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Cabinet suspects hatch scheme to evade justice as Kenya shuns special poll tribunal

By Will Ross, July 31 2009
Kenya's cabinet has announced that it will not set up a special tribunal over last year's post-election violence, and will use local courts instead. The prime minister said the judiciary, which is viewed by many as corrupt, will first be reformed. Senior politicians are accused of playing a role in the violence and many fear they can influence the courts. So the idea of referring the investigation to the International Criminal Court is a popular one. More...

Soccer death: Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson has died at the age of 76, following a long battle with cancer. More...
otieno kajwang
Immigration minister, Otieno Kajwang' blocked at the Kenyan border by Sudanese soldiers begging the question just who is in charge of Kenyan borders. Last week, president Kibaki declared Migingo is, was and has always been in Kenya but why do nothing when Uganda flies its flag on the island?.
Immigration minister suffers border shock

By Peter Leftie, July 31 2009
The man responsible for regulating Kenya’s border posts was on Thursday barred from accessing an exit point. Mr Otieno Kajwang’, the Immigration minister, was blocked by Sudanese soldiers manning a roadblock on the Kenyan side of the border. He was heading to open an immigration office at Nadapal border post when he was turned back at the roadblock mounted by the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army just a kilometre from the country’s border with Sudan. More...

Kibaki warns against tribal rigging in census

By our correspondents, July 31 2009
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi asked the Ministry of Planning to make public the result of the one-week exercise. “It is important that this time the census is made public when the data is ready,” he said, adding that information from the last two censuses was not formally released. The secrecy in the data, he said, undermined the “integrity” of the census process. The Planning Ministry has once been criticised for falsifying the poverty index --a key indicator in the allocation of the constituency development fund. More...

Ghost church, firms among Mau forest looters

By Kenneth Ogosia, July 31 2009
Four ghost companies and a non-existent church organisation were allocated 7,183 hectares of land in the Mau Forest, a search at the Registrar of Companies revealed on Thursday. Kelewa Enterprises, Kapkembu Tea Factory, Kaptagich Tea Estates and Ololarusi Investment Farm are not registered either as companies or businesses. There are also no records for the Little Sisters of St Francis, who received 2,956 hectares. However, it is not unusual for a religious order not to incorporate a property-owning entity. Meanwhile, Gideon Moi has denied he was allocated any land in Mau despite being named. More...

Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein
Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein
Sudanese women flogged for wearing trousers

By Tristan McConnell, July 31 2009
A woman journalist is taking on the feared Sudanese morality police to challenge the country’s draconian laws on public dress, insisting on being tried for the crime of wearing trousers in public and risking a punishment of 40 lashes. Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein was detained along with a dozen other women for wearing trousers, considered indecent according to the law. Ten of them, including Christians from the south, were flogged 10 times but Ms al-Hussein, a UN information officer has vowed to forego her UN immunity to fight this barbaric law. More...

Quakers back gay marriages

By Ruth Gledhill, July 31 2009
The Quakers sanctioned gay marriage today and decided to call on the Government to give same-sex couples the same standing as married couples. Other Christian churches and religious denominations have approved blessings for civil same-sex partnerships but the Quakers have now become Britain's first mainstream religious group to approve gay marriage. The church which is known officially as Society of Friends has a large presence in Maragoli, Western Kenya where gay and lesbians are looked upon as social deviants, adds Shad Bulimo. More...

Police, courts to be overhauled

By Bernard Namunane, July 31 2009
A divided Cabinet on Thursday gave up on a local tribunal and decided to clean up the police force and the local courts and have them try post election violence suspects. More...

Gumo blames Mau saga on Moi

By M'mbolo Bulemi, July 30 2009
THE Mau complex saga continued to generate more controversy yesterday after Regional Development Authorities Minister Fred Gumo drew former President Daniel arap Moi into the heat.Gumo said it is during Moi’s reign that politicians fraudulently acquired thousands of acres of land in the forest. He said the beneficiaries are now protecting their acquisition under the cover of fighting for the interests of their people.“Having been in Parliament during the Moi era, I could also have acquired several acres in the Mua when he (Moi) was dishing them out. More...

Baby cut from mother found alive: A baby who was cut from her mother's womb has been found alive two days after the woman's body was discovered, US police have said. A woman who had the baby with her when found in New Hampshire was charged with being a fugitive from justice. More...
Shinyalu voters
Mudavadi accused of handpicking Shinyalu ODM candidate: Angry Shinyalu residents hold protest against the announcement that Mr Kizito Mugali had won the Orange Democratic Movement party nomination for the by-election in the constituency. They accused the party’s head office and some politicians of interfering with the nominations. Photo: ISAAC WALE

Minister arrested for stealing cell phone: A minister in Zimbabwe has been arrested for allegedly stealing a mobile phone from a militant supporter of President Robert Mugabe as tension continues to build up in the shaky coalition government. More...
Woman kills herself over cassava theft

By Simon Naulele, July 30 2009
A SIX-MONTH pregnant woman in Katakwi district has committed suicide for fear of embarrassment after she was allegedly caught stealing cassava. Mary Goretty Iurien, 24, a housewife in Oleroi village in Abwokodia parish, Usuk sub-county, reportedly hanged herself on mango tree, about 300m from her two grass-thatched huts. More...

Bank disappears in Malaba

By our correspondent, July 30 2009
Scammers have targeted a town on the Uganda-Kenya border with an elaborate fraud - setting up a fake bank and taking deposits, before fleeing. The bank opened an office in Malaba town, advertised on radio and took $100,000 in deposits over two months. But when investors turned up to reclaim their money, all they found was a note saying: "Sorry the bank operations have been moved to a new place." The scammers had paid for food, rent and advertising with fake cheques.The BBC's Abraham Odeke in Malaba says crowds of people gathered outside the bank's offices as the story spread. More...

Moi's son, aides top list of Mau grabbers

By Alex Ndegwa, July 30, 2009 | Click here to see list of allottees
Two MPs, a son and aides to former President Moi are among prominent persons said to own huge chunks of land in the Mau Forest Complex, according to a list the Prime Minister tabled in Parliament. Baringo Central MP Sammy Mwaita and his Kuresoi counterpart Zakayo Cheruiyot are listed among those allotted over 20 hectares. In April, when claims were first made he had been allocated land in the Mau Forest Complex, Gideon Moi said: "You read in the newspapers that I am one of the beneficiaries of Mau, but today I want to declare at this meeting that at no time was I ever issued with land and if anyone wants to allocate me any I am more than ready to take it." More...

Swine flu spreads to Western

By Roselyne Obala, July 30 2009
The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has put health institutions in Western Province on high alert over possible cases of influenza A (HINI) virus. Provincial Director of Public Health and Sanitation Simon Kibias said they had alerted public and private hospitals to isolate patients with symptoms linked to swine flu. About 14 patients suspected to be suffering from the disease are admitted at Namasoli Health Centre in an isolation ward. More...

gideon moi
Fuata Nyayo: Gideon Moi being crowned a Kalenjin elder. In April he denied he was allocated any land in Mau Forest but PM task force report outs him as having 45 hectares. The bulk of the illegal allocation of Mau Forest land went to companies associated with Moi's family and aides.
Ruto changes tact, now backs Raila

By our correspondent, July 30 2009 | Raila gets rare PNU suport
The battle to save the largest water tower, which is the fountain of 12 main rivers, was half-won as the list of beneficiaries was made public ahead of the Cabinet meeting today. It was the culmination of strident debate by politicians, religious and conservation groups, as well as the media, on the need to save Kenya. Never before have Kenyans debated an environmental issue with so much fire and passion, after years of treating global climate change as an alien ‘animal’ in outer space that would not affect them. More...

Khalwale is the true watchman

By our reporter, July 30 2009
The naming of names in the Mau complex saga in parliament yesterday was due, in large measure, to the insistence of Ikolomani MP, Dr Bonny Khalwale who prodded the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga to lift the veil over those who looted the famous water tower.

Abeingo women invite you

Abeingo Women would like to invite everyone to a thanskgiving barbecue to be held on Saturday, August 22, 2009 in Basildon, Essex. The address is: 27 Dengayne, Basildon, Essex SS14 1QG. Time: From 4.00 pm onwards. This is a free event. Come one, come all.

Ruto: I wont cut ties with Raila

By our correspondent, July 29 2009
Agriculture minister William Ruto has said he will not sever links with Prime Minister Raila Odinga over the Mau Complex dispute. Giving what he termed his "humble" stand on the debate over the handling of squatters at the 400,000 hectares key water tower, Mr Ruto denied saying he will cut links with Mr Odinga if the settlers are not compensated. More...

Egypt says Nile treaty not negotiable: Egypt is still vehemently opposed to changing the agreements over the River Nile, saying it will not compromise its historic rights or accept a reduction in its water share, water minister Mohamed Nasreddin Allam, said on Monday. More...
abeingo women
Uganda trashes report Migingo is Kenyan

By John Oywa, July 29 2009
Uganda has rejected a preliminary survey report indicating disputed Migingo Island is in Kenya, and now plans to take matter to the International Court of Justice at The Hague. The country’s first Deputy Prime Minister Eriya Kategaya said they were also exploring possibilities of involving another country to help resolve the dispute if the two countries failed to agree. More...

'Toilet seats' Judge wins against KCB

By Nancy Akinyi, July 29 2009
When he walked into a supermarket and a five-star hotel between April and May last year, Justice Nicholas Ombija did not know he could be Sh2.5 million richer after his Visa card was rejected. He left the supermarket after returning all that he had picked for lack of funds in his Kenya Commercial bank (KCB) credit card. The judge hit headlines early this month when he sued planning Minister Wycliff Oparanya over VIP toilet seats and covers. The case is pending before the Commercial Court. More...

Obama's US citizenship questioned: A vocal group of conspiracy theorists known as “birthers” are riling the White House with their persistent claim that Barack Obama is not an American citizen and therefore ineligible to be president. The report first surfaced during the presidential campaign last year. More...
You can go, Ruto told

By Peter Atsiaya, July 28 2009
ODM MPs have scoffed at Agriculture Minister William Ruto’s threat to break ranks with Prime Minister Raila Odinga over the Mau forest issue. Speaking separately, the MPs told Ruto not to drag ODM into Government plans to evict settlers. Kisumu Town West MP Olago Aluoch dared Ruto to make good his threat. "We have pampered Ruto for too long," he said. More...

Who is who in Shinyalu

By a correspondent, July 27 2009
In Shinyalu, four parties have so far picked candidates to battle it out for the seat. Kaddu, which has settled on former MP Daniel Khamasi, and Narc-K, which picked Patrick Ayisi Ingoi. The New Vision Party led by former Kerio South MP Nicholas Biwott has cleared Silas Andega to run for the seat. Ford-K has picked Geoffrey Segero who worked for the Kenya Revenue Authority. ODM has nine aspirants in the race for nominations planned for Tuesday. They are Justus Kizito Mugali, George Murila, George Khasiani and Mrs Zuhura Lugano, the widow of the former MP Charles Lugano, Samuel Muhati, lawyer Anthony Lubulela, Anami Lisamula, Ambeyi Ligabo and Austin Lugano, one of Mr Lugano’s sons. More...

