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Striking truckers paralyse Kenya Uganda border operations

By Westfm correspondents, Jan 31 2011
Operations along the busy Northern corridor highway in Teso North District was paralyzed today Monday when over 600 truck drivers blocked the road at Koteko area to protest at what they termed failure by Kenya and Uganda revenue authorities to contain the pile up of trucks that has stretched over 20 kilometres. Carrying twigs and chanting anti-KRA and URA slogans, the drivers blocked the road between Kocholia and Koteko with stones, rendering the road impassable for over three hours as they demanded from the two revenue bodies while the jam was growing by the day. The drivers also alleged that Ugandan customs officials were obsessed with English Premier League matches, feigning networks to get time off going to watch English premier League matches involving their favourite teams, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Teso police boss Elphas Korir who was in the company of his Administration Police counterpart, James Wekesa had to apply diplomacy to convince the drivers to open up the road to the traffic as they await the arrival of Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Abdul Bonaya. The drivers vented their anger on Ugandan authorities for allowing drivers to be overcharged in the new parking yard and to KRA for allowing fuel tankers, Clinkers and ready cement to overlap and leaving the containers to wait indefinitely in the queues. More...

Malaba border
Long queue of trucks that have paralysed operations at the Kenya Uganda border at Malaba. Up to 600 trucks participated in the strike over the weekend.
Tanzanian reunited with her lost daughter at Malaba

A Tanzanian mother of four who had lost hope of finding her daughter alive after she disappeared in November last year, broke into tears of joy when they reunited in Malaba yesterday at the Kenyan border town of Malaba on Sunday. Paskazia Juma, 38, knelt down and thanked God for enabling her meet her first born daughter, Happy Juma after three months of searching. Mrs. Juma travelled over 450km from Sirari on the Kenya-Tanzania border to the Kenya-Uganda border town of Malaba to find her 17-year-old daughter in the able hands of a newspaper vendor, Mary Amoit who offered to accommodate her since December 29 last year. More...

Mudavadi answers Ruto over Luhya unity attack

By Oscar Obonyo, Jan 31 2011
Last weekend, Ruto criticised Mudavadi’s leadership style in his western Kenya backyard. "Mudavadi is mad if he says he cannot run for president because the Luhya are not united. He is supposed to unite them," Ruto told a rally at Webuye. The sentiments elicited sharp reactions from politicians with Mudavadi asking Ruto to avoid personalising issues during "his premature campaigns". Community unity Mudavadi’s private secretary and Director of Public Communication in the DPM’s Office Kibisu Kabatesi reacted thus: "It is an insult to tell a community that welcomes you their leaders are ‘mad’ for not uniting it to fight other communities. If there is any failure on the part of DPM, it is that he abhors the business of uniting one community against another." Mr Kabatesi maintains the Luhya are united and do not require "a hysterical neighbour to unite them". More...

Luhya are united and do not require a hysterical neighbour to unite them - Kabatesi

Eugene Wamalwa
Praying to Wele (God), Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa at Kamukunji on Saturday where he launched his bid for presidency of Kenya on a platform of generational change supported by former Mungiki boss, Maina Njenga and Stanley Livondo.
Wamalwa sounds trumpet of generational change at Kamukunji rally

By Athman Amran, Jan 31 2011
Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa finally held his long anticipated rally at Nairobi’s Kamukunji grounds, where he vowed his presidential ambitions are unstoppable. Wamalwa told an electrified crowd at the historic grounds that it was time for the young generation to take-over the country’s leadership. It was the second time Wamalwa was holding a rally at Kamukunji, his first rally having been dispersed by over 400 police officers last December. "We come to this sacred ground with a deep sense of history and purpose. We come to sound the trumpet and plant the seed of generational and transformational change," said Wamalwa. Hundreds of youth began trooping into the grounds from as early as 7am, chanting slogans in praise of Wamalwa and former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga. By the time Wamalwa arrived in company of Njenga and former Chief of Protocol in the Prime Minister’s office Tony Gachoka at about 10.30am, Kamukunji was filled to capacity. Also present were 'Mr Moneybags' Stanley Livondo and former Webuye MP, Joash Wamang'oli. More...

Cultural festival unites Trans Nzoia communities

By Leonard Wamalwa, Jan 31 2011
Communities living in Western and North Rift regions have been urged to use their diverse cultural and traditional practices to promote peace, unity and development in their respective counties. Speaking in a cultural function for people of Cherangany held at the Kachibora Friends church,the executive director of Good Samaritan International Pastor Thomas Ng'etich said that the different communities should embrace peace and development and be harmonised by learning other communities traditions.Among the communities that presented their different shows were the Abagusi, the Agikuyu, the Marakwet, the Luhya, the Nandi, the Turkana and the Sengwer that drew attention of many people who turned up to be entertained and learn much from some of the presentations that seem to be fading away fast from many communities in the region as the Western culture takes the center stage in lives of many Kenyans. In an exclusive appearance, the West FM advisor of the Lumasaba program that champions the interests of the Bamasaba people living in Bungoma County, Trans Nzoia, and Kakamega Mzee Situma Manyasi presented a Lumasaba traditional song Nandabilika on behalf of the Bungoma people referring to a lazy person who does not want to work but wants to eat. More...

Luhya culture
Culture for peace: Culture as a tool for promoting peaceful co-existence among communities came alive on Saturday in Cherangany during a cultural jamboree in which several communities showcased their culture. Trans Youth chairman Jacob Rotich said that the youths came up with the initiative of approaching peace from the cultural perspective because many cases of violence and disputes have arose because of cultural differences between the warring parties.

LSK supports Kibaki's nominations for CJ, AG

By our correspondent, Jan 31 2011
The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and 16 Members of Parliament have separately thrown their weight behind President Kibaki's nominees for the positions of Chief Justice, Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecution. The society said as a professional body it had no problem with any of the three nominees by the President for the posts of Chief Justice, Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions. “They are high standing lawyers with no tainted track record in discharging their duties”. We look forward to closely working with them”, LSK chairman Kenneth W. Akide, said in Arusha on Sunday. He said Kenyans were looking forward to see the three individuals transform the country’s Judiciary as contemplated by the New Constitution. Mr. Akide, who is in Arusha to for the East African Law Society meeting, said LSK was not bothered if the President had consulted the premier over the nominations which were announced on Friday. “Those are political considerations. Let them (Kibaki and Raila) square it up in parliament or in any other political forum”, he said in an interview at an Arusha hotel. More...

Fred Ojiambo
Fred Ojiambo, an advocate with Kaplan & Strattan

Ojiambo for AG then No!: Fred Ojiambo, a top lawyer is rumoured to have been nominated as replacement for Amos Wako as AG, according to list obtained by Gitobu Imanyara, Imenti Central MP. Imanyara said he was in possession of a list that the President gave the PM when the issue first cropped up. According to Imanyara, the list that the PM was shown at Harambee House shortly before he left for Ethiopia for the AU meeting was changed. He said the initial list had Justice Kariuki Kihara as Chief Justice, Lawyer Fred Ojiambo for Attorney General and Kioko Kilukumi for DPP. More...

Key legal body rejects Kibaki's nominations

By Jillo Kadida, Jan 31 2011
Judicial Service Commission wants names of nominees to key jobs withdrawn and asks President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to put Kenya first. The Commission met on Monday and released a statement asking for a fresh start and that the two leaders reconsider their positions. "In light of the divergent views coming from the principals, we are of the view that the principals need to reconsider their respective positions. There is an urgent need for a rethink of the matter and put the country first. That entails a withdrawal of the nominations and a fresh start," the Commission said in a statement. President Kibaki on Friday nominated Court of Appeal judge Alnashir Visram to be Chief Justice, Prof Githu Muigai as Attorney General, and Kioko Kilukumi as Director of Public Prosecutions. But Mr Odinga has come out to state that he was not consulted in the nominations as required by law, sparking a controversy. The statement was read by JSC secretary, Lydiah Achode. More...

Remembering Jacob Luseno five years on

By Kabaka John, Jan 28 2011
It is five years since the legend and renowned music composer Jacob Luseno left us. Jacob Luseno was born in 1936. He went to Goibei Intermediate School in Tiriki where he started singing folk Luhya songs. Jacob’s education was temporarily interfered with when his parents moved from Tiriki land to Mumbetsa Imasaba in Idakho where he joined Mwikhomo Intermediate School. After Mwikhomo, the legend joined Pepsi Cola in Eldoret as a driver delivering the product to Uganda. The most surprising thing while at Pepsi Cola is that Luseno used moved around with his hand made guitar. He moved from Pepsi Cola to Salsbury Hotel in Kericho later being transferred to Nairobi to work as a laundry machine operator.

With his passion for music burning, Luseno quit his job and joined Starlight Night Club - the leading night club in Nairobi owned by Armstrong. It is here he met other music legends like Daudi Kabaka and Fadhili Williams. He formed Nabongo Success Band and recorded his first hit song Jane Wanje. Jane was his firstborn daughter and Luseno sung this song in remembrance of his only beloved daughter Jane. Thereafter he composed other songs like Injete Muteithi, Ikwenjeri, Inzala Liani, Useni Mwana, among other hits.

The legendary singer founded the famous Phonetics Band together with Gertrude Mwendo in 1965 while Isaya Mwinamo and Fadhili Williams were the original producers. The band predominantly sings in Luhya with a few Swahili songs. The band is currently run by his son, Obed Luseno and Julius Etenya who sing in traditional Ingolo style away from the usual lipala. Other styles include Mutivo and Mabeka. Luseno went underground for sometime after leaving the Star Light Club in 1979. He rose to shine again with a band nicknamed Indumba Jazz where he recorded hits like Dinnah, Rael Nandi, Nabongo, Ikhabi Yanje among others. For the second time, Luseno sunk for 8 years from the music limelight and after a long absence, he partnered with Zamalek’s music producer and singer Samule Libayi Omusula. More...

