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Bagisu Bakhayo Banyala Banyore Bukusu Bagweru Idakho Isukha Kabras Kisa
Marachi Maragoli Marama Nyole Saamia Songa Tachoni Tiriki Batsotso Wanga
Are you planning a wedding or recently wedded? If so we would very much like to capture your happiest moment. Let us be there to witness this historic journey and escort you to the altar of married bliss. At a small fee, we shall capture your wedding on DVD and present you with a wedding album packed with the best photographs. Publication on the website is free. Contact sales@abeingo.org
Christine Hinkley Michael Malomba 20.02.10 London Yes  
Pauline Nyasiri E Ambaza 27.08.09 New Jersey, USA Yes Part 1
Roswitha Mwendani Lusigi Chris Harvey 28.08.08 Maragoli and Nairobi YES  
Cathy Kieti Sammy Kitoto 09.08.08 Nairobi YES  
Roswitha Mwendelani Lusigi Christopher Harvey 30.08.08 Nairobi Website Dowry
Maria S. A. Muteshi Michael S. Kisaka 20.10.07 Coll. of Ins. South C Soon Yes
Sarah Wamboi Macharia Elnumazurc Santos Neves E Silva 15.09.07 Pontypridd, Wales YES Yes
Agnes Grace Ndege Andrew Makhuwa Ndege 28.09.07 London YES Yes
Dinah Kituyi Piet Evert van Altena 17.11.07 Nairobi Soon None
Wedding DVD
Wedding Album
Kisaka Michael Shikuku is marrying Muteshi Mariah Amugole Shigoli October 20th 2007 at Insurance College, Nairobi South C, Udana, Andrew Ndege and Agnes Ndege on 28th September, 2007 in London, Sammy Kitoto from Maragoli is marrying Cathy from Ukambani on 9th August 2008

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