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Shock as fraudsters con Kenyan police

By Nicholas Anyuor, Nov 30 2010
Music piracy in Kenya has been a big bother for artistes for long. Musicians have been appealing to the Government to save the industry from the crime. Luckily the Kenya Copyright Board, in partnership with the Music Copyright Society of Kenya heard their cry and upped efforts to end the vice. Ironically, crafty criminals too heard the musicians’ outcry and in it identified a scheme to earn quick money without much sweat. The fraudsters cunningly loop in unwitting police officers in their scheme to give it a faÁade. They pretend to be officials from the Kenya Copyright Board or the Music Copyright Society of Kenya and raid business premises and offices under the guise of eradicating music piracy. The criminals first go to police stations where they produce fake documents identifying themselves as officials from the two bodies. Convinced that they are genuine Government officers, police escort them as they move from shop to shop and even to offices checking on those flouting the law. The hardest hit region is Nyanza and police warn the criminals are likely to start moving to other areas. Susan Otieno, a resident of Kisumu town became a victim of the gang a week ago. She recalls how two smartly dressed young men accompanied by two uniformed police officers knocked at her office. They identified themselves as officials of the Kenya Copyright Board head office in Nairobi who were on a normal, mop-up operation against piracy in Kisumu. More...

female circumcision in Pokot
Writhing in pain, a young girl undergoes female circumcision in Mt Elgon. In Pokot, about 300 hundred gilrs are slated for the cut in a rite of passage that has come increaisngly under attack by campaigners against female genital mutilation.

Saboti residents blame Ligale

By Dorcas Chelagat, Nov 30 2010
The stakeholders of Saboti constituency are surprised by the latest changes recommended by the IIBRC-Ligale team over the split of Saboti constituency. Speaking to the media, Councilor Pius Kauka said that the new changes as was put in a local Sunday daily, deviated away from the proposal that the stakeholders from Saboti had presented to the Ligale team when they visited the areas to collect their views. ''Firstly the naming of the new Kiminini constituency curved from the existing Saboti constituency was not part our proposals and the inclusion of hospital, Masaba, Lessos, Sokoni, Webuye, Sirende and Waitaluk wards to the new constituency was an idea crafted afterwards,''Kauka said. More...

300 girls to be circumcised in Pokot

By our correspondents, Nov 30 2010
At least 270 girls are lined up for circumcision in Marakwet East and Pokot Central districts in the coming weeks. Though the number of girls undergoing the rite of passage has significantly dropped over the past few years, most of them are taking part voluntarily. After the cut, scores of the girls who may not proceed to secondary school, will be married off to already waiting suitors after coming out of seclusion in mid-January next month. A crusader against female circumcision, Ms Lilian Plapan of Setat Women’s Group, has called for an end to the practice. “We want chiefs in the respective villages to stop the cut since the lives of young girls are going to be wasted,” she said. Mrs Plapan, who visited Propoi Girls Secondary School at the weekend, urged girls to identify the talents that they fit in and develop them through education. About 74 girls in Kapsogom, Kachenyut, Kapchemila, Kakisoo, Tinyar and Kasui villages will be initiated in Kerio Valley from Friday. More...

Kisumu taxi driver murdered: A taxi driver in Kisumu was strangled and his body dumped in a thicket in Nyamira, more than 50km away. Edward Odero was last seen alive last Wednesday. More..
Lugari community groups given dairy goats

By Paul Ogono, Nov 30 2010
Four small holder groups from Lugari have benefited from 32 goats offered by the Lugari District Veterinary Department for self sustenance. According to the area District Veterinary Officer Mr. Wellington Mang’oli, the goats were given to groups of the disabled, widows, and those living with HIV. “It might not be easy for them to meet the higher cost of taking care of dairy cattle,” Mang’oli said as he encouraged the beneficiaries to embrace modern farming methods as well as engaging in horticulture farming. He urged the area residents to encourage goat rearing besides dairy cattle since they would require minimal rearing costs. He noted that if well taken care of, the dairy goats had the potential to produce between 3-4 litres of milk per day. Similarly, he observed that milk from goats will pool back huge income as it retails at between Sh50 and Sh75 per litre compared to that of dairy cattle that retails at Sh27. He added that the veterinary department sponsored a tour to 30 pastoralists for a practical tour to Meru, Nyeri and Vihiga to learn more about goat rearing. More...

goat farming in Lugari
Goat husbandry is being encouraged in Western as a cheaper more cost effective method of farming than traditional cows.
Alfred Khang'ati
Alfred Khang'ati, the Kanduyi MP has been sued by a former employee for breach of contract.
Kanduyi MP sued over breach of contract

By Paul Ogono, Nov 30 2010
A Bungoma Court has ordered the Kanduyi Member of Parliament Alfred Khangati to appear before the court within 15 days to answer to a case filed against him by his former Constituency Office Manager Mr. John M. Mukenya. Mr. Mukenya, a resident from Sang’alo sub-location within Bungoma south district alleged that the Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister deceitfully sacked him from his position in July 2008. Mukenya noted that the action taken by the MP was contrary to the provisions of a job contract signed between him and the office that effected his employment on January 1, 2008. He said the Kanduyi legislator promised to offer him another job and asked him to quit his job then but he has never been offered the job. More...

US apologies over WikiLeaks: As governments around the world remained stunned by leaked US diplomatic cables, some depicting them in unsavoury light, a late night call was placed from Washington to Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The implication was that there could be worse to come from leaked secret communication from the US Embassy. More...
Livondo moves to court to dissolve Parliament

By Westfm, Nov 29 2010
Politician Stanley Livondo has announced that he will move to court tomorrow (Tuesday) to seek the dissolution of the tenth parliament. In an exclusive interview with West Fm in Bungoma town, Livondo castigated the current parliament saying the MPs have failed to serve Kenyans and instead are involved in infighting. President Kalonzo Musyoka warned that the current parliament risked being dissolved should any Kenyan go to court following the stalemate over implementation of the new constitution and creation of new constituencies as well as other commissions under the new constitution. Kalonzo argued that the new Constitution grants any citizen powers to go to court to demand the dissolution of Parliament in case it does not meet the timelines prescribed for the implementation of the new law. Consequently, Livondo, has seized the chance saying following failure by parliament to put in place two crucial constitutional committees last week, the Mps have no other option but to prepare to go home. More...

Stanley Livondo
Stanley Livondo aka 'Mr Moneybags' has vowed to go to court to seek dissolution of parliament over constitutional impasse. Photo: Westfm

Mr Moneybags for president: Mr Stanley Livondo, the 'Mr Moneybags' political aspiranat, has declared will not vie for MP, or Senator or Governor, but he will go the top seat of the Presidency, because he believes, it’s time for the youth to lead. As a leader, he said, ‘I cannot, will not be on facebook, and in fact, what kind of book is that?’ whoever runs the facebook account is fake,' he said. More...
Chwele residents protest over raw deal at hospital

By Leonard Wamalwa, Nov 29 2010
Residents of Chwele in Bungoma County on Monday staged a peaceful demonstration over poor services offered at the Chwele district hospital. They said the charges at the hospital reflected the status of a district hospital but the services could not be equated to those offered at the dispensaries down in the villages. “We want to know if this is a district hospital or a dispensary because of the poor services offered despite the high amounts of money that we pay”, said one angry demonstrator. They said they had complained to the Ministry of Health (MOH) on many occasions but their complaints had been in vain hence they were heading to the DC’s office to seek attention from the district commissioner to intervene to the situation. The protesters were led by community health workers they moved along the roads at Chwele market carrying placards. Among the grievances poor maternal services, leading to unnecessary deaths of expectant mothers and children and exorbitant prices for mosquito nets. More...

Chwele hospital Chwele, Bungoma
Ligale row threatens to scuttle new constitution

By our correspondent, Nov 29 2010
The failure to gazette the new 80 electoral areas and Parliament’s refusal to accept nominees in two key commissions has created confusion. Following the action by Parliament, the political scene has become increasingly polarised along party and ethnic positions. And despite claims by Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka that the country does not face a crisis, the tension created by the tussle over new electoral boundaries is reflecting badly on the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary, who are now being seen as stumbling blocks to implementing the new laws. On Sunday, Raila asked Kenyans to be patient and wait for leaders to strike a political solution regarding the boundaries dispute. But the assurances by the PM and VP sounded hollow because a simple reading of the Constitutional provision on the legislature shows that the country’s 80 new constituencies must be created by December this year, and prior to the next General Election. More...

Anti FGM campaign in Mt Elgon: Residents of Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County are full of enthusiasm as December approaches, preparing to perform passage rites to their teenage children including circumcision of boys and female genital mutilation-FGM on girls. More...
Eugene Wamalwa
Saboti MP, Eugene Wamalwa hit out at Raila and embraced William Ruto as a political ally in 2012.
1970's fertilzer scandal returns to haunt Kibaki: Kenyans are repaying loans for a company that collapsed when President Kibaki was Finance Minister in the 1970s. The payments began in 2003 when he became President, even though there had been litigation over the deal. Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has questioned the payments as no goods or services were delivered in the deal to set up a fertilizer factory. “The government had been defrauded Sh1,057,621,935.00 through questionable agreements executed over thirty years ago,” notes the PAC report tabled in the House last Thursday by the chairman, Dr Boni Khalwale. The fraud began in 1975 when the Government entered a joint venture with N-Ren, an American firm, with a mouth-watering goal to set up KenRen Chemical and Fertilizers Limited. More...
Wamalwa, Ruto talk of an alliance ahead of 2012

By our correspondent, Nov 29 2010
Saboti MP, Eugene Wamalwa and William Ruto, the suspended higher education minister have said they were building a force that would sweep away old guards in 2012. "I, my friend here (Eugene) and another one from that region (pointing towards Central Province) are working on something to take us there," said Ruto. Mr Wamalwa took on Prime Minister Raila Odinga, saying he was unreliable. "Do you know an animal that looks like a horse and a zebra at the same time. That is a donkey. This man you used to call arap Mibei behaves like this animal," said Wamalwa. Kicked them like a donkey Raila earned the tag arap Mibei (a man from the lake) when the Kalenjin threw their support behind him in the run up to the 2007 General Election. Wamalwa claimed Raila worked to the downfall of his brother and former Vice-President the late Kijana Wamalwa, did the same for former President Moi, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and now President Kibaki. "He kept kicking them all like the donkey does. Can you trust this man again? He can only fool some people some time but he cannot fool all the people all the time," Wamalwa said. More...

Raila is a breed between a zebra and a horse - he is a donkey

Kenya's wonder drink causes sensation in London

By Philip Mwakio, Nov 29 2010
It is not exactly new to Kenyans, but it is the spanking new tool being used to market Kenya abroad, and could well be the wonder drug for the ailing sector. Aptly named Dawa (Kiswahili for medicine), the concoction is growing in popularity in recent overseas tourism exhibitions, drawing huge crowds to the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) stand, all eager to take a sip. Made from a dash of Vodka, honey, lime, sugar and ice, and served in a Vodka glass, the drink has been praised as refreshing by consumers. "The more you crush the lime into the mixture and stir, the sweeter the taste," explains Martin Ogembo, the Operations Manager at the Carnivore Restaurant who was this year’s Bwana Dawa at the Magical Kenya stand. More...

Martin Ogembo
Martin Ogembo, the operations manager at Carnivore Restaurant showing dawa, the magic concoction that has become popular with Kenyans and tourists alike. Ogembo was named this year’s Bwana Dawa at the London Tourism Week.
Raila orders arrest of gays

By Lucas Barasa, Nov 29 2010
Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Sunday ordered for the arrest of gay couples.Addressing a rally at Kamukunji grounds in his Langata Constituency, the PM said their behaviour was unnatural. “If found the homosexuals should be arrested and taken to relevant authorities,” Mr Odinga said. The PM thrilled the crowd when he asserted that the recent census showed there were more women than men and there was no need for same sex relationships. He said it was madness for a man to fall in love with another man while there were plenty of women and added that there was no need for women to engage in lesbianism yet they can bear children. Mr Odinga’s statement is likely to rub activists the wrong way since they recently went public to campaign against homophobia. More...

Justus Kizito Mugali
Abeingo Community Network officials meet MP for Shinyalu, Justus Kizito Mugali (centre) in London on Tuesday this week. On the right is Juvenal Shiundu, Abeingo chairman and John Baraza (left) an executive committee member. Photo: Topix
Shinyalu MP joins Abeingo

By our reporter, Nov 27 2010
Hon. Justus Kizito Mugali, the MP for Shinyalu has joined Abeingo Community Network as a lifetime member. Speaking in London on the sidelines of the 5th International Parliamentary Governance Seminar, Mr Kizito urged Abeingo members in the Diaspora to spearhead economic development in Western Kenya by mobilising investment resources. The MP spoke when he met members of ACN at a London hotel including Abeingo chairman, Mr Juvenal Shiundu and executive committee members, John Baraza and Topi Lyambila. ACN is a UK based Community organisation embracing members from the Western Region of Kenya including, but not limited to the Luhya community. 

Kizito represents Kenya at London Commonwealth governance summit

By Topi Lyambila, Nov 27 2010
Running from the 15th to the 26th November 2010, the event that has attracted legislators from several Commonwealth countries has enjoyed a wide perspective, covering various topics that directly affect the parliamentary legislation in the respective countries. Kenya is being represented by Hon Justus Kizito Mugali MP for Shinyalu Constituency in Kakamega, an academic and vocal personality who does not mince words.  Speaking to Kenya London News at the plush Ultra Modern Park Plaza near Westminster, the legislator mentioned they had had occasion to speak to members of the ICC tribunal in The Hague while visiting Brussels. The itinerary has taken them from Brussels in Belgium, London, and Cardiff in Wales.  The principal aim of the congregation; is to contribute to a greater understanding of the principles and structures of governance in parliamentary democracies. The objectives were to brief delegates and create opportunities for discussion on various topics to do with governance. Asked on how the Kenya Parliament was coping with the legislative agenda pertaining to the new Constitution, Hon Mugali noted that the process was running smoothly, but hinted there could be need to extend the current parliament, if all the key amendments are to be taken into consideration.

Justus Kizito and John Baraza
Shinyalu MP, Justus Kizito Mugali (left) speaking to John Baraza of Abeingo Community Network during a break from the 5th international parliamentary governance seminar held in London this week. On the implementation of Kenya's new constitution, Hon Mugali noted that the process was running smoothly, but hinted there could be need to extend the current parliament, if all the key amendments are to be taken into consideration. Photo: Topix
Judge rules against Ligale

By our correspondent, Nov 26 2010
The stalemate over new constituencies that has paralysed Kenya’s efforts to effect the new Constitution is set to intensify after a court ruled on Friday that they were not created in line with the set out law. Consequently, the court said that the orders barring the gazettement of the 80 constituencies, issued by Justice Jeanne Gacheche, will remain in force. The ruling by Justice Daniel Musinga came on a day of a hardening of positions between the two sides of the coalition government. Prime Minister Raila Odinga is said to have skipped a Cabinet committee meeting that was supposed to be attended by President Kibaki at Harambee House. MPs supporting the list on Friday said the Judiciary’s intervention to block the list was unconstitutional. But their opponents, mainly from PNU, said Ligale was unfair in the distribution of the new units. On Thursday, Parliament rejected a list of nominees presented by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to serve on the implementation and revenue allocation commissions. Although MPs said the list lacked regional balance, a group of 169 had earlier vowed to block the names unless the constituencies are gazetted. It had been hoped that Justice Musinga could rule in favour of the Ligale team to help unblock the stalemate. But the judge instead found that Mr Ligale’s Interim Independent Boundary Review Commission did not fully comply with the law in coming up with the constituencies. More...

Andrew Ligale and Ababu Namwamba
Chairman of the Interim Independent Boundaries Commission Andrew Ligale (left) with the chairman of Justice and Legal Affairs Ababu Namwamba during a press conference at Continental House in Nairobi, on Friday. Mr Ligale handed over the report by his commission to the team. Photo: Stephen Mudiari

Kisii water disconnected: The Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) has shut down New Kisii Water Supply treatment works to recover a Sh1.9 million debt. The entire WRMA board led by Chairman Francis Nyenze and Chief Executive Philip Olum visited the treatment works owned by the Gusii Water and Sanitation Company (Gwasco) where they shut down the pumping system to deny staff access until they clear the arrears. More...
Raid on Standard planned at State House - Armenian thug

By Kipchumba Some, Nov 26 2010
One of the two infamous Armenian Artur brothers who commandeered The Standard Group raid in 2006 has for the first time directly implicated President Kibaki. But in a quick rejoinder, State House denied the claims. "There are desperate attempts by certain persons to seek relevance and association with State House. These attempts will not succeed," read a statement from PPS. Artur Margaryan claimed the President and other top Government officials knew about the shocking attack. Speaking to The Standard on Saturday from Qatar, Margaryan claimed he and his brother Artur Sargasyan carried out the raid soon after a State House meeting on March 2, 2006. He further claimed he is still holding five computers belonging to the Standard Group in his house in Sri Lanka and was ready to return them. Asked whether President Kibaki knew of the operation, he answered: "Of course, of course." More...