Jacob Luseno
Humble home of late music maestro, Jacob Luseno at Mumbetsa in Idakho with his grave in the foreground. Photo: Kabaka John
Florence LusenoJacob Luseno
Jacob Luseno's widow, Florence and the music maestro who died five years ago. Family and friends are observing his death with music and prayers at his Mumbetsa home in Idakho this Saturday.

Mukangala comes alive: It was with Zamaleck of Kakamega that Luseno truly blazed the trail like bush fire with hit songs Mukangala, Khutsi Khungo, Lenah Kumi Kumi, Ingokho ya Malore, Appointment, Narc Shihubi, Wrong Reverend, Shifwabi, among other hit songs
Wako replaced as new AG, CJ are named

By our correspondent, Jan 28 2011
President Kibaki has nominated Justice Alnashir Visram for the Chief Justice position amid a standoff with Prime Minister Raila Odinga. In a move that caught the Prime Minister's party off-guard for the second time in as many weeks, President Kibaki also nominated Prof Githu Muigai as Attorney General and Mr Kioko Kilukumi Director of Public Prosecutions. A dispatch from PPS said the President "after consultation with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya Raila Odinga" also appointed Mr William Kirwa, the managing director of Agricultural Development Corporation as Controller of Budget. But Lands Minister James Orengo, an ally of the PM, addressed a press conference shortly before the dispatch from the PPS, saying Raila had not been consulted. More...

Cracks loom after ODM rejects Kibaki men

By our correspondent, Jan 28 2011
President Kibaki's nominations threatened to divide the government further and provoke a major fight in parliament after ODM rejected them. Lands Minister James Orengo protested saying Mr Odinga had not been consulted. Addressing a swift press conference, the Lands Minister said that Mr Odinga had advised that the release of the names be delayed awaiting further deliberations after the two coalition leaders return home from the AU summit in Addis Ababa. The split of the key appointments effectively draws battle lines in Parliament between the President Kibaki’s PNU and Mr Odinga’s Orange movement. The new Constitution mandates the President to make the appointment in consultation with the Prime Minister. More...

Alnashir VisramGithu Muigai, Attorney General
New Chief Justice: Alnashir Visram (left) and new Attorney General: Prof Githu Muigai who replaces Amos Wako.
Kioko KilukumiWilliam Kirwa
New Director of Public Prosecutions, Kioko Kilukumi (left) and new Budget Controller, William Kirwa formerly MD of Agricultural Developemnt Corporation..
Deya's wife jailed for international child trafficking

By Nicholas Ngoiyo, Jan 28 2011
The wife of self-proclaimed miracle worker Gilbert Deya on Friday pleaded for forgiveness as she started a three-year jail term for stealing a baby boy. Mrs Mary Deya was sentenced to serve two more years each on two counts of giving false information. Sentences will run concurrently meaning the maximum period she can spend in jail is three years. It will be the second time Mrs Deya will be serving time in jail. Kibera senior principal magistrate Grace Nzioka said she was satisfied that the wife of bishop Deya stole the child and gave false information that she had given birth. And the prosecutor, chief inspector Francis Ndiema, told the court that the accused had one conviction in which she was jailed for two years for similar offence. The accused admitted that she served the jail term at Lang’ata Women Prisons. In mitigation, the accused through a lawyer pleaded for leniency, saying, she had suffered psychologically due to the case. She said she was remorseful for the offence committed. The court heard that Mrs Deya stole the baby from Kenyatta National Hospital on September 10, 2005. She alleged she gave birth to the baby miraculously. More...

Mrs Deya has repented her sins of transnational child theft and pleaded for mercy while her husband, Gilbert Deya is on the run in London
Mary Deya
Mary Deya, wife of controversial London-based cleric, Gilbert Deya has been found guilty of child trafficking and jaild for three years by a Nairobi court.

SK Macharia
Samuel Kamau Macharia, owner of Royal Media Services which includes Mulembe and Ramogi FM.
Mulembe FM owner's estate attached

By Nancy Akinyi, Jan 28 2011
The estate of businessman SK Macharia and his wife has been placed under receivership. This follows their failure to pay Sh500,000 judgement sum issued ten years ago. The money attracted a compounded interest at the rate of 19 per cent per month, backdated to December 1986 until payment is made in full. At the time of filling the bankruptcy petition two years ago, the amount stood at Sh34,854,510. Justice Kalpana Rawal ordered the debtors to pay the amount with an interest of 19 per cent compounded monthly from December 1986 until payment in full to the creditor, Ocean Freight Transport Company Limited. More...

SK is seasoned fighter: The 22 year old case threatenes to bring down one of teh most illustrous industrialists in Kenyan history. Mr Samuel Kamau Macharia owns Royal Media Services comprising Citizen Radio and TV and a horde of vernacular FM stations including Mulembe and Ramogi FM which broadcast in Luhya and Luo, respectively. He has fought epic battles including Madhupaper against combined forces of Moi and Ketan Somaia and won.

Mudavadi to attend funeral of Namwamba's father in Budalang'i

By our reporter, Jan 27 2011
Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister will have a busy schedule this weekend. On Friday he will visit two secondary schools in Maragoli and on Saturday attend three funerals – two in Sabatia and one in Budalang’i. Mr Mudavadi who is also MP for Sabatia and minister for local government will open a science laboratory at Gaigedi Secondary School and a kitchen at Kisangula Secondary School – both projects funded by Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

On Saturday, he will attend the funeral of Budalang’i MP’s father, Ababu Namwamba.  At Mudete in Sabatia, he will also attend the funeral of an uncle to his private secretary and director of public communicatiosn, Mr Kibisu Kabatesi before proceeding to Izava South to attend the burial of the father of journalist, Alex Chamwada.

Ingotse headmaster in hospital following attack

By Kabaka John, Jan 27 2011
The principal of Ingotse High School in Kakamega Central district Wycliffe Kiveu was on Wednesday night injured after he was attacked by a six-man gang. The gangsters clad in administration police jungle uniforms armed with two guns and posing as police officers on duty robbed the head teacher of his Toyota x-trail as he drove into his residence at the school. They robbed him of Sh49, 000, a lap top, two mobile phones and electronic equipment before driving off in his car. They abandoned their car at his residence. Kiveu said that his attackers had trailed him from Kisumu in a saloon car. “A car pulled in as I just entered the school gate but the watchman stopped the driver of the car. I had been seeing the car behind me but did not suspect I was their target,” said a shaken Kiveu. It was at this point that the thugs hit the watchman with a metal bar. “The watchman ran to safety screaming thereby leaving room for them to enter and head strait to me,” he added. They forcefully moved him round his house as they flocked him before hitting his head on a metal bar several times inflicting injuries to his skull and head. “They came to me after they had hit the guard they whipped tirelessly and hit me up on the metal bar in my house severely injuring my head and started bleeding profusely,” said Kiveu at his hospital bed at the Western provincial general hospital. More...

Kanduyi traders face relocation due to Webuye-Malaba Road expansion

By Silas Kibet Kipkemoi, Jan 27 2011
Bungoma Municipal Council is seeking an alternative market place for the traders currently at Kanduyi market to pave way for the expansion of the Webuye – Malaba road that has already started. Bungoma Mayor Mr. Barasa Mbinga has urged the traders to keep calm as the talks between the council and their representatives continue. More...

Wycliffe Kiveu, Ingotse High School
Wycliffe Kiveu, the principal of Ingotse High School in Butsotso who was brutalised in a six-man gang attack yesterday robbing him of shs49,000.

Butula top pupil, Bernard Ochieng
Help! Help! Help!: Bernard Ochieng sweeping his house while his mother peels cassava for dinner at Sidimbe village, Siaya. He was the 2nd top KCPE pupil in Butula and has been admitted to Nairobi School but lacks school fees to join the prestigious national school.
Top pupil from Butula admitted to Nairobi School but lacks fees

By Frankline Bwire, Jan 27 2011
The overall second best pupil from Butula District in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is appealing to well wishers to aid him raise fees for joining secondary school after receiving an admission letter to the prestigious Nairobi School. Bernard Ochieng Oduor, a 16 year old who scored 403 marks in a class of 58 pupils while at Mung’ambwa Primary School came second after the first student in the district who scored 406 marks from Elukhari primary school. Ochieng who stays with his mother is the last born in the family of three and reveals that among his two brothers who never joined secondary school, one is a Jua Kali artisan while the other is a hawker. “I never enjoyed being with a biological father after he passed away four months after I was born,” he said. More...

Woman with triplets dies as ambulance driver eats

By Leonard Wamalwa, Jan 27 2011
Residents of Saboti division have bitterly complained about the poor services offered at the Saboti Sub-District Hospital calling for an immediate overhaul of the staff that has shown no commitment to attend to patients. They cited a recent sad incident where a pregnant woman who was expecting triplets died with her unborn babies after she was delayed to be attended to by the nurses and also delayed to be rushed to Kitale district hospital by the hospital’s ambulance as the driver took his time to have a shower and a meal at his home in Lukhome as the ambulance was parked outside with the patient. The residents said that the hospital staff have a habit of wanting to be given money before they respond to an emergency and hence area has lost over five people in the last one month in such circumstances of laxity by the staff members. More...

Mother with six sets of twins cast away as a bad omen

By Muliro Telewa, Jan 27 2011
Most women would struggle to cope with six sets of twins but for Gladys Bulinya it is even more difficult, as many people in her community think twins are a curse. Her relatives will have nothing to do with her, and her husband left her, fearing she was jinxed, after the sixth pair of twins arrived last year. So the 35-year-old lives alone with 10 of her 12 children in a one-room grass-thatched house, a few kilometres from the shores of Lake Victoria. Sitting outside her small home in the village of Nzoia, she recites the birthdays of her children with ease. “John and James were born in 1993,” she starts, shading her eyes from the sun’s rays. She says she got pregnant at high school, but her boyfriend was too young to marry her. Her sorrow then turned to shock, when her own family ordered her to leave the babies at the district hospital for adoption. They told her that the Bukusu community, to which her family belongs, believe twins bring bad luck, and that unless one of them dies, it means certain death for one or both parents. Luckily, Ms Bulinya says when her boyfriend’s father learned the twins had been abandoned, he took them in and has cared for them ever since. (He is from a different ethnic group, the Kalenjin.) But her troubles did not stop there. Five years later, she fell in love with and married a primary school teacher. She was living with his family when she gave birth to her second set of twins, Duncan and Dennis. Fearing she had brought them a bad omen, and that someone would die, her in-laws chased her away. “I was put on a motorcycle taxi with my twins and sent to my father’s home,” she says. More...

