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  Appeal for information on the death of Elijah Wanameme

Dear Editor,

Please I would like to know more about what caused the death of Elijah Wanameme. I really don't know what happened but does anyone know details of his passing?

Wangila Furukha, February 8 2012

What happened to Elijah Wanameme
  Do you have information about my grandfather?

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the work well done so far. My grandfather says we are from the Abashikanda clan. He used to be a paramount chief, his name is Petro Namakhabwa. He even fought with Nabongo Mumia on territorial matters. I kindly request if you have come across any material regarding him. We are currently living at Imanga after he moved from Khutswitswi near Ekero, Mumias.

Peter Maina Ayunda, February 6 2012

Looking for ex paramount chief Namakhabwa
  Bukusu and Maragoli should embrace all Luhya

Dear Editor,

Thank you Abeingo Community Network. I have been ignoring this website for long but today let me confirm to you that it is the best menu for Luhya and for our country. For all my life, I have been working specifically for Luhya community, am a Luhya radio programme producer cum presenter since 1996. It is a very complicated job but God has really enabled me, especially translation. I have one issue to pass to you so that you can inform all Luhyas; let our Bukusu brothers address other communities as Luhya politically, socially etc. They can do nothing alone same to Maragolis. This thing of sese Mubukusu or nse Mulogoli will never help us. Let's speak our language and let's appreciate the diversity that God has given us.

Michael Otipa, February 5 2012

This thing of am a Bukusu or am a Maragoli should end
  Missing Bukusu clans

Dear Editor,

Missing Bukusu clans


This is soo cool! Thank you for putting this site together. I feel very proud and priviledged to be a Bukusu. Thanks.

Linda Makokha, January 25 2012

Babasaba and Basombi are already listed but Batachoni is a fully-fledged Luhya sub nation - editor

Bukusu clans
  Dear Editor,

Luhyas we need to unite and talk in one voice. Let us do that this year.

Moses Wesonga, January 5 2012

Year of Luhya unity
  Entry on my father is wrong

Dear Editor,

I came across your website while doing some research about my late father  (James Aryada) for a friend. It's a good source of information about the achievements of Luhya people. However, the entry about my father has an error. He passed away in 1984 and not 2007. I'll be happy to provide more info if required. Best regards.

Estella Aryada, Jan 3 2012

First Maths professor from Oxford
  Dear Editor,

Vihiga County/W. Bunyore/Embali;
Simeon Buluku
Plot # 2327, 0.7 Hectares
Plot # 2338, 2.2 Hectares
Located about 20 minutes from Kisumu International Airport. The electric Transformer is a couple hundred feet away. They are both roadside & riverfront. 10+ acres access , given the riperian reserve. Perfect for either personal/commercial development. Virgin fertile land with no stones or boulders.

$100,000 U.S. for both property
David Buluku
skype: buluku
tweet: @bulukudavid

Want to buy land in Bunyore?

Dear Editor,

The shared origins of the Abaluhya sub tribes is inaccurate.  Please check for accuracy.

Albert Ngoytz, Des Moines University, December 15 2011

Please send us the accurate data or point us to relevant sources - editor

Wrong origins
  Pleased we have a Luhya website

Dear Editor,

I m  so elated to see a website specifically put in place just to serve the interests of luhya community. The Abaluhya  had ONE ancestor  but because of migrations we began disintegrating, PLIZ LET US COME BACK TOGETHER  AND SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE. "Together  we stand divided we fall". Let us lend our ears to our  tribe's spokesman whom we know is HON. MUSALIA MUDAVADI at  the moment.

Joseph Mbuori Wandera
From Busia town

Mudavadi is the spokesman of the Luhya
  Bakhero clan of Buhayo left out

Dear Editor,

I am a Khayo from Elwanikha village, Buyofu sublocation, Bukhayo east, Nambale constituency, Busia county. My clan is Abakhero. My clansmen include former Nambale CDF committe secretary the late Pascal Olweyo, current assistant chief for Igara, current assistant chief for Malanga, former teacher Maurice Olweyo, former headmaster who is also my father Mathew Nangira and many others. Kindly include my clan Bakhero in the list of Bakhayo clans. I am a medical representative with Glenmark pharmaceuticals. I stay and work in Kisumu.

Michael Odanga Nangira, Kisumu, December 12 2011

Don't leave Bakhero out
  Samia Professionals Caucus formed

Dear Ediitor,

Hey hope you're well. Wwe appreciate what you're doing to help improve and educate our community as a group. Wwe are a newly formed group comprising of professionals from Samia to push for our and community's development agenda. Wwe look forward for your your support in this walk.

Samia Professionals Caucus, Nairobi, November 30 2011

Calling on all Samia professionals
  Are Basekese same as Basekeli?

Dear Editor,

Gud stuff. Ese samwene omukipemuli (omunakongo) ngamwa ebusekele. Papa akamwa ebubuutu, ne maayi ebukhoma. Nono ndeba ndi, basekele nibo basekese?

Rose Chonge, 21 November 2011

Chikholo of Basekese and Basekeli
  Need to research Luhya traditions more

Dear Editor,

There is so much stuff to be added to this website to make it more useful and meaningful. Just to give a few examples, we have our own outstanding traditions, cultural practices and heritage. Ours predecessor generations experienced a lot in terms of socio-political changes that most of us missed or have no idea about. We should research, collect and rearrange facts from fiction so as to remain with only useful cultural practices and traditions that can be of great importance to generations to come.

Michael Lunjalu, 18 November 2011

There is a lot Abeingo website can do
  Bishop Khamala condemns Embakasi demolitions

Dear Editor,

I am condemning the Minister for Transport, Amos Kimunya for demolishing homes in Embakasi area. These homes belong to middle class people who have worked so hard and borrowed funds from cooperative savings or bank loans. The way our government is run is almost like a banana republic where rule of the jungle prevails.  People needed notices and in fact the same government sanctioned the buildings.   I am so much ashamed of my government that it can wage war on its citizens.  People like Kimunya and co. should not be voted back to Parliament in the coming elections.  If it was to clear a flight path for the airport why was it necessary to demolish 200 homes?  At the very least, these people deserve to be compensated and since the matter was in court the government should have waited for a court ruling.  We have a new constitution in place but these people in government are power drunk that they renegade on the same law Kenyans passed at almost 80%.  I defied the Church and fought so hard working closely with Musalia Mudavadi for the Yes success in Western.  The Diaspora is working hard and sending money to Kenya to invest in real estate and if this government can reduce the middle class investment to rubble without recourse we need GOD himself. These people hate middle class. They want a poor Kenya whom they can bribe during elections.  Land grabbers are enjoying their wealth while the middle class who earned it loose it. Our top leadership is unshaken as families stay in the cold while they enjoy their motorcades and air conditions but let them be put on notice Kings and rulers come and go. GOD is with his poor people; GOD is with the middle class.

Bishop Titus Khamala, Cornerstone Ministries, Illinois, 17 November 2011

We need God to help Kenyans
  Calling all Luhya to join Abeingo

Dear Editor,
Let me take this opportunity for the second time since 2008 to express my feelings to your honour regarding this appreciable web site.  Let me be out spoken to my dear readers that through this web site we can do more than expected.  I say this because I found people of different professions with high ranks like doctors also giving their views about this web site.  I'm now back in Kenya after my graduation from foreign country. I'm here to promote national unity and also this web site.  For more information contact me on +254701547411. Finally, I invite all Luhya to join us on this web site. Congratulation! Congratulation! Congratulation! to the editor and all members of Abeingo.

Malala Nanjira Ali, 13 November 2011

Congratulations Abeingo
  Abeingo website is fantastic

Dear Editor,

The website is good. The last time I logged on it it wasn't attractive. Kudos to that. I'd like to know where you are located (as in your station) and to know what you do and if I can join you people so that together we better our society for our generation and the generations to come.

Sanchez David Munyasa, 31 October 2011

Abeingo website is now sparkling, kudos
  Thanks to Abeingo, I want to vie for governor, Vihiga

Dear Editor,

I want to heartily commend the persons behind the establishment of this great forum. I have been duly informed about the happenings among our people and enjoyed the contributions by different participants. I happen to be one of those aspiring for the office of Vihiga County Governor in 2012. The forum has helped me find comparative information and me kept me abreast with the ongoings in the Luyia community at large. Keep it up and add me to your mailing list for any member updates.

Reuben Kigame, Nairobi, Kenya, 28 October 2011

Forum has helped me find vital information about the Luhya
  Dear Editor,

Thanks guys for the information but I have not seen my clan: BASAKHA. Any explanation please.

Moses Wafula, 27 October 2011

Why is my clan Basakha, missing?
  Dear Editor,

This is very good atleast i have jnown that there are so many clans of Bukusu people good job.

Maureen Mulunda, 27 October 2011

I didn't know the Bukusu had so many clans
  Dear Editor,

Abeingo website is very informative. Am impressed.

Qggrey Wekesa, 12 October 2011

Informative Website
  Dear Editor,

I come from Abanyala clan called ABALWANI. There are two categories of abalwani - .ABALWANI BAKHOYO AND ABALWANI BAMAKHANGA.

Bwire, Nairobi, October 10 2011

Forgotten Clan

Dear Editor,

I’ve visited the site today and the work done on http://www.abeingo.org/HTML_files/ is commendable. Keep it up. Regards.

Kennedy Mwashi , Branch Manager, Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited, 28 September 2011

I commend Abeingo website
  Zetu cultural dancers group formed

zetu cultural dancers
Newly formed Zetu Cultural Dancers at the studio in Kakamega

Dear Luhya community,
Work has started. We are now training luhya youths on how to do dance, drama and music strictly on luhya culture. We have formed what we call ZETU CULTURAL DANCERS. Now we have sent the youths out to search for old songs, names, cultures etc, from their grandparents or the old people. We need your support in form of funding certain projects. Please give us work or assignment on anything and we shall take our tools and work on it. Do you dream of hearing a song on our African Indigenous Vegetables? or is it about marriage, food, encouragement and the like like our African traditional medicine? we can bring them to you in form of audio and video. Just give us a task and we shall work on it. Talk of Bullfighting, cock fighting etc etc. We are not only doing that, but we are also training on music, piano guitar, radio production, TV production, Music production, photography, event organization, making promos, adverts, profiles etc. Please give us your support and make ZETU MEDIA SERVICES a One Stop center for Luhya culture.

Pius Sawa Murefu,
Kakamega, near NALA Hospital.
P.O Box 1294-50100,

Calling on Luhya cultural warriors



Anyone wants to know what their name means?

Dear Editor,

I have read with concern and seen how our people Yearn to be at (home). I have seen some concerned to know meanings of names and originality; which is my area of service. If anyone would like to know the meaning of his name, or any other name, followed by other meanings, Please use your phone (mobile) to sms the word TAMBUA, followed by your name to 2001 if you are in Kenya. eg. Write, 'TAMBUA KHASOA' then  SEND TO 2001. To unsubscribe, Write ''Tabua stop' send to 2001.

Livingstone Ominde, Nairobi, Kenya, September 21 2011

Get to know what your name means
  Introducing a prolific Luhya writer

Dear Editor

Asante for this wonderful work, which is a rich resource for all interested in everything Luhya! In that vein I would wish to bring your attention to a prolific Luhya writer and physician, Dr. Robert Bwire. His books are read worldwide, and he has written both in English (most recent book being "Chain of spring love") and in the Dutch language (recent book, Polder frivoliteiten). Indeed the Luhya have raised sons and daughters who have and continue to contribute significantly to all areas of human enterprise. Wishing you well in this commendable job of keeping this forum alive and lively!

Nafula Jackie, September 19 2011

Dr Robert Bwire is a physician as well as a writer
  Candidate declares interest in Webuye seat

Dear Editor,
I have visited your site and it is very good and i like it. I would like to bring to your attention my interest in the webuye seat as an MP. what do i need to do so as to launch my manifesto.

John Maxy, Webuye, September 9 2011

Race for Webuye Constituency starts
  Nominating governor of Kakamega County

Dear Editor,

I wish to propose Anthony Alukhome Keya for the post of  Governor,  Kakamega County. Having done a thorough analysis of this individual  son of  INGO (home), I find  him more suited  to  serve his fellow Luhyas come next election  in this important capacity. The individual  has  a degree in hospitality management and diploma in business management. He has served various NGO's at managerial level for over 10 years and has interest of the common mwananchi at heart. His integrity as well as overall character is beyond reproach.

Tony Kenya, September 8 2011

Anthony Alukhome Keya for Kakamega Governor
  I am excited with Abeingo website

Dear Editor

On the whole, am very delighted by the amount of information one can get from this website. Keep it up.

Dr Alphonse Wanyonyi, September 6 2011

Abeingo website is informative
  Prof Martin Etyang bids for Busia Senator

Dear Editor,

Professor Martin Etyang is on the race for the senatorship of Busia County, he has hit the ground running from Port Victoria to Moding in Teso North talking to people.

Philip Etyang, August 26 2011

Race for Busia Senator kicks off
  Dear Editor,

My name is Maragoli. It is Afwandi. I see Afandi, but not mine with the w. My name means plentiful harvest. 

Afwandi, Ireland, August 26 2011

Afwandi means plentiful harvest
  Dear Editor,

Unity is strength. I love this network.

Pauline Ojina, August 25 2011

I love Abeingo Network
  My clan Abasubo from Samia is not extinct

Dear Editor,
I have looked at all the Luhya clans and espicially the Samia in both Uganda and Kenya and I see my clan (ABASUBO) is missing yet we exist and still alive.
Please do not extinct us. Let our voice be heard for we are alive and exist. Thank you editor.

Magombe Wa Muganda, August 1 2011

My clan is not extinct
  Dear Editor,

You have forgotten Abadee. Best Regards.

Kenneth O. Okumu, IT Supervisor UNAMID - SUDAN, Dubai, July 31 2011

Forgotten Clan
  I want to offer free cartoons to Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Hi, I am a Mnyore from Essaba village but I live and work in Nairobi. I am a graph designer, animator and cartoonist. I work for an internet company called area254.com. If you look at the site you will notice cartoons signed off as nobbayi. That's me (although I do much more for the site in terms of computer graphics. I would like to contribute my artwork to your website ( for free). How can I do that?

Nicholas Akalla Obbayi, Nairobi, July 31 2011

Your offer to contribute cartoons and graphics to Abeingo website is accepted with thanks. We will create a cartoon page rather like a blog - editor

Graphic designer offers free cartoons to Abeingo
  Dear Editor,

I am elated by the research,please include Batsesoli (Bachesoli) my mothers clan, let us rebuild the great people and culture of the "Elgon Lions".