River Nile
River Nile, world's longest river and revered as a deity in some countries is threatened by the destruction of Mau Forest.

Female cut: The Njuri Ncheke Council of Elders has resolved to use its immense influence among the Ameru to fight against female circumcision. More...
Four million Kenyans, Tanzanians face horror of death

By our correspondent, July 28 2009
Caught in the web of the political tussle over the Mau Forest Complex are the over 4 million people who according to research, occupy 578 locations in Kenya and others in Northern Tanzania who drink and feed from Mau’s water fountain. Above the din in the political arena, is the horror of life millions may have to grapple with once the Mau Forest basin is dry. It is a smack on the face of Government allocation of the forest cover to settlers, most of who did not deserve it in the first place. More...

10 Riparian countries meet to ponder Mau threat on River Nile

By David Ohito, July 28 2009
Ministers in charge of water from the countries that benefit from the Nile convened in Egypt to review progress and strategy. The ministers from Kenya, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda are expected to review progress, work plans and strategic documents and reports of the Nile Basin Initiative. But as ministers met in Alexandria, Egypt, back at home experts called on the Government to manage water towers as national assets. The Nile begins from Lake Victoria, which has shrunk with the destruction of the Mau forest. More...

Stateless no more: Mr Scott James Edman, who has been languishing in prison for more than six years because his nationality is unknown has finally found a place to call home - Papua New Guinea gave the green light to have him sent there. More...
After Mau, Kakamega is next

By our correspondent, July 28 2009
The Mau Forest Complex, which consisted of 22 forests is the main water fountain for 12 main rivers. Five of them end up in Lake Victoria, which is the source of River Nile, that is 6650 kilometres and is the lifeline of Sudan, Egypt and to some extent Uganda. These rivers are; Nzoia, Yala, Nyando, Mara, and Sondu. The rivers are also the lifeline for a number of other conservation areas whose tourism potential is not fully exploited - including Kakamega National Reserve, Kerio Valley National Reserve, South Turkana National Reserve, Lake Baringo and Lake Natron. More...

Nabutola theft case begins

By Wahome Thuku, July 28 2009
The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) paid out more than Sh8 million to a private firm without the approval of the tender committee, a court heard. Head of Administration Julie Topirian said the committee, which she chaired, did not discuss the payment to Maniago Safaris Ltd in 2007. More...

Hospital shooting: Five gunmen stormed a hospital in Makueni District and shot dead a patient who was admitted unconscious at the weekend. More...

Aspirant's son attacked: ODM aspirant Anami Lusamula’s son, Feidei Otoro Anami and a driver, Patrick Ambani were yesterday attacked at the Shihuli market. More..
Kibaki's yes-men fight to save his life

By Kenfrey Kiberenge, July 25 2009
When President Kibaki assented to the International Crimes Bill 2008 on December 24, he must have been in a festive mood. Seven months later, the piece of law has returned to haunt him. Now his lieutenants, ministers John Michuki (Environment) and Moses Wetangula (Foreign Affairs), are fighting a losing battle by clamouring for the President to be offered immunity from prosecution, under the proposed law establishing local tribunal to try post-election violence perpetrators. More...

Luos want Kibaki support: Council of Luo Elders want Kibaki to support Raila Odinga for 2012 elections. More...
prof henry louis gates
Obama apologises over race incident: President Obama said Friday he spoke with the police officer who arrested prof Henry Louis Gates Jnr, a Harvard professor (above) and told the officer he did not mean to malign the Cambridge Police Department when he said police acted stupidly. More...
kitondoni shrine
Kamba Shrine: Its not just another tree. This is kitondoni, the revered Kamba shrine now under threat from modern lifesyles.
Residents appoint priest to save sacred Kamba shrine

By Nanjinia Wamuswa, July 25 2009
There is nothing unique about Kitundu, an indigenous tall tree with heart-shaped leaves. The tree goes unnoticed in many parts of the country, but it has a special place in Ukambani. Wherever it grows in this part of the country, it is given special treatment. And that is why residents of Kyanzasu in Machakos District have reserved space around the only Kitundu tree as a shrine. And to ensure its deity status, the community appointed a ‘priest’ to take care of the shrine, Ithembo. More...

Software of infidelity: Recent studies show Kenyans are increasingly losing trust with their spouses and several others are spying on them for infidelity. More...
Kibaki declares Migingo island is Kenyan

By our correspondents, July 25 2009
President Kibaki landed in the ODM stronghold of Nyanza to a tumultuous reception and announced the disputed Migingo Island belonged to Kenya. He said Kenyans should not worry over the island as it had been established that it was on the Kenyan side of the lake. The remarks are expected to draw immediate reaction from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, whose forces have staked a claim on the island. More...

sosa cottages
Local tourists relax at Sosa Cottages in Gisambai, Vihiga. Proprietor, Ambassador Bruce Madete says demand is so high he has embarked on an expansion plan.
Sosa Cottages blend modern, ancient Luhya cultures

By Roselyne Obala, July 25 2009
In the traditional Luhya round-hut style, Sosa cottages are the image of a well preserved culture. While they borrow from other conventional high-end hospitality facilities to provide calm and comfort, the village setup gives them an ancient feel. In Luhya, Sosa means ‘rest’ or ‘relax’ thus the cottages offer a wonderful scenery of Lake Victoria on one side and the expansive surrounding vegetation, hills and plains on the other. It is located in Gesambai, 23km from Kisumu and 2.5km into the Majengo-Hamisi Road. More...

Marende seeks US help to end graft, impunity

By Dave Opiyo, July 25 2009
House Speaker Kenneth Marende has asked the US government to assist Kenya fight corruption and end the culture of impunity. “We urge you to come to our aid in finding a solutions to our problems even as we take the primary responsibility to do so,” said Mr Marende, while addressing an international conference in the US. The conference has been organised by a Washington think tank. More...

'Volgograd Obama' goes for mayor in Russia

By our correspondent, July 24 2009
For Joaquim Krima, the stark divisions that frequently define politics in Russia may not be as black and white as most believe. The 37-year-old native of Guinea-Bissau, shrugging off deep-seated prejudice in a society where the rare sight of a black man turns heads, says he will run for public office in the small central Russian village where he lives. And in the process, Krima, who has acquired Russian citizenship, will put his adopted country's claims to being a modern, colour-blind democracy to test. More...

joaquim Krima 'Volgograd Obama'
Testing Russian democracy: Joaquim Krima dubbed 'Volgograd Obama' is running for mayor in a small rural Russian town. Originally from Guinea Bissau, Krima is a graduate of Volgograd Pedagogical University and speaks fluent Russian but earns a living selling water melons.
suaad hagi mohamud
Suaad Hagi Mohamud: Her lips did not match those in her Canadian passport, according to Kenyan immigration.
Kenyan immigration detain Canadian woman over her lips

By Raveena Aulakh, July 24 2009
Suaad Hagi Mohamud was done in by her lips. A Kenyan immigraion official detained the Toronto woman in Nairobi because her lips didn't match the ones in her passport photograph, according to documents released by her lawyer yesterday. "I find it really troubling that was the basis of stopping her," said Raoul Boulakia, Mohamud's Toronto lawyer. Documents submitted in a Nairobi court curtly explain why she was detained: "After a comparison was done, it emerged that although the passenger and the passport holder had the same facial features, the lips were different from that of the passport holder." More...

Big names block release of pyramid scandal report

By our correspondent, July 24 2009
Politicians involved in pyramid schemes that have seen Kenyans lose Sh34 billion, have moved to court to block the release of a report implicating them. Cooperative Development minister Joseph Nyaga told Parliament that a company said to be involved in the scheme had filed an injunction against the release of the report to the public. The Kenya Business Community Cooperative Savings and Credit Society was named as having protested at the release of the report. More...

Migingo: Uganda hints at Hague option

By our correspondent, July 24 2009
Efforts to resolve the disputed ownership of the tiny Migingo Island in Lake Victoria have hit a stalemate. First Deputy Prime Minister Eriya Kategaya said yesterday Uganda may consider taking the dispute to the International Court of Justice in The Hague or involve another country if Uganda and Kenya fail to agree. More...

phillis gruesges and jua kali
Brains behind the Jiikaze Women's Trust: Phillis Gruesges (right) based in Germany and top artist, Jua Cali. On Saturday, August 22, Jiikaze will hold a cultural extravaganza at Carnivore in Nairobi in aid of victims of famine and another event in Kakamega on 18th September 2009..
Kabaka kingdom accuses Museveni of hate campaign

By Herbert Ssempogo, July 24 2009
THE Government is not involved in any hate campaign against the Kabaka of Buganda. Information and national guidance minister Kabakumba Matsiko made the statement while addressing journalists at the Media Centre in Kampala yesterday. More...

14 Makerere courses illegal

By Richard Wanambwa, July 24 2009
The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), which regulates the institutions of higher learning, has written to Makerere University warning it against admitting students to 14 academic programmes it has not approved. Some 2,000 students could be affected. The council had earlier stopped Makerere from advertising the courses but the university went ahead. More...

Michuki contradicts Raila over Mau compensation

By our reporter, July 23 2009
John Michuki, the Environment minister, has contradicted Raila Odinga, the Prime Minister over the Mau Forest compensation scheme. Early this week, Raila met 22 MPs from Rift Valley and hammered out a deal worth Shs38bn to compensate all those allocated land in the forest reserve whether legally or illegally. Yesterday, Michuki rubbished off those plans. The rumbustous minister and his side-kick, Dr Noah Wekesa, the wildlife minister said only squatters and legal allottees would be compensated. It is typical of the coalition government that ministers often do not read from the same script. More...

Funyula CDF account frozen over fraud allegations

By our correspondents, July 24 2009
The High Court has frozen the Funyula Constituency Development Fund accounts. A group of Funyula constituents had filed an application at the Bungoma High Court seeking to freeze the accounts over alleged mismanagement of the kitty. The application, alleged Fisheries Minister Paul Otuoma and seven others, had misused Sh25 million from the kitty. More...

fred gumo, raila odinga and henry kosgey
Fred Gumo (centre) welcomes Raila Odinga (left) at Naivasha ODM retreat while Henry Kosgey looks on. Gumo's appointee as Tarda MD was implicated in fraud while working at the Kenyan embassy in France. Photo: Phoebe Okall

Gumo's appointee shot down over fraud in France

By our correspondent, July 24 2009
Regional Development Minister Fred Gumo found himself at loggerheads with MPs following his defence in the appointment of a former Foreign Affairs Ministry official accused of embezzling Sh3 million. MPs took Gumo to task to explain the criteria used to appoint Mr Francis Musumba Agoya as the Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (Tarda) Managing Director. MPs tabled evidence implicating Agoya in irresponsible acts that would have barred him from holding any office. More...

