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Cultural avoidance between in laws

Why don't sons or daughters shake hands with their mother or father in laws?
Sindani Wafula, February 2, 2016

These are deeprooted issues of cultural taboo of which the main reason is to eliminate all possibilities of sexual temptations between the parent in laws. For more information on the Luyia culture, please read Luyia of Kenya: A Cultural Profile by Shadrack Bulimo (2013) - Editor

Information on Abaguri clansmen available

I like reading information about my people having also once contributed some information on the site Abakhayo specifically the houses of Abaguri of Busia County.
Okwara Xaviour Francis, February 2, 2016

Mahanga Market in Maragoli is historic

First, kudos for a job well done. An informed public is key to good health and wealth! Second, please may I request that MAHANGA MARKET be included on the list of places of historical and cultural interest in Luyialand. You may have erroneously left it out but I can assure you Mahanga is famed for being the first major trading center to emerge next to the ORIGINAL HOME OF MULOGOLI in VIGULU VILLAGE, Kelongo sub-location, South Maragoli. To this day the latter has been preserved as an historic monumental landmark, a huge attraction for tourists. Unfortunately , there is no proper management of this site, it is slowly slipping into ruins. We Maragoli risk losing this treasure all together. Gotta do something.
Eliud Mmata Otwere aka Ombogo Wa Gadodo
Chavavo, South Maragoli, August 6 2015

Bamalango clan from Bukusu is ommitted

I first wish to thank you for enlighting us about our clans. But there is one very small clan in Bukusu sub tribe of luyia community called 'BAMALANGO'. They live in several parts of Bungoma county including CHWELE at a place called Maliki in Sichei. The late mzee Atanus Wakhungu Kiteki and his brother, Lazarus Wasioya were some of the famous Bamalango clansmen. They also live at KOLANI where you find clansmen like Wamacho and his family. Others live at MARAKARU where you find people ike Yusto Sululu and his son Nicholas Sululu 'though all died but there children and grand children are there. Other Bamalango clansmen live at KIMALEWA. Please feel free to email me for more information.
Michael Simiyu Kiteki, July 24 2015

Seeking information on Abagila/Abadde clan

I would to know more about a clan called abagila/abadde, if they have common understanding in terms cultural beliefs, taboo because it is not clear for abagila more especially to have a strong definition.
Bwire Francis, June 27 2015

In search of Bakholo clansmen

I Salute all the Luyia communities around the world and especially all those members that are contributing to this Network. I would like members to document whatever they can about the luyia clans and sub tribes for the future generations to learn and also for the purposes of preserving history for the our kids and grand kid. Kudos to Mr Shadrack Amakoye Bulimo and others who have jotted down something. I am a Luyia from Uganda and I am looking to connect with other Luyia particularly of the Abakholo clan so that we can document history of our clan. We are so scattered within Uganda and Kenya. I know that we originally settled at Got-Osimbo, in Siaya District, then following wars with the Kager Luo, we dispersed in various directions. I need to know who Mukholo was and how did the three houses of the present day Bakholo come about (the Nambiri's, Nawinyi and Nawangwe). Please Editor pass this comments to the community network and see if we can connect and document history. I do also want to encourage all the other clans and sub tribes to do the same. Thanks and God bless
Dr Wabwire MM, April 14 2015

My name is missing from your Maragoli list

Good afternoon, Firstly, let me congratulate you for your educational information on the above. However, my name Ambogo is missing on the list. Secondly, could you please translate the meaning of the names? Kind regards,
Maxmiller Wattanga, April 24 2015

Good work for the Luyia Nation

I wish to congratulate you for the good work you are doing for the good of the Luyia Nation.
Oscar Osindo
Associate Director General, Conference institute of World Mission of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Maryland, United States, February 15 2015

Erroneous information on Priscilla Abwao, Kenya's first woman MP

I read with dismay the erroneous reference to Grandma Priscilla Ingasiani Abwao that she died in Kitale, please always check you facts before you print anything. My Grandma died in Nairobi and not in Kitale and if you should recall it was when the draft constitution was being delivered to the government by the committee of experts on the 17th of November 2009, that she died in Nairobi and the prime minister, Raila Odinga even called for a minute of silence to honor her contribution at the Lancaster House conference and she was also the first woman MP. So please be getting your facts right before posting.
Robert O. Azinga, November 7, 2014

Lost and found: Festus Shiribwa from Tiriki

Attention: John Summers

I happen to stumble on the site while reading some articles on my luhya people-Tiriki sub tribe and noticed your request for information on Mr Festus Shiribwa,formerly of Mungavo Primary School dated Feb 4th 2013. I am his neighbor in the village and was wondering if you made contact with him or his family. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
Brian Anusu, November 6, 2014

Similarities between Lingala and Luyia

I wish to present a small list of Olunyole words that are similar in construction and meaning to their corresponding words in Lingala, a language in the DRC. Interested Abaluyia may contact me for more. Thank you.

