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Marachi Maragoli Marama Nyole Saamia Songa Tachoni Tiriki Batsotso Wanga

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Goat project gets cheesy:
The Maragoli Project is thanks to a Canadian woman, Patricia Crossley, who since 2004, in addition to computer programs, has been raising money in support of the Maragoli Goat Project - a collection of women who hope to support their families by raising goats and selling the milk and meat.

The village of Maragoli is situated in one of the poorest parts of Kenya, a rocky, infertile area that isn’t suitable for crop farming. Now that these women have Pat on their side, I think it’s safe to say that the business of raising goats will soon be flourishing in Maragoli. For at least the next three years, Pat plans to live and work in a part of the world where poverty and orphans abound and HIV/AIDS has reached epidemic proportions. She takes it all in stride as only someone with her generous spirit and quiet strength can make such a difference. More>>>

Hearding goats in rocky Maragoli terrain. The project is now turning to cheesemaking
Goat project now turns cheesy



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