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Abeingo Holdings Ltd is an independent investment company fully incorporated in Kenya by Abeingo Community Network on behalf of members. The main aim of the company is to provide a vehicle for investment for members of Abeingo as a first step towards economic empowerment of the community. Abeingo Community Network is a director and shareholder of the company to ensure that members' interests are protected through stringent, transparent and accountable procedures. The company will identify profitable ventures to invest shareholders funds which will initially include:

1. Buying shares at the Nairobi Stock Exchange

2. Investment in land and property

3. Faming and agri business

Once fully mature, Abeingo Holdings in consultation with shareholders will seek to invest in:

1. Shipping and long haul bulk transportation

2. Airline

3. Banking and Finance

4. Insurance

To buy shares or for further information, please contact:

Juvenal Shiundu

Chairman, Investment Committee

Email: chairman@abeingo.org