Obulala an Amani


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Dear Editor

By dint of sheer hard work, and some good football, AFC Leopards SC is making major come back; this news has sent soccer enthusiasts across the country, especially its huge fan base celebrating its long awaited return to the premier. And right now; no-one can stop them dreaming of reclaiming their position in Kenyan soccer. The soccer fraternity is paying tribute to the team's work ethic - that's symbolic of a real group effort and one that's required a lot of patience and diligence! Ingwe fans stood by it at the most difficult times to help it achieve its objective and its quickly re-establishing a huge and loyal following across the region; now this footballing giant has awoken from its slumber, it clearly intends to make up for lost time.

Victor Bwibo, Nairobi November 25 2008




Dear Editor,

I have appreciated reading the news on the Abeingo Community Network online. Years ago, I taught mathematics and physics at Emanyinya Secondary School in Bunyore. When I navigated through the Abeingo news, I was unable to find Emanyinya on the list of schools. I am writing to kindly request that you add Emanyinya Mixed to your list of secondary schools.

Let me end by saying that I truly enjoy reading about the history of the Banyore people on your website. It has been 8 years since I left my village in Bunyore, Ekasala, and I miss its people terribly. I at least can return to your pages to rekindle fond memories.

Travis Wilson, U.S.A. November 12 2008

Emanyinya Secondary School remembered in USA

Dear Editor,

I am so glad  to see your endeavors of promoting the web of the Abeingo community. It is essentially very important and useful. It is better than Standard Newspaper in my view. My kind request is to look into ways of connecting all Luhya community in the world. I found a good number of Luhya at  Abeingo website. I only found the website recently and am sending this site to all Luhyas that I know.

By name is Ali  Malala Nanjira Omukala. My mama descents from Nabongo Mumia. I am in Khartoum  International University of Africa - faculty of law, 3rd year. We  have  also  obulala  but not  strong  as  that of  USA because most of us are students.

Owa Bwibo, Khartoum, August 21 2008


Dear Editor,

Thanks for the good work you are doing. I think its time for all the Luhyas to come up and unite through this global online network.

Roden Lubanga, Moscow, August 18 2008

All Luhyas should unite under Abeingo Network

Dear Editor,

Mulembe! My name is Ronald Elly Wanda and I originally come from Shamberere near Kamukunga in Kabras. I am very interested in what you do, and may I say thank you on behalf of the community here in UK and Europe. I have attached some of my articles in this communication which I hope that you find interesting for publication. Please get in touch with me, if need be, thank you again!

Ronald Elly Wanda, London August 11 2008

Articles attached for publication

Dear Editor,

I'm so happy for this site. I have been able to view people from Bunyore and read a bit about us. I do not know exactly how I am supposed to write i.e my profile or just name and residence.Well my names are Eliphaz Okwe Esikumo from Ebutongoi, Essaba and Ii live in U.S.A. Due to the land scarcity, my parents migrated from Bunyore to Busia in early 70's. We still have a clan and the house of Obukono Okwe family back in Essaba intact. We still consider ourselves pure abanyole lichina. Yako m'mbwo mulindwe.

Eliphaz Okwe Esikumo, USA, August 11 2008

Though my family migrated to Busia, am still Omunyole Lichina


Endi omushisa ne esaangasibwe muno ukhunyola mbu khuli nende iwebsite yenyala okhunyola amakhuwa keshisa nende kabashisa. Rumira amayia kosi kalanyorekha man esangale.

Nise owuwo

Frankline Omuyonga Okata, Nairobi, 30 July 2008

Essangasibwe Muno

Dear Editor,

Hallo and good day wherever you are. I am glad to find an opportunity to jot to you hoping you're fine and doing well. Am an ardent reader of Abeingo.org on line and am always excited to find fresh ideas and news which on many occasions leave me mesmerised. Currently am in Mombasa, but was born and brought up in Bunyore, Western Kenya. Recently I stumbled upon this lottery issue while browsing through and was inclined to join it. However I 've got scanty details on the procedures and if we, locals here in Kenya can have access to. Thus am kindly requesting you for proper information about this so that I may try my luck. Your support and guidance on this will be very much appreciated. Looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Noah Amukowa, Mombasa, July 16 2008

A branch of Abeingo has been registered in Kenya and only awaits formal launch. After this is done, members in Kenya will have all the information and an opportunity to participate in all Abeingo activities anywhere in the world by paying into the Kenyan account. - Editor

I want to join Abeingo Lottery Syndicate

Dear Editor,


I was interested in your work and the visitors you have who are willing to learn and have more about Kenyan community and develop some relations through collection of some local food,pictures and invest somewhere.I request you to send me details for such groups,we have some tour attracting place at Webuye TOWN, BUNGOMA EAST DISTRICT, WESTERN PROVINCE. Have you heard of Chetambe Fort of 1895, with more diverse cultural work and space for investors to build. Its is about 1685 mtrs above sea level north or Webuye Town, through Lugulu Market then drive on murram road.Somewhere John Fox, writes about this unique places in GO PLACES COLUMN, DAILY NATION.

P.O. BO 403 WEBUYE 50205 KENYA



Dear Editor,

I wish to register my personal gratitute for your splendid work you are doing.We Luhyas have learned a lot through this website.

May I therefore draw your attention to the fact that in "Who is who" of Abakabrasi,what you gave as Soita Shitanda's profile is actually Hon Wakoli Bifwoli's profile.I hope you will correct the mix-up.
Long life Abeingo community network and God bless..
Mr.Anthony A. Keya, Nairobi June 24 2008

The list is derived from Bunge Website. It includes all MPs from Western as at teh last parliament. Once the current list is comipiled, I'll update the site - editor

Mix up in Shitanda's and Wakoli's profiles

I am a Maragoli aged 30 born and raised in Nairobi and I am ashamed to admit that I cant speak my mother tongue and so I was wondering if there is a place I can go to learn (like a class) I figured if there was someone who would know it would be you guys. Do you know if there is a place like that, please help.

Patrick Amugo, Nairobi, June 15 2008

Desperate to learn Oloogoli

Dear Editor,

This is to bring to your attention that there is a book published by CUEA Publicatins in 2003 entitled "THE HISTORY OF THE ISUKHA AND IDAKHO CLANS Among the Abaluyia of Western Kenya" by M. S. Mwayuuli

I believe the book will add to our rich history. Kindly contact me for any information you may need about the book or the author who was my father.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful website

Dr. Genevieve A. Mwayuli (Ph.D)
The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Department of Natural Sciences
P.O Box 62157
00200 Nairobi, KENYA

June 10 2008

Book on Isukha and Idakho

Dear Editor,

My name is Zakaria Omwom son of Mr.Silvano Otukho Omwoma. I come from Emutete Emuhaya. I am married to Phelesia Asiko with whom God has blessed us with a daughter. I live in Nairobi where I am working as a technician in Electrical and Electronics engineering. I shall be pleased to learn more from this website especially when it comes to developments in youth programs. God bless the Editor.

Zakaria Omwoma, Nairobi, May 29 2008

Interested in Youth Programs

Dear Editor,

Greetings from Germany. My name is Phillis am a Luhya from Tiriki.When are you planning to have a Summer party? We Luhyas must come together and talk how to develop Luhyaland? (THE ABEINGO PROJECT). You have done a great job.networking through Abeingo, we can realy make it.not just talking and asking ourselfs if we were born to serve others. Please let us know when and how, we can help you make arragments and planning. We are soo many Luhyas in Germany Switzerland and Austria. Am sure some of us will make it to the UK. Abeingo is the only light. Have a great evening.

Phillis Grüsges, Franza Martin Str. 44 5179 Lindlar, May 25 2008

Greetings from Germany: When can we link up in London?

Dear Editor,

Greetings from Michigan! I would like to appreciate the great work your team is doing to put the luhyas on the world map. We really need you to get us the contacts of all the current Luhya MPs so that we can directly communicate with them as part of our participation in policy making. There are so many brilliant ideas out here which need to be tapped for the benefit of our society back home.

I would also suggest we utilize our brothers who working at Mulembe FM in Kakamega, that will be a perfect forum to send our ideas back to the folks at home and also to enlighten them on what is happening aroud the world in terms of business, education and other opportunities.

Paul Sifuna Oshule, May 24 2008
Chemistry Graduate Student Association Secretary Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan

We need to engage Luhya MPs in development programs

Dear Editor,

Orio muno for a wonderful job with the Abeingo Website. This is really good job that will help bring out to the world what the Abaluhya can offer. We also feel it is a very nice window for helping to link-up various local initiatives with the global action groups. We are based in Bungoma with a small office in UK as a European Field Office. It will be really good if you could link us to Abeingo community network. Our Email adress here in Kimilili our headquarters is director@icfem.org and our website is www.icfem-mission.org  I should however immediately state that our model o service as a Christian missionary Community Transformation agency has changed from an issue-based mission to a holistic community transformation mission which we have not yet posted fully on our website. Our UK office administrator will be more than happy to speak with you and answer any possible questions you might have about us. God bless you so much.

Solomon Nabie, Mission Director, Bungoma, May 23 2008

Bungoma NGO Promotes Hard Work with Holy Living

Dear Editor,

Happy birthday to ACN website. May I comment the chairman, committee members and the editor for the professional way the website has been designed, maintained and regularly updated. It is indeed becoming the portal of choice for many people interested in objective quality news from Ingo and the rest of the world and more importantly as a resource for generic research on various aspects of the Luhya people and the related tribes in East and Central Africa.

To quantify benefits which can be obtained by navigating through this website is impossible and my advise is to encourage interested parties to pay a visit and be pleasantly surprised. The informed commentary by the editor on most of the news items brings out more news behind the headlines besides placing them in context. Keep it up editor. Your coverage of the recent elections in Kenya and its unfortunate aftermath was more informative and current than many well established local media houses.

That you are setting standards in your class with 4 million hits within the inaugural year is not surprising – which  further testifies to your growing popularity as enquiries on ‘Abeingo Community’ continue to be the most common visitor on many search-engines. It is becoming common to hear mention of Abeingo community network website in many internet cafes, academic institutions, and private homes as the ‘one stop shop’ for current information on not only the Luhya people and the related tribes in East and Central Africa but also for latest in depth news coverage from the region.

Let it be our collective responsibility to populate and keep updating all areas of the website in appreciation of our community’s past, as we challenge the present and shape the future for us and those yet to be born. Once again, Happy birthday Abeingo community network with best wishes for an even better future in the true spirit of obulala ni amani.

