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Panic as 40% of malaria drugs are fake

By our correspondent, Aug 28 2008
Nearly 40% of malaria drugs in Kenya are fake thus putting millions of lives at risk. This emerged during a meeting between Anyang' Nyong’o, the Medical Services Minister and a group of German legislators in Nairobi yesterday. “We need proper curative services, particularly where drugs are concerned. It is now risky to treat malaria, one of the leading killer diseases, because the market is flooded with counterfeits,” he said.

Nyong’o told the German MPs that Kenya would benefit from an improved technology to authenticate drugs. Prof Nyong’o said health receives about nine per cent of the Budget, which was way below the stipulated 15 per cent. He also told them the sector had been hard hit by migration of workers to the UK, North America and southern Africa. More>>>

poverty report
Constituencies poverty report rigged

By Bernard Namunane and Kenneth Ogosia, Aug 28 2008
A new Government report on ranking parliamentary constituencies on poverty index has been withheld after some MPs complained that their areas were not projected as poor enough. Some constituencies that previously were ranked as the poorest in the country have suddenly shot up the table to upstage the traditionally well-off areas, prompting the MPs to complain that the report was rigged. The fear that their constituencies will get less Constituency Development Fund (CDF) money if found to have fewer people living in poverty. A copy of the report obtained exclusively by the Nation shows that many constituencies that previously were top of the poverty tables, and thus eligible for more CDF money, are now ranked among the wealthy. More>>>

Doctor charged with defiling a minor

By our correspondents, Aug 28 2008
A doctor has been charged with defiling a minor. Mr Salim Pkurket Matale, 30, was accused of defiling the 11-year-old girl at Huruma Estate, Uasin Gishu in 2006. The girl was at the time a Standard Five pupil at Union Primary School in Eldoret. She told the court she was playing with other children outside their house when the accused summoned her to his house. More>>>

Millions sink into poverty

Two million more Kenyans have sunk to the level of absolute poverty in the past 10 years, bringing the total number of the poor to 16.5 million, a new report reveals. However, the report appears to paint a rosy picture of government efforts to reduce poverty, showing that its incidence had fallen from 52.2 per cent in 1999 to 46 per cent in 2005/6. More>>>

Obama: man of destiny strides into history

DENVER, Colorado, Aug 29 2008
This summer, the McCain campaign tried to make the presidential race about a handful of words, like "celebrity" and "elite." On Thursday, as he accepted the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Barack Obama added a few new words to the mix, all drawn from his personal experience: food stamps, scholarships and loans. It's the language of the working class, and it's turf John McCain can¹t compete on. "I don't know what kind of lives John McCain thinks that celebrities lead, but this has been mine," Obama said. More>>>

Man of destiny: Barack Obama strides into history as first black to rule US political waves

Witch exonerated 200 yrs later

BERN, Switzerland, August 29 2008
A woman beheaded after she was accused of causing a girl to spit pins and convulse was exonerated Wednesday, more than 200 years after she became the last person executed as a witch in Europe. The decision to clear Anna Goeldi's name came after long debate in the eastern Swiss state of Glarus, and was taken in consultation with the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. Several thousand people, mainly women, were executed for witchcraft between the 14th and 18th centuries in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. Yet Goeldi's trial and beheading in the village of Mollis took place at a time when witch trials had largely disappeared from the continent. More>>>

Githongo flees Kenya with Murungaru in hot pursuit

By our correspondent, August 27 2008
President Kibaki snubbed attempts by key Government functionaries and embassies to have an appointment with anti-corruption crusader John Githongo, The Standard can now reveal. Githongo, who quietly left the country on Tuesday night, is said to have unsuccessfully sought the assistance of the US government through its local mission in Kenya, the Prime Minister Raila Odinga and even Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to meet Kibaki.It also emerged that the two white men who were in Githongo’s entourage to Nairobi were linked to a company closely associated with MI6 the British intelligence agency.

Intelligence sources in Nairobi told The Standard that a day after his arrival, Githongo held a lengthy meeting with the MI6 agent in charge of East Africa. “Githongo has been employing sophisticated counter surveillance moves,” said the intelligence source.

The former Ethics and Governance PS left hours after court processors went to his mother’s home in Karen to serve him with court summons over libel proceedings filed by Murungaru. More>>>

human waste
Lorries filled with human waste empty their contents into Wanyee River in Riruta, Nairobi. Area residents have complained of foul smell from the filth.

Lumbasyo fired from NSSF

By Benjamin Muindi, Aug 27 2008
The head of the National Social Security Fund has been sent on a 90- day leave pending retirement. Labour minister John Munyes has taken the decision as Ms Lumbasyo has reached the retirement age. He has appointed Mr Fred Rabongo as the acting Managing Trustee before a procedural recruitment by the board is done. More>>>

No evictions from Mau till further notice - Wekesa

By Isaac Ongiri, August 27 2008
The Government will not evict squatters until a task force appointed by Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Mau Forest completes its work. Forestry and Wildlife Minister Noah Wekesa, however, said security officers would be deployed to stop further destruction of the forest. Speaking to The Standard after flagging off vehicles and plant equipment donated to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Kenya Forestry Service (KFS) in Nairobi, Dr Wekesa said the task force would be given ample time to collect views. More>>>

ODM Hq engulfed in smelly human waste

By Maseme Machuka, August 27 2008
Residents of Nairobi’s Kilimani estate risk contracting diseases following dumping of human waste. The Pentagon House, Elgeyo Marakwet, Burn Side and Zahra Villa’s residents now threaten to move if the City Council, which is being accused of neglecting its duties, does not correct the mess. The Standard’s undercover crew monitored the area yesterday and saw three vehicles empty the filth into the river near the Melchizedek Hospital. More>>>

Mumias, millers say no imported sugar

Local sugar millers have opposed a plan by the Kenya Sugar Board (KSB) seeking authority to clear 8,449 tonnes of imported sugar held at the port of Mombasa. Acting Chief Executive Officer Rosemary Mkok says the imports would bridge an expected national shortfall. But the Kenya Association of Sugar Manufacturers (Kesma) dismissed the claim that the country was facing an imminent sugar shortage, saying KSB’s information to the ministry was inaccurate. More>>>

From Kisii with ... love

By Patrick Muriungi, Aug 27 2008
A man, 21, was nearly lynched by youths who claimed he embarrassed them by having sex with a 36-year-old woman. Police dispersed the mob that had stormed into the man’s house at Woodlands, Meru, at 7am on Sunday. He sustained cuts and escaped arrest. The man, who cleans cars, is said to have sent sms to the woman who travelled from Kisii to Meru to meet him. More>>>

Man shot as 2000 families are evicted from Makongeni

By our correspondent, August 26 2008
More than 2000 families were rendered homeless after police enforced an eviction notice at Makongeni estate in Nairobi. The residents, who have had differences with the Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme, had allegedly not paid rent amounting to millions of shillings.

Police moved in early Monday morning to evict them but met resistance. A scuffle ensued and the residents engaged the police in a cat and mouse game. They overpowered the police who retreated and sought reinforcement.

Hours later, Administration Police and the General Service unit (GSU) arrived to effect the eviction. Some youths moved to Jogoo Road and started pelting motorists with stones when the police moved in. One man was shot and injured on the leg while two others received minor injuries. More>>>

Residents of Makongeni Estate in Nairobi engage police in running battles over plans to evict them

Nyong'o summoned

A Parliamentary committee has summoned Medical Services Minister Anyang’ Nyong’o to shed light on the controversial appointments to Boards of institutions under his docket. More>>>

Michael Jordan's mum starts women's hospital in Nairobi

By Peter Orengo, August 26 2008
Construction of a Sh2.4 billion Nairobi Women and Children’s Wellness Centre has started. Ms Deloris Jordan, an American philanthropist and sponsor of the project, launched the ‘Project Signs’ on State House Road, on Tuesday. The 250-bed hospital is expected to be ready in two years. Jordan, who is also the mother of Michael Jordan, a renowned basketball player, has been active in philanthropy in the United States and her home city, Chicago, working through the James Jordan Foundation, named after her late husband. More>>>

Cardinal Njue's views not sincere

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has re-ignited the amnesty debate that had cooled down for sometime. But this time round he has earned himself condemnation from an influential authority in the name of Cardinal John Njue. More>>>

Uji mix wins Africa award

By Harold Ayodo August 26 2008
Residents of a tiny village in Kisumu never imagined an effort to improve their health would win them continental acclaim. Porridge from a mixture of moringa oleifera leaves (a local plant), finger millet, rice, soya, peanuts, green grams and sweet potato has won them the ‘Sukuma Afrika Young Entrepreneurs Award 2008.’

Sukuma Afrika, Zulu for Africa stand up, in support of the United Nations’ Stand Up campaign, recognises youth’s contribution to the fight against poverty. The Dago Network Youth Group (DNYG) started producing the porridge three years ago. Their director, Mr John Odeyo, 34, says disease, hardships and abject poverty made them think outside the box. More>>>

uji mix
Members of the Dago Network Youth Group pack the Afya Uji Mix in Alendu village, Kisumu. Members take home Sh5000 per month after winning contracts to supply schools and supermarkets.

Kitale nurse kills self over husband's plan to marry

A nurse committed suicide after discovering plans by her husband to marry another wife. Kitale District Hospital staff said she took a poisonous substance and died at her brother’s house in Kitale. Kitale Medical Superintendent Nyongesa Wakwabubi said the body was taken to the district hospital mortuary.

Elsewhere, a 42-year old man on Tuesday committed suicide at Naathu village, Igembe District, due to alleged poverty. The wife found him dangling from the roof in the kitchen in the morning. He had woken up at night, saying he was going to the toilet. She said the man had always complained of economic hardship and that could have been the motive for taking his life. More>>>

Sh100m lost to ghost projects in Kisumu

By Mangoa Mosota, August 26 2008
The Kisumu Municipal Council has lost Sh100 million set aside for almost two-dozen projects in the last three years. Although money has been allocated for 22 projects, their status remains unclear. Most of the projects have stalled, while others are yet to take off. Many more are ghost projects that only exist on paper, although full payments have been made. The civic authority earmarked Sh10 million for a dumpsite at Mamboleo, but construction is yet to commence, two years later. More>>

Attempt to assassinate Obama foiled

By Agencies, August 26 2008
Thousands of delegates who turned up to watch Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, speak at the Denver convention walked long distances following a security scare in the city. Traffic was shut down throughout most of downtown last night after police and secret service officers sealed it off, following daylong protests by anti-Iraq war Americans. More than 10 people were arrested as a result of the protests, some which focused on the raging debate of abortion and homosexuality.

Incest on the rise

Incest is taking on a new form in Kenya. It is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Too many fathers and relatives are crossing long-held traditional boundaries and defiling their daughters, sometimes younger than five years old. More>>>

obama's family
Michelle Obama with daughters Sasha and Mala (right) after giving her do or die speech as potential US first lady in Denver, Colorado during the on going Democratic Party Convention that will formally annoint her husband, Barack Obama as presidential candidate.

