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The Crying Stone is located on Kakamega/Kisumu Road approximately 5 kilometres from the Centre of Kakamega town.

Every time I look at The Crying Stone of Kakamega, I recall a poem I read nearly 40 years ago: Oxymiandas

I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things.
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear_
 My name is ozymandias, king of kings:
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair!  Nothing besides remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

ikhongo murwi
The magic of ikhongo murwi never seems to go away.

More particularly:
Whose frown, and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, tell that its sculptor well those passions read and my name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair!

and by invoking of emotions thereof  I  amend the last two line to read

My name is Ikhongo Murwi, king of kings:
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Indeed Ikhongo Murwi, as it is generally referred to by the local community invokes different feeling from every viewer which can only be described by that viewer at that moment. One thing is clear though, Ikhongo Murwi attracts attention and curiosity. Attention because of its majestic pause and curiosity about how it came about and perhaps what is going to happen next. It is a famous feature of Kakamega and indeed Western Province and attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the World.  In other words Ikhongo Murwi has an untold legend. In spite of this fame, Ikhongo Murwi appears neglected to such an extent that there is no proper access road, trees have been planted nearby almost obliterating its view and individuals are claiming it as a personal property.   It is the intention Ikhongo Murwi Conservation Trust to take up this legend and tell the world in a more succinct way.  

Ikhongo Murwi Conservation Trust is registered under the Trustees Act and its purpose is take possession of Ikhongo Murwi and its immediate environs, to protect it and conserve it for the public and to promote it as a recreation and tourist attraction. It is expected that the recreation and tourist activities will generate income which will be used to add value to the features around it and a surplus will go into community projects. The Trustees are Chief Mulavu Segero (Ilesi Location), George Magenzi Musindi and Gerishom L. Majanja


1.    Publicize the formation of the Trust and seek strong government recognition /support. It is important that the community understand what a trust is, the activities it intends to undertake and for whom. Strong Government support and good public relations with the community will be important for the success of this project (Estimated cost Shs 500,000.00)
2.    Legally acquire the stone and the environs- 100 metres radius- survey (Govt Assistance), demarcate, compensate land owners, obtain title and fence The survey will establish the boundaries of the required land and title issued in the name of the trust. The land owners should be fairly compensated. Estimated cost is Shs 15,000,000.00.

3.    Prepare financial and physical plans and carry out environment assessment. Estimated cost Shs 500,000.00.

4.    Engage an ecologist and landscape experts to produce a plan of ground structure. Estimated costs Shs 500,000.00

5.    Build structures necessary for recreation purpose. Structures will include a resource centre to store artifacts, historical pictures and reading material and important historical pictures and a small lecture room. Additionally there will be an acting stage for sukuti players. We plan to have a children playing ground to be used also for sukuti dancers. It is expected that there will also be a coffee shop.

6.    It is expected that in five years time if this project is implemented as planned it will generate about 50 permanent jobs,100 temporary engagements, a market for local product, contribute significantly to tourism development in Kakamega County  and overall generate approximately Shs 5million per year.
We appeal to all well wishers to make contributions to this noble plan that will turn the Ikhongo Murwi site more attractive and create job opportunities for our people in addition to contributing to the general development of the area.

E-mail: glmajanja@yahoo.co.uk.

Mudavadi quits ODM

By our correspondents, April 22 2012
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has finally quit the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), ending months of speculation and internal wrangling in the party. In an address televised live from Kakamega, Mr Mudavadi asked his supporters for patience as he consulted before announcing which party he would move to. He spoke at a meeting of leaders from western Kenya two hours after Prime Minister Raila Odinga said in Meru that Mr Mudavadi was free to leave the Orange party. And when Mr Mudavadi communicated his decision he said; “When one door is shut, another one must open.” He added: “When we leave here, no one should have doubt that Mudavadi is backtracking. This time, there is no reverse gear; we are going to the end.” He also said that he would seek to build political bridges across the country before announcing which party he would vie the presidency on. “We must seek to build bridges with leaders from other places. This is not about a tribal agenda. This meeting is to say what we can do to offer ourselves in the opportunity to lead this country.” Cabinet ministers, MPs and leaders who spoke before him told Mr Mudavadi that his continued stay in ODM was untenable and it was time he announced a new political vehicle. More...