No more raids on media: President Kibaki has assented to the removal of the infamous Section 88 of the Kenya Information and Communications Act. That means raids such that which happened to the Standard three years ago are outlawed. More...
President's Office forced to produce CVs of new PCs

By our correspondent, July 23 2009
Office of the President has been directed to produce resumes of all the 28 newly appointed PCs and senior deputy PCs next Thursday. Temporary Speaker Ekwe Ethuro gave in to pressure from agitated MPs who demanded details of all the officials be tabled before the House. MPs had declined a statement read by Internal Security Assistant Minister Simeon Lesrima that all those promoted recently were qualified and deserved their positions. But Yusuf Chanzu (Vihiga) protested that the response was too evasive to and demanded for a more detailed answer. More...

Death sentence for Shs40 theft

Two people have been sentenced to death by a Malindi court for violently robbing a fisherman of a packet of cigarettes and Sh40. More...

Quack law firm ruling deferred

The High Court has deferred its ruling on whether Koceyo and Amadi Advocates Company is operating legally. The Advocates Act provides that a lawyer can only set up his or her own law firm after practising as a salaried advocate in another firm for at least two years. More...

jiikaze women
From Germany with a message of healing and hope.
From Germany with a helping hand for Vihiga women

By INGONEWS Reporter, July 23 2009
Jiikaze Women's Trust in conjunction with Stars Limit is organising a cultural extravaganza featuring top acts from Germany and Kenya at the Carnivore on Saturday 22 August 2009 in aid of victims of famine and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Dubbed German Kenyan Fusion Tour, the must-see event will be a jamboree of music, drama and dance feauturing K-Nel (King of Angohili) from Cologne supported by Nonini, Abbas, Mejja and Jimw@t. Top DJ's spinning away will include: DJ Donna, DJ Wesley, DJ Dan Mixa and DJ Ben.

Jiikaze Women's Trust was formed in 2007 in Vihiga District in Kenya. Jiikaze is a community based organization which engages in socio-economic activities to improve the living standards of its members and the community at large. We are based in Shaviringa village in Tiriki East, Hamisi District of Western Kenya. Membership is mainly drawn from women and youth within Vihiga District and also experts and volunteers in Nairobi, and Germany. The group ‘s main objective is to alleviate poverty, make social amenities available and accessible affordably; and combat socio economic issues and bring an end to violence and discord that threaten the development and existence of society in today’s third world African countries. For more information, contact JIIKAZE WOMEN’S TRUST on TEL: +254 723 290066 | +254 710 6037097 or Email: jiikaze@gmail.com

Family feuds over late Shinyalu MPs estate

By Noah Cheploen, July 23 2009
Two widows of former Shinyalu MP Charles Lugano Wednesday engaged in a shouting match moments before a case over the estate was heard. Mrs Zuhura Lilechi and Mrs Alice Lilechi were at the High Court for the hearing of the case in which the family is fighting over Mr Lugano’s estate. The husband died two months ago. The women stunned people in the court, including their lawyers, with their quarrel. “If I’m not his wife, what I am doing in his house?” one of the widows demanded to know when confronted by the other. Gloria Khasiala Lilechi, the MP's daughter who has petitioned for administration of the estate said that another woman, Ruth Njeri was also claiming a share of the estate. The former MP’s estate includes six houses, 14 parcels of land, a petrol station and 27 vehicles. More...

charles lilechi lugano
Late Shinyalu MP, Charles Lilechi Lugano and one of his wives, Zuhura during happier times.

20-yr land dispute settled: The Appeal Court has ended a 20-year-old land dispute pitting two communities - Kikuyu and Masai - in Naivasha district. More...
suzzane owiyo with nicolas sarkozy and his wife, carla bruni
Singing with the stars: Singer Suzanna Owiyo (centre) with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy on the sidelines of the Mandela concert held at the Radio City Hall in New York at the weekend. Ms Owiyo, dubbed Kenya's Tracy Chapman is an acoustic guitarist.
Strange disease breaks out in Busia

By Egessa Hajusu, July 23 2009
EXPERTS from the health ministry are in Busia town to investigate a strange disease that has hit the area. The disease, which has symptoms similar to those of cholera, brok out in Soloa, Arubaine, Marachi A and B and Mugungu villages. Seven people, including two children, died after suffering from severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Over 20 others were admitted at Samia-Bugwe North Health Centre IV. More...

luhya wedding
Special no more: A section of the couples who participated in the mass weddings in a Mbale church. A wedding is traditionally a special day for the couple but biting recession calls for ingenuity.
Church conducts mass weddings to save money

By our correspondent, July 23 2009
A church in Uganda has come up with an ingenious way to combat recession and keep the institution of marriage sacred. On Sunday, 49 couples exchanged marriage vows at a mass wedding at St. Denis Ssebuggwawo Catholic Church Namatala in Mbale town on Sunday. The church encourages mass weddings to enable couples reduce financial constraints. The parish priest, Fr. Hans Smeets, also celebrated 50 years in priesthood. More...

Witchdoctors arrested over ritual murder of boy

By Donald Kiirya, July 23 2009
Police in Jinja have arrested seven people, including three witchdoctors, who are said to have connived and beheaded a six-year-old boy at Nakibizi, Mukono district. The seven suspects were arrested after the Police and the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) carried out an operation following the murder of the boy. Moses Kimbowa, Muzamiru Mukalazi and Anthony Ssendikadiwa Mulangira, all witchdoctors and residents of Namwezi village, were arrested on Monday evening. More...

22 killed in road accident

By our correspondent, July 23 2009
Some died swiftly, others slowly and agonizingly. There were those who lost the battle to live, young and upbeat about what the future held for them. But still there were those who died too young to comprehend what life and death were-all they knew were their parents’ names-Daddy and ‘Mummy’ More...

Mau forest land grabbers won't be compensated - Wekesa

By Karanja Njoroge, July 23 2009
The Government has ruled a blanket compensation for all settlers at the Mau Forest Complex. Forestry and Wildlife Minister Noah Wekesa said a thorough vetting would be conducted to establish how some settlers got into the forest. The minister said opportunists who had encroached into the forest would not be compensated. More...

kenya driving licenseUK driving license
Colonial era driving licences in Kenya (left) are to be ditched in favour of biometric types like those used in UK (right)

Govt runs of land: Two weeks ago, the ministry of lands officially announced the Government had run out of land for allocation and investment, and sent out an SoS to individuals and firms who own between 3,000 and 20,000 acres of land to contact the PS for business. More...
Kenya to ditch colonial-era licenses

By Beauttah Omanga, July 23 2009
Plans to introduce new-look driving licenses are underway. Transport Minister Ali Chirau Mwakwere said the licenses would have special features, which will be used to ban offenders. He said a Belgium-based firm has been awarded the tender to process the new-look licences. The Kenyan driving licences are are a relic from colonial times and resemble the discredited 'kipande' ID scheme which the colonial administration used as a tool to deny Kenyans basic freedoms. Notice the EAK label: That means East Africa Kenya. In Uganda it was EAU and in Tanzania EAT. More...

East Africa gets faster internet

Internet broadband has become a reality in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda for the first time after one of the four awaited undersea cables was finally switched on today (Thursday). More..

Kibaki names Truth Commission

By our correspondent, July 22 2009
President Kibaki has appointed Bethuel Kiplagat to chair the Kenya Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. Mr Kiplagat will now head the nine-member team that will, among other things, address Kenya’s historical injustices. More...

Is Truth Commission a diversionary tactic?

By our reporter, July 22 2009
The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission will allegedly address Agenda Four issues of Kofi Annan brokered National Accord. But no one knows for sure whether the establishment of this organ is a diversionary tactic by the president to take pressure off the either the establishment of a credible local tribunal to try suspects of post election violence or shove them to The Hague.

bethuel kiplagat
Ambassador of peace: Bethuel Kiplagat to head Tructh, Justice and Reconciliation Commission.
Land grabbers to be rewarded

By Bernard Namunane, July 22 2009
Illegal settlers will be paid to leave Mau Forest, according to an agreement reached between Prime Ministers Raila and Rift Valley MPs. Those who were illegally given land in the forest as well as those who got theirs in the proper way will all be paid. Besides the compensation, another Sh38 billion will be needed to rehabilitate the destroyed forest, which is also one the country’s five main sources of water. Mr Odinga met the 22 MPs for two and half hours on Monday afternoon and reached the deal after heated arguments. More...

Kenya's oldest woman dies

By John Ngirachu, July 22 2009
On the morning of July 11, Rahab Wangui Ng’ang’a died peacefully in her bedroom at her son’s house at Thakwa in Githunguri. Neither her birth nor her death on that cold morning would be considered significant until one realises that the two events were at least 125 years apart. Her year of birth is given as 1884. More...

rahab wangui ng'ang'a
Kenya's oldest woman, Rahab Ng'ang'a has died aged 125.
Goat witchdoctor busted as a con

By Baraka Karama, July 21 2009
A Ugandan witchdoctor who has made a fortune by pretending he can cast deadly spells on suspected thieves was unmasked in Kisumu. The quack has been hiring accomplices to pose as thieves and eat grass to prove the potency of his wizardry. Yesterday, a Ugandan he had hired for Sh5,000 to pose as a busted goat thief narrowly escaped death after he was attacked by the public who discovered the trick at Migosi Estate. More...

Kibaki to eat a healing meal at Raila's Opoda Farm in Siaya

By our correspondents, July 21 2009
President Kibaki will have lunch at Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s rural residence at Opoda Farm in Bondo when he makes a tour of Nyanza this weekend. Making his first visit to Kisumu during his second term in office, Kibaki is expected to commission the Sh12 billion Sondu Miriu hydropower project in Nyakach, launch the tarmacking of Kendu-Homa Bay Road and preside over the Sh2.9 billion Kisumu Airport expansion project. On Saturday, the Head of State will have lunch at Raila’s farm before visiting Lands Minister James Orengo’s Ugenya constituency. More...

bewitched kisumu thieves busted
Witchcraft con: Long used to taking the public for a ride by posing as bewitched, grass-eating thieves, wananchi had the last laugh as they forced this suspect to carry a ‘stolen’ goat to the police station. Photos: James Keyi
Kibaki loses his temper

By our correspondents, July 22 2009
President Kibaki lost his temper during the Cabinet meeting on Monday. Sources said Kibaki lost his temper when the Cabinet dragged debate on the agenda. "The president was angry and termed the debate "bure" (useless). Sources said Kibaki was unhappy when Trade Minister Amos Kimunya is said to have proposed establishment of a special division of the High Court to try suspects. Moses Wetangula and John Michuki, want the local tribunal to circumvent the Rome Treaty and guarantee immunity of Kibaki if he is implicated. More...

Woman sues tourist over sex fees default

By M. Mudi, July 22 2009
A woman who claims she rendered sexual services to a tourist for two weeks is demanding Sh70,000 from him. Ms Belinda Obonyo filed an application under a certificate of urgency in a Mombasa court, yesterday. She told Senior Resident Magistrate Michael Ondieki the defendant, Paulus Heinz, 69, arrived in Kenya on June 17 with his daughter and following prior arrangements, offered the "defendant and his daughter" sex, cooking and laundry services. More...