Dr Musa Mwendwa Ndengu, Abeingo Founding Chairman, London, May 23 2008


Dear Editor,

It is a long time since I last spoke to you guys, I hope all is okay and by the looks of things from the website I might as well guess that you guys are thriving. I did finish university last year graduating with a 2.1 in political science and community development. Anyway, I felt that I could contribute something from my experience to the community and how best to do it than through an established website. It is correct to assume that many of those who have settle, are yet to settle and will settle within the Kenyan Diaspora community will look to have children and continue to have children. My experience has taught me that their is alot that we do not know about the education system in the UK and can learn from each other if only we give ourselves a chance. 

We look to do the best for our children and yet we forget certain factors that would go along way to support them, while they try to find their way in the western world. Yes, most of them will be British but always with a twist because of their parental origin.  This fact used wisely can benefit many towards achieving. For this reason,  I think on the education page you can offer online support and education workshops at your yearly meetings and events for parents with children in three different categories primary, secondary and university.  I personally immersed myself in the midst  of the middleclasses  to try and find out what they do differently. This was because I wanted to ensure the girls did  the best they could in their primary level, this year the twins have also got a scholarship to the college thus joining Melissa. This is not because that they are better than anybody but its because of the information that has been available to me.

 Due to the fact that not all of us have the ability to do what I did,  and I acknowledge that each and everyone of us have differing circumstances, I would like to share  my knowledge with other parents who might be in the same position as I was a few years ago. I am also presently a student finance adviser at the university and can offer home students and parents looking to go to university or are at university  at the moment financial advice on what they are able to get from the state if they decide to go for higher education. I think this information could be a vital part of service provided to your audience because at the end of the day that is why we came to this country. 

Florence Nyasamo-Thomas, Cheltenham, UK, May 8 2008

Sharing Information has helped my children go to top schools

Dear Editor,

My daughter is investigating the origin of our last name LIYAYI. Maybe you can be of assistance. I would be very grateful.

Best regards

Dr.Gudrun Schirmer-Liyayi
Lortzingstr. 31
44145 Dortmund
+49 231 1894 234

Does anyone know the origin of the name Liyayi ?

Dear Editor,

Today we have a parliament and a government in place. One would expect in this age and time that the legislators we have are upto the task. But are they? Time will tell. The culture of handouts from MPs must stop. Let us demand leadership and fulfilment of the promises these honourables gave us during campaigns.

I noted with concern that some MPs from Luhyaland are very mute. In particular there is this MP from Butere District( Name withheld). I only heard his voice during the MPs swearing in ceremony in parliament.
Such are leaders should wake up from slumber.

Abeingo once again kudos to your work.

Akaka Otemba, April 23 2008

Luhya Leaders Must Wake Up from Deep Slumber

Dear Editor,

Banyore are great people. They have talents that have not been tapped. Over time we are being overtaken by events and a state of hopelessness has gripped the active age group - the youth who are supposed to be tomorrow's leaders. My advice to dear brothers and sisters is that let's unite to achieve our common goal. We need to form economic groups and come up with various plans and strategies to liberate ourselves from economic bondage. It's now common knowledge that the job market cannot absorb everyone. For those of you who have completed your education think otside the box. There are so many financial institutions ready to offer working capital for business start ups. Equally there are so many NGOs which can be approached to offer the necessary guidelines on business enterprise. Please let's be aggressive like other Kenyans and have a share of the national cake.

Benson Omwela, Bunyore, April 22 2008

Banyore are great people although economically downtrodden

Dear Editor

You guys are doing a superb job. There is now an increasing awareness of what is going on with the ba ingo in the diaspora and also at home. Thank you for the recent publication of what i am going to be doing in Kenya( from Philadelphia). In order to increase awareness of what we are planning to do in terms of reaching the youths; we just created the follwoing website in an effort to fundraise but also articulate the dream to the public. Please visit.www.kickitwithkenya.org

Charles Wambulwa, Philadelphia, USA, April 18 2008

On a Mercy Mission:

Dear Editor,

I am a Wanga guy living in Bournemouth, England. I am pleased that we now have a Luhya website and would like to be in contact with fellow luhyas. My e-mail address is Solowash@yahoo.com.'

Solomon Washiali, Bournemouth, England, April 18 2008

Where are Luhyas

Dear Editor,

I actually came across the website by accident and I was pleasantly surprised. I must say I am very proud of being a luhya! I would like my contacts to be placed on the Webiste.

Beverly Amira-Kwach, Nairobi, April 2 2008

Proud to be a Luhya
Hi my name is Lucy Chimoyi and I am a wanga . My clans name is the abamuira and its missing from your directory. Please add it
Lucy Chimoyi, Johannesburg , S.A, April 2 2008
Abamuira Clan of the Wanga is Missing
Dear Editor,
I am a Tiriki and ethnologist. I have done some extensive analyses on the Ethnology of East African Societies/communities.
A colleague made me aware of the Abeingo community network, based in the UK. I find this a very constructive initiative for the comprehensive development of the Luhya. This begins with knowledge about our roots and identity. I highly appreciate the efforts of ACN to initiate the development forum for the Luhya. The ACN website is excellent and i find the it quite informative. This will go along way in fostering development based on human identity, an important aspect of over all development. I would like to comment on the classification of the groups for which ACN seeks to document their histories. I suggest that the listing clearly differentiate between major ethnic communities and their sub-clans. In the present listing, I see some clans/sub clans having been presented together with the major groupings. I'm particularly curious about the Abanyang'ori....This in the first place was a derogatory/discriminative term used for a sub-section of the Tiriki. Therefore, it would not more justifiable to treat this group as a sub-clan/clan among the many clans of the Tiriki. In the same way, the Bamasaba, are not a main community as such. I think there should be a justification of why some clans/sub clans are given special focus in the current listing.

I hope my observations are useful for the historiography of the Abaluhyia in the context of ACN.

Benson A Mulemi, Nairobi, March 30 2008


Dear Editor,

My name is Oguttu and kindly requests you to add my name under the Samia subgroup of the Luhyas. Also add my clan among the Samias. My clan is "Abakhobe" and we are in Bukhasaba township in Uganda; Bukhasaba is approx. 3 miles from Funyula Kenya and 7.6 miles from Busia Uganda. Another cluster of Abakhobe is in Budimo and Bwimini village in Uganda. Abakhobe of Kisa  are of Maasai origin and I do not know whether we are related on not. What I know is: The Abakhobe clan originated from Egypt on foot and moved/settled into Bukoba among the present Haya trib; then navigated to Sigulu Islands and later into Busoga by canoe; settling in a place called "Bukobe" today. They then left Busoga and migrated into Budimo whereby some remained there and others dispersed to Bukhasaba and Bwimini  villages in Uganda. For your information I happen to be related to one of the notable Samias and that is the present Chief Justice of Uganda. His mother is my father's sister and therefore her mom is Namukhobe by clan and his father is is from Abajabi clan.

John Oguttu, Samia, Uganda, March 29 2008

Does anyone know if the Abakhobe of Kisa are related to Abakhobe of Samia?

Dear Editor,

Here's a few ways you can say greetings in Luhya: Vuchee, Vushere, Mirembe, Andi? – Harere, Uvola uri,? Uvola Ndina? Ndina iwe? Wvakira, Imwami

Janet Munyasa, Illinois, Chicago, March 30 2008

How Many Ways Can You Say Greetings In Luhya?

Dear Editor,

I have been blessed today to find out, by chance, about the existence of Abeingo Community Network.  This came about after a conversation on the phone to my friend in Kenya ( a lecturer at Kenyatta University), who I was telling about my inability to find a job in the UK, despite having qualifications at university level, both in Education and Law. Her advice to me was to try to contact my fellow Kenyans here in the UK.  Unfortunately I have not been able to meet a Luyha here in Canterbury, possibly because of being out of work.

My friend advised me to seek advice and possibly help from my own people, and she particularly advised me to try and speak to her cousin, Mable Mark.  That is how I came across the ACN on the computer. I would very much like to be part of the company as it deals with issues close to my heart. I agree that it is in our interest that us Luyhas unite as one people. Together we can achieve more than we have ever imagined. I hope the company is still alive, and with many more members.

Florence Bull, Canterbury, UK, March 3 2008

Thank God I found Abeingo

Dear Editor,

On many occasions in these columns, I have aggressively lobbied for effective participation and representation of persons with disabilities in planning and decision making organs. One Member of Parliament is already setting a great precedent on this. The newly elected MP for Shinyalu constituency, in western province, the Hon. Charles Lirechi Lugano deserves praise and commendation on this score. The MP has nominated a woman with a disability as a councilor to the Kakamega County Council and yet another person with a disability to sit on the Shinyalu Constituency Development Fund (CDF). This will ensure that the voice and interests of the disabled population in both the county council and the constituency are not only articulated, but well taken care of by the affected disabled persons themselves! What a welcome and progressive move!  

How I wish other MPs across the country and government at larger could take a cue from this man from the land of shinyalu.I hope those charged with the mandate and responsibility of crafting the new Grand Coalition Government (GCG), are reading this?  

As we wait for the planned comprehensive policy, legal and constitutional reforms, which I hope will for once entrance and anchor the question of the disabled in the constitution; forward looking initiatives of individuals like Mr.Lugano are highly welcomed.

Bravo Mheshimiwa and keep up the good work!

Phitalis Maskhwe, Nairobi, March 3 2008

Shinyalu MP is a true frriend of the disabled

Dear Editor,

Abundant thanks for the good work which you do that seeks to to inform us about general developments among our Luhya community. This is very unique and very good. Do you have the full profile of Mr. sibi-okumu , who became Kenya's first African magistrate in 1965 ? Where can I get it ?  Thank you.

Omwoha Rapado, February 18 2008

Does anyone know Sibi Okumu

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the good work you guys are doing. My names are Anthony Okumu from Bunyala, Navakholo, Mavanga village. I currently work in South Sudan with an international NGO. Please let me know how i can be an active member of this website. Thanks alot and looking foward to hearing from you soon.

Antony Okumu, Sudan, February 18 2008

How Can I be Involved in Abeingo?

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing. I landed on the Abeingo website while trying to find and confirm the Bugisu Motto (court of arms) which I remember reads like: Lweliswa ni Bulamu bwe’Bagisu” which literally translated means for the Land and Posterity of  Bagisu. However, I was not able to find it. I am a Mugisu hailing from Busoba Sub-county, Bungokho County, Mbale District.

I am 56 years old, an Electrical Engineer by profession and now retired into private practice as an IT consultant, having had a stint as a lecturer at Makerere University and Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo. I suggest that you create a registration page on the website so that we all fill in standard data. I have a lot of information I would like to share with others as a away of education our young generation and preservation of history.

