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madete, bulimo and shiundu
Ambassador Bruce Madete (right), the chief of protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with from left, Juvenal Shiundu, Jacqueline Bulimo, Sasha Bulimo and Lynda Bulimo at the Hilton, Park Lane, London. Amb. Madete was transiting from New York where he had accompanied President Mwai Kibaki at the 63rd UN General Assembly.
waswa wanjala
Military Justice: Senior private Martin Waswa Wanjala (centre) is escorted to a court martial at Lang’ata Barracks on Monday where he was charged with escape from custody. Photos/PHOEBE OKALL - Nation Media

Illegal cemeteries thrive in Kisumu

By Mangoa Mosota, Sept 30 2008
A new business is thriving in Kisumu. Grave merchants are taking advantage of grieving families through illegal cemeteries. The dealers charge according to the size of the body to be buried and prohibit attendance by many mourners. Even as negotiations are made, people are required to speak in low tones. More>>>

Govt can't pay, won't pay

By Elizabeth Mwai, Sept 30 2008
About 3,000 workers risk losing their jobs if the Government fails to clear a Sh1.6 billion debt it owes pharmaceutical companies. Seven months ago, the Government, through the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa), received drugs on credit from more than 20 pharmaceutical companies. The companies claim interest accrued from the loaned drugs stands at Sh245 million. More>>>

Happy Eid

The editor wishes all our muslim readers Happy Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak is celebrated in the muslim world following the end of the Holy month of Ramadham during which muslims observe a fast.

gladys were
Nakhulo visits UK:
Gladys Were Nakhulo from Rugunga in Bunyala was spotted in London recently. She is based in Nairobi where she works as an agricultural officer. She is the younger sister to Alice Were Thompson, the Budalang'i parliamentary aspirant during last year's elections. Ms Nakhulo was in the UK to attend a wedding of Mrs Thompson's adopted daughter, Mrs Judy Sullivan in Oxford early this September.

Whistleblower given top job

By our correspondent, Sept 30 2008
The whistleblower during the disputed presidentail elections last December who fled the country but recently returned, has been given a job as head of Prime Minister's parliamentary staff. Mr Kipkemoi arap Kirui, the man who alleged massive rigging of the presidential vote last December at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi was appointed parliamentary secretary to the PM head of that department. The Standard has established that a five-member technical committee has been appointed and seconded to the PM’s office in Parliament. Meanwhile, the search continues of PM's offical spokesman after Salim Lone resigned to join his family in New York. Ms Florence Mugendi, a civil servant, has been the acting spokesperson. She initially worked with the PM between 2003-2005 when Raila was Roads Minister. More>>>

Atwoli clashes with PS

By Beauttah Omanga, Sept 30 2008
Information Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo and Central Organisation of Trade Unions Secretary General Francis Atwoli have differed over role of foreign investment in the communication sector with Atwoli urging more local control and Ndemo giving a free hand. More>>>

Mudavadi (right) with Raila Odinga standing shoulder to shoulder in traditional regalia
Tessie Mudavadi: I am a traditionalist; see I can still carry the shimwelo despite my position.
The politicians and their wives: From left Ida Odinga, Raila, Mudavadi and Tessie
Mudavadi addressing crowds at Mbala before proceeding to Muliro Gardens, Kakamega.

Wekesa humiliated at Mudavadi bash

By our correspondents, Sept 29 2008
Orange leaders electrified Western Province as they arrived as a team for the first time as members of the Government. As Prime Minister Raila Odinga put it, their last visit, in the thick of post-election violence, it was with a heavy heart when they went to wards to console those police shot. But it was not a joyous day for everyone despite the song and dance.

A hostile crowd humiliated Wildlife and Forestry Minister Noah Wekesa as he tried to address the rally. When he was invited to speak by Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya, the crowd started shouted, ‘Mwizi! Mwizi!’ (Thief! Thief!). More>>>

Man alone: Dr Noah Wekesa, PNU pointsman in Western striking a lonely pose after crowds shouted him down yesterday. Cyrus Jirongo, Soita Shitanda and Simiyu Eseli were dubbed traitors to Luhya unity.

Varsity unveils Cardinal Otunga scholarship

By Martin Mutua, Sept 29 2008
Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) is seeking funds to assist needy students under a scholarship scheme dedicated to former archbishop Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga. In this regard, there will be a Cardinal Otunga Scholarship (COS) fundraising dinner on Wednesday evening at the Panafric Hotel.

Cardinal Otunga died in 2003 and the Catholic Church in Kenya has signaled intention to open the cause for his beatification. His tomb at the Resurrection Garden retreat centre continues to draw thousands of Kenyans touched by his famed humility, steadfastness in the faith and statesmanship. More>>>

Spanish armada to the rescue of the British

By our correspondent, Sept 29 2008
The Government officially nationalised the bulk of Bradford & Bingley this morning, seizing £50 billion of assets and bankrolling the deposit protection lifeboat to ensure the ordinary 2.6 million depositors will not lose out. Banco Santander, the Spanish bank that owns Abbey National, has bought the £20 billion deposit business and the network of 200 branches. More

$700bn breakthrough: The breakthrough on Capitol Hill that delivered a tentative deal on the $700 billion rescue plan for the US economy came just after midnight, following hours of tense negotiations, shouting matches, phone calls to President Bush, and even an emergency delivery of pizza and burgers. More>>>

Love the dead, hate the living

By our correspondent, Sept 29 2008
Kenyans are throwing Sh7 billion into a bottomless pit every year in elaborate and lavish burial ceremonies, The Standard can reveal today. This is more than twice the Government’s annual allocation for the ministries of Gender and Children Development and Youth Affairs and Sports, whose current total budget is Sh3.6 billion. Whether spurred by guilt, superstition or the compunction to offer a proper send-off to the loved ones, they spare no effort in an exercise that all too often leaves little for the survivors. Sociologists and anthropologists at the nation’s leading institutions, who have been researching on the topic, are puzzled by Kenyans’ spending ways in their quest to care for the dead.Part of the huge costs involves long-distance travel to the final resting place in their home districts. More>>>

Lavish burial ceremonies cost Sh7bn a year

Cut won't prevent HIV, Luos warned

By Peter Atsiaya, Sept 29 2008
Medics have warned Nyanza men who have embraced circumcision that the cut was not a leeway to engage in unprotected sex. Assistant Director of Public Health and Sanitation Peter Cherutich and Nyanza Provincial Public Health and Sanitation Officer Charles Okal said the Government was faced with a challenge of correcting the notion that the cut was a 100 per cent HIV/Aids preventive measure. Scientific research has shown that circumcision reduces risk of contracting HIV by 60 per cent. More>>>

5,000 prison warders, police move in major changes

By our correspondents, Sept 29 2008
More than 3,000 prison warders and 2,000 police officers have been moved in changes effected by respective commissioners. The prisons changes, announced by commissioner Isaiah Osugo, affect junior warders, some of whom have stayed in their stations for more than a decade. The transfers affect all the 93 correctional institutions. More>>>

Gaya replaced: Hannington Gaya, the renowned motoring journalist has been replaced as the chairman of the Media Owners Association by Nation MD, Linus Gitahi. Standard Group Managing Director Paul Wanyagah has been appointed executive member. More>>>

From left: Dr Musa Ndengu, Pastor Julius Akeng'a from Nairobi & Benjaline Akeng'a
From right: Jacqui Bulimo, Pauline Ingosi, Monique Niva and Helen
From left: JJ Shiundu, Joseph Birundu, Marsha Baraza Johnson and Nanjero
From left: Dishon Kihima, Mrs Kihima, Mrs Anna Amanya Stevens and John Stevens
Section of Abeingo members listening to Chairman's address at the Abeingo AGM.
Front row ladies feauturing from left: Pauline Salano, Kista Salano and Merab Yesia Newton.

Seek ye economic empowerment first - Abeingo Chair

By Juvenal Shiundu, Chairman Abeingo, Sept 27 2008
I welcome you all to this first Annual General Meeting of Abeingo Community Network (ACN) since its inception in London on 9 October 2006 and its incorporated on 7 November 2007. As you are aware, ACN was formed to provide a forum where Abeingo people can meet, discuss and share issues specific to their community with a view to economically empowering themselves and the community at large. At its inception, Dr. Musa Ndengu was the founding chairman and I wish to pay a tribute to him and the other founding members for their foresight in this regard.

I wish to recall what Dr. Ndengu said at ACN’s launch, QUOTE “I believe that control and ownership of the Luhya socio-economic assets is best served by forging a united front”, UNQUOTE. That to me is and should remain ACN’s focus. Following Musa Ndengu’s resignation, I was requested by the management committee to take over the Chairmanship of ACN on 18 March 2007. I wish to thank the Management Committee for the trust and support they have given me up to now. In the period since then and with the help of the Management Committee, I have sought to steer a pathway through the many issues and challenges facing the establishment of a new organization. Allow me now to introduce to you the Management Committee:

Mr Shadrack Bulimo – Secretary and Webmaster
Mrs Neccy Kikaya  -   Treasurer
Mr Aggrey Kikaya -     Organizing Secretary & Chair, Disaster & Relief
Dr. Musa Ndengu -      Ex-Officio
Mr John Barasa -                     Projects Coordinator
Mr Shabanjo Opukah -            Chair, Investment & Finance Sub-Committee
Mr Topi Lyambila -      Chair, Press & Marketing
Mr Boni Wanda -                     Chair, Events, Outreach & Culture
Mr Moses Mutuli -                   Chair, Youth
Mr. Bernard Watsulu -             Chair, International Coordination
Mr Fred Owula -                      Chair, Housing
Rev. Tim Wambunya* -            Chair, Ethics & Legal  *(moved to Kenya)

We have past some significant milestones on the way and to which I will refer to later in these remarks.

Management Committee

The Management Committee effectively serves as the Board of ACN and has met twelve times to make executive decisions. In the absence of a Secretariat, all the functions of ACN are conducted on a voluntary basis and without any remuneration by the members of the Management Committee.


Since ACN’s incorporation, a portal and content website www.abeingo.org was launched in April 2007 and has to date received 7 million hits.  Abeingo Housing Association has been registered in UK, Abeingo Community Network, Kenyan Chapter and Abeingo Holdings limited have been registered in Kenya.  Some of the other achievements will be highlighted by the secretary.  As I said in my New Year’s message, and considering the short time that ACN has been in existence, you will agree with me that a lot has been achieved.


The number of membership has not increased as much as we would have hope. This is because the Management Committee has focused in putting in place structures and strategies that will make it attractive to recruit more members. Having done that, the focus for the next Committee will be on marketing and recruitment of members.


As you are no doubt aware, our website has become very popular worldwide and is now used as a source of reference on Luhya matters. To date, the website has received 7 million hits.  The Committee is looking into how the number of hits can be leveraged and converted into more membership and/or revenue for ACN. In this regard I wish to express my appreciation to Mr. Shadrack Bulimo, the webmaster for his hard work and dedication. I encourage you all not only to refer to it frequently but also feed the webmaster with information that may be of use to other members on all relevant issues.

