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The Aberecheya clan
Though there are some inconsistencies in the traditions of the Aberecheya regarding their ancestor and his original country, there is a unanimous opinion on the rest of their history as narrated by their chief spokesman, Sumba Okumu and recorded by the Regeya Progressive Society.

“Kusesechere son of Sumba came from the Bagweri who live at Soroti (actually the Bagwere live at Mbale) in Teso in Uganda. His first settlement was at Jinja among the Basoga where he begot a son called Musoga who became the ancestor of the Abasoga. When he migrated from Busoga he settled at Busia where he had a son called Samia who became the ancestor of the Abasamia. Then he moved on once more to Ebusinga where he built a home called Mundika. More>>>

Their emigration from Bugwere
Kusesechere emigrated from Bugwere as a result of a disagreement with his brother over a spear. It so happened that as Kusesechere was one day in his home; he saw an elephant eating his potato vines. He speared it but the elephant, however, walked away and disappeared with the spear in its side. The spear belonged to the brother of Kusesechere.

When the brother returned home, he asked for his spear and, when Kusesechere told him what had taken place, he insisted on the recovery of his spear. He rejected Kusesechere offer of a compensation which included, among other things, a number of spears. This kind of behaviour astonished Kusesechere who kept on appealing to his brother to be more understanding as everything had been accidental. However, his brother remained obdurate. More>>>

Genealogies: Sumba Okumu is the son of Okumu; son of Sumba; son of Shihwawa; son of Wadida; son of Nyandera; son of Kisoni; son of Kusesechere; son of Sumba. Nyangule Wesonga is the son of Wesonga; son of Ndalo; son of Wakhabale; son of Omunyobi; son of Sumba; son of Okumu; son of Sumba; son of Watita; son of Wekolia; son of Makabira; son of Regeya.  More>>>       


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