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Migration from Bethlehem:
The ancestors of the Abalasi originally came from Judea in Bethlehem and settled in Egypt where the rest of the Abaluyia people also lived. After leaving Egypt they went to Karamoja in Sudan and then to Eyembe near Mbale where they found the Sebeyi and the Bagishu.

Then they moved on to Tororo, Mumias, Isongo in Wanga (Mukulu), Emusire, and thence to the Bunyala Forest. All these places were uninhabited at the time. After leaving Emusire they went to Mwihune near Ingotse and thence to Burundu in South Kabras then also uninhabited. They moved on to Maundukunyu in South Kabras, Sambuli’s, Chibole’s, and then to Mushiruku, all in South Kabras. Then they went to Bachekulo and Chiriboti in North Kabras which were also uninhabited. They gradually dispersed and spread out.

They migrated from Egypt because it was a bad country with poor dry soil and plenty of famine. They had, also, some fighting with the Europeans. They came on foot as far as Mbale in Uganda.

They once fought with the Teso as a result of cattle raids. This was near Tororo. At that time they were in transit to Mumias. They defeated the Teso. They also fought with the Ababukusu near Watoya’s but soon made peace. Other wars were fought at Mulombi near Mukayi in South Kabras with the Nandi and also with the Purko Masai. The Abalasi were defeated. The enemies used to come to raid their cattle. They also fought with the Abanyala at Emusire (Bunyala Forest) and defeated them; then the Abalasi retreated. The Abesukha were also defeated at Mulukume in South Kabras.

Further Information
Munyala, the ancestor of the Abanyala, was the same man who was the father of Muhongo, the founder of the Abalasi sub-tribe. However, the Abalasi came here ahead of the Abanyala. Their system of government was similar to that of the Abatachoni except that their ruler did not wear a crown and an elephant tusk arm-band.
Source: Gideon Were, Western Kenya Historical Texts, 1967



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