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Breaking News:

185 Kenyans shot dead in continuing elections violence in Kenya, according to reports monitored on Sky News and Aljazeera. Timed at 17.25 GMT. White House has withdrawn its endorsement of Kibaki and will now coordinate its stance with EU partners. This is the number for White House: 1 202 456 1111 or 1 202 456 1414.

Question submitted to President George Bush on Dec 31 2007

The US government has congratulated President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya on "winning" flawed elections while the UK and the European Union have expressed deep concerns over massive rigging. Is not the White House foreign policy in jeopardy, contradictory and completely out of synch with events on the ground in Kenya and at loggerheads with US staunchest ally, the UK? Or is there a change in foreign policy to endorse dictatorship rather than legitimacy in institutions of democratic governance around the world? - Shad Bulimo, Editor, INGONEWS.


124 shot dead overnight

By INGONEWS Reporter, Dec 31 2007
More than 100 Kenyans were shot dead as violence spread across the country following the declaration of Mwai Kibaki as winner of the controversial elections that have been adjudged flawed by the opposition as well as international observers.

Most of the dead were in Kisumu, the stronghold of opposition leader, Raila Odinga. Violence engulfed other towns as well including Kakamega, Mumias, Kuresoi, Eldoret, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kericho, etc. Meanwhile Kenyan election violence has now moved up as the top story upstaging Pakistan. Both Sky and BBC are running the story.

Media to defy govt order

By a Correspondent, Dec 30 2007
The media fraternity has asked the Government to unconditionally withdraw its order suspending live broadcasts. The Media Council and the Media Owners Association described the order as retrogressive and an affront on the freedom of the Press. At a Press conference held at the Nation Centre, the Media Council chairman Wachira Waruru said the order was difficult to implement under the current conditions. All news coverage at the top of the hour are broadcast live and call-in programmes on various radio stations are also conducted live.

Mr Waruru warned that if the Government does not review its stand, the media owners shall have no option but to defy the order. “We are not ready to comply with orders seeking to muzzle the Press. However, we are appealing to the Information Ministry to withdraw the order,” he said.

Kibaki calls for reconciliation

By a Correspondent, Dec 30 2007
President Kibaki Sunday asked his opponents in the just-concluded General Election to accept the outcome which he described as ‘credible’.

Speaking immediately after being sworn in at State House Nairobi, he said: “I call upon all candidates and Kenyans in general to accept the verdict of the people.

“I thank the ECK, security agents, observers and all other players for remaining committed to the conduct of honest, orderly and credible elections that have enabled the true verdict of the people to prevail.”  President Kibaki appealed to his opponents to put aside their differences for the benefit of the country.  More>>>

Religious leaders call for recount of votes

By a Correspondent, Dec 30 2007
Muslim and Christian religious leaders Sunday called for a recount of votes to dispel doubt of results from the Thursday election. While appealing for calm over controversial presidential election results, the chairman of the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust, the Rev Stephen Nyenda, supported calls for a recount of presidential votes in all the constituencies to find a legitimate result.

The trust called for restraint from both winners and losers. The Muslim for Human Rights also called for a recount in all constituencies and expressed hope that once it is done, all candidates would accept the results.  Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) secretary general, Sheikh Mohammed Dor said whatever result was announced should not lead to chaos but tolerance.

He took issue with the delay in the announcement of results by ECK, noting that it had led to tension, anxiety and chaos throughout the country. The head of the Catholic archdiocese in Mombasa, Bishop Boniface Lele condemned the chaos, and appealed for calm.

violence kenya violence kenya violence

The People's president: Raila Odinga


Riots across the nation
Power cuts
No live coverage
Raila asks Kenyans to turn up at Uhuru Park tomorrow


Kibaki's win divides nation

By Shad Bulimo, London Dec 30 2007
The people of Kenya have spoken. They have chosen their president; the people’s president. They are six. The people of Mount Kenya region have also spoken. They have chosen their president, the Gema president. They are two. Today, Kenya stands a divided nation, gripped by uncertainty, anarchy and despondency.

All because, do or die, the leadership of Kenya shall never pass to one other than one ordained by Kirinyaga or so the majority of Kikuyus believe carting along their cousins, the Embu and Meru in an axis of evil that clearly makes the former Kenyan dictator, Daniel arap Moi look like a saint and Robert Mugabe an angel. In one stroke of weak leadership, President Mwai Kibaki has turned the clock of democracy back to the days of darkness. As a father and a grandfather, one would have hoped that his conscience would be pricked and demonstrate strong leadership by acquiescing to defeat and if convinced he won the elections fair and square, then let the votes be tallied or recounted in the full view of the world.

None of which he was willing to do. Why? Because the guilty are afraid. The suspicions Kenyans had of the fairness of the elections in Kenya started when he refused to abide by the spirit of the IPPG (Interparty Parliamentary Group) skimmed off Moi at the height of clamour for fairness in the electoral process. Instead, he stuck his two fingers up to the rest of Kenyan political leadership and proceeded to select pliant individuals as ECK Commissioners to do his bidding and rig elections for him. More>>>

Gema president: Mwai Kibaki


UK not convinced of Kibaki victory

The United Kingdom has expressed concern over the rigging of elections in Kenya. Reacting to the election results that have triggered violence across the nation, David Milliband, the foreign secretary said: "We have real concerns at the irregularities reported by the EU (European Union) observers and others," Milliband said in a statement. Britain looked forward to working with a "legitimately elected government of Kenya, which commands support of the Kenyan people," Milliband said.

Breaking News

Kibaki announced winner in flawed elections. The announcement was made via Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Other media were barred. Details soon.

ECK official spills the beans on rigging

By Shad Bulimo, Dec 30 2007
An attempt by ECK chairman, Samwel Kivuitu to announce the results of the presidential race degenerated into a farce barely five minutes into the press conference. Trouble started after Mr Kivuitu read the results of Molo giving Kibaki upwards of 75,000 votes which drew protests from ODM. At which point, ODM's Raila Odinga left the room and soon after, Kivuitu also led his ECK pack out and retreated to the back room. ODM quickly gave a press conference at which they provided evidence of rigging in Molo. But more drama was to follow as an election official, Mr Kiptum arap Kirui, said his conscience could not allow him to continue participating in a flawed process. Mr Kirui who was in charge of Coast Province and upper eastern province, said rigging was up to 20,000 in some places. " My conscience could not allow me to continue seeing what was going on," he said. "Form 16a is a legal document but it was missing in the files. I am risking my life but my conscience is clear."

Darkness at noon

Nairobi, Dec 30 2007
Kenyatta Conference Centre, the centre of national attention is now in total blackout in an apparent scheme to scuttle any attempt by ODM to release any more statements. The scene has been cleared of journalists and observers.

Policeman draws a gun to scare away protesters in Nairobi over delayed results

Raila calls for poll audit

By Shad Bulimo, Dec 30 2007
Raila Odinga, the ODM presidential candidate, has said he will not accept a Kibaki win because the polls have been rigged. Speaking this morning at a press conference in Nairobi, Raila called a public audit of all 210 constituencies. He said results from Nithi, Juja, Maragua and Kiambaa were rigged in favour of PNU candidate, President Mwai Kibaki. Meanwhile ECK suspended releasing of results following protests and retreated to the back room where it promised to go through all 210 constituencies with two representatives from each presidential party. The country is tottering on a brink of chaos as they await the official results with three deaths so far reported, businesses looted and rioting afoot across major towns of Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho and Eldoret.

ODM, PNU release presidential results

By Shad Bulimo, Saturday, Dec 29 2007
As Kenyans await the official results from the Electoral Commission of Kenya, the two main parties have announced what they say are the results from their monitoring machinery:
ODM: Raila 4,215,437; Kibaki: 3,748,261

PNU: Kibaki 4,533,181; Raila 4,206,062

PRESIDENTIAL WATCH Timed 18.10, Saturday
Raila Odinga 3,880,053
Mwai Kibaki 3,842,053
Kalonzo Musyoka 310,070







Chrysanthus Okemo



John Bunyasi







Prof Christine Abungu Mango



Bwire Odhiambo







Moody Arthur Awori



Dr Paul Otwoma







Raphael Bitta Wanjala



Ababu Namwamba







Dr Mukhisa Kituyi



Alfred Khang'ati







Wafula Athanas Wamunyinyi










Moses Masika Wetangula



John Waluke Koyi



Jeremiah Nixon Kukubo




Musikari Nazi Kombo



Alfred Sambu







Sylvester Wakoli Bifwoli










Newton Wanjala Kulundu



Athanas Keya Manyala



Bishop Titus Khamala




Dr Bonny Khalwale










Daniel Lyula Khamasi



Charles Lugano







Peter Soita Shitanda










Kenneth Otiato Marende










George Munyasa Khaniri










Moses Epainitous Akaranga



Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi







Yusuf Chanzu










Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya



Prof Ruth Oniang'o







Julius Odenyo Arungah



Evans Akula







David Aoko Were










Wycliffe Osundwa










Dr Enoch Wamalwa Kibunguchy



Silas Jirongo







Dr Noah Wekesa



Albert Gumo Oduol



Wekesa Mahalang'ang'a




Capt Davies Nakitare



Eugene Wamalwa



Chebukati Wanyonyi Wafula



Raila finally votes

ODM Presidential candidate, Raila Odinga has finally voted in his Lang'ata constituency after the initial hitch which saw names beginning with O, A, W and R missing. These names happen to be of voters from Raila's strongest support base in Western and Nyanza. More news as we get them. - Editor

bhuttoBenazir Bhutto dead

Luhya, Luo names missing in Lang'ata

By Kipkirui K’Telwa, Dec 27 2007
ODM presidential candidate Mr Raila Odinga has not voted. His name is missing from Lang’ata constituency poll register. He has protested to Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) at KICC that a large chunk of register was missing. But ECK Commissioner Jack Tumwa assured him that a full register will be availed to polling stations.

Tumwa attributed the mishap to splitting of registers using alphabetical order. "No name has been deleted from the register. All names are there," Tumwa assured the Press at KICC where the ECK has set up a media centre.

