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Settlement of Abafofoyo

By Prof Gideon Were

The ruling clan of Abafofoyo came from Bunyoro in Uganda and where they had formerly lived. After leaving Bunyoro, they went to Buganda and then crossed the Nile into Busoga. Whilst in Busoga, they built a village and surrounded it with a ditch and named it Elukala which still survives to this day at Iganga.  From Busoga they went to Bunyala near Port Victoria on the shores of Lake Victoria. Once again they named their new village Elukala.

Moody Awori
Dr Moody Arthur Awori, Kenya's former vice president and the most famous Omufofoyo clansman whose father, the evangelist Canon Awori emigrated form Marachi and settled among the Saamia where he raised his large brood of 18 children.


They migrated once again; crossed River Nzoia and settled in what in North Ugenya.  Here again they built a village called Elukala near Sega. They then dispersed and spread out in North Ugenya and beyond as far as the Kholera River and northwards into their current aboard. Over here they spread out as far as the Nzoia River and, on the Bukhayo side, the Sibo (Sio) River.
Before their emigration from Bunyoro, Abafofoyo lived with the Luo but preceded them in settling in Sega. The Luo, however, were never far behind and quickly followed them to Ugenya. They followed each other very closely, as if they were travelling together. More...

Marachi Map
Map showing the settlement of Abamarachi who are administratively divided into four divisions - Marachi East, Marachi West, Marachi Central and Marachi North. Source:


Settlement of other clans
The Ababere clan came from the Nandi country after they had quarreled with their fellow tribesmen. They were led by a man called Ng’eno and came via Imanga, Inzeya, Musanda and into Marachi. They came along with Abamutu, Abamalele and Abamutsuma who are also of Nandi origin from Nyango’ori.

Abang’aya clan broke away from the Terik (Nyang’ori) following a quarrel and came along with Abonwe. The Abakolwe split from their clansmen in Wanga after quarreling to settle in Marachi while Abarunga came from Mt Elgon. Abamulembo originally came from Mt Elgon and settled in Tiriki before coming to Marachi and Wanga with Ababule tagging along. Later some Abamulembo clansmen went to Bunyala.

The Abatura came from the northern direction and asked omwami (ruler) to allow them to settle. Later, they quarreled with Abafofoyo and some of their clansmen moved out to settle in Bukhayo. More...