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Heavy storm uproots trees, damages power lines in Bungoma

By Rosemanry Wachiye, May 31 2011
Heavy downpours and heavy winds uprooted trees and brought down power lines on Monday, and damaging fences. Some of the worst damage was at West Fm main office, where the storm brought down one tree and telephone pole, and electric pole. Most homes on the road had power blackout after the trees and telephone pole came down, except for those that were served from another main line in the Milimani area. One of the affected parties, Dr.George Masafu the chairman of the West Fm radio, reported that the station’s electric fence and the telephone wiring had been destroyed. However, he acknowledged that such situations are bound to happen in regions with Cyprus trees. “The Cyprus species are known in harboring insects and absorbing rain water leading to their snapping and therefore when it rains heavily like it did yesterday, the trees often succumb to the pressure and fall down.” Said Dr. Masafu. He stated that to avoid similar occurrences in the region the station was going to cut down the trees next to electricity posts that pause harm to the environment. He also emphasized the need to plant additional indigenous trees to replace the ones that would be cut. “Trees are important and therefore in as much as we plan to cut down the affected ones, we will definitely plant more trees to replace them. Indigenous trees are then best because they don’t break like the Cyprus and eucalyptus trees,” said Dr. Masafu. Subsequently, the Kenya Power and Lightning Company today (Tuesday) sent their electricians to the scene to try and resolve the situation. More...

Westfm bungoma
In the eye of the storm. One of the huge trees that were brought down by heavy downpour in Bungoma yesterday. Photo: Rosemary Wachiye

Otuoma pleads for Okemo over extradition to Jersey on money laundering charges

By Michael Oongo, May 31 2011
A Cabinet minister yesterday told the government not to extradite Nambale MP Chris Okemo to the UK. Sports minister Paul Otuoma said the government should first conduct a thorough probe to establish whether the alleged money laundering crimes were committed by both Okemo and former KPLC boss Samuel Gichuru. A court in Jersey island in the UK has issued warrants of arrest for both in connection with monies deposited in accounts in the island which are claimed to have been the proceeds from corruption. Gichuru was the MD of KPLC from 1984 to 2003 while Okemo was the Minister for Energy at the time. “Until he is proven guilty in Kenya, we will stand by him to the end because we want the due process of law to be followed and as the local son of this region, I’ll demand that the MP be treated justly,” said the minister who handed over youth enterprise cheques to groups in Busia county. More...

Curfew may be imposed on Kitale to curb crime

By Leonard Wamalwa, May 31 2011
Security forces in Kitale town and its environs have been directed to beef up security and enhance patrols for 24 hours in a bid to curb the high levels of insecurity experienced recently. Speaking to journalists in his office the senior officer in the office of the regional commissioner in charge of the North Western region of Rift Valley Wilson Wanyanga, said that his office had noted the increased criminal activities in the area that have led to loss of lives and property of the residents and thus has advised and directed the senior officers in charge of the regular and Administration police officers to urgently launch daily patrols in all parts of the region especially the noted hot spots. The regional commissioner said that the area has become dangerous and thus the security forces should heighten the patrols to ensure that residents go about their activities without fear of being attacked by the criminals who seem to be on the loose and strike at any time. “If the situation continues like this then we are going to impose a curfew that restricts the people on the time and places to walk, a situation that we as government officers in charge of security in this region will not allow to continue,” noted Wanyanga. He said that the patrols shall be done both during day time and at night whereby there shall be uniformed officers and civilian officers who shall keep surveillance throughout to ensure the criminals have no time and chance to unleash their terror on the innocent residents. More...

If the situation continues like this then we are going to impose a curfew that restricts people on the time and places to walk

Wilson Wanyange
Wilson Wanyange, North Western Rift Valley District Commissioner. "Government considering imposing curfew on Kitale to curb escalting crime."

Wako demands money laundering evidence before acting on Okemo, Gichuru extradition to Jersey

By Bernard Namunane, May 31 2011
The government is awaiting details of money laundering allegations facing Nambale MP Chris Okemo and former Kenya Power and Lighting Company boss Samuel Gichuru before starting the extradition process. Attorney General Amos Wako on Monday said the Jersey Island authorities had promised to submit documents detailing the allegations either Tuesday or Wednesday to enable the government to act on their request. “Either tomorrow (Tuesday) or on Wednesday, a complete set of supporting documents will have been submitted to us by the Attorney General of Jersey Islands. I have spoken to him and we have agreed on the need to give us all the details,” he said on phone. Mr Wako, who is in Geneva, Switzerland, on an official trip, said the warrants of arrest submitted to the government through Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere were short of details of the allegations. Mr Okemo and Mr Gichuru are wanted by the Jersey Island authorities who have lined up charges of money laundering and corruption against them. More...

Four children roasted to death in house fire

By Justus Ochieng, May 31 2011
Four children left in their grass thatched house at night perished after their house caught fire. Their mother Mary Atieno, 28, said she left home shortly at around 8 pm after taking supper leaving the four siblings alone. Homabay police boss Francis Kumut said Atieno locked the children - a boy and three girls from outside - and left to see a neighbour. Kumut said police suspect that the children aged between six and one month could have started playing with the tin lamp which later caught a curtain and setting the whole house ablaze. Grief has engulfed Gongo in Rangwe Homabay following the tragedy. He said efforts by neighbours to put out the fire proved futile as they turned up when the whole house was already up in flames. He pointed out that police moved the bodies to Homabay District hospital mortuary for post mortem. More...

Govt's bid to save Ocampo Six fails

By Bernard Namunane, May 31 2011
The government’s attempt to convince the International Criminal Court that it is serious about investigating and punishing election violence suspects failed on Monday. Efforts to have the cases pending at the ICC brought back home were thrown out, with the judges finding the government’s grounds for claiming to be serious about punishing crimes against humanity unconvincing. Judges appeared puzzled by the government’s claims to be investigating the cases without providing any proof. In one case, the government gave the court a letter from the AG ordering the Commissioner of Police to investigate persons alleged to have masterminded the violence. However, the letter was written after the government filed the case to have the Ocampo Six tried at home. The judges said Kenya is short on measures to punish culprits but long on future promises. More...

Shops reduced to ashes by huge inferno in Kakamega

By John Kabaka, May 30 2011
Take a walk along the busy Canon Awori street in Kakamega town, the lane along which a mysterious fire gutted down business premises in the wee hours of Sunday and you remain mouth agape. Passers-by stare at the rabbles that litter the once much patronized eateries and hair clinics that were housed by an iron sheet constructed building that was swallowed by a fire that struck on a day one would say the soccer world came to a standstill as European league champions Manchester United went down to Spanish champions Barcelona at Wembley stadium. Today, the victims of the fire were struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of the inferno that reduced business premises they built over time to ashes. “I was called by a friend that our shops were burning, I knelt down, tried to say a prayer but couldn’t finish. I changed very fast and rushed to town, I nearly fainted when I reached here because the only thing I could see was flame and bellowing smoke from what earlier stood as our businesses,” said Mama Shiro one of the victims of the fire. “I am confused because I had just stocked my shop since this the month we register good sales and all that is now ashes. I don’t know what to do now because I have nowhere to start from,” she says, struggling to hold back tears that seem beyond her control. The traders who lost their fortunes to the mid-night fire had residential houses behind the shots but luckily, the fire did not spread to their abode, thanks to fire fighters from West Kenya Sugar Company. The fire was exacerbated by the block boards used in partitioning the business premises and which served as fuel to the fire. The loss from the fire now leaves a begging question. Is Kakamega municipal council prepared to deal with accidental fires with its central Business District? A spot check indicates that the fire fighting department of the council is adversely incapacitated despite there being a fire engine. Another lady who had a phone shop did not even utter a word when asked to share her experience on what happened. She was accompanied by her sales lady who pointed at a point and said, “that where we used to operate from that point where you can still see a cloud of smoke coming from, we had sheets we had just brought in but only pieces can be seen all others went up in smokes,” she said.“What worries my lady most is that we had not banked the sales of that day and since the boss wasn’t around we could not carry the money home, we lost it”, she said as she as well shook. Other properties inside the house did not burn and the fire did not even reach them thanks to the fire fighters. More...

Canon Awori Street
A huge fire gutted several shops along Canon Awori Street in Kakamega early Sunday morning.
Canon Awori Bible
Many items were reduced to ashes in the Kakamega inferno but not the word of God. Miraculously this bible survived the inferno in large part; perhaps thanks to the Holy Ghost and the spirit of Canon Awori. Photos: John Kabaka

Lugari to remain bread basket of Kenya

By Joseph Otieno, May 30 2011
Lugari district agricultural officer Said Wekulo Fwamba has reiterated government’s effort in ensuring that the area remained the country’s food basket. Speaking during a meeting with his field officers Fwamba called for the officer’s commitment to ensure that the dream was achieved. He said the district’s effort of producing the best farmers during agricultural exhibitions for the past three years should be retained adding that positive competition should be encouraged among farmers to ensure that quality farming was enhanced. Elsewhere, he said the government was determined in facilitating farmers in the area in achieving optimum harvests adding that through the NALEP project, over Sh1.6 million had been disbursed to his department to sensitize farmers on emerging new farming technologies.. He said a further Sh 600,000 had been received from water harvesting project for sinking of dams to facilitate irrigation during dry seasons. More...

Kizito tells constituents to lynch robbers instead of handing them to police

By Hilton Otenyo, May 30 2011
Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito has told his constituents to lynch robbers instead of handing them over to the police. Kizito said lynchings will rid the community of thieves whom he said retarded development in the community. “We have now come up with a partnership with provincial administration to crack down on the thieves in our midst and I want to warn those among us here that your days are numbered if you cannot reform,” said Kizito. He said that the locals in the past arrested criminals and handed them over to police only to see them back in the society within a short period without even appearing in court. He accused the police of complacency. He was addressing mourners during the funeral of former prison officer Jackson Khabakale at Shotich village in the constituency. He said that plans were underway to establish police posts and patrol bases across the constituency to help contain rising crime. Kizito had earlier presided over the launch of the grading of Khayega-Shinyalu road. He condemned rising cases of domestic violence in marriage noting the residents should learn to address their grievances through legal processes. “It is not fair when a man or a woman kills a partner because of small domestic differences and these things are common here in Shinyalu. It sends wrong signal that people of Shinyalu are brutal and we must stop it,” Kizito said. The legislator cautioned politicians against abusive politics during funerals saying the practice betrayed the dead. He told politicians to organize political rallies to speak politics instead of attacking each other at funerals. Kizito said all major roads within the constituency will be done through the constituency roads funds and the constituency development fund. More...

Justus Kizito
Justus Kizito, the Shinyalu MP who is reportedly advocating lynching of robbery suspects instead of handing them over to police.

Kalenjin warn Ruto against Kikuyu

By Star reporter, May 30 2011
Eldoret North MP William Ruto is under growing pressure to go it alone in the 2012 presidential race, the Star has established. Leaders from the wider Kalenjin and Nandi communities met at Ruto's Eldoret North home over the weekend and told him in no uncertain terms that they will not support the Uhuru-Ruto alliance if Ruto is not the presidential candidate. They said they will instead back ODM party leader Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Talk that Ruto will be deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta's running mate has gained ground with members of the G7 alliance already drawing up strategies that would see the two presented on the ballot paper The Kalenjin leaders opposed to the alliance's plan to have Ruto as Uhuru's running mate include professionals who fear the community will be isolated if Ruto continues to make costly political mistakes. More...

100,000 mosquito nets go to waste in Busia as there are no funds to distribute them

By Gilbert Ochieng, May 30 2011
More than 100,000 mosquito nets sent to Busia County three months ago are yet to be distributed due to lack of funds. The 102, 650 nets were to be distributed to locals to curb the spread of malaria but failure to provide funds is hampering the war on the killer disease. The District Public Health Officer, Ambrose Fwamba, said registration of those to receive the nets was done in March. Fwamba said a net will be given to two people in each household. “We have established 55 static posts from which the nets will be distributed to registered individuals,” said Fwamba, adding that each static post has three supervisors and a security supervisor. Statistics from Busia district hospital show about 7,697children below five years old and 6,875 adults were diagnosed with malaria in April. In the previous month 7,000 adults and 6,100 children were treated for the disease at the health facility. More...

Teso women chided for being own worst enemies

By Reuben Olita, May 30 2011
Teso North DC Josephine Onunga has lashed out at women in the area for being 'their own worst enemies.' The DC said most mothers make their daughters do lost of house chores at the expense of school work. “The drop out rate of girls in Teso is alarming. Parents, teachers and all stakeholders need to turnaround this trend and bring gender parity in learning institutions instead of favouring only boys,” she said. Onunga said women have lost direction and drink too much which lead to embarrassing scenes at home. The DC was speaking at Kiriko Primary School at the weekend during the Amagoro division education day that was also attended by area MP Sospeter Ojaamong and Teso professionals. More...

AFC Leopards Supporters Trust formed

AFC Leopards
AFC Leopards football club at Nyayo stadium in Nairobi get ready to sakata kandanda. The legendary team with deep roots in Western has now solidified its fan base through formation of AFC Leopards Supporters Trust.

By our Victor Bwibo, May 27 2011
AFC Leopards supporters have set up a Supporters Trust, the first of its kind in Kenya. The CLAWS Trust, or to give it its full name The Club of Leopards Active and Wise Supporters’ Trust, is a legal entity registered as a Trust under The Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act Chapter 164 of the Laws of Kenya. This is in recognition of the need for supporters, the only permanent feature at the club, to have a mutual structure that would enhance their resourceful involvement in the affairs of the club and, importantly, to turn back the tide of the club becoming more and more distant from the community within which “ingwe” exists.

Supporters Trusts are not a new concept; it’s a tried and tested way that represents supporters’ best efforts to cultivate a positive relationship and influence in the destiny of a club. In Europe clubs as big as Liverpool, Arsenal, or Manchester United and as small as Wimbledon have them. It is a democratic, independent organization run by and for its members. A Supporters’ Trust acts as an ownership vehicle for fans to collectively take control of their football club, if a situation arises where this is necessary. These Trusts are grounded in their local community; they seek to engage with businesses, local organizations and individuals in order to generate interest and success at a football club. History highlights that AFC Leopards has always been at the heart of the community.  It is true that, in our case, the fans do not own AFC Leopards in a formal sense: but community spirit and cultural capital are fundamental to the club; recognizing that the AFC community exists far and wide.

As a truly representative supporter’s organisation; CLAWS Trust has a formally adopted constitution and objectives which ensure that it will have much more to offer the club, than merely a physical presence at games and vocal support to the team. For instance it has already launched a fans magazine, “Ingwe Fan” as well as administers the informative “Ingwe Fan” blog that can be accessed via www.afcleopards.blogspot.com.

To this end, its key objectives are:
1.       To return the club to its rightful position; at the pinnacle of local and continental football.
2.       To ensure the club meets the highest standards of business management 
3.       to strengthen the bonds between the club and the community which it serves,
4.       to reach out to the local and global community of AFC Leopards supporters and seek to unify the supporters of the club; for the Trust to act as a medium of communication for supporters both amongst themselves and with the club
5.       To promote involvement of supporters in the running and direction of the club
6.       To uphold and preserve the tradition and heritage of the club and to secure it’s long term future.

For this reason, CLAWS Trust is dedicated to the improvement and development of AFC Leopards SC by working in partnership with the Club, the fans and the community to the mutual benefit of all.

Mudavadi comes out fighting, declares he'll contest the presidency on ODM ticket

By Steve Mkawale, May 27 2011
Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has said he will seek ODM nomination to run for president. He said on Thursday he has no intentions of quitting ODM following the party’s loss in the just concluded Ikolomani by-election. "ODM loss in Ikolomani is insignificant. I am not shaken at all. We still command the majority support in the region with 18 parliamentary seats and our intention was to increase on that," he said. Mudavadi, who is also the party deputy leader, said he would not form another party to contest the presidency. "I will not quit ODM to form another political party simply because I want to contest the presidency in 2012. I have always believed in party processes and I will not seek easier options like many politicians have done," said the Sabatia MP. Party support He reminded his critics that he was not the ODM deputy leader by default, but went through a competitive political process to earn the position. "I have always respected internal democracy in political parties. I will build and compete in ODM," he said. Mudavadi, who is also the Local Government minister, took issues with the media for trying to reduce him to a regional leader, saying he was a nationalist and would seek votes from across the country. "Newspapers should analyse issues in the right context. Before the next elections alliances are bound to shift and many things will happen," he said. More....

Musalia Mudavadi
Steely and reflective, Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister has declared that he's no one's stooge and will view for the highest office in the land come 2012 on an ODM ticket.

Okemo down but not out: Bukhayo North ward civic leader Jack Wambulwa, who is also the Busia County Cess committee chairman, said if the legislator is arrested, problems might arise in the management of CDF. Opinion leaders interviewed gave mixed reactions with others wondering why the alleged illegal dealings took a decade to be exposed. “Why did it take them 10 years to unearth the alleged corruption,” posed Busia District youth representative Moses Odanga. More...
Samia District
Signpost for the Samia District Education Office. Yesterday, the signs were heading nowhere but home for students of Nangina Girls High School after the institution was closed following riots over transfer of a headmistress.

Villagers, police discuss security in Bungoma

By Westfm reporters, May 27 2011
Security in Sinoko village in Bungoma is quite a major issue to the residents. The security forces have been urged to address this issue and the finally did the long awaited deed.The deputy AP commander Mr. Nashon Maliki made a tour in the area to identify the core factors for the high levels of insecurity in the area. While he addressed a security meeting in the area, Mr Maliki urged the residents to cooperate with the police to enable them to work appropriately as he implored them to be their neighbours’ keeper through community policing. "I urge all of you to befriend the police and be our informers so we can know what to do to beef up security," Said Mr. Maliki. Area chief, Mr. Joseph Cheng'oli said his main concern for security mishaps was lack of employment for the youth in the area that have nothing to do hence engage in lawlessness. He mainly encouraged the youth to utilise their talents to develop and explore different strategies like art and design for commercial use. “To all the youth, I call upon you not to do anything to hinder the rehabilitation of the Bungoma airstrip because it will soon be an economical zone and a source of employment.” More...

Train derails in Lugari: A train transporting food to Uganda yesterday derailed at Munyuki in Lugari. According to reliable sources, the 27 wagon train was transporting wheat to the Nile Agro based industries in Jinja, Uganda. The residents looted several bags of the cargo before police arrived. Preliminary police investigations have revealed that residents were deliberately vandalizing the lines to force railway accidents. Deputy police chief Gregory Mutiso confirmed that parts of the railway line had been vandalized adding that police had commenced investigations to establish the cause of the accident. He said no one was injured during the accident. More...
Nangina Girls school closed following riots

By Frankline Bwire, May 27 2011
Police in top gear were forced to disperse Nangina girl’s students in Samia district to go home after an order was issued by the Samia District Education Officer Mr. Michael Mugao. Mr. Mugao said that the students were creating an intense environment, after they refused to heed to his advice over their peaceful protest held Thursday against the transfer of their headmistress Emilly Ohoba Were. He added that he highly suspects the students were incited to demonstrate against the transfer of their headmistress, asserting that the new head teacher, who has not yet reported, is someone who has achieved more than the rumors which are being speculated. “I am aware that there is a move by some people to taint the image of the new head. Her truck record is known and I believe she has achieved more that is expected to spear head the school,” said Mugao. The DEO added that the students will be informed when they will come back, immediately a solution is reached at. “We also realized time for half term had also reached and some of the students might have been tired. Let them go and relax their minds before they are recalled back to school,” he said. On their part, the students maintained that the transfer was likely to have been politicized, to bring a head teacher from a local school. They however, condemned the move by the officer to disperse them from the school with some of them receiving strokes of the cane. On Moving towards the District Education Office yesterday Thursday, the students shouted, singing songs that the condemned the area MP Dr. Paul Otuoma, asserting that the move to transfer their Head teacher was likely to have been politicized. Nangina girls’ secondary school becomes the second to demonstrate after Odiado in Samia district in the past few days. More...

Two found dead under mysterious circumstances in Kitale

By Leonard Wamalwa, May 27 2011
Two people were found dead in Kitale town early Friday morning having died under mysterious circumstances as residents decry lack of security in the town. One man whose whereabouts were not immediately established and believed to be in his late 30s was found dead in a deep cliff at the Mitume - Tuwan Bridge that has stayed incomplete for over three years after construction started and stalled on the way. The man is believed to have fallen down the over 20 feet ditch that was left dangerously there by the contractor who was given the work to construct the bridge hence exposed the residents to a death trap that is said to have claimed lives of over four people including two primary school children. The other incident that was so horrifying was where another man believed to be a tout at the Kitale round-about and one of the bus stages in the town was found dead and his body pushed in a culvert near the Khetia’s go-downs opposed Kitale club. The deceased who was identified as Boyi Kimani was identified by people walking along that road who saw his feet protruding from a culvert and thus notified the police who came and collect his body as the cause of his death was yet to be established. More...