Eng. Darlington Sakwa, Mbale, Uganda, 08 February 2008

Lweliswa ni Bulamu bwe Bagisu

Dear Editor,

I want to submit my suggestions and opinions to our leaders and our people as regards economic freedom. First Abaluhya people are the second most populous community in Kenya. If you included other groups in diaspora i.e. in Uganda and elsewhere then I think we are the most populous community in East Africa.

But my worry today is that we belong to the most poor in the country as compared to other tribes. And for that we are chided so that stereotypes like Luhyas are watchmen and cooks abound. This is despite the fact that our lands are arable if not fertile and the climate is very close to that of equitorial. We are endowed with natural resources. But our leaders let us down. Other communities especially those in power today have internalised a belief that we are cheap and can be bought by money if not powerless positions in government. They are vindicated when true to their belief our leaders accept such seduction with ease. We know these leaders and most of them have been shoved aside in the just concluded fiasco that was the General election.

My take on this is that we need economic emancipation first. But we should not loose sight on the political front. Thus its quite easy to manipulate and influence people who are desperate especially the poor by bribing them. This happens from time to time during elections where undeserving candidates make their way to parliament just because they had the biggest loot during the campaign period. The just elected MPs from western Kenya must now come forward and prepare a blue-print for the region.

In the blue-print, we need to emphasise on Agriculture and the processing industries. We need to have cash crops and industries built. We have depended on subsistence farming for long and we are where we are due to this state of affairs. Our land is diminishing due to population growth and over utilising it using wrong agricultural methods.

Secondly, Education must be emphasised. And I am not talking about secondary education. I am talking about skilled oriented education. We must have people with skills in the service industry as well.

Lastly my tribesmen we have to discard some outdated traditions and cultures that hold as back from progress. I will comment on them in a later article.

Joesph Otemba, Nairobi, January 17 2008

Blueprint Needed for Economic Emancipation of Luhyaland

Dear Editor

Thank you for your efforts in aiding the unity of the Luhya community in Britain. Below is the website for Shikuku Shining Stars of Tomorrow showing underprivileged orphans, destitute, illegitimate children and poor women all in Matende village, Kakamega, Western Province. Through your efforts they have managed to get sponsors from America, Britain, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya who are now supporting these children to become stars of tomorrow. We appeal to donors to continue aiding these children to make something of their lives. Any contribution will be appreciated

Dorisilla Shikuku, London, Jan 02 2008

See Shikuku Shining Stars Website

Shikuku Shining Stars shine to stardom

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the good work. I would like to comment the origin of the word abaluyia as told by my late grandfather Mzee Nehamiah Angenyi wa Amwayi who passed away a few years back at the age of 96. Around 1933, there was this competition among commmunities to set up football teams. Our people who were living in Nairobi came together to make a common name for out footbal team. Among the deliberations was what happens when there there is a family issue to be discussed. People go to oluyia. Which means family. So you have oluyia lwa Lubanga for example meaning the family of lubanga. Thus our people accepted that we shall all be called abaluyia and some call it ABO-LUYIA. Although fire was involved in deliberations as most meeting were held in the evenings, this is not the origin of the word abaluyia. Thus Abaluyia FC came in to being bearing the name of our community. At the same meeting the abalogoli insisted that they were abalogoli. Thus Maragoli FC was born.

Dick Makanji, Tsukuba City, Japan, January 01 2008

write to author

"Oluyia means family rather than fire"

I am so impressed with the Bukusu site. I am a Bukusu from Webuye. I was going through your list of schools and am shocked you have forgotten the most famous - Bungoma Boys, Sipala, Mangana and Teremi Boys among others. I was also wondering when does Mike Kisaka’s wedding pictures come up? Anyway keep up the good work.

Purity, Nairobi, December 18 2007

Bukusu Website is Impressive

Dear Editor,

I like your website and I would like to see more participation from Luhyas allover the world. Otherwise you guys are doing a great job.

George Musuku, Magadi Soda, 16 December 2007

Luhyas Urged to Participate in Abeingo

Dear Editor,

Please  include my clan, Abalodo among the clans of Abanyala (Busia). This clan is to found in Budalang'i in the villages of Mabinju and Namabusi.

Stephen Nasiagi Oyango, November 28, 2007

Abalodo live in Mabinju and Namabusi villages

Dear Editor,

I am a young man from Western Province and specifically from Malava being a Kabras Luhya. I learnt about this web today and after spending some considerable time going through it, I felt I should let you know that I have got an inspiring story which could assist fellow youth. Currently I am on internship with one mainstream media house based in Nairobi - The Kenya Times as a news reporter.

Obed Muindi, Nairobi, November 23 2007

We always look for inspirational stories and ideas. We can't wait to hear your story. - Editor

Youthful Inspiration

Dear Editor,

Yesterday while on a campaign trail in Dagoretti and westlands constituencies, President Kibaki ridiculed those with visual impairments just like some of his ministers and lieutenants have done in the past. He said “wale ambao hawaoni yale tumefanya, tuwawaombee mungu awape macho” Simply translated that we should pray to God to give those without eyes the ability to see what development he has brought to Kenya. Hon Nyachaye made related remarks during the launch of PNU sometimes back!

Now, persons with disability are not going to take such comments lightly. As I have said before in these columns, this sort of language is demeaning, derogatory and illegal under the Persons with disabilities act 2003, which his government has stubbornly refused to implement!   

President Kibaki and PNU continue to chest thump about their so called good development record upon which they are arrogantly asking Kenyans to “see” and hence re-elect him. But, you see the President is jumping the gun. If indeed he has done well, it’s not him to proclaim so! You do not sit for an exam and declare yourself victorious! Kenyans are enlightened people, intelligent and wise enough to assess for themselves what was President Kibaki 2002 covenant with them. Come December 27th 07 we will objectively evaluate him as his employer and give him a report card accordingly. We are mature enough to then decide whether the so called “Kazi” will continue or will send him back to Othaya.

In my humble view, President Kibaki will lose the coming elections not on his development record, but on the key issues that made Kenyans resoundingly elect him in the 2002 elections. We elect Mwai Kibaki to heal and reconcile the nation that was bleeding after 24 years of Moi’s misrule. We elected him to make tribalism, graft and blunder of public resources history. We elected him to decongest the presidency and ensure just and equitable resource distribution to all Kenyans. We elected him to facilitate and midwife a new reformist constitution so that all these issues could be institutionalized and anchored on a new and more enabling political order. If Kibaki had substantively addressed these core issues, economic development would automatically follow.  Iam sure that your assessment of his performance on all these issues is not very favourable.We actually thought that Mwai Kibaki was a true patriot and reformist, a man that will usher Kenya into the third liberation. These are indicators and benchmarks that majority of right thinking and patriotic Kenyans will be using to assess President Kibaki’ re-election or lack of it; and not the so called development.

Kibaki keeps telling Kenyans that there is development everywhere in Kenya yet Kenyans die everyday due to poverty related factors. Many Kenyans lose their lives because of poor roads as he flies around in helicopters and choppers. He seems to live elsewhere where he is only seeing milk and honey and he is wondering why other Kenyans can’t see it! The other day the First Lady Mama Lucy Kibaki flu to Emuhaya in western Kenya, a place with no roads to talk about. She kept asking poor and surprised wananchi whether they can’t see the good roads the President had built! She was actually behaving like Maria Antonite the wife of King Louise the 16th of France who asked the French to eat cake if they could not find bread!

How I wish that the president and his team will be guided with some degree of humility, persuasion, respect, realism and honest as they go about asking for Kazi iendelee! Over to you dear Kenyans!

Phitalis Were Masakhwe, Nairobi, November 20 2007
Resource Development Advocacy & Campaigns Manager
Leonard Cheshire International East and North African Region
Oloitoktok Road, off Ole Odume Road
PO Box 38748-00600

Tel: +254 20 387 2197/78
Fax: +254 20 387 2249
Cell: +254 720 891 777  or 0734 950398

Website: www.lcint.org

Kibaki was elected to decongest the presidency and heal a bleeding nation - he has failed

Dear Editor,

We have lacked development conscious people in Khwisero. All the aspiring candidates are failures in their ex- jobs who want to use  Khwisero as their easy job hunting platform. Shame all those Profs who could not produce, and they can't produce. Where were they when "the people's watchdog'' was ruining the area?

By Email, November 20 2007

Selfishness in Khwisero

Dear Editor,

I want to submit my contribution as regards the meaning of the name 'Oluyia'. For me it means people of the same origin (abandu b'oluyia). People sharing the same ancestor, say great-grandfather. And consequently, having same culture, traditions and language. The word oluyia probably was derived from the word 'fireplace' or hearth. Thus 'of the same hearth' meant that people with direct and common ancestry. The names Abaluhya and Oluluyia (the language) are thus derived from name oluyia.

Joseph Akaka Otemba, November 13 2007

Oluyia means fireplace

Dear Editor,

The current MP for Khwisero has done totally nothing for the entire time he has been member of Parliament for this region. People from this area are still very poor and cannot understand what the CDF Fund money has done. There is no clean water, no good schools, hospitals etc; projects Mr Julius Arungah should have concentrated on during his time as our MP. It is absurd to hear that he is intending to defend this seat. As someone from Khwisero, I want to tell all aspirants that we will judge them on their development records come next elections. Mr. Arunga should be thinking of parking and going home - he has no policies, no agenda and has done totally nothing to this region.

Kennedy M. Ambundo, USA, November 5 2007

Mr Arungah should go home

Dear Editor,

Just a little bit of correction. There are many clans of Samia than the two you mentioned on your website - Bakhekhe and Bakangala. There are some big clans like Abatabona; believed to be the biggest and Abalundu also very big plus many more like Abakabi, Abamayi, Abapodi, Abanapa,  Abakamondo, Abalinda and others mainly found in Eastern Uganda – Busia District.

Jef Ogambo Ganiko, Leeds UK, 3 November 2007  

There are more Samia clans than just two

Dear Editor,

Here is a statement with radical truth that not many of us would want to put forth. Unfortunately the pro-Raila team seems to think that the man will come in and bring with him the whole of Heaven. I have a few points to ponder and questions to pose as follows: Attempts to topple a legitimate government - disruption of democracy. Death of every political party he has been part of - name Ford, NDP, KANU, NARC, ODM with him bringing disaster to the multiparty democracy. He says he will implement the Goldenberg, Kroll Report, Ndung'u Report - with him and so much to shame in his Pentagon are the key architects and perpetrators on land grabbing, initiators, partakers and signatories of the Anglo-leasing contracts among other heinous crimes. He says that Kibaki failed to fulfil the promises (read MOU). I will not duel on the fact that this was a ploy to hoodwink the common man! Did you know that the MOU did not have space for qualified and astute politi-professionals such as Tuju, Ayacko to be named ministers? Did you ever imagine Kajwang becoming Constitutional Affairs Minister with the many times he had been thrown out the LSK?

