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Migratory History

By Prof Gideon Were
Apart from the Terik who originally came from Mt Elgon area, the rest of the clans that settled in Tiriki originally came from Egypt. They came in canoes on the River Nile as far as Jinja in Uganda. They then lived here for some time. Later they resumed their journey and, moving eastwards, came to the lake (Victoria) once more. From here they changed course and moved on until they arrived in Asembo. It was here that they separated from the Jaluo with some Jaluo walking along the lake shore and the rest crossing the lake into South Nyanza.

After this separation the people who came this way (Abatirichi) travelled as far as Gem and then turned northwards until they reached Butere. Then they moved on to Luanda in Bunyore and thence to Wekhomo. Once here, the main group separated from that one led by Muwanga (the future Abashitsetse of Wanga); it was also here that they kindled the “obwali” ritual fire. Then they began to spread out in Maragoli - in those days Avalogooli had, as yet, not come into Maragoli eventually settling in Tiriki. More...

Nyang'ori Who stole cowpeas from Jaluo?
The name “Nyang’ori” by which some Terik are known originated in the following manner: During the severe famine of 1907 Terik tribesmen used to steal cowpeas from the fields of the Jaluo. As a result of this the Jaluo nicknamed “Nyang’ori” - thieves of cowpeas.