It is alleged that people whose names start with letters A, O, R and W would not vote because their names are missing from Lang’ata constituency registers. Incidentally, bearers of names with these initials hail from communities where ODM presidential candidate enjoys a large following. Raila promised to go back to vote later in the day. More>>>

Is Kibaki voting himself out of power? In Lang'ata, Raila can't vote because his name is not on the voter register.

Be hawk-eyed, warns Wabukala

By Stephen Makabila, Dec 27 2007 Election observers in marginal areas have been asked to be alert. The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) Chairman, Bishop Eliud Wabukala, told them to ensure that people who do not know how to read and write were not manipulated.

"There are many Kenyans in marginalised areas where illiteracy is high, but poll observers should ensure that candidates do not take advantage to manipulate them," said Wabukala. He urged Christians and NCCK members to be on the lookout for people out to rig the elections. He said the NCCK would monitor the election and voting in various parts of the country. More>>>

Justice Daniel Aganyanya
Family of two Justices:
Justice Daniel Aganyanya is married to Justice Roselyne Nambuye of the High Court of Kenya. Injustice befell the family when man and husband were both suspended from the bench following the now largely discredited Ringera List of Shame. They have since both been exonerated.

Aganyanya appointed to highest court

By Evelyn Kwamboka, Dec 25 2007
President Kibaki on Monday appointed two long-serving High Court Judges, Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch and Justice Daniel Anganyanya, to the Court of Appeal. The President also appointed three women and a man as High Court judges. He elevated long-serving Meru Chief Magistrate, Mr Joseph Karanja, and his Machakos counterpart, Mrs Hellen Omondi, to High Court judges. Aganyanya’s appointment comes a few months after a tribunal that was investigating his conduct cleared him of 11 allegations. He was among 23 judges suspended following the report by a committee that was headed by Justice Evan Gicheru in 2003. Aganyanya was the second to be cleared. More>>>

Vote for Kibaki means continuation of corruption, tribalism

By Mzenga Wanyama, Dec 25 2007
This is a message from the Diaspora. As you head to the polls tomorrow, remember that your decision is crucial. Whatever the outcome it will influence our thinking and national direction for a long time. While some claim that the presidential race is a tight contest between the incumbent, President Kibaki, and Mr Raila Odinga, the two leaders represent different philosophies. If you vote to retain Kibaki, you will have voted for two things. One, you will have voted for continuation of his conspiratorial tolerance of political and economic corruption, and two for a firming of institutionalised ethnic discrimination.

Rattle snakes return
Remember the hooded thugs who raided the Standard at night? John Michuki called them rattle snakes sent by Kibaki to bite the enemy. They're back to rig elections. More>>>

Vote for Raila means justice, prosperity for all

By Mzenga Wanyama, Dece 25 2007
It has become a cliche that Raila’s ODM represents a new dispensation in the conduct of public affairs. However, these advocates of the status quo will put a negative spin on the truth. But those aware that Kenyans have been ill-served by successive governments since independence will note that this is the first opportunity the country has had in 44 years of independence to make a clean break with political governance that encourages the institutionalisation of greed and corruption instead of identifying leadership with inspirational capacity to blaze trails of unlimited possibility into the future.

Lawyers protest Kibaki's political districts
Lawyers and a human rights lobby have questioned the appointments of new judges and the creation of 12 new districts with less than a week to the General Election. The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission raised the concerns following Kibaki's appointment of news Court of Appeal and High Court judges. More>>>

Mighty King Kong of the Ladies Night music fame

king kong

Mighty King Kong is dead

By Brian Adero, Dec 25 2007
Mighty King Kong, a renowned Kenyan musician, is dead. King Kong passed on Tuesday at 5.50pm while undergoing treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. His brother-in-law, Mr Alfred Otieno, told The Standard at the hospital that the musician was pronounced dead as doctors tried to save his life.

He said the musician did not appear sick but developed complications while attending an ODM rally on Monday at Nyayo National Stadium. Initial reports indicate that he might have been poisoned. "King Kong had two visitors from Sweden whom he took to attend the rally with him." said Otieno. "He told us to take his visitors to the stadium to listen to the speakers. We left him at Kengeles taking a soda," he added. He said the musician had said he wanted to be nominated to Parliament to represent the disabled. King Kong will be remembered with his hit songs Ladies Night and Cinderella. In total, he composed close to 20 songs. He leaves a widow and a child.

Wetangula's family attacked

By Shad Bulimo, Dec 26 2007
Five members of Moses Wetangula's family including his mother, 73 year-old Mrs Anne Wetangula, were attached by panga wielding thugs said to be agents of ODM candidate, Mr John Waluke. Apart from ODM supporters, Mr Wetangula, the immediate former MP for Sirisia blamed the police for taking sides. "Why are police taking sides?," he asked. "There is evidence of vandalism taking place in people's homes and even the deputy officer commanding station of Bungoma escorted the thugs."

However, ODM denied that they were responsible for the attack. Mrs Wetangula said the thugs just came and knocked her unconscious before proceeding to beat others in the household. " One just came to me and punched me in the face and I fell down," she told reporter, Noah Otieno of KTN.

Abeingo Chairman urges Luhya to think money

By Juvenal J. J. M. Shiundu, Abeingo Chairman, Dec 24 2007
Mirembe Mwesi Abeingo! It is that time of the year when we wish one another compliments of the reason and in that regard, I wish to take this opportunity to wish all ACN Members, their families, relations and ACN potential members “A Merry Christmas and, a Happy and Prosperous New Year”.

As we come to the end of 2007, I wish to recall that ACN was officially launched on 7 October 2006 in London where an interim Committee was established to run the affairs of ACN.  In establishing ACN, our objective was: first to have a charity arm to address welfare and issues of social exclusion here in the UK through programmes that target health, education, employment, skills training, information, guidance and advice; and secondly, to set up a cooperative movement to target business start ups and investments here in the UK and in Kenya with a view to inviting members to buy shares.  So what has been achieved to date?

Since its launch 14 months ago, the charity arm of ACN and Abeingo Housing Association have been registered in UK, the Committee has held eight meetings, a portal and content website www.abeingo.org was launched in April 2007 and has to date received 2.5 million hits, 60 members have joined ACN, a summer party was held on 30 June 2007 at one of  the members' residence, Abeingo Lottery Syndicate and Abeingo Money Transfer have been launched, and registration of the Kenyan Chapter and an investment company in Kenya is at an advanced stage. Considering the short time that ACN has been in existence, members would agree with me that a lot has been achieved, thanks to the dedicated and hard working Committee and in particular Shadrack Bulimo, the Secretary/webmaster to whom I express my appreciation. More>>>

jj shiundu
Abeingo Community Network Chairman, JJ Shiundu

Is this the final tally on Friday 28/12/07?

final results

Talking over, next the results...

By a Correspondent, Dec 23 2007
With only three days to polling day, the Big Three embarked on their final, high voltage campaigns to cement their gains and win over undecided voters, on a day claims of a rigging plan resurfaced. Yesterday, ODM-Kenya presidential candidate Mr Kalonzo Musyoka - who has been consistently placed third by pollsters - was putting the icing on his cake with a major rally in Nairobi, while fellow contestants President Kibaki (PNU) and ODM’s Mr Raila Odinga addressed rallies in Coast and Western provinces. More>>>

Tremors or political tsunami?

Two earth tremors shook Nairobi and Mombasa, yesterday. Symbolically, it means something momentous is about to happen in the land. More>>>

Orengo's driver killed

By George Olwenya and Peter Atsiaya, Dec 21 2007
A driver of Ugenya ODM parliamentary candidate, Mr James Orengo, was killed and three vehicles burnt as campaign violence spread. Orengo’s car was not in the convoy when armed youth wingers chanting, "No-three-piece! No three piece" attacked him.

His driver, identified as Martin Oluoch was pulled out of the vehicle and attacked at Lunjera Primary School in East Ugenya. His attackers then set the Toyota Prado ablaze. Orengo’s other driver escaped with serious panga cuts after he drove into a sugar cane plantation. His vehicle and a third one were reduced to shells.

The attack came a few minutes after ODM presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga, made an unexpected visit to Ugenya to campaign for Orengo. More>>>

Ojiambo dismisses pollsters

By Obed Simiyu and Leonard Katela, Dec 21 2007
THE Orange Democratic Movement of Kenya (ODM-K) presidential running mate Julia Ojiambo yesterday exuded confidence that her party will win the General Election next week despite being depicted as trailing its two key competitors in the latest opinion poll.

Ojiambo, who is seeking to capture the Funyula seat currently held by vice president and Party of National Unity (PNU) candidate Moody Awori, however, declined to comment on the outcome of the poll released by the Steadman group. She instead dismissed the results and questioned the credibility of the research findings; it was not the true reflection of the feelings of Kenyans ahead of the elections. She said it was also not possible for her party to stagnate for such a long time. More>>>

Kimunya finally acts on Anglo Leasing

By Shad Bulimo, Dec 22 2007
Finance Minister, Mr Amos Kimunya has belatedly formally exorcised the ghosts of Anglo Leasing that have haunted the Kibaki administration for the last three years. In a caveat emptor (buyer beware) dated 21 December 2007, the minister has warned that the government will not honour any transactions with Anglo Leasing and six other companies as they are "a subject of criminal investigations involving fraud and economic crimes in Kenya and internationally." The other six are: LBA Systems, Sound Day Corporation, Apex Corporation, Silverson Establishment, Midland Finance and Securities and Infotalent.

No one is safe from the lashes of the First Lady

rucy kifaki

Butere Mumias in top 10 as
Kitale dethrones Nairobi

By Samuel Otieno and Peter Opiyo, Dec 21 2007
Known as Kenya's granary, Kitale district has notched another accolade to become the brain power of the nation.This year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results paint a surprise picture of a bloodless coup by regions that have been the tail-enders. Kitale Municipality topped the District category with a mean score of 282.61, followed by Ijara, a hardship zone, with 276.60, and Nandi South with 272.91. From Western, Butere Mumias is also in the top ten.

