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Dr Newton Kulundu (centre), Mutua Katuku, Njeru Ndwiga, Kiraitu Murungi after the launch of Panu in Nairobi

Dr Kulundu

Luhyas want change not reforms

By Dominic Odipo, Nairobi, Sept 30 2007
If we were to reduce the coming presidential elections to one word, what would it be? Before answering that question, let us say, once more, what these elections will not be about. These elections will not be about the Government’s achievements over the last five years. They will not be about free primary education, the ruling interest, exchange and inflation rates or the rate at which our gross domestic product has been growing.

They will not be about the seemingly successful KenGen or Mumias Sugar initial public offers (IPOs). They will be about something much harder to put a finger on. In one word, they will be about change. For millions of people from Lamu to Port Victoria, Magadi to Mandera, change has become the all-encompassing mantra. If you were to ask them exactly what sort of change they are yearning for, the answers would differ depending on the respondent and location. More>>>

Doctor jabs doctor

By Stephen Makabila, Sept 30 2007
Assistant Health minister, Dr Enock Kibunguchy, has dismissed the defection of Trade and Industry minister, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi. He said by ditching Narc-Kenya for New Ford-Kenya, the Kimilili MP had squandered his chance of rising in national politics. "Kituyi has miscalculated...He did not consult and what he has done does not depict a good leader," said Kibunguchy.

The Lugari MP said it was wrong for Kituyi to abandon other members from the area since he was the party’s leading light in Western Province. "By moving alone, Kituyi who was the party secretary general, has shown he cannot be a leader conscious of his flock," he added.

While dumping Ford-Kenya, he said, Kituyi claimed the party lacked national outlook. "He now also belongs to a regional party similar to the one he ran away from," he said. New Ford-Kenya, which is headed by Mr Soita Shitanda, and Dr Bonny Khalwale, broke away from Mr Musikari Kombo’s Ford-Kenya. Kituyi, while announcing his defection in Kimilili, said he would mobilise the party to support President Kibaki’s re-election on the Party of National Union ticket. Source: Standard

Kibaki admits wealth distribution skewed

By Alex Ndegwa, Nairobi Sept 30 2007
President Kibaki launched his campaign for a second term in office when he unveiled his re-election vehicle, the Party of National Unity (PNU). One message stuck out in the President’s address: Granting of equal opportunities and a share of the national cake. He dwelt on his achievements since 2003, and his vision in the next five years. Kibaki reiterated that his Government would roll out the free secondary education and healthcare should voters pick him in the December polls.

"We will ensure that the PNU is united in one common purpose - providing equal opportunity for all Kenyans," Kibaki told thousands of supporters who jammed the Nyayo National Stadium.

The President conceded that more needed to be done to ensure the benefits trickled down to the common mwananchi."The challenge we now face is to expand and distribute wealth and the benefits of improved public service management, so that wealth is not confined to our cities or in the hands of few." The president appeared to respond to criticism that his Government had failed to promote equal distribution of national wealth and claims that he had presided over a skewed allocation of resources, including biased appointments to plum State jobs. More>>>

President Kibaki and Moody Awori

awori and kibaki

Kibaki hits campaign trail

Nairobi, Sept 29 2007
President Kibaki embarked on a hectic campaign itinerary, traversing the city on a trip that took him to four political party meetings where his re-election bid was endorsed. And this morning, the President heads to Nyayo National Stadium to launch his campaign under the Party of National Unity (PNU). More>>>

Dr Khalwale


Dr Kituyi

Dr Kituyi

Mr Shitanda


Kituyi, Khalwale, Shitanda may join ODM

By Daniel Otieno and Benson Amadala, Sept 29 2007
Two Cabinet ministers yesterday sent strong signals that they might not back President Kibaki’s re-election bid. Trade and Industry minister Dr Mukhisa Kituyi and his Housing counterpart, Mr Soita Shitanda, and assistant minister Bonny Khalwale, said New Ford Kenya, to which they belong, had opened talks with all the presidential hopefuls, on the possibility of backing one of them.

He said: “Although I am proud of the achievements of the government, I am also aware that the interests of the region from which I come have not been sufficiently addressed.” More>>>

It's viva Las Vegas for Muyale's choir

By Anthony Njagi, Sept 29 2007
When a group of 30 Kenyan youths visited Las Vegas in Nevada, US, recently, they were not on a gambling mission. The youths, who form the famous Boys Choir of Kenya, were at the world’s gambling capital to promote Kenya as a prime tourist destination. The choir members, who are aged between 15 and 24, brought the house down one Saturday afternoon at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino where 3,500 tour operators from the US were gathered for a conference. And, true to their reputation, they went, they sang and they conquered.

The choir, led by Mr Joseph Muyale, performed the choicest traditional African folk songs and even some American classics. After the concert, which was billed as an absolute charmer, they took time to interact with the tour operators. 

Two days later, the boys headlined the conference’s closing gala dinner, where they brought an audience of more than 3,000 professionals, including hoteliers, tour operators and airline officials to their feet with scintillating beats and tunes. They displayed unmatched prowess in singing, dancing and drum beating. “They wanted a taste of Africa, and that is what we gave them,’’ says the choir’s founder, Mr Muyale, with a contented smile. More>>>

Newly weds Andrew and Agnes Grace Ndege with the maids and flower girls in a striking pose after their successful wedding held at the Holy Rosary Church in Brixton, London on Friday, September 28, 2007. The groom described his bride as an ancient goddess of love who moves with the grace of an ocean liner. CLICK HERE to view photos


Looking presidential: Raila for Rais


68% Luhya vote goes to Raila

By Ben Agina and Jaya Bowry, Nairobi Sept 28 2007
If elections were called today, 68% of Luhya would vote Raila Odinga as president, a new poll shows. The poll by Steadman Group, gives Kibaki 22% while Kalonzo Musyoka gets a paltry 3%. Nationwide, Raila pips Kibaki to State House Tenancy for the first time; garnering 47% compared to Kibaki's 38%.

The poll results released by the Steadman Group Managing Director, Mr George Waititu, were conducted between September 21 and 25. The results echoed another conducted by Steadman Group for Nairobi only and released last Tuesday, which showed Raila leading at 44 per cent, Kibaki (40) and Kalonzo (11). The latest survey was conducted in 53 administrative and geographical districts. Raila leads in Nairobi 51 per cent, Coast 48 per cent, Nyanza 85 per cent, Rift Valley 53 per cent, Western 65 per cent and North Eastern 70 per cent. Kibaki leads in two provinces: Central (79) and Eastern (49). But the President has 37 per cent in Nairobi, Coast 36 per cent, Nyanza eight per cent, Rift Valley 35 per cent, Western 25 per cent and North Eastern 27 per cent. More>>>

Ndege marries Ndege: Andrew Makhuwa married Agnes Grace yesterday in a glittering wedding ceremony in London. CLICK HERE to view all photos


Masinde Mausoleum to be erected

By Cyrus Kinyungu and Robert Wanyonyi, Bungoma, Sept 28 2007
An ODM government would honour the memory of Elijah Masinde, the spiritual leader of Dini ya Msambwa, presidential candidate, Raila Odinga has announced. Mr Odinga who was on a campaign trail in Ford-K stronghold of Bungoma noted that Masinde was a national hero yet his family has been neglected by successive governments.

"We shall build a mausoleum for the late Elijah Masinde. If you do not remember your history, you become a slave," he noted. He noted that Masinde, who was the leader of the Dini ya Musabwa sect, had prophesied that national leadership would reach the Luhya community through the lake. Saying "This is the year of change in Kenya" Raila promised to make agriculture a profitable venture if elected. More>>>


• Trade and Industry minister, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, has dumped Narc-Kenya for New Ford-Kenya. More>>>
• Kibaki launches shs2billion Jua Kali Loan Scheme in a move seen widely as another election ploy. More>>>
• Ghosts of Artur brothers return to haunt the government. More>>

Rite of passage: girls circumcision parade


Where culture hinders education

Schools reopened for the third term four weeks ago but learners in Kuria District are still struggling to break away from cultural stereotypes. Pupils, especially girls, have to contend with many bottlenecks as they strive to break away from illiteracy.

They are yet to fully benefit from the free primary education programme introduced by the Government in 2003. Maureen and Jane are aged between 14 and 17, but they are already housewives of elderly tobacco farmers at Kehancha Division.

Education authorities say female circumcision gives girls a false feeling of womanhood and opens doors to marriage. About 62 per cent of girls who enrol in primary schools do not make it to secondary schools. More>>>

Kituyi edged out of inner circle

By Shad Bulimo, London, Sept 27 2007
Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, the MP for Kimilili is a man at political crossroads. His fight for political supremacy in Bungoma with Musikari Kombo seems to have marked him the loser as Kombo has moved to consolidate his political fortunes under Ford Kenya. Notwithstanding his ejection from helmsmanship of Narc Kenya in an internal coup d' etat, a revamped Narc Kenya to which Dr Kituyi staked his fortunes, has been edged out of the limelight with the formation of Panu as President Mwai Kibaki's re-election vehicle. That has left Dr Kituyi somewhat orphaned and reports indicate that he is toying with the idea of joining Soita Shitanda's New Ford Kenya.