Gladys Bulinya
Ms Gladys Bulinya at home with five of her six sets of twins. She has faced rejection many times by her relatives, who fear her twins will bring curses to the family. Photo: BBC
Shock as pastor murders faithful in Bungoma

By Joan Wesakulila, Jan 27 2011
A family in Lufwindiri area in Webuye Bungoma County is mourning the death of a loved one who went for prayers at a nearby pastor’s home but the act turned out to be tragic when he was strangled to death by the man of God. Geoffrey Barasa aged 37 is said to have gone to Pastor Masinde Mejawindo’s home, a pastor at the local PEFA Church who is believed and trusted for his powerful prayers to different people. It is yet to be established what might have led to pastor Mejawindo killing the middle aged man after a long friendly relationship that has been existing between the two. Neighbors’ who spoke to West Fm said that the two have been in good terms and they can not detect the cause of pastor Mejawindo turning against his best friend. However, it said that after descending on the innocent man with crude weapons inflicting serious injuries to the deceased, the man of cloth with the help of unknown persons, dragged the helpless Barasa to a nearby Police camp only to be told to take him to hospital for treatment but efforts to save his life proved futile as he was pronounced dead on arrival. Following the incident, the pastor has disappeared from the village while police have launched investigations to determine the cause of the bizarre act as they hunt for him as well. More...

Kenyan plane crashes in corn fields

By our correspondent, Jan 27 2011
A Fly540 aircraft crash- landed in a maize and cassava plantation after it failed to take off from Wilson Airport. Witnesses said the plane, 5X-FFD, ran beyond the runway, shot through the airport fence and nosedived into the field on Thursday. “It started well, but when it neared the end of the runway, I heard it reduce its engine roar. It then got into the field,” Mr Albanus Kioko said. An official from the airline, who sought anonymity, said that the plane developed mechanical problems on take-off during a flight test. He said the four people on board were unhurt but had been taken to hospital for check-up. When the Daily Nation team arrived at the scene, officials from the Accident Investigation Department (Ministry of Transport) were on site checking the status of the aircraft. Airport police boss James Mugera said investigations were under way. The plane must have continued with the ground run because its front wheels had collapsed. Its nose got opened probably due to impact when it hit the ground. Attempts to reach the airline’s operations manager, Mr Dickson Ooko, proved futile as calls to his phone went unanswered. More...

Fly 540 plane crashes
Lucky to be alive: Four people aboard a Fly540 aircraft narrowly escaped death after the plane crash-landed in a maize and cassava plantation at Wilson Airport, Nairobi early today, January 27, 2011.

Ugandan gay activist murdered: A Ugandan gay rights activist who late last year was pictured and named in a homophobic tabloid has been murdered at his home outside Kampala, his lawyer told AFP Thursday. David Kato was an activist with Sexual Minorities Uganda, who was pictured and named by the anti-gay tabloid Rolling Stone in a story that called on readers to "hang" gay rights advocates. More...
As if not damned enough by HIV, Nyanza residents now face bilharzia threat

By Kepher Otieno, Jan 27 2011
HIV and schistosomiasis co-infection is on the rise around Lake Victoria, raising fresh fears of a rebound of Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) among people living with HIV. On Thursday, medical researchers disclosed that the prevalence of schistosomiasis or bilharzia around the lake was nearly 100 per cent, with a third of the cases affecting HIV positive people. Consequently, the researchers have now launched HIV-bilharzia co-infection studies to come up with alternative remedies to combat the twin infections. Led by Dr Diana Karanja, the team of researcher is investigating the prevalence of schistosomiasis associated IRIS in communities living around Lake Victoria, starting with Rarieda District. More...

Saboti Hospital
Saboti Sub District Hospital where residents have accused hoospital staff of demanding corruption money before undertaking treatment of patients. An expectant mother with triplets, died this week as an ambulance driver parked the vehicle at his home to shower and eat while she waited inside without medical attention in a incident that horrified villagers. More...
Youth blame Otuoma for election delays

By Ally Jamah, Jan 27 2011
Youth leaders have criticised Cabinet minister Paul Otuoma for allegedly delaying elections at the National Youth Council. At a press conference in Nairobi on Thursday, the leaders said the Sports and Youth Affairs minister should release the Sh20 million needed for the elections expected on March 31. "Since last November, the minister has been promising the election would be held but nothing has been forthcoming. The youth are tired of waiting," said Youth Agenda CEO Susan Kariuki. She said President Kibaki signed the National Youth Council Act in December 2009 and wondered why the institution had not been put in place to empower the youth. More...

Minister should release Sh20m for elections expected before March 31 2011

300 clearing agents in Busia down tools in protest against laggard bosses

By Frankline Bwire, Jan 26 2011
More than 300 clearing and forwarding agents in Busia town bordering Uganda and Kenya declined to undertake their duties following allegations that some of their bosses were not undertaking their tasks. Mr. Mohammed Ali Nur an advisory board officer of Kenya Revenue Authority in Busia said that the two officers, Mr. Davin Mabulu and Rose Ndunda do not issue out export certificates as expected and respond slowly to tasks leading to delays at the border. “If the export certificate is not issued then the bond is not canceled which means there is no company going to load the goods,” he explained. Mr. Ali Nur revealed that work at the customs needed togetherness which to him the two officers did not have following their poor public relations. “We will continue witnessing long queues of trucks if we continue working with such people,” he added. More...

Busia border
A section of clearing agents at the border post of Busia on strike yesterday; protesting against laggard officials who do not process customs documents in time. Photo: Frankline Bwire
Lugari residents suffer as Jirongo fails to use CDF funds

By Emeka-Mayaka Gekara, Jan 26 2011
A number of MPs have failed in their jobs to uplift their areas from the Constituency Development Fund. Millions of shillings are lying idle at the Central Bank due to failure by MPs to claim it. Even as MPs rush to submit project proposals for the remaining second batch in this financial year, others are yet to apply for half their allocation in the last financial year. Failure to use the last disbursement locks the affected constituencies out of this year’s allocation as outlined in the CDF Act. Already, the Treasury has released Sh7 billion, half of the kitty for this year. Inquiries by the Nation also revealed the Constituency Development Fund Board meeting on Wednesday may freeze CDF accounts for three constituencies over corruption allegations. Those under investigation are Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo’s Mbooni constituency and Dr James Gesami’s West Mugirango constituency. Planning minister Wycliffe Oparanya on Tuesday named MPs - including Cabinet ministers - who have not asked for 50 per cent of their allocation for the last financial year. Those who have failed their constituents include Mr Kilonzo, Agriculture minister Sally Kosgei, who is MP for Aldai, and Mr Cyrus Jirongo, MP for Lugari. More...

Kakamega Hospital
Only a stump remains at a spot on Kakamega Hospital grounds where a 97-year old fig tree (omukhuyu) that was home to maribou birds has been chopped. Photo: Kabaka John

Raila disowns Kalonzo's ICC trips: Splits evident in the top government leadership over The Hague trials came out into the open on Wednesday with Prime Minister Raila Odinga disowning shuttle diplomacy undertaken by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. More...
Kakamega Hospital kicks a storm by cutting a 97-year old fig tree

By Kabaka John, Jan 26 2011
This fig tree has been a home to the Marabou Storks species of birds in the region that many say are endangered species. The birds are now homeless and their young ones injured not to the worst but to the betterment of the community. The tree that they called home, now lays on the ground after it was brought down by the Kakamega general hospital management due to unjustified reasons on whom to blame brought about by itself or its residents the birds. Environmental activists from the region have largely accused the hospital administration for destroying the precious home for the homeless birds. The tree has been at the hospital’s compound for many years the medical superintendent at the hospital Dr.Alushula can confirm. The doctor says the tree had been a problem to the hospital for all those years until recently when things started to worsen. More...

Busia women urged to embrace fish farming as a business enterprise

By Frankline Bwire, Jan 26 2011
Women in the larger Busia County have been urged to embrace fish farming as a way of improving their lives. Addressing journalist in Busia town, the Director of Programmes Kenya Women holding Ms. Anne Maina said that the education exercise to women on fish farming targeted to improve their lives through the Economic Stimulus Program which the government had pumped a lot of money in it. Ms. Maina disclosed that majority of the women were involved in the fish trading business , to which many of them their right have been violated for a long time by certain fishermen in favor of sex. “Why should a woman strain to go all the way to the lake where in most cases women are seen as sex organs? They need to move out of this,” she said. She added that despite the many challenges ahead, it is time women should stand out and have the courage to undertake fish farming. “Most women don’t have land to undertake the exercise following the culture that has left most men to be owners of land,” said Ms. Maina. More...

Busia women
A section of women from Busia who converged at the Joe Ministries for the fish farming empowerment workshop conducted by the Kenya Women Finance Trust. The exercise entailed more than 2,500 women in attendance from Busia town compared to Funyula in which only 300 turned up. An officer from the ministry of fisheries took the women through fish farming exercise which targets Samia, Migori and Nyatike.Photo: Frankline Bwire
Police cancel Wamalwa rally over link with Mungiki

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Jan 26 2011
Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa has moved to court to stop the police from interfering with his political rally scheduled for this Saturday. The MP, who has declared his intention to vie for the presidency, says the decision by the police not to allow the meeting from taking place infringes on his political rights and the rights of assembly as guaranteed in the Constitution. He claims more than Sh1 million has already been spent in preparation of the Saturday meeting at the Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi, in which he intends to officially launch his presidential bid. The MP notified the police in a letter dated January 4, of his intention to convene the meeting on January 29. On January 21, he received a letter from Nairobi PPO Anthony Kibuchi cancelling the meeting. "I am not and have never been a member of the proscribed Mungiki sect as alluded to by the letter dated January 21," Eugene claims. More...