Inline image 1

Okonji Ebole, October 30 2014

Baliango is missing on Bukusu clan list

Baliango clan is missing among the clans of the Bukusu's. Among the famous Baliangs are the Late Dr Fredrick Sikuku Masinde, Former Bungoma East MP in the 70s and Mathare MP in Nairobi who won the Mathare Parliamentary Seat in Nairobi 1994 but died hours before the results was announced. He was aactually the first Bukusu parliamenterian in Nairobi. The other son of the BBaliango is the late Wanjala Welime, renown former under secretary Ministry of Energy and first chairman of NARC Party. The other One is Maurice Kakai Bisau of the United Nations and also a Gubernatorial Contestant in Trans-Nzoia County in 2013 general elections.
Maurice Kakai Bisau, August 4 2014

Instal audio/video on Abeingo website

This is a nice initiative. Informative. Suggestion: -publicity needed, I just got it on Google 3 weeks ago and had never heard about it before. -please find away to accommodate those who cant read/write, I suggest audio/videos in native languages but so far so good.
Denis Hungu, July 26 2014

I have updated information on the Bukusu

This is a good idea for us as Bukusu Community. I have had a chance to do more research and read more books on Bukusu men who passed on in the gone days. I will be of great help to update your data.
Emmanuel Sabuni, July 17 2014

Your offer to help populate Bukusu pages with updated information is welcome and highly appreciated - Editor

History of Abatere wanted

Thanks for the good work you are doing. Would you please kindly assist me with the history of Abatere.
Albert Atenya Ochenje, June 27 2014

Bidding for KNUT leadership

Very good publication I have learned alot about my tribe Bukusu, Wanyonyi Buteywa Omukhoma. I want to vie for Knut Secretary to pave way for political position.
Edwin Sichangi Buteywa, June 25 2014

Some corrections on Bukusu language

I have made some changes on the Lubukusu language page. The accuracy of the information we share is important and I felt it was necessary to help you correct what I find not to be the language I have spoken since childhood. I just happen to be both Bukusu and Kabras and know both languages but I am better with Lubukusu because that where my ancestors settled and hence I grew up. Thanks for all you do.
Fred Wafula, June 17 2014

How can I access INGONEWS from Mombasa?

Hamjambo. Am in Mombasa Kenya and I want to be reading your newsletter online. How can I register and become a member. Thanks and good day.
Eliphas Amimo Ondu, June 17 2014

Reading INGONEWS or information on any section of our website is free. You don't need to register - editor

Information on Upper Kisa clans missing

Please I require more information on the sub-clans because very few have been discussed and mainly Abashisa bemwalo nebustwa bemukulu like Abamurono, Abakwabi are nowhere.
Katibi Oure, May 20 2014

Good start for Saamia peope

A Good start for the Saamia people. I represent Domigrands Investments from Busia border Mulwanda sub-location Nyakawaka Namboboto
Bernard Wandera, May 14 2014

Shikunga archdeaconry receives donation from Canada

I received the good news from Edward Khasakhala that Shikunga Parish in Butere is now an Archdeaconry. I was welcomed on board as one of the trustees..a very privileged position for which I am humbled. The Archdeaconry has experienced the generosity of Ms. Sandra Guthrie of Thunder Bay Ontario Canada. Her effort has enabled me to receive on behalf of Shikunga Archdeaconry, about 300 pieces of brand new soccer uniforms. We will proceed to give them a Shikunga logo with the help of our long term supporter, Perry Kangas of Toronto. Thereafter we will bale them into one big "Mitumba". That is when another supporter, Ibrahim of Tawakal shipping, will take over and safely ship this gift to Nairobi Kenya!! Abaluyia...let us say " Orio muno!!"
Zabde-Ezra Ayienga "30 000 Village Kids Reading", Toronto Canada.

Batura are not Bukusu; but just who are they?

Thanks so much for the effort you made to document the clans of the Bukusu.I want to bring to your attention that you ought to carry out further investigations about the Batura clan. Despite our small population, I would be proud to be placed in my rightful place. Batura people are not Bukusu! Just check their migration trends and linguistic characteristics and you will realise what I mean. Also take note to the fact that some Batura people have been assimilated and adopted the Bukusu language-those living in Kimilili-but this doesn't make them Bukusu. We also have Baturas in Munami speaking Kiwanga,and stil others in Mayenje speaking Kisamia. This doesn't make us members of all these clans or tribes. Kindly get the facts right.
Ephraim Sudi, May 5 2014

Editor's comments - I agree with you further research is required about Batura people. They are found across different tribal polities such as Bukusu, Wanga, Tiriki, Isukha and even Marachi. Some scholars even mistake Abatura as a whole sub tribe in its own right. But since you are Omutura, can I ask that you kickstart this research process and submit your results for publication so that it might shed some light on the right history and clanal orientation of your people.