Musalia Mudavadi
Pondering his future: After months of pondering, DPM Musalia Mudavadi has finally parted ways with Raila Odinga.

Police reshuffled: Police officers in Western province who have served for more than three years in one station will be transferred. Western deputy police boss William Thwere said this will improve service delivery and enable the officers to earn public confidence. He said the police force has repackaged its image and asked the public to collaborate with the officers in containing crime in the province. He was speaking in Mumias during the provincial police athletics competition. Thwere said three firearms have been recovered in Mumias and Matungu districts in the last three months. More...
Jirani kaa Macho security scheme launched in Nambale

By Gilbert Ocheng, April 21 2012
Nambale DC Francis Lenyangume has warned criminals in the area that their days are numbered. He urged residents to help the police improve security. He was speaking during a public baraza at Tangakona market yesterday.The DC advised the chiefs, their assistants and the village elders to be careful when identifying those who will help them to implement the newly-introduced security plan popularly known as “Jirani Kaa Macho” to help fight crime. Lenyanguime at the same time cautioned the brewers of illicit brews and as well as the consumers to stop immediately or else stern legal action be taken against them. The DC expressed happiness over the improvement on the academic status in the district considering that the district had scooped first position in the entire Busia County in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination. However, he appealed to parents to work closely with the teachers in order to improve on the district’s academic performance. More...

Randy pastor caught in the act

By Timothy Makokha, April 17 2012
Residents of Ekitale village Bungoma County were Monday night shocked when they learnt that a very prominent pastor of Mitume Worship church was found in bed with a wife to a member in the same church. The pastor whose name is Andrew Nyongesa is said to be a pastor who has mislead people’s wives for a long time. Pastor Andrew Nyongesa likes visiting his followers in their homes and he alleged to make very long prayers there. He claims to have power over witch craft, an idea that has made men to trust him with their wives. Contrary to religion, this pastor forces people’s wives into love relations with himself, a move that he says makes women receive direct blessings from him. Yesterday was the unlucky day for this false prophet, as he was found in the real act of adultery with a wife to a member in his church. When the husband to the lady found them, he called neighbors who came to see for themselves a free movie. Funny enough, the wife to the pastor was among those who came to witness the scene. Word went round the village so fast like bush fire that the pastor has been found naked in the act. More...

Mumias Sugar gets new boss as Kidero quits for politics

Peter Kebati
Peter Kebati, the new CEO of Mumias Sugar

By Shaban Makokha, April 17 2012
Mumias sugarcane farmers have welcomed the new CEO Peter Kebati who took over from Dr Evans Kidero. The farmers said Kebati, who has served as the finance director for more than a decade, understands operations of the company and is well placed to steer it to the next level. Led by area MP Ben Washiali, the farmers appealed to other stakeholders to accord Kebati support to enable him deliver services. Speaking to the Star on phone, Washiali expressed his confidence in the new managing director saying he had shown his capability during his tenure as the finance director. More...

alfred khangati
Kanduyi MP, Alfred Khangati (right) hands over a cell phone to an elder in Kibabii yesterday as part of the new security infrastructure. Photo: John Nalianya

Village elders in Kanduyi get free phones

By John Nalianya, April 17 2012
More than 250 village elders from Kanduyi constituency received cell phones from the area constituency development kitty yesterday to help boost security in their areas. The mobile phones are expected to be used by the elders in raising alarm in cases of attack. Speaking during the handing over of the phones at separate locations, area MP Alfred Khang’ati said despite being crucial in security matters, the elders have been neglected by the government. “Whereas the elders have worked as key agents of the government since colonial days, they have nothing to write home about,” he said. He urged the government to consider paying the elders a salary to motivate them saying most of them settle disputes that courts are unable to settle. Khang’ati regretted that some elders had in the recent past died while in line of duty in Bungoma county . He pointed at a case in Kamukuywa last year where an elder who was responding to a distress call from a villager who had been attacked was killed by gunmen. Bungoma South DC Slyvester Mwangulo praised the Kanduyi CDF kitty saying it was committed to security matters. He said last year alone the kitty constructed more than ten police posts and police houses. More...

