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By Prof Gideon Were

The ancestor of Abanyala was Munyala son of Mukhamba who lived on the Buyemba hill in Uganda near Tororo. After leaving Buyemba hill, they went to Mahero forest in Busia. Their Teso neighbours drove them from here and so they went to Emirere where they lived in the neighbourhood of Abakhayo on one side and Abamarachi on the other. From here they went to Ebumakunda in Bukhayo (near Okwara’s).

Dr Newton Wanjala Kulundu
The late Dr. Newton Wanjala Kulundu and his brother, Bitonye (right) are descendants of Mukhamba, their earliest known ancestor.
Bitonye Kulundu
Bitonye Wanyama Kulundu, the legal scholar and a prominent Munyala.


While they were still living at Ebumakunda, their ruler Mahero asked Namunyuluhunda, ruler of Babukusu, for military help against the mounting hostility and aggression of the Teso. Then Babukusu went to their rescue and as a result the Teso withdrew. For their part Abanyala migrated to Matungu where they stayed for a short while. Shortly afterwards, they migrated farther and crossed River Nzoia at Kwete’s or Emahola’s fort and went to Udieri Hill in Bunyala. More...