The shame of yesterday is Raila’s possible cabinet of tomorrow! The parliament in 2003 and 2007 voted itself all the money; mammoth salaries and emoluments and now dinasouric severance allowances. Raila remained mum; he has never raised a voice against his colleagues, wajumbe, and yet he now comes to liberate the people. How can a man who sat to enjoy our sweat with the wolves turn and promise us a life in a heaven? Raila the man has in one moment or another chorused with those that ashamed this nation when they were cornered and said that their communities were being targeted, remember the disrobed judges and the Mafioso of the corruption networks. He now promises to bring them to book! Utter shame! Raila, had the audacity of flying to America and saying that the NSE was fuelled by drug money: A wise man uses wise means! We have laws governing trade and industry, capital markets. Why didn’t he invoke the requisite laws for investigations to be done and the truth revealed? He has said that with the IPO’s only a single community was meant to benefit. With all due respect you and I have queued for shares in the KenGen IPO, KenyaRe IPO, Mumias, Access Kenya, Equity Bank… all of us! Kamau, Kimilu, Shaban, Wairimu, Ole Likinya, Nyaberi.

Sorry Raila and your supporters – your warped sense of the national cake will not liberate the country! The Safaricom IPO has been in the air for over a year now. Raila and his cronies were neither hospitalized nor held incommunicado. They were freely roaming Kenya ’s landscape. Out of the blues they are calling for a stop to the Safaricom IPO. And that is the Raila opportunist! Stopping a business opportunity to create a political fortune! Have you asked Raila how the Majimbo is going to be implemented? Picture this: The national elections costs about 5 billion shillings With Majimbo and assuming that each of the current provinces becomes a jimbo there will be 8 more electoral states (jimbos) and each could cost shs1billion (shs8 billion in total) Each jimbo will have its legislative, executive and judicial arms (a whooping money-spender) Cumulatively this will be an additional shs20 billion in the most basic sense! How will he raise the money? Need I ask more? While I am below thirty and youthful in all ways; I am not ready to be hoodwinked by the wolves that have contributed to my demise while promising my heaven.

LMM, London, October 13 2007

Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Skin

Dear Editor,

International Fisheries and Research Organization (IFRO) is a registered NGO that has operates around Lake Victoria- Busia. It educates people on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, how to avoid infections, how to live positively with the virus for those who are infected and how best to handle the orphans. It also helps to rehabilitate the young girls who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy. On the other hand, Ebenezer is a registered CBO to help school dropouts in Eastlands of Nairobi some of whom are orphans. We deal mainly with cartering services in weddings, birthdays and other functions. After a function these boys and girls are given some money which enables them to meet some of their basic needs. We are appealing for assistance from those of you in the Diaspora either in cash or in kind.

Victorine Webuye, Nairobi, October 12 2007

Kisa-based Charity Appeals for Help

Dear Editor,

My opinon and the that of my chama called Namwiru Clean (safi) is that Hon Julius Arungah will win the elections in Khwisero. He should read the moods on the ground and not be cheated.

Carol Webuye

Arungah is Safi in Khwisero

Dear Editor,

I bumped into this website and got extremely exited about it.  I am currently a resident in London and wish to express my uttermost support for this extremely good and noble idea which should bring us close and more importantly give us a grand opportunity to put together the collective efforts and abilities to do something about where we came from, home. I wish to know how I can be meaningfully involved in Abeingo activities. Please keep up and you can count on my support.

Douglas Anaminyi Alubbe, London, October 10 2007

I want to be actively involved in Abeingo activities

"A candle loses nothing when it lights another one"

Dear Editor,

Please add my name to the Abamarama Directory. Thanks.

Jamila Kangahi, Nairobi, October 8 2007

Add Me to Abamarama Directory
"Always help others & give cheerfully"

Dear Editor,

This is GREAT!!!!!!!! the Abeingo website is awesome,  It's well designed and interesting. I  LOVE it.  Well done.  I will definitely visit it more often.  Please add me to the Abeingo profile:  Diana Ambeyi-Sims  a teacher in USA from Shinyalu-Imakhaya.  Daughter of Ambeyi-Ligabo for Shinyalu. Thank you for the masterpiece!!!

Diana Ambeyi-Sims, USA, October 8 2007

Abeingo Website is Awesome

Dear Editor,

Abeingo Community Network ilera bandu beru halala, ni asante sana khu ikazi indayi.

Miima H. Ngaira, Nairobi, October 1 2007

Thanks for Uniting Us

Dear Editor,

What do you expect from people who are bent on looting the remaining wealth of Kenyans; now even Kamlesh Pattni is ready to support Kibaki after almost bringing kenya's economy to its knees. Now come out let's fight for ODM on the airways, on the net and text. These are the tools that will catapult our party to forming the next government of Kenya and the cleanest in the forty years of independence. Please build up a phone diary for everybody in Kenyan and abroad. We need to knock every household in Kenya and including central province to come out and vote for ODM

Dr Abdi Greek, Rancho Cucamango, California, U.S.A

Beware of Looters

Dear Editor,

With due respect there are a lot of discrepancies with your writing. I am specifically concerned with the information on the Marachi. Your information is almost 99% wrong. Please do some research. Best wishes

Fred Aswani (Ph.d) aka Ingwe, Sept 29 2007

The information on the website is attributed to academic sources principally Prof Gideon Were and John Osogo's books. If you have conducted and published new research material on the Marachi or Luhya in general, by all means do sent it for publication. That way we can correct any misrepresentations for the benefit of our entire community. Editor

Information on Marachi is 99% Wrong



Dear Editor,

I must say thank you for the Abeingo website. I would like you to add my name on the list of the Abanyole. On the list of the departed we may want to add WILLIAM MELCHIZEDEK OKECH from Ebusubi Esihola. He was an education attache in the UK in 1968 and besides being an old boy of Maseno, he was the first African headmaster at the the school in 1973 to 1975. His spouse, also deceased was the then KANU MAENDELEO YA WANAWAKE representative for Western Province and a sister to Prof. JULIA OJIAMBO. Together, William and Rose built the CPK St. Andrews Church at Ebusubi Esihola.

Saul Okello, USA, September 24, 2007

The 1st black Headmaster of Maseno High School

Dear Editor,

 haven’t seen some of the biggest and influential entertainers from Western Province acknowledged on your website. Mama Kayayi, Makove, Othorongongo, Jacob Luseno (late), Sukuma Bin Ongaro, Mzee Ingosi, Jabali Afrika, Khalwale, Daudi Kabaka (late), Isaya Mwinamo, Dr Kemoli, George Mwamba, Shem Mwange, etc. I will get you more if you want. I haven’t even gone to the sports section of your website. All these great Luhya entertainers have shaped the entertainment scene in Kenya. Hit me back for more if you like this idea

Tsavani Elolo, Sept 23 2007

Recognise Luhya Entertainers

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hon Silas Jirongo for the bold decision he has made to shift to ODM and support Hon Raila Odinga for his quest to become the fourth president of the Republic of Kenya. Let other Luhya leaders especially Hon Musikari Kombo, Hon Mukhisa Kituyi, Hon Noah Wekesa, Hon Raphael Wanjala, Hon Enoch Kibunguchy, Hon Wycliffe Osundwa, Hon David Were, Hon Newton Kulundu and Hon Silvester Wakoli declare their stand and come out openly and save this country from a few individuals having personal interests of sticking to power. These honourable MPS should unite the Luhya community and vote as a block just as Hon Uhuru Kenyatta is doing to his community.

Let’s wake up as a community for the sake of the future generation. We want all the employment opportunities to be for all Kenyans and not for one community. e.g. privatisation of the Kenyan parastatals being owned by a few rich individuals from one community. Thanks go to Hon Soita Shitanda, Hon Bony Khalwale and all New Ford Kenya members from whom we expect a wise decision this week.

I pray hard that this message sinks into every Luhya to vote for Hon Raila who will streamline the economy and re introduce meritocracy in public life. We are soon going to anoint one leader to unite the Luhya and complete the task left behind by the Luhya greats of Masinde Muliro, Wamalwa Kijana and Moses Budamba Mudavadi.

Abubakar Shikolio, Nairobi, Sept 20 2007

Kudos to Jirongo for supporting Odinga

Dear Editor,

What of a Luhya dictionary in the sense that you can type in a word and the dictionary will give meaning to the word? This will help many people like me who may not be knowing the meaning of some of our sweet luhya words to learn and know.

Steven Makhanu, Nairobi, Sept 20 2007

What About a Luhya Dictionary?

Dear Editor,

The sheng name of Maina is Maish, Adhiambo is Adhis, true? Kariuki is Karis, Otieno is Otis. Then doesn't it logically follow that Raila is Rais. Vote Raila for president!!!.

Steven Makhanu, Nairobi, Sept 20 2007

Sheng for Raila is Rais...

Dear Editor,

After viewing your website, I must agree that it is well out together.  Could you add www.raila07.com to your website links.  In return we will also put www.abeingo.org as a link on our website. Thank you.

Raila07, Nairobi, Sept 20 2007

Add Raila07 to Abeingo.org

Dear Editor,

Good to know that there is a formidable Luhya team out there which is keenly watching out for a brothers best interests. Thanks for the good work. I have gone through the website in amazement at the richness of our culture and the well reserched material about our people. It is really enlightening! I was wondering however if we can have a forum where single people can interact with a view of making new friends or better still long time relations!

Sharon Sakwa, Nairobi, Sept 17 2007

The website has a live dating and discussion forums. For dating click on PERSONALS and for general discussions click on Discussion Forum - Editor

We Need a Singles Forum

Dear Editor,

It's a high time Mukhisa Kituyi, Noah Wekesa, Musikari Kombo and their henchmen stopped confusing Luhyas. They are basically making Luhyas a laughing stock in the eyes of other Kenyans.We should stop being confused and vote for Raila. Let us wake up and support our own.

Carol Webuye, Sept 16 2007

Kombo, Kituyi, Wekesa; Stop Confusing Luhyas

Dear Editor,

Few may  know the history of Maseno which now houses Maseno University, a national institution of higher learning.  But far from peaceful, there are pertinent issues of grave concern to the Banyore people. Maseno straddles Luo and Luhya although administratively, it is in Nyanza Province. Coming from Emuhaya constituency,  I have learnt a lot that I would like to share. For one our people in Bunyore have had along disagreement with their Luo neighbours.