Things can only get sour for the academic turned politician. Yesterday, it emerged that Dr Kituyi is one of those locked out of President Kibaki's re-election team. Other heavies shunned include: John Michuki, Martha Karua, Chris Murungaru, Kiraitu Murungi, Mutahi Kagwe, Noah Wekesa and Amos Kimunya. But still on course to be President Kibaki's running mate is Dr Moody Awori who is crafted into the team in what was described a a formular to achieve regional representation. More>>>

US Church succumbs to African pressure over gays

By Susan Anyangu, Amos Kareithi and Agencies, Sept 26 2007
Pressure by the African-Anglican community has forced their American counterparts to stop gay marriages. In a surprise move, leaders of the American Episcopal Church in the US have agreed to halt the ordination of gay clergy to prevent a split in the Anglican Church.

The US church on Tuesday issued a statement to the Anglican leaders around the world saying they will not consecrate gay bishops or bless same sex marriages. "The US Episcopal Church will urge restraint in elevating gays or lesbians to the position of bishop and will not authorise rites to be used for the blessing of same-sex marriages," the statement said.

Kombo told to forget vice-presidency

By Ben Agina, James Ratemo and Jaya Bowry, Nairobi, Sept 26 2007
President Kibaki has told Ford-Kenya Chairman, Musikari Kombo to forget being his running mate. Quoting a reliable source, The Standard reported that the head of state told Ford-Kenya team at State House, Nairobi, on Tuesday that everybody was lobbying for that position, "but you need to look at it critically vis-a-vis the political landscape."

This was just one of a raft of demands Ford-Kenya put to the President during the meeting, which started at 3.30pm and ended shortly after 5.30pm. Bumula MP, Mr Bifwoli Wakoli, who was the party’s spokesman, asked the President to state his position on the issue of the running mate. Sources said the party also wanted to be involved in all campaign structures of President Kibaki’s re-election. Chairman, Mr Musikari Kombo, led members of the Ford-Kenya’s National Executive Council, including MPs, Mr Wafula Wamunyinyi, Dr Noah Wekesa, Mr Moses Wetangula and Mr Raphael Wanjala, to State House. More>>>

The Queen comes to Kisumu

By Mangoa Mosota, Kisumu, Sept 26 2007
Traffic police officers in Kisumu caused a stir as they cleared the road for the visiting queen of Norway. Most motorists thought President Kibaki was in the area only to see several vehicles with UN registration numbers. Queen Sonja Haraldsen was in Kisumu touring a number of HIV/Aids initiatives, with the media being kept away from the function. "Kibaki anataka nini hapa Kisumu? (what does Kibaki want here in Kisumu ?)," a bicycle operator wondered.

With a convoy of more than 20 vehicles led by police outriders, the queen was escorted in a manner preserved for kings, presidents and… queens. She visited Nyanza Provincial Hospital on Wednesday and consoled those ailing from HIV/Aids. Journalists were, however, allowed to cover the queen’s visit at Otwenya Village, Kisumu West District. More>>

Yvonne Khamati to be re-appointed

By INGONEWS Reporter and Standard Team, Nairobi Sept 26 2007
President Mwai Kibaki has promised to re-appoint Yvonne Khamati in an ambassadorial capacity. Khamati was sacked as an African Union envoy by Foreign Affairs Minister, Raphael Tuju in July this year under unexplained circumstances. Khamati's firing rocked Ford-Kenya Chairman, Musikari Kombo who had secured her the plush job as part of a raft of goodies for supporting the government.

Yesterday, Moses Wetangula, assistant minister for foreign affairs, revisited the issue in an audience with Kibaki who was quoted as saying: "Hiyo maneno nimeyasikia na itafanyika (I have heard that issue and it will be done)". Wetangula said Khamati should get her job back now that the ambassador to Igad and the Great Lakes Region had resigned. More>>>

Village bank drives growth in Khwisero

By Shad Bulimo, London, Sept 26 2007
One of the main driving forces of development in Khwisero is a village bank where people can borrow money to invest in income generating projects. This was disclosed by the area MP, Mr Julius Arungah in a brief to Abeingo Community Network officials in London on Tuesday.

The bank is similar to the Bangladesh model whose attraction is its less stringent lending terms. And where mainstream banks look for collateral security, the villagers look to each other to enforce discipline and compliance. Mr Arungah, who was behind the initiative, said the bank which started with a share capital of shs150, 000.00 in 2004 with 300 subscribers has grown exponentially to 3000 subscribers with a capitalisation in excess of shs10million. "It's making a difference and you as Abeingo should consider using the bank as an instrument to empower the people economically," he said. The bank has now built a complex in conjunction with Africa Now, a NGO that promotes economic empowerment at the grassroots and is in partnerships with K-Rep Bank. One of the main advantages of this arrangement is that for people in Nairobi and other urban centres who wish to remit money to their relatives at home, all they do is deposit the cash in Cooperative Bank and within ten minutes the beneficiary would have access to the funds.

Hon. Julius Arungah addressing Abeingo officials in London yesterday


Arungah calls for selfless leadership

By Shad Bulimo, London, Sept 26 2007
The MP for Khwisero, Mr Julius Arungah, has urged Luhya leaders to shun senseless individualism and work in unity to bring economic development to Western Province. Mr Arungah, in London attending the International Coffee Organisation Conference, said he personally has tried to bring together Luhya parliamentarians to work out a joint development strategy but was cold-shouldered by self seekers who thought that if they bought into the idea, they would boost his profile.

“It is not about Arungah. It’s about the people. I would join anybody else with good ideas. We risk remaining a community that grumbles unless we see the big picture and work as a team regardless of who the leader is,” he said. Mr Arungah was speaking to Abeingo Community Network officials in London yesterday. More>>>

From left: Eric Obanda, Shad Bulimo, Dr Musa Ndengu, Boni Wanda, Aggrey Kikaya, Fred Oula, Bernard Watsulu, Julius Arungah, Juvenal Shiundu and John Baraza. VIEW MORE PHOTOS

abeingo with arungah

Mr Julius Arungah joining Abeingo by paying membership fees to Neccy Kikaya, ACN Treasurer

arungah joining abeingo



Oh! The beloved Ingokho

Where the dog is said to be man's best friend, it's Ingokho who is Omuluhya's best friend. This photograph in today's Standard must keep Abandu salvating and wondering just on whose table is deliciously fabled bird going to end for supper. However, animal rights activists might have a problem with the way the chicken are transported to their slaughterhouse. Even in death the chicken deserve some honour.

Kombo, Wekesa feature in Panu storm

Nairobi, Sept 25 2007
President Kibaki met Ford-Kenya National Executive Committee as top politicians allied to Panu remained locked in nomination tussle. Details were scanty, but sources told The Standard the meeting was part of the efforts by various parties backing Panu to unlock the nomination stalemate.

Ford-Kenya chairman, Mr Musikari Kombo later said, without elaborating, that party leaders under Panu would be meeting the President regularly to brief him on their progress in the nomination talks. "It is a regular thing, we will be meeting him often to brief him," said Kombo. More>>>

Raila beats Kibaki in City poll

By Patrick Wachira, Nairobi Sept 25 2007
Steadman poll commissioned by the Standard Group and carried out among Nairobi residents over the weekend shows President Kibaki and challenger Mr Raila Odinga locked in a close and tight race. The poll shows Raila leading the President by four percentage points, in what amounts to a statistical dead heat that could change either way for the two men as the General Election nears. But quite significant for the President is that the poll rates Party of National Unity (Panu), his newly unveiled re-election vehicle that is just about 10 days old today, only second to ODM. In the survey, 44 per cent of those interviewed in Nairobi said they would vote for Raila, while 40 per cent said they would go for Kibaki if the elections were held today. More>>>

Wako, Kivuitu clash over poll violence

By Morton Saulo And Jaya Bowry, Nairobi Sept 25 2007
The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, and Attorney-General Mr Amos Wako clashed over the failure to prosecute electoral offenders, particularly those who fan violence. Kivuitu and Wako fired salvos at each other after the ECK chairman told a human rights workshop in Nairobi that the AG had failed to enforce the Election Offences Act.