Kenyan Chapter

Following the registration of the ACN Kenyan Chapter, few of our members who are resident in Kenya plan to open an office in Kakamega and launch a membership drive within the country. One of these members has already offered his P.O. Box address for use.

Abeingo Holding Limited (AHL)

AHL will shortly be coming up with a strategic plan aimed at identifying existing business opportunities in Western Kenya and investments in Kenya in general. All ACN members are entitled to buy shares in AHL.

Abeingo Investments Limited (AIL)
Plans are at an advanced stage to register Abeingo Investments Limited here in the UK to operate on the same basis as AHL in Kenya.


Mr. George Waore has carried out the audit of our books and we thank him for this service.

Luhya Global Conference

Discussions are still in progress with the HALALA of USA with Halala with a view to organizing a joint Luhya Global Conference in Western Kenya next year.


A lot has been achieved since ACN’s incorporation. However, members should be more active in supporting its aims and objectives and take up available opportunities especially on the issue of economic empowerment.  Subscribe and buy share in AHL, make use of offers available on the website which are meant to benefit ACN! We should move away from the “social and welfare mentality” – food, drink and isukuti – as a primary objective.

This first AGM should mark as a turning point in our journey towards making ACN an effective organization and a vehicle for the economical empowerment of the Luhya people. You have an opportunity to elect a new Chairman and Management Committee who have the required commitment and skills to take ACN to the next level.

Some members find it easier to criticize what has or has not been done but when they are called upon to volunteer to serve on the Committee, they decline. ACN is your organization and to use the words of its founding Chairman, “It is larger than any one of us” – so please feel free to seek elective post on the Committee.

If the ACN’s objectives and aspirations are to be achieved, we will all need vision, foresight, co-operation, “obulala”, patience, purpose and strength of will. It can be done; but it will not happen unless we all take up the challenge and act together, pro-actively, positively and with due sense of responsibility towards our community.

My appeal to you is to play your part in promoting the ACN objectives, support the Management Committee in their efforts to implement the vision and strategy and to generate the programme of services and activities that you want to participate in and which can contribute benefits. Committee and those members who have been involved in the preparation of this AGM. I also thank you the members for your efforts to be here today.


Chairman - Juvenal Shiundu

Vice Chair - Frida Wandera

Secretary - Shadrack Bulimo

Treasurer - Neccy Kikaya

Organising Secretary - Aggrey Kikaya

Projects Coordinator - Marsha Baraza Johnson

Ex-officio - Musa Ndengu

jj shiundu
Abeingo Community Chairman, Juvenal Shiundu addressing Luhya people yesterday during the annual general meeting in London
shad bulimo
Shadrack Bulimo, the secretary general of Abeingo giving his address during the agm yesterday. neccy kikaya
Treasurer Neccy Kikaya talking about money and book keeping during Abeingo's agm yesterday. alice were
Alice Were Thompson an aspirant for Budalang'i parliamentary seat in last year's general elections urging Abeingo community to think big and aim higher.
john baraza
Projects Coordinator, John Baraza addressing members during Abeingo's agm yesterday in London
Vacant positions:
The following deputy positions are vacnt and the committee was mandated to fill them through co-option of men and women with relevant skills - secretary, organising secretary, treasurer. John Baraza resigned as Projects coordinator to concentrate on events and culture sub committee.

How Wafula faked marriage to get US status

By Alphayo Otieno, Sept 26 2008
Some American citizens, sensing the desperation of many illegal immigrants wanting to remain in the US, are now ‘hawking’ marriages of convenience.Take Mary Wafula, for instance. When she first went to the US four years ago, she was meant to be there for at least six months. The I-94 card pinned on her passport allowed her to stay in the US for a period not exceeding six months.

Today she is a permanent resident of the US, with a Green Card and a social security number, which allow to her to work and live there legally. More>>>

peter otieno
Peter Otieno prepares jikos for installation at Urianda village in Siaya.

Lucky to be alive: Bitange Ndemo, the Information PS escaped a murder attempt when gunmen blocked his way and tried to pull him out of his car. More

Boom time for disabled Siaya jiko man

By Mangoa Mosota, Sept 26 2008
Peter Otieno, 25, is physically challenged following a polio attack during childhood. This, notwithstanding, his dexterity surprises many in Siaya District. In the entire Urianda village, he is the only person with the rare skill to assemble and fit energy-saving jikos. He crawls to homes, where he installs the Upesi jikos, leaving behind satisfied customers. Daily, the adage ‘disability is not inability’ shines through his handiwork.. More>>>

ODM wins by elections: ODM candidates won the Sotik (Dr Joyce Cherono Laboso) and Bomet (Mrs Beatrice Cherono Kones) by-elections concluded on Thursday night. More

Kivuitu must go - Raila

By our correspondent, Sept 26 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga says the Electoral Commission of Kenya commissioners must resign over last year’s bungled election. Raila said the Johann Kreigler-led Commission’s recommendations were clear and they should have the honour to vacate office. "Kivuitu and his team must resign before action is taken against them," he said. Raila termed Kivuitu the proverbial Judas Iscariot who betrayed the democracy of the nation. More>>>

Boko at RSA: Boko Inyundo, a trustee and director of the African Centre will be among a panel of prominent personalities on Oct 2 2008 at the RSA on the subject "Is Africa a lost cause in wealth creation?": For details click here

Three ministers to be quizzed over corruption

By Martin Mutua and David Ohito, Sept 25 2008
A parliamentary watchdog will summon three Cabinet ministers and several MPs next week over graft claims, even as one international NGO reveals the vice is on the rise in the country. Public Accounts Committee Chairman Bonny Khalwale’s pronouncement coincided with Transparency International’s Corruption Index, which lists Kenya as world’s 17th most corrupt country in the world - same position as last year. Mr Khalwale said ministers and sitting MPs would face PAC over questionable finance reports and shadowy contracts. More>>>

Kenya to build fertiliser plant

By Isaac Ongiri, Sept 25 2008
The Government is planning to build a fertiliser manufacturing plant to cushion farmers from expensive and exploitative suppliers, Agriculture Minister William Ruto has said. Ruto said the Government had set aside Sh11 billion for importation of fertiliser, which would be cheaply supplied to farmers in the next two months. The minister, who spoke when he inspected the Nairobi International Trade Fair at Jamhuri show ground yesterday, said African Development Bank (ADB) would facilitate construction of the proposed factory. More>>>

us ambassador installed kaya elder
US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger, dances with Giriama dancers at Kaya Fungo.

US envoy installed Kaya elder

By Patrick Beja, Sept 25 2008
Wrapped in white, blue and red lesos and wearing headgear made from colobus monkey skin, US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger was bestowed the rare honour of being made a Mijikenda Kaya Elder. In Giriama tradition, the ceremony was more symbolic than it was binding, but embracing the American could be an indicator of how much the coastal communities need foreign donor support to conserving the kaya forests. Giriama elders, apparently aware of the potential support the envoy can command, broke tradition at Kaya Fungo in Kaloleni on Monday, when they made Ranneberger an elder, even though, statistically, he does not qualify. More>>>

Ex Kemri boss under probe: A former Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) director is under investigation over claims of corruption against him, Public Health Minister Beth Mugo has said. More>>

Mudavadi comes out fighting

By our correspondents, Sept 25 2008
Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi says he is the bona fide ODM deputy leader and told party MPs canvassing for the position to stop forthwith, noting that he is in that seat lawfully and firmly. Speaking yesterday, Mudavadi said the party structure recently adopted during a retreat in Naivasha is clear on the position, adding that it is the prerogative of ODM leader, Raila Odinga, to choose his running mate and who automatically becomes the deputy leader. Mudavadi spoke when announcing plans for his home coming party in Kakamega this weekend. More>>>

odongo omamokaliech
A shot from the past: Odongo Omamo tending to his mango trees. At 80 Kaliech is still ...Kaliech. Humor was his political forte.

Kaliech still an elephant at 80

By John Oywa, Sept 25 2008
The stocky politician stands outside the huge maisonette, his eyes darting across the compound shouldered on Lake Victoria’s Utonga peninsular in Sakwa, Bondo. Dressed in a white kitenge and gumboots, he trudges a few steps then lowers his hefty frame into an armchair under a mango tree. At 80, Omamo is still the ‘Kaliech’ whose hilarious contributions in Parliament left colleagues on the edges of their seats. He may have retired from active politics but his name remains stamped on the political scene. More>>>

Western gets 3-yr supply of condoms but no medicine

By Peter Atsiaya, Sept 23 2008
Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa) Western depot has 19 million condoms, but lacks essential drugs. Investigation revealed the Kisumu town storage area had not received vaccines, whose shortage would put the lives of newborns in danger. The depot manager, Mr Geoffrey Alumila, said they had not been given vital vaccines for prevention of polio, tetanus and TB for several months. More>>>

Bumbe trains in UK

By INGONEWS Reporter, Sept 22 2008
Mr Livingstone Omuchele Bumbe (left), an assistant secretary in the ministry of finance has just concluded a two-week training course at Crown Agents Training Centre in Worthing, West Sussex in the United Kingdom.

bumbe livingstone
Break time: Livingstone Bumbe visits London from his training camp in Worthing, England.

14,000 fishermen to lose jobs

By Jane Akinyi, Sept 23 2008
The Government will reduce fishing in Lake Victoria by 30 per cent to prevent depletion of fish stocks. This follows findings by researchers that there were too many fishermen chasing limited fish stocks in the lake. There are an estimated 42,000 fishermen on the lake. Consequently, unregistered fishermen and boat owners would be locked out from fishing. Dr Tsuma Jembe, a research officer at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, said the move would save the fish sub-sector from collapse. More>>>

Chinese milk banned

African governments including Kenya have stopped importing Chinese dairy products as the crisis which has seen more than 52,000 Chinese children poisoned by melamine-tainted goods spreads. More>>>

Kriegler report wounds not heals

By Ken Langat, Sept 23 2008
Agriculture minister William Ruto has launched a scathing attack on deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta over remarks that ODM should apologise for misleading the country that the 2007 presidential elections were rigged. Ruto said ODM will not apologise for what happened saying PNU should instead be held responsible for the bungled 2007 election that resulted in the killing of about 1, 000 people, displacing of 300, 000 others and wanton destruction of property. More>>>

Finnish school massacre: A Finnish student killed "several" people today at a vocational school in remote west Finland. More>>>

Book on Lusaamia published

By INGONEWS Reporter, Sept 23 2008
A book on the Saamia language has been published. Entitled "A Grammatical Sketch of the Lusaamia Verb", the book (see cover on the left) is written by Robert Botne, Hannington Ochwada and Michael Marlo. Prof Ochwada is currently at Missouri State University, USA and is from Saamia in Busia. Click here for more details.