The top candidates were Mulei Michael Mutava from Mombasa’s St Kevin’s and Maina Aduol Solomon from Gilgil’s Busara Forest View Academy. The two scored 455 out of 500 marks, an improvement from last year’s 453 earned by the top student Wamugi David Wanjiku

Apart from producing the top student, Mombasa Municipality, which was placed sixth nationally, had 16 candidates in the top 50 candidates nationally. Candidates from Nairobi and districts from Central Province, which traditionally dominate the examination, did not feature in the top ten. More>>>

top luhya boy and girl

Brainy Reagan Mbihi Musavakwa (left) and Millicent Akhonya Ndeche

Total Man's wings clipped

By a Correspondent, Dec 21 2007
Britain has revoked entry visas to the UK for former power broker and powerful minister in Moi's regime, Mr Nicholas Biwott and Cabinet minister, Mr David Mwiraria over corruption allegations. Reacting to the ban, Biwott said he has committed no offence to warrant the cancellation of his visa. Instead, Biwott accused the United Kingdom of playing politics and that the decision to invoke rules against him are selective and absurd. Mwiraria has kept schtum so far. More>>>

Abeingo Money Transfer launched

By Shad Bulimo, Dec 20 2007
Abeingo Community Network has been licensed by the Customs and Revenue Authority of UK to carry out a money transfer business. The service which is launched today will initially cover Kenya and nine other African countries - DR Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Mauritania.

Known as Abeingo Money Transfer, the service is a partnership between Abeingo and MoneylineUK. In Kenya, the partner bank is Equity which has branches in 36 towns. Users of the service will find it cheaper than Western Money Union. Abeingo Money Transfer is a same-day money transfer service. In western Kenya, the towns covered include Kakamega, Bungoma, Kitale, Kisumu, Kisii and Nyamira. For details on how to send money, other destinations covered and rates, click here.

Cholera kills 4 in Western Kenya

By Cosmas Butunyi and OumaWanzala, Dec 20 2007
Four people have died of cholera in Western and Nyanza provinces.  Three of them are from Suba District while the other is from Bunyala District. They all died Wednesday. Nyanza provincial medical officer Jackson Kioko said none of the deaths occurred in a health centre. 

“Two people died while being transported from the islands in Suba to the district hospital located in Sindo in the mainland,” he said. The other one died at home. Dr Kioko said the disease was under control on the island. Two cases of the disease were reported in the area two weeks ago. No one had died of the disease until Wednesday. In Busia, district medical officer of health Silas Ayunga confirmed the death at Mukhobola health centre in the flood-hit Budalang’i Division. More>>>

US visa fees up by 30%

By a Correspondent, Dec 20 2007
Kenyans wishing to visit the US will have to cough up more dosh for the privilege. Effective from 1st January 2008, the fees have gone up from $100 to $131, an increase of more than 30%.

A press release from the US Embassy in Nairobi explained that the costs of processing non-immigrant visas have exceeded revenue from application fees unchanged for five years.

moi kibaki

Good old days:
Rare sighting of birds of a feather - President Kibaki and his predecessor, Daniel arap Moi seen at Karbanet Showground yesterday. But how long can they flock together against ODM juggernaut? The strain on their faces says it all.

Mudavadi invades Jirongo

By Isaiah Lucheli And Maseme Machuka, Dec 20 2007
ODM Pentagon member, Mr Musalia Mudavadi, took the party campaign to Kaddu chairman, Mr Cyrus Jirongo’s Lugari District. Mudavadi told voters to support the party candidates so that it could have majority MPs and civic leaders. His visit has rekindled the rivalry between the two politicians though they have publicly maintained that they were friends and they had no differences. "I appeal to all of you to turn up in large numbers on voting day and elect an ODM president, MP and civic leader," said Mudavadi.

Jirongo is contesting the Lugari seat on a Kaddu ticket and will be battling it out with ODM’s, Mr Evans Musungu. Veteran politician, Mr Martin Shikuku, and Musungu accompanied Mudavadi. Despite the ODM wave in Western Province, Jirongo has expressed confidence that Kaddu would win most of the 97 seats it has fielded candidates. He said the party had initially fielded 98 candidates for parliamentary seats, but one had stepped down. More>>>

ODM cries foul over poll move

By Robert Wanyonyi, Dec 20 2007
ODM leaders have opposed the Electoral Commission of Kenya’s (ECK) decision to move 30 polling centres in clash-torn Mt Elgon District. Mt Elgon ODM parliamentary candidate, Mr Fred Kapondi’s campaigners claimed that the move was aimed at disenfranchising voters in the party’s strongholds and give PNU an advantage.

Led by Mr Dennis Manyiror, Ms Linet Chemutai and former councillors, Mr Rofas Sioyi and Mr Joseph Kipnusu, the leaders demanded an explanation from ECK Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, over the transfer of centres to Kapsokwony and neighbouring Bungoma District. "Why target Cheptais where our candidate got majority votes during the nomination? How will the elderly walk to centres nearly 60km away?". More>>>

Pastor Pius Muiru for president

pius muiru

Nambale cotton ginnery to be revived - Muiru

By Gilbert Ochieng, Dec 18 2007
KENYA People’s Party (KPP) presidential candidate Pius Muiru has pledged to revive the stalled Nambale cotton ginnery if elected President during the December 27 General Election. Addressing a mammoth crowd in Nambale town on Monday, Muiru who is also gunning for the Kamukunji parliamentary seat said the revival of the ginnery would help enhance employment opportunities among the youth in the area. The presidential candidate who is also a pastor at the Maximum Miracle Centre decried the high unemployment rate in the region, saying Trade minister, Mukhisa Kituyi and his Labour counterpart, Newton Kulundu, had failed to address unemployment in the region thereby compounding poverty. He added that the Luhyia community had talented people but majority of them had been relegated to watchmen and labourers due to lack of commitment on the part of their leaders. More>>>

Western: The most violent election zone

By a Correspondent, Dec 18 2007
Western province has earned the notoriety of being the most violent election zone after four vehicles were torched and several acres of sugar burnt in Malava yesterday. Youths allied to Housing minister Mr Soita Shitanda, who is contesting for the Malava seat on a New Ford-Kenya ticket, clashed with those of his ODM rival, Mr Msavini Nambwa, at Harambee Village.Witnesses said chaos broke when the convoys of the two candidates met in a narrow village path as they were heading for different political rallies.

The two parliamentary aspirants were present when their youths clashed but blamed one another for the violence. Nambwa said New Ford-Kenya youths were targeting him when they burnt the farms. "It was a carefully planned attack. They thought I had jumped into the sugarcane farms and that is why they torched them," he said, adding he would complain to ECK. More>>>

Man killed in Rongo

By a Correspondent, Dec 17 2007
An aide of former Cabinet minister Mr Dalmas Otieno, was killed in Rongo in Nyanza Province. Mr Oricho Nyandere was hacked to death while on a campaign trail in Rongo. He succumbed to machete cuts he sustained during the grisly 4.30pm attack.

His body had several arrow wounds, an indication he had been shot before the attackers hacked him. Otieno, who is vying for the Rongo seat, was not in the campaign convoy.

Scores of people were injured during the two ugly incidents as poll violence heightens with only eight days to the December 27 election. More>>>


Raila as a peasant:
Vote hunting shifts from Tinga Tinga and Hammer to the farms Raila Odinga demonstrates his tilling skills. Evidence that politicians will do anything to get your vote.

Kituyi subpoenaed by ECK

By Edith Fortunate and INGONEWS Reporter, Dec 18 2007
Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, the Trade and Industry minister at the centre of a scandal involving misuse of public resources for private gain, has been subpoenaed by the the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) to shed light on the allegations. Dr Kituyi alond with seven cabinet colleagues appeared in a report by the Human Rights Commission of Kenya entitled "Still Behaving Badly" which chronicled abuse of state resources by the ministers and other public officials while campaigning for PNU.

ECK said it was gathering evidence in relation to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KHNCR) a report, ‘Still behaving badly’. The electoral body warned of stern action, eight days to the General Election. The ECK chairman of the Security Committee, Mr Samuel Ng’eny, told The Standard that they were comparing the report with their evidence.

"We are handling the matter and we will act on it immediately even if it means disqualifying a candidate at the last minute. If they do not abide by the law, they are unfit to be leaders," said Ng’eny. The committee meeting, which was scheduled for Tuesday, was called off for lack of quorum. More>>>

Police lose prosecution powers

By Cyrus Ombati and Elizabeth Mwai, Dec 18 2007
Police are to lose their prosecutorial powers in a new programme launched by the Attorney General’s office.The process is aimed at professionalising the prosecution section and seal loopholes in the criminal justice system.

When implemented, the over 350 police officers at various law courts in the country will either be phased out or absorbed by the AG’s office. There are 63 State counsel currently. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr Keriako Tobiko, said the process would take time to be implemented because of the logistics involved.

He said this during the launch of a curriculum and manual for public prosecutors on Tuesday, at an event also attended by the AG, Mr Amos Wako and Commissioner of Police, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, among others. Removing the prosecutorial powers from the police has been a contentious issue between Vigilance House and the AG’s office for years. It requires retraining of the prosecutors and recruiting others to address the increasing and demanding cases in courts. More>>>

It's time to fend for myself


Musalia stoned in Kisii

By Alex Ndegwa, Dec 16 2007
ODM Presidential running mate, Musalia Mudavadi was pelted with stones in Kisii as violence continued to mar election campaigns across the country. Mudavadi was on a campaign trail in Kegoga market in Kisii when youths attempted to disrupt his rally, a report from the Kenya Human Rights Commission indicates. On October 31, the ODM leaders were again at the receiving end in Nanyuki. More>>>

Kituyi misusing state resources

By Shad Bulimo and Alex Ndegwa, Dec 17 2007
Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, the Trade and Commerce Minister is at the centre of a scandal involving misuse of public resources for private gain. The Kenya Human Rights Commission says in a damning report that Dr Kituyi, alongside seven other cabinet minsiters have abused their respective offices by using state resources to campaign for Party of National Unity in blatant breach of Public Officers' Ethics Act..

The report also indicts the government for not taking any action over political violence even when evidence has been adduced as in the case of outgoing Budalang'i MR, Raphael Wanjala who was caught with banned weapons in his car. More>>>

Awori saves official from mob

By Renson Buluma and Robert Wanyonyi, Dec 17 2007
PNU supporters on Monday threatened to eject an elections’ monitor from Vice-President Moody Awori’s rally. Ms Juliet Ofafa, a monitor from the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), was taking pictures when Awori’s campaigners picked the microphone and asked her to leave. Awori was campaigning in his former Funyula constituency.

