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ACN Volunteer Scheme

Giving something back to the community

Abeingo Community Network offers exciting volunteering opportunities for the following categories of people:

lf you are looking for an organisation that works with grassroots communities to uplift their standards of living and perceptions of the world around them, then look no further. ACN champions the cause of the dispossessed by providing information, advice and guidance about opportunities for employment, careers and training.

If you are unemployed and you would like to be meaningfully engaged while you seek full time employment, we would like to hear from you. In fact employers would rather hire someone who has been volunteering than the one who is been idle.

If you are retired but still feel energetic to just sit around, please get in touch as we feel we can benefit from your invaluable experience. For more information on the benefits of volunteering, please visit the following links:


Kenyan communities:
Ameer | Bajuni | Borana | Burji | Dahalo | Dassanech | El Molo | Embu | Gabra | Ik | Kalenjin | Kamba | Kikuyu | Kisii | Kore | Kuria | Luhya | Luo | Masai | Mbeere | Meru | Mijikenda | Njemps | Nkebotok | Nubi | Ogiek | Orma | Pokomo | Pokot | Rendille | Sagalla | Sakuye | Samburu | Sengwer | Somali | Suba | Swahili | Taita | Taveta | Teso | Turkana | Waata | Yaaku