Kibaki's to make a rare visit to Luo Nyanza

By Daniel Otieno, July 21 2009
Two major projects are the centre of President Kibaki’s visit to Nyanza on Friday and Saturday. The Commissioning of the works at the Kisumu Airport and the Kendubay - Homabay road and officially opening of the Sondu-Miriu hydroelectric project are among the engagements that the president is expected to undertake in the two-day visit. The only other time the president has visited Luo Nyanza since the 2007 General Election was during a graduation ceremony at Maseno University late last year. More...

Raped nanny dies: An elderly woman died after a rape ordeal leaving residents shocked and wondering what the world had come to. The woman, 74, died after a 22-year-old, reportedly raped her in Siaya District, last Saturday. More...
kisumu airport
Kisumu International Airport under construction. Photo:Jacob Owiti
All cell phones to be monitored in Kenya

By our correspondent, July 21 2009
The Kenya Government has moved to ensure that mobile phone subscribers are registered to curb crime. The decision has been reached following the increase in use of phones to carry out criminal activities arising from the fact that most users are unregistered. More...

Gay Africans: HIV rates among gay men in some African countries are 10 times higher than among the general male population, says medical Lancet. More.
Miss Uganda UK meets the media

By our correspondent, July 20 2009
Miss Uganda UK 2009 Beauty Queen Maria Namiiro will face the media for the media for the first time on Sunday 9th August 2009 at GUVNOR Night club, London. The beauty queen will field questions about her new found fame, how she is coping with all the attention but most importantly her work with the charities. | Photos |

Maria Namiiro has already resumed her charitable duties. The first of which was the Charity & Funders Fair, held in Westminster, which she attended together with the Latitude Care Network director, Grace Adok. This event promoted small charities and community cohesion. The second event that she attended with her parents was the monthly Sunday prayers of the Acholi UK community, held in Stratford, London. Maria will represent UK Ugandans in the prestigious Miss Uganda 2009 for Miss World on Saturday 26th September 2009 to be held at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala. For more information, visit: www.missugandauk.com or phone Tel: +44 (0) 7735 057 258 or Email: press@missugandauk.com

miss uganda 2009, maria namiiro
The images that bewitched the judges and the audience to win Maria Namiiro the coveted prize of Miss Uganda UK 2009 last month.
Uganda's oil enough for domestic purposes

By Ibrahim Kasita, July 20 2009
THE 700 million barrels of discovered oil are enough for Uganda, Tim O’Hanlon, the Tullow Oil Group vice-president, has disclosed. Uganda consumes about 11,000 barrels of oil per day and depends on Kenya for supplies since it is a landlocked country. Disruption of supplies in Kenya has always affected the supply and price in Uganda. He said plans to provide fuel for power generation were being considered, adding that the company was also looking at establishing a refinery. More...

Kenya's Tower of Babel crumbles

By our correspondents, July 21 2009
President Kibaki took his position at the oval Cabinet table and called the second session of ministers to order but once again talks deadlocked. "We did not move an inch from where we were last week," one minister at the meeting that lasted four hours told The Standard. This captured the image of the Grand Coalition as bearer of two faces - in public it is one of unity and purpose but behind closed doors it is a divided house that could at best be described as Kenya’s Tower Babel. More...

PC's, DC's disown new 'provinces'

By our correspondents, July 21 2009
The Government’s move to create sub-provinces and appoint new PCs has caused a storm among Provincial Administrators and politicians alike. The move is seen as usurping the roles of the Interim Independent Boundaries Commission (IIBC) chaired by former Vihiga MP, Andrew Ligale and already there is a suit challenging the new administrative units. More...

Migingo is in Kenya - but only just

By Kepher Otieno, July 21 2009
Preliminary reports from month-long border survey to determine the location of the controversial Migingo Island show it is in Kenya. But that is the only good news. The bad news is that the one-acre island is only 510 metres inside Kenya’s territory. For Kenyan fishermen, this means that they would only fish a half a kilometre into the western waters that teem with fish. They would constantly risk getting into trouble with Uganda’s police. More...

Namu named African Journalist of the Year

By James Ratemo, July 20 2009
It was joy, dance and jubilation at a ceremony in the International Convention Centre, Durban where KTN reporter, John Allan Namu scooped the coveted CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year Award 2009. More...

Condemned maize shipped to SA

By Philip Mwakio, July 20 2009
The controversial maize rejected over its quality was loaded onto a ship ready for return to South Africa. The 6,254 metric tones of white maize is to be shipped from Mombasa port under the watchful eye of health officials. Deputy Chief Public Health Officer John Kariuki inspected the maize at a Government bonded warehouse before being loaded onto the vessel. More...

john allan namu
KTN reporter John Allan Namu stands tall after winning the CNN African Journalist of the Year Award at the International Convention Centre, Durban, South Africa, on Saturday.

Beckham booed: Golden boy David Beckham was booed by LA Galaxy fans yesterday in his first match since returning from Italy. More...
african beauty queen
Beauty contest bans unnatural skins: A beauty contest in Cote d'Ivoire has banned women who use skin lighteners. Dubbed ''Authentica'' the pageant olny admits as contestants women who wear natural, untreated skins, confirmed by skin experts. ''African Women don't lighten your skin, it's a gift from God," are lyrics from a song especially commissioned by organisers in an effort to celebrate natural beauty of the African woman. 75% of women in Cote d'Ivoire use skin lightening creams. More...
She is the best teacher in Kenya

By Billy Muiruri, July 20 2009
Her language flow is smooth and one experiences her motherly demeanour as soon as you start to chat with her. She is soft-spoken, a listener and is empathetic. She talks of a fulfilled career life, and for the 19 years she has been a teacher at Pangani Girls High School, her record of performance is unbeatable. Mrs Alice Kwamboka Omari was named the best teacher in the country in this year’s secondary school head teachers’ conference in Mombasa recently. She beat about 60,000 teachers to this award. And now, she savours the victory satisfied that it was never a mistake to kill her dream of becoming a lawyer and turn to teaching. Earlier, last year, she was Nairobi province’s best teacher. Born in Mochengo Village in Gucha District, Mrs Omari exhibited academic genius early in her life. She always topped her class at Mochengo Primary School and was in the cream of Ahero Girls where she went for secondary school in 1981. More...

alice omar
Mrs Alice Omari, a Pangani Girls High School English teacher, displays the awards she received during the recent teachers conference in Mombasa. Photo: PHOEBE OKALL
Deya reveals source of his wealth

By our correspondent, July 20 2009
My first church was called Salvation of Jesus Christ Church, which I started in 1976. It was here that I became a pastor and a man who knew how to preach. So I can say I have been a pastor since my son Amos was born. In this church in Kibera Laini Saba, I had about 300 members. More...

Shinyalu a test for electoral body

By Benson Amadala, July 20 2009
As the by-election date for Shinyalu and Bomachoge constituencies draws nearer, the public is keenly watching the Interim Independent Electoral Commission and its ability to deal firmly with incidents of electoral malpractices. The events unfolding in Shinyalu are already signalling tough times for the IIEC as officials grapple with allegations of vote-buying. More...

Parties dismiss creation of 20 sub-provinces as a PNU project

By Oscar Obonyo, July 20 2009
The creation of 20 sub-provinces by President Kibaki may have been well intended but its timing and apparent implementation of the proposal of his Party of National Unity (PNU) have elicited suspicions. Amid this ping-pong, however, the striking similarity of the President’s plan and PNU’s proposals made public recently do not appear to be a mere coincidence. Safina Party leader Paul Muite says the friction is partly caused by the Executive’s interference in the recently created electoral body and border review (IIBRC) commissions. Kanu leaders led by Gideon Moi and Nick Salat have rejected a Government move to create sub-provinces. More...

So what next for Ligale?

By our reporter, July 20 2009
The creation of 20 sub-provinces by President Kibaki even before Andrew Ligale, the chairman of the Electoral and Boundaries Review Commission, submits his report is typical of Kibaki's disregard for procedures, the constitution and the law. Leaders across the political divide read politics in this latest manoeuvre. Narc Kenya leader, Martha Karua, Safina's Paul Muite, Chepalungu MP, Isaac Ruto, Kanu's Gideon Moi are among politicians who have dismissed the creation of the sub provinces as a PNU project. Many see the new deputy provincial commissioners as strategically place to do the bidding of PNU come 2012. This has compromised the work of Andrew Ligale and no one knows whether Mr Ligale will be allowed to finish his work.

elizabeth ongoro
Kasarani MP Elizabeth Ongoro ready to defend herself at any tribunal - local or foreign.
Cabinet defers decision on tribunal again

By our correspondent, July 20 2009
A special meeting of the Kenya Cabinet has failed to agree on the issue of implementing legislation for the establishment of a Special Tribunal. Instead, a team to be headed by Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs minister Mutula Kilonzo has been tasked to work on proposals discussed. More...

Mudavadi on healing: Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi has asked primary school head teachers to embrace effective management for national healing. More...
ODM rocked by wrangling

By David Ohito, July 20 2009
The fortunes of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) appeared to be dwindling this weekend, as it emerged that discontent was mounting over the running of the party’s affairs. And some of the party’s MPs are withholding their membership fees to protest what they describe as lethargic leadership. Its dismal performance in the mayoral elections countrywide, despite its numerical strength in municipal councils, amply demonstrates its changed fortunes, barely a year and a half after its electoral success. More...

Marende courts US investors: National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende has asked US traders to invest in Kenya. More...
luis moreno-ocampo
Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the International Criminal Court prosecutor who has failed to live to his word of naming Kenyan ministers in the envelop.
Ocampo fails to name names in envelop

By our correspondents, July 20 2009
Prime Minister Raila Odinga has faulted the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s failure to release names of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence. Raila also dismissed as propaganda the list of people suspected to have had a hand in the post-election skirmishes. It was released by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR). More...

Politicians to sue human rights body

By Maseme Machuka, July 20 2009
Politicians named in the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights list of post-poll chaos suspects will collectively sue to have their names expunged. Tourism Minister Najib Balala, Assistant Minister Elizabeth Ongoro and MP Omondi Anyanga said they would fight to get justice done. More...

World's oldest man dies

By our correspondent, July 18 2009
The Queen has led the tributes to Henry Allingham, the world's oldest man and one of the last surviving World War I servicemen, who has died aged 113. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said, on her behalf, he was of a generation who "sacrificed so much for us all". Mr Allingham served with the Royal Naval Air Service in WWI, later transferring to the Royal Air Force at the time of its creation. Prince Charles and Gordon Brown have also paid tribute to the veteran. More...

Man celebrates 40 years since landing on the moon

By Jacqui Goddard, July 18 2009
For four decades it has sat in bleak isolation on the lunar surface, unseen to the human eye and gathering dust. Now, in new photographs released by Nasa, the remainder of the spacecraft that carried Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the final leg of their voyage to the Moon can be seen for the first time, right where they left it. Nearly 40 years to the day since Armstrong uttered his triumphant “The Eagle has landed”, a robotic probe circling the Moon has taken the first snaps of the vessel. More...