"There is a young lady with a digital camera in our midst and she is taking pictures of this function. We demand that she immediately leaves… for her safety," said Mr Cyprian Barasa. More>>>

In Spain Xmas is a tall order


160,000 illegals to get amnesty in UK

By Rosa Prince, London, Dec 16 2007
More than 160,000 illegal immigrants due for deportation may be given asylum and allowed to stay in Britain amid claims that the Government has embarked on a secret "stealth amnesty". Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has disclosed that more than a third of the backlog of illegal immigrants reconsidered for deportation had actually been granted leave to remain since 2006. Over the past 18 months, the Government has reassessed only the cases of 52,000 illegal immigrants out of a backlog of 450,000. Of that 52,000, 19,000 have been allowed to stay - sparking fears that asylum could finally be granted to 164,000 previously due to be deported if the present rate of "amnesty" continues. The Conservatives said that despite previous Government plans to deport those here illegally, only 16,000 had so far been sent home - three per cent of the total backlog. More>>>

Kibaki creates 2 more districts

By Beauttah Omanga and Robert Nyasato, Dec 16 2007
President Kibaki has ordered the Provincial Administration to help in resettling victims of violence in Kuresoi. He also created two new districts for the Abagusii as he wooed the community to vote for him in the December 27 elections. The President warned that stern action would be taken against the perpetrators of violence in Kuresoi, saying the Government was closing in on them. More>>>

Are you better off as man or hippo?: judge for youself

hippo man

Jehovah Wanyonyi who believes he's God


God! Wanyonyi

By Kipchumba Some, Dec 16 2007
He is branded a blasphemer and a worshipper of evil, and has even been ostracised by his community. And his controversial sect, in which he claims to be “God the Father of Jesus”, has not won him many followers. Instead, it stirs feelings of anger and hatred wherever he goes.  At one point, Mr Jehovah Wanyonyi’s house was set ablaze at night as he and his family slept. This and other incidents have forced the spiritual leader of the Lost Israelites of Kenya sect of Kitale to shift several times over the past few years looking for a safer haven. 

But despite all this seeming setback, Mr Wanyonyi soldiers on, saying that his message is the biblical truth, and that he is being sought for persecution just as Jesus was. But he is not just another mortal capable of sinning and dying, he says. And, because many people do not recognise him as the creator, he promises to punish the human race. More>>>


Meet the Hyena men of Nigeria:

Man and his best... beast: in Nigeria, the hyena is not just a pet, it's a livelihood

Source: Sunday Times

The dog used to be man's best friend but not so for this Nigerian man who believes in the power of the hyena


Bhang from Western

By Fred Mukinda and Amina Kibirige, Dec 16 2007
Police netted bhang worth Sh5 million and arrested 13 suspected traffickers in Nairobi Sunday. The consignment, packed in 73 gunny bags and concealed as bananas and sugarcane, was packed in a lorry from western Kenya.

Flying squad officers intercepted the lorry at a warehouse in Ngara estate before the suspects could unload it. The warehouse belonged to a Tanzanian woman marked by police as the key dealer but who is still at large. The police raid was conducted at around 2am.

Acting on a tip off, police kept vigil for hours on Saturday night, after they learnt that a consignment of the bhang was being shipped in. The operation was led by Flying Squad boss Musa Yego. More>>>

150 girls "cut" in Marakwet

By a Correspondent, Dec 16 2007
Over 150 girls have been subjected to the ‘cut’ in the past two weeks in Tot, Tunyo and Tirap divisions of Marakwet district.  Close to 300 girls have fled their homes in the same period to rescue centres to avoid undergoing the rite.  According to Tot Anti-Female Genital Mutilation coordinator, Lydia Kanda, many girls continue to be received at Tot and Kakimiti centres in fear of being forcefully circumcised at their homes. 

This latest development throws into disarray an education programme that was to run between December 11 and 19 as an alternative rite of passage. 

Its organizers, spearheaded by World Vision’s Tot Anti-FGM programme, might be forced to extend the training beyond 19 to forestall possibility of some of the girls being forced to undergo the rite if released earlier. More>>>

Ebola: borders to remain open

The government has ruled out closing the Kenya-Uganda border following an outbreak of the deadly Ebola haemorrhagic fever in the neighbouring country. Speaking to the Sunday Nation, the Ministry of Health’s chief medical officer, Dr Shahnaaz Sharif, said the spread of the fever was now under control in Uganda.

So far, 32 people, including medical personnel, have died in the outbreak that hit Bundibugyo district in western Uganda. Dr Sharif said tests carried out in eight Ugandan districts on blood samples suspected to be infected with the virus were negative, proof that the disease was now under control. More>>>

Kisaka appointed to local observer body

A consortium of local election observers under the auspices of the Kenya Elections Domestic Observation Forum is ready to post observers to 17,000 out the 27,000 gazetted polling stations. Co-Chairs of Kedof Secretariat Morris Odhiambo, Koki Muli and Oliver Kisaka revealed yesterday that they plan to observe this year’s election along the lines of gender, electoral violence and the youth are handled besides the actual observation on the D-day. Mr Kisaka, who is also the deputy General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) said that preliminary results show that politicians are promising heaven knowing too well they cannot deliver the same. More>>>

Gorilla: vector of the deadly ebola


John Githongo


Githongo nails Kibaki's coffin

By Shad Bulimo and Standard, Dec 15 2007
President Kibaki's former anti corruption tsar, Mr John Githongo, has returned from the "dead" to deal the President a final hammer blow that seals his political coffin on 27 December 2007. In an exlusive interview with the Standard, Githongo urges Kenyans to vote out Kibaki for his failure to deliver on the major planks of his electoral promise five years ago especially corruption and constitutional reforms.

"I believe as Kenyans, we must never allow any government to get away with blatant disregard for any pledges it makes. President Kibaki promised several things, some of which he has delivered on. But some of the fundamental ones like the fight against corruption and constitutional reforms he abandoned blithely,’’ he said.

Githongo also regrets the evil alliance between Kibaki, Moi ad Kenyatta as ethnically polarising and the entry into politics of yesteryear's Goldenberg thieves now sanitised as saint Paul as sickening. More>>>

Anglo Leasing simply refuses to fade

By Ben Agina, Dec 15 2007
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights wants all those implicated in the Anglo Leasing scandal made answerable. Commission chairman, Mr Maina Kiai, said it was not enough for the Government to admit wrongdoing and say some money was recovered.

He said Kenyans needed to know the faces behind the multi-billion-shilling scam. More>>>

All heads head for Bukhungu - in Kibera


It's total war between Kombo and Kituyi

By Ruth Wakape, Webuye, Dec 15 2007
POLITICAL rivalry between Trade minister Mukhisa Kituyi and his Local Government counterpart Musikari Kombo has taken even a more complex dimension with the two taking their political wars to each other’s home turf respectively. This comes almost two weeks after the feud between the two emerged openly at a recent campaign rally attended by President Mwai Kibaki in Kimilili constituency.

Whereas Kombo plans to visit Kimilili to campaign for the Ford-Kenya candidate, Kituyi would be headed for Webuye to drum up support for ODM candidate Alfred Sambu. Speaking to the press in Kimilili, Kituyi vowed to lead New Ford-Kenya leaders among them Soita Shitanda and Dr Bonnie Khalwale to Webuye this weekend for a series of rallies, while Kombo would be leading Ford-Kenya outgoing MPs to Kimilili. The venues of the rallies are yet to be disclosed. More>>>

Kibaki to dissolve PNU

PRESIDENT Mwai Kibaki yesterday hinted that PNU and its affiliate parties are likely to be dissolved after the general election to form one formidable party. He added that this would enable him accommodate all his allies in his government if he is re-elected. More>>>

Candidate cleared of murder charge

By Ruth Wakape, Webuye, Dec 15 2007
WEBUYE Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Mulwa yesterday dismissed a murder case against Mt Elgon Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) parliamentary candidate Fred Chesebe Kapondi for lack of evidence.

The magistrate dismissed the case against Kapondi who has been in remand for the last seven months under section 21 of the country’s constitution. All the three witnesses before the court opposed the case.

The first witness, Joseph Masai said he met Kapondi at Mt Elgon and was with him on the day he was arrested over murder allegations seven months ago but did not see him shoot anybody. The second, Michael Kimilu, a former Mt Elgon DCIO said he was not aware of the case before the court. More>>>

Ikolomani death: autopsy reveals otherwise

By KNA, Kakamega, Dec 15, 2007
AN autopsy carried out on a body of a man who died following political violence in Ikolomani constituency of Kakamega South district three weeks ago indicates that he died of stab wounds.

The autopsy done at Kakamega Provincial Hospital was performed by Dr David Chumba and Dr Benson Machage of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret. While briefing the press, Kakamega District Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO), Michael Mugo, said the report indicated that the body had a bruise on the neck and an oval-shaped wound on the left mid-clavicular line. More>>>

Polls: Some Luhyas may not vote

By Emmanuel Onyango and M’bolo Bulemi, Dec 14 2007
Voting in at least 11 parliamentary seats and unspecified number of civic wards countrywide risk being postponed to next year owing to errors in the printing of ballot papers. It's not known which constituencies are affected. The ballot papers in question either contain mis spelt surnames of the candidates or candidates being assigned to parties they do not subscribe to. The names of at least 4,000 civic candidates are embroiled in the anomaly.

The fears were raised as the Commonwealth appointed former Sierra Leone President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah to head its team of observers for the December 27, General Election. Commonwealth Secretary-Generals Don McKinnon who announced Kabbah’s appointment, said the Observers Group (COG) will be made up of 13 eminent people drawn from 11 Commonwealth countries. The shocking anomaly in the ballot papers, the first of its kind in the country’s election history, seemed to have passed the scrutiny of both the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) and the printer, Smith and Ouzman Ltd, during the printing process. More>>>

Mwalimu Onwoni dies marking exams

By KNA, Vihiga, Dec 14 2007
A KENYA Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE) examiner died at Vihiga District Hospital where he had been admitted after complaining of abdominal pains. Kefa Onwoni, a teacher in Nairobi, was marking CRE papers at Bunyore Girls, when the pains intensified.