Desperate bid to discredit Obama

By David Kelley, August 26 2008
Fringe foes of Barack Obama are again turning to Kenya in what appears to be increasingly desperate attempts to discredit the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. The latest lines of attacks include a lawsuit charging that Senator Obama was born in Kenya and is thus disqualified from seeking the presidency on the grounds that he is not a US citizen. In addition, the Texas state branch of the US Republican Party is running a television advert claiming that Senator Obama neglects his half-brother, George Onyango Obama, who lives in the sprawling Huruma estate. More>>>

Skeletons in Mt Elgon sent shivers across villages

By Bernard Kwalia, August 25 2008
The discovery of skeletons in Mount Elgon is sending shivers among residents who have not been able to trace relatives after raids by Sabaot Land Defence Force and the subsequent security operation. The 11 skeletons so far found show scores may have been killed by either the SLDF or security agents and dumped in pit latrines, caves or forests. Rights groups have consistently reported more than 700 people killed by SLDF and scores others in the security operation, Okoa Maisha, led by the military for six months since March. It is believed that innocent people might have been killed in the first operation. More>>>

Villages in Kebee in Chebyuk Settlement Scheme searching for skeletons of their beloved ones.

Broke councils to get the chop

By George Kebaso, Augusst 25 2008
Local authorities that were unable to sustain themselves risked being dissolved, Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has warned. Speaking while opening a two-day workshop for managers of local authorities on Performance Contracting and Vision 2030 at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, the minister said such councils were a burden to the taxpayer. More>>

AFC Leopards challenged to come clean

By Martin Lutta, August 25 2008
Thank you again for giving us an update on AFC Leopards. It was very detailed and a step in the right direction. I even went to their website and surfed page to page. I like the fact that they have a plan to raise funds, but I am disappointed that they have not come clean on the extent of the problems affecting the club and the current financial situation. Yes they want to raise Shs 10 million, but what for? I would not want to buy shares in any entity that will not tell me its current financial standing. The point I am trying to make is that we have no idea if the money they want to raise is for paying accrued debts, or if it is purely for investment. Your return on investment will be short term if the money is for investment, but it would definitely be long term if they are raising the money to pay debts.

If the point of selling shares is purely to attract investment, why do they have three classes of Shares. Creating an aura of exclusivity for some group will kill the enthusiasm that the general public has for the revival of AFC. I saw the merchandise that they have for sale and was surprised to see that there is no AFC flag available or any luhya memorabilia like traditional hats, or bells (Tsinyimba) that would reflect our traditions and culture. These are the things that make fans feel the connection to club, because they are unique to Luhyas.

Finally there is nothing on the website to tell people how they can become members, or even make donations to the club. People’s choices of possible ways to participate in helping the club are limited. . - Dr Lutta is a Texas-based accountant and author of "Krazy House: 'Doing the Dirty.'"

Fred Oula of Abeingo flanked with Paul Otieno and Sacoma's Perez Ochieng at the just concluded Kenya property Expo held in London over the weekend.

Love triangle: Wanjala loses round one

By Wahome Thuku, August 25 2008
Former Budalan’gi MP Raphael Wanjala wants police to give him television footage on his alleged assault of a journalist. Mr Wanjala’s lawyer said the video clip aired during the NTV news bulletin on July 8, 9 and 10 was with the media group. But asked by the court how the clip could be given to his client if it was not in the hands of the police, the lawyer responded: "I assume that the police will use the DVD clip as evidence."

He said the prosecution had not given them other documentary evidence, including witness statements, as ordered by court. Wanjala is charged with assaulting NTV cameraman Mustafa Mwalim Musa in Nairobi on July 8. The journalist was part of a crew interviewing Ms Joyce Akinyi, who is involved in a court case with Wanjala and a Nigerian investor. The former legislator has been cited in the love triangle between Akinyi and the Nigerian. More>>>

Kenya strikes oil deal with Sudan

By our correspondents, August 25 2008
Kenya will start importing 500,000 barrels of crude oil from Sudan every month. This follows an agreement between the two countries in Nairobi last week. "The two parties agreed that Sudan will supply Kenya with at least 500,000 barrels of crude oil monthly," a statement by the Sudanese embassy in Nairobi said.

Kenya will be the third neighbouring country to buy Sudanese oil. The statement did not say which other countries were importing oil or give details of the Kenya-Sudan agreement. More>>>

Wetangula clashes with Ongeri over tuition

By Robert Wanyonyi, August 25 2008
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula has supported holiday tuition. The minister said tuition is aimed at bridging the gap between average and bright students. He urged Education Minister Sam Ongeri to liaise with his permanent secretary to issue a proper guideline to streamline the programme. Addressing parents at Butonge ACK Primary School in his Sirisia constituency, the minister said it was not fair for private schools to be allowed to offer holiday tuition while the programme is banned in public schools. “As a parent, I fully support the continuation of holiday tuition. The programme has assisted students with poor backgrounds. We should strengthen this noble programme instead of banning it,” said the minister. More>>>

Raila rattled as grand opposition nears reality

By Ayub Savula, August 24 2008
Secret meetings over a Bill seeking the creation of the grand opposition are sending jitters in Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s camp. Proponents of the grand opposition have stepped up their lobbying efforts and are roping in ODM MPs who are signing up to support the Bill that is due to come to Parliament for debate soon.

Already, 30 MPs have signed up so far, prompting ODM Secretary-General Anyang’ Nyong’o to call a crisis meeting this week. "We are going to call a meeting to discuss the matter. I don’t know why the MPs are defiant," Nyong’o said. Justice minister Martha Karua added her voice to the debate at the weekend when she said she would "receive the Bill on behalf of the Government" and present it to the House for discussion. Karua added: "We are not afraid of opposition in Parliament." More>>>

Doctor turns interviewer

By INGONEWS Reporter, August 23 2008
A young doctor at Croydon Hospital, Dr Mary Thompson (right), has made a debut foray into journalism. Dr Thompson partcipated in a three panel intervie session in a programme called: "15 minutes with ...". Dr Thompson is the daughter of Kenyan mother (Alice Were - a parliamentary candidate in Budalang'i Constituency) and British born Jerry Thompson - Jamaican). She is a graduate of St Thomas University Hospital and has a masters degree in Public Health from Imperial College London. Dr Thompson is currently a doctor at Croydon Hospital. Click here to read the full interview.

dr mary thompson
Dr Mary Thompson: a debutant in "15 minutes with..." programme. She is the daughter of Alice Were - Kenya and Jerry Thompson- Jamaica

Journalists locked up

By Biketi Kikechi, August 24 2008
Three journalists from the Standard Group were harassed and locked up by security guards at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret, on Sunday afternoon.Reporter Dedan Okanga, KTN Cameraman David Sum and photographer Peter Ochieng were among a group of people who had helped rescue a newly born baby. They had earlier responded to a distress call by residents of Kipkaren Estate who discovered the infant crying in a nearby bush. More>>>

Wako rules out amnesty

By Oliver Mathenge, August 24 2008
Attorney General Amos Wako has ruled out amnesty as an option for perpetrators of post election violence. The AG further told the Commission of Inquiry into the Post Election Violence that leaders who are found to be guilty of offences related to the chaos should be barred from holding public office. More>>>

All change...

By our correspondent, August 2008
The Government is set to make far-reaching changes in the top management of key state corporations. The changes will also affect ambassadors, the Nation has learnt. More>>>

Housing Minister, Soita Shitanda opening the Kenya Property Expo in London on Friday night and below, CEO of Regent Management, Oundo Ojiambo with potential customers interested in purchasing property in Kenya at his stand on Saturday. Click here to see more photos oundo

Post codes coming to Kenya

By Shad Bulimo, 24 August 2008
The government has admitted that it is difficult delivering services to Nairobi’s sprawling slum areas due to lack of post-coded planning. As a result, the ministry of housing in conjunction with other government departments has embarked on a slum upgdrade scheme starting with Kibera in order to provide a housing service with modern infrastructure that will make it possible for faster delivery of emergence services such as police, ambulance and fire.

Addressing participants and guests during the Kenya Property Expo in London over the weekend, the minister for housing, Mr Soita Shitanda, said that the problem of uncontrolled planning was inherited from yesterday and has serious security issues but with the on going slum upgrade scheme, it will be possible to offer a modern postal delivery service expected of a 21st century metropolis like Nairobi. “It is difficult to post code Nairobi but in Kibera for example, we have embarked on a major upgrading scheme which once finished will be possible to offer modern postal delivery services,” he said in response to a question from the audience on whether the government was doing anything about the disorganised housing estates in Kenya’s towns.

Mr Shitanda appealed to the Diaspora to consider investing in real estate in university towns like Kakamega and Meru where there is serious shortage of housing for staff and students. Mr Shitanda said real estate is a major component of Kenya’s wealth stock contributing 5.5 per cent to the gross domestic product in 2006/07 financial year, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

To encourage investment in this vital sector, the government has approved two vital incentives to attract private sector investment in low income housing in order to meet the rising demand. These include a rebate of 5% on industrial building deduction on the cost of construction of residential rental buildings and tax exemption on goods and services for housing estate with more than 20 units.

Other incentives earlier approved include exemption of interest earned on deposits for home ownership up to Sh3m. Three months ago, Housing Finance Company of Kenya launched a Shs2.3billion rights issue to raise funds to boost property development. This week’s property expo is a follow up of the inaugural one held last year in London. It is organised by Networking for Professionals, the consultant firm and the theme for this year was Invest in Africa; Build Africa.

Also present during the opening ceremony was Ambassador Yvonne Khamati, the deputy permanent representative to the UN Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya’s High Commissioner in London, HE Joseph Muchemi and senior members of the ministry of housing. Exhibitors included: Regents Property Management, Pinnacle, Tamarind Ridge, Kenya Power and Lighting, Realken International, Kesom Freight International, Tamarind Properties, Commercial Bank of Africa, International Migration Organisation, Sacoma and Kenya Government.

With leopard top is Rose Ochuada, a true leopard with daughter, Tamara at the expo
Even Miss East Africa, Vicky Njoki wants a property seen here with CEO, Pauline Long
Journalist Topi Lyambila with Ambassador Yvonne Khamati of Habitat in Nairobi
James Njuguna of Kenya Power (in glasses) listening attentively to proceedings
Juvenal Shiundu with MoneylineUK CEO, Alice Ndumu (centre) and Rita Lutalo
From right: Rose Shiundu, Mister Seed, Kuria of Pinnacle and a guest

afc leopards

AFC Leopards to be relaunched as a business

By Shad Bulimo, August 22 2008
AFC Leopards is to be transformed into a corporate entity with three levels of shareholding in order to safeguard its financial future.  The soccer club, which is the pride of the Luhya people has been in the doldrums and faced total collapse three months ago after handouts from its current chairman, Lugari MP, Cyrus Jirongo, dried up.

A statement from Victor Bwibo, the chairman of the newly elected executive committee said the new management board will focus on the development of new business opportunities, whilst at the same time devoting the necessary attention to addressing operational issues.   

“All these changes are being made in order to create long-term benefits to the Club. As part of these changes the club is being transformed into a corporate entity – AFC LEOPARDS LTD”, he said.

In this regard, the Club will be relaunched on 26th August, 2008 at Pan-Afric Hotel in an event christened "AFC Leopards Re-launch and Shareholders ball", and shares will be floated but only to the registered AFC Members.