Wako immediately wrote to Kivuitu after the workshop speech, protesting at the remarks and picking out one section where Kivuitu had called for a public demonstration against the AG. But Kivuitu wrote back immediately, and told Wako: "We never intended to denigrate that otherwise esteemed office. As for the public demonstration, that was for emphasis … we wanted to stir it (AG’s office) and I am happy it worked". Wako, in his letter, had told Kivuitu to refer his blame to the right authorities for investigation, but Kivuitu told him the office of the AG should demonstrate some concern. More>>>

Kituyi, Shitanda meet over political future

By Ayub Savula, Nairobi Sept 25 2007
NARC-Kenya secretary general, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, is reportedly contemplating resigning from his party position. The Kimilili MP met with Housing minister and New Ford-Kenya chairman Mr Soita Shitanda, where his future is said to have been discussed. When The Standard reached him for comment, Kituyi would not deny or confirm that he was planning a "major move". "Hayo maneno nimeyasikia lakini wachana nazo kwa hivi sasa (I’ve heard about those issues but leave them alone for now)," the Trade and Industry minister said. More>>>

Musumba arrested, wanted by the FBI

By Cyrus Ombati, Nairobi, Sept 25 2007
A Kenyan wanted in the US for alleged tax evasion and other criminal offences has been arrested. He was arrested during a raid on his Karen home, Nairobi. Police who also said they found a shotgun and pellets suspected to be used in making explosives.The man identified as Mr Patrick Musumba is in the FBI list of wanted persons. A team of detectives from the Flying Squad stormed his Karen hideout after a tip off.

During the raid police also recovered assorted personal identification documents they suspect to be fake. The pellets have been sent to experts for forensic examination.Head of the unit, Mr Musa Yego confirmed the arrest, on Tuesday. Police said the shotgun had the capability of bringing down an airplane at take-off. More>>>

KIE to become a parastatal

Nairobi, Sept 25 2007
The Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) will be de-linked from the Ministry of Education to become a parastatal, The Standard has learnt. Plans are underway to transform the institute, which has for long been a department in the Ministry of Education, to become autonomous. When the process is complete, KIE will now join the ranks of Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), which are autonomous agencies under the ministry. The move will also see names of teachers currently serving at the institute struck off the TSC payroll and redeployed at the institute under the KIE governing council. More>>>

Women turn to rabbit keeping in Kwanza

rabbits in kwanza

ODM wave sweeps Luhyaland

By Benson Amadala, Vihiga, Sept 24 2007
ODM’s weekend rally in Kakamega rekindled the euphoria of the 2002 campaigns that propelled Narc to power. The ecstatic reception accorded ODM presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga could signal a change of heart among party supporters after former Vice-President Musalia Mudavadi failed to clinch the party’s ticket to run for presidency. Doubt had, before the weekend, persisted as to whether voters in the province would support ODM if Mr Mudavadi failed to get the nomination.

Mr Odinga kicked off his campaign in Kakamega and later proceeded to the neighbouring Vihiga District which is Mr Mudavadi’s political backyard for another successful campaign meeting at Mbale Town.  In tow were Mudavadi, Najib Balala and Joseph Nyaga. More>>>

Were abandons Kombo

By INGONEWS Reporter and agencies, Sept 24 2007
Matungu MP, David Aoko Were has ditched his long term political godfather Musikari Kombo, The FORD Kenya leader, in favour of Odinga-Mudavadi team. Mr Were, along with Kakamega Mayor, John Khakhabo joined ODM during the hair splitting rally at Muliro Gardens, Kakamega over the weekend.

The defection by Matungu MP and Kakamega mayor John Khakabo is perhaps a sign of things to come as the campaign intensifies. There is speculation that more MPs from the region are waiting for the opportune moment to join the ODM bandwagon. Mr Were is up against Dr Joseph Wamukoya, former MP, Francis Kadima, former magistrate, Dr Charles Okumu, Justas Murunga, Raphael Welimo and Ms Auxilla Nyamoma.

Multinational firms quit Kenya

By Justus Ondari, Nairobi, Sept 24 2007
Another multinational firm plans to shut its factory in Nairobi, and send home just over 50 per cent of its staff, leaving only its marketing and finance departments.  Reckitt Benckiser East Africa Limited makes household cleaning, health and personal care products. Among its famous brands are Dettol, Harpic, Strepsils and Jik. 

It follows in the footsteps of Colgate Palmolive and Proctor & Gamble, firms that closed their local factories in recent years. Others that have scaled down manufacturing in Kenya include Unilever, Mecer and Johnson & Johnson.  The departure of these renowned household names punches holes in the Vision 2030, the government's blueprint to turn round economic fortunes of Kenya. More>>>

Walking for water in Khwisero

boko inyundo

Boko Inyundo took part in a 50-km charity walk on Sunday in aid Khwisero Water Development Project. For details on how you can sponsor him, please visit: http://www.justgiving.com/walkingforkwdp

End in sight for Mt Elgon clashes

By Bernard Kwalia, Kitale, Sept 23 2007
Representatives of two clans that are feuding over land in clash-torn Mt Elgon have reached an agreement to end the fighting. The ceasefire pact was reached at a prayer ceremony brokered by the Catholic and Anglican churches yesterday. The prayer ceremony was held at Cheptais divisional headquarters of Mt Elgon District, the centre of clan fighting between the Soy and Ndorobo, and which has led to the killing of more than 150 people.

Fighting broke out after one clan claimed that the other was being favoured by the Government in allocation of land at Chebyuk Settlement Scheme. The ceasefire agreement was brokered by Sabaot council of elders, Bishop Stephen Kewasis of Anglican Church of Kenya and Bishop Cornelius Korir of the Catholic church. More>>>

Khaemba to quit Alliance for South Africa

By Anthony Njagi, Nairobi, Sept 23 2007
Alliance High School Principal Christopher Khaemba is leaving for South Africa to be the pioneer head of the continent’s unique institution - the African Leadership Academy. Mr Khaemba had emerged the best among top scholars after seven months of head-hunting, short-listing and interviewing candidates for the prestigious job. The Johannesburg-based academy opens its door next February. 

‘‘The academy’s aims to develop the next generation of African leaders. Its mission is to educate and develop outstanding students,’’ Mr Khaemba told the Nation at Alliance High, where he was overseeing his final Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination candidates.  He is also supervising his last Alliance High school project - a three-hostel complex - at a cost of Sh45.7 million.  More>>>

Read Khaemba's profile

Govt promises, Budalang'i waits and waits...

By Allan Kisia and Renson Buluma, Busia, Sept 22 2007
The Government will set aside money for the construction of dams in flood-prone Budalang’i from next year, President Kibaki has said. Kibaki said the dams would be constructed to counter the perennial floods. The President, however, did not commit himself on how much money the Government would allocate. "We will see how much we can set aside in the next financial year for the construction of dams," he said.

Area MP, Mr Raphael Wanjala, who is also an Assistant minister for Water, said three dams are required at a cost of Sh15 billion. Special Programmes minister, Mr John Munyes, and his Local Government counterpart, Mr Musikari Kombo accompanied the President. Munyes said floods have affected over 30, 000 people in Budalang’i. He added that the Government had spent Sh22 million on relief efforts. He said the World Bank, through Water and Special Programmes ministries, had set aside Sh11 billion for a water project. More>>>

Angela Chibalonza Muliri


Gospel singer killed in car crash

By Emmanuel Mwendwa and Anthony Gitonga, Nairobi, Sept 22 2007
Gospel singer, Angela Chibalonza Muliri, is no more. The leading Kenya-based songwriter-cum-singer of Congolese descent died Saturday morning in a car accident at a black spot near Naivasha, along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. Chibalonza and two other people she was travelling with - her driver, Kennedy Aluoch and vocalist, Nimrod Makori - died when their car rammed into a lorry at Kinale, near Kijabe. Chibalonza leaves a widower, Pastor Elisha Muliri and their two adopted children. Her death comes barely two weeks since another talented musician, Lady S (Sarah Wangwe) perished also in a car crash along Thika Road. More>>>

Mudavadi's Homecoming address at an ODM rally in Kakamega


Looters will return stolen money

By Cyrus Kinyungu and Allan Kisia, Kakamega, Sept 22 2007
ODM Presidential candidate Mr Raila Odinga captained the Pentagon brigade to Kakamega for the grand homecoming of his running mate Mr Musalia Mudavadi. When the day, marked by song and dance, pomp and colour, ended, Raila was at Musalia’s Mululu home for the night. It was symbolic of the unity cord the two have struck since the Kasarani declaration the former Vice-President was the deputy captain. On the streets and in the stadium it was a sea of humanity as supporters turned up to welcome the ‘Son of Mululu’.. "If Raila gets it today (Presidency) God-willing I will get it tomorrow,’’ said Musalia. Meanwhile, Mr David Aoko Were, the MP for Matungu has defected to ODM. More>>>

Spotted in Kakamega: Trend setter


Luhya to follow Luo to presidency

By Wafula Buke, Nairobi, Sept 20 2007
Focus on prophet Elijah Masinde’s legacy and prophesies on the electoral politics of the Luhya is a welcome session on discussions going on in western Kenya.The theme under focus is his credentials as a prophet. Dr David Owuor, a Christian preacher, recently treated Kenyans to a prophesy about earthquakes that would reduce Nairobi to debris.More>>>

Luhya dons decamp into politics

By Stephen Makabila, Sept 20 2007
Dr Sammy Kubasu and Musalia Edebe are among 60 university dons decamping into politics. Dr Kubasu, the national chairman of Universities Academic Staff Union (Uasu) will contest against Dr Bonny Khalwale in Ikolomani while national Organising Secretary, Mr Musalia Edebe, is running for the Sabatia seat. More>>>

Genge rapper laid to rest in Sirisia

By Caroline Nyanga, Bungoma, Sept 20 2007
A somber mood engulfed Butonge village in Sirisia as the body of Genge rapper Lady S (Sharon Wangwe) was laid to rest last Saturday. Thousands of mourners from all walks of life, including politicians and celebrities, joined hands to accord her their last respects.

