A friend in need is a friend...

Badri Dolal and Mayor Don Iveson

CHABA founder Badri Dolal (left) and Edmonton Mayor, His Worship Don Iveson. The City of Edmonton is a big supporter of the work of Canadian Hearts Across Borders Association (CHABA).


our services

  • English Language Instruction:
    CHABA offers basic English language instruction to new immigrants to help them integrate with mainstream society as soon as possible.
  • Transition/Settlement Services:

    These include counselling, financial support and assistance with basic services including food and clothing.

  • Women Programs:

    CHABA works with Oromo women to empower them through various community development activities - collective kitchen, English language, cultural orientation

  • Men Programs:
    These include offering driving lessons, cultural coaching, basic computer skills, and referral for services.
  • Youth and Children Programs:

    These include mentorship, homework club, out of school programs, heritage language instruction,  cultural coaching and physical activities such as running, soccer and basketball, mentorship and academic support.

from our Newsroom

CTV NEWS coverage of Refugee Arrivals

Partnerships: CHABA and Sinkunia to partner in Promoting Youth Academic and Social Excellence program. The beneficiaries of this project are the very marginalized and isolated communities including: Oromo, Somali and Sudanese. The program aims at addressing the social exclusion among these communities and will work with various African ethno-cultural communities from Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Liberia, and Cameroon in Edmonton.

what our Clients Say

Because of CHABA my children are abe to have access to education, health and above all, live without fear

Amina from Oromo community