The three levels of shareholding proposed are:

i). Leopards Standard (20%) - Kshs 2M

ii). Leopards Silver (30%) - Kshs 3M

iii).Leopards Gold (50%) - Kshs 5M

LEOPARDS STANDARD: will comprise supporters of AFC Leopards who will each purchase a minimum of 20 shares worth Kshs 2000.00 to raise a targeted total of Kshs 2 million; their terms of engagement is full payment at once.

LEOPARDS SILVER: this category will target at least 30 middle income investors who will each purchase a minimum of 1,000 shares worth Kshs 100,000 to realize at total of Kshs 3 million; Their terms of engagement is four equal quarterly installments of Kshs 25,000 each.

LEOPARDS GOLD: This category targets 5 high-end investors who will each purchase a minimum of 10,000 shares worth Kshs 1,000,000 to raise a total of Kshs 5 million at minimum. Their terms of engagement are four equal quarterly installments of Kshs 250,000 each.

Details on how you can be involved will be posted on the relaunched website whose address is: http://www.afcleopards.net

Wanted: Ingwe supporters club

By Victor Bwibo, August 22 2008
Corporate ownership by Leopards' fans (especially through a consolidated 'ingwe' supporters' society) is being encouraged. In this regard, Halala USA [and other "abeingo" in the Diaspora] is being invited and encouraged to take part. AFC Leopards SC is our Heritage and an entity that truly unites our entire community.

Don't let his legacy down

On the pitch; we have assembled a squad that has re-gained a large measure of self-belief and an aspiration to excellence - the desire to be the best at what we do; as a result the club truly aspires to be classed amongst the best. Therefore we are looking forward to make a return to the local Premier league and finish the season with a title; subsequently renewing our forays in continental soccer.

Shock as cow gives birth to a pig-like calf

By Titus Too, August 21 2008
A farmer was shocked when his cow gave birth to a calf with the features of a pig. Shocked residents of Kabirirsang village, Nandi District thronged Mr Jackson Maina’s homestead to see the strange creature that died moments after birth. The farmer said the cow had been sickly before veterinary doctors were called in to induce birth and save the cow.

Two veterinary surgeons Bernadette Jeptoo Tiony and Paul Juma said they could not induce delivery, forcing them to remove the foetus through an operation. The doctors were shocked to discover the foetus, weighing 20 kilos, had short legs, an upright coiled tail and the body was stunted. Word quickly went round about the strange happening and villagers started thronging the home. After seeing the deformed foetus, some said it was a bad omen while others concluded the village had been cursed. More>>>

cow feeds pig
Cow feeds pig in one of the bizarre occurrences in the animal kingdom. More than feeding, a Nandi farmer had his cow give birth to a pig-like creature. Talk of miracles...

Amnesty for Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing

Goldenberg architect Kamlesh Pattni and key people in the Moi and Kibaki administrations could benefit from a planned amnesty for past corruption. More>>>

Bishop arrested over links with vampire rapist

By Antony Gitonga, August 21 2008
Police in Naivasha have arrested a bishop in connection with the killing of a woman and the drinking of human blood in a bizarre ritual. Bishop Jeremiah Pallangyo of New Hope for all Nations was locked up at the Naivasha Police Station moments after recording a statement.

Police said a 25-year-old suspect who was arrested after raping two women for a week and drinking their blood had claimed the cleric had sent him on several occasions to collect blood from women. Police also said the decomposing body found in the suspect’s house in Kihoto Estate belonged to a victim who died after too much blood was drained. More>>>


By Bernard Mkhabella, Boston, August 20 2008
I on behalf of the Massachussetts chapter would like to thank all of those who participated in the just concluded AGM. It was not only an honor but a great privilege to us as we gear towards reinventing ourselves back to the basic principles of peace love harmony and unity being mindful of each other's welfare both as Halala members and members of the society. This is the reignition that we aspired and we intend to exploit this goodwill to propell ourselves to greater heights of achievement along this journey. I take this rare opportunity to welcome all the members and would be members to lend us their hearts, minds and commitment towards this noble cause. Finally I wish to thank you once again and welcome all of you back to Massachussetts, Please visit us again we will always be glad to have you anytime. God bless you

Luhya urged to think big

By Rosemary Musumba, New York, August 20 2008
The Luhya people have been urged to say goodbye to narrow inward-thinking and outmoded ways of thinking and to empower themselves and usher in new ways of nurturing the welfare of our nation; new ways geared to directly benefit the community both here in the Diaspora and at home in Kenya.  The call was given by an accomplished lawyer and lecturer in the US, Mr. George Luchiri Wajackoyah over the weekend as Chief Guest during the annual AGM of Halala (USA) held in Massachusetts, USA. Halala USA started 4 years ago has over 300 contacts, 52 are registered nationally and the rest at chapter level.

In his keynote address, Mr. Luchiri posed a number of challenging questions to the attentive audience that received thunderous applauses. “What is our role today in creating a better future, not only for Luhyas but for our nation as a whole?  He asked, “We need to rescue ourselves from people who simply read history to active people engaged in making history” he stated. And never to forget some of our leaders from the community who played a significant role before and during independence like Elijah Masinde, Masinde Muliro, Martin Shikuku, Senators Machio, Kijana Wamalwa, Caleb Ochwada, Ngaira, Otiende and Musa Amalemba to mention a few of them.

He called on the government to live up to its promises and prioritize building of infrastructure to open up development in Western Kenya. And help rebuilt the dilapidated social structures in the Province. Citing his own personal example, he strongly spoke against violence against women and wife inheritance. Women are over 50% of the population and as such if they vote as a block they can elect a formidable leader. 
He hailed Martha Karua as such a formidable leader who has stood her ground on any issue even when the tide was against her.

He praised Halala USA through their chairman Pius Mwemba for providing a strong forum badly needed to discuss issues that affect the Luhya community today and also to facilitate a greater understanding of the Western Kenya culture and heritage.  He encouraged the audience to harness the opportunity offered by the American society to better the lives of those in Kenya. Mr. Wajackoyah called on all Luhya organizations in USA and around the world to affiliate themselves with Halala organization to support its goals. 

He congratulated Shadrack Amakoye Bulimo and others for having created a forum, Abeingo Community Website (www.abeing.org) to spearhead political, economic and self emancipation of our rightful place in the nation.  He further called on Luhya elected leaders to foster unity and bargain with others just as in the recently concluded coalition government.  He reiterated his call that we must support all Kenyans from other communities who are willing to work with us.

Guest Speaker Prof Wajackoyah with Odongo Makokha and his family during the Halala Boston Conference and below a line up of some officials and guests. halala

Gangs invade Eldoret, Kitale, Webuye roads

By Biketi Kikechi, August 20 2008
Gangs have over the last three weeks mounted sustained attacks on public service vehicles in the North Rift. The attacks take place between 7pm and 9pm on the Eldoret-Kitale and Eldoret-Webuye roads.

Several passengers, who have either been shot or bludgeoned with blunt objects, have been admitted to local hospitals. “We are aware of these cases but most of them were arrested immediately after the incidents,” said Uasin Gishu DC Bernard Muli Kioko. But motorists have blamed the increase of the banditry on police laxity. A driver was admitted at Lumakanda Health Centre on Sunday evening when AK 47 rifle wielding gangs attacked a Nissan matatu near Turbo Township. He was shot at close range in the shoulder as he went over a section with bumps. More>>>

githongo and bulimo
Former Anti Corruption Czar, John Githongo chats to INGONEWS Editor, Shad Bulimo and other guests when he addressed Kenya Society members in London recently.

Githongo's return draws mixed reactions

By INGONEWS and agencies, August 20 2008
Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya has said the Government should take advantage of the return of former anti-graft campaigner, John Githongo, to conclude investigations into the Anglo-Leasing scam. Mr Githongo returned to Kenya yesterday after a three-year stint in exile in Britain to mixed reactions.

Fiery cleric, the Rev Timothy Njoya said the former PS should not be given a hero’s welcome because he abandoned the country at the hour of need. “It is wrong to glorify Githongo’s return yet he fled at a crucial time,” he said. Githongo who initially said he was in Kenya for two weeks at the invitation of Kenya Human Rights Commission, seems to have changed his mind and may now stay permanently to "fight corruption from within." More>>>

Western schools defy tuition ban

By Dennis Lumiti, August 20 2008
Most schools in Western Province have defied the Government ban on holiday tuition.A cross-section of school heads from the region said yesterday they would carry on with the tuition since parents had already paid for it.They said they were awaiting official communication from the Ministry of Education on the matter before they could honour the directive.“I have not received any circular directing that we do away with holiday tuition,” said a high school principal from Kakamega East District. More>>>

bunyore grils school
Bunyore Girls School. Schools in Western Province have defied government directive against tuition

War looms between executive and judiciary

By our correspondents, August 20 2008
A standoff is looming between the Judiciary and the Executive after Chief Justice Evan Gicheru led judges in rejecting a call by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to have them sign performance contracts. Judges meeting in Mombasa were unanimous that they will not accept performance contracts, saying the move by Mr Odinga amounts to compromising the integrity and independence of the judiciary. And the CJ was categorical that how judges execute their functions is a constitutional issue, and any alteration that may require them to sign performance contracts would require an appropriate amendment to the Constitution of Kenya. More>>>

Hostile crowd greets MPs in Mt Elgon

By our correspondents, August 20 2008
Demonstrations by hostile crowds marred the visit by a Parliamentary Committee on National security in Mt Elgon District. Placard-waving crowds shouted down local MP Fred Kapondi, who is the chairman of the committee, during stopovers in Kapsowakwany, Kapkota army base and Kaprong area, on Wednesday.

The team toured for the first time since the military operation against members of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) began. “We want the military to remain in Mt Elgon. Kapondi has betrayed us,” shouted the crowds. More>>>

mt elgon
Victim of torture in Mt Elgon. Human Rights groups have accused the army of extra judicial killings, rape and torture during operations against SDLF

Wanted: Female police to probe Mt Elgon rape claims

By Cyrus Ombati, August 20 2008
A team of police investigators wants female police officers be deployed in Mt Elgon to investigate sexual offences claims made on the security personnel in the region. The team in its report notes that there have been no reports made to the police over the claims by the said victims. More>>>

Zambian president dead

Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa died in a French hospital today after suffering a stroke several weeks ago, Vice President Rupiah Banda said. More>>>

Kitale law courts have cases pending for over 10 yrs

By Osinde Obare, August 20 2008
The Kitale Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) has urged Chief Justice Evans Gicheru to post more judges to the district to expedite cases some of which have been in court for over a decade. They asked Gicheru to intervene over the backlog of cases at the Kitale High Court and Kapenguria Law Courts.

Also, 54 capital offenders at Kitale GK Prison have written to the Chief Justice, protesting at the delayed hearing of their cases. CJPC official Mr Boniface Wanyoike blamed the build-up on frequent transfer of judges and lack of judicial officials. Some remandees complained of cases pending for over a decade. More>>>






By Pius Mwemba, President Halala USA
This year marks four years since the birth of Halala USA. Halala is dedicated to providing welfare services to our members and empowering economically disadvantaged individuals and their families here and back home. We seek to promote accountability, transparency and quality in all we do. As of 2008, Halala has over 300 contacts, 52 are registered Nationally and the rest at chapter level. Halala lost six immediate family members in the cause of last year, one in the US and five abroad. Halala USA is proud to report that the organization is today able to pay fees for students back home through its chapters. Halala has a welfare department that has in the past two years supported its members in times of need.

