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Traditional form of government:
From the earliest time the Abatsotso always governed themselves. Their ruler was called the “omwami womukasa”, i.e. the ruler with the copper bracelet. He ruled over all the Abatsotso but each clan was directly ruled by an elder called the “omukhulundu wolwashi”, in other words, the clan head or elder. The functions of the “omwami womukasa” were to protect his people and to maintain peace in the country.

He presided over cases with the assistance of his ‘abakhulundu bolwashi”, i.e. clan heads. Again it was he who had the power over military matters such as the declaration or cessation of war although he himself never actually went to war. He was neither a rain-maker nor a magician nor a medicine man; he was, again, not a sacrificial priest. He was given meat, beer, and also foodstuffs after the harvest. For presiding over cases he was given cattle, chickens, and other types of gifts. He also got hoes, wire, coils, spears, and some sheep.

The “omwami womukasa” wore an "injirisi" cloak, i.e. a cloak of the skins of different animals such as monkeys, an “indibisi” animal, and a leopard. He also wore a “tsisimbi” cap, cow hide shoes, and a bracelet. In addition, the “omwami” had an “omwirima” shrub-staff, a fly-whisk, and the traditional stool. These things were heritable from father to son. More>>>


The omwami wo mukasa (king) was given chicken among other presents by his people for protecting them against the enemy



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