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Budalang'i is one of four constituencies in Busia, Western Province. It was formerly Bunyala (1988 - 1997) and before that Busia South (1969 - 1988) only to be renamed Budalang'i in 1997. At independence in 1963 it was called Ruwamba. The first MP was James Nakhwanga Osogo who rose to become minister for commerce and industry in his political career. Besides witnessing some of the most memorable epic political duels between fat-egoed political giants in the name of James Osogo and the flamboyant Peter Habenga Okondo (deceased), the main issue that puts Budalang'i firmly in the national news is floods which has taken on something of an annual ritual when the banks of Nzoia River bursts through the hapless dykes unleashing its fury on local people occasioning disease, malnutrition, homelessness and death.


Party Notes
2007 Ababu Namwamba ODM Lawyer
2002 Raphael Bitta Sauti Wanjala NARC Businessman
1997 Raphael Bitta Sauti Wanjala NARC Businessman
1992 Peter Okondo / James Osogo KANU By election
1988 Peter Habenga Okondo KANU Real Estate
1983 Peter Habenga Okondo KANU Real Estate
1979 James Osogo / Peter Okondo KANU By election
1974 James Nakhwanga Osogo KANU  
1969 James Nakhwanga Osogo KANU  
1963 James Nakhwanga Osogo KANU Then known as Ruwamba constituency

Previous contestants (2007):

1.Cynthia Kwedo Mutere - Profile
2. Alice Nabwire Were - Profile
3. John Ohenjo
4. Meshack Musoma

Location Population*
Bunyala Central 10,699
Bunyala East 13,877
Bunyala North 13,343
Bunyala South 6,314
Bunyala West 16,064
Khajula 7,395
Total 67,692
*1999 census

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Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Bukani 2,098 Port Victoria town
Bukoma 986 Port Victoria town
Bulemia 2,008 Port Victoria town
Lunyofu 1,279 Port Victoria town
Bunyala North 7,879 Busia County
Bunyala South 9,182 Busia County
Total 23,432

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