Reaching out to other Luhya organisations

Halala is reaching out to other Luhya organizations to work together in the spirit of Halala. We encourage oneness.  A voice of many sounds louder that a voice of few. Today Halala USA is proud to say with pride that our New Jersey Chapter has partnered with  Andimi tri-state organization in  welfare services and are sharing one welfare package and investment groups already established in the state.

Halala remains a charitable non-profit community based welfare organization. It’s important to note that members cannot therefore use the group as an investment entity.
Halala supports entrepreneurship and would like chapters to create such groups independent of the welfare to be in compliance with the law governing non profit making organizations.
Chapters operating as profit making bodies under the name Halala will no longer be affiliated to Halala USA.

The creation of Chini Ya Mti in New Jersey as a byproduct of Halala is a perfect example of how chapters should address welfare and investment projects.
Lets unite today for a better tomorrow abaluyha befwe.

24-hour journey to Boston

Our conference this year was held in Chelmsford Massachusetts and was a great success. People traveled as far as Kenya, Michigan, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York to the event. Nick Sabula drove for about twenty hours from Michigan to attend the conference. This year’s event was held at Hawthorn Suites in Chelmsford Massachusetts.  Members socialized as they waited for each other’s arrival. Participants appreciate those whose efforts have kept Halala together and especially the hosts [Richard Odongo, Robert Odanga and Bernard MKhabella] whose leadership made the event a success.

The AGM also expressed their gratitude to all those who volunteered their time and money in the planning of the event. The following people and groups were recognized for their outstanding job.

  1. Chini Ya Mti group with DJ Koplo and Rasta Kirambi from New Jersey.
  2. Sikuti Group from Massachusetts Chapter.
  3. Rosemary Musumba – MC from New York.

The spirit of Halala awards were given to the following individuals,

  1. Margaret Olusala.
  2. Aurelia Onyango.
  3. Selina Anzala.
  4. Henry Nabutete.



By Charles Lukoba ( Secretary General Halala NJ on behalf of Henry Nabutete, Halala NJ chairman currently in Kenya)
It is now four years since Halala NJ chapter was born, and those four years halala NJ chapter has attended the AGM as a full chapter. And on the behalf of the chapter, I am very proud of this accomplishment. Halala NJ chapter has more than fifty paying members, despite the many challenges it has encountered. (ii) Through experience and dozens of mistakes, Halala NJ chapter, has thrived on those two ideas and turned it into benefiting factors.

Through experience we have realized and made some very important changes in our constitution, where by membership fee is now paid every year, instead of one time deal. We have realized that a true member must remain active by contributing to many problems that challenge us almost every week, by attending meetings regularly. Or face the three tricks, and you are out. I am not surprised nor disappointed that our chapter has not met all the goals that they promised to accomplish. In fact, I’ am overwhelmingly encouraged that we will accomplish most of our goals in the long run.

To make it more believable the members are thinking of other means of accomplishing these goals by writing proposals to non profit organization for Financial assistance and to use various Fund-raising methods to raise funds for our projects. (iii) Most of our members would love to change Halala NJ chapter into a profit making organization but we have pledged not to do so. Instead, the members have been asked to align themselves with profit making organizations, such as Andimi. Also, members have organized a profit making organization called, ”Chini ya mti”. This Venture is not just a group of souls who sits under a tree and talk about their adventurous stories in America, while drinking beer, or playing a game of soccer, cards and Rings. They are great young and old thinking minds that are about to take Halala and other organizations by storm. And, I ‘am sure in my mind, they will succeed in their endeavor.

Therefore, if “Chini ya Mti”, has a chance to succeed, there’s no doubt that Halala NJ chapter will forge ahead and make us even look better than we can believe ourselves. So, I can truly tell or report to you that Halala NJ chapter is succeeding and is going to continue to do that. (iv) So, what is really making me believe that Halala chapter is truly succeeding? It is because; i. Halala is contributing thousands of Dollars to help members and immediate family members in the case of deaths, sickness and other various needs here in the U.S.A, to Abaluhya, and other Kenyan members just like we promised. Halala NJ chapter is not doing these alone; it is getting tremendous support from U.S.A-members outside NJ. We thank you very much! We couldn’t do it without your help. ii. Halala NJ.

Chapter has embarked on another project in Baluhya land. It is paying tuition for a student who has lost all his parents, but wants to learn by any means possible. And it is willing to take on at least two or more students, if it could find such students. (v) Therefore, I want all US -Halala members and chapter members around the U.S.A, and guests to know that, Halala NJ. Chapter is well and forging ahead in full force. We are going to get better, and do the things we promised to do as we get stronger. Thank you for listening. And thank you for coming.


By Barnabas Ochunyi, Secretary General, Halala Virginia
Great men and women of Mulembe, I salute you all in the name of the almighty God. It’s a great pleasure with respect to be welcomed here in Chelmsford Massachusetts for the 2008 Halala Conference. 2007/2008 has been an awesome year for the Virginia chapter and we are glad to see it through. As a chapter we managed to recruit more members in the organization and we are soon looking forward to recruit more. Everyone in the Chapter has worked tirelessly to see that we succeed as a team. Our members are more focused than ever and I am encouraged by their teamwork and motivated by their urge to keep on going.

Am pleased to see that despite of our diverse ethnic ancestry, we are making a history by coming together with a common mission of working together to improve our social and cultural practices for the betterment of our descendants and our brothers. As Kenyans we have emulated the Harambee motto and am impressed by seeing such a congregation just come to make policies that will have a major positive impact to the western Province of Kenya.

Our ancient leaders such as Mwanga, Muwanga, Shiundu, Nabongo Mumia, Hammtalla, Namutala, Namachanja and others worked tireleslly to bring the community together, my dream is to a prosperous Luhya nation that will be admired all over the world and through Halala I believe I’ll see my dream walking and talking. As a community lets work together with one accord to see success, lets fight hatred,disunity,poverty and illiteracy to achieve our common goal. Am a proud member of the Organisation and so if you are, use your unique skills and talent to make it work, to make our children see success, to believe in ourselves that yes we can rock to take the mantle to the very end and not only to be used as a ladders.


  • Halala USA remains a non – profit community based organization and all chapters created must comply with the laws governing non-profit organizations. Chapter wishing to operate as a profit making organization will automatically loose its membership with Halala USA.
  •  A $25.00 registration fee to all members at Halala USA level and $25.00 at chapter level annually.
  • A one time $10.00 contribution for prolonged sickness and wedding gifts.
  • $100.00 contribution if a member dies here in the USA to assist with funeral arrangements.
  • $50.00 contribution to a member who dies here in the USA and chooses to be buried here.
  • $35.00 contribution to a member losing an immediate family member abroad.
  • Married couples to receive a waiver when contributing to the death of a member here in the USA. Such waiver does not apply to other contributions.
  • Membership to Halala Welfare is mandatory to a members to become a beneficiary of our welfare package and optional to investment groups.
  • Youth activities to be included in our future Halala Conference.
  • All members to contribute $10.00 monthly towards developing a mobile clinic in Western Kenya.
  • Members to contribute $10.00 a month towards the planning of the Kakamega conference.
  • Three fundraisers be held in the cause of the year to raise money for the mobile clinic and will be coordinated.
  • Next HALALA ANNUAL AGM 2007.meeting be held in Maryland, and the Maryland team, have Six month (by March 2007) to confirm its intention to host the event to the National office.


Pius Mwemba from New Jersey was re-elected unopposed as the President of Halala in United States for another two year term.
Other officials returned in office included Rose Ballard from Virginia as treasure, Mama Aurelia Onyango of New Jersey as the Welfare coordinator, and Angelina Ouna as the secretary General of the organization. Selina Ayuma was elected Vice President of the organization.
Other officers nominated into office included Philemon Kirambi and Barnabas Ochunyi [Youth Coordinator] Richard Odongo [Kakamega conference Planning Committee], Lawrence Mugala, Rosemary Musumba, Bernard Mkhabella, and Angelina Ouna for the Mobile Clinic development project. 

  1. International relation officer Halala USA – Richard Odongo.
  2. Vice Secretary is - Alice Kutshushi from Washington DC Chapter
  3. Vice Treasurer –Pracxidies Inyanza from Maryland Chapter
  4. Assistant welfare coordinator- Joyce Amakabane.
  5. Entertainment coordinator – Edwin Osore N.J. and Rev. Barasa  M.D.
  6. Rev. Esipila  and Pastor Gilbert Imbayi [Halala Chaplin’s]
  7. Bernard Mkhabella – Projects and Activity Coordinator – Massachusetts.

Returning  Officers:
Rev: Gilbert Imbayi

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER 1 - George Luchiri Wajackoyah
Guest Speaker for the event was George Luchiri Wajackoyah a prominent lawyers in UK and USA. See Speech.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER 2- Mrs. Sichenje [From Kenya]

Mrs. Sichenje is the mother of our Halala brother [Joram Sichenje] who was shot by unknown person three months ago in Baltimore Maryland in the USA.
Mrs. Sichenje had a message of unity and love for one another. She thanked the Halala Community for the support they gave her family and urged all Luhyia around the world to remain united and be there for each other in times of need.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER 3 - Cameron Carey, President, Sustainable Energy Solutions, Inc. 35 Newton st, Suite 312, Northborough, MA 01532

Mr. Carey challenged Halala to initiate power generation in remote rural areas of our communities to enhance education, healthcare, communication and logistics by investing in Photovoltaic Solar Power plants manufactured by a company he heads. He cited groups of religious women working in West and Central Africa who have successfully installed such plants through the funding of International lenders like World Bank and IMF. The cost of one such plant would be about $ 300 000. Mr. Carey can be reached at Tel: 508-393-7805, or website www.sustainable-energy.us

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER 4- Mama Moose, Mombasa Moose Co. P.O. Box 490, Pepperell, MA 01463

Ms. Moose appreciated the artistry of the Luhyia community, but regretted the little representation in North America of arts and crafts collections from the community. Her company sought Luhya craftsmanship for this market. She challenged the gathering to energize this area for the benefit of the community. Ms. Moose works in Western Province and in Mombasa and can be reached at info@mombasamoose.com

George Wajaackoyah
Prof George Luchiri Wajackoyah, guest speaker at the Halala Conference. Prof Wajackoyah is the Director of Legal Aid and Adjunct Professor of Law at the American Heritage University in California.

Kivuitu: I was besieged by armed forces

By Beauttah Omanga, August 18 2008
ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu told the Kriegler commission he was rushed to State House to give presidential victory to Mwai Kibaki. Kivuitu said he was shocked when he arrived at State House to find the stage set for the swearing-in minutes after he announced the results.

