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One Nyala two nations: When one talks of Bunyala in Busia, the graphic images of floods in Budalang'i always fill the mental frame. The banks of River Nzoia always burst spilling out devastating contents that engulf whole villages leaving behind destruction, disease and displaced souls crying for help in an annual ritual whose solution has eluded authorities. Numbering about 67,000 people (2009 Population Census), Abanyala are famed for traditional wrestling and fishing in Lake Victoria. They are generally referred to as Abanyala ba Magero to distinguish them from their brethren, Abanyala ba Ndombi who occupy Navakholo area in Kakamega; so named after powerful colonial-era chiefs - Magero and Ndombi. Although they share a common ancestry, the two Nyalas split several centuries ago that their cultural orientation is now distinctly so different they are counted not as one but two different Luhya sub nations.
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