Kenyatta family fights for lost millions

By Nancy Akinyi, Sept 23 2008
A Kenyatta family member was back in court on Monday in a bid to salvage 443 acres of coffee he lost at a public auction last year. Mr Ngengi Muigai Muiri is aggrieved by the auction of the Sh700 million Coffee Estate Limited for a mere Sh70 million. The Muigai family argues the sale was a conspiracy between Kenya Commercial Bank and Bidii Limited. During the hearing of the case on Monday, the bank accused the family of attempting to derail justice in the Sh700 million suit. More>>>

FACT: Western uses between 600,000 to 700,000 condoms per month. Medical stores have 19 million condoms to last three years but no medicine. More>>>

Luo ministers to be circumcised

By our correspondents, Sept 23 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga has launched a massive campaign to rally Luo men to face the knife as part of a strategy to fight HIV/Aids, with two ministers heeding his call. Finance Assistant minister Oburu Oginga and his Education counterpart Ayiecho Olweny said they would be circumcised next week to bolster the campaign. The ministers were speaking at a health conference attended by the PM and medical researchers at the Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu on Monday. More>>>

Sabaot to hold a cleansing ceremony

By John Oywa, Sept 23 2008
Sabaot elders and the Government will hold a traditional cleansing ceremony in honour of people killed by militia in Mt Elgon District. Out-going DC Mohammed Birik said the ceremony, to be held in December, was meant to cleanse families to free them from spirits of the dead.Mr Birik said the return of families to their farms was a milestone and would be followed by the re-allocation of land in the disputed Chebyuk Settlement scheme in Kopsiro Division.

More than 700 people died following attacks by the Sabaot Lands Defence Forces between mid 2006 and March. The residents have lived under siege for several months following militia activities by the Sabaot Lands Defence Force whose officials have since been killed in recent security operations by the military.More>>>

Is it a man; is it a woman?

By Judy Ogutu, Sept 22 2008
A death row convict seeking to be freed from Kamiti Maximum Prison has been allowed to undergo a medical examination to determine his gender. Mr Richard Muasya, who reportedly has both male and female genitalia, had moved to court early this month to obtain orders to undergo tests that would help the court understand his medical and physical condition. High Court Judge Justice Roselyn Wendoh granted the order on Wednesday. Muasya’s advocate John Chigiti argued his client wanted to decide the way forward regarding his gender. More>>>

Paul Tana during the interview in his hospital room where he has been detained.

Fisheries to be restructured

By Philip Mwakio, Sept 22 2008
The Ministry of Fisheries Development is set for restructuring with the creation of an office of a Fisheries Secretary, the Minister Paul Otuoma has said. Otuoma said the ministry would have four new departments; quality assurance, marketing and value addition, inland fisheries, marine and deep sea fisheries and aquaculture development. Otuoma also said a Fisheries Development Authority would be set up to generate funds for fisheries and research development. More>>>

Mbeki forced out: Supporters of deposed South African President Thabo Mbeki may split from the ruling African National Congress and contest elections as a breakaway party in 2009, South Africa’s Sunday Times said. More

Hospital turns into a prison

By W Macharia, Sept 22 2008
A scientist with a leading research institution in the Ministry of Agriculture is living in shock after he was detained at a private hospital in Nakuru. Mr Paul Tana, a researcher with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (Kari) and his family are yet to come to terms with what befell them after their breadwinner was held captive over unpaid bills. More>>>

Mudavadi's position threatened

By our correspondents, Sept 18 2008
Controversy over the ODM leadership was renewed when Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o declared that any member was qualified to take the position of deputy party leader. The secretary-general said any ODM member qualified to be the party’s deputy leader and not only Agriculture Minister William Ruto or Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi. This means that neither Mr Ruto nor Mr Mudavadi would automatically take the position. More>>>

No winners in botched elections

By our correspondent, Sept 18 2008
Kenyans will never know the real winner of last year’s Presidential election. That was the verdict as the Independent Review Commission (IREC) presented its final report on Wednesday to President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga. The report urged for the overhaul of Electoral Commission of Kenya which both Kibaki and Raila agreed was necessary. More>>>

building collapse
Firefighters serach through the rubble of comcraft House in Nairobi whose roof collpased injuring several people.

Nyanza hospital to be renamed after Odinga

By John Oywa, Sept 18 2008
The Nyanza Provincial Hospital, popularly known as ‘Russia’ is to be renamed after Kenya’s first Vice-President, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. The biggest referral medical facility in western Kenya, whose official opening in 1969 turned chaotic and left several people dead, will now be called Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Memorial Hospital, in honour of the country’s most controversial opposition party leader. Ironically, it was a clash between Jaramogi and his then political rival, founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta that sparked a bloodbath during the facility’s opening. More>>>

New tamper proof passports

By agencies, Sept 18 2008
Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang’ yesterday said the Government had introduced tamper-proof passports in a bid to stamp out forgery. He said the new generation passports would make it difficult for the document to be forged by either Immigration Department officials or foreigners. The minister was speaking in his office after meeting with Pakistan High Commissioner Aftikhar Aran. The new passports are difficult to forge, the minister said. More>>>

Lurambi, Kimilili, Lugari in top ten of CDF money

By Odhiambo Orlale, Sept 17 2008
Three constituencies in Western Province are in the top ten of CDF allocations nationwide. Lurambi represented by Athanas Keya Manyala occupies the 4th position with Shs59.3m followed by Kimilili (David Eseli Simiyu) at Sh59.2m while Lugari (Cyrus Jirongo) is number eiight with Shs 58.7m. Tourism Minister Najib Balala’s Mvita constituency will get the lowest amount of the CDF money in the country as it has been ranked the wealthiest constituency. But the nearby Bahari constituency represented by Mr Fondo Gunda, the Chairman of Coast Parliamentary Association, will get the highest since it is ranked among the poorest. More>>>

Planning Minister, Wycliffe Oparanya releases the list of CDF allocations ignoring the controversial constituency wealth and poverty index suspended last month as the basis of CDF allocations. MPs cried fould alleging the report was doctored.

Mwatela gives up, quits

By our correspondent, Sept 17 2008
Former Central Bank Deputy Governor Jacinta Mwatela has turned down a Government appointment. She was transferred to the newly-created Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid areas to serve as Permanent Secretary on Monday last week. She said she is due to retire in four months and there was no need for her to take up the appointment. “It would be a disservice for me to take up a job as an accounting officer in the new ministry and retire just after four months,” she added. More>>>

Western gets new DCs

By Mutinda Mwanzia, Sept 17 2008
The Government has transferred 69 DCs in a shake-up in the Provincial Administration. Kangundo DC Ms Matilda Sakwa has been moved to Nairobi North District and replaced by Ms Charity Chepkonga. Mandera West DC John Kinjo moved to Yatta while Chege Mwangi, previously of Imenti North, goes to Kakamega Central. FK Farah previously at Vihiga becomes the new Mt Elgon DC while JK Rotich has been moved from Gucha to Mandera East.

Bungoma DC Osman Warfa went to Kirinyaga replacing FE Otwani who heads to Narok South. WK Kiprono takes charge of Vihiga from Meru South and will be replaced by BN Gachichio. John ole Kepas left Busia for Rachuonyo while WO Ogallo moves from Tharaka to Imenti North. More>>>

shaitanda, raila at mavoko
Govt to repossess grabbed land

The Government shall repossess more than 150 acres of its land grabbed at Mavoko just off Mlolongo, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said. Raila said the land that had been preserved for the Ministry of Housing for the Kenya National Slums Upgrading Project was grabbed between October and December last year.Housing Minister, Soita Shitanda and PM, Raila Odinga tour Mavoko to see the slum upgrading project. More>>>

Murungaru finally corners Githongo

By Martin Mutua, Sept 17 2008
Former Governance and Ethics Permanent Secretary John Githongo has been served with court papers over the multi-billion Anglo Leasing scandal. Court process servers George Kibe and Michael Kioko confronted Githongo who was chairing a conference organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs during tea break and served him with the summons at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi. More>>>

Aids gets Sh8b aid

By Lucianne Limo, Sept 17 2008
The fight against HIV/Aids pandemic got a shot in the arm with the launch of Sh8 billion project. Special Programmes Minister Naomi Shabaan launched the Total War on Aids project at Kenyatta International Conference Centre. More>>>

Strike paralyses Mumias

By our correspondents, Sept 17 2008
Operations at Mumias Sugar Company were crippled as cane cutters’ strike entered its second day yesterday. The over 14,000 harvesters have vowed not to resume duty unless they were paid salary arrears by MSC amounting to millions of shillings. They said they were awarded the increment two years ago but MSC only started paying them the new rates this year. The cutters who assembled at their zones, told reporters the new salary should have been backdated by two years. More>>>

16 die over witchcraft claim

Kinsasha, Sept 17 2008
Accusations that a soccer player was using witchcraft during a match in eastern Congo sparked a riot that killed 13 people, a U.N.-funded radio station reported Monday. Most of the victims were between the ages of 11 and 16, Radio Okapi said. More>>>

Luhyas are clever but stupid

From the President of Halala USA – Pius Mwemba

I am responding to the article published on Abeingo website (12 September 2008). The fact sheet is long and painful to look at and it reflects very badly on all Luhyas. We look at it with teary eyes. Our spirits are troubled, our egos bruised and our pride humbled. How in heavens name can we allow these to go on. The bible records that when Nehemiah a very high ranking official in the kings court, hard that the walls of Jerusalem were in ruins, he was devastated. After weeping fasting and praying for many days, he decided to do something about it. It’s important to remember that Nehemiah had never been to Jerusalem and the city walls had lain in ruins for many centuries.

It would have been easy to say that it was not his problem. That the Jews who were in Jerusalem should take care if their problems, but he didn’t He personalized the problem; it became his burden and we as Luhyas need to learn from him. Lets stop talking about it but instead do something about it. Brethren, there comes a time when the young must take care of the old, the privileged the less privileged. Halala Organization hopes to do it for us.

If all Luhyas of goodwill invest time, effort, and money to develop our community the following will happens:

  • There will be unity for the first time in Western Kenya.
  • Young boys and girls will go to school and stay in school.
  • There will be an explosion of high school, college and University graduates.
  • There will be a proliferation of intellectuals in Western Province.
  • Teen pregnancy will decline.
  • People will stop dying from preventable diseases.
  • Western Kenya will start Generating jobs and employing its own.
  • There will be better schools, colleges and Universities.
  • Poverty will be a thing of the past.

Our 2009 Halala Conference in Kakamega looks to address all these things. We plan to invite guests in the following categories from Western Kenya, politics, diplomacy, academia, business, religion, sports and entertainment to help us develop an action plan for our region. Its our hope therefore that these predictions would provoke some soul searching among conference participants and help define the struggle for out time.