At 2pm, life came to a standstill at her father’s home where her coffin had been lying for 24 hours, in accordance with Luhya customs. Her mother Beatrice Shikoya Wanyonyi, and relatives, led the procession to her daughter’s grave. The entire Calif crew led by producer Clemo, Jua Cali, Pilipili, Rat-a-tat, Jimw@t, Bishop, Choku and other musicians like Mighty King Kong, Delicious, Refigah and Alphamatone joined close family friends from Dandora estate to form a ring around the coffin. The sorrow was palpable. As the coffin was lowered into the grave we pondered whether it was mere fate — or had Lady S foreseen her demise when she released her song, Kilio,. More>>>

Genge rapper, Lady S who died last week aged just 24

lady s

The President introduces 1st Lady Lucy Kibaki to Mama Rosemary Namalwa when he made a tour of her humble homestead in Matisi Village, Webuye

webuye peasant

Khwisero MP to visit UK

London, Sept 20 2007
Mr Julius Arunga, the Khwisero MP, is scheduled to visit the UK this weekend, INGONEWS has reliably learnt. It is not clear what his mission is. However, he has expressed interest in meeting Abeingo Community in the UK. Mr Arunga is defending the seat against heavy hitters such as Prof George Eshiwani and the journalist, Barrack Muluka.

The president and the peasant

Webuye, Sept 19 2007
Each cloud has a silver lining so goes the old adage. Yesterday the silver came in the name of Mrs Rosemary Njali Namalwa of Matisi Village, Webuye and the lining was of course President Mwai Kibaki on a campaign trail in Luhyaland. Like manna from heaven, he walked straight into her humble homestead of mud huts to have a one to one over weighty matters of state. The peasant farmer, who had waited near her gate to watch the presidential motorcade pass by with other villagers, was elated.

She proudly showed Kibaki around her six-acre farm where she grows sugarcane, bananas, maize and other food crops. The President and his large team that included heavy security detail walked straight into Namalwa’s shamba soon after greeting her. "You told us to work hard and this is my farm where I have been working. My husband died in 1991 and I have been feeding my children from this farm," Namalwa was heard telling the President as she pointed at her farm.

"Baba nimefurahi sana kuona kuwa unaweza kumbuka mama kama mimi (I am so happy to see that you could remember a woman like me)," she told Kibaki, who laughed cheerfully. Kibaki encouraged the woman to continue with her good farming to help her bring up her children. More>>>

Jirongo's U-turn changes political equation in Luhyaland

By Maina Muiruri, Nairobi Sept 19 2007
The return of Mr Cyrus Shakhalaga Jirongo with a political statement to back Mr Raila Odinga for president is another chapter in the career of a man who has been to the extreme ends of local politics. Jirongo emerged on the political scene in 1992 when he crafted the Youth for Kanu ’92 (YK’92) to campaign for former President Moi.

The irony of his move stood out as he cast his lot with Raila, who Moi has pulled all stops to oppose. Little was evident of the impact with which Jirongo struck the campaign scene then, with a roller-coaster campaign machine oiled with billions of shillings. More>>>

Western now properly switched on
Electricity users in Western Kenya will now enjoy better quality and more reliable power supply, after the completion of several power distribution projects, the national power distributor says. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) said the projects, completed under a programme to reduce distribution system losses at a cost of Sh471 million, will optimise power reliability and improve customer service by reducing blackouts in Musaga-Sibembe-Mumias, Kisumu, Elburgon etc. More>>>

Mombasa Council loses one female per month to Aids

By Mathias Ringa, Sept 19 2007
Aids has killed 213 female workers at Mombasa Municipal Council in the past five years, according to deputy town clerk Enos Kidai. He attributed this to the vulnerability of female employees, unsafe sex practices and poverty among other factors.  Only five male workers died of Aids in the same period, Mr Kidai said yesterday.

“Lack of consistency to practise safe sex has aggravated the problem. Women end up suffering after their partners fail to practise safe methods,” he said. The council has formed an anti-HIV and Aids committee to educate More>>>

Sparkling Sarah Macharia who wed last Saturday. View photos


Pupils in a school lab. Handling chemicals has caused 17 deaths in 10 years


Death in Western school labs

By James Ratemo, Nairobi Sept 18 2007
Students, lab assistants and teachers are being exposed to unsafe chemicals in school laboratories, reveals a new study. The study that was carried out in Western Province links the death of 17 lab assistants over a period of 10 years in the province to exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Environmental chemist and lecturer at Sacred Training Institute, an affiliate College of Moi University, Mr Mathew Murunga Mukhwana, decided to conduct the research after two lab technicians with similar symptoms - vomiting blood and persistent headache - died in a span of three years in one school. Doctors ruled that they died of highland malaria. After the second death a suspicious Mukhwana convinced the woman’s family to let him arrange for a post-mortem, which revealed that the victim’s respiratory system, including her lungs, was badly corroded by chemicals. More>>>

10 year hq dispute settled in Lugari

By Kennedy Lumwamu and David Macharia, Webuye, Sept 18 2007
A 10-year row over the location of headquarters for Lugari District has finally been resolved — and only after President Kibaki performed the ground-breaking ceremony at PanPaper trading centre. The ceremony on Monday convinced area residents that the dispute was finally over.

The row has been raging since the creation of the administrative unit carved out of the then larger Kakamega District by then President Moi in 1998. The dispute involved three groups that wanted the headquarters located near their localities. There were those who had all along been supporting the headquarters to be permanently located at Lumakanda where it has been on temporary basis.  Another group wanted it moved to Lugari Station for proximity to the railway line, while yet another wanted it set up at PanPaper trading centre, where the foundation stone was laid on Monday by President Kibaki. Internal Security Minister, Mr John Michuki said Sh126 million had been set aside in the 2007/08 Budget for construction of the headquarters. More>>>

The mower that settled the long running dispute over Lugari District headquarters.Ground breaking at PanPaper Trading Centre


Rejoice not, free education may not be free after all

The government's flagship universal free education proposed for secondary schools may not be free after all. According to research by the Institute of Public Policy Research, the scheme looks like will benefit only the rich. More>>>

Dr Walter Lusigi speaking in London on Sunday Sept 16 2007

Dr Lusigi



Dr Lusigi calls for Luhya trust

By Shad Bulimo, London, Sept 17 2007
Luhya people must learn to trust one another in order to overcome deep rooted suspicions and petty jealousies that have caused disunity among the Luhya people. Speaking in London over the weekend, Dr Walter Lusigi, a senior advisor with the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility (GEF) in Washington DC, said that divisions among the Luhya sub tribes and clans is self destructive. He said that it’s easier for a Kikuyu to start a business and succeed in Bukusu than a Maragoli not because the Maragoli does not have the business acumen, but because the Bukusu have a negative attitude towards Maragoli. Dr Lusigi said that one way forward is to encourage community based programmes and initiatives like cooperatives. For instance, he said the annual Maragoli festival should be expanded to become a Luhya event held at Bukhungu Stadium. “Let us look at our common roots and get back to basics as the first step in eradicating ignorance and underdevelopment in Western Province,” he said. More>>>


Sugar farmers to be paid more

Mumias, Sept 17 2007
Sugar cane farmers will now be paid up to Sh300 more per tonne of the crop delivered to millers, President Mwai Kibaki has announced. President Kibaki was speaking at the Mumias Sugar Company, when he laid the foundation stone for the construction of an electricity generation project by the sugar miller, to cost Sh4.1 billion ($60 million). More>>>

Children take to prostitution in Mt Elgon

By Vincent Bartoo and Robert Wanyonyi, Kitale, Sept 17 2007
Thousands of children in the clash-hit Mt Elgon District might have abandoned school for prostitution and child labour. District Education Officer (DEO), Mr Willie Langat, said with 16 primary and four secondary schools still closed, the children cannot be accounted for. "Every primary school has an estimated 600 pupils, while a secondary school has about 500 students," he said. Going by the DEO’s estimates, 9,600 primary school pupils and 2,000 secondary school students cannot be traced.