Paul Namawa Wanyera, July 30 2011

Don't forget Bachesoli, my mother's clan
  Kakamega County Blog launched

Dear Editor,

Hi I am really impressed with the work you are doing to inform the Luhya community. I also run a blog in the county of Kakamega at kakamega411.com/wordpress and I will be happy to link up with you so as to be able to reach a wider range of people. Thank you in advance!

Eric Msela Maiben, Kakamega, July 21 2011

Keeping informed about Kakamega
  Barefu clansmen do not use names like Wafula, Wasike, Wanyama

Dear Editor,

Thanks very much for the great job you guys are doing. Our old men never did what you are doing now; we should thak God for our generation. Just a small comment: Barefu clan don't use names like Wafula, Wanyama or Wasike. Original Omurefu clansman uses names like: Akembe, Watamba, Syalo, Ngwangwa, Yabuna, Ngilandala, Butatila, Makalaya, Lutilo, Lusakia, Wata, Lubao, Murunga, Kufuchaka, Marekea, Ingendi , etc. Any original Omurefu should have any of the above mentioned names first. In Bungoma Barefu are found around Kimwanga, Bokoli, Bahai, Kibingei, Naitiri, Tongaren, Kamukuywa, Siboti and in the US; Michigan City East Lansing Lane  and Spartern village. There is no Omurefu who comes from Kachibora. In Pakistan ten families of Barefu live there working for UN, Unicef, World Food Progrm, Care International and World Vision. Thanks to all Babukusu and all Abeingo community.

Geff Yabuna Ngilandala, Afghanistan, UNICEF-Kandahar Area coordinator, July 18 2011

Barefu clan naming system different from rest of Babukusu
  Dear Editor,

Wow, wow!  This is very nice.  Learning that Abanyala can have a website is great!  Keep it up!

Namakhia Sibaire, July 18 2011

Wowed that Abanyala are online
  Investigate Kabras Youth Group

Dear Editor,

Am a member of Kabras Youth Group. I wish to look for support from you. I would like you to please investigate how my group is using the money given to them by government. They have refused to show me and other members how they used the money; am therefore willing to resign from the group due to poor planning and spending of public money. We started the group when we were so young in 1995. It is situated in Chevoso sub-location, Musali area. I cannot mention its bosses though I was one of them. Please investigate the matter and let me know how much they were given, how they shared the amount without authority, and finally how they will pay back the amount. Please inform me more about other youth groups in the area, how can we do to develop our area which is full of unemployed youth, unsuccessful groups and more sad witchcraft! That is why I rarely visit my home in Musali! Send me an email so that we keep on communicating. I live in Nairobi. Thanks in advance.

Akaranga Josphat Inyanya, Nairobi, July 18 2011

Youth don't visit home for fear of witchcraft
  Dear Editor,

This is wonderful. Keep the spirit burning Abeingo.

Joy Atonya, June 30 2011

Keep the spirit of Abeingo burning
  Forgotten clans of Samia

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for your efforts of establishing the clans in Samia. You had forgotten abasiralire, abasota, abakhone, abamurembo. Secondly we are planning to begin holding Samia Day once a year. This will help us to know our clans and probably to create database for Samia young professionals.

Bakumba Joseph Hannington, Mbale, Uganda, June 27 2011

Coming soon: Samia Day
  Looking for information on late music maestro, David Zalo Okuku

Dear Editor,

I found your contact on the web by looking for references on David Zalo Okuku and I wonder if you could help me with the following:
I organize an International Choral Summer Course in Portugal – www.sisccc.com – and this year we’ll be singing a song arranged by David Zalo Okuku – Je! Wajua, Yesu anipenda.

I’ve tried the web but can’t find any references about his biography, work, etc. All I could find is that he was much respected as a Music Teacher at Kabarak School. Do you know of any website that has this information? If so, would please be so kind as to send me a link? Thank you.
I would also like to include a translation of the lyrics of “Je! Wajua, Yesu anipenda”. Would it be possible for you to indicate any link where I could find it? Thank you so much for your trouble. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pedro d’Orey, Lisbon, Portugal, June 24 2011

Can anyone help find information on the late David Zalo Okuku from North Butsotso
  I would like to connect with Abeingo

Dear Editor,

I was just browsing and stumbled on this site. What an excellent avenue. I am Omukambuli from Ebuhonga, though I am based in Nairobi working with World Vision International, responsible for emergency communications for the Africa region. You have established a very good platform. I would like to connect with you. Thanks and blessings.

Michael Arunga,
Africa Emergency Communications Advisor
World Vision International
Nairobi, June 23 2011

Thanks for Abeingo platform
  Candidate for Kakamega senator

Dear Editor,

Now that the new Constittution is taking effect towards full implementation. I think  that  every  citizen of this great Country have equal rights in terms elective positions, moreso at County as well as Senate level. I therefore wish to use this forum to offer my  humble candidature for  Kakamega Senatorship. I think it is about time we did away with the old guard and give others an opportunity to serve our people effectively.

Antony A. Keya, Kericho, June 19 2011

We need to do away with old guards in Kakamega
  Drawing Bukusu attention to Abeingo website

Dear Edtor,

Babukusu mulebe bosi. I would like to appreciate the Abeingo Community Network for acknowledging to our BUKUSU Community. So I would like to suggest that the publishers of this website popularise in the mainstream media so that other Bukusu can join us and they will be happy.

David Wafula, June 16 2011

Babukusu should join Abeingo Community Network
How can I tell Abeingo about my mats?

claris wambunya mats

Dear Editor,

Please do find a copy of a tapestry mat that I weave, Kindly do not hesitate to place an order with your favourite colours. I also do weave, the mats with different flag colours, e.g. Kenyan flag, football club colours to their teams etc. I can also teach someone at a small fee if they are interested. How can I get Abeingo to know what I do? Thanks for supporting me.

Claris Wambunya, June 16 2011

Claris Wambunya can be contacted at: yieri2002@yahoo.com

Customised mat designs from Claris Wambunya
  Help arrives for needy student

Dear editor,
I am writing this in response to Bunyasi's appeal (see letters to the editor, June 4 2011). First of all it's very encouraging of you to realize that your future lies in education. However, it would be good if you give us more details on your career goals, how much you need and what obligation you would owe to society for help. I'm sure I can throw in a couple of thousands occassionally and others too. It is my prayer and hope that things work out for you, and dream on until your dream come true.

Valentine Odubah, June 15 2011

Leonard Bunyasi gets help after appealing to Luhya community
  Funeral Insurance for Luhya Diaspora in USA and Canada launched

Dear Editor,

The North America Masaaba cultural association (NAMCA)  recently negotiated a customized Group Life/Repatriation Insurance Plan, that it would like to extend to the wider luhya community in the United States and Canada.  The Plan would provide a cash Benefit within 48 hrs in the event of the death of any member. This would be used for among other things to fund burial expenses ( transportation, airfare etc)  -- anywhere such a member wishes to be laid to rest. 

As you may all be aware --  fundraising  for death related expenses has become unsustainable and is actually adversely impacting the financial health of many members . Secondly the human and financial resources of  our associations  have for long  been focused on death related matters -- and rightly so -- because the welfare of our members is paramount. However the downside is that other worthy projects have suffered in the process for lack of the needed attention.  This group Insurance plan allows your associations, or groups to go full throttle on all our projects  but also provide much needed protection to  members . 

In the spirit of brotherliness, we at NAMCA do not wish other associations to re-invent the wheel. We want  to work with together so that they can extend this already negotiated benefit to their members.The premiums are the lowest in market and would be affordable to many in our communities. We are the process of enrollment  -- any interested parties can contact us at  amungoma@namca.us  or call 858-683-3018 for further details of the plan.

We have the choice among three plans -- whose main difference is the the benefit amount :

* To cover children under the age of 21 or 23 if a full time student  add $7.5 per year per child  
* over 65 the benefit is 50% of plan amount 
* Plans do not require medical check up- all is that is needed is to be on the association membership roster
* A valid U.S or Canadian SS is required to enroll

Plan 1  - Benefit Amount  $25,000

Under 65 -- $ 130 per year 
 65-70 --     $ 65   per year 
 Over 70  -- $ 13  per year 

Plan 2  - Benefit Amount  $20,000

Under 65 -- $ 105 per year 
 65-70 --     $ 55   per year 
 Over 70  -- $ 11  per year 

Plan 3  - Benefit Amount  $15,000

Under 65 -- $ 78 per year 
 65-70 --     $ 39   per year 
 Over 70  -- $ 8  per year 

Andrew Mungoma, Vice President, North America Masaaba Cultural Association, USA, June 14 2011

Bereavement Insurance Scheme for Luhya in USA and Canada



We need to form links to emancipate the Luhya from poverty

Dear Editor,
It is my gratitude to salute your great work on the website. I am Daniel Shisia and a candidate for the Malava seat in the coming election. Please can we have some links and work together for the purpose of emancipating our people from poverty. Thanks.

Daniel Shisia, Malava, June 13 2011

We need to form links to emancipate our people from poverty
  Dear Editor,

Is there any thing we can do on the depletion of the Kakamega and Maragoli forests?

Kennedy Onguso, June 5 2011

There is a lot we can do. Just voicing concern is already doing something and if millions vocalise these concerns, powers that be will take action - editor.

What can we do to stop depletion of Kakamega Forest?
  Appeal for school fees

Dear Editor,

Hi good Luhyas wherver you are in the world I am a young Luhya man, 21years of age. I come from Busia, Kenya. Fellow brothers and sisters, I am turning to you for help. I completed high school in 2008 and managed to score a B plain of 62 points but due to my family's economic status I haven't joined any training college. I feel that my future lies in my education, so help me build my future please. I am not a pretender. Am genuine and am saying the truth, so please whoever is reading this please help me. I will be glad and grateful.

Leonard Bunyasi, Busia, June 4 2011


Busia student appeals to Luhyas for help

Dear Editor,

I was checking out some info in relation to my dad's burial but I could not find the info from the Nation online Archive. This site saved me from thinking of the Kenya Archive's visit! No doubt am gonna be alife member! Expect my USD dollar check sooner than later! Once more thanks for the good work!

Wycliffe Akibaya, June 2 2011

Abeingo saved me a visit to Kenya Archives
  Dear Editor,

Have you started Luhya lessons?  I am really interested.  How much are the charges and where are you located? Thanks a lot.

Louisa Wangalwa, June 2 2011

No. We don't have a permanent location or classroom. The point about this initiative is to get Luhya people involved by volunteering to send in words, expressions in various Luhya tongues so that students like yourself may learn vital precepts in luluyia. Unfortunately the take up is still slow but keep a watch on those pages - Editor

Do you offer Luhya lessons?

Tiriki Cultural Festival Videos uploaded on Youtube

Dear Editor,

I would like to request you to please add the following ceremonial videos that I ve uploaded on youtube. These videos show the Tiriki cultural festival at its best. I hope these video will teach us how to appreciate each other's cultural values and customs that we can celebrate as Luhyas.


Thanks for the good work.

Alex Muturi, May 31 2011

Tiriki cultural festival videos on Youtube
  I want to help redesign Abeingo website

Dear Editor,

Please, I want to get involved with the design aspects of the website and wherever I can help. I love the website. I am from Nasira Village in Nambale and am impressed with the work you are doing. Keep it going. It is very impressive and has a great potential to be a respected mouth piece. Keep it going. Thank you.

Vincent Omoyi, Nambale, May 23 2011

Your offer is accepted with thanks. We will contact you to discuss the way forward - Editor

Reader offers design services to Abeingo
  Meaning of Bukusu names

Dear Editor,

In reference to Bukusu names, some of the names are: Wanyonyi - born during the season of weeding (enyonyi means weeds); Wanjala, born during the season hunger (enjala means hunger) born between the months of may and early july; Wafula - born during rainy season (efula means rain); Wanyama born during celebrations like in the month of August when circumcision is taking place and there is plenty of meat (enyama means meat); Wabwoba born during mushroom season, etc.

Wycliffe Wanyama, May 22 2011

Meaning of Bukusu Names
  Dear Editor,

The recent reaction by Gor fans after the Ulinzi match is barbaric, and a social stigma that has no place in modern Kenya. I understand the passion and conflict, but referees are human beings and are bound to err as they only exercise personal judgment. As a civilized society, we must seek legal and value-based avenues to address our grievances. A responsible citizen takes pride in common sense rather than violence.

Valentine Oduba, May 22 2011

Gor fans behavior barbaric

Dear Editor,

I am proud to be from Abeingo community. Let us also have boys names and maragoli occasions. Kind Regards.

Ken Anno, May 16 2011

Please send us all boys' names that you may know to kickstart the process and others may add some more. Editor

Let us also have Maragoli boy names
  Maragoli forest was destroyed by politics

Dear Editor,

I am a Maragoli interested in joining the network to uplift the living standards of our people. Maragoli Forest was destroyed politically and its only us who can restore the monkeys that were killed or moved away. In fact all fauna and flora all perished. Let's find a way to restore the forest. I work with Kenya Revenue Authority and I am constant at home in Maragoli.

Kennedy Ambede Onguso, Nairobi, May 16 2011

Time we got our monkeys back by restoring Maragoli Forest

Dear Editor,

Here are more Maragoli girl names: Agaziva means one who encourages, Viregwa means one, though despised would prove otherwise. Others are: Kavulika, Mideva, Masagati, Chonelwa, Agayanzi, Nyamagi and Kadimira.

Engasia Vodenge, May 8, 2011

New Maragoli Girl Names found

Dear Editor,

Am proud of the Abeingo community. I love the unity in luhya land! CHEERS!

Gloria Amwayi, Idakho, April 29 2011

Am proud of Abeingo community

Dear Editor,

This is splendid and wish to be your correspodent from Mumias sub county specifically and Kakamega county generally.

James Wakungwi Sakwa, April 26 2011

Mumias correspondent

Set up local Abeingo branches in Kenya

Dear Editor,

Am happy with your great work. I would suggest that you hire somebody on the ground to collect vital data on educational institutions in western Kenya for the website which in my view is the most important. You should also make it easier for us students in Kenyan universities to join by setting up local offices. Kudos for your good work.

Alex Imbagwa, April 25 2011

Set up Abeingo local branches in Kenya
  Abanyala unity for a better tomorrow

Dear Editor,

This is a rejoinder of all Abanyala from Busia. Let's become one for a better tomorrow.

