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Membership shall be conferred, on successful application, on any person of Luhya descent, ancestry or connections through marriage or adoption whether resident in the UK or abroad upon payment of requisite fees outlined below. These shall be reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the prevailing rate of inflation. Friends of Luhya can join as associate members while organisations – charitable or corporate - that subscribe to ACN ideals can join in an affiliate capacity. Membership shall be at four levels:
    1. Life membership - £100 oneoff payment
    2. Ordinary membership - £20 per annum
    3. Associate membership - £30 per annum or £150 one off
    4. Affiliate membership –  £30 per annum or £250 for life
    5. Honorary – this shall be conferred upon individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the cause of ACN. No fees for this category.

      We have made it easy for you to join Abeingo or make a donation to the work of Abeingo Community Network. You can either send us a cheque, pay directly into our bank account or pay online using PayPal. Use any of the methods below that suit your circumstances. Those wishing to pay for life membership using our online facility should override the PayPal values and either pay the whole amount or in 2, 3 or 4 instalments within a one year period.

      Send a cheque to our registered address:


      Abeingo Community Network

      26 Southwood Drive

      Surbiton, Surrey KT5 9PH, UK


      Make deposits directly to our bank:

      Account Name: Abeingo Community Network
      Bank: LLOYDS TSB PLC
      Account Number: 3449803
      Sort code: 309871

      BIC: LOYDGB21006
      IBAN: GB94 LOYD 309871034498 03

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