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The Banyala are in two groups - Banyala ba Ndombi (Kakamega) and Banyala ba Magero (Busia). Historians tell us they were originally one people but split several centuries ago to the extent very little remains that unites them culturally. Starting with clans, only a few are common among the two Nyalas and their cultural orientation is distinctly different. The Kakamega Nyala have adopted the customs of neighbouring Batsotso such as circumcision and their dialect is markedly different from the tonal lexicon of Busia Nyalas. Not enough is known about reasons for the split or when it occurred although casual inquiries intimate the migration eastwards could have been caused by any number of factors including interclan warfare, flooding of River Nzoia or expulsion due to anti social behaviour. If you happen to have any information about the customs and traditions of any of the two Nyala Luhya, please CLICK HERE to contact the editor.