Evans Gaetano, April 21 2011

Calling for Abanyala Unity
  Bunyala schools on the web

Dear Editor,

This is very good work to post the names of our schools in Bunyala on the internet. I was the first principal of Namundera Secondary School and I wish to post the initial history of the school on the web. What is your advice?

Henry Sisa Mbayaki, April 18 2011

Email us the information and will be glad to use it - editor

Thanks for posting Bunyala schools on the web
  Don't forget the Ugandan Luhya

Dear Editor

Brothers and sisters. Greetings to you all. This is a wonderful platform that can bring us together. However, I note with concern that your emphasis is mainly on the Luhya in Kenya. Please get it from me that there are many from the Samia sub group in Uganda who subscribe to the ideals of the Luhya as an ethnic group. There are some notable clans that are not included in the register like the Abadde/Abagila, Abakhumatsi, Abasota, Abanyideti, Abakhone, Abagwanga, Abamulembo, Abakombe, Abalyali, etc. I believe we can exchange a lot of information on this subject matter. I am a journalist working at Newvision and residing in Kampala, Uganda. I belong to the Abadde/Abagila clan. Godbless you all.

Stephen Otoro, Kampala, April 8 2011

Call for bonding of Kenyan and Ugandan Luhya


Dear Editor,

I am very happy reading news daily from abeingo community network. Imagine I am at Afghanistan and I read my local news daily as if am just right there at home at Khasolo in Malakisi, Bungoma. I cannot imagine this. In fact I am informed even more that those at home. Keep doing this men. I wish to sent salaams on West Fm on face book can this happen?

Godfrey Maeyi Mungahu, Afghanistan, April 5 2011

To send salaams to West fm, CLICK HERE and to connect with Abeingo facebook, CLICK HERE.

I am in Afghanistan but thanks to Abeingo, I feel more informed

Dear Editor,
I am glad and appreciate for the Luhya platform. First of all Im a proud luhya, and this will help us move forward and exchange ideas. Personally, I think that people from Luhya nation should put more emphasis on education, and poverty eradication programs. We already have good schools, we need more colleges and institutions that will teach entrepreneurship and development sustainabilty. Education would help people to hold leaders accountable, reduce poverty, and improve governance. Its my prayer and hope that in future I can do something. I have great ideas that can be useful to our community. I also encourage my fellow Luhyans to engage in community work to help one another especially the elderly.

Valentine M Odubah, April 4 2011

Luhya should put emphasis on education and poverty eradication

Dear Editor,

This is good but we need a lot of development news.

Ishmael Keya, March 31 2011

Development news wanted
  Calling on all Bamasaaba in the US and Canada

Dear Editor,

I represent the North America Masaba Cultural Association based in San Diego, CA. Our association is a forum where the Bamasaaba diaspora discuss and implement various socio-economic initiatives.  We hold annual conventions in May and this year we are very much interested in having our Luhya brothers from Kenya in attendance. As you may be aware the Luhya nation extends across the Kenya -Uganda border. Recently the cultural leader of Bamasaaba in Kenya and Ugandan was installed and is expected to be our guest of honor in San Diego. I have made several efforts to reach the Kenyan diapora in the U.S and Canada and would definitely welcome any further help in that direction.

We also going to have a world fairtrade day event during the conference where we will invite southern California coffee businesses to explore linkages with coffee farmers on the ground. I would like your assitance in publicizing this event . - otherwise a brief summary can be found here : http://2011agm.drupalgardens.com

Are you a Luhya DJ?

We also in search of DJ who plays luhya music (we can be contacted at events@masaba.org)

The theme for the 2011 AGM is: BaMasaaba in the 21st : 'Finding the convergence of Technology and culture for development'. We are living in the fastest, most innovative and most advanced period of technological advancement in human history. This era also presents a more equal level playing field in all aspects of life that were previously the realm of a the few advantaged. How is this going help, change or impede us as a people. How do we take advantage of these technologies and still be able to preserve our culture and all that makes us unique. This conference is about exploring opportunities that technology presents to enhance culture and at the same time stimulate social and economic development. Focus will be placed in the areas of Healthcare and Education. 

All information about the conference can be found here: http://2011agm.drupalgardens.com     or our main site www.namca.us

I look foward to speaking to you and about all the exciting  but challenging work that is going on here to mobilise the diaspora. Thank you

Andrew Mungoma
V. President
North America Masaba Cultural Association
Phone: 858-683-3018

Email: amungoma@masaba.org

Calling on all Bamasaaba in US and Canada


Can you play Luhya Music?


Dear Editor,

Keep it up but think about development for Abeingo Community.

Patrick Kanga, Mombasa, March 30 2011

Think development for Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Am very happy with you guys for promoting our Luhya nation and everything you are doing. Its great men. Am a Bukusu, omumuyonga by clan born at Khasolo village, Napara location, Bungoma South District. Am currently living in Afghanistan. Kindly include my name on your list. I enjoy reading your articles.

Godfrey maeyi Mung'ahu, Afghanistan, March 23 2011

Am a Bukusu living in Afghanistan

Dear Editor,

Having such a great network is such an inspiring to the youth here in Mumias. Am Samwel from Shiners Community Youth Group based in Mumias. We love your work and we realy want to work closely with you in all programs you and we have for the young people. How can we make this dream alive?

Samwel Makhokha, Mumias, March 22 1011

Mumias Youth Group wants to work with Abeingo

Dear Editor,
I'm beholden to things Luyia being from Wangaland and a preeminent Wanga at that. For this reason can the Australian that wants a translation of the above song get in touch with me? Alternatively how can the translation reach him? Of course my assumption is that he hasn't yet got a translation. Additionally, my sincere appreciation for the excellent work you are doing. I just stumbled on your newsletter while browsing the net. Can I subscribe? Can I as well subscribe other Abaluyia? God bless!

Paul M. Sumba, Nairobi, Kenya

Your offer of translation is appreciated. However, the inquirer got his prayers answered - editor

Can the Australiam who needs a Luhya translator get in touch

Deat Editor,

Trans Nzoia County is now counted as one of Abeingo counties despite being in Rift Valley Province. Politically it's of Abeingo interest.

Benedict Simiyu, March 14 2011

Trans Nzoia County is of Abeingo interest

Dear Editor,

The boys who urinate in bed are given hooves so as to stop the habit.

Maureen, March 10 2011

How to stop urinating in bed
Artists wanted for Kakamega-based production company

Dear Editor,

Sometime back, I expressed my passion to restore the Luhya heritage. Now the journey is almost there. I am currently setting up studios in Kakamega town. I need to identify talented musicians, actors and the like to start composing songs, dramas, poems, dances, etc for the Luhya. I also need volunteers who can work as trainers and music producers and someone who is able to work with music editing software. The studios will also provide videography and photography, radio production, music lessons and the rest. Please if any one has a suggestion of what content we should have, feel free to contact me. I want to see Luhyaland realise its full potential by exploiting its cultural resources through performing arts. And if you wish to support any child/ youth/women/men/group to record their perfomance, you are most welcome. You can reach the director of ZETU MEDIA SERVICES on mediazetu@gmail.com, Tel: +254713178564, P.O Box 1294-50100 Kakamega, Kenya. Plot 11/23 Mumias Road near Nala hospital

Pius Sawa, Kakamega, March 6 2011

Are you a singer, dancer, poet, choreogrpaher or wish to be trained in any of these?
  Dear Editor,

I'm so grateful of my tribe Luhya. I like how the Abeingo group is organised. May God protect you always.

Were Ismael Ndula, March 5 2011

Grateful to be Luhya

Dear Editor,

I just like what you've done. I am proud of our Luhya culture. What you are doing is awesome. Let's continue promoting our culture. May God bless you.

Abubakar Buluku, February 21 2011

I am proud of Luhya culture
  Son of Bunyore delivers Solomonic ruling

Dear Editor,

Let  me go to rest as Simeon and Anna went to the temple one time as they did so often in offering the gift  to the temple Lord, and this was  the day the child Jesus was brought in as acustomed in  the Jewish law of  nature. Presentation of  the first born  child especially a  boy child, was so fundamentalist in a boy-child syndrome, thank God we  can now  see  girl, boy, guy, straight, disabled, abled, as equals though it is still a war to fight in some areas. So, Simeon, upon seeing the child, bowed down to God  and proclaimed the following: "Now, Lord, let your servant  go to rest in peace  for he  has seen your salvation, that which you prepared for generations to come". He then passed on, his name will never be forgotten in history. So, is Otiato today in our  history, and I followed  the live  coverage and we  could see  the emotion the honorable man from  the Hills of Bunyore had, even taking pose and coming to his lines  again. It was  tough! Well, we  hope to learn from some things  and if we can't, then, we  are still human with same instincts. God bless Kenyans everywhere they may  be. We have a nation to recreate, re-energize, re-ignite  and make whole again.

Paddy Musumba, Montreal, Canada, Feb 17 2011

Marende's name shall never be forgotten in Kenya's history

Dear Editor,

I am writing to enquire how I may get a copy of the book "Tiriki Customs and Traditions". I would like to know the cost, delivery and payments plans , and who i can specifically contact. Thanks.

Grace McBride, February 13 2011

The title's author is Simani Sangale whose telephone number, I'll forward to you separately. As far as I know, he does the selling himself in Nairobi - Editor

How can I get a book on the Tiriki?

Dear Editor,

I want to join abeingo community as we have registered a community based organization for the disabled persons having people who are blind, deaf, cripple/lame, widows and those with special needs eg. epileptic patients. Wwe hope our request will meet your consideration.

Justus Ombucha, February 3 2011

I want to join Abeingo

Dear Editor,

This website will make us be together as one. Kudos to those who started it. Obulala is the most important thing.

Everlyne Shimule, February 3 2011

Abeingo will promote obulala

Dear Editor,

There is the clan of Abasaina (Avasaina) left out among Tiriki clans. They live around Goibei area and are surrounded by Ababulugi (which means they are close to Maragoli than Tiriki).

Josh, February 2 2011

Abasaina clan missing in Tiriki

Deat Editor,

I hail from Vihiga County. Just requesting you to keep sending me any updates regarding the county’s emerging political alignments so as to be able to brief fellow Abanyole who reside in Mombasa and who have no access to internet & media for them to be able to make a good choice of their future leaders in the approaching general elections.

Japheth O. Amukowa, Mombasa, Jan 26 2011

Please send me updates on Vihiga County

Dear Editor,

Greetings from Australia. I have been studying Kenya history and mostly about the Luhya community. I have found out a song written in Luhya and was wondering if you could kindly translate itfor me. Your kindness is appreciated.


1. Ahulilanga esibeela sieefwe
Olwa khuchoonyile akhulolanga
Witinyilisie oleme omwoyo
Amakhuwa kosi Yesu wamanya
Kosi yakhola mubuyanzibwe
Orariitsanga, suubila khuye
Akobusangaali nakesibeela
Amakhuwa kosi Yesu wamanya

2. Fwana wasieefwe yakhabukulwe
Akholanga kosi mubuchesibwe
Akakhwhitsilanga kata kabe mbwe
Amakhuwa kosi Yesu wamanya

3. Kata mubulwale nomubulamu
Orahenda mwoyo akhulindanga
Mumakhuwa kosi Yesu yateemwa
Yeefila khulweefwe, Yesu wamanya

4. Nikali amatinyu manya weefile
Biosi ebisiro yakhakhwongula
Bwangu wakhaheebwa okhuhuluukha
Amakhuwa kosi Yesu wamanya

I have no one to help me and thought that you could. Best wishes

Adel Haddad, Australia, January 18 2011

Can anyone provide a perfect translation of the above hymn? - editor

Translation of Luhya Hymn into English

Dear Editor,

And you may want to countercheck this from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Kenya. The first Kenyan pastor to serve this church on global level as Associate Director, Center for Adventist Muslim Relations at the world headquarters is a Luhya from Bumala in Marachi, an Omufofoyo by clan. He has served in that capacity since 2006 to date. 

Rashid Abdi, January 18 2010

First Kenyan to serve Seventh Day Adventist on a global level is a Luhya from Marachi - Oscar Osinde

Dear Editor,

Thanks for posting my previous comments on ‘Kenya we want’.  Today I would like to comment on politics and economic activities of western province.

Politics: I do not think that age should be a factor but modern ideas are key hence need for western people to form alliances that are healthy and that can drive change in the province and its counties as for now we need tough and aggressive leaders who can fight for the resources and not loyalists who bring nothing to the table.  The region has great potential in agriculture and livestock. The focus is to make these activities more commercial than subsistence farming in the region.

Agriculture: Land use should be improved and forestry encouraged by first investing in reforestation of Kakamega and Maragoli forests and farmers encouraged to undertake forestry farming for commercial purposes.  Lastly on issue of roads people should not be digging with their hands feeder roads and paid meagerly yet funds are allocated by the government for that purpose. We need to watch diligently the use of CDF, roads levy fees and LATF funds that they don’t end up in someone’s pockets.  It’s your right to do so without fear and doing so you encourage developments that creates jobs hence reducing crime. With security, investors will be encouraged to invest in the region.

Town planning is very important; we should not wait for the government. We need estates in our emerging urban centres since land is not expanding but population is. If real estate is developed guys can buy houses; creating a market for farmers’ produce. I urge all western professionals to come up and advice and not hide in cities and visit other regions that are already organizing forums on their county development for example Kiambu.  What are we doing ourselves before we cry that they were favoured? Let’s us not do politics; when our son, Andrew Ligale gave us constituencies and he was vilified no one came to his defense. That’s why I say we need to aggressively take what we feel belongs to us and not wait for it to come like rain. We need to redefine our strategy as a community.

Frederick Kasai, Nairobi, January 18 2011

The Luhya need to take what is theirs without feeling guilty. No one came to the defence of Andrew Ligale when he gave us constituencies

Dear Editor,

That's the way to go. However we need more forums on developments than just mere politics i.e. roads, infrastructure expansion of Masinde Muliro University and others within the province and upgrading of our education. These are key issues that our people should consider discussing. Keep up with spirit.

Fredrick Kasai Jirongo, Jan 16 2011

We need more forums on development

Dear Editor,

I happened to be at the Vihiga Cultural Events on 26th December 2010. The day marked the 30th Anniversary of this very important event.

It also came to light that some initiatives had been taken by private individuals, led by  Alice Kirambi, to create a structure in the name of “Vihiga County Shadow Assembly” to help educate the critical masses how the 2012 typical assembly in Vihiga (leadership talent portfolio), would look like.  I feel this structure can be emulated elsewhere

I have taken the initiative to bring this to Abeingo’s attention. She personally asked me to help publicise to help people think, plan, talk and engage with 2012.