Kitale death
Legs of an unidentified man protruding under the sewer in Kitale. Two people were found dead under mysterious circumstances early today in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County. Photo: Leonard Wamalwa

Angola backs down on internet censorship: In a rare climbdown, the Angolan government has withdrawn controversial legislation severely restricting how people use the internet. It was scrapped this week at the eleventh hour when the government removed it from parliament moments before it was due to be voted into law. Under the proposal, which had already passed a first round of voting, it would have been illegal to share information electronically that could "destroy, alter or subvert state institutions" or "damage national integrity or independence". More...
Justice Ruth Sitati shortlisted for supreme court judge job

By Peter Leftie & Ingwe, May 26 2011
Lady Justice Ruth Nekoye Sitati from Bungoma is one of 26 candidates shortlisted for the position of supreme court judge. Serving judicial officers may be overlooked yet again in the hiring of Supreme Court judges after eight legal experts were shortlisted for the five available posts. In shortlisting 26 out of the 56 applicants for the Supreme Court jobs, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) dropped the names of five serving judges and one former judge. Among those who failed to make the shortlist were Court of Appeal judge Samuel Bosire and Mr Justice Lee Muthoga, who also unsuccessfully applied for the position of Chief Justice. Other judges who did not make the shortlist are Anyara Emukule, David Onyancha, Jeanne Gacheche, G.B.M. Kariuki and Scholastica Omondi. The JSC set a precedent for looking beyond the Judiciary when it rejected all serving judges who applied for the posts of Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice and instead settled on pro-reform lawyer Willy Mutunga and Kenya Law Reform Commission vice-chairperson Nancy Baraza. President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga have accepted the JSC nominees and forwarded the names to Parliament for approval and appointment. Among those shortlisted are 10 women, including six serving judges, former MP Njoki Ndung’u and law lecturer Phoebe Okowa. Ms Ndung’u is a prominent lawyer and gender activist while Prof Okowa teaches law at the University of London. She is also a visiting law lecturer at the universities of Lille, France, Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Bristol and Oxford. Another law lecturer, Prof James Odek Otieno, has also been shortlisted. The six women judges shortlisted for the jobs are Kalpana Rawal, Hannah Okwengu, Mary Ang’awa, Ruth Sitati, Jessie Lesiit and Martha Koome. More...

ruth nekoye sitati
Justice Ruth Nekoye Sitati. She is among 26 candidates shortlisted for supreme court job interviews.

Busia water project nearly done

By Gilbert Ochieng, May 26 2011
A Sh1.5 billion water project in Busia will be completed at the end of this month, an official said. Busia district water officer Joseph Olubero said the project on River Sio, which is 5km from Busia town will ensure steady supply in the municipality. It is also expected to reduce cases of waterborne diseases. The project, which is sponsored by the KFW, a Germany Bank was started in early 2008 and is expected to end water woes in Busia County. Busia municipality had been experiencing severe water shortage. Olubero also said the project has increased the water pumped per day to 7,500 cubic meters. The project will also benefit residents of Matayos, Funyula, Nambale and estates within Busia Municipality. Olubero raised concern over breakdown of pumping machines, frequents power failure, shortage of funds as the main obstacles that limited the efforts to ensure full and consistent access to water by the area residents. However, he said ensuring all water points are metered and the use of a powerful generators to pump the water were some of the measures his office has put in place. More..

Pressure piles on Okemo to quit over fraud charges

By Carolyn Wamalwa, May 26 2011
Pressure mounts on head of House Business Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade Mr. Chris Okemo to step aside after Justice and legal Affairs minister Mutula Kilonzo asked him to set a good example by resigning from his position to pave way for investigations in to the fraud case that he is suspected to have taken part when he served as Finance minister. Mutula says the government must comply with the request and extradite the two to the UK, however, he notes that it was giving the country a bad image for a foreign country to investigate crimes that could have been dealt with locally. Warrants of arrests from the UK government for the Nambale MP and his accomplice Mr. James Gichuru now rest with the Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko who has to determine the authenticity of the matter before issuing directives to the Interpol to proceed with the arrests. Sunday, the UK minister for Africa Henry Bellingham after a courtesy call to the Attorney general’s office urged Mr. Wako to execute the arrest orders for the two, pertaining the fraud charges after. Okemo who is also the Nambale legislator, made his political career comeback in 2007 using the ODM ticket in a hotly contested seat. Last week, Interpol issued a notice to Tanzania, South Africa and United Arab Emirates seeking their cooperation in efforts to arrest Nambale MP Chris Okemo and former Kenya Power and lighting Company boss Samuel Gichuru for prosecution. The two are alleged to have received bribes from foreign businesses with which they had contacts and were once contracted to offer services in Kenya Power and Lighting Company when Mr. Gichuru served as KPLC boss while Mr. Okemo served as Finance and Energy Minister. More...

Mourners scamper as chicken turns into a serpent in Lugari

By Joseph Otieno, May 26 2011
Mourners at a burial ceremony at Mumboha village in Lugari disttrict flew into different directions after a chicken abruptly turned into a serpent. The chicken was first seen in the middle of the crowd before mysteriously turning into a huge snake spreading fear and awe a few minutes after the pastor stood up to lead the service as the crowd was singing a song to welcome the man of God. Members of the bereaved family and well wishers had converged at the home of Mr. Joseph Odera to inter remains of her 9 year old daughter who passed away on Monday when the uninvited guest came calling. The shocking incident left many villagers tongue tied as they took to their heels in different directions including the man of God who did not remember to call on the Lord for assistance. The six feet black mamba creature like strolled around the compound unperturbed to the consternation of the crowd that was watching from a distance. An old man who gained courage and with his walking stick tried to corner the reptile, was left rooted top the ground as the creature disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared. Slowly, after its disapearance, a few mourners strolled back and continued with the burial service though many were still shaken and could be seen unsettled and hurriedly burried the deceased. The deceased was a class two pupil at Lumama primary school. More...

mumboha vilage
Stunned mourners watch in disbelief after they returned for funeral proceedings at Mumboha village, Lugari where earlier a chicken had turned into a serpent scattering everybody including the priest. Photo: John Otieno

KNUT opposes schools upgrade: KNUT has criticized the upgrade of 30 provincial secondary schools to national status. The union yesterday claimed the government did not consult stakeholders and that the decision will communities the chance to reap from their investments because a large number of buildings have been built via harambees. Union chairman Wilson Sosioni said the government has no right to take away community schools. He said instead of opting for an easy way out, the government should construct new national schools instead of taking away schools already built by communities. More...
Lords of corruption run scared as noose tightens on Okemo, Gichuru

By David Ochami, May 25 2011
Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission has secretly been working with Jersey investigative authorities on corruption and money laundering charges against two prominent Kenyans for the last eight months. KACC also revealed it would co-operate with the Jersey authorities until the case for which it is seeking extradition of former Energy minister Chris Okemo and former Kenya Power and Lighting Company chief executive Samuel Gichuru, reaches its ‘logical conclusion’. The revelation give the image of a noose tightening around the necks of Okemo and Gichuru, given the possibility that the Jersey authorities have what could be called a local partner in its bid to have them dragged to their courts. It also became obvious Attorney General Amos Wako’s transfer of burden of verification if the case against them warrants extradition, to Chief Public Prosecutor, Keriako Tobiko, could just be a formality. This is because it is reported British minister for Africa Henry Bellingham who was in Kenya this week struck a deal with the Government for the UK to arrest and extradite runaway businessman Yagnesh Devani who is linked to the Triton Oil scandal in exchange for Okemo and Gichuru. They are wanted in a court under the British jurisdiction for alleged receipt of bribes from her energy firms in exchange for KPLC tenders. For now, Okemo and Gichuru cannot travel to countries that have signed the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which KACC invoked on Tuesday, without risk of arrest and handover to UK to face the charges for which they are wanted. It is from here that they will fight to be adjudged innocent and if they lose the case, face the sentence the courts will so decide. In what could be disconcerting high profile personalities linked to unresolved notorious cases of mega-corruption such as Anglo-Leasing and Triton scandals, the anti-graft agency promised it would similarly work with foreign governments on cases of graft with a Kenyan angle. KACC also declared it co-operated with the Jersey agencies under the aegis of UNCAC to which Kenya is a signatory. More...

Bonny Khalwale
Dr Bonny Khalwale, the re-elected MP for Ikolomani buried in a sea of toadying supporters following his victory over ODM candidate, Bernard Shinali in Monday's by-elections. Photo: Benjamin Sakwa

Four buried alive in a West Pokot goldmine

By Osinde Obare, May 25 2011
Four family members were buried alive in a gold mine in a remote village in Sook division, West Pokot County. Gold prospecting turned tragic when the mine’s walls collapsed on the victims, among them a man and his wife. Pomokou Titim, 60, and his wife Cheposukok were killed in the Sunday evening. West Pokot OCPD David Wambua said they received the news on Wednesday but could not access the village due to the poor terrain. "It is true four people were killed as they prospected for gold but we have not visited the scene," Wambua told The Standard. One person was pulled out alive after two days by rescuers. "Many people in the area are starving and engage in risk mining activities to get money for food," said Teresa Lokichu, a leader in the area. She asked the Government to supply relief food. Apart from Ikolomani gold fields, there is small-scale gold mining in West-Pokot District and parts of southern Nyanza. More...

As Khalwale celebrates, ODM blame game begins

By our correspondents, May 25 2011
Hundreds of supporters thronged the home of Bonny Khalwale to celebrate his re-election as MP for Ikolomani. Khalwale’s home in Malinya was a hive of activity as his supporters danced to Isikuti beats as they sang praises to the ‘bullfighter’. A few kilometres from Khalwale’s home, ODM candidate in the by-election, Bernard Shinali, was licking his wounds at his Lirhembe residence. Shinali lost to Khalwale with a margin of 2,584 votes. Shinali was absent during the tallying of votes at Makhokho Secondary. In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Shinali accused the Interim Independent Electoral Commission of laxity. "Life must go on though. I will not go to court for another battle," he added. Blame game At his home was a handful of supporters, who claimed the by-election was not free and fair. Iguhu Ward civic leader Henry Kubai claimed illiterate voters were misled. "We reported the matter but the police only arrested those who had been registered twice," he added. But Bentina Khaigada, a woman leader, said local ODM officials were to blame for the defeat. She said the officials pocketed campaign money leading to ODM’s poor performance. "They also did not pay agents well," she said. She said ODM got no votes in some areas where the party was thought to be strong. "This means some officials did not even vote for the party," she said. Khalwale termed his victory as the eye opener. "The victory clearly shows that our people can make a statement, not through a person from another region," he said. More...

Justus Kizito, Shinyalu MP says rift in ODM cost party Ikolomani seat. READ MORE

Lynched thief's limps tied on a roof for public show

By Silas Kemboi, May 25 2011
A middle aged man was on Tuesday night compressed to death by angry watchmen after he was suspected to have the intention of stealing vehicle spare parts from Bungoma Motors Garage in Mpeli area, Kanduyi constituency. According Peter Barasa, one of the watchmen manning the area, the three men stormed the garage at around 3:00am with the aim of robbing the garage of valuables. ‘’We struggled with the guys for an hour before killing one of them, while two of them managed to escape but one left his coat behind,’’ said the watchman A hand and leg of the man who was killed were later on tied on the garage roof with the body slouching on the ground. Asked why they tied the man on the roof, the watchmen said they did not want the thief to escape because he had disturbed them for sometime. “We tied one leg and one hand so as to make sure the man does not escape and everyone sees him this morning,’’ Mr. Peter added Area residents complained of insecurity in the area and pleaded with the authorities to ensure that there are regular patrols to curb such incidents. ‘’tunaomba maafisa wa polisi watusaidie hawa wezi wanavamia hapa kila mara,’’ (we ask these police officers to help us because we are suffering with regular attacks),"said area resident Mr. Wanyama Makhapila Bungoma OCPD Amos Cheboi asked the residents to cooperate with the police officers in efforts to contain such incidents. More...

Kanduyi thief
A suspected thief's leg is tied in a garage for public display in Kanduyi, Bungoma County after being cornered and killed by watchmen last night. Photo: Westfm

Maseno University set to admit first batch of medical students

By Justus Ochieng, May 25 2011
Maseno University is set to receive its first batch of students in its newly established school of medicine in September. The university's council chairman Prof Japheth Kiptoon said the school will admit about 24 students. The don was speaking at the institution when he commissioned four vehicles bought to facilitate university's operations. “In a bid to increase the number of medical staff in the country, Maseno University council resolved to set up a school of medicine to provide doctors,” he said. He was accompanied by his vice chairman Dan Omino and the university vice chancellor Prof Dominic Makawiti. The VC said there has been a delay in admitting students to the new course which was established in 2009. More...

Shock as a 5-month foetus is found dumped in a Busia village

By Frankline Bwire, May 25 2011
Residents of Burumba C area in Busia District have remained in deep shock, following a bizarre incident in which a 5 month old foetus was found to have been disposed in the area. According to the area village elder Mr. John Ong’amo, the foetus wrapped in a polythene bag is said to have been thrown by an unknown person in the area, Tuesday before it was later discovered by a young boy who raised alarm. Mr. Ong’amo said that they highly suspect it was brought from a different place, before it was later thrown at a small pathway that is not usually used by the residents. “We have never witnessed such an incident in this area and whoever undertook the abortion is inhuman,” he said. Confirming the incident, Busia police boss Mr. Erustus Muthamia disclosed that they have launched investigations to apprehend the person who was involved in the incident. “Whoever was involved will be arraigned in court immediately, when caught to give a warning to others. We should shun abortion completely in our societies,” said the police boss. Muthamia cautioned residents against using such weird methods to solve their family problems and called upon them to feel free, through visiting relevant authorities that could offer guidance to them. More...

Wako begins extradition process for Okemo, Gichuru

By Moses Njagih, May 24 2011
Attorney General Amos Wako has begun the process that might lead to the extradition of Nambele MP Chris Okemo and a former Kenya Power and Lighting Company CEO Samuel Gichuru to the island of Jersey to stand trial for allegedly laundering Sh900 million acquired through corruption. Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere has also said the force will arrest the two once the AG gives them the go-ahead to do so. And lending weight to the importance the British government is attaching to the matter (Jersey is British territory), the AG received the extradition requests for the two from British Minister for Africa and the United Nations in the Foreign and Commonwealth office, Mr Timothy Le Cocq when they met on Monday. Earlier, the AG received a "diffusion notice" from Interpol on the two through Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere. Such a notice is issued with regard to a warrant to extradite a person to stand trial. Wako also confirmed he had received the request for extradition from the Attorney General for Jersey. "The request incorporates sworn evidence constituting the case against both men," Wako revealed in a hurriedly convened press conference on Monday evening. He said that following the move, he would hand over the requests to Chief Public Prosecutor Mr Keriako Tobiko, who is expected to scrutinise the sworn evidence and confirm if there is a strong case against the two. If that is the case, the AG said he would authorise their arrest and extradition.More...

Chris Okemo
Chris Okemo, the Nambale MP and former minister for finance and energy. He is wanted in UK's principality of Jersey to face charges of money laundering.
Samuel Kariuki Gichuru
Samuel Gichuru, former CEO of Kenya Power and Lighting is wanted in Jersey for trial over money laundering through offshore accounts.
Marende contests suit by former electoral chief

By our correspondent, May 24 2011
House Speaker Kenneth Marende has challenged a case filed by a former chairman of the disbanded elections body, saying it should be put on hold. In an application, Mr Marende wants three judges handling the case to halt proceedings until his application is heard and determined in a higher court. The Speaker says that he is wrongfully mentioned in the suit. Mr Marende was summoned after he delivered a ruling which, according to the former boss of the now defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Mr Samuel Kivuitu, contravened a High Court order. Mr Kivuitu and 21 other commissioners moved to court in 2008 to prevent the government from sacking them after it emerged that the ECK would be disbanded and a new election team appointed. A court order was issued barring the government from terminating their contracts. The former commissioners then went back to court, accusing the Speaker of allowing Parliament to discuss a matter that was in court. They wanted him held for contempt for allowing debate on the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill, 2008 to proceed until it was passed into law, well aware that the matter was in court. In their main application, the former commissioners also want the court to declare the ECK’s successor, the Interim Independent Electoral Commission, illegal. More...

Sabaot blame Nabongo Mumia for marginalising them

By John Nalianya, May 24 2011
The crisis that has hit the Mt.Elgon region in the past few years was started by the colonial government, Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission was told during its hearings in the area. Speaking in Kibuk area, former Mt Elgon MP, Wilberforce Kisiero, who is also a member of the Sabaot council of elders, told the commission that the colonial masters pushed them out of Bungoma town and Transzoia and resettled the Bukusu community. “We were pushed out of our land by the colonial masters like Bungomek which they are now calling Bungoma”, he said. He told the truth team that the luhya community under paramount chiefs Nabongo Mumuia and Murunga Joseph who were friendly to the colonial masters had marginalized the Sabaot community, taking away their land . Kisiero further said the community was forced to occupy the unproductive Chepkitale forest in 1968. "It is for this reason that the community had resorted into forming rag tag militia groups like the Sabaot land defence force to fight for their land rights," he said. Kisiero noted that despite the past regimes opting to resettle the community in the controversial Chepyuk settlement scheme, this has always been short-lived as the government is always evicting them. The controversial Chepyuk settlement scheme was recently subdivided by the government to 800 families each getting two and half acres of land. However Kisiero told the truth team that the land is too small relative to population. More...

Nabongo Mumia
Nabongo Mumia of the Wanga Kingdom who died in 1949. The Sabaot blame him and his brother Chief Murunga for collaborating with colonialists to banish them from Bungoma into Mt Elgon.

Omena thief lynched in Kisumu

By Fridah Mukami, May 24 2011
A suspected thief was yesterday lynched in Kisumu after he stole a bag of Omena.  Moses Oduor, 20, is the latest victim of lynch mobs in Kisumu as the rate of suspects being killed by the mob continues to rise in the lakeside town. Kisumu police chief John Mwinzi said the suspect was beaten by an irate mob  after being found with the bag of fish he had allegedly stole. According to  Mwinzi, the suspect was cornered at Jubilee market and beaten to death. Scores of suspected thieves and witches including a policeman have been killed in Kisumu in the recent past. More...

Lugari teen commits suicide over drugs

By Mathews Ndanyi, May 24 2011
A 17-year-old committed suicide in Lugari after his parents demanded that he stops abusing drugs. The man quarrelled with his parents over his unruly behaviour caused by heavy consumption of drugs. He locked himself in his room and hanged himself. Lugari police boss John Lempisha confirmed the incident and said they had collected the body from the home at Koromaiti village and the incident would be investigated. The parents recorded a statement with the police over the incident. More...

Politicians broke the law in Ikolomani

By Nzau Musau, May 24 2011
Use of government resources to campaign for Ikolomani candidates contrary to the law was widespread, according to group monitoring the polls.  Institute for Education in Democracy said the two main parties - ODM and New Ford-Kenya/PNU Alliance - blatantly disregarded the law and used their positions and state resources to influence voters.  IED boss Peter Aling’o said the organization’s constituency monitors, who have been in the field during the campaign period, reported the abuse and called on the IIEC to crack the whip. More...

Khalwale wins back Ikolomani

By our correspondent, May 23 2011
The Bullfighter Dr. Bonny Khalwale gored his way to parliament after emerging victorious in the completed Ikolomani parliamentary by-election with provisional results indicating to have won by 13208 votes against his rival Benard Shinali 10702 and 293 votes for Kizito in which both, his main rival were predicting victory. Provisional results from the Interim Electorol Commission indicate that Khalwale takes the lead with 10,030 votes so far against Shinali's 8,170. Collins Matemba has 293 votes. Reports from the the tallying center at Laico in Nairobi states that Khalwale's win translates to 55 per cent, Shinali's 44pc and Matemba equals to 1pc. All the percentages translate to a 69.4 pc voter turnn out. Official results of Kimilili to be released by the returning officer Earlier, before the vote counting, complaints were raised by the Ford People candidate Collins Matemba that his agents whoalleged being beaten, injured and two abducted. Those injured were taken to Iguhu district hospital where some were treated and released whereas those seriously injured are still on medication. “My agents were beaten up with some people who were in big cars who we don’t know whose supporters they were, they injured them and abducted three whereas per now know not whey they might be,” said Dr Matemba. More...