Kivuitu said as he walked out of the room where he announced the results, a team of army officers surrounded him. I found there was an armoured vehicle ready for me but declined and insisted on using my official car," he said. He told the commission he was escorted by several cars to State House. More>>>

Wako had no business in Grand Regency - KACC

The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission did not involve attorney-general Amos Wako in negotiations to dispose of the Grand Regency Hotel because the matter was purely civil, an inquiry was told on Monday. “There was absolutely no reason to involve the AG since he does not act for the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission in civil matters,” KACC deputy director Fatuma Sichale said. Ms Sichale was being cross-examined by former Finance minister Amos Kimunya’s lawyer, Prof Githu Muigai, at the commission investigating the sale of the hotel. More>>

Mudavadi urges EA political federation

By a correspondent, August 18 2008
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has urged East African member countries to speed up the process of a political federation. Mr Mudavadi said it was within the mandate of the states to harmonise policies that integrate of the countries.

The Customs Union and the East African Court of Appeal were part of the process to merge the countries into a single political entity, he said. More>>>

Kenya's golden day in Beijing

By Elias Makori, August 18 2008
History was written at the Beijing National Stadium last night as Pamela Jelimo and Brimin Kipruto won Kenya’s first gold medals at the Olympic Games in spectacular fashion. Jelimo becomes the first Kenyan woman to win a gold medal at the Olympics, a rather strange statistic given the country’s dominance in athletics over the years. World champion Brimin Kipruto cruised to victory in the 3,000 metres steeplechase race to maintain a rich Kenyan tradition that started in 1968 in Mexico. More>>>

Sporting moment with political lessons

By Shad Bulimo, August 19 2008
Yesterday was significant to Kenya in more ways than just sporting. When Pamela Jelimo and Brimin Kipruto struck gold in Beijing, the nation erupted with joy. It did not matter what tribe they came from; just that they were Kenyans doing the honours for the country. Such happy moments bring rewards to the economy; the economic barometer surges as people rush to celebrate in Central, Western, Nyanza, Eastern, Coast, North Eastern, Nairobi and Rift Valley. Contrast yesterday with the madness of January and February when tribe cut tribe with machetes and you sense plenty of lessons politics should learn from sports.

First Kenyan woman to win gold at the Olympics, Pamela Jelimo celebrates her 800 metre victory
In stitches. Janeth Jepkosgei of Kenya celebrates with team-mate Pamela Jelimo.
From left: Golden boy Brimin Kipruto, Ezekiel Kemboi and Richard Mateelong

Six Luhya politicians call for election boundary changes

By Anderson Ojwang’, August 17 2008
Six Luhya legislators are among 18 MPs, including three Cabinet ministers who have called for the review of constituency boundaries to create a level playing ground and boost equitable distribution of resources.

The legislators said it was important for the review process to begin immediately to have adequate time for the exercise. The ministers were Ms Martha Karua (Justice), Mr William Ruto (Agriculture) and Mr Soita Shitanda (Housing) and Assistant ministers Sospeter Ojaamong, Charles Keter, Bifwoli Wakoli and Danson Mungatana. MPs were David Koech, Fred Kapondi, Cyrus Jirongo, Kiema Kilonzo and Eugene Wamalwa. Others were Mr Wilber Otichilo, Mr Charles Kilonzo, Mr Joshua Kuttuny, Mr Ababu Namwamba and Mr Julius Kones. More>>>

luhya map
Political map of Luhyaland. There are 22 constituencies in Western Province and a further two in Rift Valley - Kwanza and Saboti - occupied predominantly by the Luhya; making it a total of 24. That is more than 10% of the Parliamentary total of 210 but way below proportional representation demanded by MPs.

Mt Elgon doctor arrested over 'fake' torture reports

By Cyrus Ombati, August 17 2008
A pathologist who examined alleged victims of torture by the military in Mt Elgon District has been arrested and questioned by police. The medic was held at the weekend and questioned by police in Eldoret, who said they might charge him for allegedly lying to the public. It is not clear when he will appear in court.

The pathologist serves the district and is also a lecturer at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. He was cited in a human rights report as having examined some victims who were allegedly tortured during a military operation to flush out members of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) militia in Mt Elgon District. More>>>

Majimbo through the backdoor?

The Cabinet will approve a new Bill that would make districts the main focus of the country’s development agenda. The move is geared at the revival of District Development Committees (DDCs) that were phased out a few years ago. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030, Dr Edward Sambili, says the revival of the DDCs is aimed at fast-tracking development. Sambili said the committees should be operational by the end of the year. The PS said the Act was presented to the Cabinet this month after experts have made their contribution. More>>>

Musasia appointed director of immigration

By our correspondents, August 17 2008
Albert Musasia from the ministry of foreign affairs has been transferred to the Immigration department to replace Mr Joseph Ndathi as the director of immigration in a move seen as a tip of the iceberg of growing tension between civil servants and ministers. The Ministry of Immigration is top among those experiencing difficulties following open disagreements between senior officials and Cabinet ministers.

Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura moved to defuse tension in the Immigration ministry by transferring Mr Joseph Ndathi. Ndathi, who was the Director of Immigration, has been re-deployed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Director of Administration. More>>>

The teenage girl who was abducted and sexually abused for a week in Naivasha, shows the wounds on her back

Vampire rapist feeds on girl's blood

By Antony Gitonga, August 17 2008
A teenager and a woman are admitted to the Naivasha District Hospital in critical condition after they were abducted and sexually and physically abused. In the bizarre incident, the 13-year-old girl and the woman, 25, claimed their attacker drew their blood and drunk it.

Drugged, tortured and weak, the two, whose bodies are full of wounds, spent a week in the sprawling Kihoto Estate, until police rescued them on Sunday. Narrating their ordeal in the women’s ward, they said the man, who has since been arrested, abducted them at night on separate days. More>>>

Boda boda riders risk impotence, says medical study

By our correspondent, August 17 2008
The bicycle taxi business across the country, commonly known as ‘boda boda’, faces an uncertain future after a study showed that those who ride the bicycles face sexual dysfunction for using the conventional saddle with a protruding nose. The August issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine says such cyclists are further subjected to damaging health effects that include erectile breakdown and groin numbness.

Yesterday, a former Medical Officer of Health at city hall, Dr Patrick Kirui said although no local study has been conducted on boda boda operators, there are high possibilities of sexual dysfunction among men who ride bicycles frequently.

."There have been such fears of people who frequently ride bicycles being affected sexually," Dr Kirui told Kenya Times by telephone. More>>>

Veronica Shiro (left) and Fidel Odinga during their traditional marriage in Bondo on Saturday
RAILA Raila Odinga with Mr & Mrs James Wanguhu, chair of NSE, Shiro's uncle & auntie
Shiro demonstrates how she will feed her mother in law, Ida Odinga at Opodo in Bondo
Political barriers must come down as Shiro is formally initiated as a Luo bride

Politicians, Church fight over circumcision in Bukusu

By Stephen Makabila, August 14 2008
Twelve thousand boys will skip traditional circumcision rites among the Bukusu as their parents opt for safer methods. The Inter-Christian Fellowship’s Evangelical Mission in Kimilili, Bungoma, is spearheading a campaign to help the community discard traditional circumcision rites over health and economic grounds.

The organisation’s executive director Solomon Nabie said 12,000 boys would be circumcised in hospital this year. Between 25,000 and 35,000 boys will be initiated in Bungoma, Trans Nzoia, Lugari and parts of Mt Elgon and Teso districts. Ford-Kenya Chairman Musikari Kombo, Assistant Lands Minister and Bumula MP Sylvester Wakoli and Kimilili MP Eseli Simiyu are among those urging the community to preserve its traditions, arguing that even Europeans have their own culture. More>>>

bukusu circumciser
Bukusu circumciser with sharp knives

Simani takes charge as Ombudsman

By Peter Orengo, August 14 2008
The Public Complaints Standing Committee, also called the Office of the Ombudsman, has been launched. The committee will inquire into allegations of misuse of office, corruption, unethical conduct, breach of integrity, maladministration, delay, injustice, discourtesy, incompetence and inefficiency, among others. Others include allegations of unfair sacking and dismissal, irregular recruitment and remuneration as well as disagreements with lawyers over court awards. Mr James Simani, chairman of the committee, said: "Today’s launch serves as notice to all Kenyans of our availability and accessibility to offer services from our new offices at Shell and BP House." More>>>

Civil servants wages tripled

By a correspondent, August 14 2008
Civil servants Thursday welcomed their pay increase which in some cases tripled their take-home packages. A clerk at the Immigration office in Kisumu, said that the news of the increment was “too good to be true”. “It does not seem real and I will only believe after I see my payslip,” he said. More>>>

Hyena man kills friend over jibe

By Stella Mwangi, August 14 2008
A man who was accused of rearing a hyena to harass his neighbours got upset and acted like a predator, attacking his accuser and killing him. The victim had accused the man of keeping a hyena, which he used as a weapon against his enemies. But the accused behaved viciously and snuffed out his neighbour’s life earning Musa Boyon Chepkwony three years imprisonment. More>>>

The return of Githongo

Self-exiled former anti-graft Permanent Secretary John Githongo, returns on Wednesday, three years after he quit in a huff. Githongo is distinguished as the anti-corruption czar who blew the whistle on the Anglo Leasing scam, one of the biggest in the country’s history. More>>>

hyena man
Man and an unlikely beastly friend, the hyena

Wetangula in Russia to woo investors

By our correspondent, August 14 2008
Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula is leading a high-powered delegation to Russia to woo investors and tourists. A dispatch from his office says the visit will follow up Russian firms interested in projects as spelt out in Vision 2030. These projects include the exploration of natural resources and the expansion of port and railway infrastructure. The minister will hold consultations with Russian officials and stakeholders in the tourism sector. More>>>

US to revive cotton industry

The US is to help Kenya revive the cotton industry that supports about 1.8 million farmers. USA is reviewing a textile sector revival strategy paper, with an aim of creating a value chain that will see the cotton belt, stretching from Nyatike to Budalangi revived.

Grand opposition to be formalised

By Ayub Savula, August 13 2008
The Attorney-General is expected to publish a Bill creating the Grand Opposition in Parliament. Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo, one of the brains behind the Bill, disclosed Mr Amos Wako had agreed the Bill would be gazetted this week.

He said the Bill would create the position of Leader of the Official Opposition. The leader will spearhead checks on the Grand Coalition Government.

Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba said: "It is a major breakthrough. We must have an official opposition in Parliament." He said the Bill would be tabled in Parliament when it resumes in October. More>>>

lillian omondi
Lawyer Lilian Omondi in a fighting mood following the dispersal of lawyers by riot police at Nakuru law courts

Crisis at law courts as lawyers demand CJ's sacking

By our correspondent, August 13 2008
A wave of discontent sweeping among lawyers over the management of the Judiciary came into the open on Wednesday, following the dispersal of some of their colleagues who wanted to present their grievances to Chief Justice Evan Gicheru.

A statement by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) calling for Mr Justice Gicheru’s resignation highlighted the grievances over the efficiency of some judges and magistrates.It could mark the beginning of a public campaign by LSK to have Mr Justice Gicheru either resign or be forced out. The statement was signed by vice-chair James Mwamu. More>>>

Govt recalls 100 diplomatic staff

By Ayub Savula, August 13 2008
The Government will recall more than 100 employees in a shake up affecting all the 50 missions abroad, The Standard has established. The move will affect junior, middle-level and some senior staff in reforms that Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula and Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi say are aimed at cost cutting.