The Proposed Shadow leadership include:

  1. Shadow County Governor                  -  Omboko Milemba
  2. Shadow Deputy Governor                  -  Stephen Oscar Buleemi
  3. Shadow County Senator                     -  Boaz Ing’asia Indeje
  4. Shadow County Speaker                     -  Dan Chtwah Chegenya
  5. Shadow County Deputy Speaker         -  Sherah Maxwell Didi

Since no one seems to be doing anything, I personally welcome this initiative to keep Vihiga aspirants on their toes and I would be grateful if you published the contents. Hon George Khaniri (MP Hamisi) appealed to the public at the festival to consider him for Senator because he cannot be Governor as he does not have the necessary skills required of that office and I thought he was very genuine in his request.

Neccy Kikaya, Vihiga, Jan 11 2011


Click here to see Ms Alice Kirambi's propositions.


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your efforts of making omwoyo kwa Abaluhya to be heard.

Charles Gonzo, January 8 2011

Thanks for being Voice of Abaluhya

Dear Editor,

Hello Abeingo! And thank you ever SO much for the content at this website. I have JUST been alerted about its existence by a friend!

Not sure if I should ask this question - but I have had a look at the content, and I do not seem to be able to find what the objectives or targets or aims or goals of the site are. Of course the issue of Luhya unity would be indisputable, but perhaps, laymen (like myself) need spot-on info on why this site was set up in the first place. One would imagine that the fundamental theme would be to bring us all together, rather than have each one of us get identified or be dichotomised into our little "sub-tribe" (or even clan) elements? Pardon me if I am wrong, this is my own opinion.

How can you/we ensure that many Luhya people get to know about the existence of this site? There are times I have considered myself to be pretty savvy, but if I didn't know about it, then how many more do not? Of course I am not a yardstick and I shall admit that many times I am quite backward and old fashioned when it comes to web-related matters. Nevertheless, please publicise this site on Mulembe FM for others to know about it.

Please do keep up the good work. Within an hour I have learnt a lot of what Luhya people have done, and I continue to do! So informative is this site and, I am sure, it is also fairly up-to date? Thank you, and be blessed for your splendid work.

Dr. Ochwaya, Y.E; Kenya/UK, January 7 2011

Objectives of ACN is to create a united Luhya House where everyone is appreciated as an asset to the community. Of course, highlighting different sub nations may appear to going against the objectives, however, we feel it is important that the Luhya should get to know their roots properly to appreciate their common destiny - both cultural and geophysical. Of course work continues and this sort of feedback is highly appreciated in streamlining our objectives to ensure we are singing from the same hymn book - editor

Thanks for the website but can't seem to understand your objectives clearly

Dear Editor,

Abeingo Website staff and fans. I take this humble time to thank Almighty God for the free love that He has shown unto us in the year 2010. We are not so special before the Creator but it's just because He Loves us so much and He has entrusted us with life so that we can accomplish His will. My dear country men and women, here in Kenya, Africa and in Diaspora, its your chance again in the year 2011 to embrace God and His Creatures  and  your fellow mankind; trusting that we belong to each other. Take a step and make that simple change in their lives - may it be materially, prayers or any other available means and God will be happy. I WISH YOU HAPPY AND PEACEFUL 2011

Benson Buchichi, Nairobi, January 1 2011


Dear Editor,

I thank Mr Osotsi for wanting to become a president. It’s a good idea yes, but to be short and clear, Mr Okwemba, starting with your email, it’s got lots of spelling errors. That means you don't take things seriously. On Agriculture No.1, you have written nothing. So start with development at ingo, because doing the same at Emuhaya and Bunyore at large like what Sonko has been doing in Makadara until every Tom and Jerry sings your name in Bunyore. Then Vihiga and go country! Now Nobody knows Okwemba in Bunyore; neither we in Nairobi and Diaspora have ever heard of your name let alone seen you, or heard your positive things in Bunyore.

Can you go back on the drawing board and talk to Bunyore men and women for advice. Talk to Mr Marende, Mukuna, Ottichilo and others. Bring-down those stones at Ebuhando, Ebutongoi, Essunza, Emmutete, supply tap water, electricity etc before wasting the little shillings you have! Then come to Bunyore and lets elect you to Parliament!  Leading cooperatives is very different from leading Kenyans. Stop wasting your and our time

Benson Buchichi, Nairobi, December 29 2010


Dear Editor,

The Constitution of the Republic of Kenya was promulgated on 27th August, 2010, providing for elective positions as follows:
(1) A member of Parliament under Section 97 thereof,
(2) A Senator to be elected under Section 98,
(3) A Governor for any of the 47 Counties under Section 180,
(4) A Speaker for each of the National Assembly, the Senate house and any of the 47 Counties and
(5) Finally, the President of the Republic of Kenya elected under Section 136, 137 and 138.

On November, 2010 I considered very seriously where I may serve my country as any other Kenyan. I reasoned myself and said,


I have considered seriously the Poverty pervading Kenyans in the majority. I have considered the abilities contained by any of each of the persons the media has so widely publicized as the would-be contenders for the Presidency and found that they have never been concerned with the plight of the poor among us, the time they have served in the two sessions Hon. Kibaki was President and he appointed them to be Ministers. They are not better placed to ever tell us that they would tackle the poverty among majority Kenyans.  Indeed the poor, the street chilldren, the beggars in the streets of our cities have never been a bother to them. The people who are Ministers and that want to become the President in 2012 live in a rich Kenya that knows no poverty.

Arthur Okwemba Osotsi, Owaluka, Emuhaya, Dec 29 2010

Best to attach you manifesto so readers can get a sense of what you can offer - editor

Am poor but am going for the presidency

Dear Editor,

Can we also have Luhya service providers listed on the website so that we give them business.

J Amuko, December 22 2010

List Luhya service providers

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the great job you are doing. I bumped into kisii.com website and was amazed by their content. I would urge you to consider introducing some Luhya words with their english translation so that Luhyas like me who don't know the language can start learning. Best Regards.

Hellen Seka Anyanga, Butere, December 20 2010

Introduce Luhya words on Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Thank for the good articles. I am the direcctor of Utopia-Uganda targeting orphans in rural areas and marketing excutive for rainbow magazine ltd. We are organising the elections of MissKyenjojo and a charitable walk in western Uganda to raise funding for orphans so we kindly invite you to the occasion on 29th January 2011. Come and see orphan music extravanganzer and many more. For support and inquries use this utopia456@hotmail.com or phone us on +256 779 633 737.

Atuhaire Moses, Director, Utopia Uganda, December 17 2010

Utopia Uganda extends invitation to everyone for a charity walk in aid of orphans

Dear Editor,

As the year is drawing to an end, I a'm wishing you an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for this wonderful Abeingo community site; it is very informative. Each day I learn something new about the Luhya people. I now know why we are called a peace loving people. Whilst Africa is fighting against tribalism our Luhya forefathers fought it a long time ago and assimmilated so many people into our community. It amazes me how non-Bantu people like the Maasai, Luo, Kalenjn and even the proud Tutsi (Bahima) settled in our community. Wow! I am proud to be part of Mulembe country.

Anthea Neves, Johannesberg, December 15 2010

Proud to be from Mulembe Country

Dear Editor,

I am happy to learn more about the Luhya community. I didn't know the cradle of the name Luhya, until I came across the Abeingo Community Network website. Thanks a lot for your informative views from Abaluyia, at least I have something to tell my son and daughter about my people, the Luhya. I kindly request you to add my name and profile  in the Abakabras directory.

Joseph Kutialo Mwanzo, December 8 2010

Thanks to Abeingo, I now have something to tell my children about the Luhya

Dear Editor,

Plse plse why are we having politicians as governors. I don’t like it. Let's have new faces in those positions please. Don’t promote these politicians and you know very well the dangers they have caused this country.

Achu, December 6 2010

Don't promote politicians as county governors

Dear Editor,

Thanks for setting up such a wonderful Network site! Hope to be part of all planned activities as my initial contact has been quite informative and educative on the history of "omuluyia". Keep it up and live!

Fred Masinde, Emaholia Ikomero, Novermber 24 2010

Quite an informative site on Abaluyia

Dear Editor,

Nice site. Happy that I can read all the news at your site. Great work keep it up. Can you organise a facebook notification and link to your site, where we can see all your updates on facebook. Please. God bless.

Imran, November 18 2010

Create Abeingo facebook link

Dear Editor,

Thanks for this initiative. How do I at the local scene take part in all this; specifically in relation to mobilizing the western Kenya masses towards positive development for 2012? Thanks.

Dennis Ongaria, Nairobi, November 17 2010

Abeingo Kenya has been registered and is only awaiting commissioning alongside Abeingo Holdings Ltd, an investment arm of Abeingo. We will make a public announcement when everything is ready. Watch this space - editor

I want to be involved in Abeingo in Kenya

Dear Editor,

I want to announce my candidacy for the newly created constituency of Amagoro North.

Stephen Okalebo, November 15 2010

Stephen Okalebo for Amagoro North Constituency
  Keep politics out of Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Being  one of those good fellows who can't go without reading mails from the Editor, I would like to air my "personal" views pertaining to Joshua Ogutus' views on RAILA-NGILU issue. I know and understand that every one of us has a right to air his or her views may it be from  daily politics to, name them. But for the goodwill of Abeingo funs, I beg my fellow readers to at least, keep un-productive politics from this site so that WE CAN HAVE A BREAK FROM DAILY POLITICAL NOISE, to a sober  community site where we can discuss and share positive development and challenges that we face in our society. I write this because Kenya today is completely polluted with politics throughout the media fraternity  to churches to pubs to households and everywhere. Now when a such good site starts indulging in RAILA-NGILU politics, it is a sign of loosing the good intensions that whoever started it might have had in his mind. Can we focus on good ideas that can make the large "Abeingo family" both here in Kenya, Africa and Diaspora learn much about Abeingo and their culture, development and challenges and how to support each other so as to come up as one transformed Abeingo family.  I stand to be challenged but I request Abeingo to concentrate on positive materials than the......Oooooh!, Kimunya must go, Ooooh Ngilu must go! OOOoooo now Buchichi must go!

Benson Buchichi, Nairobi, November 12 2010

Raila-Ngilu issues should be kept out of Abeingo. There is enough political din in mainstream media

Dear Editor,

Hon. Charity Ngilu is a dishonest politician She sohuld step aside for proper investigation to be conducted. She has turned the whole ministry into a Kamba conduit. Imagine of all boreholes and dams she built a warping 126 for Ukambani while  people in Pokot, Turkana and Samburu have not received even a single borehole. Are these places not part of Kenya?. Hon Raila should not introduce double standards to the war on corruption by defending the indefensible. Presidential elections in 2012 would not work with Charity Ngilu votes. Raila should open his eyes; he has lost Rift Valley completely  and Charity corruption will not sale his dream of becoming Kenya's chief executive.

Joshua Ogutu, November 11 2010

Raila's double standards on corruption

Dear Editor,

Thank for you listing our clan Abakana on the Abeingo Network. A lot of Abakana history is gone with our dead grandfathers and fathers. However, one peculiar thing is that our clan has been assimilated  by the Luo and occupies Eruvwe sub location in  Ugenya.. There are few of us, who still identify  ourselves as Luhya, especially the  the Shikhonga family. The little I know is that Abakana were  good warriors whom Nabongo Mumia used during war. I would be interested to learn more history about our clan from any source.

Rev. Martin Olando, Mumias, November 10 2010

Abakana assimmilated into Luo of Ugenya

Dear Editor,

I returned from Western Kenya on Feb 22d, we formed a company called Pull Up From Poverty, and have an association with Mama Sarah Obama in Kogelo, we are looking for funding sources, we have funded 300 women using the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. We are in the planning stages to dig water wells there.

Martin Cruise, November 10 2010

Microfinance in Bumula partners with Mama Sarah Obama

Dear Editor,

I am writing to inquire more about the Abakana clan  of the Wanga. Before my father died, he told me many stories about  our clan, Abakana but it is not listed on the Abeingo list  of Wanga clans. Our great  grandfather was Namboko, father of Otsialo and they were involved so much in the war against  the Luo of Ugenya. Could you please give me more information.

Rev. Martin Olando, Mumias, November 9 2010

Abakana clan of Wanga is missing from Abeingo
  Set up scholarship for young leaders

Dear Editor,

Muriena Baluyia? I really think this young man Wadongo needs our support to get him in the best place in the world so he can forge ahead with these skills. This is the stuff leaders are made of: Excellence and social intelligence. I personally will be very disappointed if all he ever adds to is shine villages. Lets build on this and encourage our young western students to serve the community. We can excel all we want, but the true measure of our success lies in how our weakest are treated. What use is it for me to be at GE making money and living large when thousands in Western are eating dust? I will happily contribute to a scholarship that seeks intelligent young men from MMUST or any western high school and bring them abroad to shine. But commitment to community service must be emphasized. It is not enough to bring the weepy stories "my parents died, we live in grass houses" because it is the norm in Africa anyway. Big Thinkers, forging ahead.

Service to people, that should guide our politics. And in this breath, Lawrence Simiyu Sifuna is hereby recommended for senator, not governor. Ababu Namwamba-Governor.

We need young leaders with fire in their bellies for change-Governorship. Ok, feel free to fry me on the Sifuna Choice, but that is one honest old timer, I just disagree with his views on women. The  other old timers are now looking to sustain dynasties.

Ajiambo Sifuna, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Nov 7 2010

Wadongo, the CNN Hero nominee needs our support. I am willing to contribute to a scholarship fund


Dear Editor,

I wish to thank you all yet again, for what has happened in the lives of orphaned village boys through the thoughtful donation of a soccer uniform.  We are getting this message to the village kids: "We know you are out there, we love you and have confidence in you".  Every act of kindness warms up their God-given engine...and in time they will hit the gas pedal and leave us all blinking in the dust storm left behind.

Zabde-Ezra Ayienga, BBCF- International, Nov 6 2010

BBCF thanks all supporters

Dear Editor,

I stumbled upon the website while surfing the internet.  Is the association still up and running, and what can we do to help?  I am a Munyala from Navakholo from the Basenya clan.  My inono is Namasaya.

Jackie Okumu, New Castle, Delaware, USA, November 3 2010

How can I help Abeingo?

Dear Editor,

Many of our people do not appear to know that this forum exists, please popularise it through regular bulletins in the main press. We do have quite a good number of professionals in variouis fields both within and in diaspora.

