’S TRUST on TEL: +254 723 290066 | +254 710 6037097 or Email: jiikaze@gmail.com

Mudavadi orders all 175 councils to open websites

By Dennis Lumiti, Sept 4 2009
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government Musalia Mudavadi yesterday ordered all the 175 local authorities in the country to install computers in their premises.Mudavadi also told the mayors, council chairpersons and chief officers to immediately open their local authorities’ websites and post all information on them for easy access by the public.He further directed councillors and chief officers to acquire basic computer skills so that they can be able to use the facilities and browse the internet. More...

Bongo succeeds Bongo: The son of former Gabonese president, Omar Bongo, Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba won controversial elections to succeed his father who died in May after 41 years in power. More...
Steve Tikolo
Bowling to international fame: Former Kenya cricket captain, Steve Tikolo nominated for top ICC award.
Tikolo nominated for top world cricket award

By our correspondent, Sept 4 2009
Former Kenya captain Steve Tikolo has been nominated for the International Cricket Council (ICC) Associate and Affiliate Player of the Year award.It is the second nomination Tikolo has received in the last couple of years after being shortlisted for the same award a couple of years ago that was won by his countryman Thomas Odoyo. Tikolo retired as national captain earlier this year after leading his country to qualification for its sixth straight world cup in 2011. More...

Michael buried: Michael Jackson was finally buried yesterday since he died 70 days ago. More..
Traders flock to Malaba for cheap Uganda maize

By Anderson Ojwang, Sept 4 2009
With expected low harvest and rising cost of maize, Kenyan traders are opting for cheap maize from Uganda and recording high profits. A survey on the Kenya-Uganda borders of Suam, Lwakhakha and Malaba showed lucrative business in progress. In Uganda, a two-kilogram of maize flour goes for between Sh32 and Sh42 while in Kenya, it's more than double at between Sh70 and Sh90. Traders go deeper into Uganda for even cheaper prices. More...

Bukusu circumcision
Bukusu circumcision candidate ready to undergo the cut.
Bid to get all Kenyans circumcised at birth

By Wanjiru Macharia, Sept 4 2009
Boys could soon be circumcised immediately after birth as part of the fight against Aids. The National Aids Control Programme director, Dr Nicholas Muraguri, on Thursday said the organisation hopes to achieve 100 per cent male circumcision. The move follows scientific research that showed that circumcision reduces men’s risk of contracting HIV by about 60 per cent. Currently 84% of Kenyan males are circumcised and campaign has been launched to encourage non circumcising communities. More...

Kenya's only man made river dries up

By Joe Ombuor, Sept 4 2009
As the Government dithers and waffles over the fate of the besieged water towers, one of the country’s landmarks - the 26km Yatta furrow has run dry. More shocking is that Thika River from which the furrow, built with Mau Mau labour in 1955 draws its water is down to a trickle. Residents say they have never seen such a spectacle before. Yatta residents who rely on the furrow are a worried lot. More...

US sanctions over Ringera furore

The US Government will from next week impose sanctions on individuals frustrating the reform agenda, US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger has warned. The envoy said the Barack Obama Administration gave a statement on the controversial reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera as director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and wants it re-examined. More...

Orengo, Nyong'o accuse Mutula, Murungi of sycophancy

By our correspondents, Sept 4 2009
The Ringera debate has turned personal. Lands Minister James Orengo and Medical Services counterpart Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o accused Mutula, Murungi and Saitoti of blind loyalty to President Kibaki. Nyong’o said Kibaki had misread public sentiment about Ringera. Said Nyong’o: "I want to tell His Excellency the President to think for a moment that he could be wrong." And Orengo said Ruto’s motion has merit and accused Murungi of betraying his reformist past by opposing it. He said Murungi was blindly beholden to Kibaki. "During the Moi regime he used to talk about an imperial president," Orengo told the House. More...

Eliud Wabukala
Archbishop Eliud Wabukala: Weak laws to blame for failure against corruption crusade. Photo: Chris Ojow
Wabukala supports Ringera, blames weak laws

By Stephen Makabila, Sept 4 2009
Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Eliud Wabukala has downplayed the outrage over re-appointment of Justice Aaron Ringera as Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) director. The prelate said what was important to put in place effective legal structures that would enable KACC fight deep-rooted corruption and live up to expectation. Meanwhile the archbishop was formally enthroned at an elaborate ceremony at All Sainst Cathedral on Sunday. More...