At the senior level, those affected are accountants and Government executive officers posted to all foreign missions. On Wednesday, the PS told The Standard that the Government would save Sh15 million a year from each of the junior staff recalled home and Sh20 million for the middle level officers. Also to be recalled are education attaches, who control foreign scholarships in the missions. More>>>

Omena from L. Victoria is a staple diet in West Kenya

Stalled 28 yrs ago, fish farm to be revived

By Harold Ayodo, August 13 2008
Fisheries Minister Paul Otuoma has said his ministry will set aside part of its Sh900 million budget for revival of stalled projects in Nyanza. Dr Otuoma said a blueprint to revamp the sub-sector included setting up a department dealing exclusively with inland waters like lakes Victoria, Turkana and Baringo. He said the Fisheries Act would be amended to address emerging concerns towards food security. The Funyula MP cited the defunct multi-million shilling Kabonyo Fish Farm in Nyando, which, stalled 28 years ago as one of the white elephants. More>>>

Meat shortage looms in Nairobi: CITY residents face a shortage of meat following yesterday’s closure of Dagoretti slaughter house. The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) director Dr Muusya Mwinzi directed the five slaughter houses in Dagoretti to stop operations until they stopped discharging liquid and solid waste to the environment. More>>>

Poverty report doctored

By Jane Akinyi, August 12 2008
Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya has deferred the release of this year’s Poverty Index report over fears it has been doctored. Mr Oparanya said the report would be delayed until "some glaring flaws" were corrected. The report is used by the Government as a guideline in the allocation of devolved funds to constituencies.

MPs Olago Aluoch (Kisumu Town West), Ayiecho Olweny (Muhoroni), Fred Outa (Nyando) and Nicholas Gumbo (Rarieda) claimed the document had been doctored to portray some areas as poorer or richer than they were. "I am aware of the flaws and have, therefore, halted its release until the figures are verified," Oparanya said. More>>>

city hall protests
Mayor flees from angry civic mob: The Mayor of Nairobi and the Town Clerk were whisked away to safety and a councillor injured as elections for committee chairmen and deputies turned chaotic. More>>>

Hope returns for Western cotton farmers

By INGONEWS Reporter and agencies, Agust 12 2008
Agriculture Minister William Ruto has unveiled plans to revive cotton farming. Ruto says Sh560 million will be spent to revive the collapsed industry. At its height, cotton was predominantly farmed in Nyanza and Western provinces with the collapsed Kisumu Cotton Mills (Kicomi) buying the bulk of the crop. "Sh500 million will be used in farming and inputs, while Sh60 million would be given to farmers as credit," he said.

Ruto said the Government would negotiate with pesticide manufacturers to reduce prices. He said he would lead a delegation to a meeting with Treasury officials today and chief executives of banks to urge on financial institutions to inject more funds in farming. More>>>

Kivuitu to be sacked

By Bernard Namunane, August 12 2008
The fate of ECK boss Samuel Kivuitu and the other 21 electoral commissioners appeared to be sealed on Tuesday when it emerged that they could pay the price for last year’s presidential election. President Kibaki gave the Kriegler Commission the green light to make any recommendations they deemed fit on the Electoral Commission of Kenya and any other aspects of the electoral process. More>>>

Magistrate pays fine

There was a light moment yesterday at the Mombasa Law Courts when the Chief Magistrate Catherine Mwangi, organised an impromptu fundraiser for a needy woman she had sentenced to four months in jail or a fine of Sh4,000.More

Education PS Karega Mutahi (right) accompanied by Mt Elgon MP Fred Kapondi and Esther Musani, Principal Kibuk Girls Secondary School in Mt Elgon District.

Holiday tuition banned

By our correspondent, August 12 2008
The Government has banned holiday tuition and warned all school heads to observe the directive. Education permanent secretary Karega Mutahi said that children needed to rest during the holidays and termed the extra learning as “prison tuition”. Prof Mutahi was addressing education stakeholders in Kitale Town. More>

ODM rejects theft of Kamukunji

GROUNDSWELL of discontent threatens to burst into the open warfare between PNU and ODM after Simon Mbugua of PNU was declared winner of Kamukunji parliamentary elections. More>>>

Five killed in fresh Mt Elgon attacks

By Allan Kisia And Robert Wanyonyi, August 11 2008
Five suspected members of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) were at the weekend killed by military officers in Mt Elgon District. They were shot dead at Kaberua area in Cheptais Division as they sought to sneak in from Uganda.

Two other suspects were arrested while five fled. Police recovered four AK47 rifles and assorted ammunition. It was, however, not clear whether those who escaped were members of the Ugandan rebel group, the Lord Resistance Army (LRA). An SLDF commander Chamaima Sichei had earlier warned he would seek support of the LRA to launch fresh attacks. More>>>

mt elgon attacks
Military operations have resumed in troubled Mt Elgon amid allegations the army is desroying evidence of injudicious killings.New SDLF leader has vowed to enlist the dreaded Lords Army from Northern Uganda.

Mombasa port, borders to open 24 hours

By Eric Shimoli and Gitonga Marete, August 11 2008
Round the clock working is to be introduced at key border points following the introduction of a raft of new transport reforms by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The port of Mombasa will also be required to remain open 24 hours a day.

President Kibaki gave public officers one week to implement the reforms which will also see the number of police road blocks reduced to the bare minimum required for security reasons. The new order means that the border entry points at Lunga Lunga, Taveta, Namanga, Isabenia and Malaba will operate on a 24-hour basis to allow free movement of people and goods across the borders with Tanzania and Uganda. More>>>

Raila's economic blueprint for Nyanza

By Dennis Onyango, August 11 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga wants residents of Nyanza Province and surrounding regions to engage in horticultural farming and stop relying on sugarcane and cotton. The PM also wants the region to begin producing food crops not just for domestic consumption but also for large-scale sale.

Sugarcane farming, the PM says, is bound to be lucrative following the reforms Agriculture Minister William Ruto has implemented.

In his first policy address aimed at his core political support base of Nyanza, Raila asked the region to protect and enhance sugarcane and cotton production. But he said farmers should begin experimenting with new crops that are fetching good prices in international markets. More>>>

raila and ruto at kisumu ask show
PM Raila and Ruto at Kisumu ASK show

No new councils in Sirisia, Malakisi

By Joel Okwayo, August 11 2008
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has said more local authorities in more than 80 new districts would only be created if they were financially viable. Mudavadi said: "The creation of new districts would not be used as a basis to establish more councils in the country," he said.

Mudavadi said some councils were unstable going by their revenue bases and expenditures. He said the Ministry would not give in to demands to split councils.

The minister cited Kipkelion, Sirisia and Malakisi as some of the local authorities, which did not deserve to be split because they were not viable. "Sirisia, for example, collects about Sh800,000 every year, but spends more than Sh4 million on salaries and allowances," said Mudavadi. More>>>

New twist in Grand Regency as House Team okays sale

By David Ohito, August 11 2008
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi can now smile his way into the five-star Grand Regency Hotel as the new owner. Sources say Parliament’s Finance Committee approved Libyan Government’s takeover of the hotel after paying Sh2.9 billion ($ 45 million) in a bilateral agreement between Libya and Kenya. The position taken by the Finance, Planning and Trade committee negates an earlier recommendation of a Cabinet committee, which called for repossession of the hotel and cancellation of the transfer to Libya. More>>>

grand regency
Edifice of Grand Corruption: Grand Regency may be grand but the Nairobi iconic structure sticks out as an edifice of grande corruption both during Moi and Kibaki regimes.

Dirty man washed in public

By Osinde Obare, August 11 2008
Residents of Kolanya market in Angurai Division are frantically scouting for a wife to wed a villager who, until last week, was considered an outcast. The loner, Mr Ben Echakara alias Ekubinda, had for years neither taken a bath nor washed his clothes for unknown reasons. A dedicated consumer of local brews, Echakara engaged in some menial jobs to raise money for his pastime and indulgences. Residents have now conspired to ensure that the man joins other progressive men. Drama unfolded at the market on Sunday afternoon when he was stripped and taken to a nearby stream for a forced bath. He had gone on a drinking spree after they offered him money before they pounced on him. More>>>

Dr Anangwe eyes UK as new envoy

By Obadiah Ayoti, August 11 2008
Intense lobbying for diplomatic posts is said to have delayed the announcement of new envoys last week. It is understood former cabinet minister and ODM strategist in last year’s general election Dr Amukoa Anangwe is said to be eyeing St James Court (the UK) but PNU bigwigs are lobbying for him to be posted to a lesser strategic mission. Anangwe’s appointment is premised on the presumption that since Raila enjoys good rapport with the West. More>>>

Army returns to Mt Elgon to 'mop up evidence'

By our correspondent, August 10 2008
Security personnel have returned to an area in Mt Elgon littered with bodies of people thought to have been arrested in the military operation against the murderous Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF).The military left Kamarang’ Hill Forest in the heart of Mt Elgon on July 30, 2008, a day before herders stumbled on decomposing body parts, including five skulls. Residents at Kapkota, the main base for the joint military-police Operation Okoa Maisha said the soldiers returned to Kamarang’ last Thursday ostensibly to mop up any evidence that could link them to the deaths of suspects arrested during the operation. More>>>

elgon skull
Grim reminder: One of the skulls found at Kamarang’ Hill Forest in Mt Elgon District. Army's return is seen as an effort to clean up evidence.

US to deport Kenyan involved in Sh975m fraud

By Samuel Siringi, August 10 2008
A federal court in the United States has ordered the deportation of a Kenyan involved in a Sh975 million tax fraud ring. The court in Missouri sentenced Vincent Niagwara Ogega, 24, to 13 months in prison Friday and ordered him to refund more than Sh5 million ($69,000) to the Internal Revenue Service.

But since he already had served 12.5 months in custody, Mr Ogega will not serve more time behind bars, meaning he faces immediate deportation. It also means he will not necessarily return the money to the Internal Revenue Service since he would have left and is not a citizen. More>>>

Evil spirits sent to Mayor's car

By Caroline Mango, August 10 2008
A few days after he survived Local Government Minister Musalia Mudavadi’s purge on irregular nomination of councillors, Mombasa Mayor Ahmed Mohdhar came face to face with what was alleged to be mischief by his detractors. At 6.15am on Thursday, last week, the mayor woke up to a rude shock when a white pigeon laden with an assortment of charms was ‘sent’ to his official car parked at the council’s yard.