Allan Chasia, November 2 2010

Most Luhya do not know about Abeingo

Dear Editor,

I am a Ugandan and I wish to ask for your assistance. Iam looking for a gentleman by the names of Martin Siboe Waliawula. He is Bukusu (Elgon Maasai) from Bungoma. He should be in his forties and he did his first degree from USIU-Africa. He first worked with KGGCU Nakuru and later joined Pricewater House after that I lost touch. Please help me to trace him as I have very impotant info for him. He is a Kenyan; please respond.

Damalie Muganzi, Kampala, October 27 2010

Do you know Martin Siboe Waliawula from Bungoma?

Dear Editor,

I checked on the list of clans but could not find mine. Please advise. I supposed mine was avamuruga - mainly concentrated around Tigoi area. Regards.

Odari Ehenzo, October 27 2010

Avamuruga clan from Tigoi, is missing

Dear Editor,

This is good keep it up. Bana befu mirimo kino ni milai.murio muno.

Chris Opondo, October 24 2010

Keep it up!

Dear Editor,

I am so proud of Evans Wadongo, the youngman from Malava. He has done the Abaluhya community proud as the best in science. Bravo Evans and CNN will indeed know that somewhere on the Map of Africa - Kenya, there is a plave called Malava - Kabras.

Jennifer Simwa, October 21 2010

Evans Wadongo has put Kabras on the world map

Dear Editor,

Thank for the job well do on the abeingo.org. website. I would like to request you to help educate some of us about our clans, totems and the rest as we want to know more about our origins. In your clan list I didn't see my clan Ababeebo if that is the spelling. I know we are few but I would like to know more about my descendants and the norms in my clan. Will be glad to hear from you. Thank.

Jenny Nasirumbi, October 20 2010

Educate us about clan totems. My clan Ababeebo is missing

Dear Editor,

Something very bad is happening in Masinde Muliro University and I don’t hear our leaders speaking about it. A university professor is being harassed for championing other lecturer’s rights and leaders are quiet. What is the Western community doing? We shall end up with a bad management system in this university if this thing is left to persist. People must be allowed to express themselves and no one should behave as if he has power to employ another in a teaching institution.

Dr Lutomia Lumbasi, Cairo, October 15 2010

Saboti MP, Eugene Ludovic Wamalwa has demanded a ministerial statement in Parliament which is yet to be made. So far this is the only political intervention that has come to light - Editor

What are Western leaders doing about harassment of a professor at Masinde Muliro University?

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the good information you publish, however, I would like to correct you slightly on the small bit of information about my late father, Hezekiah Maloba Openda.  He was from Musanda and settled at Ekero Mumias. He was NOT from KISA.

Jairus Maloba Openda, October 14 2010

Hezekiah Maloba Openda, the first black principal of East African School of Aviation was from Mumias not Kisa

Dear Editor,

Thank you editor for this forum I want to urge us the luhya people and even Kenyans at large, to be smart when we choose our leaders. I suggest we star looking at virtues espoused by an individual before we elect him/her. We need to stop looking at wealth and frankly, when we look at where we are in terms of development, we should purge all those who have ever been in leadership in western Kenya. I propose that we do not return anyone to leadership, who is older than 45 years because such people begin to lack motivation to improve young peoples lives. The young leaders may have a reason as to why they need good infrastructure. Our roads are an African example of how not to lead your people, yet we continue to even suggest that some of these guys should become governors. If we do this the we shall never liberate ourselves from poverty and underdevelopment. Thank you

Dr Lutomia Lumbasi, Cairo, Egypt October 13 2010

Let's purge all Western Kenyan leaders and start afresh

Dear Editor,

I came across an older posting summarizing the illustrous life of my late sister-in-law, Dr. Elizabeth Semo Masiga. Her life has mentored me personally along the unique path of life that is mine.  She personally made several interventions on my behalf, and upon my request, for two friends of mine. I have since founded BBCF-International (www.bbcfinternational.org). The leadership skills Dr. Masiga developed are the very ones we are investing in the orphaned youth. Thank you for featuring this article.

Zabde-Ezra Ayienga, Toronto Canada, October 8 2010.

In memory of Dr Elizabeth Semo Masiga

Dear Editor,

This website gives us the opportunity to share our community's values and aspirations.

Davies Makilla, October 7 2010.

Website a window into Luhya values

Dear Editor,

I want to say that we Luhya have been tremendous in uplifting our country especially in sports. Look at rugby for instance; the majority of players are Luhya. Everyone knows the majority of watchmen in Kenya are Luhya but I think we should be in the armed forces guarding our country not private premises with rungus. Finally, I am compiling a historic background of the Luhya so that we may pick up vital lessons to inform our present and guide our future. This process will restore our pride as a peaople and earn respect among other Kenyans.

Sammy Situma, October 5 2010

Luhya should be in the armed forces guarding our country

Dear Editor,

May I know exactly where I fall in because I am still not sure if Basonga people are Luhya or Luo and where they originated from. This is very important for me and my kids.

Martin Mrenyo Shem, Mombasa, October 4 2010

Are Abasonga Luhya or Luo?

Dear Editor,

I am a Luhya, Kisa and an Information Specialist/Librarian by profession. Is there provision for external contribution to this educating cultural site? I would love to be contributing to issues. Kindly let me know if it is possible.

Collins Sammy Osore Anziya, September 29 2010

Articles or other forms of contributions are not only welcome but highly encouraged as this is best way to take ownership of our cultural stock and grow knowledge tree - Editor

I want to contribute articles to Abeingo website

Dear Editor,

This  website is awesome.Many of  the  stories  and  links available of the Luhya community are good. It is  educative  and  quite  reliable.

Josiah Majimbo Simekha, Sept 26 2010

Website is reliable

Dear Editor,

Thank you very much. I am an ardent and enthusiastic reader and supporter of Abeingo news. Keep it up informing us on all that happens around our Western province, well known as Ingonews..

God bless you and your entire team. Thanking you in advance and my kind regards.

Joseph Mwanjilwa, September 18 2010
Thank you INGONEWS
Do you know the totem for your clan or ethnic group? If you do, please CLICK HERE to contact the editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to mention a totem in our clan, Abakondi of Idakho, which is greatly feared within the clan and amongst the Isukha and Idakho of Kakamega in general. The totem is known as 'Munyolo,’ an old chain-like iron which has not been used for many years. Our forefathers used to put a curse or even kill people who breached rules of cultural taboos and prohibitions. Back then when somebody wanted it used to pronounce a curse, only persons from Munyolo house, (Munyolo is still a ‘Inzu’ – lineage - among the Abakondi and the totem is named after that House) could actually carry it physically and conduct that ritual. Any unauthorized person holding it risked mysterious death. The sacrificial priest could summon the spirits of dead and talk to them using it and administer a curse as per the wishes of the third party who required the services. This curse was known as 'Buvira' or 'Bwabakondi' and it was lethal like snake poison and had no remedy. Only a witchdoctor from the Abakondi clan could reverse it. It was used to kill thieves, murderers or witches. That is why you can hear even up to now people in Kakamega singing a traditional song, ''Ikuvanda va syomeranga munyolo kwa chimira''. Interestingly, the person carrying the Munyolo while approaching a River had to throw it over the River lest it makes him kill himself by jumping into the same river. Isikuti drummers also had to stop beating their drums when approaching a river until they had gone to the other side on top. Munyolo as a cultural totem is still physically present. I would also like to invite you to a website, Kakamega County Forum, for those who are interested in discussing Politics of Kakamega county.

Isaac Shiluli, Kakamega, Sept 16 2010

Totem for Abakondi clan in Idakho is 'Munyolo'

Dear Editor,

Thank you for highlighting the different categories as a result of the current Constitution - i.e. MP, Senator, County Governor, etc, and the suggestion to vote. I commend it. This is very helpful. 

However, may I request that you put an extra column of suggested (NEW) names - brand new names - besides those that you have requested Abeingo readers to nominate? I consider the names on your list asking to vote and see results are rather "re-cycled" material. Personally, I want to nominate Prof. David Kikaya's name forward as new upcoming names, amongst others, like JJ Shiundu, etc for some of these nominations. For example, David Kikaya can be a good Senator or County Governor. We need a new impetus in driving development among the Luhya. Those who are already there as MPs, let them continue, we can vote them in as MPs, but for Senators and Governors, we need people with a deep sense of community spirit.

Please add that column; so that we begin now, 2012 is not far away by the way. I am looking forward to this column.

Neccesity, London, September 4 2010


Dear Editor,

I am the originator of the Emuhaya/Bunyore debate.  I am very upset with tic-tac direction that people are taking. When I wrote on the Abeingo website on the change of the name, my focus was not "who named Emuhaya" but "the name should be change". Now I wonder why prominent Abanyole are losing the focus by discussing irrelevant things than forging the way forward so that we can reach a mature solution before Mr. Andrew Ligale, chairman of the Independent Interim Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) with his group grounds his tools. Please Abanyole, don't behave like typical Kenyan politicians who go to Parliament to discuss "mobile-phone rumors" as a matter of agency leaving important issues in limbo. CAN MEN AND WOMEN OF BUNYORE STAND UP AND BE COUNTED ON THIS ONE? Let someone who can reach  fellows like Hon. Speaker Marende and other prominent Abanyole call an emergency meeting and sort out this issue, or else our children and grand children will blame us for sitting down as things went off-side.

On Ebusakami issue, let people grow up. Tribal boundaries have been overtaken by time. Let Maseno develop plus Ebusakami and mix Luanda in it for the betterment of bright Western Counties( Luo Nyanza and Luhya land). Forget about Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and his Maseno issue but pray so that ABAANA BEFWE BABE ABANYALA OKHUNYOLA ECHIKASI MU-MASENO BILA OKHWAULWA KHULWA BARULANGA EBULUHYA. That’s the way to go in this new era. But if you continue fighting over boundaries that will create more hate than peace around Luo-Luhya communities. I know that I have used bitter words but I do apologize if in one way or the other I have offended anyone.

Benson Buchichi, September 3, 2010

Call for Emergence meeting of Abanyole to discuss Emuhaya name

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you on behalf of West Media, owners of West FM, the largest radio station in Western Kenya and covering the larger North Rift and Eastern Uganda, for more about the company, visit: (www.westfm.co.ke)
We would like to request you to link our website with yours so that we can offer both of our audiences a wider perspective of news, features, commentaries and other media products through the two medium.
I will appreciate it so much. Waiting for your response.

Obed Muindi Simiyu, Reporter/Online News Editor, West FM, September 2 2010

West FM link to Abeingo.org

Dear Editor,

This is fantastic. Keep up!.

Alwang'a Mbeche, September 2 2010




Dear Editor,

I’m deeply shocked to discover that Dr Ezekiel Alembi passed on. He was a great man and I want to convey my condolences to the family. May GOD rest his soul in peace.

Ben Wanyonyi, West Yorkshire, UK, August 31 2010

Shocked to learn of Dr Alembi's death

Dear Editor,

Despite our enormous resource base and potential, we have had a very miserable showing in Western. Now counties are coming, and these are going to be the centre of everything. A county will essentially be a mini-country. The governor will have a good chunk of executive authority. Simply put, the counties with the best governors will very quickly start showing great results and start leap-frogging the rest. THIS is our chance in Western to shine. And we must start on the correct footing from Day 1.

We cannot take chances. We cannot afford to gamble. If we get it wrong with the governor, we are toast. Forget MPs. Forget Senators. I hear a race has already started among our kawaida politicians. The governor is our life and death. We must head-hunt people with administrative and executive experience, complete with results to show. Then market them. Political parties and kukhus in the village will give us the very same same old lot - expect same results. If we do not head-hunt the best of the best, convince them to run for office and then market them to our people, we should not blame anyone for our poor showing.

Imagine some county having someone like Jimnah Mbaru, Evans Kidero, Titus Naikuni, James Mwangi (Equity Bank) or some high-flying Permanent Secretary like Joseph Kinyua (Treasury) as governor, while we settle for our regular party-mbele-siasa-kama-kawaida politicians! We have experienced pProvincial and district administrators as well as other senior and well-placed players in the corporate and public sectors who can lead us to the great heights we are capable of.

We have only FOUR counties - Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia and Vihiga. Despite the dissolution of provinces, we still share the same heritage and our fate is interconnected. We need to start head-hunting NOW. Na mambo ya clan kando please. I suggest we have some kind of a permanent forum on Abeingo with a column for each of the four counties. Then people be encouraged to suggest names of potential candidates for each county. These should be discussed, the top two in each county short-listed then the best selected. We then resolve to encourage these top four to run and give them our full support – again irrespective of parties or clans.

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting the correct governors. And we, as professionals, are best placed to spearhead this search. We cannot afford to leave it to our brothers and sisters in the village. A county governor is not an MP. This is a different ball-game, and indifference WILL sink us.

Joseph Kaunda, Canada, August 29 2010

We must start scouting for county governors in Western

Dear Editor,

Good programmes Abeingo, keep it up.

Caleb Aineah Makanga, Nairobi, August 25 2010

Keep it up Abeingo

Dear Editor,

A Culturally very rich site. I loved the diversity, the beauty. Keep it up.

Martin Wamalwa, August 19 2010

A culturally rich website

Dear Editor
Thanks for your inside story on Tachonis. I highly appreciate. However looking at the clans you left out  Abawayila Abakhumaya. It would be nice if the clans are arranged according to seniority. You have Weramondi , Sifuma  mentioned   I think if you dig further you have missed on a few other big names, especially covering  Ndivisi, Ndalu  Kiminini, Sitabicha, Kimilili, Kamusinga and Matili. If you visit Mr Matofali in Cheranganyi who is  currently the chairman of Tachoni speaking community in Kenya, alongside Mr Charles Namisi Sifuma, the chief of culture Tachoni, Mr Mwasame Efuroi in Webuye and Makhombe from Matili, you  will get the really rich Tachoni history. Piece them together and you will make very good reading for posterity and the current generation who I believe do not have good books on that. Should you so wish I can arrange these meetings if you get in touch.

Kenneth Musuya, Mombasa, August 19 2010

Authority on Tachoni culture and history

Dear Editor,

Wonderful site and am sure many are benefiting from the resources and information available on the website. May God bless you for the good work. Id like to place an advert of our newly opened Church in Borehamwood UK please e-mail me the procedures.

Pastor Francis Maina, London, UK, Aug 3 2010

I want to advertise on Abeingo website

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the opportunity to network Luhya professionals. Attached please find  my CV for listing under " our scientists". Kind regards.

Alex Wekesa Nabiswa, Nairobi, July 29 2010

Professional scientists

Dear Editor,

This is one of the best websites how can we share the news that is happening ingo kwenyewe.