Joint border police operation nets 26 suspects in Busia

By Ouma Wanzala, Sept 3 2009
A joint operation by Kenya and Uganda security forces at the border town of Busia Thursday morning saw the arrest of 26 suspects. Busia police boss Micheni Muthamia said that the suspects had taken the no man’s land at Marachi as a field to carry out criminal activities. More...

Roads for sale in Uganda: Forget land grabbing. In Uganda, they steal roads. Parliament has summoned the Town Hall officials to explain allegations that they sold off a 50 meter stretch of road in Kampala at Ushs210 million. More...
Outrage as Sh300m camera fails to catch thieves at police headquarters

By Fred Mukinda, Sept 3 2009
The nerve-centre of the fight against crime in Kenya has been hit by a wave of thefts that could add up to Sh800 million. An investigation at Police Headquarters, Vigilance House, into the theft of Aids drugs worth millions that disappeared from heavily guarded stores exposed a series of other crimes.

One fraud was discovered because the system of surveillance camera meant to deter and detect crime within and around the fortress-like building itself never worked, despite being procured at a massive Sh300 million. Detectives probing the theft of the Aids drugs gathered to inspect Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage, only to be shocked that there were no images. More...

Three cabinet ministers break away over Ringera

By our correspondents, Sept 3 2009
Three Cabinet ministers and two assistant ministers defied the spirit of collective responsibility and voted against the motion of adjournment to protest against president Kibaki's reappointment of Aaron Ringera to another five year term as head of the anti corruption agency. The government lost the motion and MPs are now planning to sniff the life of Ringera by denying him the financial lifeline. More...

US protests Ringera's re-appointment: The US has termed as deeply troubling the reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera as Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission given his poor performance over the last five years. More...
Okiya Omtatah
Civil rights activist, Okiya Omtatah being ejected from Panafric Hotel where he had confronted controversial KACC chairman, Justice Aaron Ringera during a lunch meeting.

Okiya Omtatah hounds Ringera out of hotel

By INGONEWS reporter, Sept 3 2009
Justice Aaron Ringera whose reappointment as the head of the anti corruption agency, KACC has caused a political tsunami, is a hounded man. He can run but sadly finds that there are very few places left in Kenya to hide. The anger of the nation is encapsulated in the act of one man, known for his extreme means of protest the most defining of which was when he chained himself at the police headquarters to protest against the shooting of protesters in Kisumu by police during last years's disputed elections. His name, just in case you had forgotten is Okiya Omtatah, the playwright and civil society activist. Forget Kenya 'hakuna matata'. When you see Omtatah, you know there is matata. When some KACC advisory board members went to Panafric Hotel for a meal with the discredited anti-corruption chairman, civil society members led by Mr Omtatah confronted Ringera, causing a scene and forcing him to leave prematurely. More...

Okiya Omtatah
In chains: Okiya Omtatah chained himself at Vigilance House in Jan 08 to protest against shooting of youth in Kisumu.
Addison Chebukaka
IN: Addison Chebukaka. Pichavision
Muchemi recalled from London, Chebukaka takes over

By our correspondent, Sept 3 2009
Kenya’s High Commissioner to London has been recalled. Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Thuita Mwangi on Wednesday said Mr Joseph Muchemi had completed his tour of duty. The Charge de Affaires at the High Commission, Mr Addison Chebukaka, is acting as the High Commissioner. The vacancy was discovered when a list of envoys was distributed to private sector stakeholders in a meeting with the PS on Wednesday. Mr Mwangi said a new appointment would be made but could not say when. Mr Muchemi has been in London for the last seven years. More...

Kenyan dies in California after juvenile attack: A Kenyan working in the US has died from injuries he suffered after allegedly being attacked by two teenagers under his care. George Onyango, 43, a widower and father of two, died at the Loma Linda Hospital last Saturday from head injuries sustained during an attack at a juvenile home a week earlier. He was to graduate with a Masters degree in law in three months. More...
Joseph Muchemi
OUT: Joseph Muchemi
Raila, Ruto bury the hatchet - for now

By our correspondents, Sept 2 2009
Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Cabinet minister William Ruto on Tuesday dropped their hardline positions on the Mau evictions and sought to unite ODM members of Parliament. After four hours of cautious talk, punctuated by some sharp tongue-lashing, the MPs to emerged from the meeting declaring that their differences had been resolved. Sources at Tuesday’s meeting said Mr Odinga opened the talks on a conciliatory note, appealing for unity. More...