Book on Abakhayo coming out this year

I am a Luyia born and raised in Nambale Village Busia County. My manuscript will be ready for publication by year end. It came to to my attention that the life I lived in Nambale Village from age two to 11 is unique. No other child at that time in Nambale village shares my experience. I had come up with the title "Voices in Nambale Village". Then, as my wife listened to me share a particular village experience, she suggested " Beyond the cow-dung floor". I have based my life journey of 51 years on these nine formative years in Nambale Village which were strongly influenced by a missionary family called the Spurins. I then touch on times of conflict of identity, disillusionment, and confusion. A question will always linger: would I have been "better off" without this privileged childhood? Was it in fact "privileged"?
Zabde-Ezra Ayienga, May 1 2014, Toronto Canada.

Your first offering of Oluwanga is off cue

I want to comment your efforts and especially the good and noble intentions in starting this page.
However, I note that your first offering is a bit off cue and reads strangely from common use Wanga. Allow me to demonstrate:

YOUR ENTRIES                                                                                                   MY SUGGESTIONS
Eshitere  (this means a finger/toe nail)                                    Eshiteere (daytime)
Imoni, Tsimoni  (Eye, Eyes)
Esilenje, Ebilenje (Leg, Legs)                                                Eshilenje / Efilenje ( your option is probably OluNyole)
Omukhono, Emikhono (Arm, Arms)    
Omuliango, Emiliango ( Door, Doors)                                    Olwichi (though now adopted; your option is a Swahili derivative)
 Mbwelu Front partition of a house (living room)                  Nabweru / Emukulu
 Mwisisi Bedroom (Evwasi in Logooli)                                  Nashikoro (inner room: what you have mean ‘inside the wall’)
Indabu, Tsindabu (General term for pot/s)                             Tsinyungu
 Isongo, Tsisongo (Water pot/s )                                             Isiongo / Tsisiongo

Ifusi, Tsifusi (Hyena, Hyenas)                                                Ifisi / Tsifisi
 Ingokho, Tsingokho ( Chicken, chickens)            
Obusuma Maize meal, (Ugali)
Isuche, Tsisuche Inyieni (Fish)                                               Inyeni / Tsinyeni ( what you have is in OluNyole dialect)        
Khotsa Uncle (strictly maternal)
Senje Aunt (Senge)                                                                 There is no Senge in Wanga    
Nyasaye akhoonye (May God help you)

Perhaps you could send me a list of English words you want translated into OluWanga for this page that I may offer my input.

Orio muno,
Frank Watieri, Elureko, April 25, 2014

Maragoli stuck in time warp

This status in Maragoli and Vihiga as a whole, has remained so ever since. People of Vihiga should be gearing towards ushering in a new breed of leadership. Watch this space in 2017.
Dr Nelson Chahindi, April 1 2014

Any Bakimweyi clansmen out there? I need connection

Am a Bukusu of Uganda, Solokho - Mundari, Mukimwei clansman mwana Wamunyange. Please connect me to my fellow Bakimwei especially descendants of kolongolo wa ngwe'ngwe. Good job for connecting us. Thanks.
Wanjala Munyifa, Uganda, March 31 2014

The website has too many clans that are not Tachoni

You have indicated so many sub-clans of tachoni but currently as am aware they are only 36. Can you clearly state where all this other sub-clans came from.
Joel Nakitare, March 29 2014

Are Samia and Bahima of Uganda related?

Can someone please assist me. Am finding major similaries between Samia and Hima of Uganda although they are a distance apart. Their names seem to be derived and mostly used in Cush dialect. For instance, Samia is a common name for girls in Palestine. There is an old saying among Abasamia that says "who ever walks slowly reached Mbarara." To my knowledge Mbarara is an area in Uganda where Himas are found. Thank you.
Juma Jairo, Funyula, Busia County, February 21, 2014

Kudos Abeingo

You are doing a good job. Keep it up.
Prof Frida Amakobe Karani, former Vice Chancellor, Maseno University, February 2, 2014

Migration history of Bambabo clansmen

The Babambo Banayama came from Mubukusu and Mugishu brothers. We migrated from Misri around 1500 AD and our great great father, Namuyu had two sons Lulaba and Wakuma. Lulaba had three sons - Zekara Wepukhulu, Maruti Lulaba, and Motoro Lulaba. Wakuma had two sons - Murenga Wakuma and Mauda Wakuma. Clans in Bukusu which are really branches of the ones in Tachoni are: Bangaachi, Basioya, Bayumbu and Basang’alo. Those in Kakamega and Bunyala are, Balanda, Bauma, Bamukhongo, Bamakhuli, Baseenya and Bateecho. Those in Nandi are: Balago, Balaku, and Bakamukongi.
Reuben Wanjala, February 1, 2014

Babambo Banayama don't recognise other clan leaders

We the Babambo Banayama clan recognise Mr Joseph Wakuma Wepukhulu as chairman of our clan. We wish to inform our members that Bambabo comprise 14 subclans and every subclan has its leadership. We don't accept leadership from other groups.
Reuben Wanjala, the clan secretary, January 10 2014.

