Obulala na Amani
Obulala na Amani
Welcome Little Angels: Oh! The joy of parenthood! This page records the arrival of all those sweet ones who will one day grow to become somebody. So parents send us photos of your lovely ones. We say CONGRATULATIONS and wish you happy parenthood. Email editor@abeingo.org
Shiloh Ayomide Oba

Born to Sylvia Amisi Luchiri and Antony Oba

Date of birth: October 2009

Place of Birth: Bradford, UK

Shiloh Ayomide Oba

Antony Oba
Birth of the Messiah: Antony Oba holds his daughter, Shiloh Ayomide in the safety of his hands. In Hebrew, the name Shiloh means - The one to whom it belongs. In the Bible Shiloh is a prophetic name for the Messiah; Also Shiloh is significant as the site of a crucial battle in the American Civil War. The name assumed world fame when Hollywood golden couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their baby Shiloh three years ago.

Meaning of Ayomide: Meanwhile, Ayomide means the blessed one in Yoruba, Nigeria where Antony comes from. Shiloh's proud mum, Sylvia Luchiri is Kenyan.

Marcus Mukuna Ngeywa

Born 21.05.2009 in London

Son of Leonard Boiyo and Veronica

marcus mukuna ngeywa boiyo and veronica
Proud parents: Leonard Boiyo and Veronica just moments after the birth of Marcus Mukuna Ngeywa.
Nathan Condron:

Born to Sean Condron and Cathy

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nathan condron sean and cathy condron

Ancient Egyptian Goddess is reborn

Baby Hypatia Yuanita Louisiana-Ndege was born on 09.08.2008 at 09.41pm weighing 8.15lbs at Guy & Thomas Hospital in London. She was baptised on 21st September 2008 at The Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Brixton, London.

baby hypatia yuanita ndege

andrew and agnes ndege
No wonder they are smiling; happy parents AndrewNdege Makhuwa and Agnes seen here during their wedding last year.

Made in Mombasa

Born to Dr Macky Ogwido and Jane

baby macduff and jane
Have you seen them?

Have you seen Dr Magduff Ogwido and Jane Anabwani? Tip: search for them in Nyali, Mombasa.

Baby Jessica Ann Wamboi, daughter of Pauline Salano and Sam Mwai. Born on Wednesday June 20th 2007 at Hillingdon Hospital, Greater London weighing 2.9 kg. CLICK HERE to view more photos.


bay jessica wamboi
The proud parents, Pauline Salano and Sam Mwai