Wireless electricity coming: Electronics such as phones and laptops may start shedding their power cords within a year. More...
Monkey as a pet
Man's best friend: Traditional man's best friend used to be a dog. No more. At least for this man, he finds meaningful friendship with monkeys.
Border tension as Sudan claims Ugandan territory

By Warom Okello, Sept 2 2009 Sudanese People’s Liberation Army soldiers, yesterday afternoon attacked Ugandan farmers in Lefori Sub-county, Moyo District, claiming the land belongs to Sudan. Seven heavily-armed SPLA soldiers ordered the farmers in Gwere Parish in Lefori to uproot their crops and leave the area which they said belonged to them, witnesses said. More...

Jiggers invade Murang'a: Jiggers have ravaged a Murang'a village for long. They are even the subjects of local folklore, where it is told how they ate up the toes and fingers of lazy people in the community. More...
Taxi drivers' ritual killings

By our correspondent, Sept 2 2009
Four Nairobi taxi drivers have been killed and their mutilated bodies dumped on the roadside in the past few days. And on Tuesday city taxi drivers staged a protest against the macabre killings, saying that 13 of their colleagues have been murdered in similar style in the past fortnight. The most recent killings involved three drivers. The body of one of them was found in Kibera on Sunday night. More...

Race row as white S African is granted refugee status in Canada

By our correspondent, Sept 2 2009
South Africa's ruling African National Congress has condemned as "racist" a decision by Canada to grant a white South African man refugee status. Brandon Huntley, 31, had told officials in Canada he could not return to South Africa after seven different attacks. More...

Workers clash with Panpaper receivers over wages, dues

By Joel Okwayo, Sept 2 2009
A row has erupted between former workers and receiver managers of the collapsed Webuye Pan-paper mills over terminal benefits and salary arrears. More than 2,000 workers, who turned up to be paid 70 per cent of their March salaries, refused to take the pay. They insisted the management explains how they would be paid the retirement benefits and other arrears. Led by the union branch chairman John Onguto and secretary-general James Ngosire, the workers said they would not take March salaries alone until other packages are included. The company went under receivership due to financial constraints early this year but the government's pledge to revive it seems to have come a cropper. More...

Pan African Paper Mills in Webuye
The collapsed Pan African Paper Mills in Webuye. The paper manufacturing plant went into receivership early last year due to cash flow constraints. Since its collapse Webuye Town has degenerated into a ghost town ruled by thugs and vandals.
Daniel arap Moi
Happy birthday Mr President

Former president Daniel arap Moi is 85 today. Mr Moi was born on September 2, 1924. He will observe the day quietly at his Kabarak home.

Meru elders ban female cut

By Patrick Muriungi, Sept 2 2009
Thirty-seven communities still practice female genital mutilation (FGM) ten years after the Government banned the rite. Gender, Children and Social Development Minister Esther Murugi said the practice was most prevalent among the Maasai where 93 per cent of women undergo the cut. She was speaking at Kinoru in Meru during a public declaration of abandonment of the practice by the Njuri Ncheke (Meru council of elders) at the weekend. Ms Murugi said about 60 per cent of Meru region women undergo the rite of passage compared to 30 per cent of, mostly young girls, in Central Province. Njuri Ncheke Organising Secretary Phares Rutere said FGM was banned in 1956 at their Nchiru Shrine but was still being conducted secretly. More...

James Mwamu
James Mwamu Vice Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya (left) with Council Member Evans Monari and Lillian Omondi during a press conference at LSK offices Nairobi on Tuesday. Meanwhile, some MPs have promised to gang up and sniff the life of Ringera by refusing to pass appropriations bills in parliament. Photo: William Oeri
Fire snowballs around Ringera's re-appointment to KACC

By Lucianne Limo, Sept 2 2009
The Law Society of Kenya has threatened to move to court to quash the reappointment of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Director Aaron Ringera and his two deputies. LSK, whose mandate includes advising the Government on issues of the law, said it would appoint a counsel to seek legal interpretation of the President’s powers under the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act on the appointments. Meanwhile, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Advisory Board has challenged President Kibaki’s reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera as the director of the anti-graft agency, and vowed to go ahead with its own meeting scheduled for Wednesday to discuss the position. Others to cry foul include Transparency International. More...