This problem dates back to colonial times when settlers found this part of Bunyore fertile with beautiful scenaries where one can view the lake so many miles away and other regions. And not to forget the clean natural springs and weather condition. Early settlers like Fred Carlton commonly known in 'Bunyore' as "FRETI”, Carl Peters and Serape were among the first to settle here. To date the place where Fred had his home is known as "AFREETI". Maseno is commonly referred to as "EMUSENO" among the 'Banyore'. Not even our local Kenyan mineral water giant "Keringet" can beat the rich mineral composition found in our natural spring water. Most of the locals preserved this natural habitat with zeal owing to their rich medicinal plants cover and source of livelihood and wood fuel too.

How ever when the settlers left on the onset of  independence these large chunks of lands initially occupied by settlers were taken over by the government and held under four institutions namely, Siriba Teachers College, Maseno G.T.I (General Technical Institute), Maseno School and The Ministry of Agriculture- Research and Training centre. In total these institutions held at least 14000 acres of land.

However politics set in and there were changes. The border was drawn by Kenyatta and Odinga his Vice President. This border displaced so many by divisions of Emuhaya constituency into Luo Nyanza. Some of these divisions are Esianganyi, Elela, Emmutsa-Enyore, Emmutsa-Emmatundu Eburatenyi, Eluobe some part of Mtepo (Depot), Chulaimbo, Some part of Ekuanda, parts of Ebusakami and many others.

These divisions saw many of our people loose land and inheritance. Today we are told that Maseno University is in Nyanza yet it is built on the same land and occupies what used to be Siriba teachers college and the Maseno G.T.I. All which were in Western Province. For sure if Siriba was indeed in Nyanza why was it moved to Iregi Teachers college in Western with no opposition? The land that formerly occupied by the Ministry of Agriculture is now Under KEFRI, KARI and ICRAF. The remainder was given to Maseno University by Daniel Moi.  To date huge chunks of land are lying idle while our people are living like squatters and peasant farmers. The situation is so bad that our people have to lease the same land on seasonal basis to bring bread on their table. 

When elections are around our people who are patriotic have to come and vote in Emuhaya and then go back to their homes in Nyanza after electing a leader in Emuhaya. Most of these people have Identity cards that read Emuhaya but they are actually in Nyanza. In essence they cannot benefit from any meaningful development due to segregation occasioned by their Luhya affiliation. While the Members of Parliament they vote cannot be of any help to them since they happen to be in different constituencies.  This people live like though they are in foreign lands while they are actually on their ancestral lands. This to us is a sad affair. It is distasteful to regarded to be in Nyanza Geographically.

Out of frustrations our people have been found to engage in self-destructive activities. At some point in the months of August which is synonymous with circumcision; our young and old alike have been known to initiate Luos that happened to be in market areas forcefully. This is wrong though. However its important to note that this caused by frustrations brought about with Maseno memories among the "ABANYORE"

I believe that a peaceful co-existence is possible. This will only be realised if the authorities are petitioned to reconsider the existing boundaries. Can you imagine taking a child to school only to later learn that the mother tongue lessons are conducted in your neighbour’s language. All these are caused by faulty boundaries  drawn without considerations

As we arrange to petition this Government or the future Government  on this matter we count on you to pass this on . Let the truth be known to all. Maseno belongs to  Banyores  of Emuhaya constituency  and by extension Western Province.
Roy Nasibi, Sept 16 2007

Just Who Owns Maseno: Luhya or Luo?


Dear Editor,

I would like to add Abakhuvera to the Tiriki clans found mainly in Vihiga and Hamisi. The main clan is said to be based in Hamisi. Our great grandfather Chagome was Born in Igivoji in Vihiga and was nick named Imbarabara after his father abandoned him with the mother. Chagome gave birth to  Mwale, Inyimiri and Kibidi  who settled in Givoji area. Mwale gave birth to John Muturi who begot  Wycliff Chagome , Alex Mwaleh and Alan Kijedi.

Alex Muturi, 16 Sept 2007

Add Abakhuvera to Tiriki Clans

Dear Editor,

I am a Luhya from Tiriki East. I have been reading your columns which have personally enlightened me and my friends who are not living in Kenya. Am utterly not surprised at the turn of political events in Kenya as it’s evident that any leader favours his own.

It’s high time our people stopped being too humble at any request and too submissive to the demands of others. This has been a weakness that for many years others have taken advantage of. WE SHOULD BE MORE AGGRESSIVE, BOLD AND VERSATILE in our social ideology.

Since independence,  the house of Mumbi has been planning to gain the leadership so that it can control the whole economy hence enriching its own. And since they are now in power we have seen what they clearly want and have done to get it. What they are now doing is they are developing ECONOMIC STRONGHOLDS that can support them to manoeuvre through any CHANGE, i.e. political, social or economic.

I believe by shifting the power to the greater western region we can decentralise the economy and improve the economic circumstances of  the most productive region in Kenya. Western Kenya is highly productive, yet most of its inhabitants are still languishing in poverty and the area suffers from under developed infrastructure.

Let us be the people who we are liberal, humble, hardworking and trustworthy and  shun tribalism, for we cant survive without others nor can they survive without us.

Alex Muturi, Nairobi, Sept 14 2007

Luhya Need to be Bold, Versatile and Aggressive

Dear Editor,

It's time the Luhya community wakes up and votes wisely. Our leaders are more confused to a point that they think of only how to confuse the community more. I kindly urge all the luhya community to vote as a block for Raila. The house of Mumbi has teamed up to vote as Block. Look at what Uhuru Kenyatta has done. He's in support of Kibaki; the 1st time a leader of Opposition is voting for the government in power. Why Luhya's?. Karua Told his community to vote as a block in order to protect the truth, What truth?.
Please Think Wisely; don't be mislead by Luhya Leaders. They're More confused.

Abubakar Shikolio, September 13 2007

Luhya Community Should Vote for Raila

Dear Editor,

I would like you to know the traditional expectations of a full bukusu courtship till marriage and how to incorporate customary traditions with christian values.

Gregory Simiyu, Nairobi, Sept 5 2007

Can anyone offer answers to this question? - Editor

Bukusu Marriage Customs Vs Christian Values

Dear Editor,

I wish to add the following Bukusu clans on the existing list - Balako, Babasaba, Babuya, Batecho, Baliuli, Bakhone, Baafu and Babichachi.

Joy Lukamba, September 3 2007

Add These Bukusu Clans



Dear Editor,

I have noticed that you have not included the clan of " Baechalo" among the Babukusu clans on the Abeingo Website. I am an Omuechalo omuminyi, omusila ng'enda.

Michael Wafula, September 3 2007

Baechalo Left Out of Bukusu Clans

Dear Editor,

Please add my name in the Professionals (bankers) category

. Name: Kennedy Ihachi Lugonzo

Position: Analyst- Bank Officer

Company: SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Contact: Kennedy.lugonzo@suntrust.com or Chim_33@yahoo.com

Kennedy Lihachi Lugonzo, Atlanta, Georgia, August 24 2007

Add My Details Under Banking Professionals

Dear Editor,

Hon J O Arunga has the best chance of winning the Khwisero seat because at least we have seen the development he has brought to Khwisero. Prof George Eshiwani should forget about that seat; he was a professor and good friend to former President Daniel arap Moi but he did not use his influence to help Khwisero Secondary School even though he was Board of Governors chairman. He did nothing to improve education in Khwisero. As a voter I am going for ARUNGA.

Violet Amukonyi, Khwisero, August 24 2007

Prof George Eshiwani Should Forget Dislodging Hon JO Arunga

Dear Editor,

I am interested in being listed in your Abeingo professionals' list. I am a lecturer (academic listing), teaching at the department of architecture and building science. In addition, I am a registered and practicing architect (architects' listing) under my firm 'Makrospace Consultants', a Nairobi-based outfit that undertakes research, design and implementation of architectural and housing projects. I am holder of undergraduate, postgraduate degrees and other certificates in architecture and Human settlements locally ( University of Nairobi) and Europe (Belgium, Sweden, Norway, etc).

Peter Amalo Makachia, Nairobi, August 24 2007


Dear Editor,

Amakhesio mangi khulula khwesie ano Ebusia Kenya. Khumera nanagwa Nicholas Ogolla Wandera ne sangala muno okhunyola mbu khuri nende bweyango bwokhurumihira internet na baluyia basiange. Keep it up as I am going to market the website among Abaluyia.
I wanted to suggest that you introduce a news section in the website so that Abaluyia in diaspora can be informed of what is happenning in the village other that just the ordinary welfare issues and our rich history.
For a start we have have two disasters in Khuvasali, Malava and Makunda, Budalangi. This should enable the people in diaspora to mobilise resourses to help alleviate the suffering of the local community.
I have had the opportunity of being in India for quite a while and was really impressed by the way the Kisii assist one another get not money or anything else but education. How can we our community have as many graduates as possible in the shortest time possible to be able to compete equally with the rest of Kenyans such as the Kikuyu, Luo and Kisii?.
I am a law graduate desirous of getting an opening preferaby in the U.K to further my studies at post graduate level. Can I get some funding source which I can repay after my studies. Currently am employed by the T.S.C which has refused to upgrade me to graduate status on the grounds that I do not have teaching subjects.
I hope to hear from you on my proposals as am willing to be an avid contributor of local news especially in Busia

Nicholas Wandera, Busia, August 24 2007

We actually have a news section called INGONEWS. Click link to view all news coverage - Editor

Introduce NEWS Section on the Website


Impressed How Kisii Help One Another


Dear Editor,

I think the greatest Omulogooli has got to be the late Moses Mudavadi.

Bramwell Kibara, London, August 23 2007

Moses Mudavadi Nominated as Greatest Omulogooli

Dear Editor,

I got to know of the existence of this community via a general Google search. So to speak this grouping remains an elitist club. Prove me wrong! Hon. Dr Mukhisa Kituyi and Hon. Musikari Kombo are aware of this Abeingo community, yet they have done absolutely nothing to sensitize others back here in Kenya of the same. I will not be very far off the mark if I told you that those politicians just use such fora to gain political mileage, and enhance their financial well-being. I will make a point of raising the same note in some of the political meetings that people like Kombo and Kituyi organise.

Moffat Akumbi, Nairobi, August 22 2007

Kombo, Kituyi Blamed for Not Telling Luhyas About Abeingo Community

Dear Editor,

Your efforts to promote the aspirations of abeingo are admirable. I have gleaned the website and was pleasantly surprised to be ushered in with mwana amberi! I am happy to be part of the network.

Charles Dindi, London, August 21 2007

Mwana Amberi Signature Tune a Pleasant Surprise
  Dear Editor,

I viewed abeingo website some months ago and I found it very interesing and very organized. The photos at the Vice President's function are very good. Keep on doing the good work.

