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Bungoma divided over Wetang'ula's exit

By our correspondent, Oct 29 2010
The resignation of Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula has sparked debate among leaders in Bungoma County. Human rights activists led by the executive director of Western Kenya Human Rights Watch, Mr Job Bwonya, welcomed the resignation, saying it was a demonstration of the determination to fight corruption. Mr Bwonya said the President and the Prime Minister should not spare anyone implicated in corruption. He said Mr Wetang’ula was forced to resign after it became apparent that Parliament would censure him. Luhya Council of Elders chairman Patrick Wangamti said the vacancy should be filled by someone from the province (President Kibaki has since appointed Internal Security minister George Saitori to act as minister). Bungoma County Council chairman Julius Bakasa said the resignation was an indication of how committed the government was in the fight against corruption. However, civic leaders and Maendeleo ya Wanawake representatives allied to Mr Wetang’ula said he was innocent. More...

Grace Mugabe
Mugabe's wife cheats on him: Grace Mugabe, the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is reported to have had a five year affair with Central Bank governor, Gideon Gono. President Mugabe is said to be livid but critics hail the 45 year old First Lady, 41 years younger than Mugabe as a revolutionary adulterer who hit the Zimbabwean dictator where everyone else has failed.
8 youths feared dead after jumping in a river to escape arrest in Chepkube

By Frankline Bwire, Oct 29 2010
Efforts to trace eight youths who jumped into river Lwakhakha in Chepkube, Cheptais district has continued to plummet following an increase in water level keeping off the residents from continuing with the rescue mission. According to the area residents, the youths drowned following a narrow escape from Administration Police officers who were pursuing them on suspicion of engaging in illegal coffee trade to Uganda. Similarly, the residents complained the government had done little in rescuing the youth. "There are no police officers in the region who have made an attempt of aiding trace to our boys,” lamented an angry resident who did not want to be mentioned. Consequently, attempts by the residents in urging the government to intervene and trace the more than 60 missing youths have been in vain, he said. Fears are high from family members and friends, that there could be some who flee to Uganda and might be held as terrorists. More...

Four ministers targetted by KACC over corruption

By John Ngirachu, Oct 29 2010
Four Cabinet ministers and at least 45 senior heads of parastatals are under investigation in connection with corruption and other related economic crimes, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission has said. Kacc director PLO Lumumba, however, declined to name those facing the investigations, choosing to say that they will be named “in the fullness of time and that time may be very soon”. Prof Lumumba indicated the the graft watchdog is investigating old affairs such as the Goldenberg cases, more recent ones such as the Anglo Leasing saga as well as recent cases such as the resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons and the importation of old vehicles. “I think we are investigating no less than four Cabinet ministers and investigating no less than 45 heads of parastatals,” he told journalists at Strathmore University after a conference on ethics and sustainable development. More...

Bethwell Kiplagat
Bethwell Kiplagat, the embattled chairman of Truth and Justice Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) is to be investigated for his role in Wagalla massacre and land acquisition improprieties.

Wetangula replaced: Prof George Saitoti has replaced Moses Wetangula as foreign minister in an acting capacity. Prof Saitoti will hold the post simultaneously with his internal security docket.
Tribunal set up to investigate TJRC chairman

By Jilo Kadida, Oct 29 2010
Chief Justice Evan Gicheru has appointed a five-person tribunal to investigate embattled truth commission boss Bethuel Kiplagat. The tribunal appointed on Friday will report and give its recommendations within six months. It will be chaired by former Appeal Judge William Deverell with a mandate to inquire into claims that Mr Kiplagat’s past conduct “erodes and compromises his legitimacy and credibility” as chair of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. The tribunal will also investigate claims that the chairman’s past is “riddled with unethical practices and absence of integrity” and that he has been linked to or associated with “incidents considered to be abuse of human rights” and may be called as a “witness in the same matters that the commission is mandated to investigate”. Other tribunal members are retired High court judges Onesmus Mutungi and Benjamin Kubo and state counsel Edwin Okello and Ms Perpetual Waitere. More...

Kenyan in top 15 at Miss World beauty pageant in China

By our correspondent, Oct 29 2010
Kenya’s representative at this year’s Miss World competition has made it to the top 15, ahead of the final on Saturday. Ms Natasha Meto, 20, who clinched this year’s Miss Kenya title to proceed to the Miss World competition in Sanya, China was in a field of 119 beauties from different parts of the world. In its 60th edition, the event will be held at the Beauty Crown Theatre, which was specially constructed to host the 2003 final. The contestants flew to China early this month to prepare for the event whose theme is ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. The contestants will compete in different fields from gracing the catwalk to showcasing their talents. Previous participants, however, have never made it to the top five. Among the most famous Kenyan contestants who did well at the finals are Ms Yolanda Masinde in 2000 and Ms Cecilia Mwangi in 2005. More...

Natasha Meto
Miss World Kenya 2010 Natasha Meto (centre) after being crowned during the pageant’s finals at the Braeburn’s Auditorium, Nairobi in August. She is flanked by first runner-up Farida Diba (left) and second runner-up Nderaisho Mshila. The young beauty is already a winner, grabbing the 15th spot in a crowded field of 119 participants from around the world ahead of finals tomorrow. Photo: Wlvis Ogina
Luhya elders, students rally to Wetang'ula's defense

By Westfm, Oct 28 2010
THE Luhya Council of Elders has called for speedy investigations into the saga surrounding Sirisia Mp Moses Wetang'ula to enable the latter to resume his duties in the cabinet. Council Chairman Patrick Wangamati said that it was wrong for MPs to "harass" Wetang'ula into resigning without having given him time to defend himself against allegations of fraud in the Tokyo Embassy scandal. Wangamati urged President Mwai Kibaki to consider the statement of defense by Wetang'ula in parliament as a true admission that the former Foreign Affairs Minister wasn't at all involved in the scandal and as such he cannot be made to bear political responsibility over the saga. "We don't accept the minister's decision to step aside because he was a mere victim of circumstances. Someone wanted him to carry their cross but I hope the president will be wise enough to see the trap and return him to his job," said Wangamati. Warning that the elders will converge for a meeting to decide the political direction of the region if the matter isn't resolved soon, Wangamati told Wetang'ula to forge ahead with his quest for the country's presidency in 2012 in spite of the new developments against his political career. Students from Moi University in Eldoret and Masinde Muliro in Kakamega also expressed shock at Wetang'ula's decision to step aside from his ministerial duties saying that he was used as a scapegoat in the saga. More...

Geophrey Majiwa
Nairobi mayor, Goephrey Majiwa has been forced out of office pending determination by courts over a cemeteries scandal in Mavoko, Ukambani in which taxpapayers lost Shs283m.

JKIA to be linked by rail: The hurried attempts by air travellers to get to the airport on time to board flights amid huge traffic jams on Mombasa road could ease when plans by the Government to construct a new two-kilometre railway line linking Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and a railway station in Embakasi are complete. The project to cost Sh800 million, is expected to take eight months to complete and will also see passenger coaches added on the railroad to ease traffic on Mombasa road according to Transport permanent secretary, Cyrus Njiru. More...
Nairobi mayor forced out of office over graves scam

By Peter Leftie, Oct 28 2010
Embattled Nairobi mayor Geophrey Majiwa finally stepped aside Thursday following pressure from Local Government minister Musalia Mudavadi and the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (Kacc). Mr Majiwa, who had earlier vowed not to step aside despite the corruption charges facing him, is said to have agreed to step aside after Mr Mudavadi informed him that he was a public officer and was therefore required to step aside until the corruption case he is facing is heard and determined. “His Worship Mayor Geophrey Majiwa of the City Council of Nairobi has agreed to step aside upon a request by Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister and Minister for Local Government following the concurrence of the Attorney General that civic leaders are indeed public officers,” a statement from the deputy prime minister’s office read. Mr Mudavadi based his directive to Mr Majiwa on Section 18 of the Transitional and Consequential Provisions in the new constitution, the Public Officer Ethics Act and the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act. Kacc director P.L.O Lumumba had earlier written to Mr Mudavadi asking him to direct Mr Majiwa to step aside until the corruption case is determined. In a letter dated October 27, Mr Lumumba demanded that Mr Majiwa be suspended at half pay until the corruption charges facing him are determined. More...

Kalenjin professionals advice against ditching ODM

By Dennis Odunga, Oct 28 2010
A group of professionals from the North Rift are opposed to plans by Kalenjin MPs to woo the community to ditch ODM in favour of another political party. The professionals led by Moi University law lecturer Onesmus Kipchumba argue that forming another party to cater for the interests of the community, amounts to dividing the country along tribal lines. They expressed fears that the party would lack a national outlook and thus risked being isolated from the rest of Kenyans. Mr Kipchumba said what Kenyans expect is for political parties to be strengthened by accommodating divergent views and not necessarily jumping ship when there are differences. The professionals appealed to legislators blaming Prime Minister Raila Odinga for suspended Higher Education minister William Ruto’s woes to separate politics from the independence of the Judiciary. “With the new political dispensation in place following the promulgation of the new Constitution, we need to understand and leave the Judiciary to work independently,” said Mr Kipchumba. More...

A regional party will isolate Kalenjin community from rest of Kenyans

Wakoli Bifwoli
Sylvester Bifwoli Wakoli giving his speech in Bungoma that was slammed as 'hate speech' by DPM, Musalia Mudavadi.

Missing man found hanging on a tree: The body of 34 year old David Wafula who went missing three days ago has been found. The body was found hanging on a tree along the Webuye-Bungoma road near Sikata bridge. Confirming the incident, Bungoma Deputy OCPD David Kiptanui said it was likely that the man committed suicide to end his life. More...
Wakoli denies kindling ethnic tensions in Bungoma

By Westfm, Oct 28 2010
Lands Assistant Minister Bifwoli Wakoli has denied inciting his native Bukusu kinsmen to chase away non Bukusus from Bungoma County on Monday. The Bumula legislator has come out to defend himself against allegations he engaged in hate speech when he addressed Bungoma residents on Monday at a ceremony attended by Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi. Wakoli has explained that it seems Mudavadi misinterpreted his remarks insisting that all he meant was that all communities living in the larger Bungoma county should coexist with respect for each other. Wakoli has further explained that his entire speech was punctuated with parables that Mudavadi may not be versed with such style of talk and that is why he took the speech literally. “Even in my hotel in Bungoma, I have employed half of my staff from communities outside western province. How can I opt to do that if I am a tribalist ?” posed Wakoli. The minister received rare backing from his main rival, ODM’s Bumula Branch Chairman Boniface Otsyula who said that the remarks were taken out of context. More...

Japanese tsunami swallows Wetang'ula

By Emeka Geyara, Oct 28 2010
Mr Moses Wetang’ula, the Foreign Affairs minister who stepped aside on Wednesday was not only President Kibaki’s chief diplomat but also point man in Western Kenya. Following the poor performance of President Kibaki’s PNU in Western Province during the last election, Mr Wetang’ula has been the highest ranking PNU politician from the region. The other is Housing minister Soita Shitanda. Besides, the Sirisia MP has been fighting for political supremacy of Bungoma county as well the leadership of Ford-Kenya, a party with a sizeable following in the region. More...

Swept away by Japanase Tsunami, Moses Wetang'ula, until yesterday the foreign minister is lost at high political seas with a May Day call out to anyone who can salvage him. The clouds heralding the fatal hurricane had been gathering since Dennis Awori, the then Kenyan ambassador to Japan blew the lid on a property scam in Tokyo that was sealed behind his back before parliamentary hounds and KACC investigators went for the kill.
Foreign property scandals smoke Wetang'ula out of office

By John Ngirachu, Oct 27 2010
Kenya Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang'ula has stepped aside to pave way for probe into the Sh1.1bn Tokyo embassy scandal. He, however, maintained his innocence over the mega scandal that had threatened to end his career. Mr Wetang'ula move comes just hours before Parliament was set to conclude debate on a report by the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, which recommended that the minister and his permanent secretary step aside to facilitate investigations. He attributed his troubles over the past four weeks to the Parliamentary committee, whose report he said was laced with malice, rumours, innuendo, conjecture and was crafted “in the most unprofessional character". But he vowed to come back after the investigations now being conducted by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission are complete, quoting a Luhya saying. “Where I come from they say, a bedbug told his kids, whatever is hot will always cool down. I have no doubt this will. When am vindicated I’ll be back,” he said. More...

Foreign PS quits over property scams: Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi (right) has stepped aside to allow investigations into the Sh1.1bn Tokyo embassy land saga. Mr Mwangi communicated his decision to President Kibaki Wednesday, who in turn accepted. Mr Mwangi's move represents a change of heart after he vowed two weeks ago not to resign over the controversial deal. More...
Moses Masika Wetangula
Moses Wetangula, the foreign affairs minister walks out of parliament with a bundle of documents consisting of his defence. The Sirisia MP stepped aside yesterday alongside his PS Thuita Mwangi (below) to pave way for investigations into allegations of financial impropriety over property deals in Tokyo, Cairo, Brussels and Lagos.
Thuita Mwangi
Mudavadi slams Wakoli over 'outsiders' hate speech

By our correspondent, Oct 27 2010
An assistant minister’s claims that “outsiders” resident in Bungoma County will be evicted has been equated to hate speech likely to spark ethnic tension. Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi said Lands assistant minister Sylvester Wakoli’s remarks were tribal and called on all Kenyans to unite. Mr Wakoli had, while launching a strategic plan for Bungoma Town on Monday, called for the eviction of “outsiders” from Bungoma as they were interfering in decision-making. He claimed they had influenced the splitting of Kanduyi and Bumula constituencies to create an extra constituency. The Bumula MP said the fact that leaders in Bungoma had been silent on the issue did not give “outsiders” the leeway to start making unrealistic demands. “We shall evict all foreigners from this county if they continue interfering in activities of our county,” he said. Mr Wakoli reiterated that Bumula and Kanduyi should be split but Bungoma Town should be the centre. Mr Mudavadi challenged Mr Wakoli to rise above ethnic affiliations if he wanted to be president. More...

Mother poisons her children: A middle aged mother from Matete village Wednesday evening poisoned her two children killing one on the spot after a quarrelling with her husband. More..
Jirongo to sponsor 100 varsity students from Lugari

By Joseph Otieno, Oct 27 2010
Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo will sponsor 100 students for University education from his constituency as a way of boosting education levels in the region. He said his action has been precipitated by the low numbers of students joining institutions of Higher learning from his constituency. According to the MP, he will sponsor the students to undertake Parallel University Degree programme while noting that not all students were bright to access Higher Education Loans Board funds to advance their studies. He said it was embarrassing that not many students who complete their secondary education join universities and colleges due poor performance. He attributed the trend to lack of adequate learning facilities in the constituency like libraries and well equipped laboratories. The legislator, promised to construct computer laboratories in 40 secondary schools saying access to the computers and internet will help students in research work hence boost their academic performance. More...

Cyrus Jirongo
Cyrus Shakhalaga Jirongo, Lugari MP to sponsor university students from his constituency.

Ruto hearing in January 2011: A Sh96 million fraud case against suspended minister William Ruto will be heard for 12 days in January. And the first state witness will testify against Ruto on January 24. This was communicated to Ruto by Chief Magistrate Gilbert Mutembei on Tuesday when the politician attended court for the first time in relation to the case. More...
60 Chepkube youth disappear in Uganda as coffee smuggling returns

By Frankline Bwire, Oct 27 2010
Chepkube residents in Cheptais district are appealing to the government to intervene and trace over 60 youth who disappeared while transporting coffee to Uganda on Monday night. It is alleged that the young men were attacked by Administration Police from Nalondo Police station in Chepkube leading to some of them jumping into river Lwakhakha to escape being arrested. Fears are high that most of nearly eight of them could have drowned to death as they are yet to be located. Consequently, family members fear for their lives claiming the Uganda government could hold them as terrorists. Smuggling of coffee to Uganda has been on the rise for some time to the extend that some police officers from the region have been accused of engaging in the illegal trade and soliciting for bribes to shield the illegal traders. Concern has been raised following reports of increased smuggling of coffee and timber a vice that has seen many taken to court. More...

Peace beckons as 2,000 squatters are settled in frosty Mt Elgon

By Bernard Kwalia, Oct 26 2010
More than 2,000 squatters are to be allocated land in phase three of the controversial Chebyuk Settlement Scheme in Mount Elgon. The chairman of the taskforce overseeing resettlement in the scheme, Mr Solomon Ouko, said each squatter would receive 2.5 acres. Speaking in Kitale at the weekend after holding a meeting with members of his team, Mr Ouko, a former deputy provincial commissioner, said 2,084 people had been vetted. He said physical planning had been completed and surveyors were demarcating plots to be parcelled out. Mr Ouko appealed to would-be beneficiaries and their leaders to be patient, saying about 80 per cent of the work on the land had been completed. He said surveyors had gone on strike for more than three months to protest over unpaid allowances but had resumed work. The chairman confirmed that the government had released funds to jump-start the stalled work at the scheme, which had stayed for long without a permanent solution. Mr Harry Kimtai, a parliamentary aspirant, said that the stalling of the resettlement programme had caused panic in the area at a time it was healing from the Sabaot Land Defence Forces (SLDF) attacks. More...