Jacob Angatia, July 28 2010

One way is for you and everyone to send in stories from INGO. You don't have to be a reporter to file a story. If you hear of something happening huko INGO just send me the facts and your telephone number in case I need to confirm some details. The rest is up to the editor. That way, we can grow the knowledge tree of ebuluyia. - Editor

How can we get news from INGO?

Dear Editor,

Im very excited to have come across this website. At least I have something to show my kids. I did not know that our totem is ingolole. I leave in Joburg Soutn Africa and I am seriously following the circumcision season scheduled for this August. Would you please let us know what progress has been made with regards to this. My dad tells me lots has been achieved with our doctors coming to the fore and advocating for safety of our children, I feel proud of this achievement.

Beatrice Akala M'mboga, Johannesburg,, July 27 2010

Did not know Ingolole was Tiriki totem

Dear Editor,

How are you?. Its Anthea again. Are you from Bunyore, Kenya by any chance? I belong to the Abamutete clan and I believe our totem is the sheep. Which clan do you belong to and do you also have a totem for your clan?.Thanks.

Anthea Neves, Johannesburg, July 26 2010

Does anyone know about clan totems in Bunyore or indeed Luhyaland? If you have any information, please CLICK HERE to contact the editor.

Is the sheep (likondi) the totem of Abamutete clan?

Dear Editor,

Am impressed by your news particularly the Pure-Po story. The writer is so passionate about the new investment and the proprietor. Am impressed. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Okanga, July 21 2010

Pure-Po story was impressive

Dear Editor,

I like your compilation of news you bring to us and always look forward to reading it.  Trouble is it not updated daily.  Any chance you can do this daily?  Do you need help?

Brea Auka-James, July 14 2010

Your offer of help is highyly appreciated. At the moment all the work on the website is done on a voluntary basis and due to resource constraints, the service is not as consistent as it could possibly be. So any help is highly appreciated - Editor

Can I help updating INGONEWS?

Dear Editor,

My name is Elkins Paul Muteheli son of Seth Byrne Muteheli and Rosemary Khamali Isabwa. Am a pure Isukha from Muranda location, Shirere sub location, Shisasari village.

Elkins Paul Muteheli, Virginia, USA, June 29 2010

Pure Isukha

Dear Editor,

Orio muno sana.  My question to you is what are the stories behind the pictures you took on your trip ingo.  I find it interesting that you are displaying the pictures here and some of them may not be aware of it and better yet some people may have deemed your interaction with them a networking opportunity and perhaps expect something in return. Keep up the good work!

Bertha Anyango, Kenya, June 25 2010

Photos tell a story better than a thousand words - editor

What is the story behind INGO photos?

Dear Editor,

Hi bandu balai. My name is Chrispinus Wekesa. You will soon start receiving my stories because I am mwana wa ingo and I have to contribute.

Chrispinus Wekesa.
The Star News paper, Nairobi, June 17 2010

I want to contribute stories

Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for this noble idea of bringing us luhyas together through  ACN. I stumbled  upon this network while researching on Google. May I commend you for the efforts you have taken to coalesce luhya minds with a great sense of purpose. And thanks for the luhyas in diaspora for the overwhealming response. I know halala we can do a lot. In fact that is the spirit which inspired president Obama of the United States.

I trust this forum can be used to foster development in luhyaland. I have at times been embarrassed when I cast a back glance on our culture, especially written literature which is no more. I used to read  books written in Luhya like "Ochole ne ichupa yamabele" by  some white lady (was it Isabella Freemont?)  and about Shimwenyi - the white lady from Australia who was instrumental in the translation of  the bible into Wanga. Am calling upon like minded people that we can team together to resuscitate luhya folklore and literature - the only mirror we can bequeth our children. May I leave behind my adress for further communication. My name is Charles Andala Otunga from Ingotse, Kakamega - a radio journalist and newscaster with  as national broadcaster in Kenya. Can be reached on this address: otungacharles@yahoo.com  and also otunga668@gmail.com. Abaluhya kuhuhambane bila okhukabukhana mwo amachinga tawe!
Murio muno!

Charles Andala Otunga, Ingotse, Kakamega, June 17 2010

Abaluhya banje. Let us unite to realise development

Dear Editor,

I do appreciate finding this website and being a member of the Luhya community. I'm looking forward to join it. Please send me details about the group and how to join.

Donald Matanga, June 17 2010

I want to join Abeingo Community

Dear Editor,

I have recently been told that there is a Luhya tradition or rite of passage to cut women on their chest and/or their back, around the time they become an adult, to protect against harm. I haven't found anything written that confirms whether this tradition exists.  Do you have any idea whether this occurs among Luhyas in Kenya?

Matthew Hoppock, Attorney McCrummen Immigration Law Group, LLC, June 8 2010
North Kansas City, MO  64116-4664

Does any one know anything about this subject? Email the editor

Is it true Luhya women are cut on the chest as a rite of passage?

Dear Editor,

Mulembe!. Thanks a lot for this site with its interesting articles.I am a second year student in UoN taking actuarial science. I read and was inspired by Moses Mutuli's story. I am similarly from a poor background and would like to request you for his email contact since I believe his advice would be invaluable as I also hope to pursue a masters in UK.Thanks in advance.

Mike Waititwa, Nairobi, June 6 2010

Inspired by Moses Mutuli's story

Dear Editor,

I am a black man, born and raised in the good state of  Florida, U.S.A.  I enjoy the news articles Abeingo presents. Whenever I am tired of reading CNN, MSNBC, and many others,  I read Abeingo to get a different perspective and view and to know what is happening on the continent.  I would like to just say thank you.

Simpson, Antwon, Florida, USA, June 4 2010

Thank you Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Hi Anthea Anyoso, am happy to learn that you still struggle to trace your roots back in Bunyore. Welcome back home even if spiritually. My aunt called Anyoso was born in 1932  at Ebutongoi in central Bunyore. When I came across your mail, I got concerned and called her to learn about her good name.She said that her mother was the fourth wife of Samson Buchichi (my grandfather). Unfortunately she gave birth to six children who all died before the age of three years. Old men and women came together and performed our Luhya traditional rites that stopped the deaths. And as a result, any child (either a boy or a girl) that was born after the ritual was  named Anyoso. That means Anyoso is a bi-name (male or female) in Abanyole community and it refers to children born after several others born before them died. Please mail me in advance to see if I can trace your mothers'  family of origin at: bbuchichi@yahoo.com

Benson Buchichi, Ebutongoi, May 29 2010

Meaning of the name Anyoso explained

Dear Editor,

Am impressed with the way you guys are advertising our young football stars like Mariga.

Oscar Mukabi Olumula, Thika, May 24 2010

Impressed with Mariga publicity

Deat Editor,

Hi guys thanks a lot for what you are doing. I was really happy and sad to learn the death of Ochokolo. I was happy because you gave me the news but sad we lost him. He was a very strong staunch supporter of the Iteso way of life culture and traditions and I remember as a child he was the richest Teso I ever saw yet he was very generous. Thank you for highlighting Iteso matters on Abeingo website.We have a huge Iteso community in London .Thank you.

Etwan lok Oteso, London, May 18 2010


Thanks for highlighting Iteso matters on Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Thanks for your time hoping you are doing great. My names are Denzel Musumba founder and broadcaster on EAST AFRICA RADIO USA based in states....The station is broadcasting in swahili and english daily for 4 hours and you can listen from any phone in the globe by calling toll free 347 857 1206 www.blogtalkradio.com/denzel-musumba or www.eastafricaradiousa.com Please find time to give it atry and the shows are live from 6PM ET ,5PM CT ,3PM WCT.

Denzel Musumba, USA, May 17 2010
Tel 347 666 2850

East African radio service launched in USA

Dear Editor,

I knew James Aryada.  It is true he was a Samia from Uganda.  He was the most famous mathematician in Uganda. He also published mathematics books which we used in Ugandan schools. He was a very prominent educator in

Aryada was a Christian in the Anglican Church.  I used to see him play the piano in All Saints Church in Nakasero in Kampala.  He would even stand up to announce the next hymn.

The wife of James Aryada was also elected Mayor of Mbale Municipality.  

Please add some of what I have said for a tribute to Aryada.

May his soul rest in peace.

Jennifer Jagire
University of Toronto, Canada
(from Tororo in Uganda), May 14 2010

Tribute to James Aryada, the greatest mathematician in Uganda

Dear Editor,

I thank you so much for great work of bringing Luhyas together. Given that F540 flights are soon scheduled for Kakamega, I think this will be a great idea of ensuring Western bursts with business activities.

Jesse Ndubi, Nairobi, May 5, 2010

Direct flights to Kakamega a boon

Dear Editor,

Thanks for your work on updating the Abeingo Community Network website.  I am doing a presentation for one of my children's classes and I found the information on your site to be very useful.  However, I would like to mention that under your section on Whos Who in the Saamia (Gone but not forgotten) you have omitted the name of one key Samia and his name is WWW. Awori  You will be able to find information about his accomplishments before independence in the National Archives or in British and Kenyan Parliament. You can research the role he played in getting Jomo Kenyatta to return to Kenya among other things. I would encourage you to include his name on your website.  Thank you once again.

SAM, Washington DC, April 29 2010.

WWW Awori - one of the greatest Samia's.

Dear Editor,

First of all I shall humbly introduce myself.I am a Law Student at the university of Nairobi and a council member of the Law Students society.The only Luhya student leader in the entire campus. I am currently gunnning for the position of the Chairperson and the elections are due in early june.

My interests are to propagate ideals that unite the Luhya and Kenyans at large.I applaud this website as it is a first for Luhyas and I urge all Luhyas in Kenya to participate. I wonder if there is a Kenyan chapter and if not then we should have one immediately.

The elections are drawing closer and word is that the Luhya are so divided that our votes count no more. Mind you rumour has it that last year's population survey has put the Luhya as the highest in the country.

I would want to be involved in this noble venture. Kindly inform me how. I am a Marama from Butere.

Dennis Ademba Ambia
Liason Secretary, KLSS
Nairobi, April 29 2010

We need to have an active Abeingo Chapter in Kenya

Dear Editor,

Hi, anthea here. I'm sure you still remember my query about what Anyoso actually means. I would greatly appreciate it if you find out for me what it actually means. I really enjoy the abeingo community site. I am learning a lot about the abaluhya. I came across something extremely intresting amongst the Babukusu sub-tribe. The Baembo clan that exists amongst them. The embo people, here where I live in South Africa the Swazi, Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele tribes who are classified as Nguni are said to be embo people. These people are believed to have come from the Great Lakes region. Could the Baembo clan of the Babukusu be connected to the embo people of south africa since those tribes are all Bantu?.The Swazi's in particular believe they came from the embu/ embo region of Central Kenya. The Embu tribe of Kenya and the Baembo - I wonder if they is a connection because some spell it embo others spell it embu. I just find it intresting.

Anthea Neves, South Africa, April 19 2010

Are Bukusu's Baembo clan the same as Embo's of South Africa?


Dear Editor,
After failing to get the frequency for Mulembe FM in Mombasa, I went to find out on the Internet why only Mulembe could not be heard. I am very optimistic about the channel being triggered in Mombasa because we have been left out. In addition to that We have launched a group by the name WESTWAY WELFARE ASSOCIATION which is accommodating all Luhyas who are in Mombasa. If you are reading this message and are in Mombasa and a want to connect with fellow youths and who have a common investment Objective, I am on (oyalohome@live.com).

Once more can we have Mulembe Fm in the outskirts of Mombasa?

JOSECK OYALO NJEKA, Mombasa, April 12 2010

Calling on all Luhya in Mombasa

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the job well done to put the Saamia on the web. However,the website falls short of the following:

It's biased in the sense that it does seem to address the Saamia of Kenya. Most of the clan namings are Kenyan and only a few Ugandan clans are mentioned.
Nominations for the "greatest Saamia" are not democratic in the sense that they are open and subject to a vote by individual website visitors. Even a brief profile of the candidate should be given by the nominator such that the greatest Saamia is selected on merit.

There are Saamias who have done a lot who could be nominated for the honour. Look at Moody Awori in Kenya, I think he has been illustrious, the Principal Judge of Uganda James Ogola - who has spear headed efforts to have the Bible translated into Saamia.Yes even Judge Benjamin Odoki, the CJ of Uganda has been illustrious, Prof.Nelson Awori the first Kenyan and Saamia to pioneer renal transplant in Kenya and East Africa, even James Aryada (RIP), the first and only Saamia, Ugandan and possibly East African to get a first class degree in mathematics at Oxford and a host of others.

So let us get broader, there is a lot of information out there with other Saamias that we could utilise. There is this talk for instance that we came from South Africa whilst others hold the view that we came from Egypt. This kind of controversy and others could generate intellectual debate if we got a chat room on this site.

Moses Ochunju, Kampala, Uganda, April 6 2010

Website biased against Saamia of Uganda

Dear Editor,

My name is Edna Sophie and am a student at the Nairobi University .I am currently doing a research on counselling in the traditional Luhya community. Please inform me through email how counselling was done to the  following groups of people:
Youth (adolescents)
Married people

Edna Sophie, Nairobi, April 1 2010

Does anyone know? Contact Editor

How was counselling done in traditional Luhya society?

Dear Editor,

I would like to get more information about the Luhya community particularly the Kisa sub tribe. Thank You.

Inganga Sammy, March 27 2010

Looking for information on Kisa

Dear Editor,

We the raindrop community has for the past two years come together and collected funds that enabled us construct a borehole that we intend to use to irrigate our crops. We settled on irrigation to get rid of the hunger that affects most of our members especially children orphaned by A.I.D.S, widows and widowers, grand mothers and fathers, the women and the community in general

We are lucky to have land but if we can’t utilize it by growing food all year around without relying on the rain patterns we are surely courting trouble. With the food we grow the members will have a source of income that will enable us meet our daily basic and secondary needs.

We request sponsorship to help us buy water storage tanks, a pump, return valves and hose pipes to irrigate a total of five homesteads initially and move onto the next village where villagers are currently collecting funds for their boreholes

The new farming methods will generate enough food to feed locals and sell the surplus to meet other basic needs. Please help us realize our dream of food security while we support ourselves. We are located in Busia, Western Province of Kenya.