According to chief examiner, Mr George Sabwami, the teacher developed stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday.

As Nairobi imploded with the First Lady slap, meanwhile it was peaceful in London as Kenyans ignored the soaring political and emotional temperatures at home to celebrate the 44th Jamhuri Day at a London Hotel . CLICK HERE to see full pictorial coverage of the event

Wangula Khasiani, the accountant and High Commissioner, HE Joseph Muchemi


Mr Juvenal Shiundu of IMO and the Kenya Airways staff in London

jj shiundu

Timo Okello (centre) with the winning team of BBC Talent Show: Congrats


From left, Cllr Marianne Alapini, Rose Ochwada and Rosebell Kirungi - all peaceful


Lucy Kibaki in a previous anger mode: when the 1st Lady gets angry, give way...


The slap of a dying horse

By Shad Bulimo and Correspondents, Dec 13 2007
Not for the first time, Kenya's 1st Lady has let her emotions get the better of her in an incident that defines all that is wrong with the 1st House. The master of ceremony at a presidential awards ceremony at State House, Nairobi, committed the seventh sin in a name mix up that touched a raw nerve of the 1st Lady. By referring to her as Lucy Wambui (Wamboi is her love rival), perhaps the 1st Lady's reaction was understandable. Understandable but not excusable, especially coming at a time when her residence at State House is threatened by the ODM juggernaut.

Not one to engage in diplomatic niceties, the 1st Lady leapt from her seat and slapped the master of ceremonies (MC) in full glare of diplomats and world media. The MC, a senior administrative officer at the Office of the President, was quickly removed from the scene by presidential security detail in the incident last night.

President Kibaki, the Vice President, Mr Moody Awori, several Cabinet ministers and members of the diplomatic corps watched in dismay as the drama unfolded. The MC had started introductions to kick off the ceremony, an annual tradition after the Jamhuri Day festivities, thus: "Your Excellency, Mr President, First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui..." More>>>

Masinde prophecy dogs Bukusu

By Manasseh Wepundi, Dec 13 2007
ccording to the prophecy, “Masinde Muliro nali owulila baana  Babukusu ne Bajaluo, nyanga  balimuwa Bubwami (Muliro  should co-operate with the Luo  because they would one day give  him leadership)”.  Masinde’s prophecy seems to have  been partially fulfilled in the alliance  of Muliro and Jaramogi Oginga  Odinga. Muliro is remembered as a freedom fighter, nationalist and hero of  the ‘second liberation’.

Thus when  Muliro died in August 1992, he had  started a political dynasty based, not  on bloodline, but on a common soul  of clean politics.  Noble heirs to this dynasty of  chastity and honesty include the late  Michael Wamalwa Kijana.

The Masinde prophecy edged  closer to its fulfi lment when Odinga  made Wamalwa Kijana the topmost  leader within the Muliro lineage  - the vice-chairman of Ford-Kenya  in 1992.  While the rest of the Luhya voted  for Matiba and Kanu’s Moi, the  Bukusu supported Jaramogi.

Former Narc activist, Mary Wambui at a function in Rift Valley whose name imploded the tempered 1st Lady at State House yesterday


Kituyi's supporters bay for Kombo's blood

By Robert Wanyonyi , Dec 13 2007
The turf war between Trade minister, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, and his Local Government counterpart, Mr Musikari Kombo, has intensified. On Thursday, hundreds of Kituyi’s supporters took to the streets and accused Kombo of meddling in the affairs of Kimilili constituency.

Reading a statement on behalf of the youth, Mr Ken Kubende said Kombo caused the recent incident where Kituyi was heckled during a Presidential rally in Kimilili. Kombo’s supporters vowed to stage a similar demonstration at the weekend to ‘teach’ Kituyi a lesson. Meanwhile, Kituyi stepped up his campaigns to recapture the Kimilili seat, promising to teach Kombo a lesson too. He said he had mobilised his troops in Kombo’s constituency to ensure the latter doesn’t see the inside of Parliament again.

Watchdog gives Kibaki ultimatum

Nairobi, Dec 14 2007
The Media Council wants State House to respond to reports that security officials forced journalists to erase TV footage and photographs that captured First Lady Lucy Kibaki slapping a civil servant on Jamhuri Day. On Thursday, MCK chairman Wachira Waruru said he expected State House to explain within 14 days why security officers violated the freedom and independence of the media.

Mr Waruru was responding to a complaint from Nation Media Group whose photojournalists Robert Gichira and Stephen Mudiari were forced to surrender their digital cameras to security agents who then erased footage and pictures captured by the two. More>>>

The leader and his people are miles apart


Kibaki's 'last' speech

By Mwai Kibaki, Dec 12 2007
The development of any nation is marked by both triumphs and challenges. We in Kenya have had our share of successes and disappointments during the last 44 years. But I am convinced that over the last five years, we have seen a lot of achievements we can be proud of. My next Government will also reflect the face of Kenya, appointed from every part of our country, combining experience with youthful energy and providing adequate representation for women. My leadership has made it possible for Kenyans to live in an open and democratic society where individuals, political parties, the media, religious bodies, non-governmental organisations, and all other sections of society enjoy all the freedoms and liberties guaranteed under the constitution. More>>>

two head snake
Two-headed snake: One head of a snake is bad enough but two!
meaty head

Meaty head:
I know ladies will try anything to get perfect hair, but raw meat is extreme

Ebola: Busia, Malaba alert

The Government has put in place measure to curb the entry of ebola into the country, a health official said Tuesday. Director of Medical Services James Nyikal said the Health ministry is screening everyone entering the country from Uganda where 29 people have died of the disease. 

“We have introduced screening at the Busia and Malaba border points and also at the airports” explained Dr Nyikal.

Medical personnel at the Busia border assured the country that they were capable of handling any outbreak. More>>>

Kombo is a war lord - Dr Kulundu

By Shad Bulimo, John Oywa and Peter Atsiaya, Dec 11 2007
and As if the war in Bungoma with his political nememis, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi is not enough, Mr Musikari Kombo's war machine has edged into Kakamega. Or so says Dr Newton Kulundu, who avers that the local government minister has sponsored goons against him, Dr Moody Awori, the vice president and a bevy of other leaders in the district and in the process jeopardising PNU chances in Western. Kulundu accused Kombo of sponsoring violence against other Luhya leaders and warned that his alleged activities could derail President Kibaki’s campaign in Western Province.

"What political designs does Kombo have? What is he trying to achieve?" asked Kulundu. He claimed that Kombo was not only fighting fellow leaders, but also plotting against Vice-President, Mr Moody Awori. Kulundu also accused Kombo of flouting the PNU nomination requirements by fielding Ford-Kenya candidates against him and Trade minister, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi. More>>>

UK envoy visits Kakamega

By Cyrus Kinyungu, Dec 11 2007
British High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr Brian Wood has commended the security team in Kakamega for dealing fast and efficiently against those who killed a youth in the area during a political rally last week.

Mr Wood was speaking in Kakamega during the final day of his tour in Western Province, which saw him visit Bungoma, Webuye, Kakamega and Vihiga districts to familiarise himself with the electoral process. Britain has donated Sh80 million to the Electoral Commission of Kenya to facilitate free and fair elections and another shs55million for a gender programme to support women aspirants. More>>>

Raila launches Mabadiliko Times

ODM publishes majimbo dev't plans

By Lucas Barasa and David Mugonyi, Dec 10 2007
In line with its "majimbo" policy, ODM has published regional development plans. These are contained in a regional bublication known as "Mabaliko Times " which flag bearer, Mr Raila Odinga launched in Nairobi on Monday this week.

Mr Odinga unveiled Mabadiliko Times (Nairobi edition), a Sh10 publication detailing his vision for a prosperous, democratic and equitable Kenya that will enable each region to hold to account an ODM government.

The ODM regional publications also list “President Kibaki’s seven betrayals” of Kenyans. They include failure to ensure new constitution, ending corruption, sharing power by introducing a parliamentary system of government, establishing a truth and reconciliation commission and recovering billions of shillings stashed abroad. More>>>

Doorman sacked over bad breath

New York, Dec 7 2007
A Manhattan doorman has been suspended for having bad breath. Jonah Seeman, who has been ushering tenants into a four-building complex on East 89th Street for 40 years, was told not to come to work Friday because of halitosis.

Seeman said he has stopped eating garlic, uses mouthwash and takes breath mints on the job. The Brooklyn resident, who supports his 81-year-old mother, has been suspended twice before for bad breath - one day in May and then again in July. Apartment dwellers at the Gracie Gardens complex expressed surprise over Seeman's suspension and came to his defense. "His job, which he does well, is opening the door - not to be opening his mouth," said Adam Reingold. More>>>

doris wefwafwa

The late Doris Wefwafwa, died in Kentucky of pneumonia. She is a former Kenya Women Volleyball Team Captain

Former volleyball captain dies in US

By Shad Bulimo in UK, B. Blair and J McKinney in USA, Dec 11 2007
A former Kenya Women Volleyball Team captain, Ms Doris Wefwafwa is dead. Ms Wefwafwa died yesterday in Kentucky, USA where she was an assistant volleyball coach at Campbellsville University. A former All-American for the Lady Tigers Volleyball Team, died unexpectedly at Hardin County Memorial Hospital after a short illness believed to be pneumonia.
Ms Wefwafwa, 34, from Trans Nzoia District, was to graduate this week with a bachelor of social work degree. She transferred to Campbellsville University for her senior year in 2006 after playing at Columbia College, Columbia, Mo.

During her life, Ms Wefwafwa won many sporting accolades. She was named the Mid-South Conference Volleyball Player of the Week six times last season and the NAIA Region XI Volleyball Player of the Week four times. She was the Mid-South Conference Volleyball Player of the Year at the conclusion of last season.  She was also an NAIA All-Region XI selection and was Second Team NAIA All-American last season. More>>>

Fear grips Malaba as man dies of Ebola

By Robert Wanyonyi And Alex Ndegwa, Malaba, Dec 10 2007
A man who died in Uganda last week and was hurriedly buried in Malaba town allegedly succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus. Residents of the town along the Kenya-Uganda border are living in fear following what they described as a secret and hurried burial of Peter Kung’u Mucheru, 35.