Polytechnics hold protest rallies

Normalcy has returned to Bungoma town after hundreds of teachers and instructors from village Youth Polytechnics in Western province poured on the streets protesting against what they termed negligence by the Ministry of Education. The village Polytechnic teachers have accused the ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of failing to uphold moral values within the institutions yet they play a great role in uplifting the literacy levels of Kenyans. More...

standard raid, Kenya
Kenyans woke up to the chilling news that Standard newspapers had been raided by government-hired Armenian thugs.

Bungoma accused of nepotism

By our correspondent, Nov 26 2010
A municipal council has been accused of nepotism in its recruitment of revenue collection officers. Bungoma residents claim the municipal council’s employment of 15 new staff was not based on merit. The residents have threatened to stage demonstrations if the Local Government ministry does not intervene to have the list of the newly employed workers revoked. Councillors allegedly presented lists of their cronies for the positions, which residents claim were distributed among the councillors. More...

15 revenue collection officers not recruited om merit

Expert says distribution of constituencies fair

By Alex Ndegwa, Nov 26 2010
An expert on boundaries review, who briefed President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the controversial distribution of 80 new constituencies, says the methodology has challenges but it is fair. Prof FW Aduol, who has made presentations to the Cabinet sub-committee on implementation of the Constitution and Parliament, says the failure to map out the actual boundaries has pitfalls. For Nairobi a population quota of 186, 394 was derived, translating to 16.8 constituencies, which were rounded off to 17 with an average population of 184, 610. Aduol suggests Nairobi should have been allocated one more constituency for an average population of 174, 354 to ease border demarcations. The population of each of the seven provinces was divided with this new ‘population quota’ to determine the ideal number of constituencies. Rift Valley, with 10 million people, would get the highest number of constituencies at 77 followed by Eastern with 43.6 for her 5.6 million inhabitants. Nyanza with a population of 5.4 million would merit 41.9 constituencies. With 4.3 million people Central would yield 33.7 constituencies, while Western with an equal population size would get 33.4 constituencies. More...

Ruto can go: Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dared Eldoret North MP William Ruto to leave the Orange Democratic Movement party. More...
Major General Sasia fired over corruption in the army

By our correspondents, Nov 25 2010
Major changes in armed forces have seen Major General Enoch Sasia step aside and Colonel S. Nandwa promoted to Brigadier. Sasia, who was based at the DoD, was an assistant chief of staff (personnel and logistics) was sacked following his alleged involvement in questionable procurements in the military. He has been replaced by Major-Gen G O Kihalangwa. Major-General F K Nthenge becomes the ACGS based at the Defence headquarters. Brigadier B Y Haji, who until on Thursday was the Commandant Kenya Military Academy in Lanet, has been promoted to a Major-General, and now becomes a Senior Directing Staff at NDC. Colonel S Nandwa, who has also been elevated to a Brigadier, has replaced him. President Kibaki rang several changes in the military appointing Lieutenant General Njuki Mwaniki as the new Kenya Army Commander. He replaces Lt Jackson Tuwei who is currently on terminal leave pending retirement. In the changes announced on Thursday following a meeting of the National Defence Council, the President who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, retained General Jeremiah Kianga as the Chief of General Staff. Lt General Julius Karangi remains the Vice- CGS while Major-General Harold Tangai and Major-General Samson Mwathethe were retained as Air Force and Navy commanders. More...

Enoch Sasia
Question time: Major General Enoch Sasia (left) has been hounded out of the armed forces in the wake of scandals on dubious procurement deals.

KACC probes Budalang'i CDF

Investigation police from the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) are camping at Budalangi constituency collecting reports from projects that are funded by Constituency Development Fund. The investigators interviewed leaders in the CDF offices including the manager Wilson Okumu, the secretary Flevian Odoli and the treasurer Chris Wangoma. The projects that are targeted include the Early Childhood Education in Bunyala East Location. More...

Constitutional crisis looms as House sabotages new commissioners over Ligale

By our correspondents, Nov 25 2010
Kenya on Thursday lapsed into a constitutional crisis after Parliament adjourned two motions that would have seen nominees to two key commissions approved. By doing so, the House effectively ensured that the Government would miss Friday’s deadline for gazetting the names, plunging the implementation of the new laws into limbo. The MPs deliberately extended sitting time, to allow the Government to gazette the extra 290 constituencies failure to which they would reject the names. President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga appeared to have called their bluff, as the MPs’ three-hour deadline came and went. Both the Commission for Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) and the Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA), must be constituted by Friday, according to the timelines set out in the new Constitution. President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga had on Wednesday night, in a race against time, appointed Charles Nyachae and Micah Cheserem to chair the two commissions. Yesterday afternoon proponents of the proposed 80 new constituencies threatened to sabotage creation of the CIC and Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) if they are not gazetted by the start of the night session at 7pm last evening. More...

Nyachae, Cheserem not confirmed

11 bogus colleges in Western ordered shut in national crackdown

By Aggrey Mutambo, Nov 25 2010
More than 400 middle-level colleges will be closed down in January following their failure to renew operational licences. Acting Higher Education Minister Hellen Sambili said the institutions had violated the law and continued to operate, two years after their certificates expired. “The ministry will embark on a countrywide closure of institutions that have failed to comply with the requirements,” she said. There are only 363 registered colleges in Kenya while 99 have been awarded temporary certificates. However, 395 others are working with expired licences. In a list based on provinces, Eastern Province tops the list with the highest number of unregistered colleges at 54. Coast Province has 25 colleges, which have never applied for licences while Central harbours 13 of the dubious colleges. Western Province has 11 as do Rift Valley and Nyanza provinces. Nairobi Province has seven, while North Eastern holds six. Most such institutions are in urban centres, with Nairobi alone having 194 colleges operating with expired licences. Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Thika and Edoret are other towns with questionable colleges. Even more worrying is the fact that most of these colleges offer their own certificates, which the minister said was illegal. More...

Law reform commission
Some the computers that were destroyed lie on the floor of the Kenya Law Reform Commission offices after they were burglarised on November 23, 2010. Photo: William Oeri

Drama as sacked lecturer denied entry at MMUST: There were dramatic scenes at Masinde Muliro University Thursday as the University Academic Staff Union (UASU) sort to hold a meeting at the institution. The union chapter was to hold its annual general meeting outside the college compound after the union’s sacked National chairman Prof. Sammy Kubasu was barred from entering the college situated along the busy Kakamega-Webuye road. More...
Reform team's office burglarised, vital information stolen

By Peter Leftie, Nov 25 2010
Burglars dealt a blow to the drive for a new constitutional order when they broke into the offices of a commission working on key Bills. The raid on the Kenya Law Reform Commission has been blamed on those intent on sabotaging the implementation of the new Constitution. The burglars struck on Monday night and only targeted computers used by staff working on Bills related to the new laws and reforms on security. Up to 18 computers and sensitive data in them were damaged. “They also stole hard drives containing information on our mandate. We are feeling vulnerable,” said Ms Nancy Baraza, the vice chair of the commission on the third floor of Nairobi’s Kenya Re-Insurance building. The Kenya Law Reform Commission is playing a key role in the implementation of the Constitution by drafting Bills to be passed by Parliament. The Bills are vital for giving force to some aspects of the new law. Commission staff feared that the pace of developing Bills may be severely slowed down because of the Monday night raid. More...

Kibaki authorised raid on Standard by Armenian thugs

By Jibril Adan, Nov 24 2010
A parliamentary report has finally unveiled the faces behind the cowardly and shameful raid on the Standard Group premises that stunned Kenya and the world. Even more shockingly, it suggests that President Kibaki must have known or was briefed on the raid in which security forces under the direction of masked alien thugs burnt copies of the newspaper. The aliens have since been identified as Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargasyan. Computers were stolen from the KTN newsroom during the midnight raid on March 2, 2006. Patently clear from the report is that the raid was facilitated by then Internal Security Minister John Michuki who now holds the Environment docket, the then director of the Criminal Investigations Department John Kamau, and Stanley Murage, who was President’s special advisor. More...

Bitter sugar wars as new firm is licensed

By Daniel Otieno, Nov 24 2010
A bitter battle for sugarcane is looming in Muhoroni constituency, with the planned opening of a new sugar miller. Pandal Harjit and Sons have budgeted Sh11 billion to set up a factory and plan to crush 3,000 tons of cane a day. The Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been submitted for the outfit fronted by a South African firm, Southern Hemisphere Finance Company. The proposed miller also wants to produce 23 megawatts of electricity, with 18 megawatts being injected into the national grid. The balance will be enough for its use. Kenya requires 900,000 tonnes of sugar annually and approximately 500,000 tonnes are produced by the seven sugar factories. The deficit is imported from South America, South Africa, Sudan, Malawi and Asia. More...

Ilchamus back in court over own constituency

By our correspondent, Nov 24 2010
The Ilchamus community of Baringo Central in Rift Valley is back in court demanding their own constituency. The community wants an order issued by court in 2006 that they should be given their own constituency enforced. They went to court that year seeking orders to compel the then Electoral Commission of Kenya to carve them carve then an electoral area alleging they had been marginalised since independence. On Wednesday, lawyer Thomas Letangule told Lady Justice Jean Gacheche that the Interim Independent Boundaries Commission did not create a new constituency for them as directed by a two-judge bench on December 18, 2006. He urged the judge to enjoin the IIchamus case with that filed by 11 Members of Parliament to be heard on Thursday. More...

Why govt printer rejected Ligale's new constituencies

By Alex Ndegwa, Nov 24 2010
Confidential correspondence among top Government officials obtained by The Standard unravels circumstances under which publication of the report by the boundaries commission flopped. Government Printer Andrew Rukaria contends the proposed legislation on additional 80 constituencies by the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission was not accompanied by the requisite reference of Attorney General Amos Wako’s clearance. Mr Rukaria notes this was a deviation from the standard procedure while handling legislative supplements, whose guidelines had been issued by Wako in a circular dated February 15, 2002. Though Wako had earlier given Commission chairman Andrew Ligale the green light to publish the report, Gikaria’s letter contends the IIBRC did not subsequently obtain the necessary documentation from Wako as evidence of his approval. Rukaria notes the proposed subsidiary legislation was forwarded to the Government Printer via a letter dated November 15, which was copied to the Attorney General. More...

Micah Cheserem
Micah Cheserem, Capital Markets Authority chairman has been appointed to head the crucial revenue implementation commission while Charles Nyachae (below) will head Constitution Implementation Commission.
Charles Nyachae
Neutrals appointed to head crucial commissions

By Biketi Kkechi, Nov 24 2010
President Kibaki on Wednesday night made two appointments considered neutrals in the country’s political divide to chair the constitution implementation and the revenue allocation commissions. The President appointed lawyer Charles Nyachae, son of former Cabinet Minister Simeon Nyachae, to chair the crucial Constitution Implementation Commission. He also picked former Central Bank of Kenya Governor Micah Cheserem to be incharge of the Revenue Implementation Commission. Mr Nyachae beat seven others, who had applied to chair the new Constitution that President Kibaki promulgated in August. Nyachae is a graduate of the London School of Economics and an advocate of the High Court. He has been practicing law for the last 25 years. Nyachae has been involved in civil society reform programmes and served as the Chairman of the council of the International Commission of Jurists, Kenya chapter, and also served on the council of the LSK. Cheserem had been tipped for the equally powerful Commission for Revenue Allocation shortlist with leading economist David Ndii. More...

Police shoot dead master robber in Sigalagala

By Paul Ogono, Nov 23 2010
The Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D) police in Kakamega town shot dead a reknown robber who has been a security threat to the residents of Sigalagala on Monday afternoon. 23-year-old Issa Isabwa has been reported to the police over criminal offences including; night attack and robbery, human slaughter and defilement. The area police finally found him after long investigation. Confirming the incident, the Kakamega District police boss, Joseph Ominja said that the robber has been under hiding but could not escape from the hands of the officers. “The investigation officers have been working tirelessly to arrest Issa who have been a security threat and committed lots of crime to the residents,”Ominja said. Similarly, he commended the residents for their assistance in arresting the criminal and urged them to report any criminal suspects. More...

Sigalagala junction
Sigalagala junction on Kisumu-Kakamega Road. A well known robber who has been terrorising residents of Sigalagala finally met his waterloo when police cornered him and shot him dead in Kakamega yesterday.

Donald Trump star comes home: At the primary school in Kibera, the pupils sang; “Ebenezer what a wonder you’re… my commander…Though there was a wonder in their midst, there was no commander, but a Kenyan from US to share the secrets of technology. Kibera has previously played host to several US dignitaries, but yesterday was their very own - Liza Mucheru-Wisner - the Kenyan face in Donald Trump’s Apprentice reality TV show. The pupils of Anajali Primary School in Raila estate had every reason to smile as they came face-to-face with Liza, widely reported about since the 10th Season of Apprentice premiered on September 16. More...
Footballer collapses and dies on the pitch

By Silas Kemboi, Nov 23 2010
A football player of Super Two League Club in Teso collapsed and died on Monday evening during a training session with his home team. The Amukura FC central defender, Francis “Major” Orone, 42, was playing for his home team, Kamolo FC which was preparing for an open tournament when he collapsed. He was rushed to Amukura Mission hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Narrating the incident, Kamolo FC Coach Oscar Obashie said Major was organizing his defenders after conceding a free kick when he suddenly collapsed. Despite first aid being administered on him, the condition worsened forcing Obashie to organize for a motorcycle to take him to hospital. Major was instrumental in Amukura’s success story that saw them win the Ojaamong Cup in 2002 and finishing second in the Super Two North Western zone last year. More...

Cabinet summons Ligale

By our correspondents, Nov 23 2010
A Cabinet sub-committee convened by Raila Odinga, prime minister Tuesday summoned the chairman of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) Andrew Ligale to explain how the commission arrived at the list of constituencies released last week. Sources who attended the stormy meeting revealed that the ministers turned the heat on Ligale whom they accused of doing "a half-baked job". A Cabinet sub-committee meeting called by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to reach a consensus on the boundaries review turned stormy as ministers took positions along party lines. As the meeting went on, a fierce battle was also going on in court, where an attempt by a businessman to lock out lawyer Ahmednassir Abdulahi from representing the Interim Independent Boundaries Commission (IIBRC) was dismissed. The businessman, Mr John Kimathi Maingi, also failed to lock out another lawyer Byrum Ongaya who is also representing IIBRC after his application was rejected by High Court Judge, Justice Justice Daniel Musinga. Time and again, Raila had to intervene to cool flaming tempers. More...

Andrew Ligale
Andrew Ligale, the chairman of Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission was put to task over his allocation of constituency boundaries.

City MP to face fraud charges: Makadara lawmaker Gidion Mbuvi has been remanded in custody until Friday after he was denied bail by a Nairobi court.Kibera chief magistrate Cecilia Githua remanded Mr Mbuvi at Kileleshwa police station following an application by the State. The accused denied two fresh cases of obtaining a total of Sh3.3 million by pretences. More...
Uasin Gishu man strangles wife after domestic dispute

By Edwin Cheserek, Nov 23 2010
A family dispute in Uasin Gishu County turned tragic when a 28-year-old man allegedly strangled his wife. Sarah Nafula, 26, was reportedly killed by her husband on Tuesday at around 6am in their matrimonial home. Shock gripped Kapseret location of Wareng District when residents woke up to the gruesome murder of the woman they had known for years. The couple are alleged to have quarrelled over money a fortnight ago, which is suspected to have triggered the killing. Witnesses said the man killed his wife and dumped the body on the floor in their bedroom and went to a neighbour’s house. "He came and knocked my house early in the morning and when we ushered him inside, he looked so disturbed and suspicious," said Jane Serem, a neighbour. Neighbours said they went to his house to inquire if there was something wrong, but instead found the lifeless body of his wife lying on the floor. More...

New constituencies throw a lifeline to political has-beens

By our correspondents, Nov 22 2010
The controversial 80 constituencies created by Andrew Ligale, the chairman of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission, has thrown a lifeline to some politicians. In Bungoma, Mr Musikari Kombo now moves to the new Bokoli constituency largely inhabited by the Bukusu sub-tribe of the Luhya community, away from his long-standing opponent, Alfred Sambu, who remains in Webuye constituency, largely occupied by his Tachoni sub-tribe. Dr Kituyi moves to the newly- created Tongaren constituency away from current MP Dr Eseli Simiyu who remains in Kimilili. In Busia, the creation of Matayos constituency from the larger Nambale is perceived as having resolved a potentially bruising contest pitting current MP Chris Okemo against Attorney-General Amos Wako should he choose to join politics in 2012. Mr Wako comes from Matayos while Mr Okemo remains in Nambale. “I am now in Kabuchai constituency which covers Chwele and Nalondo, but it is still too large even after the splitting. “It is a very easy constituency for me because I can now easily come back unopposed because my opponent comes from the other side,” boasted Mr Wetang’ula while praising the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) chairman Andrew Ligale last week. He was referring to the splitting of Sirisia constituency which has seen him move to the newly-created Kabuchai constituency while his fierce opponent, Major John Waluke, remains in Sirisia. More...

teso twin calves
Identical twins are rare in cows but for one woman in Kaukotoit village, Teso North district, the rare became a reality when her cow delivered twins. Twinship (obukhwana) flows in her family. Not only is she a mother fo twins, she is also a follower of twins.
Musikari Kombo, Bokoli
Musikari Kombo may find himself contesting in Bokoli constituency.
Rare occurrence as cow gives birth to twins in Teso

By Westfm reporters, Nov 22 2010
Heard of a cow that has delivered twins? A woman in Kaukotoit village, Teso North district is in celebration after her wonder cow achieved the rare phenomena to her eyes and those of fellow villagers. Retired primary school teacher, Elizabeth Akisa Ekiring woke up at the weekend to find her expectant cow with two bouncing male calves. It was the third birth for Maricela, as the cow is popularly known, with the two previous births being both male calves born in 2008 and 2009. Coincidentally, Akisa, who is a widow, is a mother of 16-year-old twins and is a follower of twins. Like their mother, the calves are black in colour and were sired through cross breeding. Ms Ekiring said many people have been flocking her rural home to witness the rare occurrence and hoped veterinary officers will follow suit. However, the Teso North acting Livestock Production officer, Francis Simiyu advised the widow to keep the calves healthy by ensuring they take enough milk. Simiyu said if one of the calves was a female then it would not give birth since it posses both sexes.Constituency Aids Control Council coordinator, Napoleon Nyongesa said he had taken over 20 years to hear of a cow that has given birth to twins, adding that he would approach the widow to buy one of the calves as a souvenir. More...

