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Abatachoni (Tachon) provide a unique study into how tribes evolve through the process of ethnic assimilation and amalgamation. Thought to have originated from Egypt (along other Kalenjin sub nations), the Tachon were once the dominant tribe in the area around Bungoma, Trans Nzoia and Uasin Gishu. They were masters at building forts (Chetambe and Lumboka) which they somehow lost to bands of invading Bukusu. The history of Abatachoni has always baffled, even eluded Luhya historians like Prof Gideon Were and Dr John Osogo whose account has now been challenged by a new study entitled: Tachon Peoples – History, Culture and Economy by Demmahom Olovodes Lihraw. According to Lihraw, the Tachon were the original Kitoki (corrupted to Kitosh by the British) people who took in roaming bands of what came to be known as the Bukusu as herds boys. Olutachoni, the language of the Tachoni is a cross breed between Olubukusu and Olukabras.
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