Halala USA loses chapter secretary

By our correspondent, Sept 16 2008
Halala USA is saddened to announce the sudden death of Barnabas Brian Ochunyi, born 1987. He was the son of Rose Apeli Ballard based in Richmond, Virginia, USA originally from Bukura Kakamega Kenya. Brother to Flora Achiko. Nephew to Charles Andola Mango of Canada, Pauline Mungo of Nakuru, Ann Ayuma Murumba, Betty Odinga, Bernard A. Mungo, Linah Ayako Abuti, Christine A. Masinde, James Ofula Mungo, Stephen Omukunda Mungo and Barnabas Ochunyi Mungo all of Kenya. Brian was a student and a tutor at Jay Sargeant Reynolds Community College University. This was unexpected death by drowning in a residential pool on 14 September 2008, investigation are still proceeding. Brian was the secretary of Halala Virginia Chapter. See also obituaries

brian ochunyi
The late Barnabas Ochunyi who died in USA in a swimming pool

Woman pregnant by son

Harare, Sept 16 2008
A Zimbabwean woman and her son have done the unthinkable – they have fallen in love with one another. And now they want to marry since the mom, Betty Mbereko from Mwenezi in Masvingo, is six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child.
Mbereko (40), who was widowed 12 years ago, has been cohabiting with her first child, Farai Mbereko (23).

She confirms that she is six months pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her. More>>>

Yvonne Chaka Chaka rocks Kakamega

By Stephen Makabila, Sept 16 2008
Eshisiru village in Kakamega came live on Monay when Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi and South-African music icon Yvonne Chaka Chaka came calling. Villagers flocked the Eshisiru DO’s camp from morning as word went round that the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador was around. Chaka Chaka was in Eshisiru to witness the launch of a one-week health intervention campaign targeting Malaria, HIV and diarrhoea. She urged Kenyans to overcome stigma and get tested for HIV/Aids. Vestergaard Frandsen and CHF International sponsor the campaign, dubbed Integrated Prevention Demonstration (IDP), in conjunction with the Kenya Government. More>>>

Mwatela facing the sack

New Central Bank deputy governor Hezron Nyangito Monday moved into the office formerly occupied by Mrs Jacinta Mwatela... leaving a question mark hanging over her fate. More>>>

yvonne chaka chaka in kakamega
Deputy PM, Musalia Mudavadi rocks to Yvonne Chaka Ckaka's Omqomboti at Eshiru village in Lurambi, Kakamega.

11-yr old 'circumciser' flees after botched operation in Bungoma

By Allan Kisia, Sept 16 2008
Three boys were admitted to Bungoma District Hospital after their 11 year-old colleague tried to circumcise them on Saturday. Kevin Wekesa is alleged to have tried to administer the cut on his friends. The boys aged three, five and seven years rushed to the chief’s office after realising the cut had been improperly administered. Namasanda sub-location assistant chief Doris Biketi said the boys went to her office with swollen genitals. "The boys came in pain. I ordered my staff to rush them to hospital for treatment," she said. She said efforts to contact Wekesa’s father were fruitless, as he is said to have fled. More>>>

Khalwale challenges Wako over Mwatela

MPs led by the PAC chairman Bonny Khalwale have opposed the transfer of Mwatela from the CBK on the grounds that her position enjoyed security of tenure while the AG has said she doesn't. More

Sugar Act to be reviewed - Oparanya

By Joel Okwayo, Sept 16 2008
The Government will review the Sugar Act to curb exploitation of farmers by millers, Planning and National Development Minister Wycliffe Oparanya has said. Mr Oparanya said complaints raised by farmers regarding under-payment and delayed harvesting of cane by factories would be considered during the review. The Butere MP said the Act should be amended to have millers meet transport costs for cane from farms. "The harvested crop should also be weighed on the farm and not at the factory as is the case," said Oparanya. He said this would ensure allegations by farmers of corruption at weighbridges in factories are addressed. More>>>

raila, kalonzo, kibaki born again
VP Kalonzo Musyoka (centre) with triplets named Kibaki, Kalonzo and Raila and their parents Mr and Mrs Munyasya Kivelenge.

Raila, Kalonzo, Kibaki are born again

By Paul Mutua, Sept 16 2008
A bundle of joy is often all the reason a family needs to celebrate. However, three call for something more elaborate. The three top Government principals may not have been to Ukambani together, but their names are being mentioned in the home of a peasant farmer, who has named his triplet babies after them. The homestead of Mr Simon Munyasya Kivelenge, 41, in Kyuso District has attracted visitors since July when the triplets were born and he named them after President Kibaki, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. More>>>

Ruto refuses Nzoia sugar gift

By our correspondents, Sept 16 2008
Agriculture minister William Ruto Monday shocked his hosts at Nzoia Sugar Company when he rejected a gift of sugar and directed that it be returned to the factory. And he ordered the company to stop handing out bags of sugar as gifts to visitors because it was a profit-making firm. Mr Ruto, addressing farmers and company staff at Bukembe market, turned down the three 25kg bags of the commodity that had been loaded into his car, and demanded to know how the company would account for them. Ruto also ordered sugar taken back from other dignitaries including Moses Wetang’ula, Sylvester Wakoli, Alfred Khangati, Alfred Sambu and David Eseli. More>>>

ruto in nzoia
Agriculture Minister William Ruto accompanied by Kanduyi MP Alfred Khangati (right) during an impromptu visit to farmers around Nzoia Sugar, after touring the factory.

Merus say no to PNU

By our correspondent, Sept 16 2008
The much-publicised PNU recruitment drive failed to take off, weighed down by internal rebellion, confusion and defections by MPs from the party’s strongholds. The drive, which was scheduled to kick off on Monday, was postponed at the last minute due to what national officials termed logistical hiccups.

PNU national coordinating committee chairman Dr Noah Wekesa said the exercise would start today in all constituencies. "Due to logistical problems, the exercise failed to take off but we are now set for the same as from tomorrow," said Dr Wekesa. More>>>

Worst financial crisis since 1920s as major US bank collapses

New York, Sept 15 2008
Global markets were reeling Monday after a convulsive day on Wall Street that saw a leading U.S. investment bank file for bankruptcy and others scramble to merge as the credit crunch claimed one of its biggest victims yet. Heralding one of the biggest U.S. financial shake-ups since the Great Depression of the 1920s, a three-day race to rescue Lehman Brothers ended in failure. Merryl Lynch was however saved by Bank of America's takeover. More>>>

lehman brothers
Once in a century occurrence: Lehman Brothers collapse is grim news since 1920s.

Zimbabwe goes the Kenya way in power sharing deal

Harare, Sept 15 2008
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has signed a historic power-sharing deal with his long-time rival, opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. The two smiled and shook hands at the ceremony in the capital, Harare, attended by African dignitaries. Mr Tsvangirai said the agreement provided the best hope for Zimbabwe and called on President Mugabe to work together to implement the deal. More

mugabe and tsvangirai
The historic moment when Mugabe and Tsangirai shook hands after signing a power sharing deal in Harare. More>>>

Road tragedy befalls dowry pary in Webuye

By Vincent Bartoo, Sept 15 2008
When Mark Kipyego Sugut, 32, sent his relatives to represent him in dowry negotiations, nothing had prepared him for tragedy. Sugut asked his mother, Milka Chesumei, to lead an engagement party of nine to Mihu, Bungoma District, to seek fiancee, Diana Khaira’s hand in marriage. Sugut, who is from a humble family, stayed home, as the dowry costs would have been higher if he was present during the negotiations. "According to the customs of my fiancee’s Tachoni community, I would have been compelled to give more in dowry if I was there," he said. More>>>

webuye tragedy
Mr Mark Sugut with his relatives at his mother’s grave. The dowry party of eleven perished in a road accident in Webuye involving a matatu and a stalled tractor according to area police boss, Maurice Matano.

Mt Elgon MP cleared of warlord charges

By Nyakundi Nyamboga, Sept 15 2008
In June last year, Mr Fred Kapondi Chesebe (now Mount Elgon MP), Mr Elijah Modo, Mr Nixon Manyuru, Mr Eliud Simotwo and Mr John Sigoo appeared before a Bungoma court, charged with promoting warlike activities. Particulars of the charge were that on diverse dates, between August 16, 2006 and April 9 last year, in various places within Mt Elgon District, they prepared and carried out warlike activities against residents. They were alleged to have addressed meetings where they called on the people of Mt Elgon to raise funds and support those going to war to stop resettlement at Chebyuk phase III. More>>>

Namwamba under fire

By Kepher Otieno, Sept 15 2008
Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba came under scathing attack from three ODM lawmakers who told him to respect the party leader Raila Odinga. MPs Fred Outa (Nyando), Oyugi Magwanga (Kasipul-Kabondo) and Pollynes Ochieng’ (Nyakach) told Namwamba to either toe the party line or resign from ODM. "If he cannot toe the party line let him resign and seek fresh mandate from the electorate on another party ticket," said Outa. More>>>

Cemerary is full: Lang’ata Cemetery is filled to capacity but Nairobi City Council is yet to stop burials at the garden. More>>>

Raila, Kalonzo bury hatchet

By Stephen Munyiri, Sept 15 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Sunday vowed to observe what they called a national commitment to peace and unity. The leaders, who included Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, four Cabinet ministers and 20 MPs, were attending the homecoming party of Mathira MP, Ephraim Maina at Karatina Stadium in Nyeri North District.

The leaders urged Kenyans to live in unity despite the chaos that followed last year’s General Election. The issue of displaced people also took centre stage. Mr Odinga said it was time for national reconciliation. More>>>

raila, kalonzo in mathira
PM Raila Odinga and VP Kalonzo Musyoka joins other MPs to a traditional dance at Karatina stadium in Mathira constituency during the homecoming party for area MP, Eng. Ephraim Maina

UK dragged into Jacinta saga

By our correspondents, Sept 15 2008
The British Government was Sunday dragged into the controversy over the deputy Central Bank governor’s transfer, with demands that it investigates its public quoted company De La Rue. De La Rue, British firm, has been printing Kenyan currency for the last 16 years. On Friday, Mrs Jacinta Mwatela said that De La Rue might be one of the reasons she was being edged out of the coveted CBK position. More>>>



Sept 12 2008
Some poignant points that I have never understood about Luhyas of Western Kenya.

1.They rival the Kikuyu community for the largest community in Kenya and yet in terms of political power they rank 5th after the Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin and Kisii.

2.They produce about 80% of the professional and domestic cooks and yet own no catering college.

3.Comprise 80% of the housemaids in Kenya and yet the first official Housemaid Training College opened recently is not owned by a Luhya.

4.Produce majority of the labour in bars and restaurants of repute and yet own less than 5% of them.

5.Produce a little over 60% of the security men (watchmen) and yet own not a single security company.

6.Have the highest number of travellers all year round using public road transport and yet own no buses. (But at least they own an airline! – Jet Link. Another one might be on the way.... editor)

7.Will always make good Vice Presidents but not REAL Presidents.

