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Each community has its heroes and heroines that they hold in high esteem and celebrate their achievements. The most important impact of celebrities is that they influence the course of events in their respective communities and set standards. If you know any Omushisa who fits this description, please CLICK HERE to contact the editor. SEE ALSO GONE NOT FORGOTTEN


Abuko John United Nations, politics UN Engineer
Akula Bulimo Evans MP, Khwisero MP Khwisero
Amunga David Musician Music Copyright Society
Arungah O. Julius Ex MP Khwisero Businessman
Arungah Phillip Freight & forwarding MD, UCHL
Eshifindi William Civil Servant, politics Not known
Eshiwani George Prof , Ex-VC, Kenyatta Uni Fish farmer
Inyundo Weboko Charity, Ex-director KIRDI Founder, KWDP
Kataka Anne Politics Councillor
Keya Alukhome A Politics, catering Catering, USAMRU
Kativi Dickson Director, KQ, politics Director, KQ
Kisa Antony Administrator, Politics DO, Kitui
Moi Henry Businessman Businessman
Muluka Barrack Journalist Publisher
Ongaro bin Sukuma Musician Musician
Oyolo S David Politics Narck-K executive
Wamwayi Henry Veterinary doctor LEISOM, Somalia