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Migratory History

The history of Abashisa is tied to that of other Luhya sub nations and closely related to the Marama. Their earliest known ancestor is Kasam, originally a Maasai who came from a place called Ebuchimi in Masai country in search of more extensive grazing land. He came along with his brother-in-law called Ebaba to whose sister, Amwiru, he was married. It was this Ebaba who became the ancestor of the Abashirotsa (Kokwany).

When the migrants left Maasai country they passed through Kapsabet and Tiriki. Then they moved on to Ebushimuli in Idakho. It was here that the above-named sons of Kasam were born. Some of his descendants separated and came to Kisa while others remained in Idakho.

Places he sojourned:

Tiriki: He (Kasam) found Abatirichi (Abatiriki) already settled but moved on from here because they stole his cattle.

Ebushimuli: It was uninhabited. Kasam begat two sons here - Shimuli and Aboololo. Shimuli became the ancestor of the Abashimuli clan of Idakho whereas Aboololo who immigrated here founded the Abakhobole clan.
Mwisero (Khwisero): He (Aboololo) found the Abashisira clan of Abetakho there.

Emunyale: After leaving Mwisero he travelled down Lukose River and arrived at Emunyale about ten miles from Khwisero in Kisa. Here he found Abamuhatsi and Abayangu clans of Abanyole.

Mukhunzuli: After leaving Emunyale he went to Mukhunzuli. Then his people gradually dispersed some going to Ebulumbi and Yala while others remained at Mukhunzuli. At that time the Abakami (Gem Luo) had not yet come in; they were still at Ndere Gem. More...