Kenyan wins world athlete of the year crown

By Silas Kemboi, Nov 22 2010
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Uhuru Kenyatta has congratulated Kenyan middle distance runner and world 800 metres record holder David Rudisha for being crowned the 2010 World Athlete of the year. The 21 year old Rudisha was announced athlete of the year at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco, where he received the world’s most prestigious track and field award at an exclusive black-tie dinner hosted by Prince Albert I. In his comment posted on social network platform, facebook, Kenyatta said he is impressed by the achievements made by the young athlete and putting the country on the international map. ``I would like to congratulate our very own hero, David Rudisha on winning the IAAF World male athlete of the year 2010. You have made every Kenyan around the world proud!’’ said the Kenyatta in his facebook message. Rudisha was on Sunday named the World Athlete of the Year for 2010 after a brilliant season where he broke the world 800m record twice. More...

David Rudisha, world athlete of the year winner
Kenyan 800 world record holder, David Rudisha from Kilgoris poses with Croatian high jumper Blanca Vlasic, named top woman athlete of the year in Monaco.
Mutula backstabs Wako

By Peter Leftie, Nov 22 2010
Turf wars between the Attorney-General and the Justice minister are slowing down the pace of reforms, a group of MPs charged on Sunday. Some of them blamed the wrangling on the minister, Mr Mutula Kilonzo, whom they accused of encroaching on AG Amos Wako’s responsibilities. The rows come amid fears that two crucial commissions on the implementation of the Constitution may not be set up on time due to the differences. The latest clash between Mr Kilonzo and Mr Wako was over the list of 80 new constituencies proposed by the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission headed by Mr Andrew Ligale. While Mr Wako advised that the list be gazetted, Mr Kilonzo dismissed it saying the Ligale team should hand over the list to Parliament and disband. More...

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital
A teenage patient came for treatment at Nanyuki Cottage Hospital but sadly got more than she bargained for. A hospital worker sneaked into the ward and raped her in bizarre incident that has horrified the land.
Shock as hospital worker defiles teenage patient

By Job Weru, Nov 22 2010
Police in Nanyuki are investigating an incident where a male staffer at a private hospital is accused of defiling a 15-year-old girl who was admitted to the facility. Area OCPD James Kithuka said the suspect, 47, and a subordinate staff at Cottage Hospital allegedly sneaked into a ward where the girl slept and defiled her last Tuesday. The girl was admitted to the hospital last Monday after she started convulsing. Her father, Mr Cyprian Mureithi, who is a motorcycle taxi operator in Timau township, claimed his daughter informed him the suspect woke her up as he cleaned the ward. The victim is a Standard Seven pupil at a private school in Timau, Buuri District. More...

Land grabbers worry as Eldoret council respossesses illegally acquired plots

By Peter Atsiaya, Nov 22 2010
Land grabbers in Kenya should be a worried lot. It is time they returned all that which was illegally acquired. Change is in the air. Eldoret Municipal Council has repossessed 14 plots, which had illegally been allocated to private developers at Kipchoge Keino Stadium. Deputy mayor Eusla Ng’eny said the council in collaboration with the ministry of Lands has revoked land title deeds of the plots and handed them over the to the council. "The plots were hived from the land that was meant for the expansion of the stadium," Ms Ng’eny explained. She added that the council had embarked on repossessing plots either grabbed or allocated illegally to individuals in the town by corrupt council officials. She added that the council need adequate land to use while implementing the strategic plan aimed at decongesting the town. Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi launched the strategic plan last month. More...

Prof Mutere buried: Prof Absalom Mutere, the late communications scholar and rugby legend who died in Lusaka on November 10 was laid to rest on Saturday at Muanda, Mumias. Read memorial tributes
Musalia Mudavadi
Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister and William Ruto (below), the suspended minister for higher education have defended Andrew Ligale over allegations of favouritism in allocation of 80 new constituencies.
William Samoei Ruto
Mudavadi, Ruto defend Ligale on new constituencies

By our correspondents, Nov 22 2010
ODM MPs have accused legislators opposed to the new constituencies of scuttling implementation of the new Constitution. Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, ministers Dalmas Otieno, Paul Otuoma and Oburu Odinga, MPs Rachel Shebesh, Edwin Yinda, Nicholas Gumbo and John Pesa said the formula used to create the new constituencies was agreed upon by MPs, and some politicians were making an about-turn because the end results did not favour their communities. Mudavadi, who is also Local Government Minister, lashed out at MPs who have moved to court to stop the publishing of the new constituencies, saying the move could hinder the implementation of the new Constitution. He spoke in Vihiga during the burial of Joseph Kisia. Mudavadi said the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) worked within its mandate and should only be praised for a job well done. Suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto, speaking separately, said the Ligale team should be left to finish its work. "Everybody agrees with the new constituencies and the problem only seems to be on boundaries," said Mr Ruto at St Mary Mabera Girls High School in Kuria. More...

In Memory of a Press Freedom Fighter

Absalom Mutere
Absalom "Bimbo" Mutere who was laid to rest on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at Musanda, Mumias.

Internationa Press Institute Acting Director Alison Bethel McKenzie remembers the Late Absalom Mutere and his contribution to journalism

Vienna, November 18 2010
Less than a month ago I ran rushing into the bar at the Sun International Hotel in Zambia in search of a dear friend and colleague who had arrived with his wife from Ghana to see me while I was in his wife’s hometown. My delight at seeing fellow journalist Absalom Mutere was immediately replaced by admiration and a sense of solidarity. It was then that I remembered our many conversations nearly two years ago during gatherings in Accra, Ghana – where he was teaching at the African University College of Communications (AUCC) and where I was living as a one-year Knight International Journalism Fellow.

Our conversations always began with us bemoaning the changing media landscape and always ended with righteous indignation at the lack of press freedom in so many countries in Africa, and indeed in the world. We were quite a pair when we were in a room together! This recent meeting, albeit too short, was no exception. I was in town on a press freedom mission to meet with journalists and the Zambian government about proposed legislation that would put the regulation of the media squarely in the hands of the government.

Absalom shared his insights into the issue and then went a step further and shared his local sources. So you can imagine how shocked I was last Friday to hear from an IPI board member at the Nation Media Group that my dear friend, fellow journalist and fellow press freedom fighter had passed away at the age of 54. Professor Mutere and I met in 2009 at AUCC, where he was dean of journalism and communications.

I was at the university to discuss training students in online reporting and ethics. We hit it off immediately. A former practicing journalist and former chair of the media Council of Kenya (2004 -2007), over the past 26 years Absalom has taught journalism courses in Kenya (his home country), the U.S., Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. At each of the universities where he taught, he developed master’s and bachelor’s degree programs.

In fact, at the end of October, he began teaching at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, a school that he said had “inherited the oldest media training institution in Eastern and Southern Africa.” He was excited about the opportunity and eager to share his knowledge with his new students.

Absalom also had a fun side. He loved good music and he loved rugby. He was former captain of the Kenya National Rugby Football Team and a coach with the team in the early 1990s. He was also the national team’s chairman of selectors from 1998 to 2000. As an advocate for press freedom, Absalom may not have been thrown into jail or assaulted or fined for the words he wrote or the journalism he taught, but he was never silent about the need for a free and fair press. And he made every effort to pass that message on to the next generation. For me and the many other lives he touched, he will always be a press freedom hero.

Source: International Press Institute (IPI)

Shock as judge issues further orders against Ligale team

By Maureen Ngesa, Nov 18 2010
A new set of orders barring the boundaries team from gazetting the new constituencies were issued Friday morning after 11 MPs went to court. High Court Judge Jeanne Gachehe, who has already granted previous orders, issued new ones stopping the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) from publicly declaring any report or recommendation. The MPs, drawn from central Kenya, moved to court on grounds that the Commission hastily and with disregard of criteria threatened to publish the new constituencies. The group led by Mathira legislator Ephraim Maina said IIBRC did not have any powers to publish the new constituencies. According to them, such powers lies with the successor of IIBRC, the yet to be formed Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. More...

Feuding ahead of AFC Leopards polls

By our correspondent, Nov 19 2010
With the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for early next month a group of former AFC Leopards officials are demanding that elections be held for all positions. Led by former chairman Alex Ole Magelo, they termed it as unfair and undemocratic a decision by the current officials for allowing only the vice-chairman’s and the Organising Secretary’s positions for elections. "This is a plot to lock out all those interested in vying for elective posts and we demand that the decision be rescinded," said former chairman Alex Ole Magelo. More...

James Nandwa
James Nandwa, the seventh coach to be sacked by Kenya Breweries's football arm, Tusker after a disappointing league season.

Shock as man gives birth to a frog: There was drama at Chwele district hospital on Wednesday evening when a middle aged man who had been rushed to the hospital 'gave birth' to a creature believed to be a frog. Business at the busy hospital came to a standstill when word of the bizarre incident went round attracting a huge crowd who came to witness the unfolding drama. It is alleged that the men, identified as Stephen Barasa and Cyrus Sichangi both from Sikusi location in Bungoma developed excruciating stomachache before they were rushed to the hospital for medical attention. More...
Tusker sacks Nandwa after dismal soccer season

By James Waindi, Nov 19 2010
Tusker have finally decided that the cake is not worth the candle and sacked coach James Nandwa for failing to steer the team to the local title this season. Nandwa, who took the mantle from Harambee Stars coach Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee in mid 2008 was shown the door after a lengthy meeting held at the brewers’ offices in Ruaraka to review the team’s performance in the just concluded league, making him the seventh tactician in KPL to be shown the door this year. According to sources in Ruaraka, Nandwa was sacked for not delivering the trophy in two attempts despite having depth in the team. The board is said to have decided that they would not renew his contract that expires on December 31. Team manager Paul Makumi was also shown the door during the meeting. The former Karuturi tactician took charge of the team towards the end of 2008 after Mulee was sacked and finished the season seventh. The following season, Tusker finished fourth and moved one position better this season to finish third despite being tipped as favourites. More...

Killer of voodoo priest jailed: The disgruntled client of a faith healer who lured him to his death in Bedfordshire has been jailed for 10 years for manslaughter. More...
Police hunt father for offering to sell his albino daughter to witchdoctors

By Nick Oluoch, Nov 18 2010
Police and the Children’s Department in Kuria West have launched a manhunt for a man said to have attempted to sell his albino daughter in Tanzania for Sh1 million. Speaking yesterday, Kuria West District, Migori County, Children’s Officer John Langat, said they got reports the man was contemplating to either kill or sell the two-year-old daughter he considers a ‘curse’ to his family. "The man was trying to sell the child to certain individuals in the neighbouring country. But we are not going to give him a chance," said Mr Langat while briefing the Press on the case. The man’s wife, whom he constantly quarreled with over the baby since she was born, reported the matter to Langat’s office two weeks ago, prompting the officer to launch a rescue mission for the child. Langat said the man had allegedly evicted the mother of three with the other two children for failing to go along with the plan. "The man kicked her out of his homestead when she objected to his attempts to kill or sell the baby," he said. The man had purportedly organised with the ‘buyers’ who would travel to Kuria and pick up the girl. More...

Captain Elly Aluvale
Captain Elly Aluvale, the Managing Director of Jetlink Express, has sued Kenya Airways for defamation after the national carrier informed travel agents that Jetlink will not be offering services to southern Sudan.

Shock as rape victim is charged: South African rights groups have expressed shock at a decision to charge a 15-year-old alleged gang-rape victim with having underage sex. The girl was charged with statutory rape along with her alleged rapists, who are aged 14 and 16. The alleged rape happened earlier this month in a school east of Johannesburg in front of other pupils who filmed the incident on their phones. More...
Aluvale's Jetlink sues Kenya Airways for defamation

By Wangui Maina, Nov 18 2010
The battle for passengers in the domestic airline market has gone to courts with Jetlink Express suing Kenya Airways for defamation. In the suit filed at the High Court last month, Jetlink has accused the national carrier of sending out communication with the intent of defaming and undermining it. Also sued is KQ’s country manager for Southern Sudan Emmanuel Chepkong’a, who is said to have sent an email to travel agents saying that: “JO (Jetlink Express) and B5 (East African Safari Air Express) (am told) will not be operating.” Jetlink terms the action “defamatory and without fairness and justification,” as it implied the airline was incapable of carrying passengers or was pulling out of the Juba route. Jetlink also identified a Kenya Airways internal memo of January 4, which identifies Jetlink as its main competitor. “We need to finish this competitor even if we sustain some losses on the route to move customers back,” the memo says. In the internal memo, Kenya Airways said low fares introduced on the Kisumu route had helped increase passenger numbers but not to the extent required to break even. More...

Ligale countersues over new constituencies

By our correspondents, Nov 18 2010
The wave of acrimony and contradictory statements dominated public debate as the week drew to a close with Kenyans left wondering who may be the masters of deceit. As question rose over the conduct of certain public officials three questions remained unanswered: Will Kenyans have 80 proposed constituencies the Andrew Ligale-led team published this week in the running order in which they appeared? Will they be in place in time to be slotted in the 2012 elections programme? And how will the court rule on the two separate suits for and against them now before Chief Justice Evan Gicheru’s team? On Thursday, Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission, whose draft for publication in the Kenya Gazette was delayed by hidden force(s) in Government until the process was blocked by a court order, also filed a separate court case to counter the one against it by a Nairobi businessman. But what stuck out like a sore thumb in government’s foot was the way Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo disowned the statement endorsing the Ligale team’s work as within its mandate and constitution given Parliament by his Assistant Minister William Cheptumo on Wednesday. More...

Regional interest isolates Central in constituency power games

Isaac Ruto
Isaac Ruto, the Chepalungu MP sponsored a bill to have the IIBRC report adopted.

Mt Elgon residents hold demo against Ligale

By Leonard Wamalwa, Nov 18 2010
Residents of Mt Elgon District held a peaceful demonstration against the boundaries commission for not awarding them a new constituency in the yet to be approved 80 newly created constituencies. Led by politicians including councilors and aspiring candidates for in 2012 general elections led by Harry Kimtai, the residents poured in the streets of Kapsokwony town waving placards accusing the Andrew Ligale led commission for denying them what they claimed was their right. More...

Two thirds of MPs endorse Ligale's 80 constituencies

By Martin Mutua, Nov 18 2010
Parliament has turned the heat over the failure to gazette 80 new constituencies on a minister, a judge of the High Court and key Government officials as outrage grows over the politicisation of the process. Facing the fire are Internal Security Minister Prof George Saitoti, Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura, the Government Printer Andrew Rukaria and High Court judge Jeanne Gacheche. At least 150 MPs have signed up a petition backing a motion that seeks to put the mater squarely on the laps of the four. Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto filed the motion seeking to have Saitoti, Muthaura and Rukaria take political responsibility on the saga and step aside to enable the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the matter. And Bahari MP Benedict Gunda followed suit by filing another motion seeking to have Parliament censures the conduct of High Court Judge Lady Justice Jeanne Gacheche. More...

One dead at Kiminini accident: One person has died on the spot at Kiminini, Trans-Nzoia County after being hit by an over speeding Nissan Matatu headed to Webuye. The accident happened around 8:40am today morning. Police officers are yet to get to the scene of accident. More...
Prof Mutere to be buried on Saturday in Mumias

By INGONEWS Reporter, Nov 17 2010
A requiem mass will be held today at Mamlaka Chapel, Nairobi for the late Prof Absalom Mutere who died last Thursday in Lusaka, Zambia. Prof Mutere’s first born daughter, Ayanda, will make a reading. Ayanda along with her younger sister, Julia and mother, Amelia Mutere flew into Nairobi yesterday from San Diego, California where they now live.  Postmortem was carried out on Monday in Lusaka witnessed by family representatives including Bimbo’s sister, his uncle, Prof Oniang’o and his widow, Chwala.  A memorial service was held in Lusaka yesterday after which the body was flown to Kisumu. It will stay at the family’s Milimani home in Kakamega overnight and then taken to his ancestral home at Musanda, Wanga on Thursday for interment on Saturday, November 20, 2010. Prof Mutere, a rugby legend and communications scholar, was the only son of the later deputy vice chancellor of University of Nairobi, Prof Festus Mutere who passed on in 1991.

