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If any Luhya sub tribe is congerious that has to be Kisa or Abashisa as they also call themselves. Here you find clans with Kalenjin, Maasai and Luo origin. Long before the immigrants arrived, they found Abamaholia, Abashirandu and Abamatundu settled. These are the original clans but legend has it that bands of roaming tribesmen sojourned in Kisa and were offered temporary hospitality by indigenous people who sympathised (babalolera eshisa) with them. The newcomers came to be known as Abashisa (those sympathised with) and it is believed this is how the sub nation of Kisa evolved, according to oral mythology. The clan with the largest number of people of Nandi ancestry is Abakhobole (also found among Abatsotso) while Abachero originally came from Alego.
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