Bonny Khalwale
Dr Bonny Khalwale, the bullfighter is back in the saddle as Ikolomani MP after trouncing ODM's Bernard Shinali by over 3000 votes.

Mudavadi fails the test

By our reporter, May 23 2011
The recapturing of Ikolomani by Dr Bonny Khalwale is a bitter blow to Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister who had hoped that a win for ODM candidate, Bernard Shinali would have given him the muscle to re-assert his influence in western politics and given a filip to his presidential ambitions.

Bars given three weeks to acquire chang'aa licenses

By Peter Mwai, May 23 2011
The government on Sunday moved to legalise chang’aa brewing as it gave bar owners and persons dealing in alcohol three weeks to acquire new licenses. This follows the constitution of District Regulation Committees, under the Alcoholics Drinks Control Act, 2010 to issue licenses. The issuance of licenses was suspended in December last year, awaiting the constitution of the committees. The committees will be charged with licensing traditional brewers, importers, distributors and sellers of alcohol. National Agency for the Campaign Against Drugs (Nacada) acting coordinator, Mr Aggrey Busena, said guidelines for brewing chang’aa have been prepared and will be gazetted soon by the minister for Industrialisation. “The standards will regulate ingredients, the brewing process and packaging,” he said. The committees will be dominated by women as the law stipulates that the minister appoints three residents, two of them women, to the regulatory committees. This will give them room to control alcoholism, a vice they have campaigned against for long. More...

Ikolomani councillor beaten for bribing voters at Musoli

By Westfm, May 23 2011
The voting trend in Ikolomani this Monday afternoon has shifted gear as the turnout slowly depreciates. However, long queues were witnessed early as the turnout was overwhelming. Subsequently, Tiyah Galgalo, the IIEC commissioner for Ikolomani, expressed optimism of having a more than 60 per cent voter turnout before the vote counting commences later in the day. “It is ones’ constitutional right to vote, because the leaders voted in affect their lives both direct and indirectly, and we expect a 60 per cent voter turnout,” said Galgalo. Meanwhile a number of malpractices have been reported. Voter bribery is on the rise as candidates cry foul of the practices. This has happened at Musoli and Eregi area of the constituency. Councilors from various regions are said to be used to dish out large sums of money to woe voters. A scene occurred at Musoli when a councilor was beaten up by a mob for allegations of corrupting the electorate. This has stunned residents who came in strongly to oppose the vice. "We aren’t that cheap we know our rights and we are not ready for their money “said a resident. "It is my right to vote and I need not to be given money to vote for anyone," said a resident. Consequently, 11 people have so far been arrested for double registration. "We have since arrested 11 culprits whom the officers found out that they had registered more than twice, we took them to Kakamega police station and will be taken to the court for judgment, "said Ikolomani OCPD Abdi Galgalo. Among them, two were arrested at Isulu polling station, 1 at Musoli, 1 at Shirumba, 1 at Shikondi, 1 Matundu and 1 Makhokho. More...

Ikolomani by-elections
Voters rough up a man alleged to have been dishing out money to bribe voters at the Musoli voting centre during today's by-elections in Ikolomani. Photo: Westfm

Electronic voting reduces rigging in Ikolomani

By our correspondents, May 23 2011
As the electorates in Ikolomani Constituency in Kakamega County await the results of the by-election even as the exercise continues, the new electronic system of voting has proved to be more effective and reliable as it has been realized in today’s exercise. The long queues that were witnessed early in the day in different stations faded away at a fast pace as a result of the hastened pace that the system enables a voter to be taken through the whole process. By 10am most of the stations had cleared over 50 per cent of the voters after which voters trickled in at an interval of 20-30 minutes. More...

Kimilili MP arrested for attacking civic leader

By Westfm, May 23 2011
Kimilili legislator Dr. Eseli Simiyu has recorded a statement with police after allegedly attacking a local leader as residents voted in the Kimilili North Ward by-election. Eseli who is also the Secretary General to the Ford Kenya party is being held at the Kimilili police station for allegedly forcing himself into the DEB polling station. The protestors claimed that a certain politician had hired goons from neigbouring Trans Nzoia to disrupt the election process. “Voters are not allowed to camp at the polling centre after voting lest they have sinister motives. We will not allow this to happen because we want to oversee a fair and peaceful election in this (Kimilili) town”, said Mr Oyolo. When he was called, the DC who is also the District Chairman, Mr. Joseph Mtile Lewa, instructed the police to be vigilant and ensure that they restrict voters from loitering at polling centers. The Ford Kenya candidate David Temba Kusimba sustained serious head injuries from the beating by supporters of New Ford Kenya when he attempted to bribe voters at Kimilili RC. Bungoma East OCPD David Muthuri and local OCS Maurice Oyolo, who rescued the officials and took them to Kimilili police station before clam returned to the centre, have disclosed that the legislator will be held until the voting exercise is complete. More...

Wako acts on Okemo fraud case

Attorney General Amos Wako has now directed the director of public prosecution Keraiko Tobiko to establish if there is a case against Nambale MP Chris Okemo and former KPLC boss Samuel Gichuru. Wako says the two will then be arrested and extradited to Jersey if Tobiko establishes there is such a case. More...

Eseli Simiyu
Eseli Simiyu, the Kimilili MP. He is in police custody after allegedly beating up a civic leader during civic by-election in his constituency early today.

Man sues govt over hoax appointment

By Reuben Olita, May 23 2011
A man who claims he was offered a job as an assistant chief in Bungoma county, has threatened to sue the provincial administration over what he termed a 'hoax appointment'. The man says it has been two years without reporting on duty despite receiving his appointment letter. Stephen Wanyonyi Simiyu is seeking leave of court to sue the permanent secretary for internal security and provincial administration after he was offered an appointment letter on October 26, 2009 as assistant chief Grade II for Naitiri sub-location. The alleged letter was signed by Bungoma north DC, Mutua Mbella. Simiyu’s lawyer Omundi Bw’Onchiri said his client was in a dilemma as to why he had not been called to take up his job nearly two years since he got the appointment letter after passing the interview. Onchiri said his client received the letter of offer, duly accepted it by returning a signed copy of the same, but he had never received ancinvitation to be formally introduced to the public to start official duties. The lawyer has filed a case in Bungoma High Court before Justice Florence Muchemi under certificate of urgency and which will come before the Judge on Friday. More...

Calm returns to Kimilili after a stormy start to civic by-election

By Westfm, May 23 2011
Business in Kimilili town is now back to normal after hours of running battles between Ford Kenya and New Ford Kenya supporter’s moments when polls kicked off. Most shops have now gone back to normalcy and bodaboda riders are also actively engaged in business in the town as voting process goes underway in the four centers of Kimilili DEB primary, Slaughterhouse, Kimilili RC Primary and Municipality. The calm has also witnessed the acquittal of the area Member of Parliament Dr David Eseli Simiyu after spending hours at the local police station on allegations of assaulting a New Ford Kenya politician Jeff Matumbai in the compound of the police station. Earlier, tension had mounted in Kimilili following clashes between warring political parties with several vehicle wind screens smashed including those belonging to Ford Kenya’s deputy director of elections Suleiman Murunga. More...

Dairy farmers in Busia have been urged to improve dairy farming to satisfy growing demand, instead of relying on milk from other regions. The advise was given by Busia District Dairy Officer, Ann Kamau during a stakeholders' forum over the weekend, under the auspices of Ultravetis. More
Chris Okemo
Nambale MP, Chris Okemo: Implicated in KPLC fraud via his offshore accounts in Jersey.

Laundered money channelled through offshore account

"The deponent has just cause and verily believes that the said Chrysanthus Barnabas Okemo is the resident of Kenya. These are therefore to command you and everyone of you in the name of her Majesty forthwith to apprehend and bring Chrysanthus Barnabas Okemo before competent court of Justice of this island the said to answer to the said information and be further dealt with according to the law," states the warrant. Count 29 on the arrest warrants refers to £3 million (Sh420 million) paid by Wartsila to Windward Trading for "consultancy services" when in fact they were "corrupt payments" to Gichuru, Okemo "and others". The purpose was "inducing the Kenya Power and Lighting Company to award and approve contracts relating to the construction and operation of the Kipevu II power station". "The evidence proves that Gichuru's method of committing the offence involved inflation of the contract price," state the court documents. "Okemo and Gichuru conspired together to enable Okemo receive into his bank account in Jersey, property, namely, funds credited to the said bank account following transfers from Windward Trading and Arus Management Services, knowing the same have been acquired by Samuel Gichuru by conduct outside Jersey, which, had it occurred in Jersey, would have amounted to an offence, namely misconduct in public office and fraud," state the warrants. The two are also accused of misleading auditors of Wartsila that Windward Trading was receiving consultation fees. "The charges were in fact inflated to meet or recover the cost of making corrupt payments to his Jersey company, Windward Ltd," state the warrants.

UK issues arrest warrants for Okemo, Gichuru for money laundering

By Andrew Teyie, May 20 2011
Arrest warrants have been issued in Jersey for Chris Okemo, chairman of the parliamentary Finance committee, and former Kenya Power and Lighting managing director Samuel Gichuru for defrauding KPLC and laundering the proceeds in the UK. The warrants were issued by the Chief Justice of Island of Jersey on April 20, 2011. The two failed to appear before court on May 5, 2011. The 53 charges relate to commissions paid by international companies, mostly between 1999 and 2002, totalling 4,459,572 pounds sterling, 786,853 Danish kronor and 3,207,360 US dollars (Sh902 million in total). All the charges relate to Gichuru but not all mention Okemo who was Energy minister from 1999 to 2001 and then Finance minister from 2001 to 2003. A former KANU vice-chairman, he is now ODM MP for Nambale. Gichuru was managing director of KPLC between 1983 and 2003 when it was partially privatised. He supported many Kanu projects and harambees. The arrest warrants have been handed to Attorney General Amos Wako last week but Gichuru and Okemo failed to appear before Jersey magistrate's court on May 5. Wako has been asked to facilitate the arrests of the two and hand them over to Jersey where the two allegedly set set up offshore bank accounts to receive illicit funds through their front companies Windward Trading and Arus Management Services. "The volume and value of payments to Windward increased dramatically from January 1997, although not the number of payers. The analysis of all Windward receipts from third parties from January 1997 to June 2002, when the accounts were frozen, is striking," state the court documents. The documents do not state all the projects that generated illegal payments but specifically mention the Kipevu II project. Finnish power company Wärtsilä began construction of Kipevu II immediately after financial closing in August 2000 and commercial operation was started in September 2001. The 75 MW plant with 38 generating sets is run by private operator Tsavo Power Company. More...

Samuel K Gichuru
Samuel K. Gichuru, former managing director of Kenya Power and Lightning Company.

In August 2007, Gichuru launched a court case in Jersey to try and regain control over his offshore assets that had been frozen by police because of "suspicious activity". Last July, he won a preliminary hearing. The British police in Jersey believed that payments that entered the company's account between 1986 to 2002 were not properly explained. In 2005, Gichuru's wife claimed that he had $10 million (Sh860 million) in Jersey during a property dispute linked to their divorce. However Gichuru and his lawyer Peter Ohaga both denied that he had money outside Kenya. According to the documents, Okemo opened up bank accounts in Jersey under his name and Arus Management service where the funds were deposited between August 1, 2000 and August 3, 2001. The alleged payments to Gichuru, Okemo, and others included £2,999,982 pounds and $500,000 from Wartsila; $779,000 from American communications company Motorola and Israel's Coburg Investments; £451,037 from Norway's Kvaerner and British shipbuilder John Brown Engineering; $554,000 from Spanish power company Union Fenosa, Iberia Africa, and Ashdene; £309,506, among others.
Tension in Funyula as demo over CDF misuse is cancelled

By Frankline Bwire, May 20 2011
Tension ran high in Funyula constituency, after two groups collided, over the cancellation of a peaceful demonstration, against the misuse of Sh. 34 million CDF funds, as was reported by National Tax Payers Association (NTA). A group said to be in support of the area MP Dr. Paul Otuoma left one individual admitted at the Nangina Mission hospital with several injuries on his body, after they attacked him at Funyula town on Thursday. The move highly criticized by several stakeholders in Samia district, has continued to raise concern among the residents, according to Mr. Otekin Achoka, whose brother was injured. Achoka added that he was shocked by how his brother was assaulted by individuals well known to them and who are always in support of the MP. “Residents have the right to demonstrate peacefully for their rights, if they have been violated. Am surprised by how my brother was beaten up without having uttered any word to them, despite of the demonstration having been cancelled by the OCPD,” he charged. Namboboto ward civic leader Mr. Benson Odunga has blamed Otuoma for using his position to undermine the peaceful protest of the area residents against misuse of funds. He noted that the MP was worried after truth was spilled out to the public on how their money expected to improve their lives was misused, despite of the elections nearing. A report released by NTA reveal that Sh. 4 million was not accounted for, with Sh34m mismanaged in Funyula. More...

Festus Anaya
Dr Festus Anaya, the public health officer for Lugari: Major setback in anti malaria program.

Two remanded for robbing Shitanda, Eseli in Webuye

By John Nalianya, May 20 2011
Two men suspected of robbing Cabinet minister Soita Shitanda and Kimilili MP David Eseli at a Webuye hotel have been remanded until June 2 when their case will be heard. The two - Abdul Mohamed and Clayron Ondari - allegedly stole mobile phones, a laptop and cash. Police have recovered ATM cards, phone sim cards and other documents stolen from the legislators on March 30. More...

Major set back for Lugari anti malaria project

By Joseph Otieno, May 20 2011
A massive anti malaria campaign in Lugari district has been delayed following lack of adequate funding from the government and insufficient mosquito nets. Speaking to West Fm, Lugari Public Health officer Festus Anaya lamented that the exercise that had been slated to commence on 11th- 14th last month was suspended after the ministry dispatched few nets compared to the targeted population. He said the area received only 80,000 nets compared to the 246,000 residents forcing his officers to abandon the exercise. “If the nets were to be issued out according to directives of two people from family per net then 43,000 more nets will be required to cover everybody,” he said. He also added that registration failed to capture a large section of the residents pointing out that an additional 7,000 nets were required to fill the deficit. This, he reiterated will ensure that the area was covered 100per cent adding that hitherto his department had not received funds for the exercise from the government. “As a district we have made all the necessary arrangements”, he said adding that they were only waiting for funds and additional nets to kick off the exercise. Earlier, Public Health and Sanitation Minister Beth Mugo described the campaign as a "milestone" for Kenya: More...

Prof Kubasu re-elected chair of varsities staff union

By Mangoa Mosota, May 20 2011
Universities Academic Staff Union (Uasu) held its national elections yesterday in which top positions went to the incumbent. In a peaceful exercise held at Maseno University, chairman Sammy Kubasu and Secretary General Muga K’Olale (pictured) won with comfortable margins. Prof Kubasu triumphed over Dr Samuel Nyandemo of University of Nairobi by garnering 120 votes against 99. K’Olale of Egerton University got 118 votes, while his closest rival Dr Richard Wafula of Kenyatta came second with 77 votes. Nyanza Provincial Labour Officer Hellen Maneno officiated the exercise. About 270 delegates from various public universities took part in the polls. Kubasu said despite three camps having emerged before the poll, Uasu would remain united and serve its members whole-heartedly. Prof Kubasu was sacked from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology late last year for refusing to relinguish his trade union position. More...

Sammy Kubasu
Prof Sammy Kubasu: Re-elected today, May 20 2011 as chairman of Universities Staff Union for a second five year term. Last Octocer, Prof Kubasu was sacked from Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega for refusing to take up a position as head of a department which would have meant he relinguished his trade union activities as a member of university management.

Kakamega residents reject Sh200m sewerage project

By Joel Okwayo, May 20 2011
It is a multi-million shilling project, but residents of Maraba village in Kakamega want nothing to do with it. The locals want the Sh200 million-sewerage project to be relocated elsewhere. And to show they mean business, they have threatened to burn equipment, vehicles and beat up workers who dare report to the site. Efforts by the Provincial Administration and a water service provider to convince residents that the project will not have any negative impact on their health and environment have fallen on deaf ears. Esau Omungalla, 38, says he has been a resident at Maraba for five years. Lake Victoria North Water Services Board insists that the sewage treatment plant should be constructed at Lwatingu area. Residents of draw water from Lwatingu River and Omungalla argues the sewage plant will drain human waste into the river and expose residents to waterborne diseases. More...

Bernard Shinali
Bernard Shinali, the ODM candidate who successfully petitioned Dr Khalwale's election is leading in the polls as campaigns for Ikolomani heads for the homestretch.

Bernard Shinali 68%

Dr Bonny Khalwale 26%

Dr Collins Matemba 1%

Poll shows Khalwale trailing Shinali in Ikolomani

By our reporter, May 19 2011
ODM Candidate Bernard Shinali leads in new opinion poll in Ikolomani by-lections by 68% to Boni Khalwale’s 26%. The poll done by Independent Kakamega Professionals led by veteran public relations practitioner Shabanji Opukah shows voters prefer Ford-Peoples Matemba at only 1% while 5% are undecided. The poll targeted those holding voters’ cards in a sampling 1,500 voters across the Constituency between Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th May 2011. Poll shows that Shinali’s figures leapfrogged by 12% from 56% last week to 68% after a two-day foray in the constituency by Musalia Mudavadi, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government last weekend. According to Opukah, PNU candidate did Shinali a big favour when he framed the campaign as one of a PNU-versus-Musalia.

Bonny Khalwale
Dr Bonny Khalwale, the immediate former MP for Ikolomani is reportedly trailing challenger, Bernard Shinali by a huge margin, according to polls.

Khalwale did Shinali a big favour when he framed the campaign as one of PNU versus Musalia - Shabanji Opukah
Kalenjin want Kikuyu IDPs out

By Leonard Wamalwa, May 19 2011
Barely a month after the government settled over 255 families of the Internally Displaced persons from Nakuru in two pieces of land in Kwanza constituency of Trans Nzoia County, calls are still being made that the IDPs be taken back to their original homes where they were displaced from. Kalenjin council of elders in Trans Nzoia have released a press statement calling on the government to take back the victims whose settlement in the area was received with a lot of opposition from the locals and a section of the political divide. Led by Chairman Joel Rugut and secretary Job Talam, the elders said that the county has thousands of IDPs and squatters who are supposed to be settled on the pieces of land purchased by the government. “We want the government to give the land in question to our own Trans Nzoia people who have been landless for decades and the displaced as the foreign IDPs are taken to their original homes bearing in mind that there is prevailing peace in all parts of the country,” said council secretary Job Talam. At the same time the elders who are also known as Myoot council of elders decried the government’s utilization of natural resources from the region without having the residents benefiting from the very resources that they believe to be the owners. They cited the water projects that are said to benefit outsiders more than the locals who have played a crucial role in conserving the water towers and catchment areas that have realized consistent flow of water among other resources. On political issues the elders appealed for peace and unity among the many communities residing in Trans Nzoia and called for fair distribution of resources and leadership positions especially as the country prepares to embrace the county governments after the next general elections under the new constitution. More...

Egyptian mummy 1st heart disease victim: An Egyptian princess who lived 3,500 years ago is thought to be the first known person to have developed heart disease, say researchers. Doctors believe the princess would have needed a heart bypass if she were living now. Scans showed she had extensive blockages in arteries leading to her heart, brain, stomach and legs. More...
Endebess refugee camp
Internally Displaced Persons from Nakuru who have been settled at Endebess in Trans Nzoia. Locals are opposed their presence and are calling on teh government to take them back to their original homes. Photo: Leonard Wamalwa

Several properties destroyed by inferno in Busia

By Frankline Bwire, May 19 2011
A severe fire outbreak at Busia town razed down a number of business premises and destroyed property of an disclosed amount. According to the locals, the 9pm fire was catalyzed by the gas which is sold in one of the shops that were burnt before spreading to other neighboring buildings. James Ouma, a resident revealed that the fire could not be controlled following the strong wind that was blowing. “We were relying on the stagnant water alongside the road to put out the fire, which was gutting down the roof,” said Ouma. More...

Busia fire
Residents used whatever means to put out fire which enveloped several busineses in Busia township early today. Photo: Frankline Bwire

Lands records go digital

By Athman Amran, May 19 2011
The Government has begun scanning paper records at Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Thika land registries to convert them into digital form, Lands Minister James Orengo has said. The move is aimed at developing a National Land Information Management System to ensure easy access and retrieval of information and improvement of service delivery. Mr Orengo, who was opening the national stakeholders’ workshop on the Draft National Land Commission Bill at the Multi-Media University in Mbagathi, Nairobi, said the process would cover all land registries. Simplification of processes The minister said the reforms would also involve simplification of land transactions and processes. Orengo pointed out that the ministry is now implementing a modern reference network that will facilitate accurate geo-referencing. "The ministry has also developed and implemented an in-house integrated land rent database system in which people with leasehold properties can access their land rent information through the mobile phone SMS service, among others," Orengo said. The minister said there would be need to revise and harmonise various laws as the National Land Commission will manage areas that had been functions in different Government agencies. . More...

