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Wanga is a rich cultural landscape powered by over a thousand years of royalty, an extension of the ancient interlucustrine kingdoms of Uganda. Although other great nabongos (kings) predated him, it is Nabongo Mumia Shiundu (inset) who is widely regarded as the last great ruler of the Wanga Kingdom largely because of his interaction with and management of the British colonial transition. You cannot talk about Abawanga without recognising the role of Nabongo Mumia who ruled the Wanga Kingdom at a time when Africa was getting into colonial contact with Europeans and Arabs. Mumia, from whose name the administrative town of Mumias is derived, ruled the Kingdom for 67 years from 1882 to 1949 in one of the longest epochal reigns in African history.

When the British arrived in Western Kenya in 1883, they found the Wanga Kingdom as the only organized state with a centralised hereditary monarch in the whole of what later came to be known as Kenya. Mumia died in 1949 and was succeeded by his son Nabongo Shitawa. The current Nabongo is Peter Mumia II.
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