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Luonisation of Abasonga:
Though not immediately apparent, Alego-Usonga in Siaya District is a corruption of Luo and Luhya subtribe known as the Abasonga of which the major clan is the Aberecheya. Most of the Luhya clans have now been assimilated (Luonised) into the Luo culture although the Abasonga of Uganda still speak Olusonga.

Kusesechere son of Sumba came from the Bagweri who live at Soroti (actually the Bagwere live at Mbale) in Teso in Uganda. His first settlement was at Jinja among the Basoga where he begot a son called Musoga who became the ancestor of the Abasoga. When he migrated from Busoga he settled at Busia where he had a son called Samia who became the ancestor of the Abasamia. Then he moved on once more to Ebusinga where he built a home called Mundika. He had a son there called Musonga, the ancestor of the Abasonga. Afterwards he went to Ebusenge which is in Yimbo Kadimo. When he saw that there was plenty of water, he moved on to Kanyabol which is now called Lake Gangu. More>>>

A typical hut in Alego Usonga



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