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Kakamega County is the second largest in Kenya after Nairobi. It clusters nine Luhya sub nations - Abisukha, Abidakho, Abawanga, Abamarama, Abatsotso, Abakabras, Abanyala ba Ndombi, Abasisha (Kisa) and Abatachoni - under one huge polity. This can be a source of strength as well as weakness as competing politicians try to outmanoeuvre each other with personalised attacks. Whatever the case, the stage is set for blistering battles for the control of finances under county governor and basking in national limelight as a Kakamega senator. On this page, we shall bring you all that is happening in and around Kakamega County. If you can make a contribution, CLICK HERE to contact the editor.

Kakamega Leaders Forum, Held at KAMADEP Guest House, Kakamega on 26th and 27th November 2010 elected the following team as shadow assembly. (See other Western counties)

Shadow Assembly

County Governor: Michael A. Murunga
Deputy Shadow County Governor: Ali Otini
People with Disabilities (PWD): Stephen Mande and Suzzy Busaka
Youth representative: Edgar Lugalia Senelwa
Women Representative: Hellen Adede