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Bukusu Stories : Sixty Chingano from Western Kenya Bukusu Texts and English Translations (Beitrage zur Afrikanistik) -US- ISBN:3825885038 (Paper cover book)
De Wolf, Jan J. /De Blois, K. F. (COL) /Publisher:Lit Verlag Published 2006/02

Bukusu Tales: Collected Around 1936 by Research Assistants of Dr. Gunter Wagner (1908-1952). Published 8/1/97 by Transaction Publishers.
Author(s): De Wolf, Jan J.; Wagner, Gunter; Wolf, Jan De
ISBN:  3825823997

The Bantu of Western Kenya by Gunter Wagner Vol 1 & 2; published for the International African Institute by Oxford University Press 1949.

Nineteenth century settlement sites and related oral traditions from the Bungoma area? : Western Kenya
Scully, R.T.K. / In: Azania / 1979


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Makila, FE (1982): The Significance of Chetambe Fort in Bukusu History, Unpublished Research Paper, Nairobi.


Makila, FE (1978): An Outline History of Babukusu of Western Kenya 1978.