"Ukistaajabu ya Musa, utayaona ya Firauni. Mombasa ina wenyewe kweli!" (Wonders never cease. Mombasa has its real owners) exclaimed an eyewitness as council workers ran for dear life. More

nt elgon
Army operations in Mt Elgon against the Sabaot Land Defence Force has drawn controversy

Moi's schools

By Lilian Alwanga, August 10 2008
Across Western Kenya in Vihiga District, Moi Girls Vokoli, adds to the tally of what are referred to as ‘Moi’s Schools’."Moi was keen on developing the girl-child and did everything in his power to ensure girls went to school," says Butere Girls’ High School Principal, Mrs Grace Namai. Other Moi Girls schools are dotted across the country in Kuria, Nyeri, Coast, Marakwet, Kapsowar, Nairobi, Lugari etc. More>>>

Beijing puts on mother of all shows as Olympics begin

By Elias Makori, August 8 2008
Kenya joined the rest of the world at a spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games at the newly-built National Olympic Stadium Friday night. Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka witnesses the ceremony alongside Chinese host Hu Jintao, US President George W. Bush and about 100 world leaders and government representatives. The three-hour show ranked as the most sophisticated ever in the history of the games with thousands of performers entertaining a 91,000 strong audience. It highlighted Chinese history and culture depicted on a huge scroll equivalent to 1.5 soccer pitches. More>

kenya olympics
The Kenyan contigent at the Beijing Olympics making a grand entrance to the opening

Lidaywa first in action

By agencies, August 8 2008
Light heavyweight boxer Aziz Ali and rower Mathew Lidaywa will have no time to nurse the hangovers from last night’s splendid opening ceremony for the Games of the 29th Olympiad when their respective competitions get underway here on Saturday. Lidaywa has been training along at the competition venue, about an hour’s drive from the Olympic Village and , along with the taekwondo tea, is the dark horse in the Kenyan contingent here. Meanwhile Ali has vowed to folow the footsteps of the late Robert Wangila, the last Kenyan to win a boxing gold. More>>>

Luo MPs snub economic forum

By Mangoa Mosota, August 8 2008
Nyanza MPs skipped the first day of an economic forum in Kisumu, in which the region’s development is being discussed. Apart from ministers Dalmas Otieno (Public Service) and Otieno Kajwang (Immigration), and Rangwe MP Otieno Ogindo, no other MP from the region attended the two-day function. Mr Chris Owala, of Elimu Yetu Coalition, a civic society, said the legislators should have attended all the sessions of the conference to enable them grasp the problems facing the area. More>>>

sirakalu school
Pupils of Sirakalu school from Western perform a Tugen dance during the Schools Music Festival in Kisumu yesterday

Every NGO to be tracked

By Lucianne Limo, August 8 2008
The National Council of NGOs has launched a new website capable of tracking each NGO to a specific location and activity. Dr Simeon Kanani, the council’s Chairman, said the new technoogy was important to donors and the council to keep track of the activities of the NGOs and detect briefcase facilities. "The technologies will geographically locate each NGO member, geographically map, the NGOs operational catchments areas and link the location descriptors with all attribute information about the organisation," he said. More>>>

In memory of Okondo and his sharp, acerbic tongue

By Kipkoech Tanui, August 7 2008
Last week we were on late Cabinet minister Peter Habenga Okondo’s unbridled tongue and his ruinous ‘prophecy’ on Bishop Alexander Muge’s death. Five years after Okondo quit politics a desolate man, I landed a reporter’s job. Ten months later he died, presenting me with a journalistic experience whose memory has defied time. Trained to salivate at the sniff of a scoop like Ivan Pavlov’s dogs at the ring of a bell, we ‘chased’ Okondo’s story. We were not hounds but he was a legendary and controversial public figure. When Okondo died in the third week of August 1996, I went to ‘check’ what was happening at his home in Karen with photojournalist Rebecca Nduku and a driver. We had gone to a Government function around there but it turned out to be just a ‘filler’ making the detour necessary. More>>>

namulungi primary school
Pupils of Namulungi Primary School from Western perform at the National Music Festival in Kisumu.

Healing a nation through music

By Winsley Masese, August 7 2008
Reconciliation and national healing dominated the second day of the Kenya National Music Festival in Kisumu.Students used songs and poems to urge leaders to ‘walk the talk’ and fulfill their promises of maintaining peace in the country. The reconciliation messages were based on violence that followed controversial presidential elections last year. The importance of education was also not left out. St Mary’s Primary School, Eldoret, appealed for Kenyans to join hands to build the country, urging men to assist women in their struggle for equal rights, especially for girls. Eldoret town was among the most affected by post-election violence. More>>>

MPs furious after speaker blocks Kimunya report

Furious MPs protested as the Speaker Thursday blocked a damning report into the conduct of former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya. They claimed the Speaker’s refusal to allow the report, into the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel, to be tabled amounted to sabotage. More>>>

Kajwang' cleared of wrong doing

By a correspondent, August 7 2008
Immigration and Registration of Persons minister Otieno Kajwang was yesterday given a political lifeline after a parliamentary committee cleared him  of an abuse of office charge. The Departmental Committee on Administration, National Security and Local Authorities said Kajwang’ acted within the Immigrations Act and his mandate by issuing work permits to individuals who had been denied them by his juniors officers. More

china olympic torch
Olympic Torch doing its rounds across China leading to today's opening ceremony in Beijing.. Never mind the protests, today is sacrosanct.

What today 08.08.08 means

By INGONEWS Reporter and agencies, August 8 2008
As Olympics open in China today, many would have noticed the synchronisation of the number 8; down to the minute. The Chinese believe that number eight is a lucky number but they are by no means the only ones. Superstitions abound around the synchronised eight with pychoanalysts avering that this Friday, the 8th day in the 8th month in the 8th year presents us with a rare and unique opportunity to invoke the power of positive thinking to overcome the problems of recession, terror or whatever else is troubling the human pysche.

The number 8 is most auspicious for success whether it is in relationships, family, health or in business. Therefore this ‘triple 8 for prosperity’ day which comes only once in a hundred years is very special indeed. So unique in fact that celebrated and highly respected positive energy specialist Dr Silvia Hartmann, PhD has named the day The World SUCCESS Day, the first day for the whole world to celebrate success and prosperity. More>>>

Varsity closed after riots

By agencies, August 6 2008
Students at a public university have gone on the rampage to protest high fees. And after the students engaged police in running battles, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) administration closed the campus indefinitely. The students paralysed transport on the busy Thika Road for more than two hours, stoned motorists and torched a public transport bus. The riots coincide with mayhmen in schools. More

riots at jkucat
Students of JKUCAT wait for transport on Thika Road after the indefinite closure of the campus following violent riots over fees, food and accommodation.

Meru woman bites off man's genitals in public

By a correspondent, August 6 2008
An irate woman on Wednesday attacked a man she claimed was her husband who ran away eight years ago. The man was overpowered by the woman who bit his genitals in full view of the gathered crowd in Meru. The afternoon drama that lasted 30 minutes caused a traffic snarl-up but police intervened. According to the woman, the man abdicated his responsibilities after siring a child with her. Police interrogated the two before locking up the man in the cells. - Nation Media

Storm brews over Mudavadi's councillors

By our correspondents, August 6 2008
The new list of councillors released by Local Government Minister Musalia Mudavadi has touched off a fresh controversy. A section of civic leaders in Nakuru rejected the list of nominated councillors released by Mudavadi, who doubles as a Deputy Prime Minister.

The councillors said they would mobilise other colleagues to disrupt the swearing in of the new nominated civic leaders. At Nakuru County Council, Mudavadi replaced Jane Simita (Kanu), Daniel Githinji and Simon Gathura with John Telepian, Masela Kerubo and Anne Waluvengo. More>>>

Mudavadi action illegal - lawyers

By our correspondents,August 6 2008
Lawyers have said the revocation of nominated councillors is open to legal suits. The lawyers explained that under the Local Government Act, Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi should have first given notice to the affected councillors.

Mr Paul Musili Wambua, a city-based lawyer who is also a former commissioner of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, termed the revocations as unlawful and unprocedural. The Law Society of Kenya vice chairman, Mr James Mwamu, called for the revocation of the election of mayors and council chairmen. More>>>

Headmaster charged with robbery

By INGONEWS Reporter and correspondents, August 6 2008
A headmaster has been charged with robbery in Nakuru. Mr Joseph Methu Maina, the headmaster of Kariba Road Primary School in Nakuru, appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Wendy Kagendo. Maina was charged together with Joseph Mbandu and Peter Kariuki of stealing property worth Sh7 million. More>>>

Khalwale loses:
Ikolomani MP Dr Bonny Khalwale yesterday lost his bid to suspend the passage of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission Bill through a petition he tabled in Parliament. More

Kimunya apologises after Marende rebuke

By our correspondent, August 5 2008
Former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya formally apologised for casting aspersions on the integrity of the National Assembly over the sale of Grand Regency. Mr Kimunya (Kipipiri, PNU) said he did not want to do anything that would impute improper motive on the Speaker and members of Parliament.

Issuing a personal statement, Kimunya apologised to the Chair for any offence caused by a statement he made during the homecoming of Mr David Ngugi (Kinangop, Sisi kwa Sisi). During the function, Kimunya said if Speaker Kenneth Marende had been on the Chair during a censure Motion against him, he would not have allowed the matter to come to the House. More>>>

Deputy PM, Musalia Mudavadi sacks Kenyatta's illegal councillors

Mudavadi fires 57 Kenyatta's councillors

By our correspondents, August 5 2008
Local Government Minister Musalia Mudavadi’s axe finally fell on 57 councillors controversially nominated by his predecessor, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta. Mr Mudavadi, with the same stroke of a pen, nominated 64 new councillors and appointed 26 public officials in various civic authorities.

But Mudavadi spared all irregularly nominated councillors who have since been elevated to the positions of mayors, chairmen of councils and committee chairmen. This is how Mombasa Mayor Mohammed Abubakar Mohdhar escaped losing his position. Uhuru’s list of controversial nominations had 93 councillors. More>>>

Railway scandal bigger than Goldenberg

By our correspondent, August 5 2008
Allegations of an incapacitated company irregularly registered to take over the operations of Kenya Railways forced Prime Minister Raila Odinga to step in with an assurance.

Ababu Namwamba (Bundalang’i, ODM) stoked the embers when he raised the issue of a company he claimed Rift Valley Railways (RVR), entered into a 25-year concession agreement with Kenya Railways with only Sh100,000 share capital. Charles Kilonzo (Yatta, ODM-K) stirred tempers when he said the 29 members sitting in the concessionaire’s board were from one community. More>>>

St Catherine's Special School from Busia at the Nyanza Schools Festival in Kisumu
Not to be outdone, Kanga School demonstrate that music and dance can heal a nation

In search of Bakholo clan

Dear Editor,

I am a Mukholo of Ugandan origin. I was told my great great grandfather moved to Uganda a while ago. My dad used to go to Bukholo location to the ancestral home and had been asked to settle there; unfortunately he tragically passed away before he worked on it. I would like to meet the Bakholo - Mugoto's line in Bukholo Location. Can you be of help? I am currently living in London. Email: mugoto@yahoo.co.uk; Mobile: 07944 485 559.

Egessa Mugoto

Rogue stock agents red carded

By James Anyanzwa, August 4 2008
THE Capital Markets Authority (CMA) will deal firmly with brokers whose agents irregularly trade in clients’ shares. The regulator said it was the responsibility of brokers to screen their agents and understand them. CMA Chief Executive Officer Stella Kilonzo told The Standard yesterday: "We are placing more responsibility on the stockbrokers to know their agents through initial vetting and continuous supervision."

