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Aims of ACN

To facilitate collective participation in all aspects of community development for people from the African communities in the United Kingdom, Africa and other parts of the world in order to achieve self-reliance;

To advance health, education and literacy generally;

To promote the dignity of members through programmes that ease incidence of poverty, ignorance, injustice and ill-health;

To empower people from the African or other ethnic minorities to have a say in decisions that affect their lives, the environment and other related issues;  

To raise awareness about the skills of people from ethnic minorities and provide advice on available training options to enable them to maximise their opportunities for employment;

To offer tailor-made advice, information and training on civic duties and obligations in order to facilitate integration in the United Kingdom and other host countries;

To initiate proactive collaboration with governmental and non governmental agencies, business and faith groups in seeking solutions to problems endemic in the community;

To encourage grass root communities to identify and initiate sustainable socio-economic projects that utilise local resources; and

To enable the community achieve self-reliance by promoting business enterprises and investments.

Western Province is home to majority Luhya tribePEACE TO THE WORLD
Western province is inhabited by majority Luhya and minority nilotics Teso and Sabaots. They all live in milembe (peace) .

To achieve our objectives, we have created eight directorates to coordinate activities, programs and projects that cover the key areas in the human development index. Click on Programs in the menu to see more details about specific area of interest. These objectives are staggered in short, medium and long and we shall achieve them by pulling together rather than apart. We would be pleased to have you join in a suitable capacity either as a member, sponsor or volunteer.


Kenyan communities:
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