Absalom Mutere
Ligale team kicked out of Coast hotel

By our correspondents, Nov 17 2010
The work of a key commission reviewing constituency boundaries appeared to have been paralysed on Wednesday after a court order was served at their offices in Nairobi. The Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission cancelled a meeting at a Mombasa hotel where it was to write its final reports before its tenure expires in about nine days. Seven commissioners, including chairman Andrew Ligale left the Serena Beach Hotel as MPs engaged in a heated debate over the list of new constituencies in Parliament. The commission’s secretary, Ms Catherine Kola, is said to have advised the commissioners not to proceed with their Mombasa meeting after a court order stopping the gazettement of the list was served. Sources in Nairobi said the Ligale team was informed they would be meeting illegally and that any decisions they make will be null and void. Prime Minister Raila Odinga said on Wednesday evening that the current debate was ‘a storm in a tea cup’ and was optimistic that MPs would soon agree and bring the matter to a close. More...

Andrew Ndooli Ligale
Andrew Ligale cut upstream as he prepared to wind up his Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission at a Mombasa hotel. The team was hounded of Serena Beach Hotel after being informed their congregation was illegal following court orders restraining IIBRC from gazzetting new constituencies.
Edebe, Kenyatta's outfitter dies in Kakamega aged 88

Roselyne Obala, Nov 17 2010
The man who designed outfits for dignitaries, including founding President Jomo Kenyatta, was buried yesterday. Hundreds of mourners thronged the Ivonda home of Ben Silingi Edebe, 88, popular for designing clothes for dignitaries in the 50s and 60s. Edebe designed dresses for the Queen of Buganda, a gown for the wife of Ugandan Governor and a graduation gown for Kenyatta, his work earning him a scholarship to study dress design in Britain. The quality of his work was a success that could not escape the eye of the royal family of Buganda and the Governor of Uganda. He was nominated a councillor in Kampala. After his primary education in 1939, Edebe became a tailor for Deacons Limited in Eldoret in 1940. He was later transferred to Deacons Kampala branch. He later returned home when he became a threat to Ugandan politics and joined Kenya Prison Service as a senior superintendent in charge of industries. He died at the age of 88. More...

Braziz Wekesa
Mr Kipkemboi Rono (center) and Mr Ken Wekesa (right) at the CID headquarters on Tuesday where they recorded statements following their claim that they were bribed to bear false witness on William Ruto, a suspect warlord in the post election violence that left 1,600 Kenyans dead and 600,000 displaced in the aftermath of aborted presidential polls.

Ugandan MPs to be circumcised: THE deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, yesterday launched a week-long HIV awareness campaign for MPs and Parliament staff, with a call on MPs to go for voluntary testing. The campaign kicked off with a march from Parliament through Kampala Road. “I urge all of you to utilise this opportunity to benefit from the services brought to your doorstep,” Kadaga said. More...
False witnesses arrested over Ruto frame claims

By Casper Waithaka, Nov 17 2010
Two people suspected of giving false information to commissions investigating post-election violence have recorded statements with police. Mr Ken Braziz Wekesa and Mr William Kipkemboi Rono spent more than four hours at the criminal investigations department headquarters on Kimabu Road where they recorded statements. The are accused of giving false evidence to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and the Justice Philip Waki led commission in January 2008, implicating the Eldoret North MP. The two said they were promised huge amounts of money and asylum in a country of their choice. More...

US-China web attack: The traffic to some highly sensitive US websites was briefly rerouted via China for 18 minutes last April, US government has resported. More...
'Ruto-frame' witnesses are fake, says Ocampo

By Beauttah Omanga, Nov 17 2010
The International Criminal Court has disowned witnesses who claimed they had been coached to implicate Eldoret North MP William Ruto over post-election violence. Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo yesterday said the court would not take evidence from witnesses with shaky credibility. "The Office of the Prosecutor would like to clarify that it is not relying on such testimonies. Before interviewing a witness, the Office conducts rigorous tests on his or her credibility," he said. Ocampo was apparently referring to two witnesses who claimed they had been bribed by an official of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights to give false testimonials against suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto. Ruto has accused KNCHR Commissioner Hassan Omar of coaching the witnesses to implicate him, but Omar has denied the allegations. Two witnesses, William Kipkemboi Rono and Ken Braziz Wekesa, came out to withdraw statements they had given to Government agencies regarding the violence, claiming they were coached to implicate Ruto. More...

Wekesa and Rono have never been interviewed by ICC investigators

William Cheptumo, Baringo North
William Cheptumo, assistant minister for constitutional affairs gave a gallant defense of IIBRC in Parliament.

Stolen baby found, body parts missing in Butsotso

By Silas Kemboi, Nov 17 2010
A TEN months baby from Esokone Village in Butsotso, Kakamega County fighting for his life at the Kakamega Provincial Hospital after his private parts were chopped off by unknown assailants. Speaking exclusively to West fm, the mother of the minor Mrs. Pauline Olubwa said she had gone to a nearby market to buy food but when she came back she found his child writhing in pain in a pool of blood with his private parts severed. More

Central isolated as govt defends Ligale team

By our correspondents, Nov 17 2010
Regional rivalries took centre stage as the row over the list of 80 new constituencies raged on in Parliament. Positions by Members of Parliament on the list were divided along regional lines that ultimately be a pitted Central Kenya leaders and politicians from Eastern Province against those from Rift Valley, Nyanza, North Eastern and Western provinces. Leaders from Coast province who had initially sided with those from Central and Eastern on Wednesday appeared to have moderated on their stance, with one MP from the region stating "they were not badly off", since Coast got five new constituencies out of the eight they had lobbied for. There was a new twist after Justice Assistant Minister William Cheptumo put up "a sterling performance" in defending the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission, even though his boss Mutula Kilonzo had publicly said he disagreed with Andrew Ligale team. In the end, it was an anti-climax for those MPs who had been prepared to confront Mutula in the House, when Cheptumo stood up to defend IIBRC against accusations that it was unfair. More...

Assistant minister goes against his boss, Mutula Kilonzo, defends Ligale and his IIBRC team

Angry Bungoma residents kill snakes used in witchcraft

By Westfm, Nov 17 2010
Two carpet viper snakes were killed Wednesday morning  by angry residents of Pombo Mbili in Sinoko area Bungoma district, on what was alleged to be an increase in witchcraft and other deceptions that continue to make the area languish in poverty. The snakes were killed after a two hour struggle from 6am to 8am after they witnessed one of the serpents chasing an old woman on Tuesday evening as she walked to her home. Two men, who declined to reveal their names for fear of being sought by the snake owners, said they had carried the snakes to the Bungoma police station so as to dispose them by burning but they were referred to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The residents’ appeal for intervention from the KWS together with the police every time they are faced with such tragedies has hit a dead end. “Polisi hawana msaada wowote –the police do not offer any help,” they said. The two snakes are alleged to belong to a villager suspected to engage in witchcraft and who is feared by many . It is believed that the snakes are reared, fed and washed and this could be seen by the healthy appearance of the skins of the dead serpents. More...

“Witchcraft is not a myth it is a reality"

Sinoko snakes, Bungoma
Residents examine the dead serpents believed to belong to a well known villager suspected of practicing witchcraft at Pombo Mbili in Sonoko, Bungoma and (below) taking measurements of the snakes
pombo mbili snakes
Five die in road carnage in Matungu

By Westfm, Nov 17 2010
Five people have been confirmed dead following a tragic road accident involving a Kampala bound bus and a truck ferrying sugarcane at Mayoni, Matungu district along Mumias-Busia road. Fifteen passengers who were travelling to Uganda via a Kampala Coach Bus, are nursing wounds at St. Mary's Mission Hospital in Mumias while two have been flown to Nairobi to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to their critical condition. Among the dead, was the driver of the truck, a Makerere University female student, unidentified female and a Ugandan businessman.The registration number of the bus is KBJ 990E. More...

Ligale's constituency list stopped by Court

By our correspondents, Nov 16 2010
The process of creating 80 new constituencies ran into strong political headwinds, jolted by a restraining court order, and their gazettement shot down by Government. Parliament erupted in acrimonious debate over an alleged conspiracy to block the creation of the new political units as a frustrated Interim Independent Boundary Review Commission (IIBRC) threw to the public the draft list it gave the Government Printer for publication on Monday. What was even more curious was commission’s revelation it submitted its draft for publication after consultations with and green light from Attorney General Amos Wako. IIBRC chairman Mr Andrew Ligale disclosed the number that had already been allocated by Government Printer to the notice was, "Gazette supplement No 83, Legislative supplement No.52, and Legal Notice No.185." Said a frustrated IIBRC commissioner: "We are in a shock. We are in the dark we don’t understand why the printing was stopped. The chairman is trying to check with the AG." Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Mutula Kilonzo poured more oil on the flames when he insisted the Ligale team has no powers to publish or even gazette the names of the 80 new constituencies. More...

Ken Wafula
ICC holds workshop in Nakuru: International Criminal Court investigators Polina Levina (right), Mohammed Kheir (centre) and Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Executive Director Ken Wafula answer questions from participants who attended a three-day workshop in Nakuru, on Tuesday. Photo: Boniface Thuku

New constituencies gazzetted according to KBC

The Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission IIBRC has gazzeted 80 additional constituencies despite protests by a section of Members of Parliament. The new electoral units were gazzetted even as a Nairobi businessman moved to court to obtain temporary orders stopping the process. The gazettement of the additional constituencies brings the total number to 290 as stipulated in the new constitution. More...

Lumumba to publish list of corrupt individuals

By Ally Jamah, Nov 16 2010
Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission PLO Lumumba has announced a plan to publish a list of influential individuals who will be requested to return " ill-gotten wealth" in exchange for an amnesty. Lumumba said the list, to be released "in the next few weeks", will involve personalities mentioned adversely in connection with misappropriation of public wealth. "We will be asking people to return wealth they have not worked for and we will negotiate a conditional amnesty for them," he said. This appears to be a strategy to avoid the long, expensive and tedious route of investigating suspected corrupt individuals and taking them to court where trial may take years. As to the exact nature of the conditional amnesty, the KACC boss said details would be worked out in consultation with the Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo and Attorney General Amos Wako. "If you have land or property that belongs to the Kenyan people, we urge you to take advantage of the amnesty and return it to escape prosecution," he said. Naming personalities is expected to kick up a legal and political storm as the individuals on the list might accuse KACC of linking them with corruption and take legal action. More...

Four top govt officials banned from US travel for life over drug trafficking

By Ngumbao Kithi, Nov 16 2010
The US has banned four senior Government officials and a businessman from travelling to America for life over involvement in drug trafficking. Sources intimated those affected include prominent politicians. US ambassador Michael Ranneberger said his Government would soon set up an office in Kenya to monitor drug abuse and help combat international trade in narcotics. "Today I am announcing that based on reliable and corroborative reports, we have taken steps to ensure that four senior Government officials and one prominent businessman will be permanently barred from entering the US on business or tourism visas for their involvement in drug trafficking," he said. However, the envoy declined to name the affected individuals, but insisted they will never visit his country. More...

Bonny Khalwale
Dr Bonny Khalwale, the MP for Ikolomani who is facing an election petition from a voter. The presiding judge, Isaac Lenaola, will make a ruling in Januray or February 2011.
Facebook launches email: Facebook has ramped up competition with AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google with a product to rival their e-mail services. Facebook Messages aims to tie users more closely to the social networking site by merging texts, online chats, and e-mails into one central hub. More...
Khalwale's fate to be decided in January

By Roselyn Obala, Nov 16 2010
The High Court in Kakamega says it will deliver judgement in a petition against Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale next year. Justice Isaac Lenaola said the judgement would be at the end of January or beginning of February. The judge told counsel he would not allow further delays. "I want this case to be over and done with this year. I will not allow any submissions next year. I will only give my judgement," he stated. By court consent, the three counsel Stephen Mwenesi, Julie Aulo and Gabriel Mukele agreed on a one-month period to prepare submissions before resuming on December 17. Justice Lenaola said he would pick his judgement date on the day of the submissions next month. Lenaola granted the 30-day break to allow the lawyers write submissions after Mukele, appearing for the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya and former Ikolomani Returning Officer Jane Wasilwa closed his case. More...

UK royal wedding made in Kenya

By our correspondent, Nov 16 2010
Britain’s Prince William, the second in line to the throne, will marry his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton next year. William, 28, is the eldest son of heir to the British throne Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Middleton, also 28, became engaged in October while on holiday in Kenya at the Lewa Conservancy, said Clarence House, Charles’ official residence. A daughter of the conservancy owner is believed to have at one point been the prince’s girlfriend. “The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement. The wedding will take place in the spring or summer of 2011 in London,” said the statement. “Prince William has also sought the permission of Miss Middleton’s father. Following the marriage, the couple will live in North Wales where Prince William will continue to serve with the Royal Air Force.” Prince William is serving as an RAF search and rescue pilot based on Anglesey in northwest Wales, after graduating in September following 18 months of training. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip were “absolutely delighted” for the couple, Buckingham Palace said. The royal family appears to love holidays in Kenya. Queen Elizabeth heard news of her father’s death while on holiday in Kenya in 1952. More...

Kate Middleton marries Prince William
Prince William, the heir to the British monarchy and his fiancee, Kate Middleton. The prince proposed to his princess while holidaying in Kenya.

Motion to abolish primary exams: Parliament is set to debate a motion that could lead to the abolition of national examinations for Standard Eight pupils. Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni has given notice of a motion that calls for the scrapping of the 25-year old Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. More...
Horror as Bungoma mother roasts daughter to death

By Reagan Kukuni, Nov 16 2010
The residents of Khasoko in Bungoma South District were shocked this morning as an aged woman roasted her daughter to death. Mary Nasambu a mother of two had a quarrel with her daughter, Joan Nasambu who is said to have completed her secondary education at a certain school in southern Nyanza. The girl is said to have slept out where she was seen at a local joint in the evening after she came home from school. Her mother was furious about this and poured liquid from a bottle on her thinking it was paraffin only to realize late after she lit a matchbox that it was petrol. On hearing the explosion she ran away leaving the poor girl being engulfed by fire which left her in ashes form. The residents were unable to establish what was happening because they claim the family took refuge at the place and they had no idea where they came from. The where abouts of the Mary Nasambu are yet to be established as the police intervene and try to make sense of the whole issue. More...

Khasoko village in Bungoma
A Bungoma mother from Khasoko village poured petrol on her daughter and set her aflame allegedly because the daughter slept out.

Busia soccer derby kicks off: Eifumbuhe Siitya Olume Cup tournament kicked off in earnest in Samia as as Umoja Tiger thrashed Busijo 4-2 at the Sio port grounds in Samia district over the weekend. In another match, Bumbe hammered Lake View 1-0, as Sunset drew 2-2 with Busijo while Bumbe was at it aging hammering Sunset FC 2-0. Meanwhile, Busijo is expected to battle Bumbe, Umoja Tiger against Sunset next weekend. More...
Drama as Webuye woman caught cheating on her husband

By Joan Wesakulia, Nov 16 2010
There was drama and shock in Mitukuyu village, Bungoma East when a woman was caught red handed in another man’s house, in an act of infidelity by the area residents, including the husbands relatives. Maximilla Wekesa who is married and has three children was caught in Mzee Tom Kakai’s house, who has three children and divorced. Angry residents who suspected that the two have been going at it for a while, waited for them to be together in the house, went and locked the two love birds until dawn and called upon the area Assistant Chief Mr. Samuel Katoyi who arrived with three policemen. While asked why she engaged in the unfaithful act, Maximila insisted that her husband did not satisfy her fully did not regret heading to Kakai’s house for great sex. More...

Western gets 10 new constituencies as Ligale's IIBRC faces court challenge

By our correspondents, Nov 15 2010
Western Province will get an additional 10 constituencies to push the total to 34 if the Andrew Ligale-led Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission report is gazzetted. The IIBRC whose mandate expires in two weeks time is up against opposition from Central, Eastern and Coast provinces whose representatives have threatened to move to court to block gazzettement of the new constituencies. In Kakamega County, Malava, Lurambi and Mumias will each be split into two while in Vihiga County, Emuhaya, Sabatia and Vihiga will each be split. In Bungoma County only Sirisia and Kimilili will be split while in Busia County, Amagoro and Nambale will be affected. Nyanza will get 11 new constituencies with Ugenya and Alego Usonga under Siaya County split into two each. Kisumu County will have Kisumu Town East and Kisumu Town West split into two each. Kasipul Kabondo and Rachuonyo will be split into two as well as Rangwe. Rongo, Migori and Kuria will have additional one constituency each. In Kisii County, Kitutu Chache will be split as well as North Mugirango in Nyamira County.In Rift Valley, an additional 27 constituencies are expected. Turkana County, which has three constituencies, will have an additional five making a total of eight. Nakuru County will enjoy six additional constituencies with Naivasha enjoying two new ones, Molo and Nakuru Town all split into two each. West Pokot County will have one additional constituency with Kapenguria likely to be split. Trans Nzoia County will have an additional two constituencies while Uasin Gishu will have additional three. Kajiado County will get three new constituencies with Kajiado North split into three and Kajiado South into two. In Nandi County, Emgwen and Tinderet will be split. More...