Chebyuk settlement scheme
Residents of Kipsigon trading centre in Chebyuk Settlement Scheme, Mount Elgon District, watch as Mr Bernard Kibwai makes a coffin. This was after seven people were shot dead in the area by raiders following clashes between two clans, the Soy and Ndorobo, over allocation of land in the area. More than 2,000 squatters are set to be allocated land in Phase Three of the settlement scheme. Photo: NATION

Nairobi mayor to appear in court today: Nairobi mayor Godfrey Majiwa will appear in court Tuesday morning to face two corruption charges relating to the Sh283 million cemetery saga. Mr Majiwa was arrested in a dramatic early morning raid on his Akila estate home by detectives from the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission. Also rounded up were Land Surveyor Cephas Kamande Mwaura and land valuer Boniface Misera. The 7am arrest follows two unsuccessful attempts to apprehend the mayor. At one time, the graft watchdog was told that the mayor had travelled to China and was given proof to that effect, only for its intelligence network to establish that he had all along been in Kisumu. More...
Tachoni, Sabaot fear Bukusu domination

By Eric Ngobilo, Oct 25 2010
Leaders in Bungoma are grappling with how to accommodate all communities living in the region in order to reduce marginalisation in the new constitutional order. Two minority communities – the Tachoni from Webuye and the Sabaot from Mt Elgon – have expressed fear that the dominant Bukusu community could grab all key positions in the county. However, some leaders are negotiating a compromise deal that would see county seats shared among persons from different communities. Mt Elgon MP Fred Kapondi and former MP Wilberforce Kisiero have warned that any attempt to discriminate against Mt Elgon residents will be met with resistance. Kimilili ODM chairman John Chikati who comes from the Tachoni community said his community will not sit back and watch their rights being infringed upon. “We expect that all communities in the county to be part and parcel of the leadership,” Mr Chikati said. Bungoma County is the third largest in the country, with a population of more than 1.6 million people and cuts across six constituencies – Kimilili, Webuye, Sirisia, Kanduyi, Bumula and Mt Elgon. More...

Moses Wetangula
Moses Wetangula is a worried man today as Parliament resumes discussing a report that links him to the Tokyo and Brussels property scams in which Kenyans lost up to Sh1.5bn to fraudsters.

Kisumu airport ready by December: Expansion works to upgrade Kisumu Airport to International standards is on course and will be completed by this December. Transport Minister, Amos Kimunya, said 65 percent of the work has already been completed, with the first part of the new runway expected to be operational in a few weeks time. Speaking when he inspected the ongoing works on Friday, Kimunya directed the contractor to ensure the project is completed on time. More...
Moral decay as zoophilism cases rise in Western

By Joan Wesakulia, Oct 25 2010
Incidents of zoophilism in men has increased as many are left wondering why this has to happen in modern society. A fortnight ago, a man was caught with a sheep in Butsosto while another married man with six children in Shinyalu- Kakamega was caught pants down with a cow a couple of days ago. The Shinyalu man identified as Wekesa Kuboka, surprised many when he said he had resolved to turn to the cow after his wife and children had gone to visit the parents and beyond nature control he had no option but rather turn to the cow to relieve him of his thirst claiming the wife overstayed. Residents who were angered by the incident gave him a thorough beating terming the incident cursed and an abomination to the society. However Wekesa is said to be at the same time an assistant pastor in one of the churches in the area something that many termed it as barbaric and condemned it. Angry residents had to frog match him to the police but relatives intervened and stopped them promising to pay all that would be required alluding the man of cloth might have been overcome with evil spirits considering his position in church. Rape cases have also been on the rise. In Bungoma's Ndengelwa village, an aged woman was gang raped by three young men who are allegedly relatives to the widow. More...

Nairobi mayor arrested over graves scandal

By our correspondents, Oct 25 2010
Nairobi Mayor Geophrey Majiwa was on Monday arrested by anti-corruption agents over the controversial purchase of a piece of land for use as a cemetery. Officials from the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Kacc) went to the mayor's residence in Nairobi's South 'C' at 7am while accompanied by police officers and took him away to the their headquarters where he is currently being held. In the cemetery saga, officials at City Hall and the Ministry of Local Government set off to identify alternative land to set up a new cemetery to serve the city. A parcel was identified at Mavoko township and purchased. Later, however, the entire deal stirred a controversy with questions over its suitability for burying the dead amid claims it was highly overpriced and ownership disputes. The Kacc spokesman Mr Nicholas Simani said Mayor Majiwa is likely to be arraigned in court on Tuesday to face two corruption-related charges. The charge sheet states that together with other officials, Mr. Majiwa conspired to acquire Sh283, 200,000 from the Ministry of Local Government to purchase land for cemetery in Mavoko Municipality.More...

Geoffrey Majiwa
Nairobi Mayor, Geoffrey Majiwa was arrested this morning on account of his role in a cemeteries scam in which the City Council lost Shs283m on a rocky patch that is unsuitable as a burial ground.

Mudavadi tours Bungoma: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government Musalia Mudavadi will today (Monday) tour Bungoma County. The Local Government Minister will also officially launch the newly acquired grader at the Bungoma County Council offices. Mudavadi will also be hosted for the first time at the West fm studio where he is expected to discuss development issues and Luhya Unity. More...
7 die in football stampede between Gor and AFC

By David Indeje, Oct 25 2010
GRIEF and tears continue to be witnessed from families and friends who lost their loved ones who passed as they struggled to get a place into the Nyayo Stadium to watch AFC leopards and Gor Mahia play Saturday, Kenyans are angry. Football fans are now appealing to the government to bear the funeral and medical expenses to those affected, especially those lying in hospital beds and those already dead. This appeal comes after the Prime Minister Raila Odinga demands for a comprehensive audit of the circumstances under which the stampede occurred would be conducted to help in mapping out measures to avert a recurrence of similar disasters in future. The Premier regretted the tragic incident but appealed for calm when he visited and consoled the casualties of the stadium chaos at the Kenyatta National Hospital. He also assured the injured fans that the government would facilitate their treatment. Consequently, no word has been received from the Sports Minister Paul Otuomwa after the ugly incident had taken place resulting to an outcry from the public who would want to know of what follows next. More...

Ruto now plans to topple Raila

By Peter Leftie, Oct 24 2010
The political battle between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and suspended Higher Education minister William Ruto is now headed to Parliament. Mr Ruto and his allies are plotting to sponsor a motion seeking to topple Mr Odinga from the premiership, taking advantage of what they say are ODM’s reduced numbers in the House. They argue that under the terms of the National Accord, the PM should be drawn from the majority party in Parliament, something they say the Orange party has lost with the rebellion of MPs mainly from Rift Valley. Mr Ruto was on Saturday night expected to host more than 15 MPs drawn from the Rift Valley, Central, Eastern and Western provinces at his Sugoi rural home in Eldoret North to lay down strategies of countering the PM on the floor of the House starting this week. More...

Ghanaian elected mayor in Slovenia: A Ghana-born doctor has been elected the first black mayor in Slovenia - and probably the first in old Yugoslavia. Peter Bossman, a candidate of the centre-left Social Democrats (SD), narrowly won a municipal election in the Slovenian coastal town of Piran. More...
Gregory Isaacs
Gregory Isaacs is dead: Reggae singer Gregory Isaacs died at his home in London on Monday at the age of 59. His manager confirmed the performer died Monday morning surrounded by his family. He was diagnosed with liver cancer a year ago. "Gregory was well-loved by everyone, his fans and his family, and he worked really hard to make sure he delivered the music they loved and enjoyed," his wife, Linda, told BBC News. The Jamaican singer shot to fame in 1982 with his album Night Nurse - which included a hit song of the same name - recorded at Bob Marley's Tuff Gong studio. More...
Wetangula fights for survival over Tokyo property fraud

By Peter Leftie, Oct 24 2010
A group of MPs plans to absolve Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula from any blame in the buying of diplomatic property in Tokyo when Parliament reconvenes on Tuesday. At the same time, two diplomats who the parliamentary committee on defence and foreign relations described as the chief architects of the controversial deal have been summoned from their stations abroad. The Nation learnt that Mr Allan Mburu, the charge d’affaires at the Kenyan mission in Tokyo and Mr Anthony Muchiri, the Kenyan ambassador to Libya, were ordered back home after their names were adversely mentioned in the report tabled in Parliament by the committee’s chairman Mr Adan Keynan on Thursday. MPs close to the minister who declined to be quoted for fear of appearing to take debate outside parliament said they would propose an amendment to the report to expunge Mr Wetang’ula’s name as he played no direct role in the scandal. More...

Kenyan musicians form trade union to fight for their rights

By Tim Kamuzu Banda, Oct 23 2010
Nairobi’s Heron Hotel was a melodious place to be last week. More than 30 celebrated artistes gathered for a musicians’ workshop, whose end result could just change the lives of musicians around the country forever. Veteran artistes like Juma Tutu and DK Kamau mingled freely with emerging talent like Linda Muthama and Isaac Gem of Kenge Kenge band. Despite their age difference, their purpose was the same – the establishment of a musicians union. This, interestingly, has never happened in Kenya before. “Although there is more money in the music industry these days, many musicians still live in abject poverty. It is time that this battle was taken to the pockets,” said one of the musicians. The musicians have already organised themselves under the banner of Kenya Musicians Association (KEMUSA), with John Katana of Them Mushrooms as the interim secretary general. Officers from the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) facilitated the workshop. Founded in 1948, FIM is an international body representing trade unions of musicians in 65 countries across the world. Their secretariat is located in Paris, France. More...

Them Mushrooms
Them Mushrooms, the most famous band Kenya has ever produced is world famous for it's Jambo Hakuna Matata tune. The band's leader, John Katana has been elected the inaugural secretary general of Kenya Musicians Association (KEMUSA).

Storm over Lugari hq shift: A Storm is brewing in Lugari over relocation of district headquarters from Lumakanda to Panpaper with leaders clashing and going for each others' neck. Area leaders led by Chekalini ward councillior Joseph Ingosi said the decision was against the wishes of the majority of residents arguing that the proposed area was unsuitable for a district headquater. Mr.Ingosi said that since Likuyani and Matete have been separated from Lugari , it was better for the headquarters to remain at Lumakanda. However, other leaders have suggested that Lugari Township, 20km from the Eldoret- Webuye highway was the appropriate site as it had enough space for expansion. More...
1600 homes in Cheptais to benefit from govt needy fund

By Frankline Bwire, Oct 23 2010
Orphans and needy persons from Cheptais district to benefit from the government program of 1500 shillings per month, the children officer in Cheptais and Mt. Elgon has said. Speaking at a function meant to educate area residents on the new program at Cheptais, the children’s officer Mr. Geoffrey Musoko disclosed that 6 locations among them Cheptais, Chepkube, Sasuri, Chepyuk, Emia and Kapkateny are to benefit. “These are the first locations that will benefit from the first disbursement,” he asserted. Mr. Musoko added that the program will be extended to aid the whole region of Mt. Elgon, citing that it was a good move to benefit the need. The children’s officer further asserted that it was a good opportunity for thousands of orphans in the area who have been suffering. The program to benefit orphans and needy persons has been continuing in over 80 districts all over the country. More...

Bungoma businesswoman receives Mashujaa Day honours

By Westfm, Oct 22 2010
A veteran Bungoma businesswoman got a rare treat when she was named by the government as one of the heroes during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations. It was a befitting moment for Mama Hersi Mohammed, popularly known as Mama Harris, who has toiled over the years from scratch to built one of the biggest business empires spreading in four countries in East and Central Africa. A delighted Hersi, now in her early 70s was given a heroic welcome by local residents when she arrived at the Masinde Muliro Stadium in Kanduyi for the celebrations accompanied by her daughter Asha Hersi Moghe. They thanked the government for finally recognizing the efforts of a woman who has contributed greatly to the growth of Bungoma town, assisted in establishing many community projects and also created employment opportunities for hundreds of youth in Bungoma County. “We hail you for this achievement and hope that you will continue to help us in transforming the lives of our people through your businesses,” said Bungoma Mayor Barasa Mbinga. The mayor regretted that heroes from the area like music greats Wasike Wa Musungu, James Otung’li and Isaac Kisache were not remembered for their exemplary work. More...

Amina Hersi
Amin Hersi, a Bungoma tycoon with President Yoweri Museveni (left) and Nakumatt owner, Atul Shah during the opening of Oasis Mall in Kampala. Ms Hersi who owns the mall, has expansive investments in Bungoma, among other towns in Eastern Africa. For her entrepreneurial achievements, she received a presidential commendation during Mashujaa Day celebrations on October 20. The only other businessman from Western to be recognised is Abraham Ambwere from Chavakali in Vihiga.

MP loses seat: Kirinyaga Central MP Ngata Kariuki has lost his parliamentary seat after a court nullified his election Friday. Justice Mohammed Warsame said the Returning Officer had breached all electoral rules and proceeded to declare wrong candidate the winner. More...
Kapenguria has nothing to show for hosting detained freedom heroes

By Kenya News Agency, Oct 22 2010
Kapenguria mayor Andrew Rotino has asked the government to put up a monument in honour of the ‘Kapenguria Six’ freedom heroes in Pokot. He said after Mashujaa Day celebrations at Makutano Stadium that the gesture would go a long way in preserving the history of Kenya’s struggle for independence. The heroes detained in Kapenguria were founder President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Achieng’ Oneko, Paul Ngei, Bildad Kaggia, Kung’u Karumba and Fred Kubai. The mayor said that although the independence heroes were tried and jailed in the region, there was little on the ground to show this for the benefit of future generations. More...

Kapenguria six
Freedom heroes popularly known as Kapengura Six: From left: Paul Ngei, Fred Kubai, Jomo Kenyatta, Achieng’ Oneko, Bildad Kaggia and Kung’u Karumba. Kapenguria mayor wants a monument built in the town in memory of the freedom heroes.
Wetangula faces suspension over Tokyo property fraud

By John Ngirachu, Oct 22 2010
A Parliamentary committee has asked Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula to step aside to allow the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate what it describes as the corrupt and fraudulent purchase of land by the ministry in Tokyo, Japan. The House fell silent at 5.30pm as Adan Keynan, who chairs the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, rose to ask the House to adopt the report levelling shocking allegations against Mr Wetang’ula and top ministry officials. For the next hour, Mr Keynan made a series of accusations, all intended to establish a pattern of impropriety by the minister going back many years. Speaker Kenneth Marende will confirm whether a report of the Public Investments Committee recommended that Mr Wetang’ula never be allowed to hold public office. Mr Wetang’ula objected, saying the matters Mr Keynan was referring to had all been “laid to rest”. Mr Keynan had made reference to three previous PIC reports touching on what he described as Mr Wetang’ula’s law firm and its service to the Sugar Development Authority as well as the minister’s previous work at the Electricity Regulatory Board. Mr Wetang’ula was the chairman of that board and the accusations prompted him to ask for the Speaker’s intervention, arguing that the MP was discussing his character without a motion to allow that. More...

Tokyo, Japan's bustling capital city is also one of the world's most expensive places to live and do business. Even so, the Shs1.5bn spent by the ministry of foreign affairs to buy a rundown property to house its chancery was deemed a tad too high by the Japanese themselves. It was a purchase that is now threatening to hound Moses Wetangula, the foreign minister, out of officer for condoning or conniving in the fraudulent transaction.

Red card over AG, CJ posts: Legal professionals have cautioned the government against politicizing the appointment of the new Chief Justice and Attorney General. The International commission of Jurists - Kenya chapter and the Federation of Kenya women lawyers say the grand Coalition Government partners, ODM and PNU would be violating the law if they decide to share the posts. They have argued that genuine reforms at the Judiciary can only be achieved through appointing individuals of high integrity, free of nepotism and corruption. More...
Ruto promises to reload, marshall troops and return stronger

By Peter Leftie, Oct 22 2010
Eldoret North MP William Ruto has blamed his tribulations on political rivals but promised to bounce back. “The decision they took is reasonable given the circumstances. I respect it but I do not necessarily agree with it because I have not been charged with any matter of corruption,” said the suspended Higher Education minister on Thursday. He was speaking for the first time since he was sent packing on Tuesday following a court ruling that he should stand trial over illegal sale of forest land. Mr Ruto handed over to East African Community minister Hellen Sambili, who will hold the docket in acting capacity until the Sh272 million case is concluded. He urged the courts to expedite the trial, saying he was prepared for any outcome. “The pace of the case is entirely in the hands of the Judiciary but I hope they will expedite it so that it is decided one way or the other. But in my mind, I am a very innocent person.” Rift Valley MPs have claimed the suspension was a ploy to block Mr Ruto from vying for the presidency in 2012. They alleged that the Judiciary could drag the case for years. The law bars people facing criminal charges from seeking or holding public office. On Thursday, Mr Ruto introduced himself to journalists as the “former minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology”, and shrugged off questions on his future in ODM. More...

Hackers paralyse Malaba online clearing system

By Westfm, Oct 21 2010
Clearance of transit goods at the Malaba border has been hit by Kenya Revenue Authority's (KRA) move to limit the operations of its Simba online system. The Revenue collection body has blocked the clearance of transit goods from their system in Malaba, Uganda or in cyber cafes. Customs officials at the border town said all customs reports will now be done in KRA customs yards only, thus sparking off a crisis. Malaba Custom’s boss, Abdul Bonaya said the move to introduce the restrictions followed incidents where some scrupulous businessmen hacked their passwords to clear goods across the border. Bonaya was speaking during the KRA taxpayers' week at Malaba Town Council hall and attended by acting Teso DC, Louis Rono. Bonaya admitted that the move had created a crisis in goods clearance with customs agents only allowed to access the simba system for reports only at the customs yard. More...