And the District Children’s Officer, Mr Geoffrey Musoko, confirmed that many children are now engaged in prostitution. "It is unfortunate, but those claims are true. The girls have been forced into prostitution in towns neighbouring Mt Elgon," he said. He said ActionAid would fund a survey to establish the number of children engaged in labour and prostitution. More>>>

Dr Enock Kibunguchy with Kibaki

dr kibunguchy

President Kibaki listens to Lugari MP, Dr Enock Kibunguchi, before he addressed a public rally at the constituency and officially inaugurated the Lugari District Headquaters. Dr Kibunguchy has critisized Uhuru Kenyatta's support for Kibaki and urged Luhyas to unite behind one candidate. Picture by Peter Ochieng

Hazards of travelling to Western Kenya

Nairobi, Sept 17 2007
For Mr Jeremiah Owiti, going to his rural home has never been more costly. He routinely made his sojourns to the village once every month, but now Owiti and his family have limited their visits to once a year - in December. According to statistics, fewer personal saloon cars are plying the main highways to western Kenya. This is because the condition of the roads has deteriorated. Consequently, to stay afloat, bus companies have increased their fares two-fold. "Due to bad roads, the cost of travelling to my rural home is higher. If I am driving my car, the cost implications are even more because of the high cost of fuel and spare parts," says Owiti. He says he replaces his vehicle’s shock absorbers every three months.

However, for well-heeled people like Silvester Lukhokho Wanyonyi, a senior civil servant working in Nairobi, flying is his next option. "I have no choice but to go home every fortnight because of the projects I have back home. But using my car or taking public means is out of the question," he says. He explains that using private means to travel to Western Province almost triples the expenses he incurs if he flies. "The discomfort of travelling over the tattered roads is unbearable, not to mention potential attacks from armed robbers," he says. More>>>

Akaranga defends hiring of DOs

By Peter Atsiaya, Kisumu, Sept 17 2007
Cabinet minister, Mr Moses Akaranga, has defended the Government’s decision to employ 122 District Officers (DOs) and told critics to stop politicising the issue. The Public Service minister took issue with ODM Secretary-General, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, for claiming that employment of the administrators was a scheme to woo voters ahead of the General Election.

Speaking in Kisumu, Akaranga said plans to employ the DOs would go on despite the noise being made by Government critics. "The Government cannot stop its operations because of the elections…leaders like Nyong’o are making noise but secretly would bring me names of their relatives they want to be employed as DOs," he said.

Posed Akaranga: "The Government recently employed Administration Police officers, teachers, Immigration personnel and nobody raised eyebrows, why question the employment of DOs?" More>>>

Dr Kibunguchy urges Luhya unity

By Stephen Makabila, Nairobi, Sept 17 2007
Health Assistant minister, Dr Enock Kibunguchy said Mr Uhuru Kenyatta’s support for President Kibaki’s re-election was ‘a testimony of certain powerful forces’ re-grouping to protect their own interests. Kibunguchy said he would in the next two weeks announce the party he will defend his Lugari constituency seat on, but ruled out sticking with a party promoting the interests of a few rich individuals.

"The presidential race this year will be a two horse race between Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga. I am going to state where I belong, but I will choose where majority of ordinary Kenyans are," said Kibunguchy. Uhuru has announced his support for Kibaki in this year’s General Election. Kibunguchy said the move by Uhuru should be a lesson to Western Province leaders, who should unite.

"Luhyas should weigh the unfolding political scenario and support a presidential candidate who may help them ascend to power in future," said Kibunguchy. The community, he added, should stop dwelling on minor differences and be focused. More>>>

And Meanwhile... here comes the bride .. and groom: Roswitha Mwendelani and Chris Harvey who are scheduled to wed on 30th August 2008 in Nairobi.




Meeting of cultures to talk bride price

By Shad Bulimo, London Sept 16 2007
Negotiating dowry is always a hard business in most African societies. In Luhya land, tempers often flare and the suitors are sometimes thrown out of the home of the bride. No food is served for the entire period of the negotiations until a bride price is agreed. The traditional way of doing things becomes double-dutch when a different culture is introduced into the equation. Yesterday two teams travelled this untrodden path representing Dr Walter Lusigi (father of the bride) in the red corner and Mr Roger Martin Harvey (father of the groom) in the blue corner.

It was left to Juvenal Shiundu, the Chairman of Abeingo Community Network to explain to the English Team the traditions governing marriage in Luhya land. While the English team thought figures quoted were “very high, extremely high,” members of Dr Lusigi’s team moved quickly to reassure Mr Harvey that Bride Price is not about monetary value or even a comparison of like for like. It holds an extremely emotional and symbolic role in the psyche of the people and family from where the bride comes. More>>>

The handshake that sealed it all. Dr Walter Lusigi and Mr Roger Harvey shake hands after tough negotiations flanked by Florence Makanda and John Sabwa

dr lusigi

The negotiating team from left: Daniel Otieno-Ndale, John Stanley, John Baraza, Roger Harvey, Topi Lyambila, Florence Makanda, John Sabwa, Dr Walter Lusigi, Peter Earl and Juvenal Shiundu


Straddling the land like a colossus, Kibaki and Awori

kibaki awori

Patrick Wafula named Meru Police Boss

By Cyrus Ombat, Nairobi Sept 17 2007
Mr Patrick Juma Wafula was named the new police boss in Meru Central while Mr Charles Mulandi has been moved from Kisumu to Embakasi in the same capacity as DCIO (Intelligence) as part of a major reshuffle involving 35 senior police officers. The reshuffle was announced yesterday by the Police Commissioner, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali. Notable among them is the chief investigator in the Goldenberg scandal, Mr John N Nyanzwii, who has been moved to Kilindini as the Divisional CID boss. The transfer of Nyanzwii is a blow on the investigations that have taken place for more than a decade now. More>>>

Kibaki returns to Luhyaland with goody bags

By Joel Okwayo, Nairobi Sept 16 2007
President Kibaki will today start another tour of Western Province. It will be Kibaki’s second visit after he toured the area last month. The President is expected in Mumias District on Monday, where he will commission Mumias Sugar Company (MSC) electricity generation project.

MSC is working in collaboration with Kenya Power and Lighting Company on the thermal power system to generate 34 megawatts of power. MSC has given notice of registration as stipulated by the Electric Power Act. The company will then be allowed to generate and supply electricity to the KPLC as per the requirement of the Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The notice by the MSC over the matter is dated August 27 and was issued by the company Legal Services Manager E K Otieno. An assistant minister for Information and Communication and Matungu MP, Mr David Were, said leaders from the district were ready to welcome President Kibaki in the sugar belt. More>>>

Father of the bride, Dr Walter Lusigi with his daughter, Roswitha Mwendelani and son-in-law-law-to-be, Chris Harvey


Kibaki decides .. finally

Nairobi, Sept 16 2007
President Mwai Kibaki will run for presidency on a new party - Party of National Unity (PNU); ending speculation that has engulfed the nation for several months. Although he straddled to KICC with Moody Awori in tow, it's still a matter of conjecture whether the octogenarian will still be his running mate.

Sindiga appointed envoy to Botswana

PPS, Nairobi Sept 16 2007
Mr Daniel Sindiga has been appointed Kenya's High Commissioner to Botswana while Mr Albert Abwavo Musasia has been promoted to the rank of ambassador while he awaits a suitable opening. The two are among 12 new envoys announced by President Mwai Kibaki yesterday. More>>>

Kibaki urged to reject looters law

By Samwel Kumba, Nairobi SEpt 16 2007
Pressure is mounting on President Kibaki not to assent to the Miscellaneous Amendments Bill that seeks to cushion politicians from public scrutiny. The Bill has been termed as containing many mischievous provisions designed to free politicians from being accountable to Kenyans. Yesterday, 31 NGOs urged the Government, through attorney general Amos Wako’s office to repeal the amnesty clause passed in the Bill. More>>>

Air warfare looms in elections 2007


"We'll fight them in the air, on the beaches and on land," so intoned British wartime leader, Winston Churchill during the 2nd World War. Politicians in Kenya are on a war-path to promise battle that might make mincemeat of Churchill's war cry. ODM is reported to have acquired 10 choppers with the Kibaki team yet to reveal its full political war arsenal.

Dr Julia Ojiambo to be Musyoka's running mate

By Mutinda Mwanzia, Nairobi Sept 12 2007
Dr Julia Ojiambo has finally been endorsed as Mr Kalonzo Musyoka’s running mate. If Kibaki chooses Moody Awori as his running mate, a Luhya is guaranteed the vice presidency once again. A storm had been brewing in ODM-Kenya, when Ojiambo declared on Tuesday that she would not accept anything less than Kalonzo’s running mate. The party had in the past one week sent signals it was shopping for a different running mate or vice- president-designate should ODM-Kenya win the elections.