Drop in Kenyan students in US: The number of Kenyans enrolled in US varsities dropped sharply in 2009, causing the country to fall farther from the top spot it once occupied among African countries sending students to the United States. A survey issued on Monday by the New York-based Institute of International Education reports that 5,384 Kenyans were studying in the US in the 2009-2010 academic year. More...
Andrew Ndooli Ligale
Andrew Ligale, the chairman of IIBRC has finalised his report that has created 80 new constituencies to raise the tally to 290 but he is up against central, eastern and coast province representatives who feel short changed.

Malava, Emuhaya, Vihiga, Sabatia, Mumias, Lurambi, Nambale, Sirisia and Kimilili, Cherengany, Amagoro will be split into two each.

Priest charged with murder: A suspended senior Catholic priest has been arrested over the shooting of a colleague early this year. Police picked Father John Wambua Makewa, who was in charge of Makueni Parish at the time of the incident, from his rural home in Kangundo on Saturday night. He allegedly shot and injured Father Fidelis Nzuki as he reportedly opened fire to repulse gangsters who had raided his Wote residence on March 20. More...

Councillors to go in 2012: The jobs of councillors, mayors and council chairpersons will be scrapped when the new Constitution is fully effected in 2012, Cabinet ministers and MPs have been told. Experts who addressed the two-day retreat for ministers, assistant ministers and heads of parliamentary committees were categorical that the present local authority structures would not be there after 2012 as they would be replaced by County Assemblies. More...
Muslims want Ruto arrested for bribing witnesses

By our correspondents, Nov 15 2010
Kenya Muslim rights advocates want Eldoret North MP William Ruto arrested for allegedly trying to intimidate post-election violence witnesses. They accused Mr Ruto of trying to hinder justice, and told him to "prepare his legal team" to go through possible indictment and "save us more fits of tantrums as we have had enough." Led by the Muslim Human Rights Forum (MHRF) the advocates accused Ruto of using propaganda and twisted logic to frustrate and discredit the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) and Waki Commission reports on the mass murder of about 1,333 Kenyans following President Kibaki’s disputed reelection. In a statement read at Nairobi’s Jamia Mosque, MHRF’s co-convener Farouk Machanje said Ruto’s "vitriol against KNCHR through propaganda" was intended to defeat witness protection in Kenya and intimidate witnesses to post-election violence. More...

Kitale school land grabbed again

By Osinde Obare, Nov 15 2010
Controversy surrounds a public school land in Kitale after the Government recently repossessed it from a private developer. But fresh documents implying the land had been allotted to another individual have left the public and Kitale Town Clerk John Ongwae Mosongo puzzled. The ‘new’ allocation was done even after Lands Minister James Orengo and Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Director PLO Lumumba demanded the land reverts to its original standing. public property. KACC has summoned the Clerk and relevant officers from the Lands ministry to shed more light on the latest twist of events. More...

Evans Wadongo
Our very own hero: Evans Wadongo, the young engineer from Malava who now stands on top of the world with his innovation that brought light to dark villages in Western and beyond. Mr Wadongo is one of ten nominees in CNN Hero of the Year Awards to be decided on Monday, November 15 2010 in Hollywood, California. He was chosen from among 10,000 entrants from across the world. His innovative programme dubbed ‘Use solar, save Lives’ produces lanterns at a cost Sh1,600. The production is funded by donors. The solar-powered lamp can light up a home for six hours if it is fully charged by being left in the sun during the day. Photo: Suleiman Mbatiah
A country expects while a community prays for Wadongo to win CNN hero award

By Aby Agina, Nov 13 2010
It all started in a room at his hostel when he invented the first ever solar-powered lantern back in 2004. His desire to provide sustainable energy to communities was hatched while studying Electrical Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. As he fiddled with an experiment involving the timing of Christmas lights the idea to provide an environmentally friendly light source for rural homes struck him. Today, Evans Wadongo’s initiative, which involves supplying solar-powered lanterns at no cost, has transformed the lives of thousands of rural families who have no access to electricity and live below the poverty line. He has received 200 supply requests from countries interested in his lanterns. “We plan on opening an office in Lagos Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda and the US to meet the growing demands.” Coming from a poor family of four children, he relied on a kerosene lamp to study at night. At some point he develop poor eyesight because of smoke from the kerosene lamp. Wadongo, the only African in the finals for the 2010 Cable News Network (CNN) Hero Awards, will be travelling to the United States on November 15 to represent Kenya at the awards ceremony in Hollywood. The award, which attracted over 10,000 contestants form all over the world, is given to young persons with innovative projects geared towards eliminating poverty and creating sustained social development in local communities. More...

Vihiga prepares to rise from ashes

By Benson Amadala, Nov 13 2010
Vihiga is a moderately densely populated county of 600,000 people whose economy relies heavily on agriculture. It is made up of four constituencies: Sabatia, Hamisi, Emuhaya and Vihiga. The county has a fairly smooth network of tarmac roads, but residents have raised concern over the poor condition of the Majengo-Luanda road and the busy Kisumu-Kakamega highway that is battered and full of potholes. The poor condition of the roads has dampened the enthusiasm of residents, who are calling on the government to repair the two key roads and other infrastructure to boost the new county’s economic prospects. Senate seat The battle for the posts of governor and senator has already begun to shape up, and Hamisi MP George Khaniri has declared an interest in the senate seat in 2012. The MP has served for three consecutive terms and would like to try his luck in the senate race. “I have done my best to serve the residents of Hamisi as their MP, but in 2012 I will be going for the senator’s position,” Mr Khaniri said after throwing his hat in the ring. The scenario is similar for the position of county governor, and several candidates have already lined up for the contest. More...

Mbale Market in Vihiga
It's all gone potty at Mbale Market in Vihiga now a county that seeks to bring economic development to its estimated 600,000 people. Photo: Nation

Among hopefuls for county governor are former permanent secretary for education, Mr Gaylord Avedi and former Sabatia MP Rev Moses Akaranga
Human rights body wants 'Ruto' witnesses arrested

By Athman Amran, Nov 12 2010
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) wants Eldoret North MP William Ruto investigated for alleged criminal exposure of Witness Protection Interventions. The KNCHR also called for the arrest of the two witnesses who claimed they were paid and housed by the Commission to nail Ruto for confessing to making false statements and false pretences to it. "The criminal exposure of Witness Protection Interventions and actions are disturbing and could affect the current and future protection of deserving Kenyans," Commissioner Omar Hassan Omar said in a statement he read on behalf of KNHCR at their Nairobi offices. Hassan said Ken Braziz Wekesa and William Kipkemboi Rono approached the Commission on their own volition in January 2010 after being referred to it by "credible institutions". "In its mandate to protect potential witnesses of post-election violence, the commission placed them under a protection mechanism as part of its human rights mandate, specifically because they claimed at the time that their lives were in danger," Hassan said. The Commission however said that the International Criminal Court had excluded Wekesa and Rono from their list of potential witnesses and that KNCHR had indicated to them their protection programme would end in January 2011. More...

Absalom Mutere "Bimbo"
RIP: Prof Absalom Mutere aka Bimbo who died yesterday in Lusaka, Zambia aged 54. He was the only son of the late Prof Festus Mutere of Musanda, Wanga.

Kenyans prefer Haque: More than half of Kenyans want the masterminds of the post election violence tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC). According to a poll released on Friday by Synovate, the number of those who prefer the Hague option has significantly increased from 54% in June to 68% in October, due to the relentless pursuit of PEV key suspects by the international court. 20 percent of Kenyans however suggest that the post election violence cases can be handled locally. More...
Prof Absalom Mutere is dead

By Charles Nyende, Nov 12 2010
Absalom Mutere, “Bimbo” to his friends, was a journalist, communication scholar and media expert. But he will especially be remembered for his huge contribution to Kenyan rugby particularly during the transformational period in the late 1970s when black players began asserting themselves in the hitherto white dominated sport. Absalom “Bimbo” Mutere, was a brave, deft and was one of the leading black players at the time who transformed the face of the sport and in particular Mwamba FC. His passion for rugby was not in doubt; so, too, was his eloquence with the written word, so succinctly captured in the Mwamba magazine. Mutere would go and to make a successful career in journalism and communication. His entry into rugby was in no way a rollercoaster. “We joined Lenana High School at the same time in 1969,” said John “Speedy” Akatsa, a former Mwamba and Kenya winger. He later captained Kenya in 1985, was coach between 1990 and 1992 and chairman of selectors between 1998 and 2000. ‘Bimbo’ was a founder member of the University of Nairobi’s Mean Machine RFC. Mutere was educated in the UK, Uganda, Kenya and the USA. He held a BA in Political Science, MA in Journalism (Kent State University, USA), and a PhD from the University of Amsterdam. He passed away on Thursday in Lusaka, aged just 54. He leaves behind a widow, Chalwa Mutere, and two daughters, Ayanda and Julia, from a previous marriage to Amy of Ohio, USA. More...

Kenya's population to double in 20 years

By Elizabeth Mwai, Nov 12 2010
The national population co-ordinating agency has embarked on a nationwide campaign to control birth rate. Experts say at the current growth rate, the country’s population is likely to hit the 70 million mark by 2030. The Sh5.6 million exercise, which kicks off this month, seeks to increase family planning methods among youths and families. The Division of Reproductive Health Family Planning Programme Manager Jonah Maina said they sought to increase access to family planning for the poor. "We must be able to manage our population using family planning," Mr Maina said at a media briefing to announce the National Leaders Family Planning conference scheduled for next week. Maina said it was worrying that only 46 per cent of Kenyans used contraceptives as a result of poor access to contraceptives and misconceptions. More...

Kenya population census
Question of numbers. Kenya's population is projected to double by 2030 at the current growth rate. A family planning drive has been launched to try to stem the tide of rising numbers.

Sudanese exodus: Thousands of southern Sudanese are fleeing the north as tension grows in the build-up to January's referendum on possible southern independence. Southern Sudan's government is trying to organise many of the returns. Many southerners have been scared by suggestions from senior northern officials that they would not be welcome if the south votes to secede. More...
Siaya father accused of defiling 6 year old daughter and infecting her with HIV

By our correspondents, Nov 12 2010
A man accused of defiling his daughter now faces fresh charges of allegedly infecting her with HIV. John Odhiambo Achieng took a fresh plea after the substitute charges were read to him before Siaya Principal Magistrate William Chepseba. He now faces counts of defiling his daughter, 6, and intentionally infecting her with HIV. The accused, however, denied the charges. The suspect, who is a widower, allegedly committed the offence in Gem on June 14. During the hearing yesterday, a witness told court the girl had confided to him that her father had "slept on her" and that she was in pain. He reportedly took her to the Yala Sub-district Hospital for treatment. In another case, a man jailed for 20 years for defiling his stepdaughter got a rude shock when the High Court enhanced the sentence to life imprisonment. More...

Ritual killing feared as Teso man found dead with missing body parts

By Westfm correspondent, Nov 12 2010
POLICE in Teso are investigating the mysterious death of a middle aged man found dead with some of his body parts missing. The rotting body, identified as Obeid Bakira, of Apokor Village, Teso North district was found on Thursday in a sugarcane plantation with his tongue missing causing fears that he could have been killed for ritual purposes. Besides the body, a bottle with a substance believed to be poison that residents believe was used by the killers to suggest the 21 year old man had committed suicide. The deceased's uncle, Evans Etyang said the family had initially thought Bakira had killed himself but after close scrutiny they noticed severe injuries indicating he could have been murdered and sought police intervention. However, there arose contradicting opinion from the family with a section calling for police investigations into the death while another objected to the idea citing high costs of the exercise. More...

Ritual killings in Kenya
Campaign against ritual killings in Kenya. Trade in human parts is on the rise in East Africa with albino body parts fetching as much as Sh4m in Tanzania where witchdoctors use them to 'bestow' wealth to their clients. In Nairobi, mortuary attendants are under investigation for missing body parts while several taxi drivers have been found murdered. In Teso, a 21-year old man has been fopund with his tongue missing raising fears he could be a victim of ritual sacrifice.
Malava businessman on early campaign trail for 2012

By David Indeje, Nov 12 2010
Malava constituency needs a leadership that will inspire technical training to allow the youth access to specialized jobs available in the area, Businessman Wakukha George Munji has said. Munji said most youths from the constituency were not equipped to be hired for middle level management and technical positions due to lack of technical training suitable to the various available positions. Munji expressed concern that most of the youths were as a consequence, only left to be hired for manual positions. He said the growth of Shamberere Technical Training should be speeded up to give more opportunities to young people. He was speaking after attending a harambee at Mukavakava in aid of the Seventh Day Adventist choir in Central Kabras, in Kakamega North District. More...

Ulinzi, Gor nominated for top award: Gor Mahia and Ulinzi Stars nominated for Soya Awards but will have to battle it out with two rugby teams. More...
Ligale comes out fighting over constituency boundaries

By our correspondents, Nov 11 2010
Kenya's boundaries commission has defended the way it is distributing new constituencies, saying it was meant to correct the skewed creation of seats adopted by past governments. Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission chair Andrew Ligale, while explaining the mode they adopted in distributing the new 80 units, said a total of 27 constituencies among them President Kibaki’s Othaya posted population figures below their operating quota of 133,000 people. These areas, he said, were favoured during the reign of retired President Daniel arap Moi. “There are areas which were favoured in the past and constituencies created without meeting the qualifying criteria that we have used. As a fact, there are 26 constituencies in the country whose populations are below the quota we are using,” he said. Mr Ligale spoke in response to strong criticisms by MPs from Coast and central Kenya who accused his commission of “politically-driven bias” in the distribution of the new constituencies. A working document seen by Nation indicates that Nairobi county will have eight new constituencies followed by Nakuru county with five extra constituencies. Kakamega, Bungoma and Mandera counties will get four new constituencies. Altogether Western will get nine new constituences rather than seven initially envisaged under the Naivasha talks with MPs. More...

Andrew Ligale
Andrew Ligale, the chairman of the Independent Interim Boundaries Review Commission whose formula for distributing 80 new constituencies has drawn ire and support in equal measure from various interest blocs.

Bumula MP bereaved

Protus Bifwoli, 92, father to Lands Assistant Minister Bifwoli Wakoli is dead. Speaking to West fm on phone, Wakoli confirmed that his father, who had been admitted at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret died on Wednesday. Mr Wakoli cancelled the Mombasa leaders' retreat being chaired by Kibaki and Raila to monitor his father's situation. More...

Luhya farmer sues Ruto for loss of his land

By Jillo Kadida, Nov 11 2010
A victim of the post election violence has taken Eldoret North MP William Ruto to court for allegedly grabbing his land. Mr Adrian Gilbert Muteshi now wants the court to give orders to preserve the land in question located in Uasin Gishu allegedly grabbed during the chaos. He claims he was driven out of his land at the height of the violence. High Court judge Lady Justice Hannah Okwengu gave temporary orders stopping the suspended Higher Education minister from dealing with the piece of land in question. In his suit papers, he says he identified the land measuring 100 acres in 1968 that previously belonged to a white settler whom he identified as a Mr Edmund so that he can purchase it. It is situated in the Kaptabei scheme. He alleges that he got information later from some of his workers that the people who invaded his farm had been brought by Mr Ruto. However, he declined to disclose the names of the employees who gave him the information saying doing so would cause them grief. He later also learnt that the land in question had been purchased by Mr Ruto from Ms Dorothy Jemutai Yator who had subdivided it into nine titles. More...

Feud between clearing agents and revenue boss paralyses operations at Malaba

By Westfm, Nov 11 2010
Operations at the Malaba border were paralyzed on Thursday by clearing agents who demanded the immediate transfer of the Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Abdul Bonaya over what they termed his failure to co-operate with other stakeholders. Over 400 clearing agents blocked the main entrance to the customs yard and denied entrance by trucks which created along queue that stretched over 4 kilometres demanding the immediate release of one of their colleagues. The standoff started when the KRA Malaba boss raided Interfreight offices and arrested a suspect before confiscating a modem and documents which belonged to the Authority and was illegally used to key in reports on cleared documents before the officers who endorse exports certificates for bonds cancellation. The clearing agents’ chairman, Stephen Otwane said the detained lady agent had been given express authority by some officers of KRA to enter reports on their behalf and wondered why the officers involved were not held to account. Otwane alleged that Bonaya was working in isolation to cover several scandals involving super match cigarettes, tiger head batteries and gold which were irregularly allowed back into the country after they crossed the border to Uganda. More...

Malaba border post in Bungoma witnessed a 4-km queue of trucks waiting to get clearance as clrearing officials protested at the arrest of one of their colleagues by Kenya Revenue Authority.

Kenya launches Africa's first carbon exchange

By our correspondent, Nov 11 2010
Kenya is to launch a climate exchange platform to facilitate the trading of carbon credits and help tackle climate change. The market will be the first of its kind in Africa, enabling all African countries to sell their carbon credits. The exchange is expected to be open for business by the middle of next year. Carbon dioxide is one of the main gases causing climate change, scientists say, and such exchanges are one way to offset carbon emissions. More...

