Obulala an Amani    

FINALLY WEDDED. If you have completed the journey to a happy married life, please send us all your photos to be featured here. Email to editor@abeingo.org

Marriage of Andrew Makhuwa Ndege and Agnes Grace Ndege took place on Friday, September 28 at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Brixton, London . CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL PHOTOS
Agnes is the daughter of Yuanita Ouko from Nyanza Province while Andrew is the son of Mrs Lucia Ndege of Bunyala, Busia District

Andrew on Agnes:

"Agnes is an ancient goddess of love who moces with the grace of an ocean liner"


Marriage of Sarah Wamboi Macharia (Kenya) and Elnumazurc Santos Neves E Silva (Sao Tome & Principe) at Gateway Community Church, Pontypridd, Wales on Saturday Sept 15 2007


Sarah is the daughter of Suzanne Esikhati Macharia (from Ebusikhale Sub Location, Bunyore District) and Evanson Macharia from Nyeri. The bridegroom's mum is Domingas Antonia E Silva Gomes Quaresma dos Santos and dad is Manuel da Cruz dos Neves E Silva of Sao Tome & Principe.