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  Abeingo Community Network Launch Wembley 07.10.06  
  Pastor Mamuli Induction Mansfield Nov 06  
  Kenya Diaspora Investments Conference. London 07.12.06  
  ODM Rally in London Wembley April 07  
  Topi Lyambila's Mum Prayers London 13.05.07  
  Paul & Betty Otieno's Dad Prayers London 09.06.07  
  Jill Inyundo's meeting with Abeingo London 17.06.07  
  Abeingo Summer Party '07 London 30.06.07  
  Yvonne Ndege quits BBC for Al Jazeera London 09.07.07  
  Property Seminar at Proclaimers Church Grays 15.07.07  
  Fulton Shiundu's graduation party Surrey 19.07.07  
  40 days of mourning end for Catherine. Muhunzu's mum Essex 04.08.07  
  VP, Moody Awori meets Kenyans in UK London 19.08.07  
  Raila Odinga meets ODM UK Officials London 07.09.07  
  International Wedding of Sarah Macharia and Elnumarzurc Silva Wales 15.09.07  
  Cross Cultural Dowry Talks Between Dr Walter Lusigi & Roger Harvey London 16.09.07  
  Autumn Party at Timo Okello's Farnborough 22.09.07  
  Abeingo Meeting with Hon Julius Arungah, MP London 25.09.07  
  Wedding of Andrew Ndege & Agnes Grace Ndege London 28.09.07  
  Cultural Rite of Passage "Itega" of Baby Jessica Wamboi Mwai London 29.09.07  
  Abeingo Youth Bonding Session London 06.10.07  
  Miss Kenya UK Fundraising Dinner London 26.10.07  
  Celebrating the life of oldest known Luhya man, Mwalimu Matayo Shiundu Surrey 03.11.07  
  Launch of Kenya Television (kentv) in Europe London 05.11.07  
  Kenya Ministry of Transport Reception and Victory Party during the 25th General Assembly of IMO London 24.11.07  
  Mrs Ida Odinga Meets UK Kenyans London 24.11.07  
  44th Jamhuri Day Celebrations at Hilton Hotel, Park Lane in London London 12.12.07  
  London Demo to Protest Flawed Presidential Elections London 05.01.08  
  Kenyans in Diaspora Fundraising in aid of post election violence victims London 19.01.08  
  Peter Otieno Spring Party in Shoreham by Sea, Brighton Brighton 01.03.08  
  John Githongo talks to Kenya Society in London on Post Election Kenya London 18.03.08  
  Prof Ngugi wa Thiong'o awarded EBS Los Angeles 29.03.08  
  Kenya Society AGM and Annual Luncheon London 08.04.08  
  Moneyline UK Corporate Dinner London 26.04.08  
  Confirmation Service for Baby Jessica Wamboi and Michael Thogo Ilford 04.05.08  
  Sacoma World Entrepreneurship Summit, Nairobi, Reception London 07.05.08  
  Craig Koch and friends summer party Northampton 11.05.08  
  Launch of Swahili School in Grays, Essex courtesy of Proclaimers Sanctuary Church Essex 17.05.08  
  Confirmation of Michelle Phoebe Otieno and Neville Richard Otieno Croydon 21.06.08  
  Abeingo Community Outreach Team Pole Visit to Stella Lihavi London 22.06.08  
  Friends Church Annual Summer Get Together Surrey 28.06.08  
  Iyie Idagi - End of Year MerrygoRound Party for Joan Ochuodo Pinner 05.07.08  
  Rocky Monster Show at Willen School Milton Keynes 14.07.08  
  Miss East Africa Pre-pageant Party London 18.07.08  
  Raila Odinga's maiden voyage to United Kingdom as Kenya's Prime Minister London 22.07.08  
  Miss East Africa Beauty Pageant 2008 Finals London 26.07.08  
  Pauline Ingosi hosts lucheon for friends and family London 16.08.08  
  Kenya Property Expo August 22-23 London 22.08.08  
  Wedding of Roswitha Mwendelani Lusigi and Chris Harvey PART ONE | | PART TWO Maragoli 28.08.08  
Sacoma World Entrepreneurship Week London 18.09.08
  Abeingo AGM and Summer Party London 27.09.08  
  Nathan Condron Baby Shower Basildon 29.11.08  
  Friends Church Christmas Carols - Photography by Lucy Masi Ingosi Sutton 14.12.08