Party insiders close to Kalonzo were said to have been pushing for Kacheliba MP, Mr Samuel Poghisio, or Bahari MP, Mr Joe Khamisi to replace Ojiambo. But on Wednesday, the party’s Summit member, Mr Kennedy Kiliku, said the row over a running mate was over. "We have no problem. ODM-Kenya will remain a united family," said Kiliku. Ojiambo had insisted that there was no other person fit for the running mate position other than her and warned those trying to shortchange her that they were courting trouble. More>>>


Housing costs to come down by 30%

By Morton Solo, Nairobi Sept 12 2007
The cost of building in Kenya could be reduced by as much as 30 per cent and construction time reduced by half if the Building Code is altered to accommodate technologies. This means construction of a home that currently costs Sh2 million will cost Sh1.2 million.

The Government recently formed a task force comprising of building experts from the private and the public sector to oversee the alteration of the Building Codes to accommodate new technologies. This comes soon after a recent visit by a Malaysian government and construction industry experts delegation led by Works minister, Mr Dato Seri.

The Malaysian team expressed willingness to construct a factory, which will cost both the Kenya and Malaysian governments $12 million (Sh840 million to put up. The new mill will avail cheaper building materails and cut time spent on construction. More>>>

Parliament legitimises corruption

Nairobi, Sept 12 2007
First we learnt from Mr John Michuki early this week that the government was not interested in pursuing economic crimes committed before 2003. That pointer from the veritable talisman has now been legislated, thanks to Muite's parliamentary commitee which made the recommendations. Amid protestations from Martha Karua for the government, opposition MPs, uncharacteristically, trounced what little opposition there was. And with that ill-gotten wealth through mega scams principally Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing is now legitimate. With one fell swoop, Parliament endorsed a crucial clause buried in the Statute Law (Miscellaneous amendments) Bill, 2007 that effectively barred the anti-graft agency from probing corruption cases committed before it was established in 2003. More>>>

Josiah Omotto: Slum vision


One man on a mission to rid Kibera of slum conditions

By Samuel Otieno, Nairobi Sept 11 2007
Open, running of sewers reeking human waste crisscross Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world. A walk between the shanties that house millions of poor is a delicate balancing act, miss a step and you are messed up. It is here where the world conjured up the notion of flying toilets. But things are looking up — the murky streams are slowly drying up and the flying objects could soon disappear from the Kibera airspace.

Residents are now embracing a new dawn of improved sanitation through increased access to clean water, a basic right that they have been denied for ages. All these thanks to a community organisation that has brought the good tidings. Umande Trust believes that modest resources strategically invested in community-led initiatives will significantly improve access to water and sanitation.

Umande has mobilised groups in Katwekera, Laini Saba and other sections of the sprawling slum. "We seek to be an instrument of transformation by building on the resourcefulness of individuals, groups and coalitions of communities to protect their dignity and to demand equitable, accountable and efficient services," says Mr Josiah Omotto, Umande managing trustee. The Trust, founded about three years ago, is striving to promote active partnerships with the public and civil society organisations in Kisumu and Nairobi. It has started a project to transform human waste into biogas and liquid fertilizer. More>>>

2030 Vision targets Western tourist circuit

Nairobi, Sept 11 2007
The moribund western Kenya tourist circuit may be about to receive a major boost. Under Vision 2030, the blueprint to make Kenya a "Tiger" economy, tourist visits to "premium parks" like Nakuru and Amboseli will be subject to a quotas. Instead, money will be spent on improving tourist visits to less popular parks as well as to Western Kenya destinations. The Government is aiming for "high end play at four key sites in Western circuit and 1,000 homes stay sites".

Tourism, is but one of a raft of sectors identified in a shs500billion bugdet to be spend on realising the dream. Others are: agriculture, manufacturing, trade, ICT and financial services. Planning and National Development minister, Mr Henry Obwocha, revealed the list of 20 projects on Tuesday while launching the Sector Working Groups, the teams that will lead planning in the various areas. More>>>

Kibaki returns to Luhyaland with new fishing rod

By Simbi Kusimba, Bungoma, Sept 10 2007
President Kibaki returns to Western Province next week in a bid to woo close to half-a-million votes in Bungoma region.  The appointment of former vice-president Musalia Mudavadi as the running mate of ODM’s torch bearer Raila Odinga is causing political shockwaves in Bungoma and neighbouring districts that could impact heavily on the presidential election. Although Ford Kenya chairman Musikari Kombo views himself as a principal player in the Kibaki administration, his decision to back the Head of State may not receive total acceptance by voters in the region. More>>>

Noah Wekesa booed over CDF money

By Osinde Obare, Kitale, Sept 10 2007
Cabinet minister, Dr Noah Wekesa, ran into trouble with his constituents over allocation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects. The angry constituents heckled and booed the MP at a public function, at the weekend. Trouble started when the minister was offered a chance to address a funds drive in aid of Lunyu Kenya Assemblies of God.

"Don’t tell us about coalitions... Tell us about CDF…" "We don’t eat politics. We are tired…" came shouts from within the crowd. Pleas from the master of ceremonies, Mr Michael Wasike, to give the minister a chance to speak were unheeded as what had started as murmurs degenerated into shouting and heckling. Wekesa, however, stood his ground and went on to make his speech. He pointed fingers at his opponents, accusing them of organising the heckling.

He defended the local CDF committee against accusations that it lacked transparency. He also praised his development records, citing the fight against insecurity. "I know you are only being used by my opponents but remember I’m still your MP until the elections are held," Wekesa shot back at the charged crowd. However, speaker after speaker dismissed his sentiments and challenged the MP’s development record. More>>>

Ligale blames Kibaki advisors in MoU dishonesty

Nairobi, Sept 10 2007
Mr Andrew Ligale, the Vihiga MP has blamed President Mwai Kibaki's advisors for misadvising him over the botched Memorundum of Understanding (MoU) reached with a coalition of parties under the umbrella Narc. Mr Ligale, who was an LDP official, said his party was allocated seven Cabinet posts, but only got four. He said Kibaki had also agreed to serve for only one term and to deliver the Constitution within 100 days.

Yesterday, Mr Matere Keriri, admitted in Funyula, Samia that he influenced the dishonesty. He said the MoU was abandoned after achieving its goal of getting President Kibaki to power. "It was unworkable and I told President Kibaki not to honour it," he said on Sunday at a funds drive in the Vice President Moody Awori's Funyula constituency.

Ligale said Keriri’s revelations did not come as a surprise. "That time, President Kibaki was unwell following a road accident and the people around him took advantage to misadvise him," he said. More>>>

Airline boss bereaved

By INGONEWS Reporter, Sept 10 2007
Mr Elly Alubale, the Managing Director of Jetlink Aviation, the budget airline, has lost his brother. Mr Albert Vijedi Alubale died in Nairobi on Saturday, 9th September 2007. He was the elder brother of David Alubale and Captain Elly Alubale of Jet link Airlines. His brother, David lives in Washington DC, US. Burial will take place this Saturday. For more details see Obituaries.

Nabongo's Kingdom wrecked by alcoholism and witchcraft

By Ted Malanda, Mumias Sept 10 2007
The story is told of a scruffy, mentally handicapped man who used to hang around a leading girls school in Western Province in the 1980s. His favourite post was a window overlooking an "A" Level mathematics class. He would watch the proceedings for hours on end. And in the event that the mathematics teacher got stuck, the chap would stride into the classroom, extend his hand for a piece of chalk and wordlessly work out the sum to perfection before retreating back to his post.Word went that he was a son of the neighbouring village; that he had been an outstanding mathematics scholar at the university before something went wrong. He began ‘seeing’ demons — demons so powerful that no amount of medical, spiritual or herbal intervention would heal. Consequently, he abandoned his studies and retreated to his constant post by the "A" Level mathematics classroom. More>>>

Enjoying the local brew in Mumias. Alcohol is blamed for wrecking people's lives and careers

mumias alcohol

Three more Luhya chapters created in USA

By INGONEWS Reporter, London Sept 9 2007
Halala USA, the organisation representing Luhya people in US has sanctioned three more chapters. A statement from the Chairman, Mr Pius Mwemba said: "We are determined to make a difference in Western Kenya in our next physical year." Mr Mwemba made the announcement at the end of Halala's annual three day conference in Virginia over the weekend. The new chapters are: Virginia, Massachusetts and Washington DC.

"Mr Moneybags" Stanley Livondo mobbed in Nairobi

Nairobi, Sunday, Sept 9 2007
Stanley Livondo, popularly known as "Mr Moneybags" was mobbed in Nairobi's eastlands yesterday shortly after attending a church service at which President Mwai Kibaki was present. Mobs of youth engulfed Mr Livondo who is quickly assuming the role of Kibaki equivalent of Moi's Jirongo. Mr Livondo is reportedly whitewashed with cash to the extent, he showers money from heaven by helicopter in his native Ikolomani, where he is challenging the incumbent, Dr Bonny Khalwale. During the Church service, the Presybeterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) announced support for Kibaki's re-election in a radical departure from the neutrality expected of churches.