Residents hunt Bungoma civic leaders over funds

By Silas Kibet Kemboi, Nov 11 2010
Residents of Lukusi and Chetambe wards in Bungoma East district have threatened to storm the homes of their civic leaders and hand them to police to be taken to court to answer to corruption allegations. On Wednesday, the residents took to the streets to protest against the alleged misuse of development funds by their area councilors. “We are tired of corrupt leaders and that is why we don’t want anyone mentioned to be spared,” said a resident, Mary Lumbasi. A meeting to evaluate development projects between the residents and the councilors that was supposed to take place failed after the councilors went into hiding for fear of being held at ransom by the residents over the allegations. Councilors John Nanyakha of Lukusi ward and Martin Kaangale of Chetambe ward avoided attending the meeting that was supposed to discuss how Local Authority Transfer Funds (LATF) and Local Authority Service Delivery Programme (LASDAP) money had been spent in the two wards. The civic leaders however, engaged the locals in hide and seek games until late in the afternoon, a move that angered the villagers who decided to vent their anger through demonstratons. More...

Three homicide victims to be buried in US not Kisii

By Chris Wamalwa, Nov 11 2010
The State of Minnesota, US, has released the remains of three Kenyan family members who were killed in a domestic assault last month for burial in New Jersey. The release of the remains of the late Bilha Ogendi, who was killed by her husband Justus Ogendi, alongside their two children, effectively ended a two-week standoff between the two families in the US. Mr Danvas Omare, a brother to the slain victim had differed with his brother in-law, Mr Evans Kebabe who had requested for the bodies to be buried at their ancestral home in Kisii in accordance with the customary laws of Abagusii. More...

Dandora rubbish no more: Dandora dumpsite will be turned into a recreation park at a cost of Sh600 million, the City Council of Nairobi has said. An international tender has been placed to invite bidders for the historic makeover of the biggest dumpsite in the country. The councils’ spokesman, Mr Wilfred Marube, in a statement said: “The site will be relocated to Ruai, after a three-year decommissioning. The makeover and the decommissioning is expected to cost about Sh600 million. More...
polio in Busia
Victims of polio. Long thought to have been eradicated, polio has made a dramatic return to Afrca and in now knocking at the door in Busia. Photo: Red Cross

22 districts for polio immunisation: The government has allocated Ksh200 million for enhanced surveillance and vaccination mop up campaigns for polio in 22 districts bordering Uganda after a wild virus case was reported to be spreading fast in Bugiri District, Eastern Uganda. .The 22 districts are Rarienda, Bondo, and Siaya in Nyanza Province, Turkana North, Turkana South, Turkana Central, Pokot North, West Pokot, Pokot Central, Kwanza, Trans Nzoia East, Trans Nzoia West, Mt. Elgon, Teso North, Teso South, Bungoma South, Bungoma West, Bungoma North, Bungoma East, Bunyala, Samia and Busia Districts. More...
Deadly polio returns as first case is reported in Busia

By Elizabeth Mwai, Nov 11 2010
The Government is on high alert after a Kenyan family residing in Uganda was diagnosed with polio. Consequently, a Sh200 million campaign has been launched to vaccinate about 900,000 children aged under five in 22 high risk districts. Speaking yesterday at a meeting to announce three rounds of vaccination campaigns, Public Health Minister Beth Mugo directed health officials at border points to heighten surveillance to arrest an outbreak of the deadly disease. "We have alerted all district and provincial health teams on the actions they should take," said Mugo. The vaccination round will cover districts in Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western provinces. At the same time, the Government has enhanced cross border disease surveillance activities and information sharing with their Ugandan counterparts. The polio was detected two weeks ago in a Kenyan family that has been living in Uganda for about six years in Bugiri District, which borders Busia. More...

Western to get 9 more constituencies as Ligale gets flak from Central, Coast MPs

By Alex Ndegwa, Nov 10 2010
A leaked proposal for the distribution of 80 new constituencies by the Interim Independent Boundaries Commission (IIBRC) has kicked up a storm with furious MPs accusing the team of attempted gerrymandering. Wednesday MPs from Central and Coast accused the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) and its chairman Andrew Ligale of bias in allocating the new seats to promote a hidden political agenda. According to documents obtained by The Standard, Rift Valley will have the lion’s share, with 26 new constituencies carved out of the existing 49 for a total of 76. Nairobi will then get nine new constituencies, the same as Nyanza and Western with nine each for a total of 17, 33 and 41 constituencies respectively. Eastern will have seven additional constituencies from the current 36 for a total of 43 constituencies. Next will be North Eastern, which IIBRC proposes to allocate six new constituencies for a total 17 up from the current 11 electoral units. Coast and Central provinces were to be allocated four constituencies each. More...

House gags feuding ministers: Parliament is cautioning Water Minister Charity Ngilu and her former assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri to refrain from making public utterances over graft allegations in the water ministry as investigations into the matter are ongoing. The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Lands Water and Natural Resources Mutava Musyimi on Wednesday expressed concern that the public feud between the two could jeopardize investigations into the matter. More...
Andrew Mondi Ligale
Andrew Mondi Ligale, the chairman of interim independent boundaries review commission has come under fire after a leaked report indicating the new constituencies.

Kamusinga student dies after aborted abortion

By Westfm, Nov 10 2010
A student of Moi Girls Kamusinga has died following a botched abortion attempt. The principal of the school Mrs. Josephine Wanyama has said that the student was in class when she screamed in quest of delivering and later died when she was being rushed to hospital. The principal said that the doctor’s report confirmed that the student who has been under his grandma care had made an attempt of abortion since she had a 5 months fetus after being operated on. Mrs. Wanyama explained further that the average performing student was impregnated during the midterm holiday saying that the school tests students over pregnancy every term. More...

Witnesses claim they were bribed to implicate Ruto

By our correspondents, Nov 10 2010
More damning allegations on the issue of the 2008 post-election violence emerged on Wednesday, even as the national human rights body denied claims of witness bribery and coaching levelled against one of its commissioners. Three more people alleging to be key witnesses swore affidavits claiming they were induced to incriminate Eldoret North MP William Ruto in the violence that broke out after the disputed 2007 elections that pitted President Kibaki against Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The three disowned and withdrew evidence they allegedly gave to Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), the Waki Commission and International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo’s teams. They spoke even as the KNCHR chair Florence Simbiri-Jaoko expressed concern over the singling out of Commissioner Hassan Omar Hassan over witness bribery and coaching claims. Saying the commission takes full responsibility for its report on post-election violence, Jaoko added: "If Ruto has any tangible information on any wrongdoing on the part of any of our commissioners, let him present it to the relevant authorities for necessary action rather than attempt to put a whole institution into disrepute". The rights body denied Ruto’s claims that the commission obtained its information from six people who had been compromised, instead indicating that the commission had recorded 1,102 statements from several quarters. More...

Wako to lose his job

By Alex Ndegwa, Nov 10 2010
If Parliament has its way, at least four top Government officials could be out of their jobs by the turn of the new year. The House, which has of late flexed muscle after getting a shot in the arm from provisions of the new Constitution, has asked President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to advertise the vacancies for Chief Justice currently and his deputy, Attorney-General and Auditor-General by the end of this month. The positions are currently being held by Evan Gicheru and Amos Wako respectively. Also in the cross-hairs of Parliament are the positions of Inspector-General of the National Police Service, whose holder will succeed Police Commissioner Mr Mathew Iteere, and the Director of Public Prosecutions, a post presently held by Mr Keriako Tobiko, which they want advertised immediately. More...

Amos Wako
Time to go: Amos Wako nearing the end of his illustrous, if controversial career as Kenya's longest serving attorney general. Parliament is pushing president Kibaki and prime minister Raila Odinga to advertise his post immediately along with that of chief justice, police commissioner and deputy chief justice.
Busia gears up for seminar on new constitution

By Westfm, Nov 10 2010
A three day seminar to create awareness on the new constitution has kicked off on a high note at a Busia hotel attracting a large number of delegates from different parts of Western Kenya. Speaking during the opening ceremony held at Rowcena Hotel, former committee member of the Committee of Experts Otiende Amollo said it was important to let the public aware of what is contained in the new constitution and how it will impact upon their lives. Mr. Otiende said that it could be futile if the contents of the new Constitution were not explained to the public. He called on the delegates to seize the opportunity and sensitize the citizens to be on the forefront in the implementation of the new Constitution instead of leaving the whole process to the government. More...

Teso girl with debilitating mouth tumor appeals for help

By Collins Asiligwa, Nov 10 2010
Anne Chikombe,15, of Kolanya Girls Boarding Primary in Angurai Division was referred to Moi Teaching and Referral hospital in Eldoret in June, 2009 for an operation, but financial constraints had become a major impediment. The situation has become so critical for Chikombe that she finds it difficult to eat hot or cold meals, and not with understanding persistent pain in the mouth and upper chest. The pupil who is a day-scholar against her wish is appealing to the government to assist her by financing her operation costs and school bursary to enable her enjoy boarding facilities like other girls. Narrating her ordeal, the pupil said what started as a boil in the gum of her lower teeth has developed into a tumour and covered the whole tongue. Chikombe said her father died in 2003 leaving her and six other children in the hands of their mother who is too poor to afford even a meal per day for the family. Wiping away tears, the girl said the sickness and lack of a sponsor had impacted negatively in her endeavour to excel in her studies. More...

Violent student protest in UK over fees hike: There have been violent scenes as tens of thousands of people protested against plans to treble tuition fees and cut university funding in England. More...
Anne Chikombe
The mouth of a tumor patient, Anne Chikombe from Angurai in Teso. Ann can't eat hot or cold foods due to a persistent pain in her mouth caused by a debilitating tumor. She needs your help to foot the medical bill so that she can resume her normal school life.

Khachonge Primary School pupils
Some of the 15 pupils who missed out on KCPE exams at Khachonge Primary School in Bungoma.
Anger as 15 pupils miss KCPE exams in Bungoma

By Isura Christopher, Nov 10 2010
Fifteen Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates from St Marys Academy, Khachonge in Bungoma have recorded statements with police after their names were found missing in this year's exams register. The 9 girls and 5 boys recorded their statements at Bungoma Police station accusing the school administration of 'deliberately ' allowing their names not to be included in the register. According to them, they had reported earlier during mock exams in August to the Area Education Officer (AEO) in Nalondo about their missing names despite having cleared all requirements to register as KCPE candidates when the register was being checked. However, they said they were surprised to learn that their names were not in the register as they prepared to sit for the tests on Tuesday when the exams kicked off nationally. The director of the academy Mr. Bernard Namasaka is alleged to have been dodging parents whenever they wanted to confront him over the issue. The candidates who spoke to West fm said that they had wasted there time preparing for an exam that they did not manage to sit for. They are calling on the government to intervene and take action against the director and the area AEO for causing them such pain. More...

MMUST hosts major cultural fete

By David Indeje, Nov 9 2010
Tamasha Cultural Festival 2010 marks yet another important day in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) calendar. “Integrating creativity in academic research and development” is this year's theme to resonates with what the University wishes to inculcate in its students. The Festival’s objective is to create a forum through which participants from institutions of higher learning, tertiary colleges and secondary schools exchange their ideas, views, values and display talent through cultural activities, games and sports as well as intellectual discussions. MMUST is a university that understands and increasingly complementary roles of quality graduate education and the nation's capacity to have a significant social and economic impact to respond to national and international problems and needs." As a university, we feel a sense of achievement for producing graduates who will undoubtedly, make a contribution to the development of our country," says the Vice Chancellor Prof. Wangila Barasa. The University holds two main activities, in its year, destined to enrich students. Apart from the Tamasha Cultural Festival, the University also organizes Careers Week. Our aim is to produce holistic graduates able to impact the lives of others and the country at large," says the VC. More...

Kakamega cultural festival
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology choir practicing in preparation for the Tamasha cultural festival to be hosted by the unversity this week. Photo: Westfm

French court okays investigation into African leaders wealth: France's highest appeals court has authorised judges to proceed with an investigation into assets held in the country by three African leaders. The anti-corruption group Transparency International has accused the three of using African public funds to buy luxury homes and cars in France. The three leaders, one of whom is now dead are Denis Sassou-Nguesso of the Republic of the Congo and Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, as well as the late Gabonese leader, Omar Bongo. More...
Deya's wife claims she gave birth in a taxi

By Nicholas Ngolyo, Nov 9 2010
The wife of Bishop Gilbert Deya claimed on Tuesday that she delivered a miracle baby in a taxi on the way to Nairobi Hospital. Mrs Mary Deya said she went into labour while attending another child theft case at the High Court on September 9, 2005. “I stayed in court until evening and afterwards went shopping but it rained heavily,” she told Kibera senior principal magistrate Grace Nzioka. “It rained until 10pm and when the pain became unbearable I took a taxi to go to the Nairobi Hospital. I delivered the baby before arriving at the hospital,” she testified. “At the hospital, doctors took me and my baby into a ward. They cut the placenta and gave me an injection,” she said. Mrs Deya added that she was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital where she was admitted after she failed to raise Sh75,000 for admission at the Nairobi Hospital. The following day at 10 am police arrested her while the baby was placed in a nursery. More...

Mary Deya
Mary Deya, wife of the controversial fugitive cleric, Gilbert Deya in the dock at Kibera Court. She is accused of masterminding baby trafficking across continents.

Zain to rebrand for 4th time: Zain Kenya is set to rebrand to Bharti Airtel, the name of its Indian telecom owner later this month, according to insiders. This might be the most expensive rebranding exercise by the company considering that in 2004 it spent $30 million to rebrand from Kencell to Celtel and four years later in 2008, it spent $40m to rebrand from Celtel to Zain. More..
KCPE pupil collapses and dies in Bunyala

By Edwin Namasaka, Nov 9 2010
The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) kicked off Monday on a good start without any hitches except in Bunyala District where one pupil died while three others missed to report to their respective centers. In another incident, three pupils from Kakamega  primary school were involved in an accident in the morning which forced one of them to sit for his English composition paper one in bed in the afternoon at the Kakamega  Provincial  General hospital. According to a survey carried out in most of the schools in Bungoma County by West FM, in Nalondo Division, fifteen pupils including three girls and six boys were dump founded when they found their names missing in the list of those expected to be examined. The affected students and parents claimed to have presented their fears early on to the divisional education officer without getting any response. More...

Endorois community refers land dispute to African court

By Karanja Njoroge, Nov 9 2010
The Endorois community is seeking the intervention of the African Commission to compel the Government to implement a ruling delivered early this year. The community has dispatched a delegation of 10 members to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) meeting in Banjul, Gambia, to express displeasure over Government’s failure to honour its ruling. Endorois Welfare Council Chairman Charles Kamuren said the community’s delegation will inform the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights over the Government reluctance to implement the historic ruling that was delivered in February. In the landmark ruling, the African Commission found the Government guilty of violating the human rights of the Endorois, by evicting them from their land to pave way for creation of Lake Bogoria Game Reserve, between 1974 and 1979. The African Commission, which is a Court of the African Union, asked the Government to return the land to the Endorois and compensate them. The Endorois, are a semi-nomadic Kalenjin community numbering about 60,000. More...

Moses Masika Wetangula
Foreign affairs minister Moses Wetangula who stepped aside to allow for investigations into property scams in Tokyo, Brussels, Cairo and Nigeria.

Lugari man buried alive: A middle aged man has been buried alive in a 15ft hole at Konambaya village of Lumakanda location in Lugari district. The man is allegedly to have been digging a pit latrine before the walls of the hole collapsed burying him alive at around 3pm. Residents are struggling to rescue the victim and appealed to police to move with speed to assist. More...

Wetang'ula meets KACC over Tokyo property scam

By Cyrus Ombati, Nov 9 2010
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula was at the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) for the third time to clarify issues over the controversial purchase of diplomatic property in Tokyo. Mr Wetang’ula Tuesday confirmed to The Standard he visited the commission on his own volition. "I went to see them as I have an interest in their investigation," he said. Commission spokesman Nicholas Simani confirmed that the Sirisia MP was at the KACC offices for about 30 minutes in the morning. "He came on his volition and it is important for the public to know we will be talking to persons under investigation from time to time to clarify issues that keep arising," said Simani. Wetang’ula and his PS Thuita Mwangi stepped aside to pave way for investigation into the purchase of embassy property in Tokyo. Mwangi, former ambassador to Japan Dennis Awori, and former Deputy Director of Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anthony Muchiri have also been grilled by the agency over the Tokyo land deal. More...

84 year old great grandfather among Kenya primary exams candidates

By our correspondents, Nov 8 2010
An 84-year-old farmer from Gatei in Gatundu North, Kiambu County will be among candidates sitting this year's Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams. Mzee Allan Njoroge Muira, a father of 8 says he had been persuaded to go back to school to become educated and maybe become a lawyer in a bid to fight injustices in Kenya. 746,409 pupils were on Monday morning conducted through rehearsals ahead of this year's KCPE that kicks off Tuesday. The exams to be done in 23,114 centres countrywide will end on Thursday. More...