James Orengo
James Orengo, the land minister. His ministry has started digitising land records in an efort to improve efficiency.

KACC to get teeth: The era of stashing public funds abroad by top government officials will come to an end if a Bill to transform the anti-graft agency into a powerful outfit is passed by MPs. The Bill will make it an offence for public officers to open foreign bank accounts and give prosecutorial powers to the new agency. More
HIV positive teacher rapes five pupils within one hour

By Nick Oluoch, May 19 2011
Residents of Macalder area in Nyatike district are furious after a HIV-positive primary school teacher defiled five pupils. The lunch hour ordeal has sent shock waves among residents, teachers and students in Nyatike District. Police rescued the 38-year-old teacher from a mob that was baying for his blood, and locked him up at the Macalder Police Station to wait to be arraigned in court. The girls aged between six and 15 were reportedly defiled in turns by the teacher, who exploited his time alone with the pupils as his colleagues went for lunch. Nyatike District Police boss Samuel Anampiu confirmed the incident and the arrest of the teacher. He said the teacher would answer to charges related to defilement and child abuse. Mr Anampiu said the teacher had been subjected to medical examination that established he was HIV-positive. The defiled girls were taken to hospital for medical intervention to prevent possible HIV-infection. More...

Voices against upgrading of Lugulu, Kamusinga to national schools

By Rosemary Wachiye, May 18 2011
A number of citizens from Bungoma County oppose the upgrading of Lugulu Girls and Friends School Kamusinga, the best performing provincial schools in Western province to National schools. This is a move by the Secondary Schools Heads Association in full support with the Ministry of Education in selecting top performing schools from the eight provinces to a face lift. Bungoma residents Wednesday in an interview with West FM opposed this proposal basing on the fact that the two schools have been the back bone of education stands in the region owing to the fact that other schools emulate them. Being the top in the province they were admitting about 60 per cent of the students from the area and this adjustment would be a set back towards that. They argue that making them National schools will mean opening them up for students from all over the country that will face out students in the region due to stiff competition. The Public Affairs and Communications Specialist Mr. Wabwoba Mukhamule Walinywa opposed the move stating that upgrading the schools will mean losing a lot in education. Once they are nationalized they will have high pressure from across the country and this will lead to decline in performance. “Upgrading the two schools to national schools will mean denying a chance to our students as the schools may only take a small number from this area.” Said Mr. Wabwoba He proposed that the government should get an upcoming local school and fund and develop it into a national school instead of taking already established schools “The two schools have taken a lot of support to get them to where they are therefore; it is not fair for the government to set aside and wait for well developed schools to turn into national schools but instead it should develop its own national schools from scratch,” said Mr. Wabwoba. More...

Lugulu Girls
Students at the school hall of Lugulu Girls High School, Bungoma. The school is among four from Western slated for elevation to national status whoch means they'll admit students from all parts fo Kenya.

Bukusu Sabaot Elders
Peace and unity talks between Bukusu and Sabaot elders. Photo: Leonard Wamalwa
Wakoli cries foul as his house is demolished

By Lucas Barasa, May 18 2011
Lands assistant minister Bifwoli Wakoli has told Parliament that the City Council of Nairobi demolished his house on Tuesday night. Mr Wakoli said council police descended on the servant’s quarter in Nairobi's South C estate with bulldozers and brought it down. The Bumula MP said his son, who lives in the house, was inside when the askaris struck. The assistant minister, however, ran into trouble with the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende and was thrown out of Parliament for breaking the rules. Earlier while issuing a personal statement, a dejected Mr Wakoli said he bought the house using the National Assembly mortgage and that he was not served any notice before the demolition. Mr Wakoli’s neighbours were also affected by the destruction. The MP claimed his house could have been targeted because of his presidential ambitions and urged his opponents "to face me alone". Mr Marende said Local Government minister Musalia Mudavadi would look into matter. Prime Minister Raila Odinga query whether the house was a personal one or belonged to the council was not allowed as there’s normally no debate or questions after a personal statement is issued. Addressing journalists outside Parliament, Mr Wakoli claimed that his life is in danger for being a threat to some individuals eyeing the presidency in 2012. “They came with bulldozers in the middle of the night. Everything was looted. They came with a lorry,” Mr Wakoli said. More...

Bifwoli Wakoli
Sylvester Bifwoli Wakoli, an assistant minister for lands and MP for Bumula. He claims his life is in danger for harbouring presidential ambitions.

Wamalwa praises principals for endorsing Barasa, Mutunga

By Protus Simiyu, May 18 2011
Presidential candidate who is also the Saboti legislator Eugene Wamalwa has praised the two principals for endorsing the three nominees for top judicial positions. Wamalwa says the endorsement of Dr. Willy Mutunga, Nancy Barasa and Keriako Tobiko as Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice and Director of Public Prosecutions respectively by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga was highly anticipated. The Saboti Mp who is among the G7 urged his colleagues to pass the three names next week when they are presented before parliament. "The three are on record as qualified administrators of law…this country needs to move forward, and the nominees are capable of transforming the judiciary," Wamalwa asserted. The Saboti MP was campaigning for New Ford Kenya’s Benjamin Wekesa Wanyonyi in Kimilili North by-elections scheduled for May 23, 2011. More...

Bukusu, Sabaot hold peace talks

By Leonard Wamalwa, May 18 2011
A team of Bukusu community elders from Trans Nzoia, Bungoma and parts of Lugari constituency are engaged in a two-day conference to iron out differences that have plagued unity and promoted perennial conflicts with neighboring Sabaot community. According to the coordinator of the programme Festus Mukoya, the meeting is aimed at ironing out the in-house differences between members of the community itself before putting in place measures to establish a permanent and lasting solution of the recurring disputes between the two neighboring communities. Mukoya told journalists at the meeting that the two communities are the main actors of peace and unity in the counties they reside in and thus essence for harmony and unity between them. “This meeting is meant to have the people of this community be united and have one voice in handling diverse aspects affecting them especially as we move towards the county governments under the new constitution. We also want to see the community establish one umbrella body that champions for the interests of the community,” Mukoya told reporters. The coordinator further noted that the community has had a number of different organizations purporting to represent various interest groups that have not achieved much such as Bukusu community council of elites and Bukusu community council of elders association. More...

Justice O'Kubasu, Smokin Wanjala, Violet Mavisi shortlisted for supreme court judges

By Wahome Thuku & Ingwe, May 18 2011
Justice Emmanuel O'Kubasu, Justice (trd) Violet Khadi Mavisi and Smokin Wanjala, the former deputy director of Kenya Anti Corruption Commission are among candidates shortlisted for for five positions of supreme court judges. As well, eight judges who failed to secure the position of the Chief Justice and the deputy are now set to go though another round of grilling, this time for five posts in the Supreme Court. Court of Appeal judges Riaga Omolo, Alnashir Visram, Joseph Nyamu and High Court counterparts Hanna Okwengu, Mary Ang’awa, Msagha Mbogoli, Kalpana Rawal and Martha Koome will go before the Judicial Service Commission for interviews mid next month. Justice Waki will be the first to go before the JSC panel on June 6. The eight judges who were interviewed for the CJ and DCJ positions will only appear before the commission on the last two days, June 13 and 14. The eight, are among 25 candidates (16 men and nine women) short listed for appointment to the Supreme Court. Other include Court of Appeal judges Philip Waki, Emmanuel O’Kubasu, Philip Tunoi and Erastus Githinji, High Court judges Muga Apondi, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ruth Sitati, Jackton Ojwang and Jessie Lesiit. Candidates Others are former nominated MP Njoki Ndung’u, Lady Justice (Rtd) Violet Khadi Mavisi who headed the Independent Constitutional Resolution Court, Prof James Odek, Dr Smokin Wanjala, Mr Kathurima M’Inoti, Prof Phoebe Okowa, Anthony Adera and Wilfred Nderitu. The Constitution creates the new Supreme Court with the CJ as President, deputy CJ and five other judges. The court should be in place by August this year. Prof James Odek is the new dean, School of Law at the University of Nairobi’s School of Law while Mr M’Inoti is the Law Reform Commission chairman. Mr Nderitu is a former ICJ-Kenya chairman and Prof Phoebe Okowa is a law scholar at Oxford University, England. More...

Emmanuel O'KubasuSmokin Wanjala
Justice Emmanuel O'Kubasu (left) and Smokin Wanjala, the former deputy director of KACC are among candidates shortlisted for supreme court judges.
Violet Khadi Mavisi
Justice (rtd) Violet Khadi Mavisi, the former Independent Constitutional Resolution Court head, now in line for the supreme court judge.
Trans Nzoia patients return from Loliondo full of praises for the magic medicine

By John Nalianya, May 18 2011
Business came to a standstill in Kitale town following the return of a busload of Trans Nzoia residents, who had travelled to Loliondo to seek intervention from the famous traditional doctor Mzee Ambilikile Mwasapile. Curious residents jammed the main bus terminus to talk to the passengers about the doctor. Most passengers looked tired from the long journey that had taken several days. Peter Kiarie, who said he has been diabetic for the last 20 years, could not hide his joy as he narrated to the Star how he is cured and is now back to his normal diet. “Immediately I took the magic drug from Mzee Mwasapile and followed his instructions strictly, I felt a strange feeling in my body, and then a sigh of relief for my 20 years of fighting with diabetes,” he said. He said the condition had almost broken his marriage and used up all his money buying expensive drugs to control his condition. Kiarie said after years of visiting several hospitals in vain in search of treatment, he is happy that God used Mzee Mwasapile to heal him. “The man is God sent and I believe very many will be healed through the process,” he said. He believes only those with a strong faith will be healed saying that not all who travelled to Loliondo village were cured. Kiarie said the drug was not allowed out of the “holy shrine” saying Mzee Mwasapile insisted that the concoction became poisonous once it left the place. He believes that Mzee Mwasapile’s shrine is a holy place that despite thousands of people jamming the small dusty village there were no scenes of immorality, theft or robbery. Kiarie also had boils on his legs and head but they disappeared after he drank the concoction. An elderly woman who was on the trip said she had lost her sight seven years ago but could now see after drinking the concoction. More...

Loliondo Babu Mwaisapile
Babu Mwaisapile, teh retired Lutheran cleric whose home has become a shrine visited by thousands in search of a wonder drug he developed. Among those paying homage is a group of patients from Trans Nzoia. There is even a weekly bus service from Kitale to Loliondo village, near Arusha, Tanzania.

Cop with stolen bodaboda lynched at Luanda

By Justus Ochieng, May 18 2011
A police officer was yesterday lynched after he was found riding a stolen motorbike yesterday. The officer from Maseno who was in civilian clothes was spotted by boda boda operators in Luanda where they stoned him to death. Kisumu police boss John Mwinzi said police had been told the motorcycle was stolen and they are investigating the circumstances under which the officer got the bike. The body was taken to Yala sub-district hospital mortuary for postmortem. More...

ODM makes inroads into Ford-K stronghold of Kiminini

By Aden Bonaya, May 17 2011
The Orange Democratic Party (ODM) has moved to solidify its support in the Ford Kenya strong hold of Western province ahead of the forthcoming 2012 general election. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local government Musalia Mudavadi who is also the ODM party deputy leader was yesterday in Kimilili town to drum up support for ODM civic candidate in Kimilili North Ward by-election in Kimilili constituency of Bungoma County. Accompanied by ODM legislators Kanduyi MP Alfred Khangati and Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba, Mudavadi stressed the need for the leaders to work as a team to bring meaningful change in the region. He reiterated that the lone ranger type of politics embraced by some leaders in the area is non-progressive and doomed to fail in the future politics of the country. Legislators Ababu Namwamba and Alfred Khangati dismissed the candidature of Eugene Wamalwa for presidency and termed it a ploy to divide the Luhya votes to give others a chance to ascent to power. “Wamalwa is being used as a flower girl in somebody else wedding. We are better than that”, declared Ababu. They said the Bukusu sub tribe has become an easy target always being used by others to divide Luhya votes and undermine unity. “We value the importance of the Bukusus in the house of Mulembe. We respect this community for giving us renowned leaders such as Masinde Muliro and Wamalwa Kijana but it is high time we knew who our enemies are”, said Ababu. They pleaded with the Bukusu to unite with other sub tribes of the Luhya and support ODM which they said will deliver the opportunity to lead the country as prophesised by Elijah Masinde. Khangati said voting for the ODM candidate in the civic by-election will be a test of Luhya loyalty to ODM party before the forthcoming general election. The Kimilili ward by-election which encompasses Kimilili town will provide platform for FORD Kenya and New FORD Kenya to test their strength in the area while ODM will use the opportunity to stretch its dominance. The seat which fell vacant after the demise of the late Fred Barasa has attracted five contestants from FORD Kenya, New FORD Kenya and ODM and outsiders NARC Kenya and National Vision party.

Kiminini women
Kiminini women in Trans Nzoia entertain Musalia Mudavadi during a campaign rally for a civic by-election scheduled for May 23 2011.
Otuoma protests at graft allegations in Funyula

By Frankline Bwire, May 17 2011
Minister for Youth and Sports affairs Dr. Paul Otuoma has dismissed allegations reported by the National Tax Payers Association (NTA) on the misuse of over Sh 34 million in his Funyula constituency. Dr. Otuoma said that the report released was based on politics with the aim of tainting his political career, following the false allegations, accusing the NTA coordinator for using dirty ways of wanting to get positions in Busia County. “It is a wrong way to go and they should have faced the Constituency Development Committee to ascertain the truth, besides visiting projects undertaken in the area. This are public funds and must be audited’” he charged. The MP called upon the National CDF board, in collaboration with other organisations to intervene the issue and liaise with the Ministry of Justice to ensure the CDF act is understood well. “I would like to urge Oparanya not to take the issue lightly because it is hurting people in the area, due to the wrong information that was made public,” He stressed that his constituency was still on the forefront in academics with the best transition record, not forgetting security. “CDF funds have undertaken many activities deemed important and should not interpreted wrongly,” said the Sports Minister. Meanwhile, Samia residents led by the Namboboto civic leader Mr. Benson Odunga, together with the ODM secretary for Makadara constituency, Vincent Odwara, called upon the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to intervene the use of funds in their constituency. The civic leader noted that the tendering process and the various contracts awarded in the area by the Constituency Development Committee were biased, depending on friendship. More...

Ford People finally arrives in Ikolomani to campaign for its candidate

By John Kabaka, May 17 2011
First it was the Prime Minister then his deputy Musalia Mudavadi who pitched camp in Ikolomani to campaign for their contestant Bernard Shinali. After some days Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua led a convoy of party leaders to campaign for the New Ford Kenya candidate Dr. Bonni Khalwale. Sooner than later, New ford Kenya party leader Soita Shitanda and the party presidential candidate Eugene Wamalwa toured Ikolomani and urged the electorate to vote Khalwale back to give him a chance to complete projects he had initiated. Meanwhile Ford People candidate, Dr. Collins Matemba has been waiting patiently and patience paid as the party leadership led by Ford People national chairman arrived in Ikolomani yeserday to help him with the last touches as the campaigns enter homestretch. Obwocha in the company of the party national executive office has now pitched camp in Ikolomani to seek votes for their candidate. Obwocha said the electorate should consider electing Dr. Matemba to improve the deteriorated education level and use his advantage being in the education field. “As you know Dr. Matemba is a man whose specialisation is in education and we urge the people of Ikolomani that if they elect him they would have got one person who knows what education is all about” he said. More...

Collins Matemba and Henry Obwocha
Henry Obwocha (left), the Ford People chairman and Dr Collins Matemba, the party candidate for Ikolomani by-elections on a campaign trail in Idakho yesterday. Photo: John Kabaka

Principals pick Tobiko as chief prosecutor

By our correspondent, May 17 2011
Kenyan President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga settled on chief public prosecutor Keriako Tobiko for the position of Director of Public Prosecutions Tuesday. The principals also approved the nominees to the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice posts Dr Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza respectively. The decision was reached after consultations held at President Kibaki's Harambee House office. Mr Tobiko was among three nominees forwarded to the principals by a panel led by Cotu secretary-general Francis Atwoli. The others were lawyers Dorcas Oduor and Patrick Kiage. More...

Principals approve Barasa, Mutunga for judicial jobs

By Oliver Mathenge, May 17 2011
President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Monday endorsed the nominees for the top Judiciary posts, paving the way for vetting by Parliament. They also picked Mr Keriako Tobiko as the nominee for the Director of Public Prosecutions during a meeting at Harambee House, sources said. The two principals met as Nairobi lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui went to court opposing the nominees on grounds that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) limited the options by submitting only the names of Dr Willy Mutunga for CJ and Ms Nancy Barasa for Deputy CJ. The JSC forwarded the names after interviewing 18 candidates, who included Court of Appeal and High Court judges. Mr Tobiko, the chief public prosecutor, was among three nominees forwarded to the principals by a panel led by Cotu secretary-general Francis Atwoli. Commission on Implementation of the Constitution chairman Charles Nyachae said they were satisfied with the way the nominations were arrived at. “If it is the issue of the process, then my answer is an unequivocal yes that the process was right and meets the demands of the Constitution,” he said. More...

Ruto, Kenyatta and some churches oppose the nominees.

Lawyer goes to court to block Nancy Barasa and Dr Willy Mutunga

Nancy Barasa
Nancy Barasa, the deputy Chief Justice nominee passed the second hurdle when president Kibaki and prime minister, Raila Odinga her alongside Dr Willy Mutunga for CJ yesterday. The last hurdle is Parliament which must approve the nominees by majority votng.

Nairobi web conference to discuss porn domain

By Fredrick Obura, May 16 2011
Intellectual property rights, security, and Internet stability and control are key issues set to dominate the sixth annual Internet Governance Forum set for Nairobi in September. Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf, both Internet founders would be among the 1,500 delegates at Nairobi’s Gigiri UN headquarters attending the controversial Internet control debate that has seen many governments oppose licensing of the controversial pornographic domain name (dot.xxx) by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). More...

Four Western schools elevated to national status

By Peter Orengo & Ingwe, May 17 2011
Kakamega Boys, Lugulu Girls, Bunyore Girls, Friends Kamusinga are among 30 provincial schools nationwide elevated to a national status over which there is cutthroat competition and first-class facilities. The bold move not only upsets the tradition where the number of such privileged schools has remained constant since Independence, but seeks to whet the national appetite for this cadre of schools across the country. This year, the clamour for national school places, which are perennial top performers and boast of superior facilities peaked, prompting the Ministry of Education to scratch its head on how to solve the problem. The new list, drawn by a team of Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association with the full knowledge of the Education ministry, identified top performing schools from the eight provinces for a State-funded face-lift. The schools were selected from different counties and will each receive Sh25 million for infrastructure upgrading, and be ready to take in more students next year. It is expected that once the process is finalised, the national schools will be able to absorb 10,000 students next year. This year, the current 18 national schools were able to take only 4,000 students. More...

Kakamega, Bunyore, Lugulu, Friends Kamusinga now national schools

World record holder leaps to death in Nyahururu

By David Macharia, May 17 2011
World marathon champion Sammy Wanjiru died in unclear circumstances on Monday amid sensational revelations about his troubled family life. Wanjiru, at only 24, was one of the world’s greatest marathon talents. He had won four top marathons — the London, New York and Chicago races as well as the Olympics in Beijing. According to police accounts, Wanjiru leapt to his death from the first floor balcony of his Nyahururu home on Sunday night. His wife, Triza Njeri had returned to Nyahururu unexpectedly and found him in bed with another woman, according to these accounts. There was a quarrel and his wife locked the door from outside. Wanjiru, wanting to reach out to his wife, found the door locked and opted to jump down the balcony, police claimed. Earlier in the day, police were generally unsuspicious and seemed satisfied that Wanjiru committed suicide. But they later said they were making inquiries to establish whether he set out to kill himself by jumping. Some of his friends and relatives said he was so troubled by his marriage, that he had sent an SMS threatening to kill himself. But his manager, Dr Federico Rosa, said suicide was out of the question. He had spoken to him on Saturday and he was relaxed and happy and looking forward to races later in the year, he said. Top security officers in Nyahururu Town, including Nyahururu DC Lucy Mulili, Nyandarua OCPD Jaspher Ombati and DCIO Isaac Onyango, met the family, led by the athlete’s mother, Ms Hanna Wanjiru.