1st slave portrait to remain in UK: The first British portrait of a freed slave, which faced being lost to the nation, will remain in the UK for the next five years. William Hoare's painting of Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, also known as Job ben Solomon, was purchased by the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) in 2009. More...
Eugene Wamalwa
Saboti MP, Eugene Wamalwa pushing his weight at a previous confrontation with police. A rally to launch his presidential campaign at Kamukunji grounds, Nairobi on Saturday has been cancelled by police over his perceived association with outlawed Mungiki sect.

Kalonzo wants KKK outlawed

By our correspondent, Jan 26 2011
Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Wednesday said he has written to the Mzalendo Kibunjia-led National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) seeking to outlaw the use of the KKK word, saying it amounts to hate speech. “The KKK caricature that now dominates the media and some public pronouncements is designed to depict ethnic isolationism whereby the three communities are set against the rest of Kenya’s ethnic groups,” he added. More...

8-4-4 education system up for chops or review

By our correspondents, Jan 26 2011
The system of education is set for review to make it responsive to the new Constitution and public needs, Education PS has said. Prof James ole Kiyiapi said a taskforce charged with responsibility of reviewing the education system would be unveiled next week. It will collect and collate views of Kenyans on what needs to be changed in the current 8-4-4 system. "The taskforce will spearhead education reforms in line with Vision 2030 and new Constitution. We are calling all education stakeholders to participate since this is the most critical sector," Kiyapi said. It was not immediately clear if the system would be scrapped because the decision would be informed by views of Kenyans. But indications were that it would be reformed. More...

Fuel trucks resume Uganda entry: Over 120 fuel tankers started entering the country yesterday after clearing and forwarding agents agreed with Kenyan tax authorities to call off a sit-down strike. Reports indicate that 400 trucks were stuck at the border since Wednesday morning. The truck drivers and clearing agents laid down their tools demanding the transfer of two customs officers whom they accused of delaying to discharge transit bonds. More...
Wako strikes deal with Pattni over Sh5.8bn Goldenberg scandal

Evelyn Kwamboka, Jan 26 2011
Attorney General Amos Wako has allowed negotiations to settle the Sh5.8 billion Goldenberg scandal. The talks between Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Treasury aim at withdrawing criminal charges against Goldenberg architect Kamlesh Pattni. State Counsel James Warui said Wako, who distanced himself from the sale of Grand Regency Hotel (now Laico Regency), had given directions that the CID, CBK, Treasury and the businessman negotiate the process. In the case, Pattni is charged alongside former Finance PS Wilfred Koinange, former CBK Deputy Governor Eliphaz Riungu and former Kenya Commercial Bank General Manager Elijah arap Bii. They were charged with conspiring to steal Sh5.8 billion from the General Account at CBK between April 19 and 29, 1993. More...

Kamlesh Pattni
Goldenberg architect, Kamlesh Pattni has negotiated an out of court settlement with Attorney General, Amos Wako.

Kwayera elected KUJ chair

By our correspondent, Jan 26 2011
The Kenya Union of Journalists has elected new leaders. The union’s new chairman is Mr Juma Kwayera, a senior writer with the Standard Group, while the secretary general is Mr Jared Obuya, a media analyst with BBC Monitoring in Nairobi. More...

Hope for Mombasa Rd investors as Raila intervenes to stop demolitions

By Martin Mutua, Jan 26 2011
There was a glimmer of hope for investors along Mombasa Road, among them the Standard Group, when the Government held a marathon meeting with stakeholders and formed a task force to rethink the intended demolitions. The controversy, touched off by a Kenya Gazette notice to compulsorily acquire businesses worth tens of billions of shillings, will now have to await a decision by Prime Minister Raila Odinga after a report by a committee comprising stakeholders’ representatives and Government officials is handed over to him within two weeks. Last week, Lands Minister James Orengo and his Roads counterpart Franklin Bett issued a statement announcing demolitions would go on as planned but Alfred Mutua, government spokesman, said the plans had been shelved. More...

Jealous Bungoma woman burns love rival with acid

By Joan Wesakulila, Jan 25 2011
A middle aged woman from Pamus Lukhuna village in Bungoma town is nursing injuries after another woman burnt her with acid on suspicion she was involved in love with a man she claimed had impregnated her. Mrs. Phyllis popularly known as mama Purity in her late twenties burnt Concepta who is in her early twenties with acid accusing her (mama Purity) of trying to snatch her man. Neighbors said that they were woken up by cries from Concepta’s house who was shouting for help after her assailant stormed the house at around 10pm Monday night and poured the chemical on her. While contacted mama Purity who has children with different men, said she thought she had been relieved after settling with the man in the middle of the fray Mr. Fred Khaemba who she said she thought would help her through the hard life but this was shattered when she realized her man was seeing another woman. Fred on his part revealed that he was ready to support her with her daily needs but was not willing to marry her. More...

Kakamega Boys High School
One school i Western is slated for promotion to a national institution of academic excellence. Could that be Kakamega High School?

Ugandan gilrs lured to Malaysia as prostitutes: Disturbing details have emerged about the two girls who were lured to Malaysia, where they were coerced to join prostitution. Two men; Dalvin Mwesigwa, 25, and Frank Kato alias Ashraf Kisseka, 23, accused of conniving with a Nigerian woman, Shade Pretty, to take the girls to Malaysia, yesterday remained in custody. The duo allegedly got sh1m from Jariah and Susan before dispatching them to Malaysia. More...
One school in Western set to become national

By Kabaka John, Jan 25 2011
Western Kenya might get a first National Secondary School after the Government announced it had finalized plans to upgrade some provincial schools at the County level to become national institutions. President Mwai Kibaki Monday said the national schools will cater for more high performers in the country. Besides the transformation and support of the selected provincial schools to national level, the President observed, centers of excellence in at the constituencies are being set up under the new economic stimulus package. The Head of State cited the implementation of the free secondary school tuition programme and development of day schools, the provision of a capital grant of Sh10, 265 per student per year to public secondary schools and the facilitation of re-entry of girls who drop out of school due to pregnancy and early or forced marriages as some of the notable reforms that have boosted the education sector. More...

Two Kisumu taxi drivers murdered in cold blood

By Paul Ogemba, Jan 25 2011
Two taxi operators were killed and a third one robbed of his car by gangsters in Riat and Otonglo areas on the Kisumu-Busia road. Mr James Awiti met his death a few metres from his home near the Riat market moments after he left his taxi operating base in Kisumu Town. According to his wife Lilian Awiti, they heard gunshots from two directions on Monday night and wondered what was happening. Came running A neighbour later came running and informed her that her husband had been shot. “I rushed to the scene and found him already dead, with gunshot wounds on his head, neck, chest and stomach,” said Mrs Awiti. About a hundred metres from where Mr Awiti was shot, the gangsters pounced on another taxi operator, dragged him out of his car and shot him before making away with his money, mobile phone and documents. More...

kisumu taxi murders
Wananchi mill around one of the two taxis whose owners, James Awiti and James Richard Owiti, were shot dead in Riat area, Kisumu, on January 25, 2011 night by three gunmen who pounced on them as they drove to their homes. Photo: Tom Otieno

KQ's 22% fare cut bumps off Jetlink

By Paul Wafula, Jan 25 2011
The cut-throat price war on the Nairobi-Mombasa route has intensified with Kenya Airways cutting its fare by 22 per cent in an effort to gain market share from domestic budget airlines that claim the national carrier is driving them out of business. Kenya Airways (KQ) said it had slashed its fares to Sh6,200 from Sh7, 999 on the route having come down from Sh12,300 in October - making it the cheapest airline on the route. The price cut comes a week after rivals carrier Fly540 reduced its fares on the route to Sh6, 540 from Sh9, 540 for a return ticket and the budget carriers including JetLink and Air Kenya reckon that they cannot recover their running expenses at KQ rates. JetLink and Air Kenya charges minimum fares of Sh10,500 and Sh11,000 respectively on the route. More...

Kulei seeks out of court settlement in Ruto's Shs96m graft case

By Maureen Ngesa, Jan 25 2011
A Sh96 million fraud case against suspended Cabinet Minister William Ruto and others failed to kick off on Monday as one of the accused opted for an out of court negotiation with the Attorney General. Mr Joshua Kulei, a former aide to retired president, has written to the Attorney General asking for talks on how to settle the charges out of court. Mr Kulei was accused of stealing Sh58.7 million from Kenya Pipeline Company in 2001. Mr Ruto was accused of accepting at least Sh38.8 million from a former KPC manager, Ms Hellen Njue, by pretending he was in a position to sell the oil firm land in Ngong Forest. Attorney General Amos Wako through state lawyer Vincent Wahoro acknowledged the receipt of the letter from Mr Kulei. He has also accepted the offer by Mr Kulei to seek an agreement out of court. More...

Mudavadi scoffs at Ruto over Luhya unity blame

By Peter Atsiaya, Jan 25 2011
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi says campaigns by Eldoret North MP William Ruto to push Kenyans into voting for presidential candidates below 50 years are bound to fail. The Local Government Minister also told Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta to be wary of the scheme as he could also fall victim. "Uhuru would be 51 years come 2012. I do not know if he is aware that his allies are also targeting him in the use of age limit on presidential candidates," said Mudavadi. "I support campaigns to have young people in leadership positions but experience for presidential candidates is key," he added, pointing out that Ruto’s campaigns targeted Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Internal Security minister George Saitoti and Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua. Mudavadi was addressing a rally at Kapcherop and Kapsowar trading centres in Marakwet County during a tour of the area on Tuesday. He was accompanied by Area MP Boaz Keino, and 30 councilors led by Marakwet County Council chairman William Chesingany, Vihiga mayor Eliud Kihusa, Kakamega County Council chairman John Shimaka and David Amaswache (Lugari). More...

