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Esisebo: the Tachoni initiation into adulthood / Anke Volders, 2001, Doctoraalscriptie Department of Cultural Anthropology/Sociology of Development Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Kakai, PW (1992): Social Concepts and Initiation Rituals of the Abatachoni: A Historical Study, MA Thesis, Kenyatta University.

The Pre Independent Kenya Tachon Peoples: History, Cculture and Economy by Demmahom Olovodes Lihraw, published by PERC-PACE International, Nairobi 2010. CLICK HERE to download.

El-Sayon, the God of the Kitoki People - History, beliefs and practices of teh forgotten peopleof El, the Kitoki. Author: Demmahon Olovodes Lihraw; published by PERC-PACE International, Nairobi 2010.