Marie Dianne Auma, London, August 21 2007

Website is Very Well Organised

Dear Editor,

I was so much touched at the unity you guys are trying to forge and wouldn't hesitate to be part of you. My details are attached plus my current passport size photo. Click here.

Aseka C. Benson, Butere, August 21 2007

I Want to be Part of You

Dear Editor,

I found the Abeingo website to be impressive.

Owen Mukamana, London August 20 2007

Website is Impressive

Dear Editor,

I visited Abeingo website recently and I must say that I really felt proud to be a Luhya. I must confess though that not many Luhyas know that WE actually have a website! The information on clans and more is quite educative. Please keep up the good work. I also read something on Business Financing. Kindly send me more information. I have a small business in Nakuru dealing with Sale of Electrical items and Installation. Thank you very much for our website. SHIENYU NI SHIENYU!

Beatrice Mauku Mabia, Nakuru, August 20 2007

Send Me Information on Business Financing

Dear Editor,

Think of a way we can also support local musicians by selling their music and videos on the network.

Dantone Kwanutsu, Bungoma, August 17 2007

We'll soon start streaming music and videos with a view to generating income for our musicians - Editor

Support Local Musicians by Selling Their Music on the Website

Dear Editor,

This is brilliant.
My Name is Caroline Amboko
My Fathers name is John Chimoyi Muchibi
My Husband Bramwel Kasaya Wanakacha
Please add me to the Wanga Directory for where my ancestral home is.

Caroline Amboko, Nairobi, August 17, 2007

Add My Name to Wanga Directory

Dear Editor,

Mr S Anami, the Director of Culture would be best placed to give you all the information you require on Bisukha. Point of correction: Eshieywe is the name of Kakamega town and not the name of the sub-tribe. However the Bisukha and Bidakho are referred to as Bakakamega and have a lot in common.

Solomon Alusa, Nairobi, August 17 2007

Eshieywe is Kakamega and Not a Subtribe

Dear Editor,

First of all, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team for this tremendously fabulous website. I was able to get a lot of information about my own people that I never knew before. I live in Chicago in Illinois, USA . I am a Speech Pathologist (or Therapist) and work for a school district close to where we live. My profession, though challenging, is really very interesting. I'd love to hear if the're any other Kenyans working in this field. Please, list my profession on the website too. Thank you.

Jane Khamete, Illinois, Chicago, August 15 2007
Speech Therapist

Any Speech Therapists Out There?

Dear Editor,

In response to Maria Rague's inquiry (August 14 2007), Baliuli is a frontline Bukusu Clan.  They were paramount in tribal warfare especially when it came to the use of witchcraft not only during the civil wars but also in ordinary day-to-day life.  The name Baliuli - comes from - Khuliula - which means to search and find witchcraft.  They worked in collaboration with the Diviner - Omung'osi - who after discovering someone was bewitched, would then invite the Omuliuli to remove the witchcraft from the home. If one wants to know more about Bukusu clans, they should read Ben Makila's "A History of the Babukusu." 

Topi Lyambila, London, 15 August 2007

Yes, Baliuli is a Bukusu Clan

Dear Editor,

I am indeed glad to have visited the website ya Baluhya. I work for a Luhya station in Kenya called Mulembe FM. It transmits in five luhya dialects and the station is heard in the whole of Western Province. Our listenership is close to 1.5 million people. If you have anything that you would like to share with the Luhya community, this can be a wonderful opportunity for you guys to use Mulembe FM. I look forward to partnering with you. Through your website, nimejivunia kuwa Mluhya!!!Good job!!!!

Haggai Isanya, August 14 2007
Mulembe FM

The offer of partnerning is accepted with thanks - Editor

This is Mulembe FM

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to find out if the Baliuli (lirango lie njofu- elephant's thigh) are one of the bukusu clans. Majority of them live at Kituni near Webuye. The late minister, Elijah Wasike Mwangale wrote a book on the Bukusu, their history and various clans though I can't remember the title.

Maria Rague, August 14 2007
Anybody knows if Baliuli of Kituni near Webuye is a Bukusu clan? - Editor

Are Baliuli of Kituni Near Webuye a Bukusu Clan?

Dear Editor,

The website is fantastic and most information are easily accessible. I am not sure about the pink colour though. My opinion is that it takes away from the introduction part of it which is very catching with its deep mustard and black colors. I hope you take this as positive criticism.

Florence Nyasamo, Cheltenham, UK, 13 August 2007

Not Sure About Pink Colour

Dear Editor,

I am very  happy we  are now on the world wide web and  thanks  to all  Abeingo  for  sitting  together  to form Abeingo Community Network that unites all Luhya. However, I  would  like  to  make a correction  about  the  Tiriki  clans, specifically Balukhoba, Balukhombe and Bambo, among others. The Balukhombe consists of three houses namely; Kwalanda, Amakanji and Machanga. The original name for  Balukhombe  is  Chamgoti. Balukhombe  was  a nick name by  Maragoli; so named because  following the defeat and return of Maragoli land owners, they (Maragoli) used to say in their vernacular “vandu  yava vakukombe vuli  kindu  chosi “ – these people have left nothing for us. That is where the name Balukhombe came from. If you want pictures of the ingolole or Balukhombe people or further information on the Tiriki, I am willing to provide it.

My   brothers  and  sisters  I would  like  to join  you  the  idea  of  developing  the  Luhya  community.  Am a historian especially about  the Luhya. I currently work as a press officer in the Korean Embassy.

Alex Machanga, Nairobi, August 11 2007
Press Officer, Korean Embassy

Offer of information and photos on Tiriki accepted with thanks - Editor

Correction on Tiriki Clans

I Want to Join You Develop Luhya Community


Dear Editor,

This is a great idea that will forge unity and create identity as Luhya. God bless you with more and more wonderful plans for us as Abanyala ba Ndombi. I am Mark Makutupu Osundwa of Mungakha area, Lusumu sub location Lusumu Location ewa Navakholo. Webale vaye muve ne khavi khuwambane. I am currently in Nairobi, thanks to Obuya's mail that made me to know  this organisation.

Mark Makutupu Osundwa, Navakholo, August 11 2007

Great Idea to Forge Unity and Identity as Luhya

Dear Editor,

The story of Rose Ayuya Oloo, allegedly the first African trained nurse was fully covered in today's Daily Dation. Thanks for your network which gave me interest in reading more about her. Regards and keep up the good work.

Phenie Muchilwa, Nairobi, August 11 2007

Thanks for Luhya First Column

Dear Editor,

My name is Jephrice Lukose. I come from Ebusyubi Esihola, Essaba in Emuhaya. Please list my name in the Abanyole Directory.

Jephrice Lukose, Nairobi, August 10 2007


List My Name in Bunyore Directory

Dear Editor,

This is just to let you know of that clan that isn't listed. Am from the Baala clan while my mum is from the Bakhone clan. I know of others like Bayundo - from my mum's side, Baliche, Bakimweyi. You'll get to know more as readers point them out to you. Am happy with the site though and PROUD of it!!!!!

Lusweti James, Nairobi August 9 2007

My Clan is Not Listed on Abeingo Website

Dear Editor,

I have just learned about your website and have loved it. Thanks so much! We now have something that can unite all Luhya's and keep the spirit high. I will let all my freinds who haven't known about the website know. Am willing to volunteer in all your activities. Am Faith Ambasa from Bunyore.

Faith Ambasa, Bunyore, August 9 2007

I am Willing to Volunteer in Abeingo Activities

Dear Editor,

Was Gaudenca Aura not the first female pilot in Kenya. Why is she not mentioned on the Luhya first web page?

Susan Brigid, August 9 2007

Any ommissions are not deliberate. It just means we do not know. Once we establish the facts, we are more than happy to oblige. - Editor

The Fist Female Pilot in Kenya

Dear Editor,

Please add my name to the Isukha Directory. I am from Shinyalu Constituency,  Muranda Location, Mukulusu Sub-location, Shamiloli Village. You may also list me under Professionals and specifically under Risk,Crisis and Disaster Management if you have any provision for this. Well done for the wonderful site! I was introduced by Mr. Shabanji Opukah but could not save it in Favourites or at all. Is it restricted?

Adrian M Meja, Nairobi, August 9 2007
Trustee, Disaster and Relief Centre (EA) Trust

There is no restriction in saving http://www.abeingo.org/ in your favourites folder at all. If you are on dial up as many people are in Kenya, the best URL to save is http://www.abeingo.org/site.html. I have just tried it and it worked - Editor

Is Saving Abeingo Website in Favourites Restricted?

Dear Editor,

Please add my name to the Abanyala ba Ndombi Directory. The following are my details:

Name: Paul Sifuna
Sub location: Namirama
Village: Namirama
Residence: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Contacts: oshule@yahoo.com

Paul Sifuna, Kalamazoo, Michigan, August 5 2007


Dear Editor,

How do I become a member of Abeingo while residing in the US?. Please advise and thank you for a wonderful job especially the website. Very informative.

Catherine  Nasibi Ihetu, USA, August 5 2007


Dear Editor,

I woud like my details entered in Abakhayo Directory as follows:

Name: Wanyama Zakaria Lutomia
Sub location: Butali
Village: Shipala
Residence: Nairobi
Clan: Abashu
Email: wanyamaz@gmail.com

Wanyama Zakaria Lutomia, Nairobi August 3 2007

Abakhayo Directory Keeps Growing

Dear Editor,

I would like to nominate Amos Wako as the greatest Omukhayo of all time.

Joseph Munyani, Nairobi, August 2 2007


Amos Wako the Greatest Omukhayo

Dear Editor,

This is very good to know that Luhyas can think and be a strong people. Am trully encouraged! Am from Maragoli working for Technology Today in Nairobi. Am an IT Specialist in Networking and CISCO products. If you to set up an IT Business then talk to me.I have over eight year's experience.

Johnson Kisigwa Mudanya, Nairobi, July 31 2007

So Luhyas Can Think...

Dear Editor,

Milembe. Just thought I'd point out a thing about the clans on the Bukusu page: considering that the Bukusu do not have the "A" prefix when referring to people, using instead the "Ba" prefix (example: "Abandu" in Kakamega dialects becomes "Babandu" in Bukusu), is it not incorrect to list the clans (as well as the Bukusu themselves) as "Aba-"?

For example, no Bukusu will tell you (s)he belongs to the "Abakikayi" clan. They will claim allegiance to "Bakikayi". This applies to virtually all such cases.
And some more clans:

BaSenya (which is also found among the BaNyala ba Ndombi)

P. N. Wanyonyi, Christmas Islands, South Pacific, July 30 2007

Point noted. Will be amended in due course - Editor

Bukusu Do Not Have "A" Prefix When Referring to People

Dear Editor,

I would like to join Abeingo Community Network. My name is Ronald Watsiera. Am a former footballer. I played for Kenya national team, Harambee Stars. My club football was at MOW (Ministry of Works) of Kakamega and I later finished at Kenya Breweries Limited.