Elgeyo Marakwet famine
Animal carcasses lie scattered in the drylands of Kenya. Every year, hunger kills thousands of people, especially children who cannot fend for themselves.

650 jobs to go at BBC World Service

The BBC World Service is to close five of its language services. It is thought that about 650 jobs will be lost from a workforce of some 2,400. It is believed staff will be informed on Wednesday of the redundancies. The Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian services will be axed, as will English for the Caribbean and Portuguese for Africa, in a bid to save £46m a year. More...

Hunger drives Elgeyo Marakwet pupils out of class

By Edwin Cheserek, Jan 25 2011
The biting hunger has forced more than 500 pupils from public schools in Elgeyo/Marakwet County to drop out of schools to search for food and water. Keiyo North District Commissioner (DC) Mohammed Abbas said the ongoing drought in the semi-arid area has greatly affected learning programmes in seven primary schools, namely Kermuk, Chegilet, Cheptarit, Kobulwo, Kiptoro, Rimoi and Songeto primary schools. "More school going children continue to desert schools and travel long distances in search of food and water," said Abbas. Enrolment in the most affected schools, he said, had been declining in the past weeks as the effect of hunger continued to take its toll in the areas. He added that pastoralists have also relocated with their livestock to the highlands because pastures in the lowland have been exhausted. Abbas, however, said plans were underway to distribute food to the affected schools so that learning resumes. More...

Shadow County Governors elected in Western

By our correspondent, Jan 24 2011
Christian Partners Development Agency (CPDA) is a non profit, non partisan, organization registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the NGO coordination act (1990) in 1993. Our programmatic focus is in two categories; Governance and Democracy, and Integrated Food Security for Sustainable Livelihoods. These programmes are currently implemented in Kenya.

CPDA received funding from Usawa programme to implement civic education activities on the ratified constitution in Busia, Bungoma, Kakamega and Vihiga Counties. Under the programme, CPDA aims to empower citizens particularly women and youth to understand, participate and track implementation of the new constitution under the banner: Kuelewa, Kushiriki na Kufuatilia utekelezaji wa Katiba (KKK). This is a follow-up to Committee of Experts’s (CoE)’s JJJ slogan of Jisomee, Jiamulie, Jichagulie that sought to educate Kenyans on the constitution.

The objectives of the county leaders meeting were twofold:

  1. Increased understanding of the new Constitution among the County residents. This will help to increase knowledge and awareness among the residents of the county on constitution transitions and other key provisions. 
  2. Established County Platforms to maximize citizens’ participation and tracking implementation of the new constitution.  This will include establishment of key County structures for youth, women and people with disabilities. Such forums will culminate in the establishment of County Shadow Assemblies, County Strategic Plans, Leaders Integrity Benchmarks, among other actions.
    These forums brought together more than key leaders representing women, youth, teachers, farmers, business community, professionals, people with disabilities, civic leaders, government, among other key actors in the county. The forums were part of a series of activities that CPDA undertakes to empower citizens on the ratified constitution.  More...
Many came but only one was taken

By John Kabaka, Jan 24 2011
It was high hopes for more than 600 hundred youths in Kakamega County Monday when they came up to try their luck in the Kenya Wildlife Services and Kenya Airports Authority recruitment exercise. They came in high spirit with hopes high that the day will be theirs after the exercise. The youths showed up in large numbers at Bukhungu Stadium but only 16 were to be taken. Director for the Kenya Wildlife Sevice Mr Julius Mwandai disclosed that only one lady was required to join KWS and only two for KAA. “Today we are recruiting 11 candidates to join KWS in which, one should be a lady and 5 candidates for KAA in which 2 must be ladies. The total number needed from this County is 16 candidates”, said Mwandai. More...

Bukhungu Stadium
Desperate jobless boys and girls try their luck during a recruitment exercise for Kenya Wildlife Services and Kenya Airports Authority at Bukhungu Stadium, Kakamega over the weekend. Photo: John Kabaka
Two suspected thieves escape death in Kitale

By Leonard Wamalwa, Jan 24 2011
Two suspected thieves narrowly escaped death in Matisi village of Kitale town after they were caught with assorted stolen commodities in their house prompting villagers to attempt to lynch them but were saved by the intervention of the area assistant chief, Moses Bunguswa. The chief said Antony Juma Simiyu 27 and Peter Osale Muyela a.k.a Msanii were arrested by wananchi Monday morning after one of them was spotted at 3 am by a villager then ran to their house raising suspicion. The villagers then raised alarm and surrounded the house of the suspects and forced them to open the house where they were shocked to get stolen items in the house hence prompted to attempt to lynch them before the intervention of the assistant chief. Among the commodities recovered include: beds, mattresses, sufurias, dozens of torches, dozens of new pens among many other new and used commodities whose owners had started identifying and recording their claims at the administrator’s office. More...

Stolen items: beds, mattresses, sufurias, torches and pens.

Anthony Simiyu and Peter Osale Muyela
The two suspects, Antony Juma Simiyu 27 (left) and Peter Osale Muyela a.k.a Msanii at the Matisi assistant chief's office, Kitale after their arrest. Photo: Leonard Wamalwa

Jemimah Mukonye
Bungoma South Assistant DEO Jemima Mukonye (left) officiting a past graduation ceremony at Pamus Teacher Training College.
New poly to be built in Bungoma

By Joan Wesakulila, Jan 24 2011
The government plans to open a Youth Polytechnic in Khalaba Ward in Bungoma County to carter for students from poor backgrounds and those who did not make it to secondary schools, area councillor Majimbo Okumu has revealed. The civic leader said that the government will fully sponsor the students. He revealed that the government had committed to remit Sh15,000 for each student for the whole year. The civic leader was speaking at Pamus Teachers Training College in his ward in Bungoma South district during a ceremony to celebrate good results registered by last year’s students. Bungoma South Assistant District Education Officer Mrs Jemimah Mukonye urged parents to take their children to schools and colleges certified by the ministry of Higher Education. More...

Bungoma leaders edge closer to Ruto's KKK Alliance

By our correspondents, Jan 24 2011
Allies of Eldoret North MP William Ruto yesterday joined him at rallies in parts of Western Province to spread their message of generational change in Kenya’s political leadership. Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa and Ford Kenya Chairman Musikari Kombo were his hosts. Ruto and Wamalwa had previously indicated they would team up in the 2012 General Election with other youthful leaders, but the surprise was Kombo’s presence. The Ford Kenya chairman said he is ready to back the agenda Ruto and Wamalwa are championing. "I don’t condemn your agenda. I support this journey and I will walk with you to offer my advice and for the interest of the county the old politicians should not hamper the move by the youth to bring desirable change to the country," Kombo said. Former Trade Minister Mukhisa Kituyi also accompanied them at the rallies in Kitale, Webuye and Kimilili districts. Other MPs at the funds drive included Mr Cyrus Jirongo (Lugari), Mr Kiema Kilonzo(Mutito), Mr Kazungu Kambi (Kaloleni), Mr Elijah Lagat (Emgwen), Mr Mike Mbuvi (Makadara) and Mr Fred Kapondi (Mt Elgon). More...

Musikari Nazi Kombo
Musikari Kombo, FORD Kenya chairman, supports youthful takeover.

Moi slams tribal alliances

By Peter Mutai, Jan 24 2011
Former President Moi has called on Kenyans to reject leaders who are spearheading the formation of a tribal political alliance. The former Head of State said the formation of the Kalenjin, Kikuyu and Kamba ‘KKK’ alliance has no place in the country’s history. More...

Ruto's Sh96m corruption case begins today

By our correspondents, Jan 24 2011
The Sh96 million fraud case against William Ruto and seven others begins today, amid fears it might derail his political ambitions. The suspended Higher Education Minister is alleged to have fraudulently obtained Sh96 million from Kenya Pipeline Company, claiming he was in a position to sell 1.745 hectares of land belonging to the Ministry of Natural Resources situated in Ngong Forest. The case will be heard for 12 days before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Gilbert Mutembei. The first four days start today up to Thursday. The State has lined up 24 witnesses to give evidence. More...

Raila slams ageist politics: Age is not a precursor to effective leadership, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said. "One can be young but his ideas are archaic and cannot bring about any viable development," he argued. Raila dismissed the much-hyped generational change propagated by a group of young politicians, asking them to state their development agenda instead. More...
Mombasa Rd buildings will not be destroyed - Mudavadi

By John Njiraini, Jan 21 2011
The Government has promised to re-look into the controversial plan to acquire huge tracks of land for road expansion along Ngong Road and Waiyaki way. The Deputy Prime Minister said the Government would seek a prudent and rational decision that takes cognisance of heavy investments along Mombasa Road in the planned road expansion project. Mudavadi said a detailed cost benefit analysis would be carried out to ascertain whether it makes business sense for the Government to spend billions of shilling in compensating investors or whether redesigning the roadmap would be more appropriate. "We must bear in mind the strength of any nation is the private sector. Negotiations have commenced and we plan to come up with an amicable and workable solution," said Mudavadi, who is also the Local Government Minister. More...

Mombasa Road
Aerial view of some of the buildings along Mombasa Road earmarked for demolition in Government road expansion project. Photo: Stafford Ondego

Internet sabotaged in Kenya: In the previous week, a growing number of fibre optic cables that run around Nairobi and into the more affluent areas have been dug up in the middle of the night and cut, causing communication blackouts. More...
Bungoma butchers sell meat from stolen cattle

By Wanyonyi Wasike, Jan 21 2011
Administration Police officers in Bungoma County have recovered seven stolen cattle and smashed a rustling syndicate involving butchery owners. AP officers on night patrol encountered people escorting the cattle near the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) stores on Thursday night. Bungoma County AP Commandant Crispus Mutali said that his officers encountered the thieves who however took off, leaving behind the animals. Nr Mutali said that some of the stolen cattle might be finding their way into local butcheries. Local residents flocked the Bungoma South District Commissioners’ offices to identify the animals. More...