Targeting girl child in Vihiga

First I would like to appreciate your site for providing a forum where we the people from Ingo can interact and learn from each other. I am contacting you so that our organization, Amala Initiative, an initiative targeting the girl child in Vihiga County can also be listed on the organizations list. We are a new initiative though we have already made some remarkable strides in ensuring the girl child in Vihiga county is empowered by helping her stay in school.
Amala Initiative, Vihiga County, November 19 2013

Calling on all Abakhayo from Nambale

I have created a new forum for Nambale constituency on facebook. I am calling on all Bakhayo from Nambale to join the group and brainstorm on issues of development.
Anest Were, November 5 2013

Angolan man searching for his son in Maragoli

I want to thank all those who have made this site and continue availing it to many who indirectly or directly benefit as a medium of airing our views. I believe being an Angolan citizen does not bar me from asking any Kenyan regardless of the ethnicity or origin about a matter that is close to my heart. I studied in kenya from 1986 to 1989 and during that period I almost married a Luhya lady by the name Anna Minayo from Maragoli West with whom we have our first child by the name Travor L. Sapalo if they have not changed the names. Now my question is why DOES this tribe prohibit children go the fathers whose tribe is not of Luhya origin? For many years, I have tried to get my son but in vain. Advise.
Charles Sapalo, Angola, November 3 2013

Am looking for a bible in Lulogooli

I like your work and would encourage you to incorporate many participants to make it more realistic. I just bumped on this site as I was searching for the bible in Lulogooli. How can I get help? Can you share one if you have it? It can be of great help to many in my situation.
Abubakar, October 19 2013

The Holy Bible exists in Maragoli language. It is entitled KITABU KITAKATIFU and is published by The Bible Society of Kenya - Editor

What is the theological worldview of Abakhayo?

I am making an inquiry on theological world view of Abakhayo. One may not have a church or a religious organisation but have some reliable knowledge on religiosity of Abakhayo. How does one share this information instead of shelving it. Thanks.
Kanot Dindi, October 12 2013

Luyia culture is dying

I visited and it is quite something. Although there is plenty of info missing, I am proud of what you have already collated given the gigantic task. I am afraid though that the Luyia culture is fading so fast yet there is very little about them in the archives especially when it comes to the subdialects. Most of the knowledgeable elders are no longer around. I have been thinking about this for quite a while. The youth are not proud in expressing themselves in this language in the same measure as the Kalenjin, Kikuyu, and Luo. They prefer Kiswahili or English. Is it because of the numerous subdialects which make it hard to communicate among us? Would it be better for the subdialects to grow independently? What would become of Luyia as a language?
Hillary Namunyu, October 6 2013

There is no single language called oluluyia. All the 18 Luyia subdialects qualify to be called oluluyia in a par pro toto context. And yes, you are right; all the subdialects must be promoted and documented - Editor

Bukusu clans mixed with Tachoni and Gisu

You have mixed the Tachoni clans Bagisu and others. You can only tell a clan is Bukusu if it can trace its origin from the six archclans of Bukusu which include:
Nabayi and

Baabiya Babaambocha, Baboya, Bachambayi, Bafumo, Bafulo, such clans are not originally Bukusu

Details of the Bukusu is encoded in the Archives of Bukusu. Only those who know the wisdom of Bukusu can access them. We can therefore tell very easily he who is Bukusu and who is not.

Bukusu Bulinyanga, September 11, 2013

I want to open Abeingo branch in Arizona

My name is Laban Anziya. Am based in Tucson, Arizona. My home area is Mulwanda, Khwisero. Am inquiring how I can join Abeingo and open a branch in Tucson.
Laban Anziya, Tucson, AZ, September 09 2013

Include military in Luhya first list

Hi, am just going through luhyafirst and am thrilled by your work. Could you also widen the scope to include the military. We have luhyafirsts. Oh am also a Luhya.
Daniel Kasamba, September 6 2013

Youth now have a Luyia resource centre

Congrats for this site. Our Blue Band generation (youth) now have a backup resource centre to visit and get informed who the Luyia are. I am proud of you bana befwe wherever you are. God bless you.
Wanjala John

Appeal to Bukusu elders to pass cultural baton

I would like to appeal to our elders to teach our young team to become the teachers of our generation. I believe that as Bukusu community, we should stand by our elders and make sure our culture outlasts generations.  I also appreciate our fm radio stations like Sulwe Yefwe and West fm who have powerful presenters like Situma Manyasi and Embolokoma and others. I would like to assure them of our total support.
Daniel Wekesa, June 26 2013

Bukusu funeral rites thesis to be published

In few months, a thesis will be published on death and burial rites among Bukusu of western Kenya. "Babukusu basinja barende"! I like very much this saying although am not a Kenyan. Bulayi sana!
Zacharie Kyungu, France, June 9 2013

Busia charity appeals for brickmaking equipment donations

We are a community based organization in Busia County in Kenya. We wish to get in touch with any organization that can donate a manual interlocking soil brick maker so that we can empower ourselves financially. Should you know of any individual or organization please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call me Joseph Otieno on +254729871053.
Joseph Otieno, Busia, May 20 2013