Secretary-general, the Reverend Samuel Muriguh, yesterday told worshippers that the church had decided to support the President for a second term “because it wanted continuity, peace and good leadership, which President Kibaki had displayed”. According to him, the decision was unanimously endorsed by the PCEA General Assembly, the highest decision-making organ for the church, during its annual meeting in April. More>>>

Stanley Livondo seen in previous action: He raims manna from heaven



cats and dogs

MPS to be sued over fat cat wages

Nairobi, Sept 9 2007
Lobby groups have said they will sue MPs to have them return money they have awarded themselves through inflated salaries and allowances. Last week, MPs awarded themselves Sh1.5 million each as winding up allowance.  By fixing their own salaries, the MPs had contravened the law, said the lobby groups after a meeting at a Nairobi hotel. The NGOs said they would sue each MP individually. “This appeal is directed mostly at the presidential candidates and their luminaries. Let them come out in broad daylight and disassociate themselves from this satanic conspiracy,” said the statement, read by different representatives of NGOs. It added: “If they don’t... we will mobilise appropriate civil action to target and exorcise them individually at the forthcoming elections.” They asked President Kibaki to tell Kenyans whether he approved of the “theft” by MPs, and said he could ask the Attorney-General to initiate a repeal of the Economic Crimes Act Amendments Bill. They threatened to initiate civil action against the President if he failed to act. Source - Nation

Aerial view of the havoc caused by Budalang'i floods


Bridging the tribal and generation gap


Little Sophie Akasa bridges tribe and generation

By Shad Bulimo, London Sunday 8 Sept 2007
The riddle of what little Sophie Akasa told her grandfather, Raila Odinga Saturday week was finally decrypted last Friday. “She was wishing me luck,” Mr Odinga told INGONEWS this weekend in London while transiting to the USA.

More than luck, Sophie Akasa, from Bunyore District, Ebusikhale sub location, Epang’a village may also symbolically have been asking weighty questions about the future of Kenya and particularly that of the youth to the man who is 50-50 from the Presidency. Sophie is the daughter of Raila’s daughter married in Bunyore.

Armed with the good omen brought to earth through Sophie, Raila went ahead to bag the ODM presidential nominations at Kasarani, Nairobi in a landslide sweep. He is now within a whisker of bagging the ultimate prize. Odinga exudes confidence that verges on the scriptural mantra: “what God has ordained, no man shall man put asunder”. He is well aware that although the battle for ODM leadership has been bruising, the bigger battle remains to ascend to State House tenancy. More>>>


Raila addressing ODM officials in UK


Elijah Masinde and the Luhya prophecy

By Anderson Ojwang and Allan Kisia, Nairobi Sept 8 2007
nomination of Lang’ata MP Raila Odinga as the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) presidential candidate with former Vice-President Musalia Mudavadi as his running mate has sparked off a debate in western Kenya. Memories of a prophecy by Elijah Masinde have been rekindled in words uttered many decades ago.

Leaders here claim that in the 1960s, Masinde prophesied that his community — the Luhya — would ascend to leadership of the country through their neighbours, the Luo. "Bubwami bukhamile khunyanja (The leadership will come from the lake)," are said to be the exact words Elijah Masinde spoke.More>>>

Raila Odinga (centre) with ODM UK officials in London

raila odm london

Budalang'i attracts political sharks

By Daniel Otieno and Silas Butenyo, Busia, Sept 8 2007
ODM yesterday took its campaign to the flood-hit Budalang'i saying that the problems afflicting the locals had been caused by bad governance. ODM leader Mr William Ruto said instead of giving the area a new district, the president should have sorted out the flood problem once and for all.

Mr Ruto yesterday visited a number of displaced people in camps where he handed over foodstuff and assorted equipment worth half a million. Yesterday, residents threatened to sue the government over what they said was neglect.

‘‘The government has failed in its core duty of protecting lives and property of the citizens,’’ said Mr Ababu Namwamba who spoke on behalf of the residents.

Mr Namwamba said the government had resulted to giving people handouts instead of finding a lasting solution to the problem.

Mr Ruto said should ODM take over the government, they will push for majimboism as a way of ensuring that all parts of the country are allocated equal share of development funds. More>>>



The Village pathologist

By Harold Ayodo, Migori, Sept 8 2007
Tradition and religious rituals sometimes make it difficult for many people to bury their dead immediately they pass on.For those who are far from mortuaries, preserving a body is challenging.

Residents of Kangeso village in Migori District, though living hundreds of kilometres away from preservation facilities, find solace in Mzee Zachary Oguma Ojwang’.

Ojwang’, in his late 60s, is referred to as daktari (doctor) due to his expertise in preserving bodies.

His work has attracted visitors — including scholars and pathologists — to the village to witness the process akin to mummification of the Pharaohs of Egypt. More>>>

Raila addressing ODM officials on Friday in London

odm raila

Abeingo Editor, Shad Bulimo with Lord David Steel

Shad Bulimo and David Steel

Men of Steel: Martin Otieno and Rogers Orero with Lord David Steel


Budalang'i floods disrupt education

Busia, Sept 7 2007
Weeks after flush floods swamped Budalang'i, residents are still reeeling from disruptive effects. Besides health fears, education has been another major victim. Hundreds of pupils may miss school if temporary classrooms are not provided after floods swamped their institutions. More>>>

In bed with millions

By Susan Anyangu, Nairobi, Sept 7 2007
Last week, Mr Amos Mukoya (right) was a sickly poor man. He could barely raise money to foot his hospital bills. He was always worried that his family would be wanting forever. When a call from 072933333 reached him on Monday, Mukoya’s life and dreams changed dramatically. He had just won shs5million. More>>>



Wako questions court's authority

Nairobi, Sept 7 2007
The State has objected to an application stopping the arrest of Vice-President Moody Awori’s political rival in connection with a murder case. More>>>


cancer fraud

Cardinal Otunga to be immortalised

Nairobi, Sept 6 2007
A Sh300 million office complex will be built in Nairobi next year in honour of Maurice Cardinal Otunga. The Catholic Church has been fund-raising for the project and has already been given the go ahead by the Nairobi City Council to put up the eight-storey building next to Holy Family Basilica in the city centre.

Yesterday, Archbishop Ndingi Mwana ’a Nzeki, of Nairobi Diocese, broke the good news to hundreds of worshippers who attended a holy mass at the Basilica to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Cardinal’s death.

An autobiography, The Life and Times of Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga: 1923-2003, was launched last year to commemorate the third anniversary. Cardinal Otunga was the first and so far only Kenyan to be made a Cardinal by the Pope. More>>>

The richer get richer and richer

Nairobi, Sept 6 2007
Your MP is closer to growing Sh1.5 million richer. Parliament hurriedly passed a clause buried in the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2007, before the opposition ganged up to humiliate the Government by shooting other crucial amendments.

According to the winding-up clause moved by Attorney General, Mr Amos Wako, MPs will now earn a golden handshake of Sh333 million. The Sh1.5 million is the accumulation of Sh300,000 awarded to each MP for every year since January 9, 2003, when they were sworn in.

Some of the amendments shot down include one on hate speech and another about illicit sexual relations where a woman is made to believe she is married. The opposition also threw out another amendment giving the President discretion to appoint Cabinet ministers from opposition parties. They, however, passed another allowing an election petitioner (including a presidential candidate) to use two high circulation newspapers to serve the petition, one in English and another in Kiswahili. More>>>

Big Brother, Anthony Jeff - Standard


Malava CDF account frozen

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Nairobi, Sept 5 2007
Malava Constituency Development Fund has been frozen over allegations of financial fraud. Malava CDF committee will not access its account at Kenya Commercial Bank until a hearing on alleged disappearance of Sh25.5 million is heard and determined, the High Court ruled yesterday.

Presiding judge, Lady Justice Roselyne Nambuye, also ordered that the area MP and Housing minister, Mr Soita Shitanda, be served with the suit papers. The judge certified the case urgent and directed that it be heard on September 11.

Mr Caleb Sunguti, Mr Elisha Luvisia and Mr Jasphat Kona told the court that if the MP is not stopped, he is likely to misappropriate further allocations.

Through their lawyer, Mr Albert Opiyo, they said Shitanda and the committee had failed to account for Sh25,498,000. The MP has been sued along with Mr Saleh Abdi, Mr Abubakar Nangalama, Mr Jackton Mwach, Kabras DO, Mr Charles Lumbasi and Ms Dorcas Wambani. More>>>

Wanted: shs7.5b to kill malaria - Akhwale

By Elizabeth Mwai, Nairobi, Sept 5 2007
About Sh7.5 billion is needed to effectively fight malaria, the Ministry of Health has said. Head of Malaria Division, Dr Willis Akhwale, said Sh5.2 billion was provided this financial year, up from Sh4 billion, but more was required.