Mucheru was buried on Monday at Amoni, a remote village in Teso District, about 6km from Malaba town, barely an hour after his body was brought from a mortuary in Busia. The coffin was wrapped in a polythene bag. Family members and residents were cautioned against viewing the body or touching it and were instructed to bury it immediately.

A Ugandan health official, who, however, declined to be identified, said the victim was bleeding from all openings. But he could not confirm that the man died of Ebola. He said Mucheru got sick and was transferred to a hospital in Kampala. Thereafter, he was referred to Mulago Hospital, where he died. Many of the Ebola patients from Bundibugyo County, western Uganda, are taken to Mulago Hospital. So far, 28 people, including three doctors, have died from the disease. More>>>

Fishy smell over Safaricom

Nairobi Stock Exchange Deputy Chairman, Mr James Wangunyu, contradicts his boss, Mr Jimnah Mbaru, over Safaricom shares. He wants sale postponed while Mr Mbaru and Finance Minister, Mr Amos Kimunya want sale to proceed this side of the general elections. Smells fishy? More>>>

People's manifesto launched

Access to education, security, smooth roads, free media and affordable health are among the demands Kenyan voters have of their political candidates, among a raft of other issues especially those touching on human rights and governance. More>>>

Kibaki chickens out

A live debate featuring President Kibaki, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka is in doubt after State House remained schtum. When the going gets tough, some prefer to play hide and seek. More>>>

Raila nearly Rais

By Jeff Otieno and David Mugonyi, Nairobi, Dec 7 2007
The presidential race seems headed for a dramatic finish with some opinion polls showing ODM candidate Raila Odinga ahead of his two main rivals and recovering some lost ground, while others show President Kibaki continuing to nip at his heels. 

With less than three weeks to the General Election, Infotrak Harris, Consumer Insight, Strategic Research and Steadman report almost similar results in the presidential race, with Mr Odinga ahead of his two main challenger - President Kibaki - by four percentage points while Mr Kalonzo Musyoka is third. More>>>

Beware of visa card scam

By INGONEWS Reporter, Dec 8 2007
A Visa Card scam is up and alive; don't be caught out. The scam works like this: Person calling says, "This is (name), and I'm calling from the Security and Fraud Department at VISA. My badge number is 12460.  Your card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I'm calling to verify.  During the conversation you actually say very little, and they never ask for or tell you the Card number.  But then comes the IMPORTANT part on how the scam works the caller then says, "I need to verify you are in possession of your card."  He'll ask you to "turn your card over and look for some numbers." And to verify your security numbers. What the scammers want is the 3-digit PIN number on the back of the card.
The real VISA told us that they will never ask for anything on the card as they already know the information since they issued the card!  If you get asked this, tell them that you would ring back with the information and HANG UP. For full details on how to avoid the scam please visit: www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/MegaBBS/thread-view.asp?threadid=3584

UK debates Anglo Leasing

By a Correspondent. Nairobi, Dec 7 2007
Anglo Leasing type-contracts to which Kenya Government committed Sh54 billion two years are back to dominate the campaigns and the blame-game is on. It kicked off with a one-hour debate on corruption by the British House of Commons - an interested party because the phony companies were based in the UK.

The House spent one hour on Tuesday discussing Kenya and the December 27 General Election. The debate was dominated by Anglo Leasing contracts, Goldenberg scandal, and a criticism of the way President Kibaki has handled the war on corruption. More>>>

Prof Oniang'o's daughter held in US over fraud

By Fred Mukinda, Nairobi, Dec 5 2007
A daughter of a Kenyan politician has been arrested by police in the US in connection with a theft and fraud case involving more than Sh3 million. Former Butere MP Prof Ruth Oniang’o told the Nation her daughter Ms Philista Oniang'o, has since been charged in court. The 24-year-old is being held in a US jail. According to an online edition of the America’s Daily Herald newspaper, she was arrested on November 28 and held for theft, identity theft and immigration hold. “She is my daughter and cannot comment because the matter is before court. We are also receiving regular updates on the matter,” Prof Oniang’o said on telephone.

Ms Oniang’o’s arrest comes just months after five Kenyans were arrested in the US on fraud charges. The five are charged with operating a racket in which more than 360 fraudulent tax refund claims amounting to nearly Sh1 billion were filed. They face a combined 169 years in jail if convicted. Eight other Kenyans and four Americans were also suspected of being involved in the racket. Source: Nation

Prof Ruth Oniang'o



In a story with the headline: "KLN wins court case" published on November 29 2007, we reported that Agnes Gitau, a litigant in the case against a former employee, Mr Isaac Amke, had said she did not sign a mediation agreement drawn by Reverend Tim Wambunya. Agnes has acknowledged that she did actually sign the agreement but she had referred to a copy in her possession which was not signed. INGONEWS apologises to Agnes Gitau, Rev Tim Wambunya and Isaac Amke for any hurt and distress the article may haver caused.

Simiyu's team hammers England:
Captain Innocent Simiyu, led Kenya to a shocking 17-7 victory over titans England at the second round of the 07/08 IRB World Sevens Series in George, South Africa. More...


Kombo in door-to-door campaign in Namawanga Village, Webuye. Kombo is fighting not just the election but his political nemesis in Bungoma, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi

Luhya vote in the ODM bag - Mudavadi

By Biketi Kikechi, Titus Too and Renson Buluma, Eldoret, Dec 6 2007
ODM presidential running mate, Mr Musalia Mudavadi, has dismissed President Kibaki’s just-concluded tour of Western Province as inconsequential. Mudavadi said voters in the region had made up their minds to ensure the party wins the December 27 General Election. "Kibaki was bidding the people goodbye since the area has already resolved to vote for ODM," he said.

Mudavadi and Mr William Ruto are in a campaign trail in the North Rift. Yesterday, they addressed crowds in Kipkaren, Selian, Kapseret and Kesses in Mosop and Eldoret East constituencies. The urged voters not to be lured by empty promises. Speaking at Kipchoge Keino Stadium in Kapsabet, Ruto said "false prophets" were moving around the country trying to scare Kenyans.

Elsewhere, eight members of ODM western region campaign toured Bunyala, Samia and Busia districts, asking voters to go "three-piece". Led by immediate former Nambale MP, Dr Chris Okemo, the leaders said this would enable the party form an effective government. "We want you to turn out and vote for all ODM candidates so that when we form the next government, our party policies will be implemented without problems," said Okemo. More>>>

Kakamega taxi driver shot dead

By Allan Kisia and Joel Okwayo, Kakamega, Dec 6 2007
Political violence claimed yet another life after a taxi driver was shot dead. The incident occurred yesterday when two rival groups clashed at a rally addressed by an Ikolomani parliamentary aspirant. Several other people were seriously injured at the campaign rally in Shikulu, Kakamega District. Dr Japheth Maloba of Kakamega Provincial General Hospital said the deceased who was also an ODM sub-branch Official, died at the hospital on arrival. He said the bullet entered through the left ribs and exited through his heart. Maloba said the deceased, whom he identified as Reuben Shikoli, 32, died of excessive bleeding.

When he was brought to the hospital he had bled excessively and was gasping for air, he said. Another person who was beaten by an irate crowd was still hospitalised. Dr Maloba said Mr Benson Atuka, 22, sustained deep cuts on his head. Witnesses said bodyguards of a local politician fired in the air when the two rival groups clashed.

Ebola team sent to Uganda

By Elizabeth Mwai, Nairobi, Dec 6 2007
A special medical team has been dispatched to Uganda as the Government stepped up surveillance following the Ebola outbreak. The Director of Health Promotion, Dr Nicholas Muraguri, yesterday said that four Kenyan experts have joined the International Disaster Response Unit team to stop the spread of the disease in Western Uganda.

The ministry has asked the public to remain calm, as they have activated surveillance systems at border points to detect early signs of danger.

"For now we are safe, but should the risk profile change, the Director of Medical Services, Dr James Nyikal, will issue a statement," Muraguri said. More>>>

Strange burial customs

standing dead

Iteso exhume the dead after 5 yrs

The Iteso of western Kenya have a way of handling their dead that would horrify many other people in the world. About five years after burial, they exhume the skulls and skeletons and leave them exposed to the elements. The result is that if you travel through Teso country, you will get the impression that a major archeological undertaking is underway. More>>>

Balunda clan bury dead standing

By Paul Sifuna Oshule, Michigan, Dec 6 2007
Traditions are rarely disputed in much of the world. But it's at the centre of controversy among one ethnic group in Kenya.  The Balunda clan of the Bukusu tribe in Bungoma district buries its deceased in an upright sitting position. They say it is their tradition. But a group of people from the same clan – as well as some critics across the country call the practice “cult-like”. Last year, many mourners were surprised when Cabinet minister Musikari Kombo’s brother was buried seated in a coffin designed like a cupboard. Dignitaries, including President Mwai Kibaki, watched in disbelief as the coffin was lowered in an upright position into the grave. More>>>

Wesonga's new teacher union boss

By Samwel Otieno, Nairobi, Dec 6 2007
Mr. George Wesonga is the new national chairman of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut). Wesonga was elected to the coveted seat of the giant teachers’ union yesterday, a position he has held in acting capacity.

He defeated his sole rival, Mr Sonki Masai, with more than 700 votes. Wesonga garnered 913 votes while Masai, from Mt Elgon Knut branch, got a paltry 150 votes in the elections that lasted one hour.