30,000 Samia students benefit from Canadian charity

I want to thank you for this wonderful site. I am a Luyia (Samia), born in Bukhayo, (Nambale), and citizen of Canada. My wife and I established a charity called BBCF in 2007. By end of 2013, 30 000 village students residing in western Kenya will have access to one good book at any point in time. This is due to our library units spaced across 20 centres in the region. Primary school locations offer BBCF these spaces and we supply study resources from Canada and within Kenya. This culture of reading (CoR) introduced to BBCF by Dr. Joseph Muleka of Nairobi university, is overseen by Edward Khasakhala. Everyone volunteers. We are also supporting the community at the following locations: 1. Busembe Hospitality Centre Samia 2. Mukonjo Village Samia 3.Namboboto Sports Centre Samia 4. Namaindi Dispensary Bukhayo, 5. Books on Wheels Shikunga Butere 6. Lugala Farm development Samia 7. Mama Nangulu Memorial Nambale. For details please visit us at Zabde-Ezra Ayienga, Founder member Toronto Canada.
Zabde-Ezra Ayienga, Toronto, Canada, April 17 2013

I am ready to publicise Abeingo in newspapers

Abaluyia banje. Esangala muno okhunyola obwiyango buno okhubola ninenyu. Esie endi omushirandu. Bulano endi mushibala shia Marsabit. Ndakhekomba mbu ACN yibe nende omwoyo, khandi imanyikhane. Endi tayari okhukhonya khure mu magazeti website yino kho abaluyia bandi boosi bamanye. Yikho nikhwo okhuchaka. Imberi bwene obulala bwefwe bubeho khuleshe okhutsekhwa. Khuchachie real estate co, nende obukhala bundi. Inamba yanje ni 0702 115 860. Halali network yino neimbi. Were Khakaba abalinde
Dr Lubanga wa Amakanji, Marsabit, March 17 2013

How can I learn Luyia language?

I want to know if you know any resources (books, websites etc.) that may be useful for one trying to learn any of the dialects of the Luhya language. If you do please place such information on this site. I make this request because I am not very good at the Luhya language (Maragoli in my case) and I wish to learn the language. It is very difficult for one brought up in Nairobi to learn the language truly well without any extra resources.
Lusengeri, Nairobi, March 16 2013

Wetangula not my political supremo

Interesting article on Wetangula, a.k.a., ‘Weta.’ But branding him the new supremo in Western is a little bit of stretching the truth. Weta’s personal influence is restricted to parts of Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties. Most of CORD’s performance in Western was directly due to Raila the person, and not Weta. The future of Western lies not in the hands of those who will meekly, for the umpteenth time, fall in line as support battalion for others (in-laws or otherwise). Rather, the future lies with those who have a vision of emancipating Western from the shackles of servant-hood. Those who will remain focused, blaze a new path of unity against all odds; and rise up after every fall, dust themselves up and keep going towards the objective. On this path, I see neither Moses Wetangula nor Ababu Namwamba. I see neither Paul Otuoma nor Amos Wako. Nor do I see Alfred Khang’ati. Rather, I see the likes of Musalia Mudavadi, Eugene Wamalwa and Ken Lusaka. People who, against all odds, dared dream that Western can stand with dignity on her own two feet. That is where the future of Western lies.
Joseph Kaunda, Canada, March 15 2013.

How did Kabuchai native court work?

I am requesting information about how the Kabuchai courts used to work in Bukusuland.
Henry Wanyama, MArch 12 2013

I want to join Abeingo

I would like to be a member, what do I need to do? I'm from Kenya, western province, Khwisero Constituency and want to contribute immensely to this cause.
Kennedy M. Ambundo, Khwisero, March 10, 2013

Wanted: Festus Shiribwa formerly of Mungavo Primary School.

I am seeking the address of our friend Festus Shiribwa, former teacher at Mungavo Primary School P.O. Box 331 Serem. He has reitred and we have lost contact with him
John Summers, February 4 2013
Anyone with this information please contact the

Any Luhya cultural authors out there?

Hi, thanks for running a great site. Kudos and credit to you and the team. As a person who is now getting a firm understanding of what exactly an African is, I would recommend adding a section that covers traditional customs - Economics and traditions (birth, life to death and faith (not including Christianity and Islam). Do we have Luhya authors or individuals who have this information? My ultimate goal would be to capture as much of this information as possible. Thanking you,
Weingo, February 2 2013

Need help on Tiriki culture

I am student at Kenyatta University and doing a research on the Tiriki culture. I came across the highlight of "Tiriki Customs and Traditions" book by Simani Sangale during my research. I find it very informative and I hope to get a copy soon. Meanwhile I would appreciate if I can be able to meet Mr. Simani Sangale for a brief interview on the Tiriki Community. Are you in a position to help me book an appointment with him please? You are free to be present during the interview. You assistance is will be highly appreciated.
Pat Wangui, Nairobi, February 1 2013

Wanted: Sila wa Sila music

I thought this could be the right place to ask this. I have been looking for Sila wa Sila CD / DVD but in vain. How can I get one? I'm in the USA.
Raphael Atulo, January 27 2013

How can we unite Tiriki and Teriks?

