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Migratory History:
It is not known who Mutsotso’s father was but he was an African and he spoke Olutsotso (the Oluluyia dialect of Butsotso). Nyanza was the one who led the emigration from Egypt. Hamisi Nonda says that when Nyanza left Egypt (Cairo) he travelled and reached Lubiri in Uganda. From there he went to Marachi and thence to Elgon. He continued travelling until he reached Ebumakoa near Imanga. It was from this place that he emigrated and went to Lumbwa; after leaving Lumbwa he went to Malaha (Bondo in Sakwa). He continued travelling and reached Inaya, Emutondo, Eshimukoko, Ituti, (near Elukokho in Marama), Emayundo, and Eshihaka, all of which are in Marama Location. They carried on walking and reached Asokone in Butsotso; once here, they began to spread out all over Butsotso.

They found in Butsotso the Abakhusia clan of the Abakabrasi but they settled peacefully and began to intermarry with them. Later, the Abakabrasi emigrated and left ruins behind. They left Butsotso in this manner: “As they progressively found suitable land ahead, they occupied it and we in turn moved into their former homes and ruins.” Ever since they came here they had enmity and fighting with the Abetakho, the Abesukha, the Abamarama, the Abawanga, and the Nandi. The Nandi used to raid their cattle, but the rest fought with them on account of land disputes. More>>>


Geonologies of Abatsotso:
Mutsotso was the forbear of the Abatsotso and all the clans of the Abatsotsc were founded by the sons and grandsons of Mutsotso. Omwerema Yeswa of the Abang’onya clan is the son of Yeswa; son of Omwerema. Omwerema was the son of Ambululi; son of Mukungü; son  of Namakhabwai; son of Nangabo ; son of Chisumi; son of Webale; son of Shikakalira; son of Bukwe; son of Mutabiro; son of Nyanza; son of Mutsotso who died in Egypt. Nyanza was the one who led the emigration from Egypt. Makambo Namakhabwa of the Abamamu clan is the son of Namakhabwa; son of Anjiri; son of Andika; son of Ashiuma; son of Chikhumbali.

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