Luhya leaders divided which way for Mudavadi

By our correspondent, April 17 2012
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi was on Tuesday advised by MPs from his Western Province backyard to quit ODM and contest the presidency on the ticket of a different party. Some of the leaders, who met the Local Government Minister in a Nairobi hotel, told him that he stood no chance of dislodging Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the Orange party presidential candidate, MPs who attended the meeting said. But other MPs, led by Butere’s Wycliffe Oparanya and Webuye’s Alfred Sambu, advised Mr Mudavadi to pursue his presidential ambitions within ODM. Housing Minister Soita Shitanda and Ikolomani MP Boni Khalwale maintained that Mr Mudavadi must look for another party if he intends to contest the Presidency. The meeting was attended by 16 MPs from Vihiga, Kakamega, Bungoma and Busia counties. More...

Western on the edge as Mudavadi set to quit ODM this Saturday, April 21

By Roselyne Obala, April 15 2012
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi is on Saturday April 21, expected to officially announce his next move after ditching ODM, at a meeting in Kakamega. Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi. He will chair a meeting, in Kakamega Golf Hotel on Saturday April 21, whose outcome is meant to position Western region in the political landscape. The scheduled consultative meeting in 'Ingwe' land might seal ODM's fate in the region. Mudavadi will chair the meeting and his declaration will open a new chapter in the vote-rich region. Mudavadi, who is ODM deputy party leader, has continuously expressed his displeasure over the manner in which the party went ahead and presented papers to the Registrar of Political Parties before amending the constitution. Mudavadi is reported to be holding talks with various party officials. Wednesday April 11, a major announcement by Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa aborted at the last minute after he rescinded his earlier plan. Wamalwa was expected to make known Mudavadi's defection from ODM to another party. Housing minister and New Ford Kenya party leader Soita Shitanda confirmed that preparations are in top gear for the meeting. The meeting will bring together legislators, councillors, youth, Luhya Elders Forum and stakeholders from Western Province. More...

How the Nandi die: The cultural practice, sieu, as the Nandi community call it has been ongoing among them for centuries and the latest victim underwent the same five years ago. Tabendoi, literally translated as viewpoint, is a place where the very old tired of waiting exhaustedly for death which seemed unforthcoming would plunge themselves to ease the burden they felt they imposed on their families and community. Euthanasia is a termination of one’s life due to old age or chronic disease. More...

Lenana high school
Lenana School performing during the national drama festival at Kakamega High school, on Saturday. Photo: Benjamin Sakwa

Musalia Mudavadi
Musalia Mudavadi. What does his quitting ODM mean for Western?

Yvonne Chaka Chaka
South African songbird, Yvonne Chaka Chaka: In love with Kakamega

Kakamega High hosts national schools, colleges drama fete

By George Orido, April 15 2012
The post-election violence and previous ethnic charged clashes in Kenya were issues at the heart of the ongoing Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festivals at Kakamega High School, on Saturday. Malindi High School from the Coast Province presented Operesheni Linda Utu, a play that focused on causes of perennial violence before and after elections and emphasized the need of good neighbourhood. Lenana High School, through their play Season of Ismael, depicted the aftermath of Wagalla Massacre. The play breaks down step by step the hatred and differences caused by the heinous act caused by people in power. But it also suggests ways of healing the wounds and have people moving forward in future with confidence. Kenya High School brought in colour and splendor with their dance Kamilion, which depicts a people from Ugenya who have been welcomed and settled within the neighbouring Alego. They co-exist peacefully and even intermarry but their leader, Jatelo, wants to loot the community granary where food is stored. More...

Songbird Yvonne Chaka Chaka in love with Kakamega

By David Indeje, April 15 2012
Yvonne Chaka Chaka, renowned singer and Goodwill Ambassador for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership says it’s been four years since she made Western province her home, “We want people to encourage people to sleep under treated mosquito nets.” “I have adopted Kakamega, this is my second home, “she reiterates. Yvonne who is also the Queen of Africa says she is in Kenya and particularly in Kakamega of Western Province because of sanitation and campaign to combat malaria. “We came here with Verstergaard to encourage people to be sleeping under treated mosquito nets, safe drinking water.” She says the campaign, formally called the Integrated Prevention Demonstration, was held in Lurambi district from September 16-22, 2008 and she says, “I will be here as long as the residents of Lurambi in Kakamega want us to be.” More...