I would like to know  more about this organisation and how the Tiriki people are related to Teriks and how can we unite them
Kiprop Lagat, January 24 2013

Please could you trace the origin of Nyala names e.g. Navakholo, Lutaso, Sikhokhochole, Kochwa, Budonga etc?
Timothy Baraza, January 14 2013
Does anyone know the meaning of these names? - please contact the editor

Samias have 4 constituencies in Uganda

Hallo brothers, Greetings to you all. Since we haven't been in touch for a while, let me hope this mail finds you in good health. I remember sending you a detailed list of all Luhya clans both in Kenya and Uganda and I believe you shared this with the rest of Abeingo community. For example Abakukhu are found in Uganda in a place known as Ebukukhu near Lumino. In Uganda , the Samia have two districts (Busia and Namaingo) with 4 constituencies i.e Samia Bugwe North and Samia Bugwe South in Busia district and Bukhooli South and Sigulu Island in Namaingo district. Both Busia and Namaingo districts were curved from Tororo and Bugiri districts respectively. I will be greatful to hear from you again. Mirembe.
Stephen B. Otoro, Kampala, October 17 2012

Kisa, Tsotso folk songs wanted

Is it possible to secure luhya folk tales written in Kisa or kitsotso which my mother read to us when young but cannot find a copy. I want to read it to my children as away of building their Luhya language.

My email address is:

Kennedy Buhere, October 8 2012

Thanks Abeingo
Thanks so much for your kindness at least one person called Mr. Baraza promised to sent me something. But today is a very good day for me my Probox was recovered and is at Isiolo Police Station. Initially it had been arrested for fake Insurance Sticker but checking more it was discovered as one of the vehicles Police trying to track. The person who had it said he bought from a lady and a guy. The lady's name is Mercy Muthoni and the guy Stanley Wanjohi Wachira. They had also made a fake log book and sold it at ksh.450,000. If fact the person who bought sold part of his land to raise the money. What really helped was the Insurance I had earlier put had expired and they put a fake sticker before selling to innocent buyer. I have been told to go with original log book and proof of purchase details and pick it. When I have enough fare will go. I have never been to Isiolo before. God bless, thanks for keeping the Luhya community together. Good day.
Moses Simiyu, Mombasa, Sept 22 2012.
Cry for help
Hello Abeingo, Have you ever been at a place in life where nothing seems to work out. You have prayed, fasted and done everything possible that you know but nothing seems to work out. When the landlord shows up you want the earth to open up and swallow you. I can say a lot about my life but in summary I'm in such a state with my wife. If God doesn't come through miraculously we just have no option. Rent is our main worry; it has accumulated to Ksh.16,000. Our only source of income a Probox was stolen early August with no trace of it. We are just surviving, mostly we are without food and other basics. Close people have deserted us; they no longer takes our calls. We are born again going to a great church but just learned that is almost impossible to receive help from the church. I was just browsing and googled Luhya abroad and ended up on a website for Abeingo Community Network Luhya. We may not have much to give back in return but God that sees you in secret will reward you. We will appreciate anything, small big whatever. I'm a Tachoni from a place called Kivaywa that is on Webuye Kakamega Road. Im currently in Mombasa. I used to be a salesman with Nivea but after I managed to get a probox I decided to do transport business till when it was stolen. God bless.
Bro. Moses Simiyu,
+254 721528578

My two NEW publications are now out. I am so excited. The first one is a good motivation book you can gift any minority or disadvantaged or demotivated children you care about. The second one is a serious scientific inquiry into the little-illuminated world of NGOs in development. Please get your copies now. :

1. Muleri, M A (ed.) (2012). The Stories of Our Lives: The Inspiring Success Stories of Six Men and Women from Africa through Europe and America (ISBN 978-1-47715-553-0). Xlibris, Indiana, USA.
Available here:
Also available here:

2. Muleri, M A (2012). How Northern NGOs Measure the Performance of and Impact Southern NGOs (ISBN 978-3-659-22064-7). LAP Lambert Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany.
Available here:
Also available here:

Buy, read and give some feedback.


Morrison Muleri, PhD, washington DC, September 1 2012

Luhya in business

I am excited with this site. Maybe for  the Abeingo fraterrnity, may it be known that RAMSIS ENTERPRISES LIMITED is wholly owned by Andrew Boaz Mbuya and Robert Oyando Omenya, both coming from Western, Vihiga county, Bunyore, Emmutete in particular. We deal in the provision of Engineering services and consultancy in the Liquid Food business segment. RAMSIS offers comprehensive Engineering soluitions and services to diverse clients in the Food and Beverage Industry. Our services can be categorised into three groups namely, Technical Engineering services; Plant Operation Optimisation & cost reduction and Technical training.
Our Contacts:
Robert Oyando Omenya

P.O.BOX 78171-00507, NAIROBI, KENYA     +254 722 714429 +254 772565444 ;;