Luhya primary school children
Primary school candidates prepare to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) today. Countrywide, a total of 746,409 pupils will take part in the exams with 10% coming from Western (36,703 boys and 35,537 girls ). The Provincial Chairman of the Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association, Mr David Ikunza, said expectations were high among parents and pupils.
Forced marriages derailing education in Western

By David Indeje, Nov 8 2010
The Head teacher Mumias Township Mrs. Grace Wesa noted that many parents derail their children’s future by not making sure they advance their intellect by forcing them to early marriage as a result a vicious cycle of poverty among the community. “Poverty remains within the community because we shorten the pursuit of intellectual knowledge of our children once they complete primary and secondary education, we need to change our attitude,” she said. Wesa was addressing parents during a prayer day function at the school and her sentiments were also echoed by Dr. Yusuf luta who said parents should take responsibility if better development was to realized. More...

Malimo wins inaugural Kitale Campus beauty pageant

By Isura Christopher, Nov 8 2010
Cynthia Malimo is this year’s Moi University Kitale Campus beauty queen after she was overwhelmingly voted for at an eventful show at Kitale’s Pinewood Club. On display was creativity, passion, talent and wits as all the contestants strived to out do each other in the stiff competition witnessed by West fm crew led by Moses Makeni (Fulungenge) and Dj Ras Collo who kept the crowds on their toes with cool music. Evening wear, beach wear, casual wear, African wear and official wear were among the major classes in the competition as the models displayed their best in catwalk. Moses Makeni aka fulungenge, Joan Wesakhulilia, Collins Asiligwa and Sailus Kibet Kemboi were among the west fm presenters who colored the event keeping the crowds cheering and laughing the whole night. More...

Cynthia Malimo
Cynthia Malimo, the Moi University Kitale Campus student has won the inaugural beauty pageant at Pinewoods Club, Kitale over the weekend.
Jilted policeman kills 10 in random pursuit of love

By our correspondents, Nov 8 2010
He was on night duty at a sentry box at the District Commissioner's residence when he got the news his woman was painting Siakago town red with his colleague(s). The whole one-man operation took 20 minutes and left the town in Mbeere District soaking in blood and tears, and it turned out the death toll would have been higher had he not run out of bullets. It is said the uniformed officer had ten bullets and none was wasted. Neither were there missed targets, as the ‘possessed’ man appeared to be brutally efficient with a G3 rifle. What was even more shocking was that whereas his estranged girlfriend appeared to like her glass of beer, Constable Peter Karanja was a teetotaler. More...

200 girls to be circumcised in Mt Elgon despite FGM ban

By Frederick Womakuyu, Nov 8 2010
Elders in Bukwo and Kapchorwa districts are preparing to circumcise over 200 girls next month despite a new law banning the practice. They swear that the whole tribe would rather go to prison than abolish a custom they inherited from their ancestors. The practice, commonly referred to as female circumcision, is mostly practiced among the Sabiny, who occupy Bukwo and Kapchorwa districts on the northern slopes of Mt Elgon. The United Nations categorises it as female genital mutilation (FGM) because it damages a woman’s sexuality and leads to various complications. FGM refers to the removal of the external female genitalia. Accordingly, last December parliament passed a law banning female circumcision. President Yoweri Museveni signed it into law on March 17, 2010 and it took effect on April 9, 2010. The law argues that FGM infringes on the rights of the woman and also leads to health hazards, including excessive bleeding, death, birth complications and exposure to illnesses. The law criminalises the practice, calls for prosecution of offenders and protection of victims. Anyone caught doing it faces 10 years in jail or life imprisonment if the victim dies. More...

Kapchorwa female circumcision
This is how we do it. A Kapchorwa female circumciser shows the razorblades that will be used in female genital mutilation. The Sabiny tribesmen of Mount Elgon have defied government directives to stop the ritual.

William Ruto
William Samoei Ruto, the suspended higher education minister who has just returned from The Hague in Netherlands, now wants to see President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister, Raila Odinga indicted as war criminals by the ICC.
Ruto wants Kibaki, Raila charged by ICC

By Mirithi Mitiga, Nov 8 2010
Eldoret North MP William Ruto wants the International Criminal Court to indict President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the roles he says they played in the post-election violence. In a statement that could form the core of Mr Ruto’s defence at The Hague, one of the suspended minister’s lawyers says the process of securing justice would have no credibility if Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga are not charged. “It is the general feeling and mood of the country that those with the highest responsibility be held to account for the loss of life and property,” Katwa Kigen said. “In that regard the investigations should start with the President and the Prime Minister as the people fought because of them… before moving down the ladder to those who played various roles.” Mr Ruto’s line of defence adds a new twist to the search for justice for the estimated 1,300 people who lost their lives in the orgy of violence that followed the controversial 2007 General Election. More...

Kaimosi hosts national cultural festival

By Westfm, Nov 5 2010
The event, Kaimosi Cultural Gala Festival, that kicked off on Wednesday this week has attracted close to 1000 participants whereas the winners are expected to showcase their performance according to this year's festival theme and the most entertaining item of the event. The theme of the event 'Culture of Nurturing Role Model in a Dynamic Society' is intended to bring students from different tribes together so as to promote unity amongst them. According to event organizers among them Victor Muyaga, this year's event is touted to be more entertaining, educative and interactive than any other ever held at the institution. Said he: "The event is meant to encourage the members of the society to come out and act as a role model to finish corruption, immorality and all evil acts that faces the country." West FM, Kenya Women Finance, Zain Kenya, Equity bank and Orange Kenya are among other organizations sponsoring the event that ends today. Groups from different ethnic divide have come together and prepared various performances ranging from cultural dances, stage plays,solo verses, narratives among others. More...

AFC Leopards
AFC Leopards has received a boost after Mumias Sugar agreed to sponsor their remaining matches this season and allocate their stadium for home games.

Jakaya Kikwete
Kikwete re-elected: Tanzanian president Jakaya Kitwete has been re-elected to serve a second term. The president, who is 60, will serve a second and final term
Mumias Sugar to sponsor AFC Leopards

By Westfm, Nov 5 2010
Speaking in his office when he met Leopard's officials, Mr. Kidero said they would announce their sponsorship for the club soon. As part of their commitment to the club, the company gave a Sh1million donation to help Leopards complete the remaining matches. Apart from the cash donation, the club will also be allowed to use the company's sports facilities in Mumias. This comes after Leopards moved their home matches to Mumias Complex after Nyayo and City Stadia were banned . Kidero said sports remains a major revenue earner globally and the country cannot be left behind. He urged Leopards' fans to turn up in large numbers and support the club in their two remaining matches at the Mumias Complex. Leopards chairman Julius Ochiel said the new partnership is a culmination of many months of negotiations. More...

Paul, the octopus is dead: Paul the octopus, an unlikely star of the 2010 World Cup who predicted the outcome of eight matches, has died at an aquarium in Germany. More...
Two pastors in Lugari, Kiminini caught red handed committing immoral sins

By Westfm, Nov 5 2010
The preacher who ministers at the African Devine Church is believed to have left his wife after he claimed that he was to offer special prayers to a lady believer in the same village. According to the wife, her husband took a longer time than she had expected thus making her curious and set forth to find out what was happening only to find his man in the act. It is said that curiosity killed the cat and true to it, the pastors wife got smashed in the face by the woman who had sought 'special prayers' before attacking her with blunt objects all over the body infront of the shock stricken pastor. Her screams attracted neighbours who rushed her to Lugari Forest Dispensary where she is receiving medication as the injuries inflicted to her were severe. Elsewhere in Kiminini, Trans-Nzoia county, a man of the cloth has gone into hiding after he was found red handed making love with another man`s wife. The wife to the pastor set a trap with the help of other women and finally found her husband in the act with the woman but the besieged man managed to escape the wrath of the enaraged women and the village. More...

Sacked lecturer claims his life is in danger

By our correspondent, Nov 5 2010
Prof Sammy Kubasu's woes started when he declined to take up a promotion at the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) leading to his sacking. He said he was prompted to report the matter after receiving a call from an unknown female caller who warned him to leave his home or else he would die. He said two strange looking people who seemed armed and on a secret mission have been visiting his rural home at Bushangala in Ikolomani Constituency looking for him. "The suspicious people who wore suits picked a small village boy at Malinya market to show him my home," Said Kubasu. He said the two men declined to identify themselves. He added that they insisted to be told where he was and when they were shown a nearby pub; they never came there and instead walked away. Kubasu said that his trackers have been tailing him in two unmarked cars whenever he drove within the town. More...

Matisi pupils sent home after being haunted by evil spirits

By Westfm, Nov 5 2010
Pupils of Matisi Primary School were sent home after it emerged that they were suffering from a sickness that could not be explained. Speaking to West FM, parents from the school said some of the children started complaining of headache and stomachache before they started talking in strange languages with invisible people raising fears they could be possessed with evil spirits. Pupils were rushed to Chwele Health Center for medication and were discharged but surprisingly when they were taken back to the school, they again developed the complications. Parents are now afraid that if the situation is not contained, it might affect candidates preparing to sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams that start next week. The parents are now calling upon the government and medical experts to intervene and restore the situation. A meeting between Area Education Officer Eunice Imbwenya, DEO and parents is yet to take place. More...

Row erupts over burial of slain Kenyans in US

By Chris Wamalwa, Nov 5 2010
A row has erupted in the United States between two Kenyan families over the burial of three relatives killed in a domestic violence incident. The dispute is between Danvas Omare, brother of Bilha Ogendi who was killed together with her two children Kinley Isaboke Ogendi, and Ivyn Bosibori Ogendi, and Evans Kebabe, a brother of Bilha’s husband, Justus Ogendi. Omare wants the State of Minnesota to hand over to him the bodies of the slain victims so that he can bury them in New Jersey, while Kebabe wants the bodies shipped to Kenya for burial in their ancestral home in Kisii. The dispute could derail the burial arrangements. The killings have left many Kenyans and Americans shocked and exposed Kenyan immigrants in America as being barbaric. Omare, who lives in New Jersey, which is thousands of kilometres away in the east coast of United States, sees no need to send the bodies to Kenya. However, Kebabe who lived with his brother and the slain victims in Minnesota says his family has the right to decide where the deceased should be buried. He said the ideal place will be in Kisii in accordance with Abagusii customary laws. More...

Gladys Tarus
Gladys Tarus, the army recruit who was turned away allegedly because she was pregnant displays a certificate from an independent doctor from Moi Referral Hospital, Eldoret which confirms she is not pregnant. Ms Rarus case has exposed how corruption in military recruitment is widespread, a matter that has elicited temperatures in Parliament. Apparently, her place was switched after someone paid shs300,000 bribe and military doctors faked pregnancy as the reason to deny her a career in the forces.
Parliament turned into fish market over disqualified 'pregnant' army recruit

By Alphonce Shiundu, Nov 5 2010
The controversy over the dismissal of a lady from Kenya’s military training school took a new twist in Parliament after a government minister said the lady had "interfered with the pregnancy". Tempers flared and emotions boiled over as MPs poked holes in the official military medical report which declared the recruit, Ms Gladys Tarus, pregnant. In the flare-up, two assistant ministers - Orwa Ojodeh (Internal Security) and Joseph Nkaissery (Defence) - were kicked out of Parliament for being unruly. The Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim said the two had turned the House into a “fish market”, and were “shouting”, thereby undermining the dignity of Parliament. Two other assistant ministers Linah Jebii Kilimo (Cooperative Development) and William Cheptumo (Justice) were also warned that they would be thrown out for trying to attack the government. “You cannot hunt with wolves and graze with sheep. You cannot be in government and at the same time want to act as backbenchers,” said Mr Maalim. Mr David Musila, the assistant minister for Defence, had a hard time trying to convince MPs that the recruit was pregnant when the military tests were carried out. More...

Four bodies recovered from drowning tragedy in Lake Victoria

By Maurice Kaluoch, Nov 5 2010
Four more bodies have been recovered as Kenya Navy divers and local fishermen intensified the search for the 14 people who drowned in Lake Victoria on Monday. The Kenya Red Cross communications manager Titus Mung’ou said 11 bodies had been recovered Friday, with three missing. "The bodies recovered today include three male and one female,” he said. On Thursday, six bodies were pulled from the lake. They included the owner of the boat, Mr Wilson Omondi Ochola alias Telo, who was also the coxswain. Other bodies were those of Ms Jacquiline Okumu, 28, Mr Paul Oringa, 30, Mr Laban Okeyo Oswago, 44, Mr Gilbert Otado Ojijo, 45, and Mr Denis Ochieng Oyugi, 23. Suba police boss Cheruto Githinji confirmed the names. The bodies were removed to the Homabay District hospital mortuary, she said. The massive operation involved close to 200 boats belonging to local fishermen and 10 Kenya Navy divers led by Lieutenant Keter. More...

Kipchoge Keino
Kipchoge Keino, the legendary Kenyan long distance runner has been honoured by having a major stadium in Bristol, England named after him.

Ngilu accuses minister of witch hunt: As the debate over allegations of graft in the water ministry intensify, water minister charity Ngilu is accusing his former deputy of witch-hunt. Ngilu claims Kiunjuri's allegations were unfounded and a ploy to cover up for what she termed as dubious under hand dealings by her accuser. Ngilu wondered why Kiunjuri only raised integrity questions after his transferred from the water ministry. On Thursday, former water assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri made good his claims by presenting a bundle of documents to the parliamentary committee on land and natural resources to prove the rot at his former ministry. More...
Kip Keino honoured in UK with Bristol stadium named after him

By Chris Musumba, Nov 5 2010
Eldoret has for years churned out top class athletes and now they have been given a new incentive to pitch camp and train at the Kip Keino stadium in Bristol City, England for the London Olympics in 2012. Of course international sporting events are about nothing but national pride and with the London Olympics just round the corner, Kenya has secured itself a training ground, not at the Eldoret-based Kipchoge Keino stadium that lies in ruins, but in a new state-of-the-art sports facility worth Sh62.5 million (£17.5 million) in Bristol City. The Bristol Academy of Sport has honoured the legendary Kenyan athlete by naming the modern athletics stadium, built within the Bristol Academy of Sport campus located on the outskirts of Bristol Town, The Kip Keino Athletics Stadium. It will be a home-away-from-home for the Kenya team with cities in England willing to host different Olympic squads before they move into the official Olympic village in two years’ time. More...

Police deny issuing arrest warrant for Wakoli over hate speech

By Edwin Namasaka, Nov 4 2010
POLICE in Bungoma have refuted to reports published in a section of the press on Tuesday that there is a warrant of arrest for the Assistant Minister for Lands and Bumula legislatorWakoli Bifwoli over his alleged hate speech utterances during a public function in Bungoma county in October. Speaking to West FM on phone, Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations Department in Bungoma Mr. Julius Mbati said they investigated the matter and found Mr. Bifwoli had not committed any crime. “We have been investigating the matter for the past one week after our office received complaints through the public and also the media”, he said. Mbati said that officers who attended the public rally graced by the DPM Musalia Mudavadi and the assistant minister only claimed that outsiders should not take advantage of the new constitution to create for themselves a new constituency. More...

Wakoli Bifwoli
Bumula MP, Sylvester Wakoli (standing) and deputy prime minister, Musalia Mudavadi at Bungoma Town Hall last week.
Ruto goes to The Hague to clear his name over post election violence

By our correspondent, Nov 4 2010
Eldoret North Member of Parliament William Ruto is in The Hague on voluntary basis to respond to issues raised by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in a letter he received a few weeks ago. The suspended Higher Education Minister left aboard an international commercial flight that checked out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport last night. He was seen off by friends in the low-profile departure. His lawyer, Mr Katwa Kigen who was seen in Nairobi on Monday, is said to have gone ahead of him but is expected to link up with him at the headquarters of ICC, which is investigating prominent Kenyans for their role in post-election violence. The prominent Nairobi lawyer’s phone was switched off and could not, therefore, be reached. Earlier, one of his associates told The Standard: "Ruto is going to respond to issues raised in the letter he received from ICC. It is not about summons because ICC has not given out any. It is not about being a suspect. There are even provisions for witnesses to visit ICC and respond to issues put before them by the court." Ruto is accompanied by Belgut MP Charles Ketter and a Political Science lecturer at the University of Nairobi. More...

William Ruto
In the dock: William Ruto, the suspended higher education minister flew to The Hague to meet International Criminal Court prosecutor, Luis Ocampo as a person of interest.

Randy teacher rescued from lynch mob: A primary school teacher in Bungoma was arrested for defiling his standard seven pupil in his house. Mr Eric Barasa of Mashambani area is alleged to have committed the crime with his student Moi Primary School pupil early on Wednesday morning. More...
Luo Council of Elders denounce installation of a rival chair

By Nicholas Anyuor,, Nov 4 2010
Embattled former Luo Council of Elders chair Riaga Ogalo has asked Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop interfering with the council affairs. Mr Ogalo, who led 27 Luo elders from the four counties in Nyanza Province, protested against the recent installation of Willis Opiyo Otondi as the new chairman at a ceremony attended by Raila and three Cabinet ministers from the region. They termed Raila’s presence at the installation absurd, dictatorial, political and misleading to the community. Last week, Raila and a number of Nyanza MPs attended the installation of Otondi as the new Luo Council of Elders and told council members to safeguard the community’s culture by offering wise counsel on health and socio-economic issues. At the ceremony, Riaga was accused of mismanaging the office and visiting Libya without the blessing of the council. More...