Ex paramount chief John Nabutola of South Bukusu is dead

By Protus Simiyu, 9 April 2012
Former paramount Chief John Nabutola of the Bakhone clan is dead. He died on Sunday at the Bungoma District Hospital where he was receiving treatment. He was born the year 1920 in Chebukwa village, the current Bungoma Central. In 1953, he worked as a tax collector in the chief's office in South Bukusu the current Bumula District. In 1957, he was moved to the District Commissioner's office in the same capacity, in North Nyanza, current Bungoma County. In 1959, he was appointed Chief South Bukusu and retired in 1984. In 1992 after the first Multi party elections, due to his contributions to the society, he was nominated as a councillor Bungoma Municipality. Towards the end of 1992, he was among the delegates who paid a courtesy call to the former President Daniel Moi at Nakuru State lodge. He represented the delegates as their spokesperson and from his speech, he amazed the former president who said based on his oratory, he was not meant to be a politician, but an administrator. After, Moi learnt that he had retired as a Chief, he appointed him as a Paramount Chief in Bumula. The deceased was a great footballer who played till the the age of 39. He had a passion for education where he advocated for education among family members. He has left behind ten sons and ten daughters with three widows. The deceased was the son to the late Mzee Gabriel Muganda, the younger brother to the late paramount chief Sudi Namachanja from Mateka village in Bumula District. He was a cousin to the late Cardinal Maurice Otunga, the late Mzee Sylvester Otunga. More...

John Nabutola Bakhoone elders meet at the home of ex paramount chief, John Nabutola of South Bukusu (now Bumula) following his death on Sunday. Photo: Protus Simiyu

Father jailed for 40 years for defiling his two daughters

By Saka Richard, 9 April 2012
A middle aged man was sentenced to jail for forty years by a Kitale court for two counts of incest an act he committed on 30th of September 2010 at Wekhonye village at Kiminini division. Mr. David Khisa Simiyu who was arraigned before the Kitale senior resident magistrate Mr. Ezekiel Obina charged him with forcefully having carnal knowledge at 10 pm with his two daughters aged ten and twelve years each a charge which he denied. According to Section 20(1) of the Sexual Offences Act no. 3 of 2006 the accused committed incest an offence prohibited by the Kenyan law and was subjected to twenty years for each count thus bringing the total to forty years. The girls were rescued by their neighbor called mama Opiyo who took them to their school where they were taken to a medical facility for medication. Their mother was not at home when the act took place an incident which raised an alarm among neighbors who wondered how the man could be left with his two daughters alone. More...

Fraud alleged in new Kakamega market stalls allocation

By Hilton Otenyo, 9 April 2012
Kakamega Municipal Council will advertise stalls for allocation once the construction of the Sh153 million modern market is complete. Mayor Mathias Sichere said the procedures for applying for the 500 stalls will be advertised to ensure transparency. Sichere claimed some councillors and council workers were defrauding unsuspecting traders of money promising to give them stalls once construction of the market is complete. “I want to warn members of the public that the council is still preparing application forms for the stalls and no one is mandated to enlist prospective beneficiaries. If you give money, then you are dealing with individuals and not the council,” said Sichere. He said the stalls will only be allocated to genuine traders registered during relocation exercise. He told the contractor to hand over the project before the end of April. The construction of the market is funded by the Ministry of Local Government. “We want the contractor to be out of the site before end of the month so we can allocate the stalls to the traders,” said Sichere. He said that delay by the contractor to finish his work has led to mushrooming of kiosks in the town. He said the council was forced to allocate kiosks to traders who were relocated from the open air market to pave way for construction of the modern facility. He said that the kiosks had become a security risk in the town. More...

kakamega market
The ultra modern Kakamega Market with 500 stalls. Mayor Mathias Sichere has cautioned traders over fraudulent schemes by a section of councillors in allocation of stall. Photo: Westfm

Red flag raised over councillors forged certs

By John Nalianya, April 9 2012
Controversy surrounds a move by councillors from Bungoma county getting college certificates in a bid to be compliant with the new electoral laws. The new constitution requires that those seeking for the post of county representative must have at least a post secondary education. The star has however reliably learnt that most of those who have enrolled for this classes hardly attend lessons due to their busy political schedule and have been employing junior class mates to help them in their exams. Human rights groups have on the other hand raised a red flag on the rate at which some aspirants are forging certificates within the town. More...