Nairobi execution cops interdicted as worldwide condemnation swirls

By John Ngirachu, Jan 21 2011
Three of the policemen caught on camera on Wednesday as they executed three suspects on Lang’ata Road in Nairobi have been interdicted. Internal Security minister Prof George Saitoti said on Thursday the three were temporarily relieved of their jobs to allow for investigations and possible prosecution. Any others found to have been involved in the incident captured on camera, and published by the Daily Nation, will also be dealt with in accordance with the law. More...
Nairobi police executions
Nairobi motorists can't believe their eyes as trigger-happy Kenyan police officers shoot three gangsters as they lay on the ground in surrender in an incident that has attracted national and international condemnation.

Dr Silas Masinde Simiyu
Dr Silas Masinde Simiyu, the founding CEO of Geothermal Development Company.

5 bogus colleges shut in Kitale

Five private middle level colleges have been closed down in Kitale town by officers from the ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology for lacking registration documents from the ministry or having expired documents. Among those closed were: Nairobi Aviation, Glow Training Institute, Genesis Computer Training Institute, Britec Computers and Springs Institute of Technology while Kitale Institute of Business Studies and Golden College are yet to be located by the officers from Nairobi. More...

Menengai Crater to become active again

By Beatrice Obwocha, Jan 21 2011
Menengai Crater, an extinct volcano, is about to become active again, only this time it will not be spewing hot lava, but steam for electricity generation. It will be the largest geothermal power-generating project in Nakuru County after the Olkaria in Naivasha. The crater that plunges 500 metres down from the rim offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, nature reserve and Nakuru town from the top. Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC) is undertaking the multi-billion shilling power generation project at the crater. The Sh60 billion project is expected to generate 400 MW by 2014 and increase to 800 MW by 2016 and 1000 MW by 2018. According to GDC Chief Executive Officer Dr Silas Masinde Simiyu, the electricity generated at the Menengai Crater will boost the country’s electricity load. He says the current national installed capacity is about 1,428 MW with the peak demand being about 1,200 MW. More..

Luhya Council of Elders caution against KKK

By Westfm reporters, Jan 20 2011
The Luhya council of elders has cautioned politicians from western province against associating with the KKK alliance outfit being fronted by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Uhuru Kenyatta and suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto. Council chairman Patrick Wangamati warned leaders against joining or associating with outfits aimed at dividing Kenyans along tribal lines. Speaking in Bungoma town after a leaders’ meeting, Wangamati warned those fronting for the alliance that they risked political suicide come the 2012 elections. “We as elders want a united country and those coming up with such suspicious groupings are trying to take us many years back. We want to tell them that they are not welcome in western province,” he said. However, claims that KKK is a tribal party has been dismissed by a section of leaders from Rift Valley who have vehemently stood firm to say that they want to include all communities because the nation will never be ruled by one tribe but through coalitions from other parties and members of all the Kenyan communities. More...

Patrick Wangamati
Patrick Wangamati, chairman of Luhya Council of Elders. He dismissed KKK Alliance as a tribal outfit and cautioned Luhya politicians against toying with the idea of joining the tribal axis.

Shooting the dead: Kenyan authorities have suspended three policemen after a newspaper published a picture of an officer apparently shooting a man at point-blank range. Three men are said to have been shot dead in the incident, which took place in central Nairobi. The Daily Nation said the officers ordered the suspects out of a car, forced them to lie down and shot them. The Kenyan police force has often been accused of carrying out extra-judicial killings. More...
Booming bodaboda: a boon or a curse?

By Collins Asiligwa, Jan 20 2011
In the absence of vehicles and good road networks in the rural areas of Western Kenya, young entrepreneurs have really involved themselves in-friendly ‘boda boda’ business that ferries clients from main roads to villages off the beaten track using bicycles and motorcycles. Obstacles, it seems, generate power. In the rural Kenya, some opportunistic youth have capitalised on poor road networks and lack of vehicles to earn their daily bread. They now offer transportation on a boda boda, a bicycle with a brightly coloured cushioned pad attached on the carrier (passenger) seat, used for carrying one passenger at a time. Bicycle shuttle services are, in some areas, the only way of getting around. Boda bodas have been around since 1990, when young people in Busia, a town that shares a border with Uganda, used bicycles to smuggle goods across the border. In fact, "boda boda" comes from the English word "border." These youth quickly realised that the same bicycles they used to carry goods from Kenya to Uganda and back could also ferry people in the transportation-poor villages of Western Kenya. More...

Malaba residents drink in Uganda to escape Kenyan police

By Henry Andanje, Jan 20 2011
Kenyans at Malaba border are drinking their beer in Uganda to escape the long arm of the law of the new Alcoholic Drinks Control Act. More than 70 bars on the Kenyan side remain closed until 5pm, but those on the Ugandan side are usually packed with Kenyans all day. Kenyans said they drink in Malaba, Uganda, because even local brews like chang’aa and busaa are legalised in Uganda. “Police officers just watch as we take chang’aa or busaa from local bars that sell from morning up to 11pm without interfering with people, unlike in Kenya where people are always on the run avoiding arrest by police officers,” Mr Joseph Oroni said. The Nation learnt that official drinking hours of local brew is supposed to be from noon. But those selling always flout the rules in order to get quick money. Sellers have early patrons, especially truck drivers who normally go there to pass time. The drivers have free time as they wait for their trucks to be cleared either from Kenyan or Ugandan side before proceeding with their journey. Food is in plenty at every bar in Malaba, Uganda, and customers eat first and drink later to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. More...

Busaa in Malaba
A group of Malaba residents drink busaa from a common pot with their straws (tsinjekhe), the traditional way of enjoying the traditiional brew. Most cross into Uganda side of Malaba town to drink to avoid being arrested in Kenya. Photo: Henry Andanje
Father jailed for life for defiling daughter, 6: A man from Kapkesosio village in Sigor Division Bomet County received a life sentence for defiling his six-year old daughter and infecting her with HIV. The six year old girl told the court that the father, Josiah Kiplagat, called her in his bedroom saying that he wanted to send her to the shop, before he turned against her and repeatedly defiled her. Amid tears, the girl disclosed that her father warned her not to shout or scream as she would be killed. More...
Pastor jailed for 21 years for sodomising a minor

By Paul Mutua, Jan 20 2011
An evangelist in Kitui County will serve 21 years in jail for sodomy. Jeremiah Munyoki of the Jesus Worship Centre in Kitui was convicted by Kitui senior resident magistrate Ms Beatrice Kimemia for the unnatural act against a 13 year-old boy. Munyoki committed the offence on diverse dates between May 1 and June 6 last year at Kyanika village, Nzambani location in Mutito Constituency. In her judgment, Kimemia recalled how the "man of God" induced the boy with some piriton pills and after he dozed, the evangelist sodomised him. Poor background She said the prosecution led by Inspector Zacharia Yegon had proved without doubts that the convict had occasionally sodomised the victim at his house. The court recalled how the boy, who comes from a poor home background, used to be sent by his mother to the evangelist's house for some assistance including monetary. More...

Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba, MP for Budalang'i is accused of pushing the DC to the wall over appointment of sub chiefs in Bunyala.

Khwisero FC is tops: Khwisero Township FC is the new champion of the Butere/Mumias Football league mini-league after defeating Mumkop 1-0 to emerge winners. Daniel Lichuma scored the lone goal in extra time in a thrilling encounter was at Lunza Secondary School in Butere. More...
Namwamba blamed for interfering with sub chiefs appointment in Bunyala

By Frankline Bwire, Jan 20 2011
Bunyala residents are appealing to the Western Provincial Commissioner Mr. Samwel Kilele to move with speed and fill the vacant posts of Assistant Chiefs. The positions have been vacant for a long time yet names of potential officers had been submitted. According to Mr. Samwel Magoba, a civic leader from Bunyala North ward, Ruambwa location has for a long time been without an assistant chief since the departure of the late Michael Owino Ingwe in 2008. Mr. Magoba asserted that the delay in the announcement of the names is being politicized by certain leaders, who were not convinced with the list handed over to the DC. “The DC is totally innocent, despite the fact of being pushed against the wall by the area MP for Budalangi Mr. Ababu Namwamba,” he said. He added that among the 3 sub locations Bukoma location in Bunyala West and Ebulwani location in Bunyala North district, were the highly politicized with the aim of ‘fixing’ certain individuals to whom never qualified for the positions. More...

Mudavadi to be guest of honour at Odinga memorial

By Kepher Otieno, Jan 20 2011
The annual memorial service for Kenya's first Vice-President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga will be held this weekend. According to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation, the celebrations will be held at his home in Nyamira Kang’o, Bondo. The family and residents will join guests for daylong prayers at the Nyamira Anglican Church on Saturday morning. They will proceed to mark the fete at his home. This will be the 17th memorial service. Jaramogi died on January 21, 1994, at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu at 83. Several leaders have been invited to attend the celebrations. Yesterday, The Standard established that Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi would be the chief guest. National Heritage Minister William ole Ntimama and his Public Works colleague Chris Obure will also attend. Jaramogi’s daughter Ruth Odinga confirmed arrangements were in top gear. Elders from Jaramogi’s clan have laid out an elaborate traditional ceremony complete with special rites reserved for an individual of his status. Jaramogi was one of the pioneer freedom fighters in Kenya. Together with the founding President Jomo Kenyatta, Paul Ngei, Kung’u Karumba, Bildad Kaggia and Fred Kubai, Jaramogi’s name is synonymous with the history of the Independence struggle.