Malaba Kenya
Malaba border in Bungoma, a major crossing point into Uganda and beyond. The usually long queues of trailers waiting to cross over will get even longer as the online clearing system has been suspended after fraudsters hacked into it.

Kenyan gets top Unicef job: A Kenyan has been named deputy head of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef). The announcement of Martin Mogwanja's appointment was made in New York on Wednesday by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. More...
500,000 jobs to go in UK's toughest austerity measures yet

By James Kirkup, Oct 2010
Britain's chancellor of the Excehquer, George Osborne has said there is no “Plan B” alternative to his programme of £81 billion in spending cuts. The Chancellor insisted that he will stick to his plan for cuts, even after economists suggested he should be prepared to change course if the UK economy slips back into recession. Mr Osborne yesterday set out a four-year plan to eliminate the structural deficit in the public finances, cutting welfare payments and Whitehall departments’. Nearly 500,000 public sector jobs are to go over the next four years, and they won't all be from natural wastage and the pen-pushing ranks of back-room administration; many front-line jobs, from probation officers to social workers and bobbies on the beat will go, too. More...

Teso leaders want first MP Oduya Oprong honoured

By Westfm, Oct 21 2010
Teso leaders have appealed to the government to honour former area MP, Oduya Oprong for the role he played in the Independence struggle. Speaking during the Mashujaa day celebrations Wednesday in Amagoro, the leaders said Oprong did a lot for the country and the Teso community deserves recognition. Youth leader, Steven Okalebo, Public Officer, Stephen Otwane and Councillors Ishmael Orodi and Janet Jacka said Oprong, the first area MP also helped to push for the creation of Teso District from Busia in 1995. Teso North Acting DC, Louis Rono said recent incidents of robberies in Amagoro and Malaba was caused by presence of discos, video halls and motorcycle riders transporting luggage at night. The DC told Malaba Town Council chairman, Chrisantus Ipala to have security lights installed in the town to check on the rising crime. More...

Prof Hellen Jepkemoi Sambili
Prof Hellen Sambili, the East African Community minister has been appointed to look after things in the ministry of higher education following the suspension of William Ruto to stand trial in a criminal court on corruption charges. Prof Sambili is also the member of parliament for Mogotio constituency in Rift Valley.

Ruto eats humbe pie, says suspension not unreasonable

By our correspondent, Oct 21 2010
Suspended minister William Ruto Thursday maintained his innocence over the sh96 million fraud case. The Eldoret North MP however said his suspension by President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga from the cabinet was not unreasonable given the circumstances. The Eldoret North MP who was speaking Thursday when he handed over to his successor Prof Hellen Sambili, expressed confidence that he will be cleared of any wrong doing. Ruto dismissed all the corruption allegations ever levelled against him terming them a fabrication. The legislator spoke a day after a section of cabinet ministers and MPs lauded President Mwai Kibaki for suspending him over the pending fraud case against him. More...

Safaricom's music fete in Kanduyi fails to benefit local businesses

By Steve Biko, Oct 21 2010
The Safaricom Kenya Live event in Bungoma County, Kanduyi stadium was awesome and it was packed and despite the rain and the blackout and the muddy grounds, it went on well till morning. In the eyes of the locals, it was an event well hyped and executed. However, for a keen eye cynic, I would ask; who benefited? who gained? who lost? was it worth it? It was evident that the organizers of the event, Homeboyz Entertainment had totally ignored the business community of Bungoma County and even when it came to the MC's, they totally forgot the local Media house, which, without its support, the event would have been a flop. Apparently the crowd at the event had to ask for the West Fm's Celebrated MC-Moses Makeni aka Man Fulu to address them, which could have been avoided had Homeboyz Entertainment worked together with West Fm. It's disappointing because for such an event, the capital infusion in any set up would be of tremendous boost for the local economic aspect and give the event a prospective future sustainable aspect. Even the local bands were not given a chance to curtain raise for the selected Safaricom musicians. So really, who were the beneficiaries? Homeboyz? Homeboyz selected service providers who apparently ferried products from Nairobi as if Bungoma didn't have the same facilities if not better? More...

Kanduyi Safaricom Kenya Live
Crowds packed into Masinde Muliro Stadium, Kanduyi during the inaugural Safaricom Bungoma Kenya Live Concert over the weekend. It was the first time a major national event was being hosted in rural Kenya but questions are now being asked as to who really benefitted from the multi million music bonanza. Photo: Westfm

Swahili designers descend on Dar: TOP East African designers are set to showcase their stylish at the third annual Swahili Fashion Week planned for Karimjee Ground in the city from November 4 - 6. The event’s organiser, Mustafa Hassanali told reporters on Wednesday that the fashion show will bring together 24 talented designers from Swahili-speaking countries. He named local designers as Ailinda Sawe, Manju Msita, Kemi Kalikawe, Christine Mhando, Shellina Ibrahim, Farha Naaz Sultan, Gabriel Mollel, Robi Morro, Asia Idarous, Zamda George, Khadija Mwanamboka, Jamilla Vera Swai and Made. Those from Kenya and Uganda include Sonu Sharma, Moo Cow, Kiko Romeo, John Kveke and Kooroo and Stella Stal. More...
Shot Bungoma policeman to receive bravery award

By our correspondent, Oct 21 2010
The government will foot the medical bills of an Administration Police officer shot by gangsters. Deputy provincial criminal investigations officer Musa Yego announced the decision on Wednesday after he led a team of senior government officers on a visit to Mr Anderson Misati at the Bungoma District Hospital. Mr Misati gunned down two robbery suspects, who were planning to steal from a shop in Bungoma Town on Monday. He and a civilian were shot in a shoot-out with the robbers. Doctors at the district Hospital yesterday successfully removed a bullet that was lodged in the officer’s chest. The hospital superintendent, Dr Mulianga Egesa, said Mr Misati was in stable condition. Mr Yego vowed not to spare any criminals, who have been harassing residents. He said police had intensified patrols and would not relent in cracking down on criminal gangs. He appealed to the public to work with police by providing information to end crime. He said the officer would also be rewarded for his heroic act. More...

Bethwell Kiplagat
Defiant Kiplagat: The embattled Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission chairman, Bethwell Kiplagat. A foreign commissioner has quit the body created to dig up all injustices visited on Kenyans since independence citing lack of government support and confidence crisis in the chairman. Mr Kiplagat's deputy, Betty Murungi quit earlier this year following allegations that the chairman is tarnished by corruption allegations.
Foreign TJRC commissioner quits over unresolved Kiplagat issues

By Margaret Kalyeke, Oct 21 2010
The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission suffered a major blow Thursday after international Commissioner Prof Ronald Slye resigned. Slye whose resignation takes effect 1st November 2010 cited lack of support from the government and unresolved allegations against TJRC chairman Bethuel Kiplagat. "That loss of faith comes not from the work of the staff of the Commission - highly dedicated individuals who have worked under extremely trying circumstances to move the work of the Commission forward - but from the clear lack of support from the Government of Kenya and from the still-unresolved allegations against the Chairman of the Commission," he said. Prof Syle said the commission lacked credibility as the government had failed to deal with the issues surrounding the Chairman which he said had led to a leadership vacuum within the Commission. More...

One dead, 6 injured at Musikoma, Bungoma in vehicle collision

By Frankline Bwire, Oct 20 2010
One person died on spot and scores of others injured after a lorry they were travelling in carrying sugarcane lost control and over tuned at Musikoma junction in Bungoma along the Mumias- Bungoma road. It is alleged that the lorry developed brake failure yet it was in high speed causing it to overturn at around 8:00pm Tuesday. Three of the passengers escaped alive while two sustained serious injuries and rushed to the Bungoma District hospital while one died after efforts to rescue bore no fruits due to the pile of sugarcane that had pinned him down. According to the survivors, the lorry was coming from North Muyanga headed to Mumias with 6 people on board before the driver lost control of it due to brake failure. More...

Abraham Ambwere
Ambwere Alliance Hotel in Chavakali, Vihiga: one of Abraham Ambwere's flagships in his vast investment portfolio in Western Kenya. For his entrepreneurship, the reclusive businessman from Bendera village, Chavakali has received a presidential commendation in today's Mashujaa Day Honour's List.
Ambwere honoured on Mashujaa Day

By Silas Kemboi, Oct 20 2010
This years' Mashujaa Day is one of its kind as two of Western's entrepreneurs get presidential fete under the new Constitution as Heroes. For a long time, only the names of political leaders from the region who were actively involved in the fight for freedom and democracy like Martin Shikuku and Elijah Masinde were recognized. However, this year, President Kibaki has acknowledged the efforts of Abraham Ambwere who has established businesses in almost all the towns in Western province. In Kakamega town alone, Ambwere has a series of buildings, hotels and business premises. The most notable is the Ambwere Plaza housing West Fm ICT Centre. Mama Harris from Bungoma County will also have her name called out and archived among other greats of the country. More...

51% of sugar firms should be owned by farmers - House team

By Mwakera Mwajefa, Oct 20 2010
A parliamentary committee wants sugarcane farmers to own 51 per cent non-transferable shares of factories operating within their areas. Migori MP John Pesa says this would give the cane farmers legal say in operations of the factories. “By allowing 49 per cent as transferable shares to other investors, this will help local farmers own the factories legally,” he said, adding that this would prevent instances similar to Mumias experience where farmers lost to new investors. Mr Pesa, accompanied by colleagues Mr Benson Mbai (Masinga), Dr Victor Munyaka (Machakos Town), Mr Evans Akula (Kwisero) and Dr Robert Monda (Nyaribari Chache), claimed there was substantial loss of cane in terms of weight, often manipulated by factory weighbridges. The report observes that there is simmering conflict between West Kenya Sugar and newly established Butali Sugar Company, which should be addressed immediately. More...

moses Masika Wetangula
Moses Wetangula, the foreign affairs minister is accused of peddling lies to the House over Tokyo and Brussles property deals in which taxpayers lost billions through fraud.

Are Luhya too many or too few?: Bungoma South District acting Medical Health Officer George Wanzala has urged residents to embrace proper family planning methods and stop competing with other communities for larger populations. Mr. Wanzala noted that many families with the district were trying to compare the numbers of people within their community with others and thus forgetting to limit the size of their families. More...
Wetangula accused of peddling lies over Tokyo property scam

By Samuel Siringi, Oct 20 2010
Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula is to face anti-corruption investigators today over his role in the Sh1.1 billion loss of taxpayers’ cash in an embassy deal. Mr Wetang’ula is accused of deliberately misleading MPs by saying there was value for money in the Japan deal while the government actually lost Sh1.1 billion. The House team also accused him of informing it that hiring a lawyer was expensive and was going to cost the government three per cent of the purchase price (Sh45.7 million), while a lawyer was actually available for Sh3.4 million. “The minister will be interviewed by my officers tomorrow (Wednesday),” said Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission boss Patrick Lumumba on Tuesday. He will be questioned despite it being Mashujaa Day, he said. Mr Wetang’ula will be the most senior Foreign Affairs ministry official to be interviewed after his permanent secretary, Mr Thuita Mwangi. The scandal could force them to step out of office if a report by a House team pending in Parliament is adopted. More...

Ruto suffers major blow as he is pushed out of cabinet

By Dave Opiyo, Oct 20 2010
Eldoret North MP William Ruto was on Tuesday suspended from Cabinet as minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology pending the hearing and determination of a Sh272 million fraud case against him. President Kibaki made the announcement Tuesday evening, ending days of speculation over the fate of the minister, who only four days ago swore not to resign from Cabinet over the case. The President used the opportunity to reshuffle assistant ministers. He should stand trial Mr Ruto had gone to the Constitutional Court to challenge his prosecution over a land deal and the court last week ruled he should stand trial. A dispatch from State House on Tuesday said: “Following consultations with the Rt Hon Prime Minister, His Excellency the President has stood aside Hon William S Ruto from office of minister with immediate effect.” Prof Hellen Sambili, the East African Community minister, was appointed to act as minister for Higher Education, putting her in charge of two dockets for the time being. More...

William Ruto
William Ruto, the higher education minister has finally stumbled (but not fallen) after he was ejected out of the Cabinet to stand trial on corruption charges. Only four days ago a defiant Ruto had insisted he would not resign after the Constitutional Court ruled that he must stand trial in a Sh272m Ngong Forest fraudulent land deal. He was initially charged in 2004 alongside Joshua Kulei, retired president Moi's ex aide, Sammy Mwaita, Baringo Central MP who was then commissioner for lands.
Kenyatta Day renamed Mashujaa Day in honour of all freedom fighters

By our correspondents, Oct 20 2010
Kenyans will Wednesday celebrate the first ever Mashujaa Day to honour heroes and heroines who contributed to the nation’s liberation struggle. The day, previously referred to as Kenyatta Day, was renamed this year following the coming into force of the new Constitution. Apart from Mashujaa Day, two other national holidays are recognised under the new law. These include Madaraka Day to be celebrated on June 1 and Jamhuri Day to be observed on December 12. On Tuesday, both Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, speaking separately, asked Kenyans to reflect on where the country had come from since independence. “As we look back at the sacrifices our mashujaa made on our behalf, our overall aim must now be to look forward... it is where we are going that really counts now,” said the PM at Lenana High School. More...

Butsotso villagers horrified as man rapes his mother

By Joan Wesakulila, Oct 19 2010
In Eshibuli village in Kakamega , a middle aged man has become a thorn in the flesh of the villagers as his act has left many in awe with some overheard saying even the devil cannot condone such character. Paul Wechonje, is now a dreaded name in the village as nobody feels comfortable even mentioning the name for fear of evil following them after the young man ejected his fat6her from home and made himself comfortable with having canal knowledge of his own mother forcefully! It is alleged that Wechonje, after having one too many in the neighborhood, drove away his father warning him of dire consequences should he show up at the home again and within a blink of the eye, he pounced on his mother , tore her clothes , pinned her on the ground and descended on her like a possessed devil and raped her severally but her screams came in handy as villages thronged the homestead and most of them had nothing to utter, but collapse on the scene before their eyes. The perplexed villagers beat the hell out of the badly behaved young man vowing to teach him a lesson he will never get even in hell. In his drunken nature, the thrashings gave him some light and when it became unbearable, he pleaded for forgiveness but none of the villagers was relenting and in fact gave him a beating Satan could feel sorry. In Luhya traditions, such acts are taboo and should be shunned by all. Seeing the nakedness of your mother is an abomination and if it happens, then ritual cleansing should be done immediately to avoid the curse flowing down the family generation. More...

Shibuli Market in Butsotso
Shibuli market in Butsotso, Kakamega. A man in the neighbourhood has committed a cultural taboo by having carnal knowledge of his mother; an incident that has enraged villagers who gave the culprit a thorough beating. A ritual cleansing ceremony must be performed and a lamb sacrifice offered to lustrate against looming ritual dangers in accordance with Luhya cultural traditions.

All set for secondary schools exams

By Carl Gakii, Oct 19 2010
357,789 students were on Tuesday taken through rehearsals ahead of this year's Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education - KCSE which starts on Thursday. Another 1,029 students from Southern Sudan will also sit the exams in centres across the country. This year's exams will be held under strict regulations introduced by the government to curb rampant cases of cheating. More...

Butali sugar woes blamed on PM, AG wheeler dealers

By John Shilitsa, Oct 19 2010
The problems at the Kenya Sugar Board have been blamed on officials in the Prime Minister’s office, Agriculture ministry and Attorney General’s chambers. A board member on Monday asked the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the said officials. Speaking to the Nation on Monday, the director in charge of Sugar Development Fund, Mr Billy Wanjala, claimed that vested interests by certain officers at the named offices were to blame for woes at the sugar regulatory body. He said the Agriculture ministry particularly had almost made it impossible for the board to operate by sending memos all the time. Some of the notes warn KSB directors not discuss the current problems afflicting the sugar industry. The director argued that certain unscrupulous individuals at the PM’s Office with interest in the Butali Sugar factory versus West Kenya sugar company were taking advantage of the situation to bulldoze the board. More...

Amos Wako
Amos Wako, the attorney general has been implicated in the Butali sugar factory woes in Kakamega North. A member of Kenya Sugar Board on Monday asked the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate officials in the offices of the prime minister, attorney general and ministry of agriculture who are manipulating the sugar industry for their own selfish ends.

Widow wants sperms harvested from corpse

By our correspondent, Oct 19 2010
He killed himself, but his Manhattan widow wants him to live on - through the children she hopes to create with sperm extracted from his corpse. A grieving Victoria Chege implored a Manhattan judge for permission this week to harvest her husband George Kamau’s sperm in a desperate last bid to become the mother she believes she is destined to be. “Time is of the essence,” she wrote in court papers filed on Thursday last week - three days after Mr Kamau’s death. “The sperm (of the) deceased Mr George Kamau must be harvested and frozen as soon as possible from the time of his death or it will be useless.” Chege claimed Kamau, 37, who killed himself October 11 in Norwalk, Connecticut, would have approved of the request to father a virgin birth. “Kamau expressed his desire to have children so that his legacy may continue,” she wrote, adding he “would have consented” to her desire to create a family. More...