8.They produce Kenya's best teachers; yet own no college or private schools of standing.

9.They comprise 90% of the choirmasters in Kenya yet own not a single music studio or media company.

10.Produce some of the best basketry in Kenya but have no control or benefit from exports.

11.They have some of the most scenic tourism sites in Kenya yet only attract 2% of the tourist market.

12.Are one of Kenya's most loyal communities yet the most scorned and looked down upon.

13.They are the most religious community in Kenya yet do not claim any leadership to any of the mega mainstream conservative or Pentecostal or charismatic churches and yet they comprise 55% of these churches.

14.They love education but have seen education standards fall in recent years recording a 50% drop in University admissions.

15.They are the most heavily taxed tea growers in the whole country
16.Produce about 60% of Kenya's avocado crop at throw away prices to middlemen and brokers in Nairobi who export at exorbitant prices.

17.Have the best water springs in Kenya but own not a single water company.

18.Produce the 'toughest' chang'aa and yet do not own an alcohol distillery. The Luhya hard stuff is bought coloured, flavoured and exported to the DR Congo as bottled whisky.

19.They are the most skeptical or timid community about hiring one of their own when accorded the privilege to do so. It is only Mudavadi Senior aka 'Nimboo Mboo'; who broke off from this innate culture to the chagrin of many.
Lest we forget:

MM is now Minister of Local Government. Can he have the courage to rename Umoja 2 Estate in Nairobi appropriately as it is on the records as MUDAVADI ESTATE?
There are those who fought the naming of Umoja 2 as such and went to great lengths to obliterate the records, pulled up the sign boards and refused to refer to the estate appropriately. And you know what? 40% of the residents in Umoja 2 Estate are Luhyas but they wouldn't dare utter the name.

Use this as one measure of the 'Luhyaism' am discussing here.

And one thing Luhyas are very good at is to justify their lowly station in the Kenyan society:

'Ati' ethics, merit and following the rules. 'Hakuna kitu kama hiyo'. If you are driving through Nairobi City and you don not put up a rough shoulder to edge through the traffic, the matatus will literally run you over. This is a matatu country, and before we get to be a limousine country – keep to the rules that exist to survive, simple.

I like Hon. Otieno Kajwang – Minister of Immigration who put it bluntly – "When you have power, use it." Why do you have the power in the first place?
As an adornment?

So, as Luhyas what is our strength?





Followers and not leaders?



Bull fighting?

I am not sure any more.

In my dealings I get to met with many people and I circumstances where my true community identity is unknown, the other communities do not hold Luhyas in any high regard. They consider Luhyas a usable community. They even express the same of our women – very annoying indeed. I have daughters you know.

Last week I met a young man who had worked on someone's farm for 18 months without pay. The employee was a Senior Researcher in one of the big institutions in the Western region and the wife is a senior nurse at the provincial hospital. All they made sure was that the young man got a lot of food and some clothes to change. 18 months and at the end of his stay, the young man was only paid Ksh.3,800!! And the said researcher told the young man that he should be grateful!?

Thinking about it, I realized it is because of the young man's ethnicity. Because all he told the employer is that God will fix him one day and he took his possession in a supermarket wrapping bag and came back to Western Kenya.

Good people, the things I see and experience can drive one up the wall literally. Being down here, one experiences REAL issues and taps into the feelings of REAL people.

But is great because it helps get insights into the hidden thoughts of other people and communities in particular. Politics goes beyond the print, broadcast media – politics is deep in the hearts and minds of a people. It is the civil conscience of a community.

Other than the civil service jobs which carry little consequence in incumbency and after retirement; what can we pride ourselves in as a community?

Personally; I would like it different for me and my children no matter what. As the Abandu Community we must change. What I see today is not a legacy I would like to pass as a heritage to the future generations in Western Kenya; not at all.

Now you understand why the Bonny Khalwales, Bifwoli Wakolis, Ababu Namwambas and Cyrus Jirongos are making noise.

They are not being difficult or disrespectful, they are crying out. They are saying; not again. Initially I have been condemning them along with the rest, but when I sat back and listened from inside, I got to hear their cry clearly. As parents we draw a lot of parallels from our experience. It's powerful.

It may not be coming out as refined as it should be – them being politicians but it is a LUHYA CONSCIOUSNESS issue. And it is a big issue that will definitely feature as a major election point this time round.

I hope we now understand each other?

If this generation cannot break from it, the next one must. As for breaking free from Luhya apathy our biggest undoing; that we must and by God's grace.

HR Activist

Famine looms in Western

By our correspondents, Sept 12 2008
The Ministry of Agriculture has warned of a food crisis in Western Province after it emerged that seven depots of National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) were almost empty. Western Provincial Director of Agriculture John Cheruiyot said most farmers preferred to sell their produce to middlemen instead of the board due to delays in payment. "We will have a deficit of more than 1.5 million bags of maize in the province," Cheruiyot said in his Kakamega office. He said insecurity in Mt Elgon and post-election violence was to blame for the poor harvest. The province has less than 60,000 bags of maize in NCPB depots and not a single bag of beans in the stores. More>>>

UK airline collapses

Thousands of British travelers were stranded Friday when the country's third-largest tour operator collapsed under pressure from high fuel prices and a sagging economy. More>>

turkana woman show wild berries plucked for food
Feeeding on wild berries:
An internally displaced woman shows wild berries her family feeds on at Lokwi in Turkana South Constituency. Cattle rustling between the Turkana and the Pokot has displaced hundreds of families. Photo: George Mulala/Standard

Atwoli: Emulate Eritrea's self reliance

Cotu Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has called on the Government to speed up construction of roads. Speaking during the commemoration of Eritrea’s St John’s religious holiday, organised by the Eritrean Embassy in Nairobi, Atwoli urged leaders to follow Eritrea’s example and focus on development priorities instead of dwelling too much in politics. "Eritrea is a small, but rich country that does their things on their own and does rely on donor funds," Mr Atwoli said. More>>>

700 imported vehicles to be destroyed

The Government has warned that any sale of parts from the 700 vehicles lying at the port of Mombasa, set for destruction, or any special arrangements to clear the same would amount to corruption. More>>>.

atwoli and eritrea's envoy
Eritrea Ambassador to Kenya Salih Omer (left) confers with Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli during the country’s inter-denominations celebrations in Nairobi on Monday.

Mugabe agrees to power sharing

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party and the main opposition MDC reached a power sharing deal today, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and a government source said. More>>>

Fire in the chanel tunnel: Travellers to France face a weekend of chaos after a fire in the Channel tunnel that forced the suspension of train services for a second day today. More>>>

Rift Valley MPs want Mudavadi out

By our correspondents, Sept 12 2008
With three months before ODM holds is Special National Delegates convention, there is subtle realignment pitting camps allied to Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi and Agriculture Minister William Ruto. The campaign is said to be so intense that some of the MPs have now come out clearly on whom they want the ODM party leader and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to pick during the party’s convention in December. The convention is set to ratify its constitution that will see the delegates either adopt or reject the position of the non-elective Deputy Party Leader. More>>>

Anger over Mwatela's "promotion"

The transfer of Central Bank Deputy Governor Jacinta Mwatela has angered some leaders. Tourism Assistant Minister Cecily Mbarire and Nominated MP Amina Abdallah on Thursday said Mrs Mwatela’s appointment as PS was a demotion. More>>>

raila, mudavadi, ruto
The Captain and his deputies: Who between Mudavadi and Ruto will become Raila's deputy.

Broadcaster Ann Ofula is dead

By Susan Anyangu, Sept 12 2008
Broadcast journalist Ann Ofula is dead. Ofula died on Wednesday night after two weeks of battling injuries suffered following a road accident on Ngong Road. Before her death, Ofula worked as a radio newscaster for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation where she spent most of her career spanning 30 years. Many in the media received news with shock. "The mood among KBC staff is depressed. She was like a mother. She nurtured many careers and will be greatly missed," said KBC Editor-in-Chief, Waithaka Waihenya. More>>>.

Panic as ferry stalls mid stream

By Patrick Beja, Sept 12 2008
There was panic as a Kilindini channel ferry stalled midstream for about an hour and a half on Wednesday evening. The Mv Kilindini vessel was carrying more than 1,000 passengers. The ferry stalled at 6.15pm as it sailed from the Mombasa island side to the south mainland ramp. It disembarked at 7.38 pm. More>>>

Lumbasyo sacked over illegal sale of prime plots

By Lucianne Limo, Sept 11 2008
The controversy at the National Social Security Fund has taken a new twist with the appointment of General Manager, Finance and Investment, James Akoya, as the acting managing trustee. Labour Minister John Munyes yesterday announced Akoya takes over from the embattled Managing Trustee Rachael Lumbasyo on an acting capacity for two months. "We have discussed the matter with the Prime Minister and NSSF board and agreed to send Lumbasyo on a three month leave, pending retirement," he said. Mr Munyes said the axe had fallen on Lumbasyo due to a controversial sale of five plots next to the Grand Regency Hotel, Nairobi. More>>>

Mystery over missing 38 army jobs scandal suspects in Kitale

By Vincent Bartoo, Sept 11 2008
The whereabouts of 38 suspects arrested during a military recruitment scam in Eldoret has become a mystery. Military Chief Recruitment Officer Humphrey Khisa said the suspects were handed over to Kitale police at the Recruits Training School (RTS). But Kitale OCS Josephat Ndung’u, who allegedly picked up the suspects from RTS, said he only received a police officer based in Kitale, who had escorted eleven of the 38 recruits arrested with fake recruitment letters. Police in Eldoret also denied receiving the suspects as alleged by a senior Army officer. More>>>

Karua for president: Martha Karua, the Narc K boss is going for president and has already launched a campaign website four years ahead of schedule. More

obama's granny
Obama's grandmother in Kogelo village, Siaya where there was attempted robbery, or was it?

Robbery attempt at Obama's Kenyan family

By Eric Oloo, Sept 11 2008
The Kenya family of the US Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is now asking for police protection after an attempted robbery in their Siaya home. Obama’s grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama said that the robbers struck in the night, broke the kitchen door and attempted to remove a solar panel from the roof of the main house. She said: “I only realised that something had gone wrong when I went to make breakfast in the morning. I did not hear anything in the night as it was raining”. More>>>

Chicky fundraiser embarrasses Obama

Prominent US conservative Dinesh D’Souza is attempting to embarrass Mr Obama by soliciting donations to a “Compassion Fund” for the senator’s half-brother who lives in Nairobi’s Huruma estate. The writer, a supporter of Republican candidate John McCain, told the Nation on Tuesday that the fund-raising was meant part to highlight Sen Obama’s “hypocrisy. On Wednesday, Sen Obama’s relatives in Kenya rubbished the fund, saying it was motivated by malice ” More>>

Raila's spokesman quits

By Martin Mutua, Sept 11 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s spokesman Salim Lone has quit his job. Lone, who acted as spokesman for both the PM and the ODM party, has left the position after serving for the last 11 months. More>>>


Ms Florence Mugendi, formerly the public relations officer in the Ministry of public works,has ben appointed Prime Minister's spokesperson in an acting capacity following the resignation of Salim Lone, he of the Viva fame.

