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By Prof Gideon Were

The clan of Abakhone (sometimes spelt Abakhoone) traces its origin to Busoga in Uganda and was the first to settle in Bunyala followed by Abamatsekhe,   Abang’oma,   Ababoro,   Abamulembo, Abangineki, Abakhunza, and   Abalubanga in that order. Abakhoone were followed by Abanyekera, Abamahia, Abasinyama, Ababamba, Abanyifwa, Ababoko, Abaye, Abadiera, Ababongo,   Abamwakwe,   Abayobo,   Abakhala, Abalwani, Abamuli, Abaluo,   Abakhabala, Abakhwanga,   Abaderu, Abamuripo, Abamenya, Abakhumati,   Abalubanga,   Abasirwa and Ababotso.


Abamulembo Clan
Abamulembo are believed to have come from Tiriki and belonged to the same ethno-cultural stalk as the Abashitsetse, the ruling clan in Wanga. After leaving Tiriki they went to Kabras then to Marachi where they found Ababere and Abafofoyo. They continued travelling and reached Bukhekhe in Saamia where they found Abakhulo and Abalala clans. Continuing travelling, they reached Iganga in Busoga where they found Abadepi and Abakhone. From Iganga they went to Sigulu Island in Lake Victoria and found there Abamalenge, Abayima, and Abasisosi. It was after they left this island that they came to Eluyu in Bunyala. Then they gradually spread out. All these people whom the Abamulembo came in contact with spoke Oluluyia. They emigrated from Tiriki because Murwa’s child accidentally swallowed the “inyuma” belonging to the child of Wanga. These two were brothers and the sons of Masinde and his wife, Nakuruku. Wanga, the eldest insisted on his brother giving him his ‘inyuma’. Then Murwa took his child and cut him open and gave Wanga his head. Disgusted and annoyed, he emigrated to Ematungu and left Wanga in Tiriki. He died at Ematungu and left a son called Shiaywa. It was Shiaywa who led the migration to Butula in Marachi. He found there Abafofoyo and Ababero who nicknamed him “Omumulembo” because he was endlessly changing homes. More...