Sack Wetangula, Ruto - pressure groups

By our correspondents, Oct 19 2010
Pressure is piling on President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to sack Cabinet ministers William Ruto and Moses Wetang'ula over corruption allegations. Transparency International (TI) and the International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) said yesterday Kibaki and Raila must respect the new Constitution by asking the two to step aside pending determination of allegations of corruption against them. "The two principals will be violating the law if they opt to retain the ministers who have been implicated in graft, which the new law abhors," said the ICPC Executive Director Ndung’u Wainaina. TI Executive Director Samuel Kimeu said President Kibaki had no choice but to relieve Ruto and Wetang’ula of responsibilities. He said issues surrounding the buying of the Kenyan Embassy in Japan were sensitive and deserved thorough investigation. "We’ll be keen on how MPs debate and conclude the Foreign Affairs Committee report," said Mr Kimeu. More...

Dixon Abong'o
Jinxed teenager who has suffered two major ordeals in her short life. First she was defiled and impregnated by her father who then committed suicide once the incestous matter became public. Clansmen blamed her for the father's death and promised revenge. This week, unknown people abducted and gangraped her. How much can this young life taka?

Varsity students defend Wetangula: THE debate on whether Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang`ula should resign to pave way for investigation into the land scandal in Tokyo Japan continues to draw divergent views. The National Union of University Students has appealed to Kenyans to be patient and wait for the outcome of the investigation before demanding for the resignation of the Sirisia legislator. Speaking to West FM, the Union`s Secretary General Moses Nandalwe urged leaders not to politicize the issue but strive to address facts. More...
Horror of teen defiled by father then gang raped

By Nicholas Anyuor, Oct 19 2010
She is only 17, but has gone through a traumatic experience that most people never will in a lifetime. Two years ago, she was defiled and impregnated by her own father. "I was advised to abort and report the matter to the police and the clan," she says softly, painfully. The matter was then referred to the man’s clan, which would undertake cleansing rites. But the teacher father, Dixon Abong’o, chose a faster exit. He took poison and died. "Immediately after the (father’s) burial, I started receiving threatening phone messages. We reported to the police, but I don’t know what action they took," she adds. For a while, the messages stopped, but they resumed a fortnight ago. On October 7, she received a message that warned she had only hours to live, and admonished her for changing her phone number. As the girl took a boda boda from the hospital, a gang of five men pounced on her and pushed her into a waiting vehicle. The third born in a family of five says she was blindfolded and driven to some unknown location, where she was raped severally, and warned she would be killed the next day. More...

Khalwale wins petition reprieve but only just

By Joel Okwayo, Oct 19 2010
Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale got a reprieve in the case challenging his re-election after the High Court rejected an application seeking to have him dismissed prematurely. High Court Judge Isaac Lenaola, who is hearing the case in Kakamega, argued the law does not provide for summary judgement of the case, adding the move would amount to locking out evidence from Dr Khalwale. Lenaola said section 23 of the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act does not give the court powers to wind up the case on summary judgement basis. He noted that despite having inspected election materials, the MP has a right to be heard by court before closing the file. The petitioner, Ben Shinali, had sought orders to have the court declare the Ikolomani Parliamentary seat vacant. More...

Dr Bonny Khalwale
Dr Bonny Khalwale, the Ikolomani MP is a fierce bullfighter but he is now facing an election petition fight that is pushing his skills to the limit. Yesterday he won a reprieve but is not of the woods yet. Khalwale won the seat on a New Ford Kenya ticket with a narrow margin.

Aggrieved voters now move to regional court to stop new laws

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Oct 19 2010
Two voters have moved to the East African Court of Justice to stop implementation of the new Constitution. They want the court to stop Attorney General Amos Wako from receiving, making and or passing legislation to effect the new Constitution, pending hearing and determination of their case. The two, whose prior attempts to derail the new laws failed, also want promulgation of the new Constitution on August 27, declared null and void. Their case is on grounds that the referendum results were not published as per the law and there were serious flaws in the Proposed Constitution document. Mary Ariviza and Okotch Mondoh claim the second referendum results were published on August 23, while their case was still pending before the Interim Independent Constitutional Dispute Resolution Court and that AG published only 5m copies leaving out 7m eligible voters. More...

Open Butali sugar firm or we'll uproot cane - farmers

By Allan Kisia, Oct 18 2010
Controversy surrounding Butali Sugar Mills Ltd in Kakamega County deepened with cane farmers now accusing the Government of frustrating the opening of the factory. Farmers threatened to uproot their cane if the Government further delays to give the factory an operating licence. Butali Sugarcane Outgrowers Company Ltd (BSCOL), which represents the farmers, said farmers are incurring loses due to the delay. “We will take to the streets to compel the Government to allow the mill to begin operations. If that fails, we will have no choice but to uproot the cane,” said BSCOL Secretary Saul Kovola. Mr Kovola further demanded the reinstatement of the recently fired Kenya Sugar Board boss, Rosemary Mkok. “We suspect [Ms] Mkok was fired because she issued Butali with a licence,” he added. He, however, noted that President Kibaki on December 5, 2007 laid the foundation stone at the factory. BSCOL Chairman William Kopi said the factory is losing over Sh500,000 a day because of the delays. “The factory has a crushing capacity of 1,600 tonnes per day. Farmers are losing over Sh300 per tonne when they deliver their cane to jaggeries,” added Mr Kopi. The factory has registered over 25,000 farmers within the catchment area.More...

Okelo Omwasi Oriah
Apostolic Evangelical Christian Church in Nduru village, South East Alego in Siaya. The church was turned into a home for the mentally retarded and the destitute.

Tanzania wants to hire Kenyan teachers

By Peter Orengo, Oct 18 2010
Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka has said the Tanzanian Government is ready to absorb Kenyans willing to teach in its institutions to address teacher shortages. The Vice-President, who arrived from Tanzania on Sunday, said he met the Tanzanian Minister for Education and Vocational Training and agreed that willing Kenyan teachers take advantage of this opportunity. “We agreed that Education Minister Sam Ongeri writes to his Tanzanian counterpart so that Kenyan teachers can take advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself,” More...

Church turns into refuge for violent mental patients from Western, Nyanza

By George Olwenya, Oct 18 2010
Welcome to Apostolic Evangelical Christian Church (APECC), located in Nduru village, South East Alego in Siaya. The church was turned into a home for the mentally retarded and the destitute. Majority of the residents are elderly, and appear to have no known relatives. APECC’s spokesman Apostle Okelo Omwasi Oriah, who also manages the home, says several of their patients were brought in from the Siaya District Hospital psychiatric unit. He says the institution takes care of some of the most violent mental patients in Nyanza and Western Provinces, a majority of whom have been rejected by the society. Some have lived there for more than seven years without a visit from relatives. More...

Kubasu sacking kicks off storm: Circumstances surrounding the sacking of the Universities Academic Staff Union (Uasu) national chairman Sammy Kubasu by Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Mmust) have sparked a raging storm. Legal experts say if at all the dismissal was based on Prof Kubasu’s rejection of a promotion, then its unconstitutional. More...
Khalwale loses bid to halt election petition hearing

By Carol Gakii, Oct 18 2010
Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale has lost his bid to have the High Court dismiss an election petition against him. Instead the High court in Kakamaga has directed that the full hearing of the petition case proceed from Monday. Attempts by the petition Bernard Shinali to have Khalwale's election nullified was also struck out by the court with Justice Isaac Lenaola saying that he has no jurisdiction to grand such an application. Khalwale is expected to institute a defense on Monday next week before the court sets a date to determine the fate of the petition on Wednesday. Shinali through his lawyer Stephen Mwenesi claims that the inspection of the forms 16 A and 17 A had brought out strong grounds to prove illegality in Khalwale's election. More...

Two robbers gunned down in Bungoma: Two gangsters today (Monday) morning were gunned down in Bungoma town at the Total petrol station after exchanging fire with police in a botched robbery incident. One police officer is nursing wounds at the Bungoma District Hospital while one other robber is on the run with gunshot wounds. More...
Francis Awori
Embattled COTU secretary general, Francis awori has moved to court to forestall a coup de grace by a group of rebel unionists who want him ousted.

Ruto: I am not resigning

By our correspondent, Oct 17 2010
Former Kabete MP and a renowned lawyer Paul Muite now says the mounting pressure for Higher Education minister William Ruto to step aside is not a constitutional requirement but an ethical issue. Muite claims that the new constitution only requires a member of parliament to quit if he is convicted and sentenced to a jail term of more than six months. More...

Fightback as rebel group ousts Atwoli from Cotu

By Sam Kiplagat, Oct 17 2010
Outspoken trade unionist Francis Atwoli has moved to court to forestall a move by a group of persons claiming to have ousted him as the secretary-general of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions. Under a certificate of urgency, Mr Atwoli convinced a judge to suspend an order earlier obtained by the group that allows them to table a new list of Cotu officials’ names before the Registrar of trade unions. Mr Atwoli said the group had threatened to take over the leadership at Cotu and jeopardise its affairs. Gained fraudulently Further, Mr Atwoli told Justice John Mwera that the consent order obtained by Paul Rukaria, Jane Akinyi and Benson Irungu was gained fraudulently and without the knowledge of elected officials of Cotu. In the battle, Mr Rukaria, Ms Akinyi and Mr Irungu have allegedly been asking Mr Atwoli since last year to convene a governing council meeting in accordance with the constitution of Cotu. Despite several requests, the group alleges Mr Atwoli declined to call the meeting. The group wanted the meeting to review Cotu’s constitution with a view to aligning it to new labour laws. They also wanted to elect new officials and nominate workers’ representatives to the National Social Security Fund and the National Hospital Insurance Fund. More...

Ruto's hope for top job in limbo as he faces exit from cabinet over fraud charge

By Sam Kiplagat, Oct 16 2010
Higher Education minister William Ruto technically lost his Cabinet position on Friday after the constitutional court ruled that he would face criminal prosecution over a Sh272 million fraud case. Section 62 of the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act stipulates that “a public officer who is charged with corruption or economic crime shall be suspended at half pay, with effect from the date of the charge.” Such a suspended public officer continues to receive the full amount of any allowances, according the law. The law now requires that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga move to suspend Mr Ruto until the case against him is determined. The minister’s political career was thrown into a spin on Friday afternoon when a panel of three judges dismissed a petition he filed in 2005 seeking to stop court proceedings against him claiming that his rights had been infringed. Ruto is planning to appeal against the ruling. More...

Malik Abong'o Obama and sheila Adhiambo
President Obama's step brother Malik Abong'o Obama (bottom right) has married a form two student, Sheila Abong'o (top right) in marriage that has divided a community. Mr Obama blurted out: "I am a Muslim and I have the right to marry up to four wives. I still have one vacancy.” The student of Agoro Oyombe Secondary School in Siaya County apparently chose marriage over education to a man old enough to be her father.
Form Two girl quits school to be 3rd wife of Obama kin

By Stella Cherono, Oct 16 2010
Mary Aoko Ouma is planning to go to Ng’iya shopping centre where she roasts and sells maize, but visitors keep flocking to her home. She attracts attention in the village because her daughter, 19-year-old Sheila Adhiambo, abandoned her studies to get married as the third wife of US President Barack Obama’s step-brother, Malik Abong’o Obama. Sheila lived with her widowed mother and was a Form Two student at Agoro Oyombe Secondary School in Siaya County, but she gave up school to become Mrs Obama. Mr Malik Obama said he married Sheila after she consented and “without coercion”. ‘‘We had agreed to marry when she completes school, but she could not wait,” he said. He added that Sheila’s mother blessed the marriage and showed us a document allegedly drafted at a Siaya mosque. It had the signatures of an imam, Sheila’s mother and two other people whom he said were Sheila’s brothers. “I am a Muslim and I have the right to marry up to four wives. I still have one vacancy,” he said. More...

Western MPs abandon Wetangula to carry his own cross over Tokyo land fraud

By Juma Kwayera, Oct 16 2010
As the country waits for the outcome of debate on the findings of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs, the manner senior officials in the ministry disposed of property has raised questions about the country’s foreign policy and the integrity of the staff posted in those stations. When seeking the indulgence of the House to defer the Motion, Wetang’ula angered MPs when he said he needed time to lobby members against the report. Although Maalim ruled Gwasi MP John Mbadi out of order for insinuating the minister wanted to manipulate legislators, outside the chamber MPs relished an opportunity to put the minister to the cleaners over what they said is his haughtiness and self-aggrandisement. Significantly, attendance of the Thursday session was uncharacteristically high, save for legislators from Western Province who, in the words on one of them, left the minister to carry his own cross. Meanwhile Ford-Kenya officials have accused some Western MPs of being behind a campaign to destroy the political career of Wetang’ula. Ford-Kenya Coast region chairman Yassir Bajaber, Secretary for Human Rights and Democratisation Chris Mandu and Saboti Branch Secretary James Wanambisi claimed the committee was being used by the politicians opposed to Wetang’ula. More...

Moses Masika Wetangula
Moses Masika Wetangula, the foreign affairs minister and MP for Sirisia in Bungoma County. Wetangula will know next week Tuesday if he will survive a censor motion Parliament over a scandal linking him to a Tokyo property he has defended in which Kenya lost Sh1.1bn to fraudsters.

Kisii KRA officer faces fraud charges: An assistant Commissioner at the Kenya Revenue Authority is expected to be arraigned in court Wednesday for soliciting a bribe. Assistant Commissioner of Customs Albert Kassanga is to face charges of demanding Sh30,000 from a security guard in Kisii to facilitate the release of his vehicle, which was detained at Kisumu customs warehouse. “The suspect declined to receive Sh20,000 and wanted it to be channelled though an intermediary,” KACC spokesman Nicholas Simani said. More...
Rift Valley MPs to seek Wetangula's sacking

By Athman Amran, Oct 16 2010
Five Rift Valley MPs may support a report, which seeks the sacking of Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula when it comes up in Parliament on Tuesday. The MPs agreed that the report was ‘thorough’, adding that they only opposed the move to discuss it in Parliament on Thursday because the Standing Orders were not followed. "We are going to consider the report on its own merit. The report (prepared by the Defence and Foreign Affairs Department Committee) affects the whole country and therefore there is no official position by the Rift Valley MPs," Konoin MP Julius Kones said yesterday. Dr Kones and Isaac Ruto (Chepalungu), Jackson Kiptanui (Keiyo South), Benjamin Langat (Aina Moi) and Lukas Kigen (Rongai) said Rift Valley MPs only take a collective stand on matters that affect the region. More...

Big names at Kanduyi music fete: Safaricom and West FM have colloborated to put up one of the biggest live music shows in rurak Kenya at Masinde Muliro Stadium (formerly Kanduyi) involving the biggest names on Kenya's music scene - Jua Cali, Nameless, Wahu, Eko Dyadda, Webuye Jua Kali boys Band, Phonotex of the Mukangala hit song, MOG, and Linet Size 8. More...

Kisii man kills his wife, two children in US

By Anthony Karanja, oct 15 2010
A Kenyan has been arrested in the US after the bodies of his wife and their two children were found in an apartment in Minnesota on Wednesday night. Mr Justus Ogendi Kebabe allegedly killed his wife Leah Piria Omare, 34, and their children Isaboke, 12, and Bosibori, 9, before fleeing with a four-year-old son. Mr Kebabe, who is from Gesere village in Nyaribari Chache, Kisii, was arrested at a roadblock by the Minnesota police. The child was found in the car unharmed and handed over to child protective custody. Mr Kebabe has confessed to the three deaths. The bodies were discovered after a relative, Mr John Lister Onyango called the Ramsey County Sherriff’s office requesting them to check on Mr Kebabe after he became concerned by his recent statements. More...

Mukhonje market, Webuye
The ghastly road crash that sniffed life out of eight people on the spot at Mukhonje Market on Eldoret-Webuye Road. The vehicle rolled several times after hitting a pothole while while avoiding an oncoming vehicle.

Kalonzo lashes out at corrupt officers at Malaba: VICE President Kalonzo Musyoka lashed out at the Kenya and Uganda Revenue Authorities officers for deliberately delaying truck clearance at the Malaba border until they are bribed. Kalonzo had come face to face with the jam when he arrived at the border town to commission the District Probation Offices which were formally handed over by contractor Mr. James Anyango of the Arsene Agencies Limited. More...
5 perish in road crash at Mukhonje, Webuye

By Rose Kamau, Oct 15 2010
Eight people died in seperate road accidents in various parts of the country as road carnage continues to take its toll on Kenyan lives. In one incident five people died when the vehicle they were traveling in rolled several times after hitting a pothole at Mukhonje market along the Eldoret- Webuye highway. Area OCPD Bernard Kibe said two people died on the spot while the other three died on the way to Webuye district hospital. Kibe said the dead included the driver of the vehicle who was a Ugandan national, two Kenyan females, one Tanzanian female and a man whose nationality could not be immediately established. The OCPD said the unregistered vehicle had eight passengers and was being driven from the port of Mombasa to a neighboring country when the accident occurred. More...