Close to 2,000 delegates attending the five-day golden jubilee celebrations participated in the by-elections at the Moi Sports Centre, Kasarani. The union controls over Sh55 million, which it draws from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) after deducting Sh200 from each of their 240,000 members countrywide monthly.The post of the national chairman fell vacant last September, when the former chairman, Mr Joseph Chirchir, joined politics. More>>>

Advertiser's announcementalice were

Candidate appeals for help

Ms Alice Nabwire Were (above), the prospective parliamentary candidate for Budalang'i constituency, is inviting friends, relatives and well wishers to a fundraising event this Saturday, December 8. Ms Were beat two men to clinch the ODM-K nomination in the just concluded party primaries. The fundraiser will be held at 13 Medusa Road, London SE6 4JW. Ms Were can be reached on telephone numbers: 07831216809 or  07956619995. Those who cannot make it physically can still support Ms Were by donating at her bank the details of which are: Name Alice Were Thompson; Barclays Bank; Sort code: 208014; Account No. 20916501. Alternatively, you may donate online at Paypal. Details at: www.alicewere2007.com

Kombo, Kituyi rivalry reach fever pitch

By Cyrus Kinyungu and Biketi Kikechi, Bungoma, Dec 5 2007
Riot police tear-gassed rival youths of two Cabinet ministers on a day President Kibaki came face-to-face with the ugly side of local politics - violence and heckling. But the bitter rivalry between PNU politicians, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi and Mr Musikari Kombo, could not have peaked on a worse moment with the campaigns entering a critical stage in a province where ODM poses a real threat.

Kibaki’s frustration and pain were evident when TV footage showed him leaving his seat to calm down a heckling and rowdy crowd. He did this to save Kituyi from further humiliation and enable the former Kimilili MP address a rally in his own turf. More>>>

Awori goofs at reconciliation efforts

By a Special Correspondent, Bungoma, Dec 5 2007
Far from healing the bitter political rivalry between two political giants in Bungoma, President Kibaki's campaign rally drew more daggers than anticipated. Wrong-footed VP, Awori found himself on the wrong side of the conflict as he tried to chant Kibaki Tena, Kituyi Tena. Kombo supporters openly protested, heightening tension. This prompted the VP to go to Ford-Kenya supporters to plead for calm. It was at this point that he was overheard asking the surging crowd to re-elect Kibaki, but decide who their next MP should be.

But Kombo did not take this lying down and confronted Awori over the remarks. The situation calmed down when Kibaki arrived, only to erupt again after some former MPs took to the stage. First to be heckled was former Kanduyi MP, Mr Wafula Wamunyinyi, when he said PNU nominations in Kimilili were flawed.

Wamunyinyi was at pains to explain why Ford-Kenya fielded a candidate and cited the decision to award Kituyi a direct nomination. Equally under siege was Kombo, who was also jeered by a group shouting: "Traitor! Traitor!"

Luhya girl dies in London

By INGONEWS Reporter, London, Dec 6 2007
A Luhya woman has died in London. Ms Lucy Ashanda, 29, died yesterday in a London hospital after a short illness. Lucy hails from Tiriki but the family has settled in Kakamega. Lucy was married to an Italian known as Giovanni since 2001. Speaking to INGONEWS shortly before she passed on, Mr Giovanni said that Lucy has been sick for the last six months suffering from a severe tuberculosis infection after she returned from Kenya early this year.

Details of funeral arrangements will be communicated later after Mr Giovanni has liaised with the family back in Kenya.

Kabras gets a sugar factory

By a Correspondent, Kakamega, Dec 5 2007
President Mwai Kibaki continued to dish out election goodies in Western Province by launching Butali Sugar Factory in Kabras. The President who is on a campaign trail in Western, his third in three months, had just witnessed ugly sins of the bitter political rivalry in Bungoma between his two ministers - Musikari Kombo and Dr Mukhisa Kituyi (see separate story).

This is the 3rd sugar factory in Luhyaland after Mumias and Nzoia. Ugly questions still linger over the fourth mooted more than 15 years ago in Busia. The Busia sugar project has been one of the most glaring examples of failed government projects popularly known as white elephants. The President addressed a series of rallies at Tande Secondary in Malava and at Navakholo in Lurambi.

Drugs:Busia youth cautioned

By a Correspondent, Busia, Dec 5 2007
Youth in Busia have been urged to keep off drugs, especially during this campaign period. A Youth and Drugs Workshop in Busia warned of the dangers of drugs. “Drugs damage their brains and this may negatively affect the youths in future,” observed Mrs Odillia Mwani, a Nacada official coordinating youth training in Western and Nyanza provinces.

Mrs Mwani was speaking in Busia during a workshop for youth leaders from Busia, Bunyala and Samia districts. The National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada) says 75 per cent of parents prefer teachers to take full responsibility of their children, according to Mr Kabetu Chege, the Nacada  national programme coordinator for youth programmes who spoke at another worshop in Butere- Mumias. More>>>

Woman gives birth to twins - one without head

By Mangoa Mosota, Rachuonyo, Dec 5 2007
A woman at Kakolo village, Rachuonyo District, has delivered rare Siamese twins - one without a head!
Mrs Caroline Atieno Ochieng, 22, gave birth to the twins with shared internal organs and joined on the back, last week. On Wednesday, doctors at the Nyanza Provincial Hospital said the babies were a rare abnormality.

The hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr Juliana Otieno, said the surgery of the twins was urgent and they were making plans to transfer them to Kenyatta National Hospital. Omeri said the twins need specialised surgery, because they are joined at the buttocks and share some internal organs such as three kidneys.

Family planning pills to blame: The father of the twins, Mr John Owuor Ochieng, told The Standard that he believed what villagers told him about his misfortune.“Villagers told me that the rare delivery of my wife is as a result of her using family planning pills,” said Ochieng, 24, who is an artisan in Nakuru town. More>>>

Sweet potato to cure HIV

By a Correspondent, Dec 5 2007
The government and the Homa Bay Catholic Diocese have jointly launched a sweet potato composite flour project expected to boost the immunity of people living with HIV. The flour can be used to make mandazi, chapati, porridge and cakes

The coordinator of the project, Mr George Orero, said that apart from the Aids patients, the mixture is also recommended for young children, pregnant women and the elderly. The project, dubbed ‘Agriculture and Extension Programme’, seeks to address deaths due to malnutrition among the groups.

Addressing the media during the launch at a Homa Bay hotel, Mr Orero revealed that by January 2008, the product would be sent to the Kenya Bureau of Standards for testing and subsequent release into the market. More>>>

Kuresoi bleeds as Michuki sleeps. A woman feeds her children at Keringet Police Station after fleeing violence in Kuresoi.

Kisii robber lynched
A suspected robber was lynched to stoned to death at Mabariri trading centre in Nyamusi Division. A police officer was critically injured as he tried to rescue the robber. More>>>

Suspect shot dead in Mt Elgon

By Standard Reporters, Kitale, Dec 4 2007
A suspected member of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) in a fierce gun battle was shot dead by police yesterday. Police said they were on an operation to flush out SLDF suspects when they came under heavy fire at Banantega and Kubra areas in Kopsiro Division. According to Mt Elgon District Commissioner, Mr Mohammed Birik, about 20 gunmen attacked the officers before they were beaten back into the forest, some with serious injuries. "Police are still combing the area to get those criminals who escaped because we belief the nature of their injuries can’t allow them to go far," said the DC.

Meanwhile, violence in Kuresoi sumed another horrendous dimension when two pupils were shot in the ongoing senseless orgy of bloodletting. The Class Seven pupils at Sondu River Primary School were ambushed by a gang at Soliat Village, and are now admitted to Siloam Hospital in Kericho. More>>>

VP's trip to UK cancelled

By Shad Bulimo, London, Dec 5 2007
The planned visit by Dr Moody Awori, the Vice President, to London this weekend has been postponed. A press release from the High Commission cited "urgent matters" in Kenya to which the VP must attend personally as the reason.

"This has been occasioned by urgent matters in Kenya that require the personal attention of HE the Vice President.  New dates for the visit will be announced in a few days time," said the statement signed by the High Commissioner, HE Joseph Muchemi.

This was going to be Dr Awori's second visit to London in four months to sell Kibaki as a candidate for re-election in December 27 polls. However, INGONEWS reliably understands that the visit has been cancelled due to confused messages emanating from rival organising committees. On one hand there is the PNU group which is not comfortable with the presence of certain individuals on the committee and, on the other, there is Narc-K which had assumed a prominent, if controversial role. "The VP simply does not want to be embarrassed," said the source.

Kenya logs on eLearning

Nairobi, Dec 4 2007
Kenya has become the third African country to launch e-learning facilities in secondary schools. The programme by Intel, and whose only other beneficiaries are South Africa and Nigeria, was launched at Kamiti Secondary School in the outskirts of Nairobi.

The programme enables students to be taught through information communication technology (ICT) and is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and several local and multinational ICT companies. More>>>

Kibaki's bribe to teachers

By Samuel Otieno, Nairobi, Dec 4 2007
A bitter tussle for teachers’ votes ensued between President Kibaki and his two chief rivals for the top seat, moments after he announced a New Year salary hike gift for the fraternity. Kibaki used the occasion of the teachers’ umbrella union’s Golden Jubilee celebrations yesterday to dangle a mouth-watering proposition that, if implemented, would improve salaries and terms of service for teachers early in the year.

But Mr Raila Odinga (ODM) and Mr Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-Kenya) immediately moved to reach out to the teachers, to ensure the incumbent does not take any meaningful stranglehold on the 240,000-strong voting bloc. Yesterday, the Head of State left no doubt that the well-calculated move - delivered as a personal plea to the nearly 2,000 teachers gathered at the Moi International Conference Centre, Nairobi - was political. More>>>

Pentagon wives condemn Onduto's murder

By Elizabeth Mwai and Susan Anyangu, Nairobi, Dec 4 2007
Wives of ODM Pentagon leaders and members of Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation have condemned electoral violence targeted at women aspirants. The wives of the ODM leaders held prayers at Rainbow House in Nairobi yesterday, and called for unity among women candidates ahead of the General Election. Led by Mrs Esther Ruto, wife of Pentagon member, Mr William Ruto, they condemned the death of Mrs Alice Onduto, an ODM parliamentary nomination loser for Lugari, who was shot dead by gangsters, last Saturday.

Meanwhile, members of Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation (MYWO) demonstrated in Nairobi and called for peaceful elections and an end to violence against women. The chairperson, Ms Rukia Subow, appealed to voters to shun leaders who perpetrated violence. "The country is literally torn apart because people are fighting to go to Parliament. Please do not allow anyone who perpetrates violence to make it to the august House," Subow said.