Mr James Akoya until yesterday General Manager, Finance and Investment of the NSSF, has been appointed as the acting managing trustee of the board of NSSF following the ping pong sacking of Rachel Lumbasyo. Ayisi Makatiani, private banker has been appointed to the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) alongside Jacqueline Wasonga Kitulu (doctor and medical practitioner). They join politicians - Musalia Mudavadi, Wycliffe Oparanya and AG, Amos Wako.

Atwoli rejected

By our correspondent, Sept 11 2008
President Mwai Kibaki failed to appoint fiery Cotu secretary general Mr Francis Atwoli, who was expected to represent labour unions on NESC. More>>>

Mwatela ain't going nowhere: Confusion reigned at the CBK yesterday after Deputy Governor Jacinta Mwatela promoted to PS declined to leave her officel. More>>>

Kombo hits out at Wekesa for marketing PNU in Western

By our correspondent, Sept 10 2008
Ford-Kenya leader Musikari Kombo has castigated Noah Wekesa, Kwanza MP and Forestry and Wildlife Minister for marketing PNU in Western Province. Kombo who has insisted on the party’s autonomy said Ford Kenya will not participate in the PNU grassroots elections thus taking a direct hit at President Kibaki who has taken it upon himself to united passengers in the vehicle through which he rode back to State House. Other rebel parties include Narc Kenya led by Martha Karua and DP led by Joseph Munyao. At the weekend, Kombo led MPs from Western Province in hammering De Wekesa who is also the party’s director of elections, for marketing PNU. Wekesa, PNU’s Western Province co-ordinator, has expressed interest in vying for the position of PNU national chairmanship. Political parties are no longer at ease as they have up to the end of December to comply with the stringent requirements of the Political Parties Act. More>>>

Thai Prime Minister sacked for hosting TV show

Bangkok, Sept 10 2008
Thailand’s Constitutional Court ordered Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej to stand down today, accusing him of breaking the law by hosting TV cooking shows while in office. The verdict prompted mixed reactions from protesters occupying Government House. Morte>>>

kombo, kibaki, karua and munyao
Not in love any more as Kibaki presides over an increasingly fractious PNU with rebellious Musikari Kombo (Ford Kenya), Martha Karua (Narc Kenya) and Joseph Munyao (DP).

Luo elders reject circumcision

By Jane Akinyi, Sept 10 2008
The Luo Council of Elders has stirred a fresh storm over the male circumcision debate with a threat of disrupting a planned Government launch of the exercise in Nyanza. The elders want the launch- to be presided by Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and Public Health Minister Beth Mugo next week, put on hold until ‘stake holders ‘ are consulted. Council Chairman, Mzee Riaga Ogallo yesterday said they were mobilizing youths to stop the function. The group accused political leaders of politicising the Luo culture. Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Medical Services Minister Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o have supported male circumcision as a way of fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS. More>>>

A glimpse into Kenyatta's millions as family sues over estate

By Nancy Akinyi, Sept 10 2008
The Kenyatta family has sued a commercial bank alleging illegal sale of its Sh700 million company. The family, suing as Muiri Coffee Estate Ltd, moved to court under certificate of urgency contesting the alleged illegal transfer and sale of the company at a Sh70millon. Through advocate Gichuki Kin’gara, the family has sued Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Benjoh Amalgamated, Watts Enterprises and Bidii Kenya over the dispute. Kin’gara told Vacation Judge Luka Kimaru that the Muiri Coffee Estate Ltd premises worth more than Sh700m More>>>

Njue, Ndingi clash over Otunga's sainthood

Late Cardinal Maurice Otunga

By our correspondents, Sept 9 2008
Nairobi Archbishop Cardinal John Njue and his predecessor Archbishop Ndingi Mwana’ a Nzeki have differed over the making of the late Cardinal Maurice Otunga a saint. Njue told a crowd that attended Otunga’s fifth memorial anniversary at the weekend that the Church had never requested the Vatican for early commencement of the process to beatify Otunga.Njue’s remarks contrast what Ndingi, who took over from Otunga in 1997 as Archbishop of Nairobi, said last year. "We were advised to wait for five years, and accepted obediently," Ndingi told reporters then. More>>>

PM's office gains acceptance in Central

By our correspondents, Sept 9 2008
Leaders from Central Province, including those who bitterly opposed the creation of the office of the Prime Minister, have changed their minds on the post. The position of PM has gained acceptance in the region and appears set to be a permanent feature in the Constitution. The leaders do not just want the post created, they want it to have executive powers in a system presided over by a ceremonial president. More>>>

Two couples with two big jobs in grand govt

By INGONEWS Reporter, Sept 2008
The appointment of Mrs Jacinta Mwatela as a permanent secretary now brings to two the couples that hold senior public positions in the Grand Coalition Government. The others are Sports minister Hellen Sambili and her husband Edward Sambili, a PS. Mrs Mwatela has served CBK for over 30 years and will be remembered for blowing teh whistle on Goldenberg. More>>>

masai eats raw meat
Entapata Festival, a rite of passage for Masai boys is a spectacle to behold. Tired of waiting for cooked meat, a participant helps himself to raw meat in order 'to roar like a lion'.

Mandatory pension scheme for all

By Jackson Okoth, Sept 9 2008
Plans are underway to introduce universal pension scheme that will make it mandatory for all to save for retirement. If the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) proposal is implemented, all workers either in the informal or formal sector will be required to join a pension scheme.

"We are working on a draft that will include a universal pension scheme," RBA Chief Executive Edward Odundo told The Standard yesterday. The scheme will cover all Kenyans and pay a monthly pension to all upon attaining 65 years. The regulator says making retirement saving compulsory will have significant impact on poverty reduction and increase the level of savings in the economy. More>>>

Body set up to monitor sugar imports

By John Oyuke, Sept 9 2008
The Government has set up a committee to monitor the flow of sugar into the country from the Comesa (Common market for Eastern and Southern Africa) region. Deputy Prime Minister and Trade Minister Uhuru Kenyatta formed the Sugar Safeguard Committee to avoid a clash with Comesa over sugar imports. The committee would facilitate and monitor implementation of safeguard arrangements following recent extension by the Comesa Council of Ministers early this year. More>>>

Two PSs dropped

By a correspondent, Sept 9 2008
President Kibaki Monday evening dropped two permanent secretaries in a mini reshuffle. Mr Kombo Mwero was dropped as the PS in the Forestry and Wildlife ministry as was Mr Huka Wario who was in the Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands. They were replaced by the hard-nosed deputy Central Bank of Kenya governor Jacinta Mwatela and Mohammed wa Mwachai of the OP. More>>>

Kenya's education in crisis

By Samwel Otieno, Sept 8 2008
The education system is in a crisis and on a verge of collapse unless radical reforms are implemented fast, experts have warned. The experts recommend the abolition of KCPE and KCSE. They want the grading replaced with a holistic system of evaluation for students as well as schools. But what is more baffling to the experts is that the Education ministry is in "perpetual denial" about the crisis by reaffirming their "false confidence" in the current system. More>

shocked kibera residents
Kibera in mourning: Shocked residents of Kibera watch in disbelief following news that a daughter killed her step father over which TV program to watch.

Girl kills father over TV program

By Cyrus Ombati, Sept 8 2008
A girl’s rage turned tragic when she defied her father and killed him following a row over a TV programme. In the incident in Nairobi’s Kibera slums, the father’s love of football cost him his life when his stepdaughter, a 17-year-old Form Three student, allegedly stabbed him three times in the chest before she escaped. More>>>

Kenya's illiterate millions

By Marion Wambugu, Sept 8 2008
As the world marks the World Literacy Day today, alarming statistics on adult literacy survey Kenya National Adult Literacy Survey (KNALS) indicates that more than eight million adults and youth are illiterate. More>>>

Mudavadi to be demoted in ODM

As PM Raila reads a riot act to contain rebellious MPs, it has emerged that ODM is to make key changes the highlights of which are to make Mr Odinga the party leader; Mr William Ruto his deputy while Mr Musalia Mudavadi and Mr Rajib Balala will take other senior positions. Sources said Mr Ruto will be taking a high profile position ahead of Mr Mudavadi so that he can contain Rift Valley MPs, who have been critical of the PM’s position on the Mau Forest and appointment of ministers, assistant ministers and permanent secretaries. Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba, who has been at the forefront of the Grand Opposition initiative, may also be placated with a position in the new line-up.More>>>

raila, gumo, kosgei
ODM short-changed by PNU: ODM big wigs Raila Odinga, Fred Gumo and Henry Kosgei in retreat at Naivasha. Raila admitted for the first time that ODM was shortchanged in the grand coalition with PNU. More>>>

Foreign gangs use marriage to wreck Kenya

By Alphonce Mung’ahu, Sept 8 2008
A GANG of foreigners are siphoning billions of shillings out of the country through dubious business deals, Kenya Times can report. Police sources say the only way of taming the criminals would be to ensure the Immigration Department and courts cooperate with police to ensure prompt deportation of illegal foreigners.Highly placed police sources intimate that most of the illegal immigrants are from Cameroon and mostly target Kenyan women from rich families. More>>>

Bestial sex rampant in Kenya

By Oscar Obonyo, Sept 6 2008
Weird stories of men "raping" cows, hens and other domestic animals have been reported countrywide - the latest incident took place in Kisii last week. But now, young women are also claiming a portion of the bizarre drama. The unnatural acts are not only shocking, horrifying and appalling, but also unbelievable, as investigations by The Standard On Saturday confirmed. Unlike perverts who engage in deviant sex for "pleasure", our team found out that the girls instead offer "pleasure" to animals for a fee. That bill is footed by a cartel of individuals who record the action and sell the material overseas and locally. More>>>

Muthaura's memo stuns ODM

Public Service chief Francis Muthaura has set off another hidden war in Cabinet by drawing no-go zones for Prime Minister Raila Odinga while appearing to adopt a ‘condescending’ tone. More>>>

VP's wife accepts salary

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka’s wife, Pauline has accepted the Sh400,000 monthly allowance by the State but says she will donate it all to six charities. PM's wife, Ida rejected the salary completely. More>>>

ODM retreats to do-or-die meeting

Kipng’eno Cheruiyot, Sept 5 2008
PRIME Minister Raila Odinga will be on the spot tomorrow as he chairs a crucial Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party meeting amid widespread discontent among MPs over various issues and the party’s position in the Grand Coalition Government.