Busia has four not one constituency
Thanks for the efforts you have done on this website. A few things I want to comment: There is a lot of emphasis on the Kenyan Samias with very little written about the Ugandan side. For instance, there is only one constituency mentioned yet the Samia have four constituencies. There is Funyula in Kenya, Busia Municipality, Samia Bugwe North and Samia Bugwe South in Uganda. I think you should also include them. If you need details say when was Busia district in Uganda created, from which district, when were these constituencies created, who are the past MP’s, I can provide this information if needed. On the Samia clans, I think you missed one, Abakukhu, they are spread both in Uganda and Kenya. My mother is Nakukhu she belongs to the Abakukhu clan.
Otegera J.P. Kadima, Kampala, August 3 2012

We deal with Food supplies, (Fresh)
Deliveries! Catering - the best in Town
Weddings! Burials! Home Parties, Graduations  - Both private and public functions - Our Visions and Missions
Vision: To Satisfy your Hunger- yaani Ujaze tumbo yako
Mission: Effective, and clean services! - Hakuna ugonjaji!

Sweet Mama Investments

We kindly request that you inform everyone about our website Keep up the good work. God bless.
Khalid Njiraini Tianga, Luanda, August 2 2012
Call to unite Kenyan and Ugandan Luhya
Hey, I wish to thank you a lot for your great work of bringing abana ba mulembe together. I work between Kenya and Uganda, recently I visited areas of Bugisu, I felt at home and I spoke oluluyia. I discovered that we are indeed one people with Bagisu, Banyole and Samias of Uganda. Previously your website included their information and when you changed to this one, you omtted Bagisu, Basamia of Uganda and Banyole of Uganda. Please restore those subtribes too, I know of friends whom I would refer them to this site to read about their subtribes. As East Africa is merging, we need to merge the entire luyia speaking subtribes, I hope our politicians will do that too.
Jastus Suchi Obadiah, August 6 2012
Miguna Miguna has done the intellectuals for hire who operated between 1992 and 2012 proud. They left their jobs at universities and courts and ingratiated with politicians in the belief that they would benefit from droppings from the tables of ill-gotten ugali. They were humiliated and sent packing. Now what do we see? Peeling Back the Mask.Miguna Miguna must be congratulated on his guts.There are many who are still serving in those high offices, and living the lie that one day they would be remembered as king makers.They may never have opportunities to write books about their pitiable Juda Iscariot situations.They will slip into their graves with all the secrets they have witnessed in the palaces of Africa's emperors.
Prof Chris Wanjala, Nairobi, August 3 2012
This is a very innovative way of letting us know what is going on in Western.
Fredrick Omukubi Otswong'o, July 29 2012
You have named all Tiriki clans but you forgot the Balukhombe clan with its strong stand in idumi (Tiriki circumcision). We are the strong in idumi and others follow on us. Ask anybody else and they will tell you about Balukhombe.
Alex Machanga, July 16 2012
Abeingo network is good because it unites the Luhya but what I want to say is that let all of us unite behind Raila Odinga because he is the only one who can hit the target of all Kenyans. Musalia Mudavadi is a project of external forces.
Alex Machanga, July 16 2012
Hi, I have been challenged by my local church in Watford to organise a Kenya Cultural evening in September this year. I would like help from other Kenyans out there. Can someone link me with someone who can guide me as I intend to showcase Kenyan culture in the best way possible.
Aggrey Kanyanga, London, July 10 2012
Abeingo tinye murio khukhonyane abeingo mukhusie organisation yino etinye. Ndi nende esikulu Ramah Care centre situated in Embakasi kware slums munyala okhushilola mwa muadvertisekho
Ayub Simekha, Nairobi, July 4 2012

Abeingo is a very good community network and I pray that it enlarges and becomes a big organization both at home and in the diaspora. As it expands we should have some shares to be bought and expand the organization so as to help our people. How can I meet the officials and where?
Pt Ayub C Shimaka, Nairobi, July 4 2012

We are located in the UK with the Kenya chapter pending formal launch which will be communicated in due course - Editor

Abeingo mulembe,
Hembwo muno khulikhuwa liamwakhola lino. Ne khe mete okhulishesia khu abeingo boosi ma mulombe libambukhe kata khunyala okhukula etsishare khu khonye abeingo kho kasee khutsilille abandi bakhulekha inyuma sana muli situated hena ?
Winnie Ambasa, July 4 2012

I belong to Batemulani clan. Not seen it on the list. A clan with educated fellows.
Soita Maruti, June 9 2012
The administrator of this website is sleeping on the job. We are tired of seeing things that were posted two months ago.
Shikokoti Odinah, June 6 2012
I am interested in making my contribution to your website about Olunyole language. Please log on to see part of my work.
Samuel Ebole, June 4 2012
My name is Josephine Achieng. I would like to contest in this year's Miss Western. Although I am Luo my mum is Luhya and I can speak fluent Wanga too. What is your take? Waiting to hear from you soon.
Josephine Achieng, May 30 2012

You qualify to participate and indeed join Abeingo so long as one of your parents is of Luhya origin

I am producing a documentary on the Banyala wa Ndonbi in Kakamega. I want to know if there is any research done by anyone.
Wycliffe Wasike

This is great innovation; it’s going to make the Luhya known worldwide. I come from Bungoma but currently live in Trans Nzoia County. I assisted Professor Calestous Juma in the collection of data on local fruits and vegetables in walanga, Bungoma, Kenya. I have the data on the same. Prof Juma is now at Harvard university. Thanks and God bless Abeingo organisation.