Enraged woman bites off ear of another in Malaba over dress

By Reuben Olita, April 6 2012
Drama unfolded in Malaba town yesterday when an enraged woman bit off the ear of another. Residents of the town watched the bizarre incident as the woman spit the bitten part and dropping it in the middle of the road. The victim lay bleeding profusely, thus heightening the anger of the crowd that had gathered. They set upon the perpetrator with kicks and blows and stripping her in the process. Sources said the stripped woman had lent her dress to the other woman to enable her visit her boyfriend. However, she failed to return it for about a week despite futile visits by the owner. As fortune had it, the two bumped into each other in the streets. A quarrel ensued between the two as the crowd cheered on. In the ensuing bitter exchanges the dress owner held her rival and roughed her before biting off her ear. A Good Samaritan picked the ear piece as they tried to rush the victim to the nearest hospital in the hope that they can stitch the ear to reinstate it. Meanwhile, the mob led the stripped woman who was writhing in pain to the Malaba Police Station. Men condemned the incident saying it was barbaric for a woman to bit off the ear of another just for failing to return her dress. More...

Khuvasali residents put on alert over mudslides

khuvasali village
Flashback 2007: Residents wailed as the Khuvasali landslides claimed hundreds of lives in 2007.

By Hilton Otenyo, April 6 2012
RESIDENTS of Khubasali village on the Nandi escarpment in Kakamega North district have been put on high alert over possible mudslides following the onset of rains in Western Kenya. A mudslide on the slopes located on the border of Western and Rift Valley provinces killed eight people on August 11, 2007. Kakamega North DC Gideon Ombongi yesterday said chiefs and their assistants had been told to ask people living on the slopes to move to safer ground to avoid any risk should the land slide again. “Though we don't expect a lot of problems, chiefs and their assistants are on the ground educating the people on the magnitude of risk of continuing to live on the slopes during heavy rains and most of them are moving out of their farms,” said Ombongi. Geological experts said the landslide was a culmination of a process aggravated by deforestation and cultivation on the unstable hill slopes. Western Provincial Geology and Mines Officer Evans Masachi said his department would soon team up with the provincial administration to intensify the sensitisation of the locals in the area. More...

Death trap kills man in Maragoli rockies at Tigoi

By Coltron Alumasa, April 6 2012
The Kenya Red Cross Society in collaboration with the Kenya police, community are conducting a rescue mission after a quarry collapsed in Vihiga burying alive a man Thursday evening. The casualty, a 46 year old man, by name Ishamel Agwaro from Tigoi village, Tigoi sub location, Hamisi district, Vihiga County his body is yet to be recovered from the rubble. According to the wife Mary Kageha, her husband left early in the morning to the quarry at the village, but he did not turn up in the evening, today in the morning she was informed of the incident. Her husband’s shirt was found at the scene. The Kenya Red Cross disaster response team disclosed that, sniffer dogs could help in finding the body of the deceased, but the dogs are elsewhere in Kisiii for the same rescue mission. The area sub location, Chief Haron Sote has warned the local people from sand and stone harvesting claiming the walls are heavy due to the heavy rains. Any body found will be arrested. Subsequently, President Mwai Kibaki in a statement has said persons or communities living near areas prone to disasters to take caution. “Members of the public have been sensitized to keep off scenes of disaster. Heavy crowding in disaster scenes not only delays rescue operations but also places members of the public in danger of harm,” read the president’s statement. The president has also directed that persons who live near riverbanks or who have built in flood prone areas be moved to higher grounds to avoid being victims of flooding. More...

Tigoi death
With crude tools and bare hands, the community at Tigoi village trying to dig up the rubble to retrieve one of the villagers who was buried alive when the walls of the quarry collapsed. Photo: Cotron Alumasa.

Mudavadi, Raila bury hatchet

By Peter Leftie, April 6 2012
ODM’s presidential candidate will be picked by delegates elected at the ward level. The party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held on Wednesday resolved that each ward will produce 58 delegates who will convene at a central place in each of the proposed 290 constituencies to elect the presidential candidate. Voting will be by secret ballot, the meeting which was chaired by the party’s leader Raila Odinga also decided. (READ: Raila and Mudavadi allies agree on polls) It was also resolved that the party’s candidates for the governor’s position will be picked at the locational level. The election results will be transmitted to the county level for the final tallying, it was agreed. Sources, who attended the meeting held behind closed doors, disclosed that the legal team headed by lawyer Mugambi Imanyara will advise the NEC on whether the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) will supervise the nominations. More...

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