Ruto to stand trial in land fraud case, court rules

By Sam Kiplagat, Oct 15 2010
Higher Education minister William Ruto will face a Sh96m fraud case following a ruling by a constitutional court Friday. A three judge bench declined to grant Mr Ruto prayers in a case involving the sale of Ngong Forest land to the Kenya Pipeline Company nine years ago. Through his lawyer, Katwa Kigen, Mr Ruto said the case was meant to finish him politically, was discriminatory and constituted an infringement of his rights. Saying most of his prayers could not be granted, Justices Jeanne Gacheche, Roseyln Wendoh and Leonard Njagi said Mr Ruto should seek redress at the trial court. The judges said that the case could not infringe on his rights since he was innocent unless the trial magistrate says otherwise. Mr Kigen asked for certified copies of the ruling and leave to appeal, which was granted by the court. Mr Ruto had moved to the higher court seeking to quash the charges on several grounds. He said he did not receive any money from the sale of land in Ngong Forest and accused the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (Kacc) of discrimination. More...

William Samoei Ruto
William Ruto, the higher education minister is to face trial in a fraud case involving irregular sale of land in Ngong Forest. Ruto had challenged the litigation in a constitutional court which yesterday ruled against him.

Ford Kenya wins in Sirisia civic by election: Josphat Crispus Simiyu of Ford Kenya emerged the winner of the hotly contested by-election held in Sitabicha ward in Sirisia constituency after scooping 821 votes against Janet wamalwa of ODM who got 652 and ODM Kenya’s Jacob Kituyi Weyombo who managed 476 votes. The elections were marred with allegations of voter bribery among other claims from supporters of the Ford Kenya candidate and the ODM. More...
Wetangula gets a reprieve over Tokyo property scam, but not out of woods yet

By Alphonce Shiundu, Oct 15 2010
Parliament’s resolve to debate the report on the Sh1.18 billion scandal on the sale of five embassies hit a snag when deputy Speaker Farah Maalim controversially adjourned the sitting. Beleaguered Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula, who’s heavily indicted in the report over the fiasco, put up a stubborn plea to the deputy Speaker to defer the debate. Mr Wetang’ula shot up on a point of order even before the chairman of the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, Mr Aden Keynan initiated debate on the report which was tabled in the House on Tuesday. The minister’s argument was that he needed time to read the report and prepare a defence saying it had touched on his personality. He said, he got the report Thursday morning, and did not have time to read it, because he was rushing to attend a Cabinet meeting. There was also need to meet with Ministry’s officials and to lobby MPs before the debate. “If there are members who want an opportunity to hear my side of the story even before we debate, have them that opportunity,” said Mr Wetang’ula. More...

Condoms shortage sparks panic across Kenya

By our correspondents, Oct 15 2010
Despite the Government receiving a supply of 20 million condoms, they are scarce in parts of the country. A survey by The Standard has shown parts of Rift Valley Province listed as HIV/Aids hot spots due to trailer stopovers have no condoms. Kenya Medical Supplies Agency Chief Executive Officer John Munyu yesterday confirmed that although they have received a supply, they were not enough to reach all affected parts of the country. "Prior to arrival of this batch we were very low on condoms, and we are yet to go back to our normal levels," said Dr Munyu. Munyu said the average consumption was about 180 million annually, but the supply had been erratic this year. In the last few months, the condom stocks have continued to dwindle, exposing the most at risk population like female sex workers to the HIV virus. Sex workers in Naivasha, for instance, said they had not been able to access condoms and were engaging in unprotected sex because their clients refused to buy. More...

Trust condoms in Kenya
She is smiling because with condoms, she knows she is protected from sexually transmitted diseases including the dreaded HIV. Kenyans use 15 million condoms a month or 500,000 a day. The protective rubber product is currently in short supply to the extend sex workers are risking their lives by having unprotected sex.
Kipsigis to sue UK over colonial land injustices

By Vincent Mabatuk, Oct 15 2010
The Kipsigis community plans to sue the British Government over unresolved historical land injustices committed by the colonial government. Community leaders yesterday said the colonial government forcefully evicted thousands of people from their ancestral land in Kericho to pave way for tea plantations. Elders, Church leaders and professionals from the Kipsigis and Maasai communities met at Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru. Moi University lecturer Paul Chepkwony said the community was in the process of filing the case at the International Court of Justice. He said they would push for compensation for those evicted from their land. Prof Chepkwony said the thousands of evictees have not been settled or compensated. "They are living on Government land in the outskirts of Kericho town and other places in the South Rift as squatters," he said. He termed the 999-year land leases given to multi-national tea companies, illegal adding they were obtained through force. More...

Scandal of tribal universities

By Gekara Mayaka, Oct 14 2010
Kenya's cohesion body is set to release a report on appointments driven by ethnicity in the public sector. The report will seek to address concerns that a number of universities and state agencies are largely staffed with members from the same communities. “We hope to stem tribalism in our universities with the aim of promoting diversity and integration,” said Dr Mzalendo Kibunjia, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission chairman Thursday during the launch of a checklist on hate speech for journalists. Dr Kibunjia has pointed that most vice-chancellors are appointed along tribal lines or on the basis of dominant ethnic affinities in the regions where universities are located, rather than on merit. Higher Education minister William Ruto has already set up a task force to examine ethnic-driven appointments in public universities and other institutions of higher learning. The NCIC also raised concern over ethnic-based radio stations whose programmes have been deepening tribal passions. More...

White Cane Day
The white cane is the eyes for the blind giving them a sense of independence as they navigate around their surroundings. A special day is dedicated to the cane worldwide to sensitise the society about the condition of blindness. The World White Cane Day was celebrated in Bungoma for the first time yesterday.
World White Cane Day for the Blind held in Bungoma

By Frankline Bwire, Oct 14 2010
Blind persons in the society need to be given an opportunity to explore their talents to make them self reliant, Sister Leonora Anyango a head teacher at St. Oda School for the deaf from Gem district, Nyanza has said. Speaking during the World White Cane Day to create awareness for the blind persons in the society celebrated every October 14, Sister Anyango disclosed that the blind persons have the right to education and various talents. “They have the capability of taking care of themselves if taught and given the chance as others in society,” Sister Anyango said. She further added that they undertake normal curriculum with regular schools in the country to ensure they train the blind children on activities of daily living. “For them to survive well in society, we teach them what others learn, to sharpen them fully as others,” the head teacher asserted. More...

House team wants Wetangula sacked over Tokyo property fraud

By Martin Mutua, Oct 14 2010
Parliament gives a verdict on the controversial purchase of embassy property in Japan where Sh1.1 billion was lost. Today, the House will also decide the fate of Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula and his Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi, who have been put in a spot over the deal. A damning report by the Parliamentary Defence and Foreign Relations Committee tabled in the House on Tuesday by the Chairman Adan Keynan recommended that the two be sacked to allow for investigations. Mr Keynan is expected to move debate on the report when the House reconvenes in the afternoon after which members will vote on either to adopt or reject the report. If adopted, the report will be a major blow to the two, as it will now move to the House Implementation Committee to ensure the recommendations are adhered to. If the House votes to reject the report, the two will breathe a sigh of relief, since the Executive will not be under any pressure to act on the recommendations. The report says Wetang’ula’s conduct "is not compatible with that of a minister after uttering false evidence and misleading the country." More...

Moses Masika Wetangula
Moses Wetangula, the foreign affairs minister to know his fate today

Villagers shocked at child born with 28 teeth

By Westfm, Oct 14 2010
Residents of Ndunduri village in Nyandarua County are in shock after a woman gave birth to a baby boy with twenty eight teeth. News that Martha Muthoni 30, had delivered successfully at her home with no complications spread like fire after learning that the baby had teeth, something that rarely happens. She was taken to a nearby clinic for examination but the clinical officer referred mother and son to Nakuru provincial hospital for examination. More...

Ex Nzoia Sugar MD in the running for KCC top job

By Mutinda Mwanzia, Oct 14 2010
A storm is brewing within New KCC pitting the Board of Directors against Co-operatives Minister Joseph Nyagah over delay in appointment of the managing director. The position fell vacant nearly a year ago after Mr Nyagah sacked the then MD Francis Mwangi on the grounds that he had failed to perform. Yesterday, The Standard learnt that Board Chairman Matu Wamae had written to Nyagah asking him to appoint an MD from among three names forwarded to him, following an interview by Deloitte. When the position was advertised in March 99 people applied. Deloitte short-listed seven. The seven names were tabled to the Board in April, out of which the top three were forwarded to Nyagah. The names were Moses Mwirigi, who emerged tops in the interview with 84.9 points, followed by George Ooko with 78.2 points and Geoffrey Bartenge with 69.9 points. Mwirigi and Ooko are outsiders, while Bartenge is the Production Manager at New KCC. Others interviewed included Peter Ndunguti, who got 69.3 points, Patrick Mutisya with 69.1 points, Francis Oyatsi, 66.8 and acting MD Milcah Mugo who got 60.5 points. More...

Top suspect seeks deal with Ocampo as govt admits it doctored ICC evidence

By Ben Agina, Oct 14 2010
A prominent Kenyan has offered to appear before the International Criminal Court to be grilled on the 2007 post-election violence crimes. This is the strongest sign yet that those who have received letters from the ICC may already be trying to cut their own deals, instead of waiting for the Chief Prosecutor to present his evidence at the Pre-Trial Chamber II at the Hague. The strain on those destined for indictment has been intense and some are already cracking under its weight. It is believed that the politician is among those whose names featured prominently in investigations into the post election violence in which 1300 Kenyans lost their lives. The news came as it emerged that a section of Government keen to protect some of those on the ICC’s list have tampered with evidence requested by the court’s detectives. ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo yesterday revealed that the politician has written to express his willingness to appear voluntarily before the judges and stand trial, if there is any case against him. For legal reasons, the prosecutor cannot divulge the identity of the politician, or the details of allegations against him. More...

George Muthengi Saitoti
Internal Security minister, Prof George Saitoti has admitted that the government hid the January 2008 security meetings minutes from Ocampo's team because of national security reasons.

Boda boda sneaking terrorists into Uganda: Kenya boda boda operators have been accused of helping terror suspects cross into Uganda without being noticed. A Malaba, Uganda boda boda cyclist told top security chiefs from Eastern Uganda that Kenyan boda bodas allegedly ferry strangers across the border in the wee hours after being paid about Ush50,000(Ksh1,700)per trip. However, the claim was dismissed by Teso North acting DC, Louis Rono saying no formal complaint had been received from the Uganda government regarding the claim. More...
Saitoti admits sensitive Jan 2008 minutes were hidden from Ocampo's team

By our correspondents, Oct 14 2010
Government withheld some documents the International Criminal Court wanted for the sake of the country’s national security. Internal Security Minister George Saitoti said the State could not hand over minutes of high-level security meetings held during post-election violence because they were deemed too sensitive. He cited the Rome Statute, which gives a State the privilege of not sharing some information that may affect its security in general. Prof Saitoti was reacting to earlier revelations by The Standard that security minutes of the January 2008 meeting were missing from those that had been approved for handover to the ICC team. Sources had said whereas other minutes of the December period and February were available, those of January "mysteriously disappeared". A Cabinet sub-committee on ICC was on Tuesday shocked to learn that all the minutes of top-level security meetings held in January 2008 could not be traced, throwing the meeting into confusion. The ICC investigating team has been in the country for three weeks for its final leg of investigations. During post-election violence, Kangema MP John Michuki was Internal Security and Provincial Administration minister. More...

Drama as sacked lecturer is blocked from entering MMUST

By our correspondent, Oct 13 2010
Security officers on Monday blocked the chairman of the Universities Academic Staff Union, Prof Sammy Kubasu, from entering Masinde Muliro University. The confrontation between the lecturer and the guards came as officials of the union’s Masinde Muliro chapter were preparing to hold a meeting. The chapter chairperson, Ms Susan Choge, told the Nation the meeting was convened to discuss last month’s sacking of Prof Kubasu, among other issues. The lecturer had his services terminated after he declined to take up an appointment as chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences. A team of security officers from the university blocked Prof Kubasu from driving past the main gate, saying they were under instructions not to allow him in. Kubasu was forced to drive away after the security officers stood their ground during the one-hour stand-off that attracted a large crowd. The university’s chief security officer, Mr Paul Kokonya, said the issue was being addressed, but declined to give any further details on the matter. More...

Masinde Muliro University, Kakamega
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology is the scene of the on-going drama between the administration and sacked UASU chairman, Prof Sammy Kubasu.

Waiting for Godot's cars: More than 10 years after paying Sh460 million for 159 vehicles from a South Korean firm , the government has yet to receive them, according to a damning report from the controller and auditor-general. More...
Graft reporting centres to be set up in each county

By Elizabeth Wanjiru, Oct 13 2010
The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission is reaching out to Kenyans living outside Nairobi to sensitise them on the effects of corruption on the economy. To fast track the process, Kacc is setting up regional offices to address issues related to graft at the grassroots. "We are moving out of Integrity Centre (Commission’s headquarters in Nairobi) to set up regional and county offices across the country. "We want everybody to know the evils of graft and to help us fight it,” the Preventive Services assistant director Prof Onsongo said Wednesday in Migori Town during a public education session. Prof Onsongo asked Kenyans to change their attitude towards eradicating the vice saying the fight was not only a mandate of elected leaders but everybody. "And be ready to demand for services from public offices without parting with a bribe because it is your right. Public servants are paid to serve you free of charge,” she said. . More...

Two ODM ministers paid youth to attack another community in Rift Valley

By our correspondents, Oct 13 2010
The Government has approved several sensitive documents to be handed over to the International Criminal Court. The documents include minutes of security meeting that were held during parts of the post-election violence period and intelligence reports for the same period. But sources who attended the meeting of the Cabinet sub-committee that approved the minutes yesterday said that intelligence reports that were approved point fingers at two ODM ministers. The NSIS reports say that one of the ministers paid some youth to attack people from another community in Rift Valley, while the other issued threatening messages. The members of Cabinet sub-committee are said to have been shocked to discover that minutes for January 2008 were missing from the bundles presented to them. On further inquiry they were told that the January minutes were missing. The minutes are part of the documents ICC investigators who have been in the country for the last three weeks had demanded from the Government as it embarked on its final leg of investigation. More...

Fred Kapondi
Fred Kapondi, MP for Mt Elgon and chairman of Parliamentary Committee on National Security visited Koibatek forest where reports indicate dead bodies were dumped by mysterious people. Similar incidents have been reported in Eldama Ravine and Lari in Central Kenya.

Latvian women can't get men: Two decades after Latvia shook off Soviet communist rule, the country's women have survived the transition to capitalism better than men - they are better educated and are less likely to die young. But a high male mortality rate means for many women, it is hard to find a partner. Most women go abroad to scavenge for men. More...
Mystery of bodies dumped in Rift Valley forests

By Cyrus Ombati, Oct 13 2010
A parliamentary team visited Koibatek as part of investigations into claims human bodies were dumped into forests in the district. Parliamentary Departmental Committee on National Security and Administration under the chairmanship of Mt Elgon MP Fred Kapondi said it had received complaints bodies were dumped in Eldama Ravine. "We want to know if the bodies said to have been found in the area are linked to those recently found in Lari. It is a concern to us," said Mr Kapondi. The team visited Kinale area on Monday where police collected six bodies dumped by people who are yet to be identified. The officials toured the scene as residents claimed some bodies had been recovered in a pool of water. The bodies of six men were found there early last month. In April, police said they had collected four others from a nearby forest. More...

Lusoga dictionary launched: President Yoweri Museveni has launched a Lusoga dictionary and said local languages are a gold mine for humanity. "I am thinking of enriching Kiswahili. Kiswahili is a good language because it is neutral,” said Museveni. More...
Khalwale, Jirongo want to be Kakamega County senators

By Benson Amadala, Oct 13 2010
Early campaigns by those eyeing positions in the large Kakamega county have set the stage for what is shaping up to be a tough contest in the 2012 General Election. The area is already bustling with intense political activity as local MPs and other leaders eye the positions of senator and governor as they draw up their campaign strategies. But the mood on the ground indicates it will not be smooth sailing for the contestants as they go hunting for votes in the county of 1.66 million spread over nine constituencies. The constituencies are Lugari, Lurambi, Khwisero, Malava, Ikolomani, Shinyalu, Butere, Mumias and Matungu. Planning minister Wycliffe Oparanya (the Butere MP) and Shinyalu MP Justus Mugali have indicated they will seek the governor’s seat. Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo and his Ikolomani counterpart Boni Khalwale have declared interest in the senate seat. Professionals have been organising informal meetings to discuss the future of their county, including trying to come up with an economic blueprint. Dr Ligabo Machanja, one of the professionals, said leaders from the county should focus on strategies to sustain economic growth instead of jostling for positions. According to Prof Egara Kabaji of Masinde Muliro University, the county has a promising future and can count on its wealth of natural resources and human capital to take off. More...

Bonny Khalwale
Dr Bonny Khalwale, MP for Ikolomani wants to represent Kakamega County in the Senate after 2012 a position he will have to fight with Silas Jirongo, the combative Lugari MP (below).
Silas Jirongo
65,000 Pokot face starvation

By Barnabas Bii, Oct 13 2010
The Kenya Red Cross Society has embarked on a massive supply of relief food in the greater Pokot district as thousands of families in parts of the North Rift region face starvation. More than 65,000 people from Pokot West, Pokot North and Pokot Central are to benefit from more than 2,700 tonnes of cereals and cooking fat. “Logistics has been put in place for the distribution of the relief food and save the starving families,” said Mr Patrick Nyongesa, KRCS manager in charge of North Rift. The Meteorological Department has predicted depressed rainfall in the next two months, dashing hopes of a bumper harvest this season. The World Food Programme (WFP) has resumed distribution of relief supplies to thousands of families in the larger Turkana district. More..