Wanjala Moses Wanyama, Trans Nzoia, May 21, 2012

Why are we called Marachi? We are not terrible people

I am a marachi and I come from Emagombe village which is in Sikoma sublocation.I would like to know why we were called marach by the Luo community because as far as I am conerned, the Marachi people are not a a hostile community.

Michael Adieri, May 9 2012

Great network, Thanks for this great initiative. We are no longer cooks and watchmen am glad we are now great people.
Nancy Rapando, April 14 2012

I just opened this site for the first time and I liked it. Good effort. I live in Kenya - kakamega. In fact my home is just next to Ikhongo Murwi (the Crying Stone). Can I post some articles on it? Advise.
G.L Majanja, Kakamega, April 13 2012  

Am very grateful with the history of Wanga. I request you to add the lifestyle of Nabongo Mumia thanks. Bonface Aningu Wanyama, April 12 2012

I like the new look Bukusu website but the slogan 'Omwoyo kwe babukusu' is not in Lubukusu. It should read 'Kumwoyo kwe Babukusu'.

Musakali Joseph, April 12 2012

Don't forget Ugandan Luhya

Hi Abeingo. Thanks for this platform that brings us together in our beliefs and aspirations. I still believe that we have a lot to do in as far as the Luhya community is concerned. When I go through your professional listing, I hardly see any professionals from Uganda and yet we constitute a big and sizable number of the Luhya. You have dwelt so much on the Kenyan Luhyas and not Ugandan Luhyas. Please get us well informed on such matters to enrich ourselves on matters that concern us as a nation.

Stephen Otoro, Kampala, March 23 2012

iwebsite iyi ni indahi!

Isaac Senaji, March 16 2012

I was scrolling through the Luhya news and models and got the shock of my life: Diana Nekoye Sifuna - a Luhya by all means has been "sold" to Tanzania by Abeingo! The two ladies with lesos/kangas - That Luhya lady has represented Kenya in FOA (Face of Africa), Ford super models and owns her own fashion house: A graduate too at a grand old age of 24. Which Luhya women are you people talking to?

Ajiambo Sifuna, March 13 2012

Meaning of Luhya names

I have given out some of the Luhya names and meanings researched by several different researchers including myself and others like Madam Esther Ilamwenya Busolo; Misikhu Primary School

Aambi (m) - Near
Abachi (m) - Born at the time of tasting the ripening crops
Abade (m) - Abade clan of Abanyala of Busia
Abaga (m) - Praises people in music
Abagwa (m)- One praised in music
Abakala (m) - Spreads things to dry
Abakalwa (unisex) - Orphan
Abala (m) - One who counts\enumerates
Abangi (unisex) - Many\several
Abanja (m) - Fond of chasing debtors
Abanji (m) - The third follower of twins i.e. the follower of Khonokha or Khamala; it may also apply to the 2nd set of twins
Abao (unisex) - Yours
Abasa (m) - Blacksmith
Abatsa (m) - Dodgeful
Abenga (m) - The floating one
Abera (m) - Slashes grass
Abeti (m) - A porch
Abiba (unisex) - Likes heaping things
Abichi (f) - Five; Born on Friday
Abiha (unisex) - Wipes things
Abikonelo (m) - Beddings
Abimba (m) - A thatcher
Abimbula (m) - Dethatches buildings
Abina (m) - Rescue
Abiya (m) - Likes criticizing things
Abiyama (m) - Frequents a place
Aboga (unisex) - Ever on the move
Aboka (unisex) - Ever on the move
Abone (m) - Resembles someone; discriminates against people
Abongita (m) - A weakling
Abongola (unisex) - Chips pots
Abonjita (m) - A weakling
Aboololo (m) - Dismantler

By Livingstone Ominde Lyavoga (0733779750), February 22 2012

I have more than 20,000 names in our bank. To contact me, see the telephone number above or email: namesmagic@yahoocom. To get more names meanings for all other tribes, sms the word; TAMBUA+THE NAME e.g.; 'TAMBUA NJOROGE' and send to 2001.

Where can I get material on Luhya history?

Good Afternoon. I happened to bumb into the Abeingo site. I would appreciate if you could recommend where I could get anything on Luhya History. Thank you.

Stanley Mwinami, Athi River, February 14 2012

Bamuki clan is missing on Abeingo

The clan of "BAMUKI" is missing from the line up. Siko siabwe ekhachonge.  Bamuki Cholinjo. It is the clan of Julius Sindani Wafula former clerk to Bungoma County Council and Nzoia Sugar Company.

John Wafula, February 13 2012

Luyia customs