At last chocolate that doesn't melt

It could be the answer to every chocoholic’s dream. Scientists believe they have invented the perfect chocolate that is both melt-resistant and guilt-free. Zurich-based manufacturer Barry Callebaut claims Vulcano will not melt until it hits 55C as opposed to the 30C melting point of normal chocolate. More...

henry allingham
Henry Allingham, the world's oldest man and World War 1 veteran has died aged 113. His passing leaves only two survivors from World War 1 in Britain.

Busia gets a factory

By Francis Kagolo, July 18 2009
THE youth in Busia district (Uganda) can now jubilate following the opening of a leather tanning factory in the poverty-stricken area. Jambo Tannery, owned by businessman Abdul Khadil, started operations in May last year, with over 100 job opportunities, especially for the youth, who are the majority. More...

Man seeks help to offset hospital bills for dead daughter

By our reporter, July 18 2009
A man who lost his elder daughter in a road accident is appealing for help to offset huge hospital bills. Patrick Wikunza says his daughter was planning to wed a man from Busia in September. The couple was travelling from the man’s home in Busia when the accident occurred along Kisumu-Busia road on Monday this week. They were both admitted to Intensive Care Unit in a Kisumu hospital with serious injuries but the girl lost the fight. Mr Wikunza says so far the hospital bill has shot to Shs700, 000 and he has no income to afford it. He is appealing to friends and well wishers for help. Mr Wikunza can be reached at:  wikunzakenyatta@yahoo.com

Makerere declines

By our correspondents, July 18 2009
MAKERERE University is declining into intellectual dwarfism, the Chancellor, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, has said. He blamed this on former President Idi Amin’s dictatorial government between 1971 and 1979, when intellectuals were intimidated and afraid to identify themselves. More

Owiyo to sing at Mandela concert

By Emmanuel Mwendwa, July 17 2009
Undoubtedly, few Kenyan artistes have had as much global impact as Suzanna Owiyo. The singer, composer and acoustic guitarist has for the second year earned a coveted East African flag-bearer slot at the prestigious 46664 Mandela Day concert. Today marks an important date on the international calendar in honour of celebrated African icon Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday. More...

suzzane owiyo
Suzzane Owiyo, dubbed Kenya's Tracy Chapman will be in New York to perform at Nelson Mandela's 91st birthday bash (right).
nelson mandela is 91 Khalwale: Kenyans have no confidence in local courts

By Joel Okwayo, July 17 2009
Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Bonny Khalwale has vowed to push for the resignation of Government officials who will be named in the Waki list of post-poll violence. Dr Khalwale said suspected ministers should be ready to relinquish their positions to pave way for investigations. More...

Anchorman dies: Walter Cronkite, the CBS anchorman known as "the most trusted man in America" for his rectitude and gravitas, died Friday night in his New York home. More...

Pius Mwemba, President Halala USA is inviting all Luhyas to their next annual general meeting scheduled as follows;


Dates: Arrival Friday August 28th – Departure Sunday 30th 2009



Fee: $250 couples/ $150 Individuals.

Luhya night: Saturday 29th with DJ Koplo and DJ Kirambi

Participation fee $20.00. All collections dedicated to our Mobile Clinic in Western Kenya.


Pracksidies Ilamaha – Chairlady Halala Maryland Chapter [Main contact]

Email- pilamaha@yahoo.com Tel: 443-621-1167 Pastor Gilbert Imbayi – Organizing Secretary

Halala Maryland Chapter Email - imbayigilbert@yahoo.com Tel: 410-330-4322.

CONFERENCE UPDATES WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT: www.halalamd.org, www.halalausa.org, www.halalava.org, www.halalanj2005.org, or www.chiniyamtiusa.com

halala maryland
Meeting the President in Baltimore: Halala Maryland chapter will be hosting this year's Halala Conference scheduled to take place from August 28 - 30, 2009. Below: Among the highlights will be a Luhya Night in which traditional isikuti and lipala rhythms will be on display as seen below during the 2007 conference in New Jersey.
luhya night of lipala and isikuti
Sodomy rampant in Ugandan schools

By Issa Aliga, July 16 2009
Rising cases of homosexuality in single-sex schools have forced Masaka diocese to institute a committee to investigate the trend in all catholic-founded schools in Rakai, Sembabule, Kalangala and Masaka districts. Diocesan Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa announced the anti-gay investigation committee on Sunday at St. Henry’s College Kitovu in Nyendo, Masaka, after reports that students were engaging in homosexuality. He said many parents have logged complaints that their children are being sodomised. More...

Europe to arrest Kenyan ministers

The European Union envoys on Thursday warned Kenya that their countries will help the International Criminal Court to deal with election violence suspects. More...

omar al bashir
Haunted by ghosts of Darfur: Sudanese President, Omar al Bashir has cancelled his trip to Uganda for fear he might be arrested under International Criminal Court warrant.
Bashir chickens out of Uganda trip

By our correspondent, July 16 2009
Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir has cancelled plans to travel to Uganda, a Ugandan official says, following speculation he could be arrested. Mr Bashir, wanted on an international arrest warrant for war crimes, had been invited to a development summit. But a Ugandan foreign affairs minister's (henry Oryem Okello) suggestion he could be arrested, followed by a retraction, made the trip less likely. More...

Mbale project stalls

A proposed UShs1.8 billion multi-purpose project that was meant to have started way back in 2004 in Mbale Municipality, Uganda, has stalled amid implementation controversy. More...

Western PC retired

By INGONEWS Reporter, July 16 2009
The controversial tenure of Western Provincial Commissioner, Mr Abdul Mwasserah has ended. Mr Mwasserah was retired yesterday in a provincial reshuffle in which President Kibaki also appointed 20 senior deputy PCs, who will serve at director level in Eastern, Rift Valley, Nyanza, Coast, Western, Nairobi, Central, and North Eastern provinces. The new officers will be in-charge of a cluster of 15 to 20 districts unlike now where some PCs are in-charge of over 60 districts. Kenya currently has 254 districts, up from 53 only six years ago. Mr S M Kilele, who was the DC Nyandarua replaces Mr Mwasserah as Western PC. Mr Mwasera will perhaps best be remembered for receiving irregular payments from Mumias Sugar Company allegedly for providing security services to the sugar firm in a deal that tainted the integrity of provincial administration and Mumias Sugar in equal measure. More...
abdul mwasserah
Abdul Mwasserah (centre), the retired Western PC with First Lady, Lucy Kibaki distributing relief food in Western.

1. W.O Wanyama North Rift Valley  Lodwar 
2. Naftary Mungathia   South Rift Valley  Narok 
3.  Amos Gathecha  Central Rift Valley Nakuru 
4. Wanyama Musyambo  Western Rift Valley Eldoret 
5. Ann Ngetich  Upper Central  Nyeri 
6. Joseph Irungu  Lower Central  Thika 
7. Wycliffe Ogallo  Central Western  Nyahururu 
8. Isaiah Nakoru  Upper North Eastern  Wajir 
9. Hassan O. Farah  Lower North Eastern  Garissa 
10. J.M Kimiywi  Central Eastern Embu
11.  W.S.A Ongayo  Upper Eastern  Marsabit 
12. S.J Otieno  Lower Eastern  Machakos
13. Oku Kaunya  Nyanza Central Kisumu 
14.  Lydia Muriuki Eastern Nyanza  Kisii 
15. J.Kirubi  West Coast  Voi 
16.  Charles K. Muathe  South Coast  Mombasa 
17. N.S Marwa North Coast  Malindi 
18. R.M Rashid  Lower Western  Bungoma 
19.  Peter Okwanyo  Upper Western Kakamega
20. J.M Baruga  Nairobi  Nairobi 

Kenya's second woman PC

Ms Claire Omollo until yesterday, the deputy PC Western, becomes the second woman in the country’s history to become a PC, a feat that was first achieved by Ms Philomena Koech. Omollo heads to Eastern Province, the same station Koech headed. Nyanza PC, Paul Olando was also retired along with Josephat Maingi (North Eastern). More...

Butere pentecostal church splits

By Allan Kisia, July 16 2009
Twenty churches have broken away from the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) church over disputed elections. The splinter churches in Butere District have consequently formed what they term Reformed PAG Kenya. Elections to pick a district overseer at Ibinda in Khwisero split the 36 churches. The dispute emerged after Anthony Kenyakisa and Paulo Kombo each claimed to be duly elected. The Reverend Kombo then distanced himself from 20 churches and formed the Reformed PAG. More...

florence simbiri-jaoko and hassan omar
Seven ministers named as warlords: Kenya National Commission for Human Rights chairperson Ms Florence Simbiri-Jaoko and vice-chair Hassan Omar during the re-launch of the report on post election violence at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi on Friday. Seven cabinet ministers, three assistant ministers and seven MPs are among over 200 individuals named in a new list of alleged perpetrators and financiers of the post-election violence. More...

Fishermen alarmed as Migingo survey stalls

By Kepher Otieno, July 16 2009
Ugandan surveyors remained non-committal on when they would return to conclude joint survey of the disputed Migingo Island. The move has now raised anxiety among Kenyan fishermen who had pegged their hope on the outcome of the survey to help resolve the dispute. More...

Govt still paying billions to Anglo Leasing ghosts

By Alex ndegwa, July 15 2009
Taxpayers may have lost Sh1billion after it emerged the Government could have paid for five Anglo Leasing contracts cancelled in 2004. Gichugu MP, Martha Karua Wednesday claimed the Government had made a payment of Sh1billion despite its persistent denial. "The Government has always denied any further Anglo Leasing payments have been made. But now, the Government is confirming there’s a payment of Sh1 billion." The Narc-Kenya chairperson made the remark at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Wednesday. More...

amos kimunya
Trade Minister, Amos Kimunya: ''So long as Wako is still Attorney General, forget about reforms.''
amos wako
Attorney General, Amos Wako caricatured as an angry cow.

Wako, Kimunya draw swords

By Martin Mutua, July 15 2009
Details are emerging of how Trade Minister Amos Kimunya clashed with Attorney General Amos Wako during the Tuesday Cabinet meeting over the constitution of a local tribunal to try perpetrators of post-poll violence. Sources privvy to the meeting said Kimunya fired a shot at Wako by dismissing him in full view of his colleagues."He told the President to his face that as long as he has Wako as his AG, he should forget about reforms and the Bills," said one source. Wako lost his temper and hit back at Kimunya as the two nearly turned the meeting into a name-calling contest while the rest watched. The two have a history of throwing brickbats at each other, the last time during the controversial sale of the Grand Regency (now Laico). More...

Kibaki on a healing mission to Luo Nyanza

By our correspondents, July 15 2009
President Kibaki will visit Kisumu next week for the first time since the 2007 disputed presidential election. Prime Minister Raila Odinga will lead local leaders in hosting the President when he makes a three-day state visit to the ODM strongholds of Nyanza. More...

Kenyans want cabinet dissolved

By our correspondent, July 15 2009
Politicians and the civil society piled pressure on President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to dissolve the Cabinet if they cannot not provide leadership and commitment to fight impunity. The principals were challenged to rally the Cabinet to a consensus in setting up a special tribunal to try perpetrators of post-election violence. More...

Ruto beats a retreat over The Hague, roots for local tribunal

Agriculture minister William Ruto was at it again on Wednesday. Tired of pushing for The Hague, he has now turned full circle and wants post-election violence cases handled by a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. More...