Akhwale expressed concern that only 24 per cent of pregnant women who attend antenatal clinic are shielded from malaria. "Malaria prevention in pregnant women is still wanting. A lot of women who visit clinics do not receive the proper interventions," he said.

The disease causes deaths among pregnant women, abortion and birth of low-weight babies, who are prone to infections. Akhwale said rural communities are being educated to detect infection and seek treatment early to avert deaths. More>>>

There's no 1.5 orange - Mudavadi

ODM presidential running mate Mr Musalia Mudavadi firmly eased himself into leadership in the absence of party flagbearer, Mr Raila Odinga, with the pronouncement that there would be no negotiations with the rival Orange group. He added: "We don’t know the one-and-a-half orange". More>>>

Mother demands conjugal rights

By Daniel Nyassy, Malindi, Sept 5 2007
A mother of seven wants a new home and conjugal rights before she can go back to her husband. Mrs Mose Katana was taken before Central Location chief Wilfred Nyiro by her husband Katana Kanyowe Mabati after she abandoned the home and the children three years ago, to stay alone in Malindi Town. But when the woman insisted before the chief that she wanted to compensate her husband for the Sh10,000 dowry, he took her to the police. More>>>

Luuya Girls loses a shining alumni

Nairobi, Sept 4 2007
The music industry in Kenya may have lost a great talent but little known Luuya Girls in Bungoma is in mourning over the fall of one of its great alumni. Sharon Wangwe aka Lady S perished in a tragic road accident along Thika Road on Monday just as she was preparing to fly to the UK on Tuesday for a concert. Sharon was only 17 when her father Wangwe, a former member of Moreno Batamba’s Orchestra Moja One Band died.

Having been inspired by her father’s immense music talent, Sharon then made up her mind to be a composer and a singer so as to keep her father’s legacy. Back then (1998) she was in her first year at Luuya Girls’ School in Bungoma, where she nurtured her rapping talent. More>>>

Western to benefit from HIV funds

By Jeff Otieno and Cosmas Butunyi, Nairobi Sept 4 2007
The fight against HIV and Aids in the Lake Victoria basin yesterday received a major boost with the launch of an ambitious Sh400 million regional partnership.

The three-year programmes expected to cover the areas around the lake in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In Kenya, it will cover the districts in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley provinces, 18 districts in central and eastern Uganda and three regions in Tanzania. Amref deputy director general, Dr Florence Muli-Musiime, said that the project aimed at reducing the risk of HIV and Aids within the region. More>>>

Shimoli " Carlos the Jackal"


In life and death, Shimoli strikes fear

By Cyrus Ombati, Nairobi, Sept 4 2007
The curtain has finally come down on one of the deadliest gangsters of recent times. Having started his criminal life at 20 after his childhood in Butere, Shimoli is said to have confessed to 14 murders, 88 rapes and countless bank robberies, carjackings and drug deals, all committed over a 10-year period.

Police said most of the women raped were car-jacked in Nairobi. He was among the gang that broke into the Bank of Baroda on Kenyatta Avenue last month and stole more than Sh5 million, police claim. His gang included women .More>>>

Water everywhere but none in Kisumu

By Cosmas Butunyi, Sept 4 2007
Kisumu sits on the shores of the world’s second largest fresh water lake, but the residents are most of the time thirsty. Contrary to the expectations, residents of the lakeside town are coughing up much more for the resource than other areas in Nyanza Province. More>>

Story in numbers:
• Born in Butere in 1969
• felled by 10 bullets
• confessed to 14 murders
• confessed to 88 rapes
• shs100,000 price tag for his capture
• shs5m bank robbery

56% of Luhyas without clean water

By Simbi Kusimba, Bungoma, Sept 3 2007
Up to 56% of Western Province residents do not have access to clean water, local government minister, Mr Musikari Kombo has said. However, this will change with a shs1billion injection from the European Union.

The first beneficiary is the Chemavus Water Users Association which seeks to serve 12,000 villagers after the collapse of Ndivisi-Makuselwa water supply scheme 20 years ago which received shs1.83m. More>>>



Mudavadi won't quit ODM

By Lucas Barasa, Nairobi, Sept 3 2007
Former Vice-President Musalia Mudavadi yesterday declared he was in ODM to stay and that his failure to capture the  presidential ticket will not sway its support in Western Province.

Addressing journalists in Nairobi, Mr Mudavadi who was accompanied by ODM officials, aspirants and supporters from the province, said he had accepted nomination of Lang’ata MP Raila Odinga as the party’s presidential candidate. He also welcomed Mr Odinga’s invitation to be his running mate.

The former Sabatia MP said Mr Odinga named him his running mate as the Constitution only provided for positions of President and VP “but we are a team and each will have a role to play to ensure ODM victory.” More>>>


Popular genge rapper Sharon Wangwe aka Lady S is dead. Dandora-born Wangwe is one of the few female artists to break into the male-dominated rap scene. More>>

lady s

7000 church applications pending

By Alex Ndegwa, Nairobi, Sept 3 2007
The Registrar General is overwhelmed by increasing demand for the registration of churches. Attorney General, Mr Amos Wako, says the department is facing difficulties in processing 6,740 pending applications by various religious groupings.

Speaking at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi during a workshop for church leaders, Wako said about 60 applications are filed every month. Already, there are 8, 520 registered churches, he added.

The AG cautioned that some of the groups masquerading as churches were illegal outfits established to cash in on freely flowing money in the evangelical world. "There is an astronomical increase in the application for the registration of religious societies, some of them turning out to be either wolves and sheepish or formed purely for financial gain," Wako said. More>>>

Busia three allege plot to arrest them

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Nairobi, Sept 3 2007
Complainants in a case in which Vice-President Mr Moody Awori once attempted to intervene now wants the court to protect them from harassment.

The three moved to court, saying police had obtained a warrant to arrest them over the case before the Busia Principal Magistrate’s court.

Dr Paul Nyongesa Otuoma, Mr Francis Ojasi and Mr Henry Okako Obada told the High Court in Nairobi that police were under pressure from some quarters to arrest them.

Their advocate, Mr James Orengo, told the court that Otuoma and Ojasi were relatives of two women murdered in 2005 in Funyula Constituency. Following the deaths, three people — Mr Patrick Lumumba, Mr Vincent Okumu and Mr Dennis Wandera — were arrested and are still remanded. They were charged with robbery with violence and the case is before the Busia magistrate’s Court. On the same day, two people were lynched in connection with the murder of the two women. More>>>



Looking straight into his eyes, Omusikhale "lichina" Sophie Akasa may be asking hard questions about her future and that of millions of young ones like her. We'll never know what Raila Odinga's grandchild was saying but Abasikhale don't mince words whoever you are, whatever the age!

Mudavadi wins in ODM defeat

By Dominic Odipo, Nairobi, Sept 3 2007
Who were the greatest winners in last weekend’s historic Orange Party elections? The answer to this is not as simple as it might appear. The greatest winners were not necessarily those who got the most votes. In a sense, some of the biggest winners were those who actually lost the elections.

And the biggest of these was, without doubt, former Vice-President Mr Musalia Mudavadi. At the beginning of 2003, Mudavadi was, in the view of most people from Western Province, politically finished.

Overnight, he had set two ignominious political records: He had become the shortest serving Vice-President and the first ever to lose his parliamentary seat while in office. To many people from the province, Mudavadi appeared set to follow his former MP, Mr J D Otiende, into political irrelevance and oblivion.

But all that is now history. Mudavadi is back in the national limelight, very much politically alive, even after being buried in the Raila Odinga landslide at Kasarani last Saturday. Mudavadi got only 391 votes against Raila’s 2,656. More>>>

Bungoma to be developed as a model town

By Millicent Muthoni, September 2 2007
Bungoma is among five municipalities identified by the government to be developed as model towns. The others are Mtwapa, Garissa, Othaya and Eldoret. Dubbed "Model Town Development", the initiative is a partnership between the Ministry for Local government, local councils and the private sector.

The planning of these towns has already been tendered out to professionals, with the aim of developing typical physical plans that may be used as a guide by existing and new towns.

Local Government minister, Mr Musikari Kombo, revealed this at a convention for the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) held in Mombasa last weekend. The convention, which brought together architects, physical planners, engineers, quantity surveyors and landscape architects, was convened to discuss ‘The role of professionals in planning our cities and peri-urban centres towards vision 2030 and beyond’.

AAK chairman, Mr Gideon Mulyungi, identified the need to extradite the planning of towns the urgently to ensure that urbanisation does strangle economic development. More>>>