A section of ODM MPs have complained that the party was getting a raw deal from the Grand Coalition and would use the retreat scheduled for Naivasha to assess if its engagement with President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU).The role of the party’s top decision making organ, the Pentagon, will also be evaluated as some MPs have questioned its relevance. More>>>

Mudavadi decries Kenya's share of regional market

Mangoa Mosota, Sept 6 2008
Local manufacturers should boost their share of exports to the regional markets, Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has said. Mudavadi says Kenya’s share of exports to the Eastern African market stood at Sh54 billion annually. He asked manufacturers to add more value to their products to be more competitive against commodities from outside the region. Mudavadi said the country was only enjoying a seven per cent share of the region’s market, which is about Sh774 billion. ‘‘The Eastern African market is dominated by imports from outside the region,’’ said Mudavadi during a luncheon hosted by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Nyanza/Western provinces chapter, at a Kisumu Hotel. More>>>

minister marries nigerian
Nigerian marries Kenyan minister

They came, they saw, they conquered. Not Julius Caesar this time round, but the Nigerians. Led by Lagos State MP Tule Adejare, the Nigerians were in Kenya to “take possession” of Kathiani MP Petti Wavinya Ndeti-Oduwale. More>>>

Mudavadi rescues Kisumu mayor

By Kepher Otieno, Sept 6 2008
Deputy Prime minister Musalia Mudavadi’s official tour of Kisumu town was marred with protests from traders whose kiosks were demolished by the Municipal Council on Thursday. The Local Government minister had a rough time controlling the charged crowd that wanted to attack Mayor Sam Okello over the demolitions. Chanting "The Mayor must go! Okello must go! the mob confronted Okello outside the Jubilee Fish Market, forcing him to take refuge in the Deputy Prime Minister’s official car. Mudavadi worsened the situation when he tore into the council, accusing it of destroying kiosks it had licensed. More>>>

Cardinal Otunga on the way to sainthood

The road to making Maurice Cardinal Otunga a saint is expected to begin on Saturday with the naming of a team to investigate his life. Catholic faithful who gather in Nairobi this morning to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of the cardinal at the Resurrection Garden in Karen will witness the start of this journey when John Cardinal Njue names the team during mass. More>>>

afc leopards

Bwibo answers Lutta over new AFC business

By Victor Bwibo, Sept 5 2008
I'd just like to re assure Mr. Martin Lutta, that the AFC Leopards revival plan is still in the preliminary stages. (See INGONEWS archives of August 2008) Once the whole process has been approved, there will be a prospectus that will detail how to invest and what the benefits are. Thanks for your concerns Lutta. With regard to the classes of shareholding - the classification is debatable I agree. By the time we are through, everything will have been set straight - this includes member registration and share application. The website too is being spruced up. At the end of the day, we will surely have come out clean.

New Ambassadors, parastatal chiefs to be named next week

By our correspondent, Sept 5 2008
Mr Isaiah Samuel Osugo is the new Commissioner of Prisons. In the appointment by President Kibaki, he replaces Mr Gilbert Omondi, signalling the beginning of the scramble for top Government jobs as reported in The Standard on Thursday. Mr George Macgoye was named Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons.

Meanwhile, Internal Security Minister George Saitoti has set up an oversight board to investigate complaints against the police force, a first in the country’s history. The full list of new envoys and parastatal chiefs will be unveiled next week. More>>>

Lumbasyo finally sacked as Raila, Muthaura contradict each other

By our correspondent, Sept 5 2008
The saga at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) involving the Managing Trustee, Rachael Lumbasyo, took a new twist after Prime Minister Raila Odinga backed her removal. But Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli alleged on Thursday that those pushing for the changes at NSSF were targeting the more than Sh100 billion in the Fund’s reserve.

He added that NSSF’s financial base went up from Sh45 billion to Sh100 billion in the last three years during Lumbasyo’s tenure. But in a terse statement on Thursday, Raila rebutted the claims of having rescinded Munyes’ decision to send Lumbasyo packing. Raila’s move contradicts a directive by Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura that Lumbasyo remains in office. More>>>

End of an era:
Outgoing Knut Secretary General Francis Ng’ang’a (second left) hands over the union’s constitution to his deputy Lawrence Majali (right), at the union headquarters after he retired, on Thursday. On the left is chairman George Wesonga and legal officer Kabiru Macharia

Ng'ang'a quits Knut, Majali takes over

By Marion Wambugu, Sept 5 2008
Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General Francis Ng’ang’a has retired. Mr Ng’ang’a, who spent most of his career at the union fighting for the rights of more than 245,000 teachers, retired at 60. He handed over to his deputy, Lawrence Majali, who will act, pending the election of a new secretary general at the union’s annual delegates conference in December. More>>>

Kisumu burns

Several people were injured as more than 100 traders protesting the demolition of kiosks battled police in Kisumu. Business came to a standstill as police responded with tear gas. More>>>

kisumu burns

Ugandan investor kicked out of Pokot

By Osinde Obare, Sept 5 2008
The Government has stopped an investor in West Pokot District from exporting limestone. Industrialisation Minister Henry Kosgey banned Kavee Quarries Company from extracting limestone at Ortum for cement processing in Tororo, Uganda. Pokot leaders led by Cabinet Minister Samuel Poghisio and MPs Wilson Litole and Julius Murgor had asked Mr Kosgey to intervene over the matter. Area residents had threatened to set the firm’s machines at the company’s extraction site ablaze. The minister was speaking at Ortum trading centre. More>>>

Mt Elgon to have a permanent military base

THE Government is constructing a permanent military base at Banantega in Mt Elgon district to launch its next operation which includes tracking down the remnants of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF), the spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua said yesterday. Mutua said after “the successful and commendable operation” to dismantle the militia, the Government had seen it fit to maintain a permanent security presence in the region.

Grand Regency to be revalued

By Muchemi Wachira, Sept 5 2008
An independent valuer will be appointed to determine the value of the Grand Regency Hotel, the Cockar Commission ruled on Thursday. The valuer will be paid by the Central Bank of Kenya through the commission, ruled Mr Justice Majid Cockar, who is chairing the commission investigating the controversial sale of the five-star hotel. The retired judge was responding to an application by assisting counsel Wilfred Mati, who made the application after noting that various witnesses had given different valuations of the hotel. More>>>

cathy and sean condron
Happy couple: Sean Condron and Catherine Vugutsa.

Abeingo gets two new members

By INGONEWS Reporter, Sept 4 2008
Abeingo community in the UK is proud to welcome two newly born members. Baby Nathan was born to Catherine Vugutsa Condron and Sean Condron a week ago in Basildon, Essex. Happy mum, Catherine told INGONEWS the name Nathan was chosen because in Hebrew it means "Gift from God."

And in London, Andrew Ndege and Agnes Ndege were blessed with baby girl, Hypatia Juanita Louisiana Nakata-Ndege to add to their brood of two. Mr and Mrs Ndege got married formally in a "wedding of the year" last year summer. Members and management committee of Abeingo Community Network are delighted at the news and send best wishes.

andrew and agnes ndege
Blessed couple: Andrew Makhuwa Ndege and Agnes

NSSF sacking: Minister humiliated as lady stays put

By Allan Kisia and Abiya Ochola, Sept 4 2008
The controversy and intrigues at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) raged on Wednesday with Managing Trustee Rachel Lumbasyo saying she would stay put. This leaves Labour Minister John Munyes in an awkward position, unwilling to revert his earlier sacking order, yet unlikely to win boardroom wars in which the Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been sucked in. More>>

KRA fights off musicians

A bid by musicians to team up with the taxman in the fight against piracy flopped on Wednesday. KRA told the musicians that it only dealt with specific taxes such as VAT. More>>>

lumbasyo rachel
Rachel Lumbasyo, Managing Trustee of NSSF is going nowhere contrary to Minister John Munye's sacking order.

Suspect bailed over contraband books

By Wahome Thuku, Sept 4 2008
Sila Namuhisa Ojiambo was allegedly found printing 482 covers of English in Practice, which is published by Longman. He was released on Sh100,000 cash bail. Meanwhile, four people appeared before Nairobi Principal Magistrate Teresia Ngugi charged with storing and selling pirated titles. Mr Jackson Kaharo Kamonjo, Mr Simon Kariuki Muiruri and Mr David Nyagah Ndegwa faced ten counts of dealing in pirated copies of Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The River Between and Marjorie Macgoye’s Coming to Birth. They allegedly committed the offences last Thursday in Nairobi. Kaharo and Nyaga were also charged with keeping and selling pirated copies of Son of Fate by John Kiriamiti and My Life ith a Criminal, published by EAEP.

Happy birthday Mr President

Moi at 85

Retired President Moi has marked his 85th birthday by urging the public to remember the poor and help them. More>>>

Matatu accident kills 15 in Webuye

By our correspondent, Sept 3 2008
Fifteen people died and 23 others were seriously injured when two matatus collided near Webuye. Thirteen passengers died on the spot in the Monday night horror crash while the other two died at Webuye District Hospital.

Twenty-two passengers, including an infant and both matatu drivers, were admitted at Webuye hospital in stable condition while a female passenger who was in critical condition was taken to Eldoret’s Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The accident occurred at Nzioa River Bridge on the Eldoret-Malaba highway. According to eyewitnesses, the two matatus, one travelling from Bungoma and the other from Eldoret, collided at the bridge at 7.30pm as the drivers tried to avoid a tractor which had stalled on the road. Bungoma police boss Thomas Matano said the tractor had been impounded and its driver arrested. More>>>

webuye accident
Road carnage: Webuye Base Commander Christopher Moseeh and the public view the mangled wreckage of one of the matatus at Webuye Police Station on Tuesday.

NSSF's Lumbasyo gets a lifeline

By Dave Opiyo, Sept 3 2008
Prime minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday waded into the stand-off over the attempted removal of the National Social Security Fund managing trustee Rachael Lumbasyo. The PM held a meeting with the NSSF board of trustees at his Treasury building offices in Nairobi in the latest bid to resolve the stalemate. The Fund is the main retirement benefits scheme for majority of private sector and public service employees who are not yet covered under any other fund. The board is resisting the order by Labour minister John Munyes removing Mrs Lumbasyo, who has, on instructions of the board, remained in office. The board has been backed in defying the minister by Public Service head Francis Muthaura. More>>>

Mt Elgon soldiers in lucky escape

By our correspondent, Sept 3 2008
Six soldiers returning from duties in Mt Elgon were seriously injured at Matisi, Bungoma, when the driver of their truck lost control and crashed. The soldiers, who were on their way to Nairobi after a six-month operation in Mt Elgon, were taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. On the Kericho/Kisii highway, two people, among them a civic leader, died when the motorcycle they were riding was involved in an accident with a matatu at Chelilis area on Monday night. More>>>

Githongo denies seeking audience with Kibaki

By Lucas Baraza, Sept 3 2008
Former Ethics and Governance permanent secretary John Githongo has denied claims that he unsuccessfully sought audience with President Kibaki during his recent visit to the country. In a statement to the media via e-mail, Mr Githongo said reports that he unsuccessfully tried to get audience with President Kibaki were inaccurate. More>>

Here's one who doesn't milk the State

By Dennis Onyango, Sept 3 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife has declined the Sh400,000 monthly allowance offered by the State. Mrs Ida Odinga, however, thanked the Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura for recognising the public responsibility she shoulders by virtue of being the PM’s wife.