Govt admits insecurity is rampant but does nothing

By Peter Opiyo, Jyuly 15 2009
The Government has admitted that upsurge of insecurity was a major challenge, saying police reforms were inevitable. Speaking at the requiem Mass of Youth Affairs PS Kinuthia Murugu at Starehe Boys’ Centre, President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga spoke of how the country lost a dedicated servant in the hands of criminals. More...

Mudavadi wants mayors elected directly

A Bill whose enactment will see Kenya mayors and council chairpersons elected directly by the people has been tabled in the Cabinet. Local Government minister Musalia Mudavadi said the Bill is awaiting discussion before being tabled in Parliament. More...

Militia leader killed

A Sabaot Lands Defence Force (SLDF) leader was on Wednesday gunned down by police in Kitale. More...

Sambu wants Raila, Kibaki charged

By Eric Ngovilo, July 15 2009
President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga should be the first people to face trial at the International Criminal Court for post- election violence, Webuye MP Alfred Sambu has said. Mr Sambu said the Kriegler report, which investigated all aspects of the 2007 elections, clearly stated the winner of the last General Election was not known and the violence which followed later was as a result of the two groups not agreeing on the results. More...

alfred sambu
Webuye MP, Alfred Sambu wants Raila, Kibaki charged at The Hague as the principal perpetrators of election violence.
Varsity don joins Shinyalu race

By Kenndy Lumwamu, July 15 2009
A university lecturer has joined the race for the Shinyalu parliamentary seat left vacant following the death of former MP Lugano Lilechi. While addressing the press in Eldoret, Moi University lecturer Mr Charles Mushenye Sambuli said that he will seek the seat on an ODM ticket. “My move is motivated by lack of leadership which has been witnessed since independence,” he said. The don added that a large section of people in the constituency were still poor and yet it had natural resources. More...

Uganda won't arrest Bashir: The Ugandan government has dismissed claims that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, wanted for war crimes, faces arrest if he visits the country. More...
Marende leads budget team to US

By Philip Mulee, July 15 2009
Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende and four MPs have left the country for US.The team includes MPs Prof Margaret Kamar (Eldoret East), Joseph Lekiton (Laisamis), Jeremiah Kioni (Ndaragwa) and Gitobu Imanyara of Imenti Central and will hold consultations with institutional leaders of the US government. More...

Kenya seizes coffins - of ivory

Kenyan authorities have seized 300kg (660 lbs) of illegal ivory hidden in coffins on a plane bound for Laos. The haul included 16 elephant tusks and black rhinoceros horns. Officials said the blood on the ivory suggested the animals had been killed very recently. More...

Graft mars census staff recruitment

By our correspondents, July 14 2009
Recruitment of census officials across the country has been marred by allegations of corruption. In Western Province, youths complained that the large number of civil servants and teachers who had applied for the job would make their chances slimmer. Thousands of youths turned up to seek jobs as enumerators in Samia, Busia and Bunyala districts. In East Wanga Division, job-seekers expressed their dissatisfaction with the list of those shortlisted. In one case, one person’s name appeared in four different lists covering different sub-locations. In Trans Nzoia, several people who turned up for census interviews in various divisions were turned away because they were not shortlisted. The national census will take place on the nights of August 24-25, 2009. More...

kenya population census enumerators
Targets of graft: Applicants for the post of enumerators line up for an examination. Over 3000 people applied for the job that only required 600. Photo: DAN OBIERO
Fears of tribal rigging in population census

By Samwel Siringi, July 14 2009
A spirited attempt to block a census question that would make it possible for Kenyans to know the number of people in each of the country’s 42 tribes has been rejected even as it emerged that the government was planning to deploy monitors to help prevent rigging of the August national census. Donors wanted the question dropped from the questionnaire on grounds that it will frustrate efforts towards national healing. More...

Trials of a cabinet that is vague over The Hague

By our correspondent, July 14 2009
The special session of Cabinet deadlocked over whether those suspected to hold higher responsibility for post-election violence should be tried at The Hague or by a local tribunal. Sources privy to the meeting said ministers hit a stalemate over a move to create a special tribunal while some favoured a special division of the High Court created under the powers of Chief Justice Evan Gicheru. It was a hard day for President. More...

Anglo Leasing contracts still on

The ghost of the multi-billion Anglo Leasing scandal resurfaced Wednesday during an inquiry by a parliamentary watchdog committee. More...

davy koech
The face of corruption. Former Kemri boss, Dr Davy Koech charged with fraud.
Land grabbers alarmed as Ndungu Report gets a lifeline

By Maseme Machuka, July 14 2009
Grabbed public land could be repossessed if Parliament passes a Bill by the Ministry of Lands. The anticipated law is expected to pave way for the repossession of huge chunks of land illegally acquired by prominent personalities and powerful politicians who were named in the report by a task force chaired by Nairobi lawyer Paul Ndung’u in 2005. Lands Minister James Orengo said this at a forum where he was confronted with the question: Is implementation of the Ndung’u land report a mission impossible? More...

Migingo: Ugandans stay away

A meeting to resolve standoff between Ugandan and Kenyan surveyors working on Lake Victoria’s territorial boundaries did not take place as scheduled. More...

Former Kemri boss charged with corruption

By Cyrus Ombati, July 14 2009
Former Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) director, Davy Koech, has been arrested over corruption claims. Yesterday, the police questioned the long-serving Kemri boss, before locking him up in Nairobi. His arrest is related to a fraud case in which Kemri lost more than Sh19.3 million when he was the director. More...

Luo community stunned by cremation of Okuthe

By Winsley Masese, July 14 2009
News that former chairman of Kenya National sports Council has been cremated has stunned his community. His clan will consult Luo Council of Elders for the way forward as cremation is unheard of in this part of the world. More...

Former Shinyalu MP summoned over fraud

By our reporter & agencies, July 13 2009
Former Shinyalu MP, Daniel Khamasi has been summoned by the Electoral Commission after he was implicated in an illegal voter registration exercise. Kakamega IIEC Co-ordinator Daniel Mogoria Nyongesa said a man who was arrested after he was found in possession of voter registers similar to those of IIEC without authority, said he was working under instructions from the Kaddu aspirant. Meanwhile two suspects appeared before a Kakamega court charged with various electoral malpractices ahead of the Shinyalu by-election. The accused, Mr Felix Libeya and Mr Raphael Mwavale were bonded until the case is heard on August 14, 2009. More

State House sacks 'limo' officials

Five more State House officials have been suspended over the purchase of luxury limousines that the First Family rejected. More...

maureen achieng
Maureen Achieng: Kidnapped herself to claim ransom

Woman kidnaps herself

By Fred Mukinda, July 13 2009
A Kenyan woman staged her own kidnapping to extort money from her father, sparking a nationwide hunt by elite units of the police. Ms Maureen Odera made teary calls to her father claiming she was in the hands of brutal abductors who would kill her if he did not send Sh150,000. All the while, Ms Odera was living in lodgings with her boyfriend. More...

Famine looms in Nyanza after 80% of crops fail

By our correspondent, July 13 2009
Nyanza is on the brink of a massive famine after farmers recorded one of the poorest harvests. Agriculturalists said more than 80 per cent of maize and other cereal crops planted in the province this year had wilted on the farms due to bad weather. More...

Ocampo to name Kenyan ministers in the envelop

By Lucianne limo, July 13 2009
I will open Kenya’s sealed envelope and spill the beans this week, Chief Prosecutor of International Criminal Court Mr Luis Moreno-Ocampo promised the world. "(The Waki envelope) is already in my office in Geneva," he said in Kampa from Dr Kofi Annan. "When I return I will open it and let the public know the details." More...

Widow recalls last moments with slain Saboti CDF manager

By Osinde Obare, July 13 2009
A widow broke down as she testified over the killing of her husband, the former Saboti CDF Manager Joshua Orina. Ms Jemima Nyamosi narrated to Kitale High Court how her husband disappeared moments after he was summoned for a meeting with former CDF Treasurer Isaac Masengeli. Orina was abducted in Kitale town on March 18, last year, before his body was found near the Nzoia Sugar Company in Bungoma West District. More...

Constitution: NGO's salvage review team

By By Noah Cheploen, July 13 2009
A group of NGOs Monday said it did not have faith in the committee of experts leading the quest for a new constitution. More....

justice nicholas ombija
Justice Nicholas Ombija: Not taking it lying down. Read Ombija's profile.
High Court Judge, Minister fight over posh toilet covers

By Alphonce Mung'ahu, July 13 2009
A suit against Planning and National Development minister Wycliffe Oparanya has been fixed for full hearing on October 5. Milimani Commercial Court Lady Justice Jessie Lesiit set the date yesterday when the case in which the minister is sued over executive toilet seat covers came up for mention. Justice Nicholas Ombija has moved to court seeking orders to compel the minister to return executive toilet seat covers from a house he (Oparanya) has sold to the judge at Kitisuru Estate in Nairobi. Oparanya on the other hand has said the toilet covers were not part of the deal. The legal duel is likely to cost a lot more than the value of the covers. More...

wycliffe oparanya
Minister for Planning, Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya. Oparanya who is also MP for Butere has said the executive toilet seat covers were not part of fixtures and fittings.
Three arrested in Shinyalu with unauthorised election register

By Stephen Makabila, July 12 2009
Nearly a month to the by-elections, police are investigating claims a political party acquired copies of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) voter registers. On Sunday, Kakamega IIEC co-ordinator Daniel Nyongesa said the acquisition of the registers was a serious electoral offence. More...

Africa doesn't need strongmen, it needs strong institutions, says President Obama

By Christi Parsons, July 12 2009
President Barack Obama returned to the continent of his ancestors for a presidential visit Saturday, praising Africa's democratic successes but also challenging leaders to fight corruption and violence. History will favor leaders who "respect the will of their own people," Obama said, like those who have opposed violence in Kenya and promoted free elections in Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. "Africa doesn't need strongmen," he said in an address to the Ghanaian Parliament. "It needs strong institutions." More...

ketan somaia
Flamboyant Kenyan businessman Ketan Somaia

Somaia charged in UK with fraud

By Lucas Barasa, July 12 2009
Kenyan businessman Ketan Somaia has been charged in a UK court where he was wanted for fraud. The UK embassy in Nairobi said the businessman was however granted bail. Mr Somaia was extradited to Britain from India last Wednesday. India’s Daily Mirror newspaper said Mr Somaia, who was wanted in UK for fraud, was extradited more than six months after he was detained at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport following a notice issued by Interpol. More...

Mudavadi denies flouting IIEC rules

By Peter Atsiaya, July 12 2009
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has dismissed accusations by the Independent Interim Electoral Commission (IIEC) that he usurped its role in nomination of councillors. The Local Government Minister said allegations by IIEC chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan that he overstepped his mandate were untrue and misleading. More...

Migingo survey hits a snag

By Kepher Otieno, July 12 2009
Joint surveyors on the disputed Migingo Island differed again on technicalities, plunging the exercise into crisis. Ugandan surveyors demanded to compile a report on the work done so far, before completing the exercise. But Kenyan surveyors shot down the proposal. More...