Love triangle blamed for athlete's premature death as world mourns international record holder

Samuel Wanjiru
A smiling Samuel Wanjiru after winning Olympic Gold medal in Beijing in 2008. Centre: his Nyahuru home, the scene of yesterday's tragedy. Right: His wife Trizah Njeri is consoled by a friend outside the town mortuary yesterday.

Nyahera witchcraft
House of Nyahera witches lynched by an irate mob. Nyahera witches lynched

By Samuel Otieno, May 17 2011
Two members of one family were lynched and their houses and cattle’s torched after they were alleged to be behind several deaths in the village and practicing witchcraft. The lynching was considered as “community justice" by a group of people in Nyahera, Kisumu County. On Sunday night, villagers found the body of a missing nine-year-boy at a maize plantation belong to the suspect.

They marched to his home and found his wife whom they beat up and set the family houses ablaze. Five houses and a granary were razed. According to eye witness Robert Ouko, the man returned and found his wife dead and rushed to report the matter to the police station. But when the police arrived, the villagers overpowered them and they left the man to the mob who lynched him. “After beating him to death, they gathered the bodies and set them on fire before locking the animals in one of the houses. They torched the houses as well. They threatened to also kill the kids of the two deceased persons but some of the kids ran away and sought refuge at their sympathetic neighbours',” said Ouko. Kisumu OCPD John Mwinzi confirmed the incident saying the villagers had accused the man in four previous deaths. Mwinzi said the allegations by the locals could not be verified and the man was released. More...
Five critically injured after road crash in Bungoma

By our correspondents, May 16 2011
Five passengers have been admitted at the Bungoma District hospital in critical condition after they were involved a near fatal road accident early this morning at Kananachi area near Mayanja Market in Bungoma South district. Earlier, there had been fears that three had died but the doctors have since confirmed only five were in critical condition while seven have already been treated and discharged. According to the District Medical Superitendant Dr. Mulianga Ekesa, "the hospital received 12 accident victims of which seven were treated and discharged and five admitted but in stable condition." According to eye witnesses, the passenger Nissan Matatu was headed to Bungoma town when the driver lost control as he tried to avoid hitting a motorcycle rider thus plunging into a ditch. Residents who rushed to scene managed to rescue the passengers and rushed to the Bungoma district Hospital for medical attention. On board, according to the eyewitnesses, was a Bungoma High School student. The area resident blamed the poor state of the road for the accident saying could it have been well maintained and potholes filled, the driver could have tried to save the passengers as they noted he could not evade them is as much as he tried. More...

Mayanja Market Bungoma
An early morning crash today left five people critically injured at Kananachi in Bungoma. Picture shows the ill fated van being pulled from the scene of accident. Photo: Protus Simiyu

Ruto opposes nomination of Barasa, Mutunga

By Philip Mwakio, May 16 2011
Two MPs have faulted the Judicial Service Commission for nominating only two individuals for the posts of Chief Justice and his deputy. Eldoret North MP William Ruto and Kaloleni counterpart Kazungu Kambi said JSC should have nominated three names for each post and forwarded them for consideration. "We want the Judicial Service Commission to nominate two more for each of the vacant posts before forwarding them to the President," Ruto demanded. He did not, however, specify whether he wanted the whole process repeated. More...

With one week to go, fight for Ikolomani reaches fever pitch

By John Kabaka, May 16 2011
Political campaigns in Ikolomani constituency by-election has intensified as the campaign heads home stretch with just over a week left before voters go to polls to elect their next member of parliament. Orange Democratic Party (ODM) bigwigs pitched camp in Ikolomani constituency for the second day running in an effort to woe voters to support their candidate Mr. Bernard Shinali in the upcoming by-election. ODM campaign team led by Deputy Prime Minister who is also the ODM party deputy addressed 13 rallies in the northern locations of Shirimba,Isulu and Shesele. The team composed of ministers and host of MPs urged the voters to vote for Shinali to increase ODM strength in Parliament to pass more bills aimed at improving the welfare of the common mwananchi. Dpm Musalia said the ODM party plans to bring several motions to Parliament including a motion to deal with recruitment of teachers on contract, on curtailing the free rise in basic commodity prices and laws to implement the Constitution. “To pass all these bills the ODM needs numbers in Parliament and voting for Shinali will give the party the strength. Parliament is about team work and party with one MP will go no where in such endeavours to benefit common man”, said Musalia. Musalia cautioned the locals against a scheme he said have been hatched by their opponent in order to win the by-election and deny ODM the victory. Others in the campaign trail were Ministers James Orengo,Paul Otuoma,Wycliffe Oparanya and the party secretary general, Anyang Nyong’ and host of party MPs who accused the leadership of Khalwale for the high poverty and poor road infrastructure experienced in the constituency. They appealed to the electorate to vote for Shinali on 23rd may to bring change and ensure fair distribution of resources which has been biased under Khalwale’s watch. The candidate Bernard Shinali blamed poor road infrastructure, misuse of devolved funds such as CDF, the poor state of health facilities and promotion of clannism on former MP Bonny Khalwale. More...

Musalia Mudavadi
Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister who has pitched camp in Ikolomani to fight for ODM candidate, Bernard Shinali who is up against the bullfighter, Dr Bonny Khalwale in a by-election scheduled for Monday, May 23 2011. Photo: John Kabaka

Kenyan scientist in major drug breakthrough

By Gatonye Gatura, May 16 2011
A Kenyan scientist is at the centre of a breakthrough in the treatment of hepatitis C. The new drug was approved by the US Federal Drug Agency on Friday. Dr George Njoroge, the director of medicinal chemistry at the Merck Research Laboratories in Kenilworth, New Jersey, US, was one of the researchers involved in development of the drug. According to the US medical regulatory authorities, the development of the drug, Victrelis, is the biggest progress in the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the last decade. “Victrelis is an important new advance for patients with hepatitis C,” said Dr Edward Cox of the US Federal Drug Agency in a statement issued last Friday. Dr Cox continued: “This new medication provides an effective treatment for a serious disease, and offers a greater chance of cure for some patients’ hepatitis C infection compared to currently available therapy.” The product will be marketed by Merck & Co. Telling of the challenges faced in modern drug discovery in an earlier paper, Dr Njoroge, who obtained a degree in chemistry at the University of Nairobi in 1979, said it was a complex process. People can get the hepatitis C virus in a number of ways, including exposure to blood that is infected with the virus, being born to a mother with HCV, sharing a needle, having sex with an infected person, sharing personal items. More...

Busia youth told to grow white sorghum as a cash crop

By Frankline Bwire, May 16 2011
Youth have been urged to embrace the cultivation of the white sorghum following a wide availability of market, to sell the crop. The Director Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board, Ms. Susan Mang’eni, Said that the East African Breweries limited is offering a broad market for the sorghum, which is set to replace barley in the production of their products. Speaking in Busia town during a one day workshop to empower youth on the white sorghum, Ms. Mang’eni said that Western province has fertile soil for the cultivation of the crop, after a pilot program was undertaken. “This will be a proper way of investing the youth fund, following big returns, besides the availability of a ready market, and will also aid in mitigating the defaults during the repayment period,” said Mang’eni. She revealed that the Youth fund had a lot of money allocated for the youth and was proper for them to venture into businesses that would aid them get high returns quickly. Ms. Mang’eni noted that most youths were complaining of land to undertake their farming activities, appealing to parents to be prepared in providing land to motivate them. “This is the time when necessary support is needed, to ensure that the youth undertake their projects through support from parents,” said the Director. She added that several groups in Busia were requesting to be funded through assets, in a bid to aid them mitigate losses which have continued to be witnessed in several groups. She maintained that western province has several opportunities which should be utilized by the youth in the region to ensure that they benefit fully from the funds being provided for them. Busia District Agricultural officer Mr. Samson Khachina advised them to avoid undertaking farming as the last resort, but to give it priority in their projects. In attendance was the Busia Youth officer Mr. Patrick Wanyama together with the Samia Youth officer Mr. Kwake Masaku among others. More...

Busia white sorghum
Susan Mang'eni
Susan Mang'eni, director, Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board, addressing youth from the larger Busia County on the benefits of growing white sorghum (top) which has a ready market at Kenya Breweries. Photos: Frankline Bwire.
ODM now goes for door to door campaign in Ikolomani

By Hilton Otenyo, May 13 2011
ODM has changed its campaign strategy from public rallies to a door-to-door approach as campaigns for Ikolomani by-lection hot up. Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito, co-ordinating the party campaigns, said the party opted to a face-to-face style to establish direct talks with voters. Kizito, who has teamed up with Matungu ODM branch secretary Raphael Welimo, said the campaign team has been divided into groups to cover the whole constituency. He said the party decided to split the teams so as not to crowd the candidate’s timetable and allow him sufficient time with voters. Kizito said all ODM MPs from Kakamega County will join the campaigns next week to ensure the party wins the seat. “This is a seat the party cannot afford to lose. We badly need it now than ever before,” said Kizito. The campaigns for the seat moved a notch higher this week with Prime Minister Raila Odinga visiting the constituency on Sunday to campaign for ODM candidate Bernard Shinali. Narc-Kenya chairman Martha Karua campaigned for former MP Bonni Khalwale on Wednesday. Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi is expected to join the campaigns tomorrow and Sunday while the PM will return to the constituency on Thursday. He is expected to unveil the tarmacking of the Sigalaga-Butere-Sidindi road during his second visit of the constituency in less than a week. Official campaign period allowed by the electoral commission ends on May 21. The seat has attracted three candidates - Shinali, Khalwale and Ford-People’s Collins Matemba. Yesterday, Kizito said Karua’s declaration that she belongs to Western was an affront to Luhyas. More...

Paul Nyambala
Paul Nyambala, the Nyanza representative at the ongoing education taskforce seminars at Kisumu Girls' High School on re-alignment of education in line with the new constitution and Vision 2030.
Martha Karua
Martha Karua has declared that she belongs to Western. Is she a Luhya? No proof yet but rumours are swirling...
Education stakeholders want 8-4-4 scrapped

By Angwenyi Gichana, May 13 2011
Sweeping changes in the current education system have been proposed by stakeholders from three counties. Giving their views to the taskforce on re-alignment of education sector to the constitution, stakeholders from Busia, Siaya and Kisumu counties called for an overhaul of the 8:4:4. Speaking during the taskforce hearing at Kisumu Girls' High School, most stakeholders were unanimous 8:4:4 be abolished and the re-introduced. During the session chaired by official Paul Nyambala some stakeholders said the current curriculum should be changed and aligned with the Vision 2030 goals. “Our curriculum should not only be in line with the constitution, but also to the vision 2030,” said Paul Omollo, an official of KUPPET. He said that feeding programme be introduced in universities as students had resorted to unorthodox means of getting money for food. Collins Otieno suggested that tax on all education materials be waived to make it accessible to all. “Education is becoming a reserve for the rich and efforts should be made to make it accessible to all,” he suggested. More...

Marende angers PNU hawks: PNU is furious with Speaker Kenneth Marende over his Wednesday ruling that has shifted control of the constitutional legislative process to the parliamentary Committee on Implementation that is dominated by the ODM. Six PNU MPs and their allies yesterday wrote a protest note to Marende challenging his decision to remove the troubled Legal Affairs and Administration of Justice Committee from the implementation process. More...
Nancy Baraza 'gets' deputy CJ

By Paul Ogemba, May 13 2011
The Judicial Service Commission has nominated lawyers Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza for the positions of Kenya's Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice respectively. The names have been forwarded to President Kibaki, who will then submit them to Parliament for approval. If the House approves the names, the two will await formal appointment by the President. However, in the event Parliament rejects the nominees the process will start afresh. In their choice of the two, JSC chairperson Christine Mango said they had picked renown reformers, a man and a woman of impeccable record, integrity and sound legal grounding. “We have picked people who will reform the justice system and our judiciary. They are a man and a woman we as the Judicial Service Commission have full faith, confidence and trust,” said Prof Mango. She said the commission was looking for candidates who will lead by example, persons of great depth of legal and constitutional learning, whose integrity is impeccable and beyond reproach, and who have a record of independence and cannot be influenced by political pressure. She said that the commission was satisfied with the choice of Dr Mutunga due to his academic records and struggle for reforms in the country’s political history. “He is a former law school lecturer, a former chairman of the Law Society of Kenya and a renown reformer in the political struggle of our country. He has also practiced law for over three decades,” said Prof Mango. In their choice of Ms Baraza for the post of deputy Chief Justice, the commission cited her academic records and legal reforms activism. Ms Baraza has a Masters degree in Law and is presently a PhD student at the University of Nairobi. “She is the vice chairperson of the Kenya Law Reform Commission and former chairperson of FIDA. She is an advocate of the High Court and practiced law for over three decades,” explained Prof Mango. More...

Nancy BarazaWilly Mutunga
Nancy Baraza and Dr Willy Mutunga who have been nominated for the positions of deputy chief justice and chief justice, respectively after a rigorous public interview process.

Civil servants union gets new officials

By Westfm, May 13 2011
The delegates participating in the proceeding were from both Bungoma and Mt Elgon regions with 18 from Mt Elgon and 17 from Bungoma. The candidates that were running for the Executive Secretary position were Mr. Ndiema Kiene and Mrs. Ruth Barasa and Mr. Jovan Manyu and Mr. Makila Patrick for the Deputy Executive Secretary position respectively. Mr Ndiema Kiano from Mt.Elgon won the position by one vote and upon his victory thanked the delegates for participating as well as selecting him as the new County Executive Secretary. In a bid to promote equal representation of both Bungoma and Mt.Elgon regions, the County Executive Secretary elect proposed that the Deputy County Executive Secretary elect, Mr.Yovan Manyu also from Mt Elgon relinquish his position to allow delegates from Bungoma to chose a deputy of their own choice from Bungoma. More...

Taita man jailed for sodomising his sick father

By Renson Mnyamwezi, May 13 2011
A man has been jailed for 10 years for sodomising his ailing father in Taita-Taveta County. Wundanyi Resident Magistrate K I Orenge found Joseph Mwamburi Kapanga, who had earlier denied committing the offence, guilty. Prosecution was led by Chief Inspector Sammy Ombogo. The accused was charged that on diverse dates in February at unknown time at Wesu market in Wundanyi had carnal knowledge of his father against the order of nature. The prosecution told the court the complainant was at his house with his wife when the accused, who is his son, came and threatened to kill his mother. "I was at Wesu sleeping when the accused came to my room and sodomised me. I suffer from stroke and my daughter Fiona came and found the accused in the act and screamed," the old man told the packed court. "I have been sick for 14 years," the complainant told the court. "He came at night and covered my mouth using a white cloth and sodomised me again." More...

An internally displaced person. Kalenjin tribesmen in Eldoret East have opposed settlement of 2,000 IDP's claining they are foreigners. The locals say there are thousands of IDPs from previous ethnic battles dating back to 1992 who deserve to be settled first. They have threatened to invade the farm and subdivide it among themselves.
Kalenjin tribesmen resist Kikuyu IDP settlements

By Samuel Koech, May 13 2011
Landless people in Uasin Gishu County have threatened to invade a farm purchased for resettlement of internally displaced persons. The land in Eldoret East was meant to accommodate IDPs from Mawingu in Nyandarua. In a meeting on Thursday, more than 2,000 people said they would invade Chemusian Farm next week and subdivide it among themselves if the talks between them and the provincial administration fail to yield results. Led by their chairman Bramwel Kimeli, the locals said the plan to resettle the IDPs on the farm was bound to spark ethnic unrest in the region. He described the plan as unreasonable since there were many people in the area who have been landless since 1992. “We have a lot of people who have been landless in the area and the government should have given them priority as beneficiaries of the land. We will resist the plan to settle any outsiders on this land while our people are languishing in poverty,” said Mr Kimeli. The 1,040-acre farm is said to have been sold by an ex Moi aide. More...

Clan to play a decisive role in Ikolomani by-elections

By John Kabaka, May 12 2011
As the Ikolomani by-election date nears, campaigns for the next MP have reached fever pitch with analysts terming it as most intriguing. In the past few days, the area has witnessed a flurry of high profile campaigns with ODM party leader Raila Odinga, who is also the Prime Minister, leading his party in campaigning for their candidate while Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua led other political leaders aligned to PNU in campaigning for the immediate former MP Dr. Bonny Khalwale who is seeking re-election on a New Ford Kenya ticket. New ford Kenya is aligned to PNU and is also preparing to camp in the constituency with a battalion of the G7 leaders led by Housing Minister Soita Shitanda, who is the party leader and Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa who is the party’s presidential candidate and Eldoret North MP William Ruto, Deputy Prime Minister and minister for Finance, Uhuru Kenyatta and Tourism minister Najib Balala among other politicians mostly those who have severed links with the PM. However, it is not the might of those campaigning in the region for either candidate but the most striking factor here is that the candidates share blood relations though not strong. But this is not stopping any one of them as each tries to manoeuvre his way in which can be as well referred to as a serious hunt for votes. Two of the three eligible and viable candidates: Bernard Shinali of ODM and Dr. Collins Matemba of Ford People are from the Abashimuli clan. This is the largest clan in Ikolomani. Dr. Bonny Khalwale is an Omusali from the second largest Abamusali clan. The two clans have produced former Members of Parliament namely Seth Lugonzo, Joseph Mugalla, and Benjamin Magwaga. The tussle and hustle for the seat could further be complicated by the fact that the three candidates are cousins involved in what is shaping into a political rivalry among siblings. More...

Political high and mighty camp in Ikolomani but clan holds the ace

Collins Mutembwa, Bernard Shinali and Bonny Khalwale
From left: Bernard Shinali, Dr Collins Mutemba and Dr Bonny Khalwale who are all eyeing the Ikolomani seat in a by-election scheduled for May 23 2011.
Martha Karua and Bonny Khalwale
Martha Karua, the fiery Gichugu MP comes to Ikolomani to help Dr Bonny Khalwale recapture his seat in the May 23 by-election. Photos: Westfm
Nancy Baraza wants activism in judiciary

By Moses Njagih, May 12 2011
A candidate seeking the Deputy Chief Justice position has defended the need for "spices" of activism in the Judiciary, saying it is the only way to create a pro-people system. Former commissioner with the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC) Nancy Baraza told the interview panel one of the problems facing the Judiciary was its treatment as an institution operating outside the forces of the society. "We must encourage activism in the Judiciary for a good cause. That way we will start viewing Judiciary from the prism of power to a prism of service delivery," said the Kenyatta University law lecturer. Baraza was responding to a question from commissioner Florence Mwangangi on whether she would advocate for judicial activism. Questions Mwangangi: Do you think judicial activism has a room in our Judiciary? Baraza: Yes, activism makes you challenge the status quo, it is a positive value. In India, for example, through judicial activism, they managed to develop a pro-people jurisprudence. I would want to call it innovation of the courts. Mwangangi: Is it (activism) related to the rule of law? Baraza: I believe it is. Actually, I believe that a spice of activism is what has been lacking in Kenya’s Judiciary. Before joining the CKRC, I was in the streets where we joined civil society groups and politicians in fighting for reforms. That is activism. But the lawyer, who said she would be completing her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in law, said there had been a strong opposition from the Judiciary against reforms in the institution. More...

Nancy Baraza
Nancy Baraza, the lawyer being interviewed for the position of deputy chief justice early today.

Teso murder suspects arrested

By Reuben Olita, May 12 2011
Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of a 40-year-old man in Teso. Timothy Etyang was killed on Tuesday while on his way home from Changara market. He was attacked at 5pm after buying meat and maize meal for his family's dinner. An eyewitness said Etyang was with his two children when he was stopped and beaten to death as his children watched. A cousin, who tried to rescue him, was threatened with similar treatment and told to leave the scene. Human rights activist, Stephen Epale, claimed some of the witnesses received death threats and appealed to the police to arrest three suspects still at large. The motive of the murder remained a mystery, but sources suggested it could be linked to a land dispute. More...

PNU plots to ban opinion polls

By Isaac Ongiri, May 12 2011
President Kibaki's Party of National Unity is now planning to control opinion polls. A team of PNU lawyers working with MPs Jamleck Kamau (Kigumo) and John Muthutho (Naivasha) are drafting a Bill to control opinion polls conducted by research companies and even media houses. Kamau yesterday filed a party motion in Parliament calling for regulation of opinion polls. The Bill will create an Opinion Polls Control Board to regulate the conduct of surveys. One clause under consideration is a requirement that the Board approves all questionnaires in advance and authorise results of surveys before they are released to the public. The Bill is intended to end political opinion polls altogether, according to inside sources. Yesterday Kamau, the PNU vice chairman, confirmed the upcoming crackdown. “Mututho and I are working on a Bill that will put discipline and restore professionalism in the operations of research so far as opinion polls are concerned. This will be in the House in a matter of weeks,” said Kamau. Yesterday the Managing Director of the Synovate Kenya George Waititu said that the research industry will suffer severely if the two MPs and the PNU succeeded in pushing government into regulating the industry. “This is actually war on the freedom of expression and an attempt by the two MPs to gag the media because it is the media that publishes those polls,” Waititu said. Other researchers in Kenya include Infotrak, Consumer Insight and Strategic Research. Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba opposed the motion saying it was coined to undermine the constitution that has guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of expressions to Kenyans. “This motion touches on the fundamental rights of the people of Kenya. We must be careful to ensure we do not violate our new constitution,” Namwamba said. More...

