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The newly created Vihiga County brings Avalogooli, Abanyole and Abatiriki under one political cluster. This page and links from it will provide information about the county - senators, governors, civic leaders, etc and especially what they are doing or planning to do for you. If you belong to any of these categories of individuals, please CLICK HERE to contact the editor with information about yourself and your blueprint for change.

Vihiga Leaders Forum, Held at Chavakali Friends Church, Vihiga on 15th and 16th December 2010 elected the team below as a shadow county assembly. More...

Shadow Assembly

Shadow County Governor: Omboko Milema
Shadow Senator: Boaz Indeche
Deputy Shadow County Governor: Oscar Buleemi
Shadow Speaker: Dan Chitwa Chengenye
People with Disabilities (PWD): Muhavi Japheth
Youth representative:  Stella Kwatemba
Women Representative: Teresa Lukalo.

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Inaugural Meeting of Vihiga County Forum was held on Saturday, February 12 2011 at Multi Media University, Nairobi and officially opened by Musalia Mudavadi, the deputy prime minister. READ MORE

I nominate the ODM Vihiga county Chairman elect Ken Butiko for governor- Moses Lukose.