Trapped Chilean miners rescued in daring operation

The first 11 of 33 miners trapped underground for more than two months in northern Chile have been winched to the surface amid scenes of jubilation. Florencio Avalos was first to be freed, at 0010 local time (0310 GMT). He was greeted by family and hugged by President Sebastian Pinera. Also to emerge were the only non-Chilean, Bolivian national Carlos Mamani, and the youngest and oldest miners. More...

Drama and awe as man is caught making love to a sheep in Butsotso

By Joan Wesakulila, Oct 12 2010
There was drama and awe in Butsotso village Lukume Kakamega North district after a man was caught red handed making love to a sheep. William Daudi, a married man, was thoroughly beaten by angry residents who condemned the act and termed it as an abomination. According to area chief a Mr. Shibachi, the man took off and vanished in the bushes after he managed to escape from the hands of the enraged residents who had pounced on him with heavy blows. The wife to the suspect fainted and lost consciousness on hearing the news of his husband engaging in the unlawful act and rushed to the nearby clinic at Lukume market where was giving first aid and counseling. The act has been condemned by residents saying the man was a shame to the society and even suggested he be excommunicated from the community. When reached for comment, Bukusu elder Mr Elima maloba termed the act as only possible if one is under a curse. Maloba says explained that the man risked bringing a series of unprecedented deaths to members of his family and needed to be cleansed immediately to avoid fatalities befalling them. More...

Bishop Joseph Weswa
Consecration of Bishop Joseph Weswa of the Anglo Ecumenical Church by Rev John Shiundu of the Reformed Catholic Church at Kanduyi's Masinde Muliro Stadium. Below Bishop Weswa spreads himself prostrate as part of the consecration rituals. Photos: Edwin Namasaka.
Joseph Weswa consecrated
Bungoma's warring Catholics ordain bishop

By Edwin Namasaka, Oct 12 2010
The controversy surrounding the leadership of the Anglican church of Kenya Bungoma diocese took a new twist on Sunday when Bishop Joseph Weswa from the splinter group by the name The Anglo Church of Kenya was enthroned and consecrated amid pomp and dance at Masinde Muliro stadium in Bungoma. The ceremony that attracted a large gathering from Bungoma County and other parts of the country commenced at exactly 10.00 AM with a procession on Malaba - Bungoma Highway with vehicles snaking there way to the venue. Security had been beefed up amid fears of violence from hired goons since it was claimed that the occasion did not go well with some of the followers allied to Bishop George Mechumo from Bungoma diocese. Worshippers came from 42 branches which the church boosts of and the ceremony presided over by the controversial bishop from another splinter group from the Catholic church, Ecumenical Reformed Catholic church, led by John Shiundu who urged Kenyans to preach unity among themselves. More...

MMUST defends don's sacking

By Joel Okwayo, Oct 12 2010
A public university has defended the sacking of University Academic Staff Union (Uasu) Chairman Sammy Kubasu, as a lecturer. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology said Prof Kubasu’s refusal to take up an appointment as Biological Sciences chairman, amounted to insubordination. "The Vice-Chancellor has the powers to appoint anybody to a managerial position and if one declines, it becomes difficult to manage the university," said the VC in charge of Administration Sibilike Makhanu. Prof Makhanu, who signed Kubasu’s termination letter, yesterday said the union should not interfere with the university’s decision. He said the appointment letter spelt out terms of service, which included quitting the union. Kubasu has since appealed, terming the university’s move illegal. He also argued he had not been served with any warning regarding the matter. "The letter never indicated the consequences of declining the appointment," he said. More...

Lecturer terms sacking illegal

Hoseah Kaminja Masabah
Hoseah Masabah Kaminja, the Busia man who butchered his wife, Wilfridah then drove himself 1,300 kilometers away to New Mexico where he was found dead days later. Wilfridah was murdered on September 29 at an apartment she shared with her lover, Levi M. Overman, 29 in Hutchinson, Kansas, United States.
Slain wife of Busia man buried in Wichita, Kansas

By INGONEWS Reporter, Oct 12 2010
Wifridah Kaminja, 41, the wife of a Busia man who was found dead in New Mexico just days after he hacked her to death was buried yesterday in Wichita, Kansas. The couple had three children aged 21, 18 and 13. Sources close to the family told INGONEWS that Mr Hoseah Masabah Kaminja, 48, left a note to his children which read in part: “Take care of each other. Don ‘t lead the life your parents did.” Mr Kaminja, an occupational therapist by profession apparently hacked his estranged wife to death using a pick axe which was found at the scene of murder by Kansas police in Hutchinson district. Police issued an international alert for the fugitive with his photo and car registration number flashed across all the major news channels. Days later, New Mexico police discovered a dead body inside a car which matched the description of the fugitive at the border town of Las Cruces just 30 miles to the Mexican border.

Akuku's wife shared her husband with three sisters

By Stella Cherono, Oct 12 2010
In the late 1940s, Damaris Awiti visited her sister, Priscah Obumba, who had just delivered a child in Aora Chuodho, Ndhiwa District, Nyanza Province. She stayed on, and soon started envying her sister over her male ‘catch’, although Priscah was the ninth wife of serial polygamist Asentus Akuku ‘Danger’. Him being the ‘dangerous’ man that he was, Akuku did not take long before he found himself on a bended knee, declaring his eternal love for the comely Damaris. Already smitten by Akuku Danger’s lifestyle - and looks - Damaris did not beat about the bush, and accepted the proposal for marriage. Immediately, her brother-in-law-turned-husband called her family and, for the second time, dowry negotiations began in Damaris’ home. “He was a tall and very handsome man. The tone of his voice was very soothing. I found him irresistible. Furthermore, he had enough wealth, which was every woman’s dream at the time,” Damaris told us at the expansive Akuku Danger home last Saturday. A dancer of no mean repute in his heyday, Akuku Danger died 10 days ago. He is said to have married over 100 wives, and with them he begat about 300 children. More...

Prischah Obumba Akuku
No wonder he was dangerous: Priscah Obumba first came to help her sister who was married to Akuku Danger. A few months later she became his wife Number 17. When her younger siblings followed her footsteps so that from one family, Akuku had married four sisters to add to his swelling brood of over 100 wives. Under Luo customs, a man can marry his wife's younger sisters.

Kosgey is not for turning: The appointment of Joseph Kipketer Koskey as the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) Managing Director is final, Industrialisation Minister Henry Kosgey has said. More...
Sh7bn lost in fake payments by ministries

By Samuel Siringi, Oct 12 2010
The government lost billions of shillings from the tax kitty during the 2008/2009, according to the latest Controller and Auditor-General’s report. In some cases, the officers could not explain how they spent public money. Some of it was paid to fake internally displaced persons (IDPs) in apparent widespread fraud. A total of Sh7 billion was poured into funny imprests or nobody can explain how the money was spent. So prevalent is the imprest abuse and fraud that some of the civil servants have left the service holding the money, meaning that it will never be recovered. The worst offender by a mile is the Medical Services ministry, headed by Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, whose officers owe the government Sh2.8 billion in unsurrendered imprest, enough money to run the Judiciary for a whole year. The second worst offender is the sister ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, headed by Mrs Beth Mugo, which has an imprest debt of Sh308 million. Others are Foreign Affairs (Sh35.6 million) Finance (Sh30 million), Education (Sh27 million), Provincial Administration (Sh11.8 million) and the National Assembly (Sh11 million). More...

Reader horrified by smell of death on Busia bound bus

By our correspondent, Oct 11 2010
I recently travelled with Palmdam bus to busia at night. Unfortunately reaching Nakuru for people to have something, the front passengers started complaining of a strange smell. The crew were confronted to take the bus for inspection at the police station but they refused. I am told it is not strange or news buses help carry baby corpses either in the boot or the mother just wraps and carries it on her lap all way through. These are the things causing accidents on our roads. Please highlight it to warn other passengers. I was very shocked.

Moi Day scrapped on magic 10.10.10 at 10am

By Peter Mwai, Oct 11 2010
If numerologists are to be believed, the scrapping of Moi day on the 10th day of the 10th month in year 2010 (10-10-10) should bring luck and wisdom. This date, according to numerologists, not only occurs once every 100 years, but the row of “perfect tens” symbolises a moment of rebirth. Psychologists say this is exemplified in the popular, almost subconscious, lists people make headed: “Top 10 things to do today”, “Top 10 things I like/dislike” or “Top 10 movies/songs”. And the symbolism of today’s 10/10/10 date reportedly has millions from China to India to America hoping to benefit from the luck associated with it. According to the Times of India, the Registrar’s office expects to conduct as many as 31,050 weddings today – 10 times more than on an average Sunday. More...

Daniel arap Moi
Crying out for Moi. Moi Day holiday which Moi established as a national holiday in 1988 to celebrate his 10 years in power was scrapped yesterday, the 10th day of the 10th month of the year 2010 at 10am.
Western leaders protest suspension of sugar boss

By our correspondent, Oct 10 2010
The Agriculture minister has been criticised for suspending the Kenya Sugar Board chief executive officer, Ms Rosemary Mkok, last week. The board director in charge of the Sugar Development Fund, Mr Billy Wanjala and his Mumias Sugar zone counterpart Mohammed Mukhwana accused Dr Sally Kosgei of practising impunity by disregarding the mandate of board members. Earlier, Ms Mkok told the Nation by telephone that recent licensing of a sugar miller in Kakamega North District by the board had a lot to do with the suspension. Mumias MP Benjamin Washiali, like the other board directors, read mischief in the minister’s move. More...

Mumias family horrified as bodies are exhumed in land dispute

By Silas Kemboi, Oct 11 2010
Mumias police boss James Mutungi has denied 3 bodies were exhumed in Busombi village of Matungu district as claimed by a family from the area. Mr Mutungi emphasized there was a dispute and only one body specified by a court order was exhumed and taken to Kakamega mortuary. The exhumation of the bodies follow a dispute over a piece of land where one party claiming stake to it was buried before the dispute was settled. According to the widow of the deceased man, Ms Alice Shiundu Nyongesa, news that his late husband's remains had been exhumed reached her while attending to her business when a neighbor broke the news. She said three bodies were exhumed but police insist on only one body. ‘’Anything being said by the family is a lie ,” Mr. Mutungi said. However, the widow differed saying: “I was shocked to find the graves of my husband, who died in the year 2005, that of my father in-law, who died five yrs before my husband and my son whom we buried two weeks ago open with the bodies missing.” The police had raided the home and left the graves uncovered sparking panic and allegations of foul play. The widow was more shocked when she found her husband’s skull in Kakamega while the other two were missing. More...

kiminini market
Kiminini Market in Kitale was one of the stop overs for Vice president, Kalonzo Musyoka who is touring the whole of Western in an early campaign for 2012 presidential vote.

Atwoli now against KQ strike

By Luke Anami, Oct 11 2010
Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli has advised the Aviation Allied Workers Union to avert a strike it had called for Kenya Airways workers on Wednesday. Atwoli challenged the union to engage KQ management in constructive search for a solution arguing the airline was wiling to negotiate contentious issues. Cotu, however, warned the airline management against delaying the ongoing job evaluation exercise with the aim of frustrating the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations. Atwoli was reacting to a strike called by Aviation Allied Workers Union on Wednesday. More...

Kalonzo pitches camp in Western ahead of 2012

By Obed Simiyu, Oct 11 2010
Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka kicks off his Western Province tour today (Monday) in Bungoma county. The VP is set to address the public at Sikhendu and Kiminini trading centres where he is expected to launch his marketing strategy for his presidential bid of the 2012 poll. Mr. Musyoka sought the presidency in the 2007 elections with Dr Julia Ojiambo as his running mate but they could not clinch it with Ojiambo failing to win her constituency seat bid. Mr.Musyoka will lead other dignitaries at a funds drive to aid Kabuyefwe Secondary School rebuild dormitories after they went up in smoke a last month. During his tour, the Mwingi North legislator who is also the ODM-K leader, is expected to traverse Kakamega County and Busia County. Western province is perceived to be PM Raila Odinga's ODM strong hold but though it also has strong attachments to President Kibaki's PNU and Ford-Kenya which has dominated the political activities of the region for many years. The Western region is also a hot cake for any political leader seeking the presidency considering the region's population which has the second largest community in Kenya according to the 2009 National Census. More...

Post election warlords fret on news their property will be seized and frozen

By our correspondents, Oct 11 2010
Anxiety has gripped politicians who suspect they are under probe by the International Criminal Court, after it emerged the prosecutor was profiling their assets for freezing or seizure. Sources said detectives under the ICC prosecutor’s office are working with individuals and professional firms to identify, profile and trace suspects’ property. The court is doing so in readiness for the judicial processes set to begin once the Pre-Trial Chamber II issues indictment letters. The Rome Statute compels States Parties to, in accordance with its provisions and under procedures of national law, to comply with requests by the court to provide assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions. More...

Kenneth Otiato Marende
Kenneth Marende, the Speaker of the National Assembly. He has dismissed calls to hire foreign experts to help in drafting bills to operationalise the new constitution. According to him, Kenya has enough legal experts to do the job perfectly.
Kenya does not need foreign legal experts - Marende

By Peter Atsiaya, Oct 11 2010
House Speaker Kenneth Marende has said Kenya does not need foreign experts in drafting Bills to implement the new Constitution. He said the country had trained personnel equal to the task of drafting necessary Bills to expedite implementation of the new laws. “Although there is nothing wrong in seeking external expertise in drafting of the Bills, I think it is not necessary, because Kenya is a sea of competent drafters,” said Mr Marende. He added: “We have competent lawyers who can interrogate pieces of legislation, and come up with Bills that meet international standards.” He said 47 years after independence, the country could not lack draftsmen to warrant hiring the services of external experts. The Speaker spoke at the African Inland Church in Eldoret, where he led five National Prayers Parliamentary Group members in a thanks-giving ceremony, yesterday. More...

Frustrated maize farmers won't deliver crop to cereals board

By our correspondents, Oct 11 2010
Farmers in maize producing counties have urged the Government to increase producer prices to Sh3,000 for a 90kg bag. The farmers said the Sh1,500 offered by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) was too little, and there was need to double it to cushion growers from incurring losses. Mr Kipkorir Menjo, a director with the Kenya Farmers Association, presented the demands at a press conference in Eldoret town. They said middlemen were raking in huge profits by purchasing a 90kg bag for Sh900. Meanwhile, farmers in Trans-Nzoia County have threatened not to deliver their maize to the NCPB unless the Government offers better prices. Led by Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny, the farmers announced plans to press the Government to increase the price to Sh2,500 a bag. “We are disappointed by the poor price. We will not deliver our crop to the NCPB until the Government offered better prices,” said Kuttuny. He added: “We spend about Sh1,500 to produce a bag of maize and the Government is giving us the same amount. This means we are not gaining anything from the business.” More...

CoE winds up: The Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review - COE wound up its work Monday after successfully giving Kenyans a new constitution. The team of law experts faced various challenges but was able to produce a draft constitution that was overwhelmingly approved by Kenyans in the August 10 referendum. More...
Dennis Awori
Dennis Awori, the immediate former ambassador to Japan who blew the whistle on a multi-million property deal in Tokyo for which the price was inflated by 100% and the government bought it despite its Japanese lawyer advising against the unusual deal.

Family pleads for Kimathi's body

The family of one of Kenya's best-known anti-colonial fighters, Dedan Kimathi, has asked the government to resume the search for his body. His widow made the request to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission, saying she wants to give him a proper burial. More...

Tokyo lawyer calls embassy property purchase price unusual

By David Ochami, Oct 11 2010
Investigators are examining two contracts signed by Kenyan officials in the controversial purchase of a diplomatic property in Tokyo. Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula has also requested the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the purchase he has strongly defended. On October 1, Mr Wetang’ula wrote to KACC Director PLO Lumumba conceding that following “inordinate” negative publicity over the Sh1.6 billion purchase there is need for KACC to investigate all transactions. Meanwhile, The Standard has seen documents from Japan indicating the Kenya High Commission in Tokyo proceeded to conclude sale agreements and buy the property against the advice of its lawyer Yoshita Kijima, who protested the price quoted by the vendor. “The price offered and agreed here is extremely higher than the true values of the properties,” writes Mr Kijima in a brief to the high commission on June 12. He argued the “scheme that the Government agreed is very unusual” adding that “the lack of basic research is fatal.” The former Kenyan High Commissioner to Japan Dennis Awori said the transaction was done behind his back. More...

Gold mining to resume in Kakamega

By Roselyne Obala, Oct 9 2010
Steven Shitsukane has been a gold miner in Lirembe sub-location in Kakamega for over 20 years. For the 38-year old father of four, who has been earning a living from abandoned goldmine sites in Kakamega South District, hope lies in someday finding enough gold to change his life forever. "I still hope that one day I would get enough deposits that would make me a millionaire," he says. A South African firm, Afri-Ore, which has been prospecting gold in other regions in western Kenya, has indicated that huge amounts of gold could be found in Lirembe. But with the firm getting the go-ahead to introduce the latest technology in gold prospecting and mining, local gold diggers are now worried over their fate. Justus Kakabo and his colleagues said they were apprehensive about the future since learning that the Government had licensed two foreign gold prospecting companies to work in the area. "Does this mean it is the end of me or am I finally going to get formal employment?" asks Kakabo. Mining which started in the region in the early 1930s was dominated by Rosterman Gold Mines. More...