Bungoma prisoners add spice to centenary celebrations

By Daniel Saenyi & Rosemary Wachiye, May 12 2011
As the Prison service marked 100 years of service countywide, inmates from the Bungoma prison were not left out as they celebrated by cleaning Bungoma town and a children’s home. In the event that included the prisoners and wardens, they visited the Kanduyi children’s home where they slashed the compound, weeded the flower beds, and planted vegetables on the children’s home garden while others engaged in other domestic chores. The Bungoma inmates and their warders also offered boxes of bar soap, bags of dry maize, and packets of sweets to bring joy, happiness and satisfaction to the orphans at the children’s home. Speaking at the event, the Bungoma Prisons Superintendant, Mr. Benjamin Chebet said, in their service as government officials, their ultimate dream is to give back to the community more so the less privileged persons like the orphans. “As government officials our ultimate dream to give back to the community more so the less privileged persons like the orphans.’’ said Mr. Benjamin Chebet. Mrs. Violet Mwaniki, the children’s home administrator also urged other well wishers to come to their aid as she thanked the prison officers of choosing to visit the home. “I urge other well wishers to come out and offer their support to our facility which has 36 children and has a capacity of 45,” Said Mwaniki. Apart from visiting the children’s home, the officers and the inmates cleaned streets in Bungoma town and also unblocked drainage pipes. This move was applauded by the Bungoma Public Health officer Mr. Xavier Tunduli who also urged other organizations to emulate this gesture and organize sanitation campaigns. More...

Bungoma Prison
Bungoma inmates doing something for a charitable cause as part of events marking 100 years of prisons service in Kenya. Photo: Westfm

Busia inmates want certificates of good conduct

By Gilbert Ochieng, May 12 2011
Inmates at the Busia prison have suggested they be handed a certificate of good conduct after completing their jail terms. They contended that the certificate would contribute towards their rehabilitation and acceptance back into society. The certificate, they said, would enable them find jobs since they had been trained. They said employers require candidates to provide the paper before an interview can be arranged. Some leave prison reformed and trained in carpentry and sheet metal work after formal and informal education. At the same time, Busia Prison marked its centennial during which prison chiefs and prisoners planted trees, sealed potholes and cleared bushes on four-kilometre stretch of the Busia–Kisumu highway. According to Prison welfare officer, William Angira, prisons have shifted from punishment to correction centres through training, formal and informal education and counseling. He said inmates are supplied ARVs for HIV/AIDS victims and treatment of other diseases. More...

Stakeholders present proposals for education in the new constitution

By Leonard Wamalwa, May 11 2011
Stakeholders from three counties in Western and North Rift regions flocked the Kitale Technical Institute grounds ready to present their views and proposals to the government task force on the realignment of the education sector to the new constitution. Comprised of Education officers, provincial administrators including two district commissioners, Teachers organizations representatives: Kenya National Union of Teachers-KNUT, Kenya Union of Post Primary education teachers-KUPPET, KEPSHA-Kenya Primary school heads association, parents’ representatives among others gave diverse views, observations and proposals during the one day workshop. Coming from Trans Nzoia, Pokot and Bungoma counties, the participants shared similar views and proposals among them the bursary fund from the ministry of education which they said should be handled at school level where the teachers are better placed to know the needy pupils and students who deserve assistance through such a kitty. The free secondary education that caters the day school students was highlighted by noting that the government should enact a law that shall affirm the existence of the program which they said it came into existence through a political declaration hence might be removed by future leaders if not established legally. “As we move closer to the next general election we are a worried for subsidized free secondary education because we do not know what the new government will say regarding the program hence we recommend that there be enactment of a law pertaining the same and also put in place a special unit in the ministry of education specifically to handle the free secondary education,” noted one presenter. More...

Protus Osianju
Protus Osianju, an education officer from Bungoma County give his views during a stakeholders conference on the role fo education in the new constitution. Photo: Leonard Wamalwa

Two cattle rustlers die after taking ritual medicine

By Justus Ochieng, May 2011
Two suspected cattle rustlers have died after taking a concoction of herbs. Maurice Ochieng Owuor and Charles Omondi died moments after drinking the potion at Doho village in Ugenya. A third suspect, Ogutu Odhiambo, was rushed to the Ukwala Sub-district Hospital in critical condition. Villagers said the three, who had been caught by the cattle owner, were frogmarched by villagers to the herbalists home. An eyewitness said villagers who drunk the concoction did not show any signs of ill health arguing that the three had been punished for stealing the cattle. The local police said cases of cattle rustling were on the rise but urged the residents to report the suspects to the authorities. The police said it is against the law to punish suspects. “The three suspects including the woman and the magician have been arrested and are awaiting to be arraigned in court,” the police said. More...

NGO launches bid to eradicate street orphans in Busia

By Frankline Bwire, May 11 2011
A Community Based Organization in Busia District is calling upon various stakeholders and business people to join hands in aiding orphans in the streets. Human Support Organization (HUSO) Secretary Mr. Isaac Lubiya says that despite of plans to eradicate children from the streets, they still lack a home where they can be taken care of. Lubiya adds that most of them have the passion of learning, with ambitions of becoming doctors and engineers in future. “Some say their age limit of joining primary schools is gone and prefer joining polytechnics, where they can gain skills to aid them better their lives in different careers,” said the secretary. He notes that several orphans have ended up in streets following abandonment by relatives, resulting to an increase in their number. He reveals that several orphanages in Busia have continued to reject them, asserting that they will instill bad behavior, besides transmitting diseases to the other children. HUSO Secretary adds that most people in the community have remained with divided misconceptions about the street children, perceiving them as drug addicts and thieves. He further asserts that despite of the children having been brought together, fights are being witnessed among them, signifying hatred within some of them since they do not understand each other well. According to Antony Ochoe, life in the streets has remained difficult, forcing him to mop bars and hotels to get money. Being one of the street children, he is forced to dispose garbage from several hotels a times, in return for food. More...

Isaac Lubiya Busia Street orphans
Children quench their thirst with soft drinks, during the World Orphans day at the Human Support Organization offices in Busia. Below: group photo of HUSO staff and some of the orphans. Photos: Frankline Bwire
HUSO, Busia
Residents horrified as infant`s body is found in a nearby Kitale forest

By Leonard Wamalwa, May 10 2011
Residents of KCC area in Kitale town woke up to a shocking incident after a body of an infant believed to be between six and seven months was found at the sides of KCC forest wrapped in a polythene bag. A 13 year old street boy, Edwin Kadibi who discovered the body of the baby boy said he had gone for a short call in the forest when he saw a paper bag and attempted to know the contents because by virtue of him being a street boy, he is fond of inspecting anything he comes across and hence got the naked body in the paper bag. "I had gone for a short call and saw the paper bag which I wanted to pick and use to carry scrap metals that I always collect but surprisingly when I opened it I found that it was a baby and decided to bring it out to the road for people to view," said Kadibi. Witnesses condemned the incident and called on government agents to do extensive investigations to bring the culprit to book so that she can serve as an example to others with such evil intentions. Waitaluk ward councilor John Ndalu Kalukhana urged women especially young ladies to be using condoms whenever they want to engage in sexual activities when they are not ready to carry or bring up babies so that they can avoid such horrifying incidents. "The government has put in place enough measures of family planning including issuance of enough condoms and thus I urge our ladies to use condoms whenever they engage in sexual activities and as a leader I condemn this incident and the culprit should be brought to book," said the civic leader.

Kibomet area acting Chief Joseph Togom confirmed the incident and said that he was going to deploy his officers including the community policing team to search the nearby slums including Section Six slums and Lions area. He added that investigations will be also conducted in the nearby hospitals both private and public to ensure the culprit is caught saying that the incident was the first one to happen in his location and urged residents to cooperate and assist the government agents in volunteering information that can lead to the arrest of such criminals. The body of the infant has been taken to Kitale district hospital mortuary. More...

Kitale infanticide
Infanticide: Infant`s body found wrapped in a yellow polythene bag in a nearby bush and below, Edwin Kadibi, the Kitale street boy who made the discovery. Photos: Leonard WamalwaEdwin Kadibi
Failed homicide attempt leaves mother nursing throat injuries

By John Kabaka, May 10 2011
A mother from Mukangu village in Shinyalu Constituency is nursing throat injuries after she tried to kill herself. Reason? …She wanted to slaughter her very own children after rumors spread that her husband had married another wife. The lady is said to have bought a new knife and sharpened it fully in preparation for the manslaughter on Saturday night. The evil deed did not happen at the night of preparation as the husband and some family members were in the house that evening. After the husband went to work that morning (Sunday) the woman took the well sharpened knife and slit the three children’s throats. It took the neighbors’ efforts to save the situation after they heard bitter cries from the house the woman was in with the children. Upon seeing the neighbors’ coming to establish what was happening, the evil woman tried to kill herself by trying to slice her throat, which she did, but did not succeed as the neighbors contained her to save the situation. She was then rushed to Kakamega General Hospital for first aid treatment before the doctors referred her to the Eldoret Referral Hospital where she is receiving treatment. “She was crying in pain as she regretted what she had done, she looked composed but you never know what was going through her head,” said Jane her neighbor. More...

the evil woman tried to kill herself by trying to slice her throat...

Friedah Miheso
Friedah Miheso, one of three children luck to be alive after a botched attempt by their mother to kill them over rumours her husband had taken a second wife.

Two sisters beat father to death

By Hilton Otenyo, May 10 2011
Two sisters have been arrested in Kakamega after they beat up their father to death for stealing two banana stems so he could buy chang'aa. Twenty-four-year-old Cecilia Mwene and an unnamed sister, 22, beat up their 58-year-old father Peter Kubai with blunt objects at their home in Mokhonje village, Kakamega. Police are also looking for the Kubai's daughter-in-law who took part in the attack. Western provincial police chief Benson Githinji said Kubai arrived home drunk and started beating his daughter-in-law after she asked him why he had cut down the two stems and sold.“He started caning the daughter-in-law prompting his two daughters to join the fray. They beat him up and left him lying on the ground unaware they had killed him,” said Githinji. Neighbours said Kubai whose wife died several years ago had the habit of beating up his daughters whenever he returned home drunk. This time round the daughters decided to fight back. More...

Students riot against principal over delayed syllabus in Samia

By Frankline Bwire, May 10 2011
Learning was paralyzed on Monday at Odiado Secondary School in Samia district after over 100 students demonstrated against their head teacher demanding his transfer before they were later sent home. Aarmed with twigs, the students accused the head teacher, Mr. James Lwande of delayed coverage of syllabus in the History subject, despite of having classes during the weekends. They revealed that funds meant for co-curriculum activities were not being well utilized. “A taxi supposed to carry seven passengers, is used to squeeze 12, despite money being allocated. He seems to have been using the money to run his businesses,” said one of the students. Addressing journalists at the school, Mr. Lwande dismissed the allegations, saying that a section of students had joined the school with the intention of tainting its image. “The ring leaders are students who have boarded the academic train while on the way and are very difficult to deal with,” he said. He admitted that History syllabus was behind but plans were underway to ensure it is covered. Confirming the incident, the District Education Officer of Samia Mr. Michael Mugawo said that some allegations sent by the students were true, adding that they have launched investigations to ascertain the real truth. More...

Odiado Secondary School Samia
St Luke`s Odiado Secondary School in Samia. Students rioted because of delays in covering history syllabus and accused teh headteacher, Mr James Lwande of misusing school funds on private businesses. The students were later sent home.

Millions of Kazi kwa Vijana project lost in Siaya

By Amos Nyambane, May 10 2011
About Sh1.8 million for the Kazi Kwa Vijana project in Siaya cannot be accounted for. A section of leaders in the area have complained that of the Sh4 million given to the Siaya County Council, only Sh 2.2 million was allocated for the programme. Business man Charles Odunga Mamba and Ugenya youth leader yesterday accused Siaya county council civic leaders of pocketing at least Sh 10,000 in pretext that they supervise the youths doing the work. They alleged councilors from Alego/Usonga, Gem and Ugenya constituencies are asked to include about 10 fake names of youths in the payment schedule to justify their payment before the final list is submitted to the authorities. However, when contacted, Siaya County Council clerk Philip Adundo denied the allegations and maintained he is ready to present all documents regarding the KKV programme funds in the region. More...

After Migingo, Uganda grabs another Kenyan isle

By Elisha Otieno, May 10 2011
Uganda is setting up a marine police camp on Ugingo Island that is at the centre of a fresh dispute between Kenya and its neighbour. Nyatike district commissioner Allan Macharia said they wanted to establish the motive of the neighbours “in wanting to set up a base at Ugingo Island”. “I got an intelligence brief showing that they want to set up a marine police camp on the island, located barely 50 metres from the populous Migingo Island,” he said. The Ugandans are continuing with construction of mabati (iron sheet) kiosks on Ugingo Island in Lake Victoria, which they seized recently, despite ongoing protests from the Kenyan traders and fishermen. The officers barred Kenyans who had attempted to build their business premises on the island. “They told us to keep off the island until they finish building the kiosks so that we rent from them. “It seems that they have succeeded in taking yet another island from us,” a Kenyan fisherman, Mr Paul Okello, said. One of the Ugandan marine police officers told the Nation over the phone that they would also build another makeshift patrol base on Ugingo. “Kenyans should stop complaining over our activities because we are providing them with security in the lake. Kenyan authorities are already reaching out to the Ugandan Government to discuss the latest row on their seizure of another island in Lake Victoria. More...

Ugingo Island
Aerial view of Ugingo and Migingo islands in Lake Victoria which the Ugandan authorties have grabbed sparking border disputes between the two East African Community neighbours.

New fodder grass developed

By John Kabaka, May 10 2011
Scientists are developing alternatives grass species as fodder for dairy farmers as they continue looking for solutions to diseases threatening to wipe out Napier grass. Napier grass a popular fodder crop for farmers across the country has been affected by a viral disease known as stunt and smut a bacterial disease. The disease is said to be transmitted by a leaf hopper insect which carries phytoplasma from affected to healthy Napier. According to Dr. Zeyaur Khan of Thomas Odhiambo Campu ICIPE Mbita the grasses being developed will soon be availed to farmers to plants. He said some of the grasses were popular in the country before the introduction of Napier grass. Dr. Khan was speaking at Kenya Agricultural research institute (KARI) Kakamega centre where scientists are developing disease resistant Napier grass at its branch at Alupe in Teso district. He said the two diseases were equally destructive to Napier grass and were fast spreading in the country and neighbouring countries. In Kenya he said stunt is mostly found in the Western parts while smut in the Central and Eastern Provinces. More...

Historic Busia Marathon

By feverpitch, May 10 2011
This year’s Busia Marathon will be held on June 12 at the town’s Municipal Stadium. The event was launched at the weekend during a colourful ceremony attended by sponsors and other well-wishers. Speaking during the launch, Labour assistant Minister Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong praised the initiative saying it was timely and would go a long way to boost the image of the larger Busia County. He promised to support the Busia County Spots Committee to ensure they succeeded in their effort to promote sports in the County. At the same time, he appealed to Athletics Kenya to consider including the event in their calendar of events. The Busia County Sports Committee Secretary General Joseph Barasa, said that the Busia Marathon is a historic event in Western. More

Musalia Mudavadi and Raila Odinga
Musalia Mudavadi and his boss, Raila Odinga (left).
Alphonce Mulama
Casket bearing remains of Mzee Alphonce Mulama.
Tessie Mulama Musalia
Musalia Mudavadi and his wife Tessie (in headscarf) and guests.
Musalia MudavadiMusalia Mudavadi addressing mourners.
Otuoma`s Funyula tops list of misused CDF millions

By Peter Opiyo, May 10 2011
Sports Minister Paul Otuoma’s constituency and that of his assistant, Kabando wa Kabando, are some of the electoral units that have continued to misuse Constituency Development Fund monies. According to a report launched by a lobby group, Otuoma’s Funyula constituency and Kabando’s Mukurweini did not record any improvement in the management of the funds, in the ten constituencies surveyed. Instead, the levels of mismanagement continued to rise. Other constituencies that recorded increased misuse of CDF cash, according to National Taxpayers Association, are Kisauni and Kisumu Town East. Mr Hassan Joho is the MP for Kisauni while Mr Shakeel Shabir represents Kisumu Town East. In a follow-up audit of the 2006/2007 financial year, NTA found out that the level of mismanagement of CDF increased by 26 per cent in Funyula in the funds allocated between 2008 and 2011. The constituency had Sh34.7 million misused or unaccounted for in 2008/2009 financial year while in 2006/2007 Sh20.7 million was wasted. Mukurweini is the second worst performer recording a 23 per cent rise in mismanagement of the funds. It misused Sh16.1 million in 2008/2009 financial year while Kisauni recorded a 20 per cent rise and Kisumu Town East recorded a 18 per cent rise. More...

Paul Otuoma
Paul Otuoma, the sports minister is on the spot in his Funyula Constituency over continued misuse of CDF funds according to an annual survey by Kenya Taxpayers Association.

Nyongò sues Wamalwa

By Athman Amran, May 10 2011
ODM Secretary-General Prof Anyang' Nyong'o has instructed his lawyers to sue Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa for alleging that he wrote a letter to the International Criminal Court calling for the detention of the "Ocampo Six". The letter, which Eugene read during a "homecoming" prayer rally for the "Ocampo Six" at Uhuru Park on April 11, allegedly sought ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo’s assistance in detaining the suspects "for the benefit and security of Kenyan citizenry as a whole". Eugene told The Standard on Tuesday that he welcomed the challenge and will defend himself "properly" in court. More...

KACC probes fraud at Nzoia Sugar Company

By John Nalianya, May 10 2011
The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating allegations of fraud at Nzoia Sugar Company. Nzoia Out growers acting Managing Director Kingsley Mutali, who was recently posted by the Kenya Sugar Board, estimates the firm could have lost up to Sh7 million which was part of a Sh95 million loan given to the company by the board last year to buy tractors for farmers and to help subsidize the cost of transport that has eaten into farmers profits. Former company chairman Joash wamang'oli has been on the spot since he refused to relinquish office even after his term expired in January. Wamang'oli has denied he was ousted saying he was still legally in office and denied any knowledge of the alleged fraud.“The meeting purporting to have replaced me was illegally convened by people who are not farmers representatives,” Wamang'oli said. Mutali said the meeting was convened and advised by the Kenya Sugar Board after reports indicated Wamang'oli and his team were hell bent to crippling the firm. Kenya Sugar Board chairman Saul Busolo, who was present in the meeting that ousted Wamang'oli, said preliminary audit reports indicated Sh7 million was spent on entertainment and night outs. More...

MMUST to establish campus at Lugari

By Joseph Amunya Otieno, May 9 2011
A dream to establish a Masinde Muliro University of science and technology (MMUST) campus in Lugari is nearing fruition following a visit by the university’s special committee to the proposed site to finalize the feasibility studies. The committee led by the deputy Vice Chancellor (extension and research) Prof. John Shiundu held consultative meetings with local stake holders at the Lugari secondary school (the proposed site) with a view to fast tracking the launching. Prof. Shiundu challenged the local community to ensure that proper infrastructure and at the same time ensure enough student population that would see the project succeeds. " We must ensure that the place is accessible from every angle to avoid our tutors getting stuck on the way and delaying to take their lessons on time, which could sometime inspire the students to go strike," said Prof. Shiundu. He said for the campus to effectively kick off, an average of 25 students or above was required. “For a start a minimum of 25 or 30 students can do and it’s accepted by government," he added. On the 44 acre land earmarked for the project, Prof Shiundu observed that it was not sufficient as stipulated by the ministry of Higher Education adding that more land was needed to make at least 50 acres which is the minimum acreage required by the ministry. Prof. Shiundu revealed that the first batch of students was expected in a period of less than six months. He said the students would use the available infrastructure used by the secondary school adding that when established the campus will offer certificate, diploma and degree courses. More...