Gentrix Mwadani, Secretary, Raindrop Butula, March 22 2010

Tel: +254 (0) 731 397 602

Email: raindropcommunitygroup@yahoo.com

Raindrop Community of Butula, Busia seeks donations of water tanks for their irrigation projects

Dear Editor,

The  article which appeared on your website suggesting that it was the late Hon. Edward Eric Khasakhala, the former member of Parliament for Emuhaya constituency, who gave the constituency that name Emuhaya is misleading. Most of the constituencies in Western Province, if not in Kenya as a whole, were named after divisional headquarters. Examples include Butere constituency, Ikolomani constituency, Hamisi constituency, Mumias constituency, Khwisero constituency, Lurambi constituency and Kimilili constituency. All these were divisional headquarters. The late Hon. Khasakhala may not have had anything to do with it.

The mistake of not naming Emuhaya District as Bunyore district or any other name cannot be counted to be a mistake of the late Khasakhala but of the present leaders including Hon. Kenneth Otiato Marende who was the Member of Parliament when the new district was created.

I for one suggested to the Luhya leaders that we name the new district MASENO DISTRICT in order to attract attention that Maseno area belongs to Luhyaland. The residents in Maseno are Banyore and yet the area is counted as part of Nyanza. After the naming of Emuhaya district part of Bunyore which includes the Agricultural institute at Ebusakami has now been hived into Nyanza forming part of Maseno University which is in Maseno Division in North Kisumu district.

I want to correct a statement in the same article which insinuated that Zakayo Kwendo the father of the late Hon. Khasakhala was a chief. Zakayo Kwendo was a medical practitioner. I would equate him to the equivalent of a clinical officer in present day rating. Then he was simply referred to as Daktari meaning Doctor. He treated me when I was a small child.

Bishop Arthur Okwemba Osotsi, March 17 2010
Abashiele Nende Ababukha Support Services
Kakamega. Kenya.
P.O.Box 2688   -    50100
Email: ababukhaafrika@yahoo.com
Mobile +254 722 919 177

Khasakhala had nothing to do with the naming of Emuhaya Constituency

Dear Editor,

This is a noble idea advertise more through other media to create awareness and to maintain our culture.

Jones Ingutia, March 10 2010
Abeingo website is a noble idea

Dear Editor,

Thanks for a very informative website. I like the fact that you link your site with Kenyan news. As a charity working in Kenya Mumias (Kakamega) how can we advertise our work on your website to inform other Kenyans of what is happening in their community?. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Nancy, Nasio Trust, Mumias, March 10 2010

How can Nasio Trust advertise on Abeingo website?

Dear Editor,

My name is Anthea. I am South African by citizenship. My mom is of the Swazi people by tribe  in South Africa and my Dad is Luhya of the Banyore sub-tribe. I'm just learning a lot about my people. Is there a difference in saying banyore or banyole or does this have to do with which dialect a person is using. Murembe or mulembe?

Anthea Neves, South Africa, February 23 2010

"R" and "L" are used interchangeably among the various Luhya sub tribes. There is no right or wrong. Until the orthonographers tell us otherwise, both spellings are correct. It is rather like American and British English; they use different spellings on some words but they are both correct - editor

Is it Banyore or Banyole; Mulembe or Murembe?

Dear Editor,

Could you help me understand who the Bahoware and who the Abakhobole are...or could they be the same people. Where do each one of them currently live and if they are not the same people are they both Abashisa?

Ayiro, February 22 2010

Who are Bahoware and Abakhobole?

Dear Editor,

Please note that there is a difference between Mr Bonface Mandu and Mr. J.P.S Mandu. Although the two are brothers, Mr. J.P.S Mandu is genuine ex-principal for Eregi TTC and not Mr Bonface Mandu. Again I stand to be corrected Mr Francis Kangwana was not  a businessman before he plunged into politics.

Josiah Malala, Nairobi, February 16 2010

Not the right Mandu at Eregi teachers College

Dear Editor,

I am happy to have landed on this network and I would request the details on how to become a member of the Abeingo community.

Mashero Richard, Mbale, Uganda, February 10 2010

I want to join Abeingo Community

Dear Editor,

First, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the effort put in setting up the site. This will go a long way in preserving our culture. I would suggest you develop a board of eminent persons, who can assist in growing the knowledge further. So far, wonderful work - KUDOS!!!

Jacob Otsyula, Nairobi, February 10 2010

Calling all Eminent Luhyas

Dear Editor,

I fully support views expressed by Mr Benson Buchichi with regard to the new district name. While it is true that we may be setting a precedent by a adopting a community/clan identity as an adminstrative name, there is nothing to stop us from going ahead as long as this is what the people want. This is part of the tenets within the current democratic space in the country for which so many distinguished sons and daughters of this country lost their lives. Where there is jusitification (and there is plenty here) we need to continue to move away from the way administrative boundaries and portal points were chosen by the colonial government - many times on tribal lines and centres/strongholds of their support (chiefs centres etc) to suit their needs at the time.  Many people in Kenya and beyond will remember that there is a famous school by this name within our borders i.e Bunyore Girls High School. Considering that the choice of Bunyore Girls High school as the preferred name of this institution came into existence when Emuhaya was already a constituency name for the whole of the Banyore people (the former East and West Bunyore locations) and a thriving and leading administrative centre in our region with public amenities (shops, market, health centre etc) as good as any; does this mean that there are attributes within the name 'Bunyore' which led to its adotion then as the name of the leading girls school which we don't know now.

The choice of Emuhaya as the district name is also likely to be used by some ideologically bankrupt politicians etc in a vain attempt to gain political milage. Given the sometimes healthy political rivalry which has on many occassions been our strength as a people, there should be a strong desire for all of the Abanyole people to work towards developing a common identity as a focal point to be proud of in all areas of our lives. We don't need to whisper in low tones to each other that we are Abanyole but shout at the top of our voices for the world to hear and follow this up with positive actions under the guidance of our elected leaders and other like minded sons and daughters of the Abanyole. Change of administrative boundaries, constituency names, administrative names etc in a civil society takes a long time to effect and should where possible reflect the wishes of the people. The choice of the new district name deserves to be given to the Abanyole people to decide if this process hasn't been followed. It is my hope that these views will provoke a necessary informed debate leading to a district name which we shall all be proud of. As many people will concur with me, there is a lot in a name. 

Dr Musa Ndengu, London, January 30 2010
Call for change of name of Emuhaya to Bunyore supported

Dear Editor,

Mulembe mwesi Anyole, am happy to learn that somebody somewhere is busy bringing Bunyore closer and closer to the National cake. My biggest concern is the name of our new District Emuhaya. Am getting concerned on how ALL ABANYOLE  can be confined in a simple name like Emuhaya and "kill" our Bunyore name!. Let me not be seen as too mean or selfish, but to speak the truth, most of us Abanyole are not happy with this issue. Its a high time that we came back to our senses and forgot what the late Hon. Eric Khasakhala  did to entire Abanyole clan by marginalizing them and recognizing his home area alone "Emuhaya". Am very upset and willing to come out with other Abanyole to file a complain against this name. Emuhaya should remain as any other location in Bunyore and the district name changed to Bunyore. My contacts are bbuchichi@yahoo.com or 0752 27 22 11, 0720 27 22 11. Mubee nomulembe Anyole.

Benson Buchichi, January 29 2010

Emuhaya District should be named Bunyore

Dear Editor,

Milembe. I noted that, on the website, the Bagisu are referred to as a subgroup of the BaMasaaba. In fact, it is the other way around: BaMasaaba, BaDadiri, Babuuya, BaKhiende (the infamous cannibal group who are alleged to still undertake this terrible activity) - all these are subgroups under the name "BaGishu". In fact, the term BaGishu is similar in usage to the term "Baluyia" in Kenya - it is an umbrella that groups together related but distinct ethno-linguistic nations. The BaMasaaba are likely better-known in Kenya because their dialect is almost exactly identical to luBukusu - as compared to the other Gishu dialects, whose use of the "sh" and "ts" sounds is generally not employed by Bukusu-speakers.

P. N. Wanyonyi, January 21 2010

Bagisu not a sub group of BaMasaaba

Dear Editor,

Bana veru murina. Inzi ndi mulamu,nikhali, I have something to tell you and I need your advice and support.You know am somebody who wants development in our community. So I want to start an organisation that will source for the old widows/widowers who are above the age of 60 years. These people are the ones who remain with their grandchildren (orphans) and you find that they are very poor and they don't take good care of the orphans. So through you and your friends' support I think we can do something. Please advice me if it is a good idea. I want you to help me have something at home in that when you are there you know that there is a project running at home which will at least change the lives of our people.

Patrick Wikunza Kenyatta, January 19 2010

Appeal for help to start Widow/widower charity

Dear Editor,

Hi, kudos for your great work compiling what is not there. However, my clan which is ‘Avagusui from Bugina in ‘kiragiru’ and bordering ‘Vidako’ is not included in you list of Maragoli clans. I'll be glad to see them included.

Frederick Oliek, Maragoli, January 20 2010

Avagusui clan let out

Dear Editor,

I hope this finds you well; the “Abeingo Team and the entire Luhya fraternity”. Keep up the good work and please keep all Luhyas posted on all matters that promote socio-economic development.

Chrispinus Masikah, Decemcer 31 2009

Keep all Luhyas informed on development matters

Dear Editor,

My name is Geoffrey Olianga Mangongo, the Abeingo bodybuilder. I wish to meet with Abeingo team during this year's Abanyore Cultural Festival at Ebusakami. I also wish to meet Dr Ezekiel Alembi. Please invite me. My main intention is to motivae the youth of Bunyore to undertake body building as a sport.

Geoffrey Olianga Mangongo, December 22 2009

Calling on bodybuilders for a contest at Bunyore Cultural Festival

Dear Editor,

I have found this site ( www.luhya.net) quite informative and as you refer to Obama's book, it chronicled the Luo experience as associated to his father. Ngungi Wa Thiongo in his literature has done that for the Kikuyu, is there any other  Luhya writer apart from John Osogo? I shall appreciate such a read.

R Marcellina, December 10 2009

Are there any Luhya writers out there?

Dear Editor,

Please add my clan. I am a muwande. Am Niva Muchanja son of Solomon Muchanja Lumukwana son of John Muchanja Tanguli. We are all bawande and I guess this is the clan that Jonathan Niva comes from. MORE Next time when am fully informed.

Niva Muchanja, Dec 8 2009

Muwande clan missing in Kabras

Dear Editor,

Greetings from Waterloo, Ontario Canada. Thank you so much for your kind and fast response to my earlier email.  I will keep you posted about our progress in Western Kenya.

Right now, we are making an effort to locate and purchase a suitable plot for the JOBI/AFMI activities in Busia District. My team is looking at Busia town or Bumala area on the Kisumu-Busia Road ( about 20 km from Busia town) at the junction of the Bungoma-Port Victoria road and the kisumu-Busia road. 

Our focus is on youths who are unable to proceed on with secondary school education for a variety of reasons.  We intend to provide vocational training and academic advancement. Our other focus is to do with health education for youth and the community.  Once the Busia project is completed, we will move on to another needy location in Western

We will appreciate all advice and assitance,   All are welcome to participate in this project. May I hear from you again,  God bless you.  I am also writing to provide my contacts:

Dr.  Francis Juma Ogeke 
Director, JOBI / AFMI
742 Zermatt Drive
Waterloo, Ontario, N2T 2W8

Phone:  +1 519 747 9675
Email:   admin@jumaogekecollege.org
: http://www.jumaogekecollege.org   

Coming soon: A vocational training institute in Bumala, Busia. Help requested.

Dear Editor,

I am a omuLuhya currently living in Canada, but greatly involved with the issues and people of Western Kenya.
I am the founder of two ministries which are seeking funds to promote development and missions in Western Kenya.
I am founder and director of Africa Faith Ministries International (AFMI)- registered and based in Ontario Canada.
AFMI has missions and community development activities in Western Kenya.  I am also director of JOBI-
Jumaogeke Bible Institute -website: http://www.jumaogekecollege.org .  JOBI is a youth development ministry,
with a vision of establishment a vocational college in Western Kenya.

Kindly include my name and the above ministries on the Abeingo list of non-profit, development-focused
organizations.  JOBI and AFMI are currently seeking sponsors to support development projects in
Western Kenya. Thank you.

Rev. Francis J. Ogeke (PhD)
Waterloo, Canada

Luhya cleric in Waterloo, Canada seeks partnerships for development in Western

Dear Editor

I tend to agree with John Wilbur Oguttu’s observations as of 11th November 2009 on reading the article regarding “Logoli or Lokoli” and the origins of  Avalogooli from Cameroon. The movements into Congo and coming down south from Misri (Egypt) is also noted.  I could agree with this because, for example the name KIKAYA is a very popular one with Congolese people.  There is also a place called “Kikaya Hill” in Uganda.  But Maragolis have the same name Kikaya (with a meaning – ‘without anything’, - This is a very unique name in the whole of Maragoli land and very few people have such a name in the whole of Kenyan.  It makes a unique ancestral tree name.  The ’AvaKilima Sub-Clan’ of Avalogooli are aware that 25 years ago in the whole of Maragoli land, there were only two (2) people in the whole of Kenya with that name “KIKAYA”.  i.e namely, Hesborn Kikaya – a Barclays Bank Manager and David Kikaya – a Career Diplomat.  These two – Hesborn and David were named after one ancestor, whose name, was said, had to be resurrected as it had been dormant for a very very long time.  Currently, there are only those two sets of Kikaya Families in Kenya.  However, many more are being born.  Yes, I agree, that for this reason, we originally came from Central Africa.   I have met some Comeroon people in London who have the same culture as the Avalogoli people in Kenya!!!  Legend has it that the “Avalokole” or “The Saved Ones”, landed in Uganda’s Bunyoro and stayed in valley in a hill.  They were very PEACE loving people and extremely religious, but one day, they just fled the valley in a haste, probably with nothing to their back.  Could it have been the Kikaya Hill?

Quote: from book: “Imiima Jo Muloogooli by Nathan Imbugi Luvai

Neccy Kikaya, London, November 27 2009

Logoli link with Congo:

There are only TWO Kikaya pater familias among the Maragoli but several in Congo


Dear Editor

This a big story and am glad that it is raising interest among scholars like you.  The truth is that just as in the origin of man we were all one, until the population explosion, the need to seek greener pastures, family disagreements. tribal wars that sometimes tore families apart with children being captured and assimilated in the captors villages..Common example is the Babukusu and the Elgon Masai or Sabaot (Basebei) you will discover that the Bukusu have many of their children with Sebei names...for instance Bungoma belonged to a people called bang'oma whom the Kalenjin claim were called Bangomet. Closer to your hearts, one of favourite son - Michael Kijana Wamalwa has a middle name 'Ngeywa' which is Kalenjin!  