KNUT officials exchange blows as Majali, treasurer are thrown out

By Sam Otieno, Nov 4 2010
Kenya National Union of Teachers officials exchanged blows at a tumultuous meeting that ended with members kicking out three national officials, including their secretary general. The acrimonious meeting of the giant teachers’ union bringing together 357 Knut branch representatives gave the officials who have attained the retirement age of 60 to leave office by next month. Though they have attained the retirement age they are in office amid claims there are plans to move the retirement age to 65. Knut Chairman George Wesonga, who is not among the three, is himself set to retire in April next year. Mr Lawrence Majali (secretary general) Mr Fred Ontere (national treasurer) and Mr Benson Githuku (assistant treasurer) were asked to start packing. Teachers have in the past conducted their affairs with decorum but it was a different story yesterday when they not only shouted at each other but also engaged in physical confrontation. The brawl left several photojournalists and teachers with minor bruises. The showdown involving members of the Knut Advisory Council - which is made up of three top official from each of the union’s 119 branches - took place inside their meeting room at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, after it became apparent that some of members wanted Majali, Ontere and Githuku to stay on, pending elections in March next year. They had argued the three should stay in office to oversee the union elections. More...

lawrence majali
Members of Kenya National Union of Teachers National Advisory Council take the law into their own hands after disagreeing over the fate of three national officials at Kenyatta International Conference Centre Wednesday. Inset, secretary general, Lawrence Majali who was thrown out alongside treasurer, Fred Ontere and his assistant, Genson Githuku. Photo: Govedi Asutsa

Man bribes shs80,000 but still doesn't get military job: At a army recruitment centres in Western Province, a 24-year-old man whose father sold half-an-acre to secure him a place in the army was disappointed after he was turned away. Speaking to the Nation on Tuesday, the father said his son never made it even after he had parted with Sh80,000. “Instead, my son was replaced by another man who had parted with Sh200,000,” said the man who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter. More...
Writer flees to Oslo to escape persecution in Kenya

By our correspondent, Nov 4 2010
Journalist and political activist Philo Ikonya has fled Kenya and is living in exile in Oslo, Norway. According to a profile posted on the website of The International Cities of Refuge Network, Ms Ikonya fled Kenya a year ago due to what she claimed was political persecution. “Her political activeness and writing got her arrested several times in Kenya,” states the website. Ms Ikonya was a parliamentary candidate in the last election and had a dismal performance. She is quoted saying that she fears returning to the country for her own safety and that of her son. “When asked if she will ever return to the Kenya, she says that it is quite difficult,” the report states. “But there are many issues to take into consideration; the uprooting of her son, her own safety,” says author Marie Alming, who interviewed the former Nation writer. More...

Philo Ikonya
Former NATION writer, Philo Ikonya has fled to Sweden citing persecution in Kenya as a journalist and civil rights activist. Ms Ikonya stood for parliamentary elections in Kiambaa in 207 but lost dismally. She was quoted during her campaign as saying: "I have never felt secure in Kenya, but thank God nothing has happened to me right now. I have no official security and of course insecurity levels are escalating. I feel totally insecure."
Three MPs want Mudavadi to step aside over cemeteries scandal

By Caroline Wafula, Nov 4 2010
Three members of a parliamentary committee have criticised the deletion of a recommendation that Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi steps down in relation to a land scam from a report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday. The report does not propose action against Mr Mudavadi, who is also the Minister for Local Government, contradicting an earlier one that had proposed that the minister takes full responsibility for the scandal. City Hall is accused of fraudulently receiving Sh283 million for the purchase of cemetery land. The original report has been pending before the House Business Committee for the last eight months. The MP are David Ngugi (Kinangop), Mr Gideon Konchella (Kilgoris) and Mr Joshua Kutuny (Cherengany). More...

Mudavadi wants action not words from development partners

By our correspondent, Nov 2 2010
The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government, Mr. Musalia Mudavadi has asked development partners to support practical measures by African people to implement human development goals instead of engaging in perennial debates about possibilities. “Our partners in development must acknowledge the on-going tremendous strides to democratize society in Africa through practical support of implementation processes least they are accused of lip-service. Africa is no longer just talking, it is doing”, he said. Mr. Musalia was addressing a high-powered Forum of government ministers, eminent personalities, experts, international agencies and NGOs, and community organizations called by the Moroccan government to review the goals of UNDP’s Human Development programme opened by King Mohammed VI of Morocco in the Moroccan resort city of Agadir, Monday. Mr. Musalia cautioned that development partners stand the risk of “chasing the wind” if they did not make current diagnosis and track real time governance developments on the African continent for support. Democracy might no longer be the issue in most African countries, he said, adding that the current issue is how to entrench democracy and good governance further through devolution of power and resources to smaller governance and management units. Citing the Kenyan example of entrenched democracy, Mr. Musalia told a panel on “The Role of Local Government, particularly regions, in the fight against poverty and vulnerability” that human development required predictable and biding frameworks to be sustainable. “In Kenya, we have ensured a biding framework through a Constitution that translates human development values into fundamental rights and obligations. The government now has a constitutional obligation to provide for basic needs of health, education and shelter. Gender equity is also a constitutional guarantee for women; one-third representation in every facet of public life”, he said to the applause of more than 1,500 participants. The panelists included IMF Director General Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, World Bank Vice-President Ms. Shamshad Akhtar, President of the Islamic Bank for Development Mr. Cheikh Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Former Peru Premier Mr. Luis Solari and French philosopher Prof. Edgar Morin.

Musalia Mudavadi
Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister and minister for local government (right) during a past international conference in the Caribbean. The DPM is currently in Morocco attending an international conference whose agenda is to review UNDP's human development programs.

Tanzanians elect first albino MP

By our correspondent, Nov 2 2010
An albino has been elected as an MP in Tanzania for the first time. "This win is a victory not only for me but also for all the albinos in this country," Salum Khalfani Bar'wani, from the opposition Cuf party, told the BBC. Albinos have suffered widespread persecution in Tanzania, where witch doctors say magic potions made with albino body parts can bring good luck. The government has been campaigning against the discrimination, and an albino MP was appointed two years ago. But Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer was nominated by the president who is able to appoint 10 unelected members of parliament. Over the past few years dozens of albinos have been killed in Tanzania, targets of body-snatchers, and the killings have spread to neighbouring Burundi. In August a court in Tanzania sentenced a Kenyan to 17 years in jail on charges of trying to sell an albino person. Mr Bar'wani said he was grateful to the constituents in Lindi Urban, in the remote south-east of the country, for electing him. More...

Ligale to deliver new constituencies by Nov 27

By our correspondent, Nov 2 2010
Kenyans will know the new 80 constituencies to be established under the new Constitution in the next 25 days. Mr Andrew Ligale, the chairman of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission said his team was confident that on or before November 27 a complete list showing all the 290 constituencies will be ready. “We are finalising the report,” Mr Ligale told the Nation. The IIBRC’s mandate expires on November 27, exactly three months after the promulgation of the new Constitution in August. His remarks echo those of IIBRC commissioner Murshid Mohammed, who said the team will deliver. “We have until November 27. I assure you something (the list) will be ready. We’ll do what we have to do,” he told journalists last week. Under the law, the team has to make recommendations to Parliament on the delimitation of constituencies and local authority electoral units (wards). The IIBRC is, however, not mandated to recommend changes to county boundaries. The team will also advise the government on the optimal number of constituencies on the basis of equality of votes. More...

John Musane lyched in Bukembe, Bungoma
The burnt body of John alias Musane lying in Bukembe market, Bungoma after mob justice by residents. The deceased was caught stealing furniture from a local workshop. Photo: Westfm

Wamalwa elected to top world parliamentary body

By Westfm, Nov 2010
Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa has been elected the new World Scouts Parliamentary Union (WSPU) treasurer. The young politician was secured the covetous post in Seoul, South Korea where Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka delivered the key note speech to the WSPU on the role of parliamentarians in supporting the scout movement and the youth as a whole. The young Wamalwa also secured a place as an executive member of the union apart from being the union's treasurer. More...

Bungoma man stoned to death then burnt over theft

By Paul Ogono, Nov 2 2010
A 30 year old man who attempted to steal from a workshop in Bungoma County was stoned to death while attempting to escape from an angry mob over the weekend. John alias 'Musane' was stoned and his body burnt to death using the furniture he had stolen from a workshop in Bukembe market. “The man is fond of stealing especially the household goods” a resident claimed. Musane broke into a workshop while the owners were away and managed to steal a set of chairs and two beds but he was caught before he could escape The angry mob who have been baying for his blood for long, were not satisfied with stoning him but made his numb body to roast 'to erase his memories'. More...

Mudavadi absolved in graves scandal: A report by two joint committees of Parliament has absolved Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi of blame in the Sh283 million cemetery scandal. The report by the committees of Local Authorities and Local Authority funds accounts however want Mudavadi investigated further. More...
Kiplagat finally steps aside from TJRC after pressure

By Kipkirui K'Telwa, Nov 2 2010
Embattled Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission chairman Bethuel Kiplagat has finally stepped aside. Kiplagat said his belief in the rule of law, commitment to peace and those in authority guided his decision to step aside on Tuesday morning. On Monday, Chief Justice Evan Gicheru formally gazetted the appointment of a tribunal to probe allegations about Kiplagat. Justice Gicheru confirmed the appointment of three former judges, William Shirley Deverell, Justice Benjamin Kubo and Justice Onesmus Mutungi to the tribunal. TJRC vice-chairperson Tecla Namachanja and other commission directors praised the formation of the tribunal saying it will help move the truth process forward. On Friday, Chief Justice Evan Gicheru constituted the tribunal to probe Kiplagat whose helm at the commission has been dogged by a series of problems revolving around his credibility and financial crisis. More...

Bethuel Kiplagat
Bethuell Kiplagat, the embattled chairman of the Truth and Justice Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) has finally bowed out following intense pressure from TJRC commissioners and civil society over his alleged involvement in dubious land deals as well as the Wagalla massacre and death of former foreign affairs minister, Robert Ouko. The final stroke was the resignation of a foreign commissioner last week.
11 top immigration officers interdicted for selling passports to foreigners

By Bernard Namunane, Nov 2 2010
Eleven senior immigration officers including Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang’s personal assistant have been interdicted in the ongoing purge on corruption in government. The officers, among them a deputy director of immigration, were sent home on Monday over allegations of issuing citizenship papers to foreigners. Interdiction letters were signed by the Head of Civil Service, Mr Francis Muthaura. Mr Kajwang’, who appears to have been kept out of the loop, told the Nation that he was informed by telephone at the weekend that his officers were being interdicted and that one of them was his personal assistant. Nation sources at the Immigration ministry and at the Office of the President said apart from Mr Kajwang’s personal assistant and the deputy director of Immigration, those affected were senior principal Immigration officers and other top officers. More...

Kisii man faces 76 years in US jail for triple murder

By Namsi Walter, Nov 1 2010
Mr Justus Kebabe 43, a Kenyan residing in the US could spend 76 years in jail if found guilty of murdering his wife and two children a fortnight ago. It is alleged that Kabebe butchered his wife and children after picking up a quarrel with his wife. According to the report from the County Attorney's Office in Ramsey, it would be asking for three consecutive sentences of 25 years and six months for each of the three counts of second-degree intentional murders that Justus Kebabe has confessed to. Mr Kebabe would only be eligible for parole after serving at least 50 years in jail, meaning the earliest he could leave prison will be at the age of 93 after he admitted to killing his wife Bilha Omare 32, with a golf club and then strangled her with electrical wire in the family's third-floor apartment in the Willow Ridge Apartments in the 1200 block of County Road D. In his plea, Mr Kebabe said he gave two of the children cranberry juice laced with Tylenol PM pills before killing Kinley Ogendi, 12 by holding his head underwater and Ivyn Ogendi, 9 by suffocating her with a pillow and strangling her.

Justus Kebabe
Love is war and death: Justus Kebabe (left), a Kisii man who confessed to killing his wife, Bilha Omare (right) and their two children in Minnesota, USA faces 76 years in jail for the homicide.

20 feared dead as boat capsizes in Mfangano Island: Over 20 people have reportedly drowned after a boat accident off Mfangano Island. Sources report that, 15 people went missing after boat capsized on between Takawiri and Sena and only five people have been rescued. Women and children believed to be among missing in Takawiri boat. However, one survivor says that the accident occurred because the boat was heavily overloaded, says it is unlikely that 15 missing people have survived. More...
Bungoma man caught red handed with uncle's wife receives thorough beating

By Joan Wesakulia, Nov 1 2010
The respect accorded to uncles and aunties could even overpower that accorded to parents but in a tiny Namitua village in Bumula, Bungoma, a middle aged man embarrassed himself after he was caught pants down with his uncle’s wife. The young man, identified as Mafunga is allegedl to have had a habit of waking up in the dead of night to sneak into his uncle’s house who works in Mombasa. According to neighbours, the two immoral love birds had struck deal where Mafunga, married, pops up at his uncle’s house at night to quench their sexual lust. The woman, identified as Rebecca, is said to have had engaged in the illicit love affair with the young man for a long time without the knowledge of her husband and Mafunga’s wife. On the fateful day, the wife of the amorous young man suspected the routine night sojourns and followed him quietly until he made his way into his uncle’s house before breaking in to find them already in the act. The two love birds received thorough beating from the angry mob. More...

Khalwale tells off Dr Eseli over Wetangula's woes

By our correspondent, Nov 1 2010
Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta was on Sunday dragged into the war among Bungoma leaders following last week’s resignation of Sirisia MP Moses Wetang’ula from cabinet. Kimilili MP Simiyu Eseli claimed a political agenda by Mr Kenyatta and Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa played a key role in the damning report of a House committee that prompted Mr Wetang’ula to step aside. But Ikolomani MP Boni Khalwale told off Dr Eseli for arguing that Mr Wetang’ula, who is under investigation by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission over dealings in Kenyan embassies, was being targeted because of his tribe. Dr Eseli, at the weekend, accused Mr Kenyatta of being driven by his political interests in Western Province while Mr Wamalwa was fighting the Sirisia MP to take over the leadership of Ford-Kenya. More...

Dr Eseli Simiyu
Doctor tells off doctor: Dr Eseli Simiyu, MP for Kimilili was asked by Dr Bonny Khalwale to shut up after he tried to insinuate that Babukusu are being finished by foreign affairs minister, Moses Wetang'ula's exit from Cabinet... for now, at least
Female recruit's spot sold as corruption engulfs military jobs

By our correspondent, Nov 1 2010
Human rights activists have threatened to move to court in five days if Ms Gladys Tarus is not re-admitted to the Recruit Training School (RTS). “If Ms Tarus would not have been reinstated to the military training school by the end of five working days from today, we shall move to court to seek orders for her reinstatement,” said Mr Ken Wafula of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. Ms Tarus, 20, from Baringo, was dismissed on grounds she is ‘pregnant’, even after the initial test results proved she was not. On Wednesday last week, she told a press conference in Eldoret how she was short-changed at the last minute. “I was called aside by a military official who said I had failed the pregnancy test,” the girl said. Ms Tarus said that after consultation with top military officials, she went to Uasin Gishu District Hospital for another pregnancy test, which turned out to be negative. She presented a confirmation letter from the hospital to the military officers but was still turned away. Addressing a press conference in Eldoret on Sunday, the human rights officials alleged that Ms Tarus’ position that had been given service number 109524, was sold for Sh300,000. More...

Angolan has world's biggest mouth

By our correspondent, Nov 1 2010
Meet a real-life elastic man - a man with a mouth so rubbery it's more than half a foot long. In fact, Francisco Domingo Joaquim's 6.69-inch-long elasti-mouth has earned him a prestigious place in what his local newspaper called the "world's most desired book": Guinness World Records. Joaquim, also known as Chiquinho, is like a real-life version of cartoonist Jim Carrey’s 'Mask' character. His mouth is so wide he can fit an entire can of soda inside it - sideways. And if that’s not impressive enough, the 20-year-old Angolan ‘Jaw of Awe’ was recently featured on an Italian TV show where he was able to pop that soda can in and out of his mouth 14 times in one minute. More...

Francisco Joaquim Domingo
Man and his mouth, officially the world's largest according to Guinness Book of Records. The Angolan, Francisco Domingo Joaquim can stretch his mouth to reach a circumfrence of 6.69 inches.

Ngilu denies corruption allegations: Water and Irrigation Minister Charity Ngilu has maintained innocence over corruption allegations, saying all she did was provide water to one of the most needy and neglected communities in the country. More...
Ruto's 2nd corruption case starts Nov 17

By Kennedy Lumwamu, Nov 1 2010
A case in which a suspended Higher Education minister has been sued by an anti-graft body over a council plot in Eldoret municipality will be heard in two weeks. The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (Kacc) has taken Eldoret North MP William Ruto, former Lands Commissioner Wilson Gachanja and two companies to court over a parcel of land it claims was illegally acquired from the council by the defendants. On Monday, Mr Paul Gicheru who is representing the Eldoret municipal council told the court that they wanted to confirm if Mr Ruto’s lawyer had filed submissions in which he is objecting to the hearing of the suit. More...

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