British woman charged with noisy sex breach

By our correspondent, July 12 2009
A woman has been remanded in custody accused of breaching an Asbo banning her from being noisy during sex. Neighbours complained of hearing Caroline Cartwright, 48, groaning and her bed banging against the wall at her home in Washington, Wearside. Earlier this month she was given a four-year Asbo banning her from making excessive noise anywhere in England. More...

UK firm charged with corruption in Africa

By our correspondent, July 12 2009
British engineering company has admitted it was involved in overseas corruption and breaching UN sanctions. Mabey & Johnson tried to influence officials in Jamaica and Ghana when bidding for public contracts. More...

Voice of Kenya totters on the verge of collapse

By Peter Opiyo, July 10 2009
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is on the verge of collapse unless the Government pumps in Sh1 billion to modernise it. Weighing under a debt of Sh18 billion, the State broadcaster is said to have accrued most of the liability through obsolete equipment acquired on Sh10 billion loan from Japan. More...

Randy camel bites off guard's ear

By our correspondents, July 10 2009
Showgoers at the just concluded Nakuru Agricultural show were treated to a bizarre and rare spectacle when an angry camel attacked a security guard who tried to separate it from its mate. Mr Bishar Ibrahim lost part of his ear and suffered several broken ribs when he interfered in the camels’ private affair. More...

Obama's trip splits Africa: Obama's visit to Ghana has divided Africa .More.
Sue govt if you have no access to water, power - varsity don

By our correspondent, July 10 2009
A law should be enacted to guarantee public access to essential facilities, Masinde Muliro University Vice Chancellor,  Prof Barasa Wangila, says. The V-C said such a law would ensure electricity, roads and transport were available to majority of the people. He said once such a law was put in place, those who failed to provide essential infrastructure would be punished. More...

Internet racists jailed

By BBC, July 10 2009
Two men have been jailed after becoming the first in the UK to be convicted of inciting racial hatred online. Simon Sheppard, 51, of Selby in North Yorkshire, received four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, of Preston, two years and four months. More...

Family feuds over whether to bury or cremate dead sports official

joshua okuthe Late Joshua Okuthe, chairman of Kenya Sports Council

By Sam Kiplagat, July 10 2009
A burial dispute reminiscent of the 1980’s court drama between the Umira Kager clan and Wambui Otieno is in the offing. Although the dispute involves a son of the same clan, the reason for the fight is different – whether Mr Joshua Hardy Okuthe should be cremated. Mr Okuthe, 62, the chairman of the Kenya National Sports Council, died on July 5. His wife, Ruth Florence Okuthe, had planned to cremate him on Friday. More...

Shocking: Mombasa empties sewage in Indian Ocean

By Ngumbao Kithi, July 10 2009
The Ministry of Public Health was thrown into a spin after it emerged Mombasa empties raw effluent into the Indian Ocean. Public Health Minister Beth Mugo expressed ‘shock’ yesterday when she was informed the town of more than a million people does not have an operational sewage treatment plant. Mombasa Municipal Council Public Health officer Swaleh Chidagaya said only two such facilities existed in the island several years ago and have since collapsed. More...

Uganda police free Migingo fishermen

By Nick Oluoch, July 10 2009
Ugandan authorities have freed six fishermen whose arrest sparked protests in Migingo Island on Tuesday. The fishermen were released yesterday morning after negotiations between Kenyan fishermen and the Ugandans. An official Juma Ombori said they held lengthy talks before the fishermen were released. More...

Father impregnates teenage daughter

By Charles Ariko, July 9 2009
TWO teenage girls aged 12 and 15 have been rescued from their father who repeatedly defiled them. The elder girl became pregnant as a result. The girls have been living with their father identified as Mutumba Mugagga in Busaale village Nakisunga sub-county in Mukono district. They were rescued last week by a local Non-Governmental Organisation after a tip-off. More...

Kenyan student dies in Uganda after drinking five litres of chang'aa

By Moses Bikala, July 9 2009
AN 18-year-old Kenyan student recently died after trying to drink five litres of crude waragi (chang'aa). Simon Karangu, a Senior Three student of Green Hill Secondary School in Bugiri town, had earlier been engaged in an argument with fellow Kenyan students on whether he could take the alcohol within two minutes. More...

Girls burn school after failing to meet boys

By Steven Ariong, July 9 2009
When students of Kangole Girls School organised and hosted a Girl Guides’ party last week, they appeared to have expected more than just the food, drinks, entertainment and the usual speeches from the invited guests. Apparently, they needed the males on the menu hence the invitation of boys from nearby schools like Kaabong SS, Kotido SS, Moroto High School and Apostles of Jesus Seminary. More...

Govt ambushed as Annan hands over secret envelop

By our correspondent, July 9 2009
Kenya’s attempts to delay punishment of top suspects accused of crimes against humanity on Thursday backfired after chief mediator Kofi Annan abruptly handed over the secret list to the International Criminal Court. What started as recommendations for the formation of a commission of inquiry into the violence following the presidential election in 2007 is now formally an international judicial matter and Kenya’s options have all but ended. More...

Was he the dad of MJ's children? Michael Jackson has a rare skin condition known as lupus, his dermatologist, Dr Arnie Klein, claimed on Larry King Live last night but 'denied' fathering the singer's children.. More...
political puppets of kenya
Greedy politicians cornered by Annan

At a recent prayer breakfast in Kenya, religious matters were pushed aside and instead gluttony was the order of the day. President Mwai Kibaki struggled to eat a whole chapatti in one go, Prime Minister Raila Odinga spilt tea down his suit and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka struggled after getting a sausage stuck in his mouth. More...

Kenyan political thugs panick

By our correspondent, July 9 2009
International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo would cherish the prosecution of Kenya’s post-election violence suspects. The man nurses an insatiable appetite to take on the rich and powerful. In fact, that is how the 57-year-old Argentine earned the job of the world’s most powerful prosecutor. More...

Mystery of police wages deductions

By our correspondents, July 9 2009
Police officers in the lower ranks have questioned the legality of rent deductions from their salaries. They said this was unlawful as the government had the obligation to provide housing for them. In a letter to Police Commissioner Hussein Ali on Thursday, the officers asked him to order an end to the deductions. More...

Shot PS dies

By our correspondent, July 8 2009
Youth and Sports Permanent Secretary Kinuthia Murugu dies at the Nairobi Hospital where he has been since being shot by carjackers 3 weeks ago. Mr Murugu was shot by thugs during a carjacking incident on June 19 at Nairobi's Kilimani neighbourhood. More>>>

Mboya's daughter in the footsteps of her father

The Africa Airlift Programme to the United States, an initiative of Dr Susan Mboya, is a partnership between Coca-Cola East and Central Africa, Safaricom and the Zawadi Africa Education Fund. More...

doctor susan mboya
Like father like daughter: Dr Susan Mboya (3rd left), daughter of slain politician, Tom Mboya, with beneficiaries of the Zawadi Africa Foundation, and education initiative. The programme is celebrating its 50th year since the first airlift of Kenyan students to the US. Her father, Tom Mboya organised the first batch of Kenyans to benefit from a similar arrangement after independence in 1963. Photo/MICHAEL MUTE
Minister robbed in his Nairobi home

By Dominic wabala, July 9 2009
An assistant minister is the latest victim of attacks by gangsters in an increasingly worsening security situation. Mr William Cheptumo and his family was terrorised by a five-man gang for over 40 minutes at his Nairobi home on Sunday evening, before it drove away with household goods. He is an assistant minister for Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs. More>>>

Car import scandal: A smuggling syndicate that specialises in importing over-age motor vehicles is ripping off unsuspecting buyers in Mombasa. More...
Panic grips Webuye over Panpaper protests

By Allan Kisia, July 3 2009
Business in Webuye town stalled when hundreds of anti-riot police were deployed to stop residents from demonstrating against the Government delay to revive Pan-Paper Mills. The deployed police officers, in full combat gear, appeared to out-number the would-be protestors. The officers, drawn from Kakamega, Bungoma, Kimilili, Mt Elgon, Lugari and Malava, patrolled the town for the better part of the day to make sure there were no protests. More>>>

Disability rights activist goes for mayor

By Phitallis Masakhwe, July 3 2009
Tim Wanyonyi Wetangula, the director of the Kenya Paraplegic Organisation is standing for mayor of Nairobi. As a lawyer and businessman, Tim will offer professionalism, visionary leadership and seriousness at city hall. Tim’s move is inspirational to disabled Kenyans to want to seek higher leadership in society. It reminds one of the time Joshua Malinga, also physically disabled but, one of the most successful mayors the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe has ever had.

kavirondo warriors
Is Obama a Luhya?

University of Illinois has released some rare footage tracing the origin of Barack Obama, the US president. Above is a photo of what they call Kavirondo warrior. Kavirondo, largely derogatory, is a colonial-era term referring to the western tribes of Luhya, Luo and Kisii. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Obama's ancestors were Luhya from Butere who were banished to Luoland following a curse pronounced on the family.

ODM Mayor loses in Bungoma poll

By our correspondents, July 3 2009
ODM lost the Bungoma mayoral seat to Ford-Kenya in a hotly contested election. Sio Ward Councillor Barasa Ndinga defeated ODM’s out-going mayor Majimbo Okumu by five votes to three. ODM, however, retained the deputy mayor’s position, which incumbent Edith Shikandi got unopposed. The party also took the chairmanship of the Finance; Town Planning, Public Health and Environment committees while PNU took only two committees - Education and Audit. More>>>

Teachers conned Sh120K for non existent jobs

By Samwel Siringi, July 3 2009
A job scandal in which unemployed teachers are paying up to Sh120,000 has been exposed. Teachers in some districts are paying at least Sh80,000 to conmen, according to findings of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), whose officials have unearthed the scandal. The victims are being targeted by an extortion ring, which authorities say is difficult be crack but which they eventually hope to stop. More>>>

Church wants violence suspects tried in Hague

By our correspondents, July 3 2009
Church leaders have vowed to travel to the Netherlands to petition the International Criminal Court to take over the trial of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence. National Council of Churches of Kenya has collected more than 500,000 signatures from the public and appointed two representatives to present its case to ICC’s Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo to commence the process. More>>>

Forest squatters to be evicted - Wekesa

By our correspondents, July 3 2009
Squatters who have settled illegally in the five water towers in the country will be evicted, the government said on Sunday. After the evictions, the government will start rehabilitating the degraded forests, said Forestry and Wildlife minister Noah Wekesa. The destruction of Mt Kenya, Mt Elgon, the Aberdares, Cherangany and Mau forests, he said, had led to reduction of water in rivers and lakes and a shortage of rainfall, leading to food shortages. More>>>

abeingo summer party
From Left: Dr Jedidah Enoch-Onchere (host), Joyce Amakobe, Fred Oula, Martin Shikuku.
abeingo summer party
Abeingo Members listening to rib crackers from Marttin Shikuku. Amusing or not?
abeingo summer party
Investigations are on to find out what amused John Baraza as he listens to Martin Shikuku
abeingo summer party
Time for omutibo and lipala with Maria Omwaka (Mash) leading the pack
martin shikuku
Former Butere MP, Martin Shikuku addressing Abeingo Summer Party on Saturday in London. Mr Shikuku said ACN has the potential to forge unity among the Luhya which is necessary for the survival of the community.
Abeingo can unite the Luhya, says Shikuku

By INGONEWS Reporter, July 2 2009
Veteran politician Martin Shikuku has said that if anyone can unite the Luhya, it is organisations like Abeingo Community Network. The former Butere legislator who was addressing the Annual Abeingo Summer Party in London on Saturday June 27, 2009 said that Luhya in Diaspora are more informed, enlighted and educated and have the potential to rise above the parochialism that has held Luhya nation in disunited bondage. Mr Shikuku is a fellow at Wolfsong College, Cambridge University writing his memoirs spanning 56 years of his political history.

juvenal shiundu
Abeingo chair, Juvenal Shiundu: He appealed to members to invest in Abeingo Holdings Ltd in Kenya which is now ready to undertake investments beginning with buying shares on the Nairobi stock Exchange.
Buy shares in Abeingo Holdings, Luhya urged

By our reporter, July 2 2009
Mr Juvenal Shiundu, Abeingo Community Network chairman has urged Luhya community to buy shares in Abeingo Holdings Ltd, a company set up in Kenya by ACN to spearhead investments drive as a means toward economic empowerment of the community. Anyone wishing to invest, should contact Mr Shiundu who is also the chairman of the Investment Committee on +44 (0) 7730 671 152 or email: chairman@abeingo.org. The chairman was speaking during the well attended Abeingo Annual Summer Party held in London over the weekend.

