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The newly created Busia County brings Abakhayo, Abasamia and Abanyala, Abamarachi and Iteso under one political cluster. This page and links from it will provide information about the county - senators, governors, civic leaders, etc and especially what they are doing or planning to do for you. If you belong to any of these categories of individuals, please CLICK HERE to contact the editor with information about yourself and your blueprint for change.

Busia Leaders Forum, Held at Blue York Hotel, Busia on 24th and 25th November 2010 elected the following individuals in the shadow assembly (See other Western counties).

Shadow Assembly

County Governor: Ashepete Barasa
Deputy Shadow County Governor: John Kudombi
People with Disabilities (PWD): Nicholas Juma
Youth representative: Eric Ochieng
Women Representative: Fridah Oyugah


Race for the Senate

August 26 2011: Professor Martin Etyang is on the race for the senatorship of Busia County; he has hit the ground running from Port Victoria to Moding in Teso North talking to people - Philip Etyang.