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Marachi like other Luhya sub nations is a patrilineal society with power organised along clan headmen. The people are known as Abamarachi or Abamaraki and their geophysical territory is Ebumaraki (nestled between Saamia, Wanga and Khayo) while their dialect is olumarachi. The Marachi is a cluster of clans that settled in the area from different directions. As such, one finds clans of Luo and Kalenjin origins. The origin of the tribal name is not clear but it is not thought to derive from a tribal ancestor like say, Abawanga or Abanyole. It is probable the name derives from the Luo word marach, which means the bad ones in reference to the constant tribal warfare. The main trading centres are Butula, an eponym of the political constituency created in 1997 to cater specifically for Abamarachi and Bumala, the second largest market centre in the entire Busia County. The largest clans are Abafofoyo and Abamulembo (also found in Wanga, Bunyala Busia and Ugenya).
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