Jaramogi Odinga Oginga
Kenya's first Vice President, Jaramogi Odinga Oginga 17th memorial fete will be held this Saturday, Jan 22 2011 at his Nyamira village in Bondo. Hon Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister and will be the chief guest.
Musalia Mudavadi
Guest of honour: Musalia Mudavadi, teh deputy prime minister and minister for local government.
Church seeks slippers for Langata female prisoners

By our reporter, Jan 20 2011
A local church is involved in procuring slippers for inmates at Langata Women’s Prison. Family Transformation Ministries Center (FTMC) administered by Pastor Julius Akenga and his wife Benjaline has already collected 400 pairs of slippers and is appealing to well wishers to chip in so that all the 677 inmates at the correctional facility can have sandals. Meanwhile, Pastor Akenga has disclosed that this first quarter of the year - February to April 2011 – FTMC is looking to take 900 men through the Men of Honor Program and 200 Women through the Woman of Peace program at a cost of  Sh.2000/- per inmate. “We are trusting in God to get institutions and people whom we can partner with to minister to these members of our society who are very needy’” said Pastor Akenga. To help with any of the above programs, Pastor Akenga and Benjaline can be reached on Tel: +254 733 794 423/724 464 555. For more information, visit:

Changes at Google: Mr Page will take over on April 4 and be responsible for Google's day-to-day operations, while Mr Schmidt will become executive chairman. Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google with Mr Page while they were students at California's Stanford University, will be in charge of developing new products. More...
Foreign varsity closed in bogus colleges crackdown

By our correspondent, Jan 19 2011
Colleges operating in churches pose a big obstacle to the ongoing Government crackdown targeting illegal colleges and training institutes. Higher Education Ministry officials said while the operation had started off successfully, colleges operating within churches could hinder the crackdown. "There are so many colleges offering several courses in churches, but they don’t have licences from the Government," said Deputy Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Alphones Mwaa. He added that most of the colleges operate under the guise of church courses, but their business fell short of compliance. Meanwhile, anxiety gripped parents, students and teachers in Kisii and Homa Bay counties after the Commission of Higher Education (CHE) closed down learning institutions, including a foreign university (Uganda's Bugema University), for operating illegally. More...

Colleges operating in churches pose the greatest obstacle in the ongoing crackdown on bogus training and vocational institutions

Bugema University
Bugema University, a Seventh Day institution of higher learning from Uganda but with a campus in Kisii, is one of the victims of the nationwide bogus colleges crackdown.

5m Kenyans face starvation

By John Ngirachu, Jan 19 2011
The number of Kenyans requiring relief food will increase to five million in the next three months, Special Programmes minister Esther Murugi told Parliament on Wednesday. There are currently 1.6 million Kenyans being assisted by the World Food Programme, said Ms Murugi, but she insisted it is not yet time to declare drought a national disaster. She said the Disaster Sector of her Special Programmes ministry had warned of the imminent drought and had informed relevant ministries on what to do. She however had to withdraw her statements when she said plans had been made to ensure “minimal loss of the lives of livestock or human beings.” More...

Lugari police exchange fire with robbery suspects

By Otieno Joseph, Jan 19 2011
Police in Lugari have shot and seriously wounded a robbery suspect while his accomplices managed to escape after their attempt to rob a resident at Mwamba village, in hit a snag. Confirming the incident the Lugari District police boss, Mr. Bernard Kibe said suspected thugs in two Nissan matatu and personal vehicles stormed the village few minutes to mid-night with an intention of robbing a resident in the village. Mr. Kibe said the owner of the targeted home just a few meters from Mwamba AP camp raised alarm and the officers rushed to the scene. The suspects, explained the police boss, on noticing they had been cornered, opened fire against the police officers who “responded by exchanging fire and shot one suspect but his accomplices managed to escape using one of the Nissan Matatu.” The vehicle was later found abandoned at Mwamba market. The injured man was rushed to Lumakanda district hospital before being transferred to Moi Teaching and Referra Eldoret. The two vehicles were towed to Turbo police station as the police launched investigation into the robbery attempt. More...

Lugari woman sets kitchen on fire to smoke out her 80-year old estranged husband

By our correspondent, Jan 19 2011
A 72 year old woman from Panpaper village in Lugari district set her kitchen on fire to chase her 80 year old husband who had sought refuge in it after they had differed. The woman Gladys Oyiera is said to have developed a habit of mistreating her husband in secrecy without being noticed. Efforts by the aged Wekesa Murambi to seek help from Mlimani police station bore no fruits as he was rudely sent off by police officers from the station forcing him to go back and persevere the mistreatment but it turned worse when the woman tried to kill him by setting the kitchen on fire after he had ran from the merciless woman and locked himself in the house for safety. Luckily he managed to escape unhurt. Mr. Wekesa has now decided to move from his home and now spends his days and nights under a tree in the village for fear of being killed by his wife and depends on good Samaritans for food. The two have been married for 50 years since the man inherited the wife from his brother in 1960. None of their 7 children who work in different towns in the country has responded to the violence against their father. More...

Luhya athletics
The athleticism of Western Kenya is not in question. Although football has been the mainstay of sporting activities among Abaluyia, running has not. All this is likely to change with a new initiative organised on a provincial level aimed at scouting for sporting talent among students in Western.

Ruto loses ICC case: Judges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague have rejected William Ruto’s application criticising its chief prosecutor's investigations and seeking to bar summons or arrest warrants over Kenya poll violence. More...

Chance for Luhya to prove athletic prowess on a world stage

By Collins Asiligwa, Jan 19 2011
The confederation of athletes Kenya has announced to have completed preparations of selecting athletes who will represent Kenya in the world cross country championships that is to be held in Punta umbira, Spain. Addressing the press in Bungoma town the confederation representative Henry Alukhaba said that process in Western Kenya will kick off on 5th February this year, where the 19 districts will be fully represented. He added that students from various schools are expected in the finals that will be held in Emuhaya constituency on 5th March. The organizers have divided places into four categories: Junior women, junior boys, senior women and senior men. The selection will be done in various venues across Western Kenya including: Mt. Elgon at Toroso primary school, Bungoma at Webuye Airstrip, Teso at Amagoro Primary, Vihiga at Nobina secondary, Kakamega at Masinde Muliro University, Busia at Busia stadium and Mumias at Bomani. More...

Serial zoophiliac faces banishment from Bungoma

By Joan Wesakulila, Jan 18 2011
Villagers from Mungonye, Maraka sub-location in Webuye are appealing to the area chief Stephen Ngano to come to their rescue and help them relocate a family of a 15-year old boy whom they believe is a burden and cast out in the area. Earlier, Aaron Makokha, a standard six drop out was caught red handed on a cow in an act of zoophiliasm. Speaking with West Fm the area chief Stephen Ngano said that the boy was caught red handed in act after tying the legs of the cow by the owner Francis Makokha who screamed for help and attracted the attention of the villagers who were all surprised by the incident. The angry villagers called upon the village elder Patrick Walubengo who witnessed the act and ordered Aaron to be taken to the area chief who is handling their case. They all condemned the act and wanted the family of the boy to be relocated after incidences of being caught on spot in similar acts of bestiality with a hen and a sheep. More...

The 15-year old boy has been caught in the past having sex with a cow, a hen and a sheep leading villagers to conclude he may be an agent of evil spirits lurking in their midst

Kenya HIV patient
An HIV positive patient taking a daily dose of anti-retrivals.

Kenya being invesitgated for looting Aids funds

By Gatonye Gatura, Jan 18 2011
Kenya is under investigation for corruption and fraudulent use of money meant for fighting HIV, malaria and tuberculosis donated by the Global Fund. According to the Fund, a procedural audit in August provided sufficient indications that there is theft, abuse and misappropriation of its money. The country will also be investigated for rampant diversion of malaria drugs meant for public hospitals into the local and regional markets. A recent report by the Fund’s Office says Kenya is among 10 other countries whose routine audits last year justified formal investigations. More...

Butere, Mumias teachers endorse candidate for Kakamega KUPPET boss

By our correspondent, Jan 18 2011
Teachers in the larger Butere-Mumias District have endorsed the current KUPPET Branch Chairman to run for the Kakamega County union chairmanship. The teachers led by Matungu representative Tubeyi Kalande endorsed Mr Johnston Wabuti last week during Matungu Form One selection held at St Mathew’s Kholera secondary school. The elections due to be held in March this year has attracted several candidates from the County where Mr Wabuti and his team are set to start their campaign next week. The current provincial union treasurer Mr Harriso Otota was endorsed to go for the post of the Secretary General a post which has also attracted the Butere-Mumias branch Secretary Macdaff Rapando. Speaking to reporters, Mr Kalande said that Wabuti was the most capable person to hold the chairman’s post according to his past record of leadership in the branch and urged teachers across the County to support him fully. More...

Police battle sect over resistance to vaccination

By George Olwenya, Jan 18 2011
Confusion reigned at Nyahera village in Nyangoma division as police and medical personnel engaged in a cat and mouse game with a Christian sect opposed to the ongoing anti-polio vaccination. The Government renewed the campaign following fresh fears of the disease outbreak in Siaya County. Two brothers said to be members of the "Yeso Nyalo" (Jesus Can) sect gave the police and the medics hectic time as they went round shouting and urging the children to run into the bush and hide from the "intruders". On Monday, members of the sect chased away health officials, forcing them to return with the police, yesterday. A villager, Walter Awiti, said it took more than 30 minutes for the police to comb the thickets and round up eight of the children from their hideouts before they were eventually immunised. More...

Erick Omwami
Erick Omwami, Project Officer of Abenengo community based organisation in Busia County displaying a receipt of sh124 demanded as activity fee by the district education office. Parents suspect the fund is a corruption project going into individual pockets at the expense of poor families. Photo: Frankline Bwire
Samia parents demand to know why they should pay activity fund levy

By Frankline Bwire, Jan 18 2011
Parents and stakeholders from Samia district are calling upon the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to intervene the illegal financial operations of the District Education Office. Led by civic leaders Mr. Camulus Obada, Ben Odunga and the project officer of Abenengo a local community based organization in Busia County Mr. Erick Omwami, they condemned the move by the District Education Officer Mr. Michael Mugao to collect Ksh. 124 from every pupil in the name of activities. “We would wish to know the genesis of this levies, whether they are from the Ministry of Educations circular, what the money does and how it is accounted for,” said Mr. Erick Omwami. Mr. Omwami disclosed that most parents in the area are poor and transparency was vital to ensure demands from the Education office were not after hurting them. He is appealing for auditors to help in ascertaining the way money has been spent by the Samia Education office from 2010. More...