Mr Muthaura’s offer to Ida and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka’s wife, Pauline, triggered a national outcry. Speaking for the first time since the controversy broke out a fortnight ago, Ida said she had not commented about the issue because she had not received communication from the Government. More>>>

Workshop decries gender violence

DOZENS of women from around the continent who are meeting in Nairobi have voiced concern over rising cases of gender violence. They claimed gender violence appeared targeted at the womenfolk because of stepping out of their prescribed roles and challenging the status quo. More>>>

ida odinga
Ida Odinga: Rejected Shs400,000 allowance as PM's wife. "I have looked after myself without State help and will continue to do so."

Bishop arrested over army jobs racket

By Vincent Bartoo, Sept 3 2008
Forty people among them military servicemen, a police constable and a Bishop have been arrested in connection with a Sh2 million military recruitment bribery scam. Military police detained 36 people who had reported at the Recruits Training School (RTS) in Eldoret with recruitment letters. They then interrogated the suspects, 11 of who identified the policeman and the Bishop as having escorted them to the RTS. The Military Chief Recruitment Officer, Humphrey Khisa said among the 11 were the officer’s brother and sister. The officer and the Bishop had allegedly taken money from the would be recruits to secure them places at the RTS. More>>>

Soon you'll buy NSE shares online

Investors at the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) will soon buy and sell shares through the Internet. Already, there is an attempt to integrate systems of both investment and commercial banks to facilitate speedy settlement of accounts once a client places an order. The disclosure was made Tuesday by Mr Peterson Mwangi, the chief executive officer of Afrika Investment Bank during the official launch of the company at a Nairobi hotel. More>>>

Army in surprise retreat from Mt Elgon

By Robert Wanyonyi, Sept 2 2008
The military has withdrawn from troubled Mt Elgon District amid calls for investigation into accusations of atrocities. After an operation to flush out Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) for nearly six months, the soldiers packed their bags and left.

Residents of Cheptais Division woke up to find the military base at Kapkota empty. The withdrawal came as a surprise as the Government had assured residents that a permanent military base would be built in the district. Operation Okoa Maisha was launched on March 9, after more than 600 people were killed and another 40,000 displaced by fighting over the controversial Chebyuk Settlement Scheme. More>>>

mt elgon army
Army operation in Mt Elgon against the Sabaot Land Defence Force has been withdrawn unexpectedly dogged by constant reports of torture by residents and human rights groups.

Khalwale wants chief pharmacist sacked

By our correspondent, Sept 2 2008
Dr Bonny Khalwale, the chairman of public accounts committee, has called for the revocation of the appointment of Dr Kipkerich Koskei as Chief Pharmacist and Registrar of Pharmacy and Poisons Board and Dr Richard Muga as chairman of a taskforce investigating the Kenya Medical Services Agency over claims of mismanagement.

Dr Khalwale who is also the MP for Ikolomani told teh Prime Minister, Raila Odinga to verify how ministers hired and fired personnel to ensure high standards of service delivery. "We have seen people fired by ministers, then replaced by those whose integrity is questionable," Dr Khalwale said in Nairobi. But his Lugari counterpart, Mr Cyrus Jirongo, blamed the PM as the force behind the sacking of top public servants. More>>>

Widow runs away with ODM ticket

By Vitalis Kimutai, Sept 2 2008
The widow of former Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones has won the ODM ticket for the Bomet parliamentary seat. It was pomp and dance as Ms Beatrice Pauline Cherono Kones floored five opponents in the party nominations. Her supporters mobbed her after ECK returning officer Aggrey Mudinyu, a former PC declared her the winner.

Beatrice garnered 21,386 votes in the nomination with her closest rival Stephen Mutai, a former chief executive officer of Tenwek Mission Hospital, clinching 5,348. Dr Paul Chirchir got 3,343 votes. Former Lands Permanent Secretary Dr Nehemia Ng’eno garnered 419 votes. More>>>

beatrice kimutai
ODM's Beatrice Kimutai, widow of Kipkalya Kones

Mob lynches three 'witches' in Bungoma

By Robert Wanyonyi, Sept 2 2008
Chaos reigned at Bungoma’s Chwele market when the public lynched three suspected thieves after charms administered by a witchdoctor allegedly seized them. The suspects are alleged to have stolen from a supermarket and killed a night guard, prompting the owner to enlist the services of the witchdoctor Paul Odhiambo Okello from Teso District.

The ‘doctor’ arrived at Chwele market with pomp as jubilant residents escorted him to the scene of the crime. "Mimi nikifika hapa tarajieni matokeo tu kwa vile mwizi ameshikwa tayari," (As I arrive here, you should expect results as the thief has already been arrested), roared Okello as excited residents cheered. The witchdoctor proceeded to prepare his paraphernalia as he sprinkled some herbs at the scene. More>>>

Joy as suicidal man gets his conjugal rights

By Ernest Ndunda, Sept 2 2008
The man who attempted to commit suicide last weekend after his wife allegedly denied him conjugal rights has a reason to smile, at last. The distraught man had thrown himself in front of a speeding matatu but the driver stepped on his brakes just in time.

This follows a week long behind-the-scenes manoeuvring by close family friends that culminated in a deal. According to the deal reached at the weekend, the Nigerian would be entitled to his conjugal rights three times a week, if he so wishes. The man had jumped in front of a matatu a week over lack of sex. More>>>

dorothy angote
Lands PS, Dorothy Angote is squeeky clean. She wouldn't touch your food if your kitchen is dirty just ask staff at Kenya Institute of Surveying and mapping.

Angote snabs meal over filthy kitchen

By Isaan Ongiri, Sept 2 2008
A Permanent Secretary rejected a meal prepared in her honour at the Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping, claiming the environment was filthy. Trouble started when Lands PS Dorothy Angote was on an impromptu inspection of the institution after closing an international conference on Remote Sensing for mapping. When she got to the college kitchen, she found staff busy preparing a meal. She was, however, not impressed by how untidy it was leading her to remark, "I don’t think I can eat anything here." After the tour, the PS went to the college principal, Mr Benjamin Kumuyu’s office, for refreshments and signing of the visitor’s book. She signed but touched no food and drink. More>>>

Germany gives water lifeline to four Western towns

By our correspondents, Sept 1 2008
Germany will sponsor a water supply and sanitation programme in four towns in Western Province. The Sh3.4 billion funding, through the long-term Water Sector Development Programme, will target Kakamega, Busia, Mumias and Nambale towns, which fall under the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board.

Making the revelation, the board’s Chief executive Officer Diru Magomere said the project would start later this year. "The phase will be a continuation of the Nzoia Cluster Phase one, currently under implementation in Webuye, Bungoma and Kitale," said Magomere.

In a quarterly report, Magomere said rural communities were also being targeted by the board’s water provision plan. The board serves 28 administrative districts in Western and parts of Rift Valley, with an estimated population of 6.5 million people. More>>>

Busia Town Hall. Busia is among four towns in Luhyaland to benefit from a shs3.5bn water and sanitation programme sponsored by Germany

McCain's surprise VP candidate

Sen. John McCain announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate Friday, calling her "the running mate who can best help me shake up Washington." Obama's running mate is Joe Biden, a seasoned senator with 30 years experience who will bring gravitas to foreign policy issues. More>>>

Mock exams now banned

By Henry Nyarora, Sept 1 2008
The Ministry of Education has banned mock examinations in all schools. Education permanent secretary Karega Mutahi said they will be replaced by continuous assessment tests (CATs). In an interim guideline to provincial directors of education, district education officers, heads of schools and the director of city education, Prof Mutahi said the decision to abolish provincial and district mock examinations was reached after it was realised that it had been commercialised. “It has become necessary to ban centralised mock exams from the school’s academic calendar with immediate effect to minimise commercialisation of education,” said the PS.

Police kill 3 robbery suspects

Police shot dead three robbery suspects in separate incidents in Nairobi. One of the suspects, shot on River Road at the Old Nation roundabout at noon Sunday, was described by police as a notorious mugger being sought in connection with a number of robberies along the road. A toy pistol was found on him. More>>>

Wamalwa's secrets still intact

By Abisai Amugane and David Musundi, Sept 1 2008
Five years after the death of Kenya’s 8th Vice President, Michael Wamalwa, at a London hospital, Kenyans are yet to hear many secrets of the eloquent politician. Many knew him as a university lecturer and international lawyer, a playwright and a person who liked watching and revealing cartoons. Still many others compared him to the Queen of England because of his prolific English skills, while others regarded him as a polished and shrewd politician. More>>>

In the beginning they were three: Kibaki, Charity Ngilu and the late Wamalwa Kijana

Atwoli backs retirement at 60

By our correspondent, Sept 1 2008
Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) has backed Igembe South legislator Mithika Linturi motion tailored to have retirement age for public servants increased to 60 years. The unions said the move to have Pension Act amended to increase the retirement age from 55 years to 60 was timely and within what was being done in the East African Community member states. More>>>

Security fears as police reforms stall

By Cyrus Ombati, Sept 1 2008
Kenyans will have to wait a little longer for improved services from the Police, following the stalling of reforms that would have seen security services improved. The stalling of a Sh50 billion programme to revamp the Police Force has put a huge strain on national security. Although a fraction of the reforms have been implemented, this has not positively impacted on national policing. The Kenya Police Service Strategic Plan 2004-2008 outlines the vision that was to drastically transform the force. More>>>

moi, mbotela
Former President Moi welcomes former Presidential Press Service Unit workers Salim Mohammed (left) and Leonard Mambo Mbotela to his home at Kabarak in Nakuru.

US actor to build children's hospital in Eldoret

By Vincent Bartoo, Sept 1 2008
Award winning American actor Anthony Edwards will build a Sh1 billion children’s hospital in Eldoret. It will be the largest in East Africa, catering for newborns. Mr Edwards, an Emmy Award winning actor in America’s most watched drama series ER, which was aired on KTN, unveiled the proposed site of the hospital at the weekend.

It will be based at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital and named Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital. Edwards said Shoe4Africa, a charity organisation he heads, had raised the funds. More>>>

Bid to stop Raila running for president in 2012

By our correspondents, Sept 1 2008
Five MPs, among them two Cabinet ministers, have described as malicious legislation proposing an age limit for presidential candidates. Cabinet Ministers Mutula Kilonzo and Paul Otuoma, Assistant minister Ayiecho Olweny and MPs James Rege (Karachuonyo) and Oyugi Magwanga (Kasipul Kabondo) said the proposal targeted certain individuals.

Mutula said the proposal by Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi had been rejected at the constitutional conference in Bomas and warned leaders against introducing "personalised laws." More>>>