Sugar war breaks out between brokers and factories in Western

By our correspondents, Set 1 2009
War over control of sugar fields is brewing in the Western Province sugarcane belt between factories and brokers who have moved in to reap where they did not sow. The brokers, dubbed, 'helicopter harvesters', wait until farmers, who are funded by agricultural loans guaranteed by sugar factories, have farmed the cane then buy it out just before the factory harvest. The Provincial Administration in the western sugar belt has stepped in to deter farmers from selling cane to brokers. But interviews with farmers who have dealt with the brokers indicate the practice may yet go on. More...

Mumias cane harvesting
Harvesting cane in Mumias. Brokers have invaded the market at the expense of sugar factories.
Four fined in Shinyalu for committing electoral fraud

By Roselyne Obala, Sept 1 2009
Four people have been fined Sh10,000 each for election malpractice in last week’s by-election in Shinyalu constituency. Another four suspects were released on bond, by a Kakamega court, pending investigation. Those charged, Patrick Andove, Julius Matekwa, Michael Wafula and Evans Ambeyi, were arrested for registering more than once as voters. Electoral commissioner Ken Nyaundi said they had identified 19 cases of double registration in Shinyalu. More...

Threat to close unhealthy hospital

By George Olwenya, Sept 1 2009
Madiany District Hospital, which serves more than 100,000 people in Rarieda District, is in a pathetic state, public health officers have said. In-patients sleep on the floor and only cover themselves with torn, bloodstained bed sheets due to an acute shortage of linen. Inspection officials have threatened to close the facility within the next 28 days if it does not improve the situation. More...

Aaron Ringera
Man under siege: Media packs baying for the blood of Justice Aaron Ringera who has been re-appointed chairman of KACC by Kibaki.

Outrage greets Ringera's reappointment

By Dave Opiyo, Sept 1 2009
Outrage greeted the re-appointment of Mr Justice Aaron Ringera as the chief executive of the top anti-corruption agency. Lawyers argued that President Kibaki had erred in re-appointing Mr Justice Ringera, at a time when his public ratings had gone down for unsatisfactory performance. President Kibaki also renewed the contracts of Ms Fatuma Sichale and Mr Smokin Wanjala. Ms Sichale will continue serving as the assistant director, legal service, while Mr Wanjala remains the assistant director, preventive services. The KACC Advisory Board whose mandate it is to approve such appointments was bypassed by Kibaki. More...

Smokin Wanjala
Smokin Wanjala: re-appointed to KACC

Wanjala re-appointed

Also re-appointed alongside Justice Aaron Ringera is his deputy director, Smokin Wanjala from Busia District and Ms Fauma Sichale also deputy director. Mr Wanjala is deputy in charge of preventive department while Ms Sichale is in charge of legal affairs. The re-appointment of ringera has caused outrage across the land. Yesterday, Gladwell Otieno, the director of Africa Centre for Open Governance urged Parliament to snuff the life of KACC. More...

Livondo wants senior police officer punished for harassing PNU agents

By our correspondents, Sept 1 2009
PNU activist Stanley Livondo claimed that police were used to frustrate the PNU campaign team in Shinyalu and intimidate its supporters to not go to vote. “We have established that the police had instructions from a senior government official to arrest our party agents to scare away our supporters, and that gave our opponents an advantage in our strongholds,” he said. He claimed that a senior ODM official had issued instructions to police to harass PNU agents and supporters at polling stations. Mr Livondo said his party was seeking to have a senior police officer punished over the alleged harassment and arrest of party agents. More...

Kimunya, Makwere face fraud probe

By Peter Leftie, Sept 1 2009
Two Cabinet ministers may find themselves on the receiving end of investigators if recommendations by a parliamentary committee are implemented. Trade minister Amos Kimunya and his Transport counterpart Chirau Ali Mwakwere are among officials whose roles in the concessioning of the Kenya Railways Corporation have raised more questions than answers, and who face an investigation by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission. This is the second time unlucky for Mr Kimunya. He was probed by another parliamentary committee over the controversial sale of the Grand Regency Hotel (renamed Laico Regency. More...