Bosses beat Kisumu airport workers

By Justus Ochieng, May 9 2011
Some workers at the upgrading project of Kisumu Airport have complained of harassment by officials of a construction company. The workers allege that some supervisors are beating them. They say they have been warned against reporting the incidences to the police or labour officials if they want to keep their jobs. Last Thursday, an electrician at the site was allegedly hit on the head with a hammer. He was rushed to the Port Florence Hospital where he was treated and discharged. Dr Harrison Ouko said George Odhiambo was bleeding profusely but was treated and discharged. The site construction engineer, Bi Whang however, maintained that the victim had disagreed with another employee leading to a ‘minor’ physical confrontation. More...

Masinde Muliro University
Students walk past Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) head office in Kakamega. The university now plans to establish a campus in Lugari to bring higher education closer to the people. Already the Kakamega-based university has campuses at Webuye, Ebunangwe in Bunyore and Bukura in Butsotso. Photo: Westfm

Ex Sabaot militiamen ostracised

By John Nalianya, May 9 2011
Acquitted former members of the Sabaot Land Defense Force claim they have been rejected by the Mt Elgon community. The group says they are undergoing physiological torture despite being a reformed group. Speaking during a counselling session organized by Mt Elgon Residents Association in Cheptais, the group urged the residents to accept them back. John Kanai, a former spokesperson of SLDF said they had been branded outcasts and they are not allowed to make contributions during public forums. “We are not given a chance to express our concerns despite the fact that some issues are for the better of the community,” he said. He further lamented that the government sidelined them during the subdivision and allocation of the Chepyuk phase three settlement scheme with only four of them benefiting from the allocation. The government recently subdivided the controversial phase three settlement scheme where 1,700 families benefited with each getting two and half acres. Salome Chepkemoi Matwekei, the widow of the slain SDLF leader Wyclife Matwekeii, said she was being rebuked by a section of the community for working with NGOs preaching peace. “There are those who believe that I benefit while working with NGOs to preach peace and are always rebuking me for the atrocities committed by my late husband,” she said. More...

Khalwale storms church to eject Raila as tempers flare in Ikolomani

By John Kabaka, May 9 2011
Ikolomani Constituency on Sunday played host to a massive political campaign witnessed in the area in recent times when ODM party leader Raila Odinga sought support for the party’s candidate Benard Shinali in the forth coming by-elections. A convoy of the Prime Minister snaked through the constituency when the ODM team of ten sitting Members of Parliament from the region held a series of rallies to drum up support for their party’s flag bearer ahead of the May 23rd polls. Ikolomani residents on their part did not disappoint as they turned up in thousands for the rallies as the convoy of the entourage snaked through the expansive but poorly developed constituency. However, the ODM campaigns turned murky when the immediate former Member of Parliament Dr. Bonny Khalwale stormed the church where the ODM team led by party leader Raila Odinga was attending a morning mass on Sunday. It took the concerted efforts by regular and administration police officers to stop Khalwale and his rowdy youth from entering the church compound as ODM supporters shouted; “take him out, we don’t want him here he has no permit.” After a long time of push and pull between the two sides, Khalwale opted to leave. However, he addressed a mammoth crowd briefly a few metres away from the church even disrupting the church service. “I built all churches in this region and no one can stop me from entering the church to attend the service and welcome Raila, that is very wrong and unfair,” he lamented. In his address to the congregation at the church the resident priest father Casper Pius said that everyone was welcome to attend the service since the church belongs to all and not an individual. Shinyalu Member of Parliament Justus Mugali condemned the presence of Khalwale where the ODM team was and named it as disrespect to the Prime Minister. More...

Bernard Shinali and Raila Odinga
Bernard Shinali, the ODM aspirant for Ikolomani and Prime Minister, Raila Odinga as Shiseso Catholic Church grounds, the scene of running battles between ODM supporters and those of the immediate former MP, Dr Bonny Khalwale. Photos: John Kabaka
Shiseso Crowds
A section of the crowds who attended the campaign rally at Shiseso in Ikolomani. The ODM campaign later moved to Malinya, the headquarters of bullfighting, Dr Khalwale`s favourite sport.
Cardinal Njue opens St Patrick`s Pastoral Centre in Bumula

By Protus Simiyu, May 9 2011
The leader of the Catholic Church in Kenya Cardinal John Njue has urged Christians in the country to play a leading role in fostering peace and coexistence in the country. Cardinal Njue said Christians have the noble responsibility to be role models in the diversified society setting saying they should desist going to church for formality. Speaking during the official ceremony of St. Patrick’s Pastrol Center – Kabula in Bungoma Diocese, the clergy told the congregation not to take themselves for granted rather wonderfully live in identity and dignity. Njue urged the women to promote love in their families insisting that they should not walk out of their marriages as due to problems as they come and go. The Cardinal told women who flee from their homes to take a step of courage and go back as they are a binding factor in the family. Instead of walking out, Njue advised women to look for best ways out of the problems saying dialogue, determination and perseverance is vital in marriage life. The Catholic Church leader called on women to stop killing the unborn babies through abortion. More...

St Patrick Pastoral Centre Kabula
Cardinal John Njue
Above: Catholic priests from Western during the opening of St Patrick`s Pastoral Centre at Kabula in Bumula, Bungoma. Bottom: Cardinal John Njue, the head of the Catholic Church in Kenya blessing the Centre in a Catholic ritual. Photos: Protus Wangila Simiyu
Each constituency in Western to get an industrial centre

By Catherine Gicheru, May 6 2011
The government has disbursed more than Sh31.5 million to develop industrial development centres in lower Western province. The centres which are under construction in nine constituencies in the area are expected to open up opportunities for upcoming young industrialists. Area industrial development officer Benson Waweru said each constituency received Sh 2.5 million for construction of industrial sheds and an additional Sh1 million to buy equipment for the centres. The government, he said had embarked on mapping of resources in Emuhaya, Sabatia, Vihiga, Hamisi, Ikolomani, Malava, Lugari, Shinyalu and Lurambi constituencies ahead of the official opening of the industrial centres in June. He said the campaign was in line with the government’s policy to fast-track industrial development in the country in line with the vision 2030. Waweru further said that apart from milling sugar, the region had a lot of potential adding that through the mapping of resources and investment opportunities the government would unlock the potential. The centres, he said would assist young people in the region to get employment. More...

Wasike wa Musungu
Wasike wa Musungu, the late Bukusu music maestro whose family now lives in abject poverty.

Sh75m for Busia community groups: THE World Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture have pumped Sh75 million to community Groups in the larger Busia district. The grant will enable 75 groups to start income generating activities under the Kenya Agricultural Programme Agri-Business Productivity. Busia district service unit coordinator Anne Mang'eni told the Star yesterday that the groups that will benefit include 22 from Nambale, 18 from Butula, 16 from Samia and 15 from Budalangi. More...
King of Bukusu music left family destitute

By Nandemu Barasa, May 6 2011
When you mention the name Wasike Wa Musungu among the Bukusu people, and Western Kenya as a whole and further North Rift and Eastern Uganda, people will be very keen on the next statement you might put across concerning this man who left many hearts touched from the lyrics that he produced that were full of wisdom and advice. Wasike Wa Musungu as he was commonly known was born in 1931 in a small dull village called Lurare which is now called Nabakhwe in Malakisi initially in West Bukusu but now Bungoma West District in Bungoma County. He was the first born among thirteen children of the late Enoch Khaukha Omutaa and Dinah Khwaka Omubikhuli from Uganda.  Wasike`s second name Musungu was his fathers. His father Enock was nicknamed Musungu during the colonial period after working for a white man for a long time. Wasike was baptized in the Anglican Church and was given the name Benedict. More...

Nzoia Sugar pays up

By Edwin Namasaka, May 6 2011
Nzoia Sugar Company in Bungoma County has disclosed paying a total of Sh 975,694,650 to farmers for the last three quarters of this financial year. Addressing journalists Thursday at company’s board room, Mr. Saul Wasilwa, the Managing Director said the payments were done within the statutory 30 days, but added that the company was striving to reduce the period to 21days. “We as a company are working hard to see that all farmers are paid in time unlike in the past," said Wasilwa. The MDr who was accompanied by Engineer Julius Nyarotso (chairman to the board) further said in the same period, they paid a total of Sh8, 452, 649 in cess levies to local authorities to improve the local road network. Mr.Nyarotso on his part, said that cane census by company in February this year jointly with Kenya Sugar Board and NOCO has confirmed that for the period of January to June 2011, a total of 710,959 tonnes of cane will be available for milling against the target of 483,119 tonnes for the same period. The census further project that 753,200 tonnes of cane targeted for milling in 2011/12 will be available. More...

Julius Nyarotso and Saul Wasilwa
Nzoia Sugar Company bosses: Eng. Julius Nyarotso, board chairman (left) and Managing Director, Mr Saul Wasilwa at the company's headquarters in Bungoma.

Sugar boss denies conflict of interest at Nzoia

By John Nalianya, May 6 2011
Nzoia Sugar Company directors have denied media reports that they supply machinery to the company. The chairman of the board of directors Julius Nyarotso said he was a supplier to the company before his appointment last year but stopped after he was appointed to the board. Nyarotso said Nile Engineering and Technical Supplies, a company associated with him, had supplied and installed a drier well before his tenure as chairman at accost of 8 million.“ I withdrew my shares immediately I was appointed and also declared my interests in Nzoia as required by law,” he said during a press conference. Nyarotso further denied that a company associated with him had won a tender to supply the company with a crystal condenser which has failed to work. He said the machine was supplied between a joint venture of J.P Mukrkhejee, a foreign firm, and Sony Tech, a local company.“I am not and have never been partner of this company,“ he said. More...

It's time for the Luhya to eat, declares Shitanda

By Obed Simiyu, May 5 2011
Time for a Luhya president is now, New Ford Kenya Party leader Peter Soita Shitanda has said. Speaking in Bungoma during an exclusive interview at West Fm on Thursday morning, the Malava legislator said time for the Luhya community to play second fiddle in Kenya’s politics was over and would settle for nothing less than the presidency. The Housing minister has also hinted at a vicious fight for the country’s top seat with the Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa being the preferred candidate for the seat. Eugene Wamalwa, a youthful lawyer cum politician, has recently set the pace in Kenyan politics with his authority being stamped in the Western Kenya region in a bid to ouster ODM’s Musalia Mudavadi who has for a long time enjoyed the status as the community’s kingpin. According to Shitanda, the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities should give way for a Luhya candidate to occupy State House in 2012 and he has never minced his words even in the presence of the two community’s kingpins; Uhuru Kenyatta for the Mt. Kenya region and William Ruto for the Kalenjin community. Shitanda was recently cheered and urged on by a mammoth crowd at Amutala stadium in Kimilili and Posta grounds in Bungoma when he categorically told Uhuru and Ruto to unconditionally support Eugene Wamalwa saying both communities had been in control of the wheels and tools of power for close to 50 years. And as he spoke on West Fm, he said that not only was the Friday rally meant to drum up support for Eugene Wamalwa but to preach peace among the neighbouring Kabras and Nandi communities who have been fighting each other every electioneering year. More...

Soita Shitanda
Soita Shitanda, the Malava MP and minister for Housing in Westfm studios in Bungoma where he declared that the Luhya will stop at nothing but State House in 2012.

Teen elected MP in Canada

By our correspondent, May 5 2011
Nineteen-year-old Pierre-Luc Dusseault planned to work a summer job at a golf course if his foray into federal politics didn't work out. He can forget the links. The teenage longshot is now headed to Ottawa as the youngest member to ever sit in Canada's federal Parliament, joining dozens of other New Democrats in Quebec who scored unlikely victories on Monday night. Instead of working his way around the green fairways, he will learn his way around the green parquet of the House of Commons as the new MP for Sherbrooke. His new starting salary is $157,731.

Pierre-Luc Dusseault
Youngest MP ever: Pierre-Luc Dusseault of Montreal, Canada.
Mariga tops East African sportsmen in earning power

By agencies, May 5 2011
Kenya and Inter Milan midfielder McDonald Mariga is the highest paid footballer in East Africa. In a salary review carried by Soccerlens.com, Mariga takes home a cool $1.3m (about Sh104 million) a year. This is way above what Burundian Saidi Ntibazonkiza earns at MKS Cracovia in Poland with $315,000 (£188,608) and Rwandan Olivier Karekezi on $52,000 (£31,169) a year. The website does not mention top earners in Tanzania and Uganda, two other Eastern African countries. Other top earners in the region include Djibouti’s Ismail Ahmed Kadar Hassan who features for Slovakia’s F.K. Dunajska Streda. African list He rakes in $51,500 (£30,835) a year. Somalia’s Abdisalam Ibrahim, who plays for England’s second division side Scunthorpe, earns $340,000 (£203,571). Others mentioned in the African continent include Cote d’Ivoire and Manchester City’s Yaya Toure who tops the African list with $18.2m (£10.9m) a year. Algerian Nadir Belhadj earns $2.7m (£1.7m), Angola’s Manucho takes home $865,579 (£518,307), while Benin’s Stephane Sessegnon who plays for Sunderland gets $2.8m (£1.7m). Lionel Messi and Jose Mourinho are the richest men in football. Barcelona forward Messi, the two-time World Player of the Year, brought home €31 million from his salary and publicity deals in 2011, just ahead of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo (€27.5 million) and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney (€20.7 million). More...

MacDonald Mariga
MacDonald Mariga from Samia, Busia earns Sh10m per month as East Africa's top earner in international sports.

Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba, the Budalang'i MP and chair of the powerful Justice and Legal Affairs Committee whose head is under the chopping borad by PNU and ODM rebels.
ODM pulls out of crucial House committee over Namwamba

By Lucas Barasa, May 4 2011
The operations of the crucial Parliamentary committee on Justice and Legal Affairs has been thrown into disarray when the Orange Democratic Movement withdrew its membership. ODM secretary-general Anyang Nyong’o, who was accompanied by more than 10 MPs, announced the move at Parliament Buildings saying it was meant to pave way for the crisis dogging the committee to be solved politically. A majority of the committee members including dissenting ODM MPs had rebelled against chairman Ababu Namwamba and sought for a meeting to replace him. But keen not to lose the control of the key committee that vets major public appointments ODM announced the withdrawal of renegades Isaac Ruto and Sophia Abdi for siding with PNU members but this was no effected by Parliament. Efforts by the Liaison Committee whose chairperson is Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim to resolve the dispute in Justice and Legal Affairs team have also been futile. Mr Farah’s committee is supposed to guide and co-ordinate the operations, policies and mandates of all committees. More...

Principal flees mob as Matili Technical College is shut

By John Nalianya, May 5 2011
Learning at Matili Technical Training Institute in Kimilili district was paralyzed for the second day in a row after angry parents, students and tutors held demonstrations against alleged high handedness of the Board of governors led by Joseph Khaemba. The protesters marched to the Kimilili education office to hand over their petition urging the Ministry of Higher Education to intervene. Carrying twigs and placards and chanting songs against the board, they paralyzed operation in Kimilili town for hours. There was commotion at the gate when the angry protesters were barred from entering the Institution's compound but they eventually forced their way inside. The protesters vowed to continue pitching tent at the institution until the board is replaced. The college administration complained of the chairman interference in administration saying most development projects have stalled. More...

Mumias-Butere Council Sh50m graft: The KACC has petitioned Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi to probe the Butere-Mumias County Council over alleged misappropriation and mismanagement of public funds. In a letter dated April 15 this year, and signed by David K. Too for the director, it is noted there is serious misappropriation of cash at the council.. The directive follows complaints from residents after the 2008/09 LATF funds of about Sh46m and Sh40.9m for 2009/10 was allegedly misappropriated leading to stalled projects. More...

Bullfighting in Kakamega
Bullfighter, Dr Bonny Khalwale, the immediate former MP for Ikolomani (atop).

Bullfighting, isukuti banned in Ikolomani

By Hilton Otenyo, May 5 2011
The IIEC has banned bullfight contests in Ikolomani until after the May 23 by-election.The commission said staging the competition during the campaigns would compromise peace. “Candidates must not organise such events or even use Isukuti drums during their campaign rallies because supporters attend such events with clubs and other weapons while drunk and this can compromise the peaceful campaigns we envisage,” returning officer Benjamin Tarus said. He said the commission warned candidates they would take responsibility for any breach of the peace committed by their supporters. The official campaign period ends on May 21. He said the candidates must restrain their supporters against engaging in violent activities or be disqualified from the race. The seat fell vacant after a Kakamega High Court nullified Bonni Khalwale’s election in 2007 as area MP citing irregularities in the vote tally. Khalwale is an ardent supporter of bullfighting. More...

Man's body retrieved from pit latrine in Likuyani

By Joseph A Otieno, May 4 2011
For the second time in less than a month, a somber mood Tuesday engulfed Roberts Village, in Likuyani district after villagers recovered the body of unidentified man dumped in a pit latrine. The man is believed to have been killed through hanging and his body dragged to the toilet during a heavy down pour that pounded the area Monday night. According to the toilet owner, Freda Nafula, she visited the facility in the morning and discovered that a section of it had been demolished, and noticed a strange piece of cloth and a pair of socks. "I visited the facility at around seven o'clock in the morning but on reaching inside, I noticed a section had been demolished ,this made me suspicious, when I got out and looked around I saw several foot-prints and a few meters away I saw a vest and a pair of socks," said the 53 years old Nafula. This, she added raised her suspicions forcing her to alert her brother who flashed a torch into the manhole and noticed the body of a human being. The saddening episode attracted villagers who thronged the home to witness but none of them could identify the body. Police from Matunda police station removed the body to Kitale district hospital mortuary for post mortem. Area police Chief John Leshimpiro said investigations leading to the cause of death had been launched as well as efforts to establish the identity of the body. The incident follows another in which a man killed his wife and dumped her body into a church toilet at Imbinga village. More...

Likuyani toilet body
Man's body after being pulled from a pit latrine at Roberts Villlage in Likuyani District, Lugari yesterday. Photos: Joseph Otieno
Likuyani toilet murder
Deep inside the pit latrine lies a man's body believed to have been killed and dumped here on Monday night. The toilet's owner became suspicious yesterday morning when she visited the facility only to find it broken into and items of clothing lying nearby.
Frida Nafula became suspicious after noticing several footprints and alerted her brother who flashed a torch in the manhole only to find a man's body lying inside. Police have launched investigations but so far villagers have not identified the victim.
Frida Nafula
Frida Nafula, toilet owner
Lugari Likuyani toilet death
Men dramatically pull the dead body covered in excreta from a pit Latrine in Likuyani, Lugari.
Food, fuel shortages hit Kisumu as hoarders cash in

By Nicholas Anyuor, May 4 2011
Stark reality of the worsening food and fuel crisis in the country hit Kisumu county, after prices maize flour went up in the town by sh 10 in most of the business. Similarly, most pumps were dry in the several petrol stations after the Government announced reduction in diesel and kerosene prices. Most of the shops and supermarkets had few stock of maize flour as fear of speculators hoarding the commodity rocked the lake town. A hotelier in Kisumu Ms Molly Apiyo said they were forced to buy a kilogram of maize flour between Sh 103 and sh 105 up from the previous Sh 95 per Kg. "We believe there are traders who have started hoarding maize flour hoping for a further price rise. In some of the shops and supermarkets the stock of the flour had gone down," she said. Most of the public vehicles plying town centre and other highways in the region said the shortage was widespread. They feared the shortage could badly affect their business and leave several commuters including students stranded. Fuel dealer Mr Shem Onyango Kwega said for the last four days, his petrol station ran out of super oil and has not been able to replenish his stock due to the shortage. More...

Kisumu fuel crisis
The simple signposting that says it all. Fuel and food shortages loom in the wake of Middle East political crisis and grand corruption in Kenya.

Kenya runs out nurses: The country has run out of nurses, according to a statement issued in Parliament on Wednesday. It is now pondering hiring laboratory technicians and pharmacists, Public Health Minister Beth Mugo, said, adding, the ministry had sought authority from the Public Service Commission (PSC) to convert the positions available for nurses to other professionals in the health sector. More...
Hope for Aids vaccine as trials start in Kenya

By Arthur Okwemba, May 4 2011
Trials on an Aids vaccine that is generating a lot of excitement in the scientific world have finally started in Kenya with several volunteering for vaccination. The country becomes the third in Africa to start trials on the most advanced Aids vaccine design likely to stop the virus from surviving in the body. It produces both antibody and cellular immune response effects. The antibody response is able to stop the virus from infecting the cell in the first place, while the cellular immune response will destroy the cells already infected with virus, stopping such cells from causing further infection. In an exclusive interview with the Nation, scientists at the Kenya Aids Vaccine Initiative (Kavi) said they were, in collaboration with International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), testing two vaccines of this nature at two Kavi research sites in Nairobi. Kavi is a research centre of the University of Nairobi. One of the vaccines, Ad35/Ad26, is being tested at Kangemi site B003 and the second one, Ad35/GSK Protein, is being tried at Kenyatta National Hospital site B002. Both vaccines have been tested in the USA and Europe. Trials have also been going in Asia until last year when Kenya was selected. More...

