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Migratory pathway

By Prof Gideon Were

Like other Luhya sub nations, the Abakhayo settled in their present land via Uganda. After Abaguri and their three companion clans had first come in, Abakhabi and Abakhoone clans were the next settlers to arrive. The other eleven clans came much later. Originally, they lived near the Lake at Iganga in Busoga. After leaving Iganga, they travelled until they reached Khaenderesi in South Iteso in Busia District. They next moved to Sirabale in Bukhayo.

People they came across
Iganga: Before their migration, they used to be one people with the Basoga and spoke Lusoga.
Khaenderesi: Uninhabited and full of wild animals.
Siribale: Uninhabited.

The reasons for migrating from:
Iganga: They did not migrate as a result of a quarrel but because there were many elephants which always destroyed crops. In addition, the place was full of sleeping sickness. Even their fellow Basoga who stayed behind also moved farther away till much later, after things had improved, when they returned.  In Busoga, they grew sweet potatoes, bananas, cow-peas, monkey nuts, millet, sorghum and vegetables and also kept cattle.

Khaenderesi: Overcrowding and family quarrels caused them to migrate. The Teso had not yet come to Khaenderesi when they were there. So that when they later arrived from Tororo, the Abakhayo had already moved out.

Encounter with Tesos:
Abakhayo saw the Iteso for the first time just as they were moving out and the Teso were approaching. The Teso used to come one by one to exchange their cattle for hoes. More...