Kenya ranked most corrupt in EA

By Samwel Kumba, July 2009
Kenya has been ranked as the country with the highest bribery index in East Africa. In a survey carried out between April and May 2009, Transparency International established that the bribery index in Kenya stands at 45 per cent. Uganda’s bribery index is 35 per cent while Tanzania has the lowest at 17 per cent. The survey shows that the police are the most corrupt officials in East Africa. More>>>

Indians can now be gay

A court in the Indian capital, Delhi, has ruled that homosexual intercourse between consenting adults is not a criminal act. The ruling overturns a 148-year-old colonial law which describes a same-sex relationship as an "unnatural offence". More>>>

Kenyan couple cons US nuns of Sh77m

By a correspondent, July 2 2009
A Kenyan couple has pleaded guilty to defrauding Roman Catholic nuns in the United States of more than $1 million (Sh77 million), most of which was then gambled away at a casino. Edward Bosire, 39, and Angela Martin-Mulu, 35, face more than three years in prison. They are scheduled to be sentenced in October by a federal judge in the Midwestern city of Milwaukee. The two posed as homeless siblings who had entered the US illegally and who would be killed if they were deported to Kenya. More>>>

Kenyan elected to UN maritime body for the first time

By INGONEWS Reporter, July 1 2009
Mrs Nancy Karigitu, the director general of Kenya Maritime Authority has been elected vice chair of the International Maritime Organisation's Technical  Cooperation Committee. Mrs Karigitu’s election marks the first time Kenya has been elected to any of the five committees governing IMO‘s operations. Earlier a delighted Mrs  Karigithu put to rest IMO’s criticism of Kenya by delivering the much awaited  Kenya’s Maritime Legislation during the committee’s 59th Session at IMO London headquarters last week. An Italian, Admiral Carlos Olimpo, the former vice chair, was elected chairman. The immediate former chairman is Ben Owusu-Mensah from Ghana.

The other four committees are: Maritime Safety, Marine Environment Protection, Legal and Facilitation committees.  IMO’s Anglophone Africa Head, Juvenal Shiundu congratulated Mrs Karigitu on her election.

IMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations which is responsible for measures to improve the safety and security of international shipping and to prevent marine pollution from ships. It is also involved in legal matters, including liability and compensation issues and the facilitation of international maritime traffic. It was established on 17 March 1948 and met for the first time in January 1959. It currently has 168 Member States.

nancy karigithu
Delighted Nancy Karigitu, the director general of Kenya Maritime Authority was elected vice chair of the Technical Cooperation Committee of the IMO during the 59th session in London last week.
33 UK students quarantined in Kisumu

By Kepher Otieno, July 2 2009
Public Health Minister Beth Mugo visited the hotel in Kisumu where 33 students from the UK are quarantined over Swine Flu. Ms Mugo assured the country the disease was under control. And the students had a taste of sunshine on Tuesday evening when they briefly came out on the hotel’s third floor balcony. More>>>

Officer prefers death to divorce

By Kenan Miruka, July 2 2009
An Administration Police officer tried to commit suicide twice after being thrown out of her matrimonial home, yesterday. According to sources, the couple, both AP officers who have barely been married for a month, started having problems when the man was unable to fulfill his conjugal obligations. The man then heard rumours that his wife’s ex-husband also had the same problem so he took leave from work and went to his rural home in Kisii to seek a traditional cure. Fearing the worst, the woman followed him to try and resolve the issue. More>>>

Fraud rampant in army recruitment

By our correspondent, July 2 2009
Kenyans continue losing millions to fraudsters during the military recruitment exercises, the Department of Defence has said. DoD spokesman Mr Bongita Ongeri said that in the last recruitment carried out in March this year, 170 cases of fraud were reported where members of the public lost Sh17.2 million. On Thursday a seargent was dismissed from service after being found guilty of fraudulently obtaining Sh400,000 from civilians with the promise of recruitment in to the army. More>>>

Bishop from Western Kenya in London on evangelical mission

Bishop Dr Mophat & Donah Kilioba
By our correspondent, July 1 2009
Bishop Dr Mophat Kilioba and his wife Donah are visiting London from Friday 19 June -06 July 2009. The Bishop first came in London in 1978 and ever since he has been visiting different parts until last March when he came to London and he saw a big East African community to his amazement and his heart for London was totally renewed. Dr Kilioba is the Senior Pastor of Donholm  All Nations church. He is also a Bishop with PEFA churches and the Chairman of National Churches Council of Kenya in Nairobi Region.  Mophat is the author of one of the best selling book ‘Marriage on the Crossroad'.

This Sunday, July 5, Bishop Kilioba will be preaching at at Rhema Covenant Ministries – Derinton Community Centre, 101 Derinton Road, Tooting London SW17 8HZ. Time: 11-1.00pm. You are all invited to attend. Contact: Rev Geoffrey Macharia  - 07877 211 908 or  Musa Ndengu - 07846 568 660.

michael jackson's children
Michael Jackson with his children, Prince Michael II, Prince Michael I and Paris Photo: TMZ

Michael Jackson's children 'not his'

By our correspondents, July 1 2009
The mystery of Michael Jackson's children took a further twist as it was claimed that he was not their biological father. His ex-wife Debbie Rowe gave birth to the singer's two elder children, Prince Michael and Paris, during their three-year marriage. Jackson's youngest child, Prince Michael II, was born to an unnamed surrogate. The paternity of the children born to Miss Rowe has long been questioned as both are light-skinned, fair-haired and have blue eyes. More>>>

Muthaura flown to SA for treatment: Ailing Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura was flown to South Africa for further treatment Wednesday morning after he developed heart complications. Mr Muthaura jetted out at 9:15 am from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport aboard a jet belonging to the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) jet. More>>>
Kenyans freak as noose tightens on illegal immigrants in US

By Emeka-Mayaka Gekara, July 1 2009
The noose is tightening on millions of illegal immigrants in the US, including thousands of Kenyans. On Thursday, Senators from President Obama’s Democratic Party outlined plans to overhaul immigration laws to ensure all workers in the US verify their identity through fingerprints or an eye scan. An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants live in the US. Majority of Kenyans who are in this unlawful loop are at the greatest risk of joining a steady stream of returnees. More>>>

Mudavadi disagrees with Odinga

By our correspondent, July 1 2009
A meeting designed to forge ODM’s unity ended in disarray when ministers sharply differed with party leader Raila Odinga on the handling of post-election violence suspects. Ministers and their assistants walked out of the meeting convened by Mr Odinga at his Treasury office to protest his push for a special tribunal to try key suspects. Mr Kosgey, who is the ODM chair, led the onslaught on Mr Odinga by telling him to his face that his push for the tribunal was meant to “arrest” Kalenjins. Deputy party leader Musalia Mudavadi and chief whip Jakoyo Midiwo also said the tribunal was not the “way to go.” Mr Odinga is said to have been saddened by the happenings and remained quiet as the ministers openly castigated him. More>>>

Oparanya, Uhuru, Odinga summoned over missing billions

By Peter Opiyo, July 1 2009
The Treasury was staring in the eye of yet another financial storm after revelations it has been short-changing the Constituency Development Fund. So far, a parliamentary investigation reveals, some Sh3.2 billion cannot be accounted for in CDF cash allocations. This, in effect, is hurting implementation of projects countrywide. Consequently, the Parliamentary Select Committee on CDF has summoned Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya, Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and his assistant Dr Oburu Oginga to explain the circumstances surrounding the disbursement. More>>>

Wetangula wants China, Kenya to exchange prisoners

By Naseemah Mohamed, July 1 2009
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula wants China to consider a prisoner exchange programme to allow Kenyan convicts in China serve sentences locally. Speaking when he met Chinese Assistant Minister for Foreign affairs Zhai Jun, Mr Wetang’ula said the Government was working with the Chinese Embassy on a protocol on the exchange. More>>>

kenya boys choir
The sensational Kenya Boys Choir shot to fame at Obama's inauguration.

Kenya Boys Choir shoots to world fame

The election of the first black president in the US may have seemed like a fairytale – but for the Kenyan Boys Choir, Barack Obama the fairy godfather is just starting to work his magic. Obama’s father was Kenyan, hailing from the western part of the country near Lake Victoria, and this earned the choir an invitation to perform at the 43rd president’s inaugural celebrations in Washington in January this year. Universal Classics and Jazz A&R man, Tom Lewis, had seen a CNN report about their Washington trip on YouTube and sprang into action with recording contract and chequebook. The group is in London until the end of this week perfoming at various venues. It is the first Kenyan group to be signed by a leading record label. More>>>

PS denies diplomatic rift between Muchemi, Chebukaka in London

By David Ochami, July 1 2009
The tenure of Kenya’s High Commissioner to the UK has ended, Foreign Affairs PS Thuita Mwangi has said. But the PS said Joseph Muchemi is still at the mission in London "handing over". But a new high commissioner is yet to be appointed. He denied knowledge of a conflict between Muchemi and acting High Commissioner Addison Chebukaka over management of funds and other mission duties. "There is no crisis at all," said Mwangi referring to reports that different officials at the ministry had written letters to the mission authorising Chebukaka to act as high commissioner and Muchemi to resume duties. More>>>

Kenya alert after UK student tests H1N1 positive

By Cosmas Butunyi, July 1 2009
Kenya on Wednesday sent one more case for further investigations for the H1N1 flu virus. Public Health Minister Beth Mugo told a news conference that the affected person had arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the morning and was being held in an isolation ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital in the city. More>>>