Kimilili civic seat an acid test for Bungoma's political bigwigs

By our correspondent, May 3 2011
The by-election for Kimilili North civic seat will be an acid test for Ford-Kenya and New Ford-Kenya parties. The area has witnessed heightened campaign activities as both camps fight to win the seat. Key political figures, among them Sirisia MP Moses Wetang’ula (Ford-K chairman), Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa (New Ford-K) and Kimilili MP Eseli Simiyu, have camped in the area to woo voters. Mr Wetang’ula and Mr Wamalwa agree that winning the civic seat will be a show of might. Mr Wamalwa says the civic seat will boost stakes for New Ford-Kenya ahead of next year’s elections. But Mr Wetang’ula and his secretary general Simiyu said the by-election would show that Ford-K is still the strongest party in the area. “We need the unity of our people to ensure we are not used by others. That is why we must win this seat,” said. Dr Simiyu. Ford-K and New Ford-K officials are fighting for numbers in Bungoma County. Both parties have opened offices in the county and embarked on recruitment of new members. The Kimilili North ward fell vacant after the death of councillor Fred Barasa. Kimilili ODM chairman John Chikati, however, predicted that his party would clinch the seat since the two factions would split their votes. Three candidates in the race for the seat are Abdul Musumba (ODM), Benjamin Namuyemba (New Ford-K) and David Manyonge (Ford-K). More...

Show of might between Wetang’ula and Wamalwa looms in Bungoma

Wetangula, Wamalwa, Simiyu
Titanic battle for Bungoma's big three: From left: Moses Wetang'ula (Sirisia), Eugene Wamalwa (Saboti) and Dr Eseli Simiyu (Kimilili) who have staked their popularity on winning a civic by-election in Kimilili North Ward left vacant by the death of the incumbent, Fred Barasa.

Kenya truckers denied work in Tanzania, Uganda

By Westfm correspondent, May 3 2011
The decision to deny Kenyan truck drivers permits to work in Tanzania and Uganda has earned the wrath of Kenya Long Distance Truck Drivers Union which has called on the government to intervene before they take action. The Union secretary general, Nicholas Mbugua said no single drivers from Kenya are allowed to work in the two East African Community member states and appealed to the government to intervene and save the situation. Mbugua said 18 drivers who had landed an opportunity to work in Tanzania on invitation by a Kenyan investor who had acquired trucks with Kenyan registered numbers was met with resistance from Tanzanian drivers who blocked the trucks from leaving the premises loaded with maize flour to Kenya. The union official said eight Kenyan drivers who were working with Tororo Cememt in Uganda were also sent back home to confirm that the East African Common market protocol which was launched last year is a mirage. More...

Shinyalu MP attacks lawyer in Kakamega

By John Kabaka, May 3 2011
An ODM MP from Kakamega County is said to have assaulted a Nairobi based lawyer in a fist scuffle as campaigns for Ikolomani by election begun. Justus Kizito of Shinyalu is reported to have punched Martin Oloo at Golf Hotel after he made remarks that the legislator did not blend well with him. Oloo, a political analyst has since recorded a statement at the Kakamega police station. Oloo said Mr Kizito called him from Friends Hotel to the Golf after the launch of the ODM campaign in Ikolomani and found him in the company of friends. The political analyst recalled that, Kizito told him of his education something he was pleased to hear of. “I asked him how many degrees he held. It was at this point that he hit me hard on the head and I fell down,” said Oloo. However, Kizito has denied the allegations saying he never fought with any one. Kakamega OCPD Joseph Omijah, said police have launched investigations into the matter to establish the initial cause of the incident. More...

Justus Mugala Kizito
Ready for battle: Justus Kizito, Shinyalu MP in Bunge FC outfit. Photo: Westfm
Mama Obama receives threats at Kogelo following Osama's killing

By our correspondent, May 3 2011
Security has been heightened at the Kogelo home of the grandmother of US president Barack Obama following the US killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. More police officers have been sent to the homestead of Mama Sarah Obama following fears of a retaliatory attack by terrorists. Siaya police boss Stephen Cheteka said the move to beef up security to the family of the US president came after they received threats of a terrorist attack three days ago. "We received reports of plans to attack the home of Mama Sarah Obama three days ago and we immediately put in place adequate security measures,” Mr Cheteka said. The OCPD added that the home would be under round the clock surveillance and visitors to the home would be subjected to a thorough screening. Siaya leaders, led by former mayor Obiero Otare, had expressed fears that the Kogelo home of the famed grandmother might be the target of terrorist attacks. More...

Marende denies he's a tribalist

By Kepher Otieno, May 3 2011
National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende has dismissed claims that he is shielding some lawmakers in the August House. Merende maintained innocence saying that he is impartial and will maintain the same spirit while presiding over the parliamentary proceedings at any hour. "I want to reiterate that I have never been biased and will never be. I will continue to treat all MPs equally devoid of favoritism," he said in an interview with the Standard. The Speaker was appalled by the ‘negative innuendo’ that some legislators especially those from Party of National Unity (PNU) wanted to portray about the chair over impartiality. The claims of biasness from the chair is "ill-founded" the speaker said in respect to allegations that he was protecting Chairman of Legal and Justice Committee Mr. Ababu Namwamba. Some disillusioned members of the committee at the weekend launched a scathing attack against the speaker and his deputy claiming they were frustrating efforts to eject Ababu. Vice chairman Njoroge Baiya, Isaac Ruto, Mutava Musyimi, Eugene Wamalwa and George Nyamweya led the MPs. More...

Kenneth Otiato Marende
Kenneth Marende, Speaker of National Assembly: The fact that I come from Western with Ababu Namwamba does not mean that I favour him.

Border fight leaves 42 dead: At least 42 people are feared dead in heavy fighting between Turkana tribesmen and Ethiopian militiamen along the Kenya-Ethiopia border. Those killed include 37 Turkana villagers according to Rift Valley PC, Osman Warfa. More...
Lawyer burnt to death

By Nicholas Anyuor, May 3 2011
A man has been burned to death in a house in what residents and police suspected to be suicide. The 34-year-old Law graduate is believed to have burnt himself in the house at Nyamasaria estate. Family spokesperson Sospeter Abuto Ogacho said the fire started as the family members were asleep and could not rescue him in time. "His parents were woken up by a commotion and when they visited the scene, they found the roof had sunk and there was nothing they could do," he said. The victim had completed his degree in Law in a foreign country and was still helping his parents in business in Kisumu town. Kisumu OCPD John Mwinzi said the man could have committed suicide from initial investigations. He said there was suspicion the deceased set the house on fire and locked himself inside. Mwinzi said the victim looked disturbed before his death and could have done something fatal to end his life. "The information we have gathered indicates he might have committed suicide even though we are still investigating," he said. More...

Three-month baby losing leg after injection in Nambale

By Frankline Bwire, May 2 2011
A three month old girl at Kwaseka village in Bugeng’i sub-location, Nambale Constituency, risks losing her left leg after developing complications following an injection at Busia District Hospital. According to the girl’s mother Christabel Nasimiyu, her child‘s left thigh started swelling two days after she was given a dose of quinine to treat malaria. “A swelling began at the point where she was injected, before pus started oozing afterwards resulting to a deep wound,” narrated Nasimiyu. She said that the girl had been referred to the district hospital by Rotary Doctors in the Netherlands at a local dispensary in Mundika, after it emerged that blood in her body was below the required level. “I thought the doctors at the district hospital would give blood transfusion a priority to raise the blood level of my child as it was recommended by doctors from Netherlands,’ lamented the angry mother. Nasimiyu added that her husband had offered to donate blood for the child but the hospital rejected saying the machine used to bank blood was out of service. She blamed the Hospital of not taking proper care of her daughter during the two days she was admitted at the hospital adding that a nurse at the hospital injected her daughter without consideration that the child was anemic. A pediatrician at one of the local hospitals who did not want his name to be mentioned said that the condition was likely to degenerate into a bigger problem if the child is not given urgent medical attention. More...

Christabel Nasimiyu
Mrs Christabel Nasimiyu shows the wound that her baby has developed allegedly after a doctor injected her with an antimalarial vaccine. Photo: Frankline Bwire

Kenyans feel abused by token wage increase

By our correspondent, May 2 2011
Kenyan workers, suffocating under the weight of rising cost of living and especially burdened by skyrocketing prices of food and fuel, expected a 60 per cent wage rise. But all they got as Labour Day freebie was a marginal 12.5 per cent increase in minimum wage and zero in terms of general increment grade by grade. Worse still, the Government, in a bid to stem rising public cynicism and threats of street protests, whetted their appetite by promising on Sunday their situation would change. As an appetiser, Prime Minister Raila Odinga announced after meeting President Kibaki last week all taxes on kerosene had been suspended, duty on petrol and diesel reduced by Sh2 and import duty on wheat and maize removed. But as the Labour minister was announcing the increment in Nairobi, Raila was in Kisumu confessing Government only wanted to give a 10 per cent increment. More...

Amref donates cattle to Lugari HIV women groups

By Joseph Amunya Otieno, MAy 2 2011
The African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) has donated dairy animals to benefit groups of women living with HIV/AIDS and school uniforms to close to 80 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC's) in the larger Lugari district. Speaking in Lumakanda while presenting the animals and uniforms on behalf of the organization, the chairperson of the Society of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya (SWAK) Lugari Branch Mrs. Irene Murunga pointed out that the animals were intended to provide an average diet through milk to those women infected and their children. Hitherto, she added the foundation had been able to give dairy animals to over 23 community based organizations out of the 48 targeted in the area. At the same time, she said her association was determined to ensure that OVC’s in the area accessed education compared to other children by providing uniforms and bursaries. Others who attended the occasion include SWAK chair Vihiga Branch Dorcas Kweya and her Teso counterpart Christine Murunga. More...

Lumakanda orphanage
Lugari women representatives of Society of Woman Living with HIV in Kenya (SWAK) rejoice after receiving cattle donation from the African Medical Research Foundation (Amref) at Lumakanda yesterday. Photo: Joseph Otieno

Ocampo loses again: International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has lost his bid to appeal against an order requiring him to disclose all his evidence against six post-election violence suspects. Pre-Trial Chamber II judge Ekatrina Trendafilova dismissed the application on grounds the court did not order him to prepare an in-depth analysis that included exculpatory evidence. More...
Wakoli wants Sabaot, Tachoni, Teso represented in Bungoma

By Protus Wangila Simiyu, MAy 2 2011
Lands Assistant minister and Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli now wants County seats in Bungoma to be shared equally among Constituencies within Bungoma County for equal representation. Wakoli warned Bukusu leaders who are the majority to consider special representation of minority communities like the Sabaoti, Tachoni, and Teso among other communities insisting that locking them out would result into inter-community conflicts thus hindering development. Speaking in Lutonyi Village Kimilili district Bungoma County during the burial of Mama Halima Kisabuli aged 100 years, the Bumula MP said Kimilili region which leads with aspirants eying seats in the County Government should pick on only one person on whichever position to give room for other regions to get their share. Addressing mourners, Kimilili MP Dr Eseli Simiyu while talking about his recent attack at a Hotel in Webuye town; he insisted that differences in politics should not be taken as enemity. Also present was West FM chairman Dr. George Sirengo Masafu who showed his disgrace over political divisions in Bungoma with only 12 months to the general election. More...

Halima Kisabuli
Mama Halima Kisabuli from Lutonyi Village, Kimilili died aged 100 and was laid to rest over the weekend.

Besigye eyes death: Uganda Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye who risks blindness after soldiers in Kampala sprayed him in the eyes with chemicals now says he fears for his life. Besigye was violently arrested four times within the last month by soldiers loyal to Uganda strongman Yoweri Museveni for leading protests against escalating food and fuel prices. More...
Mudavadi's father in law is dead

By our reporter, May 2 2011
Mzee Alphonce Mulama, father to Mrs. Tessie Musalia, wife of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government Musalia Mudavadi is dead. Mzee Mulama died yesterday morning at 4am at the Eldoret Hospital after a long illness. Burial arrangements are being made for this Saturday May 7, 2011 at his farm in Soi, Lugare District. The DPM flew to Eldoret yesterday morning to be with family at this time of sorrow.

Govt weak against cyber crime: The Government, private sector and NGOs have been blamed for weak cyber laws and organisational policies in the country leading to abuse of women’ rights in the cyberspace. More...
Rogers Toka Otolo
A memorial to Kenyans who died during the 1998 US Embassy Al Qaida Terrorist attack in Nairobi in which more than 200 people lost their lives. The attack's mastermind, Osama bin Laden, was trapped and killed yesterday in Pakistan by US forces.
Adventist students protest at MMUST Saturday exams

By Hilton Esau, May 2 2011
Devout Seventh Day Adventist students at Masinde Muliro University have protested at the institution's scheduling examinations on Saturdays. They have, through their lawyers, Nyachiro Nyagaka and Co. Advocates of Eldoret, written to the institution to protest the exam schedule saying it is discriminatory and an affront to their freedom of conscience and religion as envisaged in the new constitution. They said they would seek constitutional reference in court if their demands are not heeded by the administration. They suggested that if the examinations must be conducted on Saturday, then provisions must be made for the affected students to have a separate exam so that they graduate on time or proceed to the next academic year without a hussle. More...

Bungoma sugar farmers appeal to Raila: Bungoma farmers contracted by West Kenya Sugar Company want Prime Minister Raila Odinga to save them from harassment by high-handed administration police officers. In a letter dated April 29 and copied to Industrialization PS said overzealous APs working for Nzoia Sugar Company have attacked and injured farmers they suspect to have broken sugar delivery contracts. APs and hired goons claim Bungoma East farmers sell cane West Kenya Sugar though they are contracted to deliver their produce to Nzoia. Their letters says they have no contract with Nzoia and seek help so they can trade without fear of reprisal. More...

Osama bin Laden
Dead: Osama bin Laden on May 1 2011

Osama is dead

By our reporter, May 2 2011
Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaida leader was killed yesterday by US forces near Islamabad, Pakistan ending a 10-year manhunt for the most hated man in US history following a series of terror attacks around the world that culminated in the bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York by hijacked planes in 2001. In 1998, Osama bin Laden had also coordinated attacks on US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam that left hundreds of innocent Kenyans and Tanzanians dead. Making the official announcement yesterday, US president Barack Obama said the death of the Al Qaida leader is a significant moment in the fight against terror but is by no means the final victory. The news of bin Laden's death sent Americans partying all night.

Journalist on the run after killing his wife

By Cyrus Ombati, May 2 2011
A journalist is on the run after he murdered his wife, also a journalist, in their residence in Nairobi's Umoja estate. Mr Moses Otieno Dola formerly of Nation Newspapers is alleged to have killed Sarah Wambui Kabiru formerly of NTV after a quarrel on Saturday night. Dola is believed to have strangled Kabiru by either using his bare hands or a clothe. Her neck was swollen when police broke into the bedroom where the body was found on Sunday evening. He killed her and locked her in their bedroom before he escaped to unknown place. Nairobi Area PPO Anthony Kibuchi told The Standard efforts to get Dola for questioning are ongoing even as he asked him to surrender to authorities. They had a boy aged two and half who was in the house with a house girl as his mother was being killed. The couple was sacked from Nation Media Group a year ago but Kabiru had secured a job with ICRAF almost a month ago. Kabiru was supposed to travel to Ghana where she had been sent on assignment. She had obtained the traveling papers and was ready for the journey. Dola had been working as a freelance journalist majoring in crime and investigative stories that he supplied to various media houses locally, which earned him a living. He was also keen to join the police force. He tried in vain to join the police during last week’s recruitment exercise. Previously, according to his friends, he had been trying to be a police officer. More...

Moses Otieno Dola and Wamboi Kabiru
Moses Otieno Dola and his wife Wamboi Kabiru n happier times.
Snake bites hyacinth worker: Pressure is piling on the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme chiefs to provide safety gadgets to youths removing hyacinth from Lake Victoria after one youth was bitten by a snake. Kisumu East DC Mabeya Mogaka faulted the present approach and said youths are risking their lives by uprooting the weed by hand. And at the weekend, Kisumu Town East MP Shakeel Shabbir called on LVEMP to stop the work and provide gadgets. More...
Cow dies after drinking chang'aa in Kisii

By Kenan Miruka, May 2 2011
There was drama at a village in Nyamache District when a cow died after consuming a mixture used in the distilling of chang'aa. Residents of Riamanono village were shocked to learn of the dairy cow’s death after consuming kangara, a mixture of molasses and flour from which chang’aa is distilled. There was consternation among residents and drinkers at the home of a chang’aa brewer when news of the cow’s death spread. Witnesses said the cow broke loose from a paddock where it was tethered and accessed the distillery behind the woman’s kitchen where the kangara was stored. The cow drank the thick brown mixture from a plastic container. Locals say 400 litres of chang’aa could be distilled from the mixture. The woman nearly collapsed upon stumbling on the cow lying dead in a pool of kangara after searching for it in vain in neighbouring maize fields. It was not clear whether she was crying over the cow’s death or the loss of potential income from the kangara but she wailed loudly, attracting neighbours and people consuming the liquor in the compound. More...

It was not clear whether she was crying over the cow’s death or the loss of potential income from the kangara

Obstinate corpse caned before agreeing to travel for burial

By Peter Ochieng, May 2 2011
Last week, people in Eldoret were treated to a shocking incident when a corpse that was being ferried from a mortuary 'refused to go home for a decent burial'. The vehicle, which was carrying the remains of Albert Kipkoech, failed to move on reaching Uganda road in the Kidiwa area on the outskirts of the town. The deceased’s family frantically pushed the vehicle but in vain. They concluded that Kipkoech was not ready to proceed with his final journey. The owner of the new pick-up and those in the cortege could not detect any mechanical fault and were puzzled by the development. It was more shocking to the residents when the car was put in reverse gear and started moving smoothly towards the mortuary. But when they turned back to proceed with the journey home, the vehicle would not move although the engine was running well. It was then that they resolved to consult elders on the next move so that the body could arrive at its destination before dusk. The elders decided that the body be removed from the coffin and given a "thorough whipping to make it accept to proceed home for the burial". Mourners followed the instructions to the letter and after a thorough caning, Kipkoech gave in and proceeded home for burial. The mourners broke into ululations and praise when the car started moving forward. More...

Eldoret corpse caned
The remains of Albert Kipkoech refused to move to the final resting place until elders determined that the corpse had to be whipped into submission as part of the Kalenjin burial rituals.

Mugabe forces his way to the Vatican despite EU travel ban

By our correspondent, May 2 2011
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has arrived in Rome for the beatification of the late Pope John Paul II. An EU travel ban forbids him from visiting member states but the Vatican, where the ceremony will take place, is a sovereign state and not in the EU. Mr Mugabe, a Roman Catholic, has been allowed to transit through Italy. Despite the travel ban, Mr Mugabe went to Rome for the funeral of John Paul II in 2005 and for UN food agency conferences in 2008 and 2009. The sanction on Mr Mugabe was imposed in 2002 over human rights abuses. Italy's foreign ministry said it had requested an exemption from the EU travel ban for Mr Mugabe. A Vatican spokesman said Mr Mugabe had not been personally invited but as the head of a state with which the Vatican has relations he was entitled to attend. More...

Ikolomani by-election campaigns off to a tumultous start

By Joel Okwayo, May 2 2011
Three political parties are flexing their muscles for the Ikolomani parliamentary by-election set for May 23. Orange Democratic Movement, New Ford-Kenya and Ford-People leaders seemed to promise a bruising battle for the seat as ODM kicked off its campaigns on Sunday. Seven Orange party leaders, including asistant ministers Alfred Khang’ati and Manyala Keya, and MPs Justus Kizito, Ababu Namwamba, Millie Odhiambo, Yusuf Chanzu and David Were hit the ground to campaign for their candidate Benard Shinali. The MPs said they would hold several rallies to build support for him. Confidence "We want to increase the number in Parliament," said Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr Khang’ati. The by-election has attracted three candidates, including immediate former MP Bonny Khalwale (New Ford Kenya) and Collins Matemba (Ford People). Meanwhile, Ford People Secretary-General Michael Namayi said the party will also pitch tent in Ikoloamni. He advised the electorate to keep off ‘bribing politicians’ and vote for a candidate of their choice. "We should vote for a person and not the party," said Namayi, speaking at Malinya market during a campaign for Mr Matemba. And Cabinet Minister Soita Shitanda said New Ford Kenya will roll out its rigorous campaigns to ensure Dr Khalwale is re-elected. More...

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