Ronald Watsiera, Nairobi, July 30 2007

Team Spirit of a National Footballer

Dear Editor,

I want to nominate Philip J.W Masinde as the greatest Omukhayo of all time.

Peter Masinde, Nairobi July 30,2007


Dear Editor,

Much thanks to you launching the Abeingo website. Bravo! I would like my clan to be added on the clans list. It is Basombi. In addition, I would like my name to be included in the Bukusu Directory. My name is Robbie Khaemba, currently living in Nairobi. I come from Matulo village, Matulo sublocation. Am a Musombi by clan. Otherwise thanks again for the good work; keep it up!

Robbie Musundi, Nairobi, July 29 2007

Include My Name in Bukusu Directory

Dear Editor,

Where are you people? We have been waiting for this maze; it has taken a long time, but now it is good. Im a Munyore from Ebuyangu and I want to support the site and you in general. Please respond with contacts

John Paul Akweri, Nairobi, July 28 2007

I Want To Support You

Dear Editor,

I would like to nominate Ssello Tuti as the greatest Omunyole of all time. Tuti died in late sixties or early seventies. I am nominating him because he was the only ruler who managed the Abatongoi well and he also allowed the COG to flourish as well as education and order, I think they were eating Kifungo cha Kumi with the authorities from Kima!

Gache Bucheko, Nairobi, July 28 2007

Tuti Ssello The Greatest Omunyole of All Time

Dear Editor,

I just came across your website today. Its excellent. Where are you located?

Hudson Khasakhala, Washington DC, July 28 2007

We are based in London - Editor

Where Are You Located?

Dear Editor,

Wonderful website!  This is good work.  I would like to let you know that in Canada we also have an Abeingo association and when our webmaster was trying to register our site that is when he told us about your site.  If you don't mind we can add your to ours and I know even though we are different organizations, there we are similar in so many ways and hopefully we can build on those similarities. If this is sounds okay with you contact me. Visit http://www.abeingocanada.org/

Leo Wan, Canada, July 28 2007

Abeingo Canada Keeps Our Flag Flying High

Dear Editor,

I have just found out about your site. Just think it is a job well done. Keep it up. Have learnt so much I did not know about the Luhya. I don’t even know where the word came from!! Congrats this is beautiful!! Bless you.

Chahale Musimbi Sharon, Nairobi July 27 2007



Deat Editor,

I am a Marachi of the Abafofoyo (Mareba) clan. The information you have provided on our clan is inaccurate. My great great grand father Mareba was the first of this clan to settle in what is now known as Marachi. His brother remained in Uganda but the family had originally come from Zaire. I know for a fact that we came from Zaire because when I was in standard three I read about it in John Osogo’s Book for Standard three History and it had the names of all my family members including my father. So I asked my father about it and he confirmed. John Osogo was a renown anthropologist and his information was quite accurate.

The Mareba family migrated because they wanted to conquer and rule. This was why they kept on moving and splitting and intermarried as they moved along. The Abafofoyo who settled in Bunyala were the second generation as in my great grand father’s family and the rest of the family is in Butula area as in the families of Moody Awori (Bunyala Bafofoyos) or those of people like Yekoyodi Masakhalia are of the Butula area. I hope you’ll be able to rectify the information. There are people alive who can give you accurate information on the Abafofoyo such as former MP Gerald Masibaye of the Kuchio and Ongoma Families.

 Nafoyo, Nairobi, July 27 2007

The information contained on the website was extracted from the renown historian Prof Gideon Were's book. We'll check with relevant historical sources with a view to making a correction where needed - editor

Information on Abafoyoyo Clan Is Incorrect

Dear Editor,

Mango was not the first Bukusu to be circumcised. Mango features circa 1850-1900, while the Bukusu were notable at the exercise from the mid 17th century or thereabouts. Balebe let us not mislead people.  I will write more on this at some point.

Topi Lyambila, London, July 27 2006

Mango Was Not 1st Bukusu To Be Circumcised

Dear Editor,

I would to nominate, without doubt, Elijah Wanameme as the greatest Bukusu icon of all time. Also please add Bameme clan, the clan of the first Bukusu to be circumcised. Mango.

Malamba Mwambu, Nairobi, July 26 2007

It's debatable whether Mango was the first Bukusu to be circumcised. See rejoinder from Topi Lyambila above - Editor


Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the new site. I have not explored the whole site but like the intro, the summer party pics and the variety of topics on offer. If I were to speak about what I find valuable it is the opportunity to build kinship and to get to know one another.

Rose Lukalo-Owino, Nairobi, July 25 2007
Media Consultant

Opportunity to Build Kinship

Dear Editor,

I wish to add my name to Abasamia Directory.

Egesa Mang’eni, Nairobi July 25 2007


Dear Editor,

Finally, finally, something for us to identify with. Great idea guys and congratulations. The content is super, only if we can make the website more attractive by changing the fonts and the general lay-out . This makes me proud as a Luhya! Thanks for your brilliance and creativity. I'm still reading.

Titus Nyukuri, July 25 2007

Change Fonts and Layout To Make Website More Attractive

Dear Ediitor,

Congratulations for the wonderful web site. I am proud to be Luhya. I have a wedding coming up in November, you have mentioned about ways of getting photos let me know your quotation for 150 – 200 pictures and if there is a Luhya caterer in good Bukusu food that I can contact.

Dinah Kituyi, July 25 2007


Dear Editor,

It is a pleasure to get the best of our own site where we put our views as Luhyas and get to know where we came from. My wedding is coming up on 8th September 2007, Church of God, Mombasa (Kongowea). Please let me know the charges.

Bride:         Udana Carolyne Yabesa       -        Maragoli
Groom:      Omindo Gabriel Omulanya    -        Omunyole

Date: Saturday 8th September 2007

Carol Udana, Nairobi July 25 2007

There are no charges to post your wedding details on the website. Charges are applicable if you want to use our wedding planning packages. If you would like more details, contact sales@abeingo.org - editor

Dear Editor,

I wanna be a member here.

Mary Mwanzi, July 25 2007


Dear Editor,

Hi I love what your guys are doing. This is marvelous. It will help our community not to be alienated; We will know where we come from and our origin. Keep the fire burning?. We have to research more on our community and make the website more fan to visit.

Felix K. Agoi, Mombasa, July 25 2007


We Need To Make The Website More Fun To Visit
Dear Editor,
Add my name to the Maragoli directory. Lillain Andia Chakava. I'm not certain about the other details required to make my profile. I also want to ask about the Muritu clan and why it is not in the list of Maragoli clans.
Lilian Andia Chakava, Nairobi July 24 2007

Dear Editor,

I am impressed at the great work done on bringing up the ABEINGO web. I now have a good knowledge of who we are. But I have a question: what’s up with the Bukusu link? I seem not to get anything there. Otherwise, congrats and keep going.

Eva Sikuku, Nairobi, July 24 2007

"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it."

The most up to date links are on the Home Page - http://www.abeingo.org/home.html - if you tried to access bukusu from another page the link may have been orphaned as the site is under constant construction and maintenance - editor


Dear Editor,

My name is Kisaka Michael Shikuku real Bukusu! I have just been sent this link and I think it’s the best discovery for me after sliced loaf. I will be having my wedding on 20th October, 2007 at College of Insurance South ‘C’ Nairobi Kenya and would be honored to have you guys there.

If possible I would also like you to put my wedding announcement on your website. The only thing is I can’t find the page where announcements are being placed. The lucky bride is Muteshi Mariah Amugohe Shigali.I hope to hear from you guys sooner than soon!!!

Kisaka Michael Shikuku, Nairobi, July 24 2007

Wedding announcements will be posted under Weddings category - Editor


"Best Discovery Since Sliced Loaf "

Dear Editor,

This is a great job and wish that you keep up. You have not mentioned my profession which is key in management of patients since we diagnose ailments in the medical laboratory. I had sent you a brief  through outlook and hope that you have received the same. Once more thank you and feel free to revert to me. I do not mind being listed into the membership of this community.

I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I have been in the this field and in positions of leadership since 2001. I am the National Executive chairman of the Association of Kenya medical laboratory scientific officers(AKMLSO) and 2nd Vice President and 1st Vice President of the East African federation of medical laboratory scientists (FEAMLS) and African Federation of medical laboratory scientists(FAAMLS) - both since 2003. I am a board member of the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science(IFBLS) since 2002. My brief is available on www.cedilla-it.com/sakwa.

James Robert Wakungwi Sakwa, Nairobi, July 24, 2007
Parliamentary candidate for Mumias Constituency. Click here to read his manifesto


Dear Editor,

I am a Luhya lady in Kenya,this site is a very good initiative as it helps us stay closer to our brothers and sisters in diaspora despite the distance. I kindly request that you let potential employers advertize job opportunities here as in fact, recently cleared campus and am in need of a job. Any positive answers are highly welcomed. I trained in front office management from Kenyata University.

Joy Lukamba, Nairobi July 23 2007
Email: lukambojoy@yahoo.com

We're Closer Than You Think

Dear Editor,

I work as a Quality and Accountability advisor, Disaster Preparedness & Response Department  forthe International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Kindly add me to your webiste. This is an amazing website!!!!!! I am a Tachoni.
Joseph Mulupi Musuya, Nairobi July 23 2007
Senior Officer
Quality and Accountability
Disaster Preparedness & Response Department

Added under Tachoni Directory - Editor

"This Is An Amazing Website"

Dear Editor,

Esie balanganga Justus Ambutsi Wabuyabo. I am the son of the late Mwalimu Nicholas Pius Wabuyabo who was the first African to head St. Peter's Mumias Boys' Primary School.

I am a lawyer by profession and currently employed as the Regional Legal Advisor of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Zone Office at Nairobi.

I am pleased with your efforts to have a website dedicated to Abaluhya. This is an important forum which may be used to coordinate Luhya efforts to uplift our people and get us connected to support and encourage each other.

Justus A. Wabuyabo, Nairobi, July 23 2007
Regional Legal Advisor
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Regional Delegation Nairobi
P. O. Box 41275 - 00 1 00
Nairobi GPO

"An Important Forum to Coordinate Luhya Efforts"

Dear Editor,

I must first of all congratulate you for coming up with this website.