Ikolomani gold mines
Crude but tenacious, these gold miners in Ikolomani, Kakamega toil everyday making a living from from selling small amounts of alluvial gold they mine in the former Rosterman Gold Mines. A South African company has been licenced to prospect for gold in the region and many are hopeful soon their lives will change for ever especially following recent discovery of gold at Macaldar in Rongo and Trans Mara region..
Breakthrough in trapped Chilean miners saga

Rescuers have drilled through to the underground chamber where 33 Chilean miners have been trapped since August. The breakthrough at the San Jose mine came shortly after 800 local time sparking celebrations. It means efforts to remove the miners through the tunnel should begin within days. The men were trapped when part of the mine collapsed on 5 August - their 65-day ordeal is the longest suffered by a group of miners underground. More...

Kenya Cinema shuts for good

By Adhyambo Odera, Oct 9 2010
When television sets made their debut in living rooms in the 1950s, the death of movie theatres drew close. When VHS landed in the 1970s, the chief angel Gabriel was seen beckoning. When DVDs made a waltzing entry in the 1990s, the movie theatres were admitted to the ICU. But today? Movie theatres seem to have lost the fight to stay alive. Today, the Kenya Cinema in Nairobi is closing. Yes, you will watch no more movies at the Kenya Cinema. Movie piracy, advancement in home entertainment systems, and improvements in broadband and the Internet have all conspired to kill the movie theatres, says Fox Theatres marketing and communication consultant, Mourine Nyanjong’. Although it is sad that they are closing the Kenya Cinema today, Nyanjong’ is quick to add that movie going is not going away any time soon. “In order to become more competitive in the East African marketplace, Fox Entertainment Group embarked on refining its strategy, which is similar to pruning in horticulture,” she says. “We are closing our unproductive cinemas and planning renewed development of the most profitable cinemas, introducing new products and services and embracing modern ideas to what has now become a highly competitive environment,” she told the Review. Those, she says, will include 3D installation at specific theatres. “As the entertainment scene gets more diverse and the patrons become more sophisticated. More...

Kenya Cinema
One of the oldest movie theatres in Kenya, the historic Kenya Cinema has closed shop - for good! Cinema-going has been relagated to the back bunners of entertainment pursuits with most people buying cheap blockbuster imitations and watching them at home on home theatres. Industry experts say that movie going is not vanguished but salvation lies in investing in modern theatre experiences such as 3D technology. Sarit Centre's Fox Cineplex is already on a winner here.

Namwamba takes over key House job

By Graham Kirwa, Oct 9 2010
Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Mohammed on Saturday resigned as the chairman of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee. The move is aimed at ending a stalemate over the chairmanship of the constitution implementation and oversight committee that had threatened to paralyse the affairs of the crucial committee. Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba now takes over as chairman of the committee. More...

Parents enraged over closure of Teso school after rioting

By Nandemu Barasa, Oct 8 2010
Parents of St. Mary’s Girls High School, Amukura in Teso South District have voiced their concerns over the decision by the school management to close the school for over a week now. The enraged parents said they were concerned that the continued closure of the school would affect negatively te performace of their children in the forthcoming Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) national examinations.. The school management ordered the closure of the school after about 400 student attempted to burn the school administration block and destroying property of un-known value. The irate students had earlier been pardoned despite smashing windows of classrooms and kitchen, uprooted planted vegetables, threw away cooked food and attempted to set the store on fire before they were repulsed by the Administration Police Officers led by Chief Inspector, Jackson Ochola. The decision to send the students home including all form fours followed a board meeting chaired by Dick Omukaga and which was also endorsed by the Teso South District Education Officer, Patrick Kitilit. More...

Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi
Deputy Prime Minister, Musalia Mudavadi has rubbished as lies claims by ODM Rift Valley rebels that the ODM leadership issued war commands that fanned the post election violence in which more than 1,600 Kenyans lost their lives.

Jailed Chinese dissident wins Nobel Peace prize: Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has been named the winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Making the announcement in Oslo, Nobel Committee president Thorbjoern Jagland said Mr Liu was "the foremost symbol of the wide-ranging struggle for human rights in China". More...
Mudavadi refutes claims by Ruto allies that ODM ochestrated violence

By Caroline Gakii, Oct 8 2010
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has refuted claims by a section of Rift Valley MP that the ODM leadership should be held responsible of Post poll chaos and inciting wananchi to participate in mass actions. Mudavadi has said that the party only called for peaceful mass action then and never advised its followers to kill people in the country in the disputed presidential elections in the 2007 general elections that led to the violence. Speaking in Nairobi Mudavadi who is also the Minister for Local Government said that the allegations by the Rift Valley MP who are allies of the Minister for Higher Education William Ruto were ill informed and warned them against politicizing the issue. He questioned the legality of the claims and wondered how protesting unarmed people could have committed the heinous crimes. The Minister has called on the ICC to conduct its investigations and make sure that anyone who was involved faces full force of the law saying that those who caused mayhem in the name of peaceful demonstration will face the law individually. More...

Big smile for school heads as their prayers are answered

By our correspondents, Oct 8 2010
Prime Minister Raila Odinga put a smile on the faces of 22,000 public primary school heads in Mombasa, when he revealed they would, for the first time, get a scheme of service. Their secondary school counterparts also cheered the government for approving the scheme, which also affect 5000 school heads and principals. Raila told them he had directed the Ministry of Education to develop a comprehensive scheme of service for them reflecting their roles as chief executive officers of their institutions. "You have made a proposal to the Government for a scheme of service and I have given instruction to the Minister for Education to that effect," Raila said. He spoke when closing the annual delegates conference of the Kenya Primary School Head teachers Association (Kepsha) at Sheikh Sayed Hall in Mombasa. The teachers and Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) officials led by Secretary General Lawrence Majali, jubilated and thanked the Government for approving the scheme. School heads had been pushing the Government to approve the scheme for the last two years. More...

Hoseah Kaminja Masabah
Hosea Masabah Kaminja, the Bunyore man wanted for murdering his wife in Kansas but found dead in New Mexico, USA a week later.

BlackBerry survives UAE ban: BlackBerry services will not be suspended in the United Arab Emirates next week, the UAE’s state news agency has reported. More...
Busia man wanted for killing his wife found dead near Mexican border in USA

By Anthony Karanja, Oct 7 2010
A Kenyan wanted for the murder of his former wife in Kansas, United States, has been found dead in what is suspected to be suicide. Mr Hoseah Masabah Kaminja, who fled from Hutchinson, Kansas, and was being sought for the murder of his estranged wife Wilfrida, was found dead in Las Crues, New Mexico, 1,300 km from the crime scene. An arrest warrant for Mr Kaminja had been issued on charges of first degree murder. He was out on a $500,000 (Sh40 million) bond. The body of Ms Wilfrida Masabah, 41, was found on September 29 by her boyfriend, Levi M. Overman, 29, who she shared a rental home with. Police in Hutchinson said Ms Masabah died from injuries sustained after being hit on the head, neck and chest. An axe was found at the scene and is thought to have been used in her killing. The couple have been in the US for over a decade and have three children. Two weeks ago, another Kenyan, Mr Fredrick Gathoga, 41, was arrested after his wife, Ms Naomi Mwangi, was found dead at their home in Georgia. He has been charged with murder and is being held at Fulton County Jail. More...

Brothers pay ultimate price for ignoring Luhya dowry customs

By Joan Wesakulila, Oct 7 2010
LUHYA traditions and customs dictate that a man seeking a hand in marriage, should not engage directly in negotiations but rather leave it for members from the extended family. The Luhya, especially the Bukusu, believe that if these norms are ignored, the family could be faced with a series of fatalities including death and a destabilized generation. There have been stories told over and over but they remain stories but reality dawned to a Menga farm family in Kitale, Saboti constituency when two brothers and their mother decided to demand for bride price from their in-laws without involving other family members and elders. The brothers, Job Wanyama Wanyonyi and Joseph Simiyu Wanyonyi, on Tuesday morning set on a journey to Lugari where there sister is married to demand for the bride price but they neither reached Lugari nor returned back home as they left. Wanyama and Simiyu, who were travelling on a motorcycle were involved in a grisly road accident that left Simiyu dead and Wanyama seriously injured after they crashed head on with a matatu around Birunda market. Wanyama is nursing his wounds at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret while the body of Simiyu is lying at the Chereng'ani Nursing home mortuary. The incident has raised eyebrows within the family with a section condemning the move by the two and their mother saying they acted against the traditions while said the fatality could have been caused by witch-hunting. According to a Bukusu elder Mr. Elima Maloba, the move by the family was in total disregard to the customs and norms to be followed in dowry negotiations thus the fatality. Maloba said ignoring to follow such traditions is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire and urged the youth to respect and adhere to all the traditions associated with every activity. More...

Maloba Elima, Bukusu elder
A Luhya wedding is always a happy family affair preceded by huggling over bridewealth and other matrimonial rituals anchored in age-old traditions. Breach of these customs often involves ritual dangers (oluswa) as one Bukusu family learnt this week. According to a Bukusu elder Mr. Elima Maloba (inset) , the move by two brothers to go on their own to demand ikhwe (bridewealth) contravened cultural traditions which is why they were involved in the fatal accident.

"the move by the family was in total disregard to the customs and norms to be followed in dowry negotiations thus the fatality"
Universities union plans strike over Muliro lecturer's sacking

By Wairimu Kamande, Oct 7 2010
The University Academic Staff Union (Uasu) has condemned the sacking of its national chairman, Prof Sammy Kubasu, by Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. In a statement, the union’s Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture (JKUAT) Chapter chairman and national trustee Mutuura Mberia said they would mobilise other chapters to go on strike and get Kubasu reinstated. "We are reading more to the dismissal than meets the eye. It is a bid to silence the union at the national level. They can now do whatever they want without the chairman," said Mberia, yesterday. He said the chapter sent a solidarity notice to their colleagues in other public universities calling for a national strike in three weeks time if Kubasu is not reinstated. He termed the dismissal illegal, saying it contravened the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the university and the union. The official further said it was in contempt of the university statutes. "It is not mandatory that one accepts an appointment," said Mberia, in reference to the appointment of Kubasu as chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences, which he is said to have declined, resulting to the sack. "It was a demotion to be appointed to lead a staff of 10 members, yet he is a leader of more than 5,000 people," Mberia added. More...

Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru
Nobel Prize in Literature winner, Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru.

Peruvian edges Ngugi

Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa, one of the most acclaimed writers in the Spanish-speaking world, won the 2010 Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday edging out celebrated Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong'o. The Swedish Academy said it honored the 74-year-old author "for his cartography of structures of power and his trenchant images of the individual's resistance, revolt and defeat. More...

500 randy teachers fired over pupil pregnancies

By Mazera Ndurya, Oct 7 2010
More than 500 teachers have been dismissed after being implicated with impregnating girls in primary schools, the Teachers Service Commission has said. The revelation by the TSC chairman Ibrahim Hussein Wednesday also puts teachers on notice that besides losing their jobs they will also face criminal proceedings in courts after the Commission moved to involve the police. Last year, Mr Hussein said 600 teachers had their names struck from the TSC register for impregnating their pupils. But the chairman took issue with some parents, who have been a stumbling block in the disciplining of errant teachers by opting to settle such cases outside courts and leaving the randy teachers scot -free. More...

Akuku Danger burial is Dec 4: Kenya’s foremost polygamist, Asentus Akuku Danger, will be buried on December 4. This will enable all his children and relatives - some of whom live abroad, to attend. More...
Atwoli calls Nyong'o an arrogant false professor over NHIF rates saga

By Lucas Barasa, Oct 7 2010
President Kibaki has avoided wading into the controversy surrounding the implementation of new National Hospital Insurance Fund rates and instead urged Kenyans to embrace thinking in the modern world. Central Organisation of Trade Union (Cotu) secretary general Francis Atwoli had called on President Kibaki to intervene and stop the deductions of new rates “otherwise workers money will turn against them in 2012". Although the issue is still in court, Mr Atwoli told a conference, on Thursday, attended by President Kibaki at Kenyatta International Conference Centre that NHIF has no capacity to manage the Sh31.1 billion it is to get from workers, it had no structure and that its core mandate was to its members. Mr Atwoli also criticised Medical Services minister Anyang’ Nyong’o, who is pushing for the implementation of new rates, saying “he is not a true professor and is arrogant". More...

Francis Atwoli
Shenzi kabisa: President Kibaki is welcomed by Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) secretary general Francis Atwoli (centre) at KICC October 7, 2010 during the organisation's Pan African tripartite conference on conflict prevention, management and resolution. COTU has been at loggerheads with the government over the introduction of new hospital insurance rates scheme. Photo: Hezron Njoroge
Ministerial statement sought in Masinde Muliro University lecturer's sacking

By Westfm reporters, Oct 6 2010
THE controversial sacking of a University Lecturer has snaked its way into Parliament with Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa seeking for a Ministerial statement over the matter. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) lecturer Prof. Sammy Kubasu was sacked on Tuesday last week after he declined to take an appointment offer. Prof. Kubasu is the University Academic Staff Union (Uasu) Chairman, a position he sought to retain rather than take up a management position at the Kakamega University. The lecturer has since accused the university management of misusing its powers and has even appealed to Higher Education Minister William Ruto to intervene and end impunity in universities. However, the request by the Saboti MP to have a ministerial statement was not granted as it was postponed until Tuesday next week hen the Minister will respond. Prof. Kubasu was appointed chairman of the Department of Biological Science, but on conditions he leaves the union and according to the VC Baraza Wangila, the position was managerial and Kubasu had to relinquish his union post. More...

Sammy Kubasu
Uasu Secretary General Muga Ko'lale and the sacked Chairman Prof. Sammy Kubasu (R) at a press conference. Prof Kubasu was fired after he refused to take up the position of chairman of a department preferring to remain the university staff union's chairman.

Google forced to remove dead bodies: Google has been forced to remove graphic images from its Street View service in Brazil after it captured images of dead bodies. Less than a week after its debut in the South American country, the search engine giant withdrew the images following complaints. One of the images included a body on a busy avenue in Rio de Janeiro. More...
400 Sabaot militia to undergo ritual cleansing

By our correspondents, Oct 6 2010
More than 400 former members of a Mt Elgon militia group are to be cleansed by community elders. Spiritual leaders will conduct the ceremony of cleansing former Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) militia to restore peace and unity in the mountainous district, according to the chairman of Mt Elgon District council of elders, Mr Ben Chesebe. Mr Chesebe told journalists at the weekend that those to be cleansed include militia members recently released from prison. Their activities saw hundreds of innocent people losing their lives. He said the ceremony was meant to diffuse tension in the community following the release of more than 200 SLDF members from prison. Living in fear “People who were affected in anyway, including losing their beloved ones, are living in fear when they see the same people that caused problems in the area walking freely,” Mr Chesebe said. The ceremony has been organised by Teso Peace and Human Rights Development Initiative (Tepehurdi). Mr Chesebe said plans for the cleansing ceremony were in progress and that spiritual leaders were identifying former SLDF members in Cheptais, Chepkube, Chesikaki and Sasuri locations before moving to Kopsiro. More...

Burial of slain Sabaot Land Defence Force leader, Wycliffe Matakwei in Mt Elgon two years ago. Now 400 of his followers who have been released from prison are to undergo a rite of lustration to cleanse them of their sins and restore peace to the troubled land.

10-man gang kills father, beats up children in a Kakamega village

A 10-man gang raided a home and beat up a man to death before injuring his son and three other people. This happened at Wuliali village in Kakamega Central District. The gangsters, armed with axes and machetes, also robbed villagers of an undetermined amount of money before escaping. More...

Major manhunt launched for Busia prison escapees

By Benson Amadala, Oct 6 2010
A team of police officers is tracking down 13 robbery suspects who escaped from a prison in Busia. The escapees have been linked to the carjacking of a bus near Ugunja and the killing of the bus conductor, according to Western deputy PPO William Okello. Mr Okello said several suspects were arrested last month in Dandora estate, Nairobi. A gun was recovered from them. They face robbery with violence and murder charges. “Our officers had cracked down on the gang, which is involved in carjackings on the Ugunja-Busia route,” said Mr Okello, adding that road blocks had been set up along the Kisumu-Busia highway. According to police, the suspects broke loose from their cells and overwhelmed a prison guard before fleeing into the dark during heavy rains on Sunday. More...

Mudavadi warns of hunger

By Collins Anampiu, Oct 6 2010
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi on Wednesday urged Kenyans to prepare for severe food shortage in the coming months due to the La Nina weather phenomenon. He however said the government was boosting grain reserves to address the dry spells. More...

7 die as lorry crashes into crowded market in Nandi

By Vincent Bartoo, Oct 6 2010
Seven people died when a lorry ferrying timber ran into a crowd at a market in Nandi. The driver of the lorry is said to have lost control of the lorry and veered off the road at Kapkerer Market in Nandi South. Area DC George Anyonga told The Standard that the dead included four women, two men and a secondary school student. Accident At Junction "We are yet to establish the school the student is from because the accident scene is at a junction connecting Nandi in Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western provinces," said the DC. The dead were among people either buying or selling vegetable along the Nandi-Kisumu-Mbale Road. "The lorry caught the victims off-guard, running over them before it rolled," said the DC. Anyonga said the seven died on the spot while others who were injured were rushed to various hospitals for treatment. The evening accident gave residents and police a difficult time as they tried to establish whether other victims were trapped underneath the lorry. The bodies of the victims were taken to Mbale District Hospital Mortuary. More...

