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Although Bungoma County is dominated by Babukusu, under the new political dispensation the county clusters Babukusu, Sabaot (Sebei) and sections of Tachoni under one huge polity. The race for control of political authority as County Governor and Senator is likely to be dominated by ethnic and clan rivalry among other factors. This page and links from it will highlight what is good, bad and ugly about politics and politicians in Bungoma. If you are politically inclined and you wish to state your vision, CLICK HERE to contact the editor.

Bungoma Leaders Forum, Held at Rosswood Hotel Bungoma, 22nd and 23rd November 2010 elected the following team in shadow county assembly (See other Western counties)

Shadow Assembly

County Governor: Zeth Makokha
Deputy County Governor: Shabatai James
People with Disabilities Representative: Bernard W Baraza
Youth Representative: Solom Kitere
Women Representative: Melab Lusweti