110 bogus colleges shut in countrywide crackdown

By our correspondent, Jan 18 2011
A major operation to take illegal colleges out of business started on Tuesday. Those shut included one called Nation Media Studies in Nyeri, an apparent attempt to capitalise on the success of the Nation Media Group. Ministry of Education inspectors prowled major urban areas to shut down the colleges. A list of 110 colleges to be closed was published by the ministry in the media last week. In Nairobi, officers at Githurai 44 and 45 arrested one woman who was taken to Kasarani Police Station.In Mombasa, senior technical institutions official, Mr Fred Oanda, said there were 19 colleges in Mombasa, Malindi, Kilifi, Voi and Wundanyi set for closure. The Inter-global College in Kondele and the Global institute in Kisumu, were shut. More...

Violet Akoth
Violet Akinyi aka Akoth, the 25-year old AP who was gunned down by her lover, Anthony Mbugua over the weekend.
Slain cop not married to killer

By Paul Ogemba, Jan 18 2011
The family of the female Administration Police officer killed by an alleged lover, on Monday denied reports that the two were married. Instead, they are demanding that the government establishes the motive of the Saturday killing. Ms Violet Akinyi was shot and killed by Mr Boniface Ndegwa, who then shot himself. According to her brother Cecil Omondi, the two once visited their home, but did not indicate intentions to marry. “We know they were friends, but never married. You cannot bring your friend home and the next day he claims that you are married,” Mr Omondi said. The family said Ms Akinyi was an open and transparent person and would have informed them of the marriage. “In our custom, a marriage is sealed by dowry payment, which never happened as reported. Ms Akinyi never talked to us about marriage and only concentrated on helping her siblings,” said Ms Patricia Adhiambo, her aunt. More...

Busia farmers go bananas as they ditch cane to improve fortunes

By Milicent Simiyu, Jan 18 2011
Farmers in Busia County for a long time have engaged in sugarcane farming and unfortunately contributed to high levels underdevelopment in the area. Residents have reached a point to divert to a new crop which is banana to improve their living standards. Farmers in Busia observe that farmers across the border in Uganda have potential to engage in large scale cultivation bananas instead of getting it from their neighboring nations. “Whenever one talks of bananas, it is associated with Uganda but now farmers in Kenya especially in Busia have given the crop adequate trials and are fully convinced that there are varieties that can do well here,” said a farmer. A Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in the area spearheading the programme in Butula District with Butula Kilimo Bora Network, has brought together farmers from organized groups including the Bumula Banana Planters, Kilimo Sasa, Okoa Women Group, Mazingira and Neema groups. More...

butula kilimo bora network
Women display their bananas on a market day in Busia County. A countywide initiative has been launched to promote banana farming as an alternative to the loss-making cane farming. A banana farmer can earn up to Sh500,000 per hectare of the crop, according to experts. A model farm belonging to Danston Wakhisi, cultivates 444 stems per acre or 111 per quarter acre. Bananas can be inter-cropped with other crops such as legumes - beans, groundnuts and cow peas as a way of increasing yields. Some farmers, however, said banana farming is labour intensive noting that lack of adequate farming skills has discouraged them from adopting the crop. Photo: Westfm
Geoffrey Olianga
Mr Geoffrey Olianga during Mr Kericho championships on December 6, 2010 during the World Aids Day. RIGHT: Mr Olianga (centre) posing with other champions during the competition.
Bunyore muscleman appeals for sponsorship

By our reporter, Jan 17 2011
Mr Geoffrey Olianga, the muscleman from Bunyore participated in last December’s Mr Kericho World Aids Day Body Building contest and won a bronze medal in the heavyweight category. Mr Olianga who has previously won Mr Kericho title is appealing for sponsorship to contest for Mr Eldoret and Mr Kenya titles this year. Mr Olianga can be contacted either through Abeingo Community Network or directly on Tel +254 712 032 355 or email geoffreymangongo@yahoo.com.

Geoffrey Olianga

Sabaot elders perform cleansing rituals to bring peace to Mt Elgon

By Osinde Obare, Jan 17 2011
Sabaot Laibons (elders) conducted a ritual to cleanse youth from the warring Soy and Ndorobo clans, an effort towards bringing peace in Mt Elgon. It was a rare ceremony as the Laibons diagnosed intestines of a slaughtered bull and warned Kenyans to seek reconciliation to avert a repeat of the 2007 post-election violence. Local MP Fred Kapondi and DC Omar Salat attended. The more than 200 youth and elders, led by John Chonge, conducted traditional prayers before passing meat. Silence was upheld during the five hour-ceremony at Kopsiro, and only elderly women were allowed to join the men. The Laibons sprinkled animal blood to appease the ancestors to forgive the clans from past mistakes. More...

Bunyore elders inspect entrails
Elders performing an ancient ritual of entrails inspection for ominous or auspicious signs during an ancestral sacrificial offering.. The ritual is common among Luhya and Kalenjin communities.
Four killed in road crash on Chavakali-Kapsabet Rd

By Allan Kisia, Jan 17 2011
Four people died in a road accident at Kakubutu area along the Chavakali-Kapsabet Road. Three women died on the spot while a small boy died at Kaimosi Mission Hospital where he had been rushed for treatment. Twenty-three others were admitted at the same hospital, 10 of them in critical condition. Vihiga OCPD Lawrence Garama said the two matatus involved in the accident collided head on. "One matatu was trying to overtake another vehicle when it rammed into an oncoming Nissan," added the OCPD. He said one matatu was headed to Eldoret while the other was destined for Chavakali. A witness, Kevin Isabwa, said the matatu headed to Chavakali tried to overtake at a blind corner. The accident occurred barely a kilometre from a spot where eight people perished in another crush last November. More...

Muhoroni AP kills wife then commits suicide

By Nicholas Anyuor, Jan 17 2011
In a heartbreaking love story gone horribly wrong, an Administration Police officer shot and killed his wife, before taking his own life with the same gun. The two were both APs and had just recently married. Boniface Ndegwa, 27, turned his gun on wife and fellow law enforcer, Violet Akoth, 25, before committing suicide. There were no warning signs. The chilling incident at his wife’s workplace in Manera town, at the Muhoroni District Officer’s office, left colleagues, friends and relatives in shock. Other officers rushed to the scene, but found the two, who had no children, were already dead. "When the officers arrived, they found the two were dead and blood was splattered everywhere," said Muhoroni DO Joseph Wanyonyi. More...

Violet AkothBoniface Ndegwa
Tragic couple: Violet Akoth, 25 and Boniface Ndegwa, 27. Both were administration policemen at Awasi in Muhoroni.
ODM disowns anti-ICC moves

By Caraoline Wafula, Jan 17 2011
A split has emerged in the Grand Coalition government with one of the main partners - Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) - coming out to dispute recent state actions in regard to the Kenya case at the International Criminal Court (ICC). A Press conference addressed by an ODM deputy party leader Musalia Mudavadi on Monday alleged a smear campaign designed to discredit the party leadership for political gains. More...

One million signatures to stop anti-ICC Bill

By Beauttah Omanga, Jan 17 2011
A group of Kenyans is out to collect one million signatures from registered voters to oppose an attempt by MPs to withdraw the country from the Rome Statute. The group is targeting 5,000 voters from each constituency, signing a declaration in support of the International Criminal Court (ICC) process. But as the group made its intentions known, Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto said he would press on with a Bill to withdraw Kenya from the ICC. In a statement on Sunday, the group seeking signatures said it would partner up with like-minded Kenyans and arrange for pro-ICC campaigns on radio, TV, newspapers and Internet. More...

Woman flees after snake spills out of her handbag

By Joan Wesakulila, Jan 17 2011
There was drama at the Homabay District hospital when a woman’s efforts to gain entry to the hospital were thwarted by security officers manning the gate leading to a scuffle as the security officers demanded to inspect her purse.
As the drama raged on, the woman’s handbag fell on the ground spilling its contents in all directions but more drama arose when a snake scrawled out of the handbag. The security officers were left speechless as well as patients and relatives seeking entry to the hospital as many scampered for safety. The woman flew leaving her handbag and snake behind. However, the security officers were unable to kill the snake as it disappeared into the nearby bushes leaving many frightened and in shock. The hospital’s security personnel have launched a thorough security check on all the people gaining entry to the facility to check on their patients. It still not yet clear what was the intention of the woman to carry a snake to the hospital. More...

Luhya witchcraft
There was a commotion in Homa Bay District Hospital as a snake escaped from a woman's handbag.

Man sets himself on fire

A man has set himself on fire outside the parliament building in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. He shouted anti-government slogans before pouring fuel on his clothes and setting himself alight, witnesses said. Policemen nearby managed to put out the flames, and the man is now in a stable condition in hospital, officials said. More...

Parents force transfer of deputy head teacher

By Silas Kemboi, Jan 17 2011
Sibanga Secondary School parents in trans-Nzoia East, Trans-Nzoia County have praised the District Education Office for transferring the Deputy Headmaster of the school, Mr. Mwombe Masungo. Speaking after his transfer, the parents accused Masungo of being non-committal in ensuring the school performs well in national exams. The parents expressed confidence that this year, the school will perform better this year following his transfer. This comes barely a week after parents and students of Kapsara Secondary school demonstrated against the school PCEA Moderator Moses Muiruri for actively participating in the move to have the principal transferred. The demonstrations followed his banning from daily activities of the school after it came out that he organized for the transfer of the school principal Mr Alenga Amani. In the meeting between parents, Board of Directors and the District Education Officer, Mr. Mark Luchivya the parents alleged that Mr. Muiruri was planning to have a person from his tribe to take over the position of Mr. Amani. More...

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