Dorothy Angote and James Orengo
Dorothy Angote, the PS for lands and her boss, minister James Orengo yesterday at Ardhi House, Nairobi during the handing over of title deeds to repossessed public land.

Ngugi wa Thiong'o
Ngugi wa Thiong'o has emerged the favourite for this year's Nobel Prize for Literature according to the bookies.
500 illegally acquired plots recovered as Raila warns land grabbers

By Martin Mutua, Oct 6 2010
Prime Minister Raila Odinga has issued a fresh warning to individuals holding title deeds of public land, saying it is only a matter of time before the Government catches up with them. The PM said documenting Government land was picking up steam and illegally acquired title deeds would be revoked. He said the move is in line with the new Constitution and the National Land Policy. Titles Handed Back He spoke Tuesday at the Ministry of Lands headquarters in Nairobi, where he handed back title deeds and letters of allotment of land belonging to various ministries and agencies. He directed all public institutions without title deeds to their parcels of land to forward the necessary documents to the Ministry of Lands so that they obtain the documents. Lands Minister James Orengo revealed that his officials have so far recovered 500 public plots worth Sh5 billion and issued more than 350 title deeds and letters of allotment to secure them. More...

Mt Elgon victims were tortured legally - Wako

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Oct 6 2010
Security officers accused of torturing 3,000 people in Mt Elgon District acted within the law, Attorney-General Amos Wako says. Mr Wako said officers deployed in the 'Okoa Maisha' operation also complied with relevant international treaties and conventions. "Furthermore, the alleged 3,000 victims of torture are not identified," he said, in response to a case filed against the Government at the East African Court of Justice. The establishment of the Truth and Justice Commission, Wako said, was to redress issues such as those relating to land, which gave rise to the Mt Elgon conflict. In his response filed by Deputy Solicitor-General Muthoni Kimani, the AG wants the case filed on behalf of the victims by the Independent Medical Legal Unit (IMLU) to be dismissed on grounds the regional court in Arusha has no powers to hear it. He claimed the alleged victims were from Kaptama Division while security forces were based in Cheptais and Kopsiro. More...

Amos Wako and Michael Gichangi
Attorney General Amos Wako (left) and Major General Michael Gichangi, head of NSIS failed to give security minutes to Cabinet team for second vetting as State appeared to walk a tight rope

Twitter not for sale: Dick Costolo, the newly appointed chief executive of Twitter, has told The Telegraph that he has no plans to sell the site, despite his record of selling start-ups to big players. More...
Crucial evidence disappears as Ocampo tastes justice Kenyan-style

By our correspondents, Oct 6 2010
Cabinet committee on International Criminal Court-related matters met but there were no minutes of State security secrets on the table for vetting. The ministers drawn from President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity and Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement were meeting at Harambee House, but the business of the day was minimal because the ‘evidence’ they were to scrutinise was not forthcoming. It also emerged the three ministers invited for face-to-face interview by ICC detectives may ‘voluntarily’ give their side of events on post-election violence, to another team from The Hague who will be in the country between October 12 and 20. Outside the ministers’ meeting the country awaited Chief Justice Evan Gicheru to appoint a High judge to take and certify for ICC evidence from PCs and regional police chiefs from the flashpoints. More...

Hardcore criminals in daring escape from Busia prison

By Ouma Wanzala, Oct 4 2010
Thirteen criminals escaped from Busia GK Prison, near Kenya's border with Uganda, on Sunday night during a heavy down pour. The inmates, some condemned while others with cases still ongoing, are alleged to have broken the cell before fleeing. However, police managed to arrest one suspect at Kisoko trading centre while the search for the remaining suspects is still on. Busia GK Prison chief Charles Mwangangi declined to comment on the escape while Western prison boss Amos Misik said a statement will be issued by the Commissioner of Prisons Isaiah Osugo later. Cases of inmates at the Busia GK Prison escaping have increased over the last two years with the total figure now standing at 24. A month ago, five robberies with violence remandees who had been taken to Busia law courts for the hearing of their case escaped after breaking out of their cell. Police discovered that the suspects were missing when their case came up for hearing. Busia police boss Micheni Muthamia said that only two of the suspects that were arrested then with three others still at large. More...

Microsoft to launch mobile windows 7: Microsoft is expected to officially launch its new mobile phone operating system, Windows Phone 7, at a special event next week. The company is holding simultaneous press conferences in London and New York on Oct 11. More...
Gay Kenyans and Esther Murugi
Gender minister Esther Murugi and gay men in Mombasa. The mimister's call for homosexuality to be legalised has kicked a storm among churches.
Churches want minister sacked over her gay views

By our correspondents, Oct 4 2010
More than 74 churches have petitioned President Kibaki to sack Cabinet minister Esther Murugi over her last week remarks on gay rights in the country. The churches, under the aegis of the Federation of Evangelical Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya (FEICCK) warned of street demonstrations against the Ms Murugi, the Special Programmes minister. In a statement, Dr Methu said Ms Murugi discredited her reputation and was unfit to hold public office. The minister, while speaking last week in Mombasa, asked Kenyans to learn to co-exist with homosexuals and lesbians saying this is 21st century. “This should happen in the shortest time possible; failure to which we shall not be left with any other option other than to ask those who care about righteousness and morality to demonstrate against her, “said FEICCK chairman Bishop Dr Joseph. More...

Facebook movie flop: The Social Network, the film that charts the meteoric rise of Facebook, failed to match estimates for its first weekend takings at the US box office. More...
Akuku Danger
Asentus Akuku ‘Danger’ with his youngest wife Christine Ajwang’ at his home in Ndhiwa. He married her in 1997 aged 79 and she was 18 and even at that late age, he sired three children with her. He took his final bow yesterday morning in Kisumu aged 92. Photo: STANDARD

Snapshots of Akuku Danger's brood

Wives: 130

Children: 210

Grandchildren: 200

Danger no more as Africa's most serial polygamist dies

By our correspondents, Oct 4 2010
He was the grand master of seduction. He dressed, laughed and even danced with a motive to attract women. So tough was Asentus Ogwella Akuku that by the time he was 22 years old, he had married five women. At 35, he married his 45th wife and his peers named him ‘Danger’ because of his magic with women and love for polygamy. Arguably one of the world’s best known polygamists, Akuku, is said to have married 130 times, had divorced more than 80 of his wives and sired more than 200 children. His death at dawn on Sunday brought down the curtain on one of the most industrious men of Africa and a global case study in the troubles institution of marriage. He was 92. So large is Akuku’s family that when his wives and children would finally be asked to stand up during his burial, more than half of the mourners would probably rise on their feet. The grand master of polygamy married his first wife in 1939 and his last in 1997 when he was 79. The woman was then only 18. Today, she has three children. The family spokesman, Mr Tom Akuku, however, said only 40 of his father’s many marriages were recognised by the Luo customary laws. He said that out of the 40 wives, only 22 were still alive. “Mzee sired 210 children – 104 daughters and 106 sons, some of whom have since died,” said Tom. More...

Asentus Ogwella Akuku
Akuku Danger immaculately dressed. He lived to charm women and was called Danger because he outmanoeuvred men in the department of cupid. Photo: STANDARD

Divorced: 80 times

Sons: 106

Daughters: 104

Police shoot youth at Musanda, Mumias

By John Shilitsa, Oct 4 2010
Several youths were injured in a confrontation with officers at the Musanda police post in Mumias after they were shot at. Area district commissioner Charles Laboso told the Daily Nation that the youths had attempted to free murder suspects who were in police custody. Mr Laboso said police tried to disperse the youths and restore calm, adding that in the process several of them were injured, with two being admitted to St Mary’s Mission Hospital in Mumias. The two are said to have been hit by stray bullets during the clash. Police foiled the plans to free the suspects, whom Mr Laboso said were still in police custody under tight security. Residents of South Wanga had earlier accused the police of high-handedness, saying the officers opened fire on them without considering their explanations. They claimed officers allowed a suspected motorcycle thief to take refuge at the police post and repulsed the mob that was baying for the suspect’s blood. Police have launched a search for leaders of the protests in Mumias, of whom some ran into a sugarcane plantation. More...

Sylvester Bifwoli Wakoli
Bumula MP, Bifwoli Wakoli has ruled himself out of Bungoma governorship but wants residents to elect leaders with a proven development record.

British scientist wins Nobel price for pioneering IVF

British scientist Robert Edwards, the man who devised the fertility treatment IVF, has been awarded this year's Nobel prize for medicine. His efforts in the 1950s, 60s and 70s led to the birth of the world's first "test tube baby" in July 1978. Since then nearly four million babies have been born following IVF. More...

Bungoma residents urged to elect skilled governor

By Steve Biko, Oct 4 2010
WITH the structure of governance brought about by the new constitution, Bungoma residents have been urged to elect development oriented leaders. West fm Director Dr. George Masafa advised the Bungoma County residents to be wise when choosing their leaders especially those at the county level. Lands Assistant Minister Bifwoli Wakoli concurred with Dr. Masafu saying that the Governors seat was very important and should not be filled by a leader who has no development knowledge. The two argued that Bungoma County, being one of the largest and resourceful among the 47 counties countrywide, should be represented by a person of high integrity and a strong sense of infrastructure development, investment oriented and market analyst who has the potential to initiate economic growth within the county. Dr. Masafu and Mr. Wakoli were speaking on Saturday at a funds drive to aid St Patricks Netima Secondary School in Bungoma. More...

Mundika, Busia hosts International Day for the Elderly

By Frankline Bwire, Oct 2 2010
Elderly persons should be recognized in the society as important people, an officer in the Ministry of Gender and Social Development has said. Speaking at Mundika home for the aged during the International Day for the elderly, an assistant officer in the ministry of Gender and Social Development in Busia District Mrs. Ayako Everlyne said it was time to appreciate the efforts of the old people by helping them overcome the challenges they pass through. “They have given birth to us and taken great care of us to which is a challenge to us to treat them well,” said Mrs. Ayako. She added that members of the public should take the responsibility of aiding the elderly people and avoid neglecting them and leaving the responsibility with the government alone. “This is a stage that we will all pass through despite the government helping them,” asserted Mrs. Ayako. Furthermore, Mrs. Ayako alleged that through her Ministry, the government has registered the old persons through a social protection policy to ensure the old people are assisted. She said: “ The government has allocated Sh1500 for every aged person every month and will receive it through the post office.” Area, Sikulu sub-location, chief Mr. Peter Mugeni urged the elderly persons not to think they are not useful to the society, adding that the society has continued to have wonderful people through them. More...

Mundika, Busia
Busia border point is a hive of activity as commuters, traders and tourists cross to and from Uganda. Mundika is not far away.

Wakoli rules himself out of governorship

By Westfm, Oct 2 2010
Lands Assistant Minister and Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli has said he is not qualified to be governor. The MP joins Saboti legislator Eugene Wamalwa who has since said he is not interested in the governor's seat but his eyes are set on the top seat, the presidency. Bifwoli has his eyes set on the presidential seat as well. More...

Multi-talented Kisii boy causing waves

By John Makeni, Oct 2 2010
Software developer, budding film maker, script writer, pianist, guitarist, animator, graphic artist, web developer, inventor and more all rolled into one. It takes a lifetime for most people to make any sense out of any of these - let alone impress at - but Imani Marori Nyabwengi, only just 20, is all these in addition to being a first year student at university. “At his level, he is way above an average student,” said his IT lecturer at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Mr Francis Kamunyu Thiong’o, recalling how Imani once suggested to him ways to better secure his work! The lecturer also recalls Imani’s offer to create a website with which he could present his lectures notes better than the use of PowerPoint. Imani in no ordinary student. During interviews for this story last week at the university outside Nairobi, one fellow student described him as “weird”. Another described the information technology student as a “genius”. But unassuming Imani considers himself an “average” student, pointing out that he only achieved three A’s and thee B’s last semester. Indeed, he scored C-minus in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and has had to work his way through a certificate course at JKUAT to qualify for the diploma course he is now pursuing. Imani started using a computer when he was seven years old in Kisii. His father, Charles Manyara, a high school teacher had an old desktop computer that he would use to type his school reports and newsletters. More...

Imani Marori Nyabwengi
Imani Marori Nyabwengi, the Kisii boy whose multi talents in IT, film scripting etc have baffled many people at JKUCAT where he a student. Photo: NATION

Shock as minister wants gays accepted

By Galgalo Bocha, Oct 2 2010
A Cabinet minister has stirred a hornet’s nest with a suggestion that Kenyans should accept homosexuality and learn to live with it. Special Programmes Minister Esther Murugi told participants at a national symposium on HIV/Aids in Mombasa targeting homosexuals, lesbians and sex workers that the government had no option but to address the community’s concerns. More...

PNU gives Western a total blackout in key committee

By Stephen Makabila, Oct 2 2010
Clamour for regional and party balance contributed to Parliament's rejection of the list of 27 MPs nominated to the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee. Protests emerged after PNU gave Western Province a “total black-out”. Three PNU allied MPs from Western, led by Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula, Assistant Minister (Lands) Wakoli Bifwoli and Kimilili MP Dr Eseli Simiyu, opposed adoption of the names. Rift Valley MPs allied to PNU argued it was unfair for the expansive province to be represented by only one person, Turkana Central MP Ekwe Ethuro. Some Central Province MPs also raised concerns. PNU MPs from Rift Valley who rejected the list include Lee Kinyanjui, Asman Kamama and John Munyes. The feeling was that Eastern Province, home to Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, who tabled the list in Parliament as Leader of Government Business, had been favoured. Out of the 13 slots for PNU, Eastern Province had been allocated five, Central two, while North Eastern, Coast, Nyanza, Nairobi and Rift Valley had a single slot each. More...

George Wesonga
Kenya NAtional Union of Teachers chairman, George Wesonga. KUPPET secretary general, Njeru Kanyamba has accused him and Teachers Service Commission of stealing over 1,000 members.

PNU says Ocampo targeting Kikuyu: The PNU coalition on Friday cast aspersions on the International Criminal Court investigations into the country’s post-election violence, saying they are targeting the Kikuyu community. More...
Teachers union alleges theft of its members by KNUT

By our correspondents, Oct 2 2010
Wrangles between two rival unions representing Kenya's teachers may affect this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination scheduled later this month. Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) claimed of a secret plot that led to its 1, 004 members illegal transfer to the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut). Kuppet mainly draws its members from secondary schools while the bulk of Knut members are primary school teachers though some in secondary schools are its members. Kuppet officials stormed the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) headquarters in Nairobi’s Upper Hill, and accused some staff at the commission of being behind the illegal transfer that has deprived the union revenue in form of union dues. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city. Kuppet members contribute Sh200 monthly as union dues while Knut deducts two per cent of a member’s basic salary. Knut collects an average of Sh60 million each month in union dues. The battle for members between the two unions is largely due to collection of union dues. More...

Cheaper mortgages unveiled

By Morris Aaron, Oct 2 2010
First time employees will now smile after a real estate developer decided to reduce down payment required for a mortgage. Greenspan Investment Limited (GIL) said individuals looking to own a house at Greenspan’s Sh5 billion residential and commercial estate located in Nairobi’s Eastland will pay five per cent of the value of the property they are interested in. In addition, potential buyers will not be subjected to stringent conditions that accompany mortgage securitisation. GIL Managing Director Shirish Shah said the decision was arrived at following an extensive market research on home ownership. “Research shows that those who qualify for mortgage end up wasting one or two years as they struggle to raise the deposit for the desired housing units,” said Shah. “An individual paying rent of Sh30,000 per month and has qualified for a mortgage, but has difficulty in raising, say, Sh1 million deposit, for instance, will end up paying Sh700,000 for house rent while waiting for two years to raise the deposit,” Mr Shah said. The move places the real estate firm among a few property developers to go below the ten per cent down payment industry practice rule. More...

Maseno Nursing college
Student nurses at Maseno Mission Hospital in Western. A disturbing report says female students are being forced to trade sex with grades in some unnamed colleges. If they get pregnant, they have to pay a demotion fee or work at the institution without pay. Photo: Maseno Missions
Sex-for-grades rampant at nursing colleges - report

By Elizabeth Mwai, Oct 2 2010
Female students in health care training are subjected to discrimination, harassment, and extortion, a report says. In the Performance Needs Assessment report female students confessed to being asked for sex by their lecturers to pass exams or pay a fee of Sh50, 000. The resultant marks are referred to as ‘sex engineered grades’. “Female students who are harassed by male tutors also mentioned that they have no avenue for recourse,” said the report. Out of fear and inability to pay the fee, the study shows, female students give in to sexual advances. Expectant female students said they were treated unfairly by being suspended or demoted therefore disruption their studies. “When female nursing students get pregnant, they will be given time off to deliver and nurse the baby for a few months, and then come back, they have to pay a demotion fee,” said the report. During demotion, a student is forced to work without pay at the institution until the next intake since enrolment is once a year. Male students reported being involved in love triangles and being bullied or harassed by male tutors. More...

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