It is therefore not uncommon to find shared names and even clans.  Bakhoone were originally in Busia - Samia, they were a very wild group and fought and beat all the other neighbours causing many to flee to other regions. So the other smaller clans finally found solace in grouping and defeated the Bakhoone who had become complacent (it is an interesting story but not for now). Some of those fleeing Bakoone came to settle in Bungoma in a place called Bumula where they still are today. Some remained in Busia but now very subdued.

So for reasons mentioned earlier plus tribal migrations families settled in other regions but retained the names of their forefathers, hence creating another 'branch'  That's why even within Bukusu , there are very many clan clusters. Did you also know that names like Masika, Mutunga, Mwendwa and Musila are shared by the Kamba, Bukusu and Banyore? Why do you think every tribe has Maina? The Bukusu circumcision age-groups are similar to the Kalenjin; Sawa, Chuma, Manyonge!

Did you also know that the name Bukokholo was an English word (Book Hole)  and that the cart known in Bukusu as Ekorokocho was also English (Quarry Coach) to carry stones and gravel from the quarry. If you grew up in the village like me you will remember the latch that held the York on the oxen;  it was known as 'SITOROBO' - that's also an English word.  But next time.

My clan 'Bayaya' are both in Bukusu and in Bunyala- Busia as well as in the Banyala of Kakamega District. There is also a book coming up 'Separating the Wheat from the Chaff -Bukusu Folktales and Proverbs"  should be good reading. Also try and find Ben Makila's 'An outline History of the Babukusu'. And also Florence Namulunda's - 'Bukusu Folktales and Proverbs'.

Topi Lyambila, London, November 26 2009

Topi Lyambila answers Benedict Simiyu about interlocking clans

Dear Editor,

I have become intrested in checking through our abeingo website please somebody clarify on the matter whereby several clan names are replicated in several luhya tribes for example baengele clan from which I originate is also among banyala. Legend has it a meeting was called among baengele (bukusu and banyala) coz they were intermarrying. The meeting resolved to separate the couples. Then their children remained with the father coz the mother went back to her parents. The reason was that baengele are related whether bukusu or banyala. Shad and Lyambila plz?

Benedict Simiyu, Nairobi, November 26 2009

Baengele clan in Bukusu and Bunyala: Are they related?

I am a Kabras. Omumachina.staying in Nairobi. My district of birth is Lugari; Matete Division; Chevaywa location; Kliboti sub location.I am a Masters graduate of Sociology Disaster Management. My undergraduate course was in Community Development and Environmental studies. I mainly do research and training of communities and other community development activities that are not limited to report and proposal writing. Please keep us updated more often.

Mercy Mukopi, Nairobi November 24 2009

Omumachina from Kabras is a disaster management speciaist

Dear Editor,

Milembe. In the course of my travels, I happened upon some material on the Nyole of Uganda, who are members of the Luhya community. However, they are actually quite distinct from the Nyore of Kenya - perhaps due to the distance between the two groups. An interesting work discussing some phonological features of their language (which is mutually intelligible with Samia and very close to Gisu) can be seen at: https://openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/bitstream/1887/8821/1/5_1234891_039.pdf.

Peter N. Wanyonyi, November 19 2009

Abanyole of Uganda different from Abanyole of Kenya

Dear Editor,

We hereby thank you for your newspaper which we enjoy reading. We have a request to make, could you kindly help us locate the story of the above gentleman who hacked his family to death in 2001? I will appreciate any advice you give us.

Top Range, Nairobi, November 13 2009

From the editor: This is an excerpt for the story as published on our website on May 13, 2008:

"The brutal murder of the two children brought back horrible memories of the killing of a family in 2001 by Jamin Mukhobero who hacked his expectant wife, four children and four other relatives to death in the same division. Mukhobero slashed to death his wife, Sussy, and children Fanice Ingasiani, Evans Ashivere, Oscar Osiema and Edgar Alusiola among others."

In search of Jamin Mukhobero's family or friends from Kakamega.

Dear Editor,

Luhya myths of origin suggest a migration into their present-day locations from the north: virtually all sub-tribes claim to have migrated first south from Misri (Egypt), before settling in what is now Central Uganda. They then claim to have migrated further east, first settling around the Mount Elgon area before displacing a pygmy race to settle in their current homeland. Anthropologists believe that the progenitors of the Luhya were part of the great Bantu migration out of Cameroon around 1000 BC. The claims to have pushed out a pygmy race are very similar to the oral trditions of the central Kenyan Kikuyu tribe, which tell of the Kikuyu displacing a pygmy race (Gumba) from the area around Mount Kenya. It is significant, though, that the language of the Baganda is closely related to the dialects spoken by the Luhya, especially the Maragoli dialect, and seems to point to a common original language not too long ago.

source: http://en.allexperts.com/e/l/lu/luhya.htm

Comments by John Oguttu on this article:

Did you know that a town called "Lokoli" is situated in Cameroon? But Maragoli (Logoli) are sometimes referred to as" Lokoli". but Misri (Egypt) origins seem plausible too as the Egyptians and Palestians use the name: "Samia". May be, we [luhyas] left Msiri around 500BC and passed through Cameroon, moved to Congo and Uganda, and a big chunk of Luhyas ended up in South-western Kenya.

John Wilbur Oguttu, November 11 2009

Did you know there is town called Lokoli in Cameroon?

Dear Editor,

While surfing on my Laptop this evening I tried to see any information about the Banyole of Uganda (NYULI) as I am a munyole from Butaleja District in Eastern Uganda.

I am currently in the US on holiday visiting my children and grand children. I am a retired international civil servant formerly employed by the United Nations.

I would like to link up with the Abeingo Organization and its membership. Will also be grateful if you will kindly let me know your membership fees. While looking through your website,I noted that there was very little information about the Nyule in Uganda . Kindly advise me of the nearest contact in Uganda or even in Nairobi as I frequently go to Nairobi.

Max Funa, November 11 2009, USA

I am a Munyole from Uganda, how can I join Abeingo?

Hi Editor,

The luhya heritage is at the verge of disappearence and needs a quick rescue. I am planning to revive the local traditional music dance and drama and archiving the luhya history and heritage. I am a journalist and am planning to set up a recording studio in Western Kenya. I need resourceful persons like music composers, producers and singers. I also need a good place to place the studios. Anybody with a piece of land to let or offer is welcome.

Pius Sawa Murefu, Kampala, November 9 2009.

Luhya heritage disappearing. Here's someone trying to do something about it.

Dear Editor,

I was browsing the internet and came across your website and I thought you might help me. I have never seen my father since I was born and after enquiring from my mother she gave me the following information:

Name: Dismas Amboye

Location: Ebusakami

I would appreciate your help if you have information regarding him. Thanks in advance and God bless.

Mercy Sayo, Oct 30 2009

If any reader knows Dismas Amboye, please email editor@abeingo.org

In search of my father Dismas Amboye from Ebusakami, Bunyore

Dear Editor,

My names are Walandama Mabonga omuwabuya. I am kindly asking how to get my clan listed on on the net.

Nicholas Walandama Mabonga, Nairobi Oct 29 2009

Bawabuya clan missing
  Dear Editor

Mulembe sana and good day Mr. Shiundu and all those who sit on the investment committee. I am a Mluhya from Bunyore currently residing in Mombasa where I am struggling to earn a living. I read with great enthusiasm an article in the Abeingo web, where I note that your good office has initiated an investment project whose agenda is to empower members economically. I feel proud with such a noble idea from fellow kinsmen and that's why I am writing inquiring on the procedures and means by which one can join and become a member. We are living in economically hard times and such ventures are necessary to enable us sustain ourselves in this difficult times. Your kind guidance and support with full information on how I can join will be highly appreciated. Thanks and best regards,

Japheth Oduodo Amukowa, Mombasa, Oct 14 2009.

How can I join Abeingo Holdings Ltd?

Dear Editor,

This is very good work. How do I become part of it? Endi Omushikanda okhurula Eshitsitswi, Ebutere mungo mwa the Late Saul Opwora Maina. Omwitsukhulu wa Snr. Chief Petro Namakhabwa we Bulafu Location.

Jonathan Wesaya Maina
Organisational Development Advisor
Peace Africa Forum
P.O. BOX 76621-00508, NAIROBI - October 7 2009

How do I join you at Abeingo?
  Hi editor

Luhya history needs to be re written clearly. For example Kabras is a 100% distortion.


Kavaka  Watai wa Mukonyi, Nairobi, October 9, 2009.

Luhya history needs to be rewritten

Dear Editor,

Praise God. I am grateful to be part of this great community and the plans that you have for Luhya community. Am from Emuhaya and my name is Isaac John Asienwa; born again, working and leaving in Kenya.  In 2002 l contested a parliamentary seat because l felt I would serve the people of God better in that capacity. My people carry a heavy burden; Emuhaya is swirling in abject poverty and my aim is to teach people how to fish rather than give them fish. What is happening in Emuhaya is replicated across the country. I feel it is time the Luhya community made a move to rule Kenya and after consultations, I have my people’s blessings to vie for the presidency of this country. My campaign is full steam on facebook and I appeal to well wishers to stand by me and trust in God
God bless you.

Isaac John Asienwa, Emuhaya, 15 September 2009.

It is time for a Luhya president
  Dear Editor,

I'm from the Abatamanyini clan in Marama, Butere but this is not represented on the Abeingo website. We can be found in Eshiraha sub-location, around Bukura and Ebutsotso. Were our people swallowed by other clans?

Dr Victor Mung'ala Odera, Mombasa, September 3 2009

Abatamanyini clan not listed

Dear Editor,

Omwami, allow me to thank you for your quick response and corrections that you made. I would like to refer to you to a book, the History of the Isukha and Idakho clans by Mr Francis Mwayuuli. It can be found at IFRA (A French Research Institute), in Nairobi. This writer, now deceased, typed and also wrote his manuscripts manually after extensive interviews with elders of various clans in the 1960s. His work was later published with the help of a Japanese scholar, a Mr Nagoyushi in 1989. The interviewee who gave the accounts of the Abakondi clan is actually my grand father, the late Mzee Daudi Murengu. This Mzee was very influential in his time and a close confidante of Chief Shivachi of the Abidakho clan. In this book, you will have a very good insight of this two sub-tribes and some of their clans.

Isaac Maringo Shiluli, Kakamega, September 1, 2009

Book reveals history of Idakho and Isukha clans
  Dear Editor,

First let me introduce my self. My name is Isaac Maringo Shiluli. I would like to commend you for the information you have concerning the different luhya sub-tribes. I would also like to raise some spelling mistakes and corrections which I believe are fundamental because this information is stored in the net and a lot of people access it for reference.
1. I belong to the Abakondi clan found in Shiveye sub location, Iguhu. This is a scattered clan in the larger Kakamega. Originally we are from Shibuname, Isulu, which makes us Idakhos. Please note that the Abakondi are listed as an Isukha clan which is wrong.
2.The Abayokha clan has been wrongly mentioned as the Abayokho. This clearly shows some spelling mistake.
3.The late Hon. Charles Lugano Lilechi's second name has also been mispelled Ligano.
4.Anthony  Lubulella is written Lulubella.
Otherwise your site is educative. Thank you.

Isaac Maringo Shiluli, Kakamega, August 30, 2009
Abakondi clan are not Abesukha but Abitakho

Dear Editor,

I think you have forgotten my clan. Ababurugi. I am Mburugi mwifa Mgisemba. Kindly add these two clans. Is there opportunities to network with Maragolis out there? If yes, please be updating me.

Esther Karegi, Nairobi, August 14 2009

Mburugi and Mgisemba clans forgotten

Dear Editor,

Am proud to be a Luhya.Good to note that we are also online. Bravo to the great brains!

Godfrey Khamala Makokha, Kenya, August 7 2009

Proud to be Luhya

Dear editor,
Thanks for the great work you are doing to network Luhya people across the globe. Please I would like you to include me in the Babukusu directory.

Alex Nasibwa Wekesa, Nairobi, July 30 2009

Bukusu Directory

Dear Editor,

I take this chance to thank you for enlighting us (SAMIAS) about our history. I encourage you to keep up. My name is WANDERA OUMA HEDRICK a MUKHEKHE from GANJALA. I like my culture and always want to learn more about LUHYA culture & history. Sometimes I do this via playing cultural music (ENGARAVE). One thing I’ve noted while I was reading the SAMIA CLAN HISTORY is that my clan ABANG’ARE is not among them. Is it that it was forgotten or are we not Samias.Your response will be highly honored.

Your Omubeni,
WANDERA OUMA HEDRICK, Nairobi, July 24 2009

I have no information on Abang'are as a clan. Could it be that it is a sub clan of the larger Abakhekhe? Or perhaps it has grown so big that it is now designated a clan in its own right. If you have any solid information either written or verbal from some respectable authority, that would be a great help - Editor

Is Abang'are a clan or sub clan of the Abakhekhe?

Dear Editor,

I wish to be included in Abanyore professionals. I am 34 years and a director of Soft globe Solutions Ltd, a computer consultancy company based in Nairobi. I am also the Administration Director, Soft globe Training Institute. Soft globe Training Institute currently, in efforts to promote computer literacy amongst the youth, is running scholarship programs to interested parties, and we are working closely with church ministries in and around Nairobi. For more information email me on: james@softglobe.co.ke

James O Bulimo, Nairobi, July 22 2009

Scholarships at Soft Globe Training Institute

Dear Editor,

I am omunyole  from Essaba. I stumbled on this site and I am impressed. That’s a job well done.

Owenywe   DAVID OMBETE AKOYO, July 21 2009.


Dear Editor,

Hello, Mulembe,

Just was wondering if the ABAKHOBOLE are actually part of the BATSOTSO CLANS?

Wekeya Ingolo, July 21 2009

As far as I know abakhobole are from Kisa but it is possible they are spread across Butsotso and Butere. Does any reader have further information? - Editor


Dear Editor,

Am Frank Wanjofu from Sirigoi, Bunyala sub location of Navakholo Location. I wanted to congratulate you guys for shedding some light to Luhya people as far as IT is concerned. We were lagging behind in communication matters in comparison to other regions of the country. Am proud to be Luhya Kenyan. I promise to be part of initiatives that will transform Luhya Land into a modern world. I would also like to take this chance to introduce myself as building designer having acquired design skills from Kenya Polytechnic {Diploma in Drawing and Design) and having a 5-year experience in field work: Am able to offer my services to my people at discounted rates. My design ranges from Architectural, Structural, preparation of BOQ/Material estimates and Supervision works. My telephone No. is +254 (0) 721 538997 and my email is: f_wanjofu@yahoo.com

Frank Wanjofu, Nairobi, July 14 2009