Mary Khakasa Mabuto, July 23 2007
DFID, the Department for International Development: leading the British government's fight against world poverty. For more information subscribe to our e-bulletin at http://www.dfid.gov.uk/feedback/


Dear Editor,

Have read this sites and I an very proud of you guys . We have an NGO which we want to add to this pages the name is Pwavi self help group based in Nairobi with 1000 members. And soon it will grow in micro finace. Pls advice.
John Wanjala, Nairobi, July 16 2007

Proud of You

Dear Editor,

I must commend you for this good piece of work. I have several photos on Nabongo.
Isaac Matalanga, Nairobi, July 16 2007


"I have Photos of Nabongo"
Dear Editor,

I assume you are also the one responsible for compiling the list of registering marachis for this service and record. I am happy for the organisation to have launched a website which truly confirm that Luhyas are so closely related despite what we like calling the various sub-tribes. Am a Marachi from the Abofofoyo Beitokho clan. Original home is Lukongo village, Lukongo sub-location, Mauko Location, Butula Division. We are the Wakura family. My own grandfather migrated from here and settled in a village called Lukongo in South Wanga, Mumias. That is where my family now leaves but we maintain close ties and relationship with our family members who remain in Marachi. Watch out for my contributions in the news section of this website.
Michael Were, Nairobi, July 16 2007

Who Said Luhyas are Disunited?

Dear Editor,

I would like to nominate Mr John Baraza Khaoya as the greatest Bukusu icon.

Emma Musundi Baraza, Nairobi, July 16 2007

Mr John Baraza Khaoya was the first African Seargent at Artms of the then Legislative Assembly (Legco) or the current Parliament. He passed on in 1987. See also Luhya First - editor

Dear Editor,

This is a good idea to bring Luhya together.

Eveline Shigoli, Mombasa, July 16 2007

Bringing Luhya Together

Dear Editor,

The website is great. I hope it will be a useful tool in promoting poverty alleviation, unity and enhancing positive political ambitions. I wish to add to the following about Abakabras.

Schools: Isanjilo Primary School, Chegulo Primary School, and Chegulo Secondary school.

Clans: I belong to the Abatobo Clan.

Loice Gimoi, Nairobi July 16 2007

Useful Tool In Promoting Poverty Alleviation and Unity

Dear Editor,

I wish to add my name to the Kabras Directory. These are my details:

Elias MUCHUMA Niva, son of
Jonathan NIVA Muchuma, son of
Petro MUCHUMA Musah, son of
Musah MUTSWENJE, son of....

I guess that is more than you need.

Elias Muchuma Niva, Nairobi July 16 2007


Dear Editor,

Thanks for the site. Very nice.  Can you add a map showing where the various Luhya people live? I know where the Maragoli are (since I'm from there), but it'd be nice to get a big picture of all groups' locations.  Sorry if I missed it.  Thanks!

On the link below, famous daughters and sons of the Abalogoli, I’m pleased to see that you have a number of my relatives, including Kavetsa Adagala and Solomon Adagala.  How do we get their information updated?  How do we submit a profile? 


Khetiwe, Nairobi July 16 2007

Point taken - editor

Add a Map of Luhya Land

Dear Editor,

A big congrats for the good work you have undertaken to enlighten and put the Luhya fraternity into the modern technological sphere. I am so delighted with these efforts and I can assure you of  all my support. I am currently the security and safety manager of the ICRAF.

Orio muno

Joanes O. Okumu, Nairobi July 12 2007
Omunyala wa Busia – Port victoria



Dear Editor,

Good work there on Abeingo.org. A few suggestions on content:

- the dialect-specific areas could do with content in the respective dialects. Not too difficult to find people that will volunteer to translate main content into given dialects - for example, I can easily handle translation to Bukusu, Gisu, Tachoni and Kabras.
- the media on the section could do with two or three modifications - first, an editing of some of the pictures and the content rendering (check out Jonathan Niva's picture, for example, on the Kabras page), and second, an expansion of the media - how about a few music downloads of, say, Mwana wa Mbeli? Even video downloads would be welcome. David Amunga music would fly off the site, even for a fee.

Else, kimilimo kimilayi po. And, there are more similarities between the dialects than we give credit for: the Luyia language in fact forms a dialectical continuum thus: the Nyore understand the Maragoli. The Isukha and Wanga / Tsotso / Marama / Kisa / Marachi comfortably understand the Nyore. The Kabras have no problem understanding Isukha / Wanga / Marama / Kisa / Tsotso / Marachi. The Nyala (Ndombi) and the Tachoni understand the Kabras with no problems. The Bukusu / Nyala (Busia) /Saamia have no problems understanding each other or the Kabras / Tachoni. The continuum works the other way round as well: it is probably the lack of a central linguistic authority and the absence of written works in these dialects at higher level that works against full mutual intelligibility. But with efforts like Abeingo.org, this should not be too difficult to rectify in the medium term.

P. N. Wanyonyi, Christmas Islands, South Pacific, July 12 2007

The offer of translating content into Luhya is accepted with thanks - editor

Translate Content Into Luhya...

"More That Unites Than Divides Us"


Dear Editor,

Am a Mkhayo and I was fascinated at what I saw on your website. However my clan Abakhauka was missing. This clan initially were Abachimo but due to family differences they changed to Abakhauka so they don't intermarry. It is true Abachimo were Basogas but when they landed at Buchimo on the shores of lake Victoria in Samia Uganda, family differences arose and the Abakhauka clan was born. Please for any more information am willing to share with you to uplift the Luhya development

Egondi G.H. Wandera, Nairobi July 12 2007

Abakhauka Don't Intermarry With Abachimo

Dear Editor,

People are asking me they cannot open my profile on the abeingo community network website. Kindly check it out.thanks.

Rozylinder Simiyu, Nairobi July 11 2007
Parliamentary Candidate, Webuye Constituency

To access your profile go to: http://www.abeingo.org/HTML_files/constituencies.html and http://www.abeingo.org/HTML_files/webuye.html


Dear Editor,

I am truly impressed by your website. Keep it up. I am luhya and my clan has not been included in your list. I am a MWITAKHO my clan is MAHANI we are a very small clan. We are found in shikulu wa masimbwa, in musoli. - ikolomani consitutency. I will be glad to give you more details about our clan.

Connie Andabwa, Nairobi, July 10 2007


Dear Editor,

Among theKabras sub tribe there is no clan listed and the information found there was for anybody who knew any clan among the Kabras sub tribe to volunteer. So I give the abachuna clan.  

Ann Ashibila, Nairobi, July 9 2007


Dear Editor,

We and the Luhya community in Republic of South Africa are committed to support the Abeingo network. During our monthly meetings, I will request all professionals to visit the website and register if possible.

Chris Sunguti Vusieka, Johannesburg, July 9 2007



Dear Ediitor,

Thanks for this exciting idea. Kenyans in Middle East are excited with this wonderful idea. I am currenlty mobilising guys in Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Jerusalem and Dubai. I will keep updated on progress

Arnold Lutalala, Jordan, July 8 2007


Dear Editor,

Just seen your website - is membership restricted to the luhyas in the diaspora or can people in Kenya also be members?

A Luhya in Kenya.

Membership is open to all Luhya and their friends wherever they may be. In Kenya, a local chapter is opening soon. Watch out announcements on INGONEWS section of our website - editor


Dear Editor,

I am Gloria Erima. I reside in South Africa. I want to be added on the list.

Gloria Erima, South Africa, July 7 2007


Dear Editor,

Please add Bakiabi and Bakoi on the Bukusu clans as they are missing. Very good initiative, make sure you publicize it kweli kweli.

Anne Wafula, Nairobi, July 7 2007


Dear Editor,

I’m happy that such a website has been developed for Abaluhya to express ourselves and our culture. Basically to bring discipline and unity amongst our people towards achieving economic freedoms and development to enhance our abilities in sports and intelligence. Perhaps we should curve ourselves a niche area of becoming a knowledge based society, that is very sophisticated with leadership skills and scheming capabilities.

Chris Sunguti Vusieka, July 7 2007
Business Development Executive - Africa
GijimaAst, South Africa

Discipline, Economic Empowerment, Sport and Intelligence

Dear Editor,

Good work on the website.

David Adolwa, Nairobi, July 6 2007

Good Job

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your interest in my profile. Please find attached the necessary information.

Cynthia Mutere, Nairobi, June 26 2007

Parliamentary Candidate, Budalangi. Read Profile


Dear Editor,

I am writing to let you know about our organization which is called Brothers Self Help which is involved in activities that alleviate poverty within Luhya community. We are seeking support from your website to access funding. We are involved in the following activities:
1.micro-credit scheme.
2. horticultural farming.
3.poultry keeping for commercial purposes.
4. keeping goat for milk to feed the vulnerable members of the community.

We are still behind in so many things we need economic intervention. Please assist if possible.

Vincent Washika, Mumias, June 27, 2007

Your organisation has been listed under NGO's operating in Wanga. ACN does not have the capacity to intervene directly at this present moment in time but any potential donors and free to support you accordingly - editor


Dear Editor,

I would like to add my contact to the Bukhayo directory.  How can I access the directory to view contacts of other members

Robert Bwire, Nairobi, June 21 2007

This directory is only in the formative stages; it's an open source database of all bakhayos who wish their details posted. so it'll keep growing as more people discover it's existence and that way we can all be linked up as one happy community - editor


Dear Editor,

Kindly include the following sons of Samia in your section of Famous Samia Sons and Daughters: GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

° Prof: Hillary Ojiambo first Cardiologist in Sub-Saharan Africa
° Prof: Nelson Awori, Renal Transplant Pioneer
° Dr. Majale, first Orthopaedic surgon in Kenya

Ottawa Nichalus, June 21 2007


Dear Editor,

My name is Pauline Chazima and I would like to get more information on becoming a member of the ACN.  Thank you for your assistance

Pauline Chazima, London, June 18 2007

For membership details, please visit: http://www.abeingo.org/HTML_files/membership.html - editor


Dear Editor,

Great work on the website. I wanted to offer you more updated information to replace what you have (which include a CV from 2000!):


Prof. Calestous Juma, Massachussetts, June 7 2007
Havard University, USA

"Great Work On The Website"

Dear Editor,

Welcome to Halala. Its a good investment for ourselves and the entire community to start working together. The dream of Halala is finally becoming a reality. We are all exited now that we have brothers and sisters in UK doing the same thing. Your website is great and informative keep up the good Job. Probably we should start planing for a conference for Luhya leaders abroad to develop a global objective that can help as here and those back home. Our next Halala USA conference will take place in New Jersey starting from August 31st - September 3rd 2007. Abeingo bosi are invited to attend. Our website address is www.halalausa.org  we have placed a link of your website to ours. God bless your good work and always remember that we are halala.

Pius Mwemba, President, Halala USA, June 7 2007

Proposal of a global Luhya conference is a great one. We are studying it keenly - Editor

Halala USA Proposes a Global Luhya Conference