Phitalis Masakhwe: Govt not serious on disability


Govt disrespects disabled people - Masakhwe

By Shad Bulimo, London, Dec 4 2007
The Government of Kenya and mainstream media have been accused of disrespecting the disabled people. Mr Maina Kamanda, the Minister for Gender and Sports whose docket includes disability issues was meant to preside over national celebrations to mark the 14th anniversary of UN Day for Persons with Disabilities in Kitui but he skipped the function without offering any apology or deputation. The highest ranking Kenya government official at the national commemorations in Kitui was a district officer (DO),

Phitalis Were Masakhwe, the Resource Development Advocacy & Campaigns Manager of Leonard Cheshire International East and North African Region in Nairobi said in a Press Release that governments elsewhere accord disability issues a high ranking in the development agenda. “Yesterday was not just another day. It was the UN day for persons with disabilities; a day that was set aside 14 years ago by the UN general assembly to remember those amidst us with various forms of disabilities,” he said.

Mr Masakhwe has urged the elevation of disability issues to the Office of the President to give them the gravitas they lack. Government through the responsible ministry is supposed to mobilize and galvanize the relevant and appropriate stakeholders, especially the media to commemorate the day. Essentially the day is meant to increase public education and knowledge about the major issues and challenges pertaining to the disabled population. It is also aimed at showcasing the potential and talent inherent in them. Most importantly the day gives us an opportunity to reflect on progress made or lack of with the view to enabling society to refocus and rededicate efforts towards the creation of an accessible and inclusive society. That is why it is and should indeed be a big media day! But, alas that wasn’t the Kenya media’s view!  

"Stigma and public ignorance about disability remains the biggest obstacle in the jigsaw about disability mainstreaming. So when mainstream media especially the print media decides to ignore this day like they did yesterday, disabled persons wonder who then will come to their rescue? We are very much aware of the enormous and competing demands on media houses especially at this time of elections, but for heavens sake this day only comes once in a year! By the way did I hear somebody talk about media and its moral and social responsibility? If the media cannot be effectively enjoined to the disability cause, who will?," he asked.

Death on our roads: Moi's Bridge


Halt Safaricom sale: The stock broking fraternity has said the sale of Safaricom shares should be postponed to early next year. The Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks is also against the book building .More>>>

Kitale bus kills 16

By Osinde Obare and Mutinda Mwanzia, Kitale, Dec 3 2007
SIXTEEN people died while five others were seriously injured in a road accident near Moi’s Bridge in Trans-Nzoia District. The Monday 1.20pm tragedy occurred 500 metres away from the Moi’s Bridge Police Station after a trailer, whose breaks failed, hit a stationary matatu killing 15 passengers on the spot.

The matatu was carrying 21 passengers - seven more than its allowed capacity of 14 - during the incident. The trailer was heading to Kitale while the matatu was going to Eldoret from Moi’s Bridge. The trailer driver escaped unhurt while the driver of the matatu was among the dead. "The breaks of the trailer reportedly failed, forcing the turn boy to walk to the town and buy some break fluid, but the driver decided to drive on before he returned with the oil," said Kitale West DC, Mr Francis Mutie, at the scene. Witnesses said the trailer went out of control and hit a pothole as it advanced to the town with the driver frantically signalling to the matatu driver to give way. It then rammed into the matatu and dragged it out of the road, killing the 15 passengers. More>>>

Kombo tears into Kituyi

By Correspondents, Bungoma, Dec 3 2007
Rivarly between PNU affiliate parties in western Kenya was laid bare when Ford Kenya chairman Musikari Kombo called for the rejection of Cabinet colleague Mukhisa Kituyi in Kimilili. Mr Kombo, the outgoing Webuye MP, accused the Trade minister and of undermining him and causing turmoil in Ford-Kenya before he defected to Narc-Kenya and later New Ford-K.

Ford Kenya and the New Ford-Kenya are members of the PNU coalition that supports President Kibaki’s re-election. Speaking at Bokoli in Webuye constituency when he launched his re-election campaign, Mr Kombo, the Local Government minister branded Dr Kituyi a “traitor” who was out to spoil his chances of being elevated to a higher position if PNU forms the next government. More>>>

PNU candidates get shs250,000 each
ODM women candidates want protection
Mt Elgon curfew promotes insecurity

josphat bukhala

Homecoming: Colonel Josphat Bukhala, outgoing Defence Advisor at the Kenya High Commission, London, has been on tour of duty for the last three years. He doesn't regret returning to Nairobi, he says because to progress on the job you need to train continually and most training takes place in Kenya. When I return, I will be playing catch up as my colleagues have moved on professionally. Mr Bukhala studied at Allidina Visram High School in Mombasa.

Colonel Bukhala returns to Nairobi

By Shad Bulimo, London, Dec 4 2007
Colonel Josphat Bukhala has ended his tour of duty as Defence Advisor at the Kenyan High Commission in London. Colonel Bukhala from Kakamega has been in the UK for three years and was responsible for dealing with defence and military matters between Kenya and five European countries, namely France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland. Speaking to INGONEWS recently, Colonel Bukhala said his stay in UK has been extremely rewarding. “Coming from a military background, you always obey orders. But in the open world, sometimes you have to negotiate your way through diplomacy,” he said.

His job involved travelling to all the countries he was accredited to represent Kenya on issues of mutual defence interest. Consequently, the whistle-stop tours around the European capitals have enriched his world view and he feels he has honed his diplomatic skill in ways that would not have been possible at the Barracks. “There are situations that demand a military decision and events that demand a diplomatic response; then there are situations where both skills come in handy,” he said. Colonel Bukhala who returns to Nairobi this month has been replaced by Colonel Francis Macharia.

ODM forms western campaign team

By John Oywa and Peter Atsiaya, Kisumu, Dec 3 2007
The ODM Pentagon has formed the Western Kenya Orange Campaign team to help the party reach more voters before the General Election. The team, which hits the road on Tuesday from Budalang’i in Busia District, will campaign in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley provinces. It comprises former MPs, Mr Otieno Kajwang’, Mr Musa Sirma, Mr George Khaniri, Mr Chris Okemo, Mr Oburu Oginga and Mr Philip Okundi, among others.

Voter displeasure: Meanwhile, ODM has attracted the highest voter displeasure over the recent debacle in the parliamentary nominations. According a report by the Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (Creco), a civil umbrella of some 22 non governmental organisations, voters displeasure with ODM is 68 per cent, followed by PNU (54) and ODM-Kenya (42). The report, released on Monday, says violence cannot be eliminated unless police arrest politicians fuelling it and stop focusing on the foot soldiers. Creco membership includes National Convention Executive Council, Clarion and Citizens Coalition for Constitutional Change. More>>>

Sugar just gets sweeter

By John Shilitsa, Mumias, Dec 2 2007
The local sugar industry is expected to record increased growth following a move by Comesa member-states to allow Kenya limit sugar imports from the trade bloc.  A former assistant minister, an outgoing MP and a Kenya Sugar Board director have called upon the government to hasten the privatisation of all sugar millers in a bid to enable them operate efficiently. 

Mr David Were, Mr Wycliffe Oparanya and Mr Julius Nyarotso separately thanked the government for pushing hard to secure the safe-guard extension adding that the sugar industry now has a better chance of growth. More>>>

Luhya dons seek refugee in small parties

By Stephen Makabila,Nairobi, Dec 2 2007
DETERMINED to go all the way to the ballot box, most university lecturers defected after losing nominations. Of the more than 60 lecturers who had plunged into politics, only a few made it at the nominations. Ford-People Secretary General, Mr Francis Opar, said the party had received three defectors. "One of them is Dr Okumu Bigambo, who is contesting in Nambale, while the two others are vying in Central and Eastern provinces," said Opar.

Universities Academic Staff Union (Uasu) national chairman, Dr Sammy Kubasu, defected to Kenda after losing in the ODM primaries in Ikolomani. Organising Secretary, Mr Musalia Edebe, left Kaddu for the Kenya National Congress ticket in Sabatia. Others include Dr Reginald Wanyonyi and Dr Ongeti Khaemba of Kimilili. - Standard

Onduto's death political - son

By Cyrus Ombati and Edith Fortunate, Nairobi, Dec 2 2007
THE family of the slain Lugari ODM parliamentary aspirant believes she was executed. Alice Onduto’s son, Jerom, yesterday said the way the politician was killed suggested it was an execution, and asked police to investigate the incident.

"They (assailants) were out to execute her because they shot her six times from the driver’s window. She had not rolled down her window," he said.

Meanwhile, women organisations have condemned the shooting. The League of Kenya Women Voters Executive Director, Ms Irene Oloo, said complaints on violence against women politicians had gone unheeded. More>>>


Lasting damage for the love of basketball. Young Jacob Ondeko, a promising basketballer who now requires all round care following an accident on the pitch and a botched operation. More>>>

Bishop Khamala tells off NCCK boss

By Joel Okwayo , Kakamega, Dec 2 2007
NATIONAL Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has told politicians not to discuss majimbo system of government in their campaigns. NCCK national chairman, the Reverend Eliud Wabukala, at the same time reiterated that religious leaders who have plunged into politics to quit their pastoral positions.

He said the majimbo debate, though healthy, should be left to constitutional review. But in immediate rebuttal, New Ford-Kenya Lurambi aspirant, Bishop Titus Khamala, said church and politics cannot be separated. Speaking in Kakamega, the Bishop, of Cornerstone Ministries said church leaders would bring integrity and sobriety in Parliament. "We need many religious leaders in Parliament for healing and reconciliation," said Khamala. More>>>

Dr Ondeko seeks justice for his son

By Mike Mwaniki, Nairobi, Dec 2 2007
Two years ago, Jacob Ondeko was an up-coming basketballer, whose exploits on the pitch dazzled team-mate and foes at the prestigious St Mary’s School in Nairobi. Fit and strong, the life of the then 17-year-old basketballer, however, changed drastically when he was injured during a match involving his school and Alliance Boys at the latter’s playground one afternoon in February 2005.

The incident did not only force the promising student to drop out of school, but a subsequent botched medical operation irreversibly changed his life, reducing him to a veritable “vegetable”. His father, Dr John Ondeko, has sued for professional negligence. More>>>