Kilonzo, who was outlining the authority’s performance and growth strategy for the 2008/09 financial year, said the regulator would hold brokers "completely accountable" for wrongs committed by their agents. More>>>

Abdallah Mwaruwa, the KPA MD has been fired

Ports boss Mwaruwa sacked

By Samwel Kumba, August 4 2008
Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Managing Director Abdallah Mwaruwa has been sent on compulsory leave. No official communication has been given for the move. Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said the port has an acting director in place but the position will be filled competitively. The PM said the move is informed by the government’s decision to improve infrastructure to create a favourable environment for the private sector to thrive. Mr Odinga was speaking at the launch of the National Business Agenda, a strategy document prepared by the private sector highlighting factors impeding their development and proposals on possible solutions. The move comes only a day after a change of guard at the troubled Rift Valley Railways (RVR) with an Australian Kevin Whiteway replacing Roy Puffett as the managing director. Former KPA managing director Brown Ondego was appointed the executive chairman, a newly created position at the RVR. More>>>

Lands Commissioner: Grand Regency sale was legal

By Alex Ndegwa, August 4 2008
Commissioner of Lands Zablon Agwata has said all legal requirements and land registration procedures were followed in the Grand Regency Hotel sale. Agwata, the first witness to testify at the commission of inquiry into the sale of the luxury hotel, said he had no reason to object to the registration of the transfer documents. President Kibaki appointed the team last month.

Agwata told the commission that CBK, which placed a charge on the hotel worth Sh2.5 billion in 1993, had exercised its statutory powers as a chargee to dispose of the property. He said he issued a consent order for registration of transfer instruments, since all the paperwork was done properly. More>>>

zablon agwata
Lands Commissioner, Zablon Agwata giving evidence at the Grand Regency Commission Inquiry set up after Lands Minister, James Orengo blew the whistle over the irregular sale to Libyans.

Boy's genitals chopped off in Bukusu circumcision

By Robert Wanyonyi And Patrick Muriungi, August 3 2008
A Bukusu traditional circumcision ceremony kicked off tragically when a boy’s genitals were chopped off in Bungoma. There was shock in Kimwanga-Kibuke village on Friday when the circumciser, identified as George Sikuku, 68, chopped off the boy’s entire organ. And angry villagers descended on Sikuku with blows and kicks, leaving him with severe injuries before the father of the boy, Mzee George Wang’unda, intervened. "Do not harm him further. Let us rush the boy to hospital," he pleaded with the crowd.

Daniel, 16, was then rushed to Bungoma District Hospital where he was admitted. Doctors were battling to sew back the severed organ. The circumciser was also admitted to the same hospital. When The Standard on Saturday spoke to him, he blamed the tragedy on witchcraft by fellow circumcisers. More>>>

Highway sugar theft suspects held at Kakamega
A driver and his loader have been arrested over the disappearance of transit sugar valued at Sh15 million. The two were seized when they went to a police station to report that armed gangsters had hijacked their lorry. They are now being held at the Kakamega Police Station for interrogation over the alleged robbery. More>>>

Election whistleblower back from exile

By David Ochami, August 4 2008
The civil servant who claimed a rigging plot during tallying of presidential votes last December and fled to exile has returned home. Mr Kipkemoi arap Kirui, a former clerk in Parliament seconded to the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) to help tallying at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, claimed what he described as falsification of figures by Government agents in favour of President Kibaki.

He returned home after seven months in the US and said in an interview yesterday: "I am here to stay," indicating he would neither go into hiding nor return to exile. He said: "I arrived last night" and added that he needed time to catch up after months in hiding. And he declined to say if he would testify at the Kriegler Commission investigating the presidential election. More>>>

Kipkemoi arap Kirui, the exiled elections whistleblower has returned to Kenya after seven months of exile in the United States of America.

Manager under probe over fake US degree

By Samuel Otieno, August 4 2008
A senior manager at a leading security company is under investigation for allegedly obtaining a fake degree from the US. The regional technical manager has been asked to present his academic papers for verification by his employer. When contacted for comment yesterday, the man admitted he obtained the degree from St Regis University in the US, but was not aware it was fake. St Regis University is a defunct organisation that was one of about 120 institutions operated by a US fraud ring between 1999 and 2005, when it was shut down by US authorities.

The Standard last week carried names of 14 Kenyans among approximately 10,000 people from the US and other countries being investigated for acquiring fake degrees. "I did something with that university, but I never expected such a thing to come up. I did not know I was committing a crime," said the manager. More>>>

RootsZangu football derby on

By INGONEWS Reporter, August 4 2008
RootsZangu in association with Abeingo Community Network is organising a football tournament in aid of charitable causes in Kenya. The five-a side tournament will take place at Wembley (famous for you know what...) on Sunday 23rd August 2008 from 10.00 am.

Besides football, the day will also be packed with cultural activities, food and drink. Entry per team is £100.00 and is open to all ages and sexes. For more information, contact the organisers on the following telephone numbers: 07951 843 302; 07931 557 560 and 07717 291 610. Alternatively, you can email them on: rootszangu@yahoo.co.uk

Raila dismisses "Stolen Victory" reports

By our correspondent, August 3 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dismissed reports attributed to him saying he would fight to the end for the 2007 ‘stolen’ victory. An incensed Mr Odinga said the report was “in bad taste” and could jeopardise the smooth running of the Grand Coalition Government. The PM said the report in some sections of the print media had portrayed him in bad light. Addressing a public meeting at Agoro Sare High School in Oyugis, Rachuonyo District, Mr Odinga said ODM and PNU were equal partners in the coalition and could not go against the National Accord. “I did not say what is reported in one of the papers today (Sunday). I said there was need to stop the fighting and blood-letting, negotiate and have something rather than lose it all because there was bound to be another chance,” Mr Odinga told the crowd. More>>>

Atwoli opposes sale of assets to foreigners

By Frederick Odiero, August 3 2008
The Central Organisation of Trade Union (Cotu) has opposed Government plans to transfer key public institutions to foreigners under the guise of inviting strategic investors. Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli has advised that such institutions should instead be given to local people if such investment plans are genuine. He described the latest plans by the Government to invite a strategic investor at National Bank of Kenya (NBK) as unfortunate, noting that the country has local people capable of managing such facilities even better than foreigners. Atwoli said NBK holds millions of shillings that belong to workers under the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) hence the need to exercise caution when inviting foreign investors. He cited Kenya Railways as a bad example of the so-called strategic investors. Atwoli was speaking at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu where he took Labour minister John Munyes on a tour of a multi-million shilling resource Centre. More>>>

roots zangu

Women make a stand against wife inheritance

By Maurice K'Aluoch, August 3 2008
It’s lunch time, but in the desperate faces of two widows underline their struggle to fend for their families. Cultural chains have blocked their efforts, as community members give them tough conditions: they can only be set free after they are inherited. Their grass-thatched house lets in water every time it rains, and at this time of the year, it rains in Homa Bay District throughout the day. The co-wives, 24-year-old Winnie Atieno Wachara and Judith Akinyi Wachara, 23, are surrounded by their five children aged between six years and four months. All are pondering where their next meal will come from. The women lost their husband Samwel Owino Chara early this year at the Homa Bay District Hospital.They are among a group of 120 widows drawn from North Kanyamwa Location, who are starring at starvation in their faces owing to their stand against wife inheritance. Despite a lot of pressure from relatives among them, their brother in laws, the widows have remained defiant and vowed to die rather than be inherited. On diverse dates, they have opposed the machinations by their relatives. More>>>

homa bay homestead

Pervert caught in the act

By Peter Opiyo, August 3 2008
With just a few days to her wedding, a bride-to-be in Nairobi got the shock of her life when she realised the man sitting next to her in a bus was a pervert. The beautiful woman in her mid-20s had boarded a bus in the city centre on Friday last week, headed for Githurai 45 to visit an aunt. Since the bus was almost full, she secured a back seat next to a seemingly respectable man in his 40s. After two passengers seated in front of them alighted, she decided to occupy one of the vacant seats, only for the man to follow her. Mischief was the last thing on her mind. A few minutes later, with the bus stuck in the notorious Thika Road traffic snarl-up and the big day weighing heavily on her mind, she decided to take a nap.

Seizing the opportunity, the man reportedly unzipped his trousers, removed his manhood and moved closer to the dozing woman, carefully hiding his nudity from other passengers with a jacket. When the woman awoke, she noticed her seatmate was fidgeting. Before long, she came face to face with the reason for the man’s discomfort -his exposed, erect manhood. More>>>

teso homestead
A traditional homestead in Tesoland.

Anglican conference ends
Anglican clergy from across the world gathered yesterday for the final day of the Lambeth Conference, held once in a decade, amid a bitter row about the topic of gays in the church.Around 200 bishops, including most of those from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda, are boycotted the meeting because of the issue. More>>>

Villagers demolish witch's house

By Robert Wanyonyi, August 3 2008
Drama unfolded at Kamunyele village in Katakwa Location, Teso District, when a man led a group of villagers in demolishing two thatched houses belonging to his sister-in-law, claiming she was a witch who had also denied the family a chance to get dowry by failing to give birth to a girl.

The woman, Mrs Fibi Ayete Okemeri, who has been married for more than 30 years and has one son, was ordered out of the home, alongside her son. Her brother-in-law is now allegedly laying claim to the land despite the fact that his ailing brother, Mr John Okemeri Abwaku, is still alive.

Teso Peace and Human Rights Development Initiative, led by Bishop Canon Stephen Emuria, accused the local administration and the police of laxity for failing to arrest the suspects. Mr Cleophas Okisai, a brother to Mrs Okemeri, said his sister had faced similar incidents in the past in the hands of her brother-in-law. More>>>

bukusu circumcision
A candidate inviting relatives to his big day in Bungoma where a man must face the knife.

Question of cost

The cost of traditional circumcision in is putting a strain on family resources. In a 2002 workshop convened by the provincial administration, it was established that the minimum cost of traditional circumcision is Sh25,000. "Traditional circumcision breeds poverty. A home can have as many as 1,000 guests during the ritual and they all have to be fed," says Ms Evelyne Namalwa. More>>>

35,000 boys face the knife in Bungoma

By Stephen Makabila and Robert Wanyonyi, August 2 2008
A carnival mood has descended on the greater Bungoma District as the month-long circumcision festivities gain momentum. The practice is part of the cultural activities of the community and its done in August every even year. It is estimated that between 25,000 and 35,000 boys are to face the knife, known as ‘lukembe’, in a transition to adulthood.
Schoolboys abandoned classes weeks back and have been going around villages with jingles, ‘chinyimba’, and traditional head gears ‘ekutwa’ to announce to relatives and family friends their day of reckoning. More>>>

Christians against traditional circumcision

By our correspondent, August 2 2008
The Inter-Christian Fellowship’s Evangelical Mission, (Icfem) based in Kimilili, has since 2002 circumcised 16,000 boys, in hospitals, and its crusade is currently paying considerable dividends. "This year, we have 16 circumcision centres in Bungoma, Trans-Nzoia and Lugari to circumcise boys who do not prefer the traditional way," says Mr Solomon Nabie, Icfem’s director. The organisation is targeting at least 12,000 boys this season. Christians are opposed to traditional circumcision rites. He says the ceremonies are accompanied by immoral activities, which lead to schoolgirls being impregnated, youths being infected with venereal diseases, and an increase in insecurity. Dr Nyukuri Mulati, a lecturer at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology says cultures that are retrogressive should be abandoned. He, however, says circumcision decisions are made at the family level. More>>>

bukusu circumciser
A Bukusu circumciser from Maliki village, in Webuye sharpens his knives ready to 'cut' boys into manhood in a traditional rite that has split a community.